Spiritual Climate Newsletter DECEMBER 2005 Part 5 Abandonment: Part II Held Hostage by Fear and Value By Rev. David Strickler, Ph.D.

Abandonment: Part II

Held Hostage by Fear and Value

By David Strickler, Ph.D.


Bear with me a bit here in this article, I promise you a close worth the reading of this. 


To all the Christians, Jews, Muslims, Evangelicals, Rapturist’s (translated: escapists, which mean monomaniacal self-centered, narcistic, eschatological infantile objectivists) et al, religions (this includes consumerism) that are killing each other over ‘dirt’ real estate, terrorism etc—you all need to just go to hell.  God’s Libel and Slander suit is going to be a dilly and you will find out what equal opportunity truly means.  There is enough to do down here without allowing yourselves to be used by economic polices that make you the laughing stock of the financiers and money parasites.  Some of you have abandoned your regard for moral, principles and the sacred in place of the fools’ gold of ‘spiritual values’—you brood of vipers and hypocrites.


Now that that is cleared up, let me sincerely thank all those who have contributed prayers, thoughts of healing, a loving voice, a hand to hold my body steady, or your voice in friendship and love through my healing process whether it was a phone call or in person.  I am so fortunate to have come through this stroke with the people and help that I have had who offered their time and presence graciously and UNCONDITIONALY.  It has renewed a part of my hope in humanity. 


Rev. Nutting, I have this to say to you Bill—thank-you for taking the time to video tape the concert as my brother Craig and I shared the stage along with his band this past August 2005 in Florida.  I just watched the tape, Thank-You for your generous gift of time and your continued friendship through the years.  I Love you Craig, I am proud to call you my brother.  I love you to sis, I have always been blessed to have your loving concern and support, Barbara.  For the many who have not been mentioned here, just know I Love you.


There is a vast reservoir of emptiness that can be drawn at this time of year from the limpid waters that lie far below the ground-spring of consciousness.  Deep from within that well is that which springs forth as the ground of somethingness.  ET HA-SHAMAYIM VE ET HA-ARETZ”, or roughly translated as Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth.  Now what the old testament often refers to as Earth, is not the planet Earth, but the World created below the Ha-Shamayim (heaven), the Second Creation (Ha-Aretz), the manifest Universe (the Earth) created in the image and likeness of the REFLECTION of the creator who/what is veiled by the AIN SUPH AUR (the Limitless Light).  It is this Light that I refer to as the “First Light” many of my students hear me direct their attention toward in the ceremonial ritual I have them observe called “the first light on Christmas Morning”, which Adam wrote about last December 2004.  I will cover in a future edition why this separation of heaven and earth, first and second creations, explains the reason as to why God does not seem to directly intervene here in the earth as we know it.


Investigating these two creations is where the serious spiritual seeker can find knowledge of the gates within to gain comprehension of what is truly meant by the Only Light that there is in existence of which the SUN is but merely a veil to the larger Spiritual Reality that proves to be a stumbling block to those who have not attempted to grasp its meaning and significance beyond the inaccurate shadows generated in their physical senses chained to the rock of materialism.  It is here where many stayed chained until they Abandon what they value.  Yes you heard me correctly, abandon their values.  Go ahead, look up the word value in a few source dictionaries, you will find that the word Value has hijacked areas of our life and reduced principles and morals to a mere word that conveys economic measurement.  This will make further sense if we replace the word REGARD to be used in place of Values.  I have included a few definitions to save you some chasing: 




1.   relative worth, merit, or importance: the value of a college education; the value of a queen in chess.

2.   monetary or material worth, as in commerce or trade: This piece of land has greatly increased in value.

3.   the worth of something in terms of the amount of other things for which it can be exchanged or in terms of some medium of exchange.

4.   equivalent worth or return in money, material, services, etc.: to give value for value received.

5.   estimated or assigned worth; valuation: a painting with a current value of $500,000.

6.   denomination, as of a monetary issue or a postage stamp.

7.   Math.

      a. magnitude; quantity; number represented by a figure, symbol, or the like: the value of an angle; the value of x; the value of a sum.

      b. a point in the range of a function; a point in the range corresponding to a given point in the domain of a function: The value of x 2 at 2 is 4.

8.   import or meaning; force; significance: the value of a word.

9.   liking or affection; favorable regard.

10. values, Sociol. the ideals, customs, institutions, etc., of a society toward which the people of the group have an affective regard. These values may be positive, as cleanliness, freedom, or education, or negative, as cruelty, crime, or blasphemy.

11. Ethics. any object or quality desirable as a means or as an end in itself.

12. Fine Arts.

      a. degree of lightness or darkness in a color.

      b. the relation of light and shade in a painting, drawing, or the like.

13. Music. the relative length or duration of a tone signified by a note.

14. values, Mining. the marketable portions of an orebody.

15. Phonet.

      a. quality.

      b. the phonetic equivalent of a letter, as the sound of a in hat, sang, etc.


16. to calculate or reckon the monetary value of; give a specified material or financial value to; assess; appraise: to value their assets.

17. to consider with respect to worth, excellence, usefulness, or importance.



1.   to look upon or think of with a particular feeling: to regard a person with favor.

2.   to have or show respect or concern for.

3.   to think highly of; esteem.

4.   to take into account; consider.

5.   to look at; observe: She regarded him with amusement.

6.   to relate to; concern: The news does not regard the explosion.

7.   to see, look at, or conceive of in a particular way; judge (usually fol. by as): I regard every assignment as a challenge. They regarded his behavior as childish.


8.   to pay attention.

9.   to look or gaze.


11. reference; relation: to err with regard to facts.

12. an aspect, point, or particular: quite satisfactory in this regard.

13. thought; attention; concern.

14. look; gaze.

15. respect, esteem, or deference: a high regard for scholarship.

16. kindly feeling; liking.


(sources:  Random House Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary, Webster’s New World Dictionary, American Heritage Dictionary)


What do you REGARD as important in your life?  Material values?  To hell with family values, how can you measure the value of the family by economic standards or as something meriting monetary value.  Doesn’t it make more sense to gain understanding and find what you REGARD as important in terms of your relations with your family?  Again, honesty is not a value in this country, if it were the whole Nation would collapse out of trauma; what do you regard as honest behavior in your personal life as well as business?  Do you regard human life as important?  Do you regard being the best you can be important?  A new spiritual reality within your consciousness will dawn when you separate the wheat from the chaff by what you have allowed to be hijacked by the term value?  


Stupidity is a cash crop in this country.  It is hypocrisy to speak of spiritual values or moral values or ethical values.  It makes much more sense to de hypnotize yourself from the calculated hijacking of the word values into whatever form of brainwashing you have allowed yourself to receive thus becoming nothing more than a serf representing a whore of consumerism and the business apes whose patriotism stops at the bottom line of their portfolio’s and then raise their hand to salute whatever flag the business may be bowing down to in order to create profits for themselves.


Do you regard knowledge as important or information?  Do you regard truth as important or does that make your business dealing or personal dealings to cumbersome? 


Which finally brings me to my Christmas article—what do you regard as Christmas?  Or is Christmas just some type of exercise in whatever value you can bleed out of the merchandise that is made from the Chinese prison labor camps sold at Walmart.  Do you know that those people work over 18 hours a day 7 days a week?  Do you Regard that as important facts?  Doesn’t that put a different view on the theory of globalization?  Some pseudo responses are—Walmart produces jobs.  Then you Value money over your Regard for human life and freedom, those objects were produced under slavery.


If we abandon our overuse of value and replace it with an understanding of what to regard, we can erase some of the intentionally muddy lines of conflict within our reasoning process because we sort things rationally;  we use the closet for a closet instead of the living room for a closet. 


Then the emptiness we feel inside can be a space for true fulfillment because we will regard that emptiness with importance instead of ascribing to it ‘no value’.  Relatively simple, eh?.  It isn’t as complicated as some accountant’s misuse of a financial Derivative formula to mislead major shareholders at the whims of the hoax of Information Theory dispensed by corporate CIO’s, but then again, that deals with value and having no regard for honesty like Kenneth Lay, Enron , World com et al. This can lead to some complexities.  Remember what I stated some issues ago, that not dealing with the complexities can come back and bite you in your simplistic ass.  Yet many insights, if covered up by denial or abandonment, can open up a new world in which you find out what you truly regard as important.  We can use the distinction of these words in our minds to gain insight about ourselves and begin the process of the natural reorganization that quite naturally follows with the understanding of how we have allowed the word value to be hijacked.  The value of human life is replaced by the Regard of human life.   This usage presents quite a different perspective on the subject.


My view is that it is blasphemous, heretical, bigoted, Malthusian and downright animalistic to look upon the world strictly from the confines of value measured based language referring solely to the pecuniary enumeration or worth of anything spiritual.  Jesus cleared the temple of the Money Changers with a rope he corded into knots as he angrily scoured the temple from the blight of VALUE.  How can one even say spiritual values unless one has no Regard for the sacred or spiritual?  


This time of the year can be a precarious time for many people who do not know what to abandon.   How we use the Life that is given to us is important.  We should teach each other to not abandon hope especially where we have reached the limits of what our faith can truly sustain. We need to feed hope with knowledge and where knowledge is not available, or evidence of love to sustain the motivation and movement of ones life, we must use hope in a truthful fashion to carry the weight of our pain until we are graced by the Life Power’s revelation of direction and  knowledge unto us.  We need to learn what to regard.


If we abandon the pseudo use of the word value we are then in a position to regard and behold the beauty and emptiness that is an inherent signature of Christmas itself, in a fascinatingly new Light    a real Light, a Limitless Light, not fire or derived light that the senses create.  It is this time of the year that I hold in deep regard instead of value, where I grip the safety net of hope to shed its light on how fortunate I continue to be in my recovery since the “beer I had with death”.  I remain ever hopeful that my attempts to point a finger at the moon at the darkest hour of the Christmas night and move my hand through the sea of flashing stars twinkling as dew drops on the petal of a rose struck by a beam of light against the thick dark seeming emptiness yet strange clarity of the night sky will invoke some regard for those who read this as to the sacredness of this particular holiday event. 


There is almost a sense of holy responsibility for the written word at this time of year that beckons a demanding requirement of buoyancy, it is almost as if the Word itself emerges from deep within the dancing light which was founded upon the inexpressible darkness and languish of the emptiness.  There appears to be something within our consciousness that holds Who and What we are in greater regard than we do ourselves or than we may be capable of; a herald sent forth from that which gave birth and life to our very non physical existence.  I think this goes far beyond the agency of conscience, although conscience can be its agency, even lack of conscience. 


This herald harkens us to abandon our meaningless ways that hold value only to those shallow individuals who define their world by money, power and materialism.  I hold it high in regard to be burned in the fire and touch of true Love than to be drowned in a sea of values that proffer prostitution by sensual gratification and fear.  We need to abandon being held hostage to fear and so called values and reinstate what we regard as important in our lives. I ever remain hopeful that my words will hold enough of anybody’s attention so that they may capture a glimpse of the flaming brilliance of Life dancing as Light. 


As we continue our search for genuine fulfillment in the vast corners of the human heart where very few journey to even look, we will find a doorway called Hope, where we may then watch the fire of Love dance within the space of emptiness and come to understand that without the emptiness, we may never find or embrace that Love which burns and shines brightly—flaming in that darkest corner of the human heart where very few summon the necessary courage to even venture.


Merry Christmas,

Rev. David Strickler, Ph.D.

Qabalistic Teacher & Minister

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Spiritual Climate Newsletter SEPT 2005 Opening part 1

The Institute of Spiritual Climate

Is proud to present

the newsletter



Thursday, September 29, 2005


 “A bridge created by love always remains,

like a lightning flash it comes out of hiding

to remind us that it was never gone:

these bridges can never be burned,

they are fashioned out of the pure fire,

beauty and essence of Love.”

… Rev. David Strickler, Ph.D.


Dear Readers, Students and Friends,

As the month of September comes to a close, with the Autumnal Equinox and the dawning of some days in Phoenix when very early in the morning it is actually cooler when you step out your door than inside, it is with renewed vigor and spirit that we, the staff of the Spiritual Climate Newsletter greet you with our September Edition.  Do you notice that as the days grow shorter and the darkness of evening falls earlier, time seems to take on a quality of stillness and repose quite different from the blazing scorch of the summer sun?  It seems easier to breathe, to reflect and to just make it through the day, at least here in Phoenix.  What a welcomed change!


Dr. Strickler continues to DJ on www.crankitupradio.net on Friday 6p.m. to 9p.m. EST.  He has quite a following, when you tune in, pop in some requests for him.  He is having a great time with this endeavor.


Dr. Strickler has expressed excitement about the recent news of September 15th that he is a new Uncle to Churchill Arthur Coates.  His sister Barbara is in great health and so is the new little one, along with his father, Curt, his older sister Chelsea, and brother Chancellor.


On an entirely different topic, we have done away with the subscriptions for Spiritual Climate Newsletter based upon reader’s suggestions.  There seems to be a consensus for the sole option of making a donation at the leisure and ability of our readers.  When you make a donation using the link below, it will be a one time charge to your debit or credit card, so we have done away with the recurring monthly subscription.  The option is yours to donate.  We appreciate all the support we get, both monetary and prayers.  Dr. Strickler would like to thank Gregg Ford for his gracious donation. 


The donation links will be contained in all of our Newsletters from this Edition forward, and many thanks to the readers for providing the input for the donation link.  As you know, these donations are used to provide support for Dr. Strickler’s out reach into the community and helps us get his words out to the world at large.  




And so, without further adieu, we welcome you to the September 2005 Edition of the Spiritual Climate Newsletter.  


Christine Ford




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Spiritual Climate Newsletter SEPT 2005 part 2 THE WATCHERS by Adam Crosthwaite


by Adam Crosthwaite


A young student once asked his master, “How do you fight without attacking?”  The master turned to his young pupil with a warm smile, “You watch”.  I have walked among ignorant minds thriving on darkness never seeking light or truth.  I am merely 25 years of age. I have spent the last year regenerating my mind which I chose to rip apart with hate.  I have only begun to live with a sober mind while helping to raise my six month old daughter.  I find my self watching, caught between frustration and sadness as the world slips further into apathy.  Why is it that I can see these things with what I consider to be my limited capacity while others who seem to be intelligent enough to see as well continue to be blind to this sickening process? 


I watch people claiming to be spiritual individuals herded like cattle to the slaughter houses by fundamentalists who wage war in pursuit of power and influence.  I have had the experience of watching governments take from the citizens of the nations they were “elected” by and turn around to offer empty apologies to victims who were not safe from dangers as they were lead to believe, because the budget was down sized in order to divert funds into pet projects to serve special interests; actions which cut short much needed infrastructure and left a door open for the people to receive a devastating blow.  When the warning came years in advance that the levees would not handle the force of a level five hurricane they shrugged their shoulders as they walked to the bank.  Money is more important than lives in the world of back door politics. 


Unfortunately like any national emergency the worst of the fallout has only just begun.  As the refugees are forced from the lives they built in Louisiana, they will require assistance with housing, food, healthcare, jobs and child care.  No problem, the system that is in place along with a few adjustments here and there will make sure these people will not go without. 


The problem exists on the unbalanced side of the equation.  While the victims are slowly being taken care of, single mothers whom have been on waiting lists for assistance will be waiting almost twice as long now.  Unfortunately for them they will lose time from work because childcare, which has already been paid for in most cases via taxes while they were able to work, is unavailable due to an overly stressed budget.  These are single mothers working part time because the full time child care needed for even as short a time as six months is unavailable to them due to redirected funds that have gone toward pet projects some corporation negotiated over a game golf at the local country club. 


Now the need is increased exponentially and the system that was originally failing is beginning to fall in on itself.  This doesn’t include the thousands of single mothers who are struggling through college with student loans in order to pull out of the hole they found themselves in.  These are hard working intelligent people who raise families while striving to build a future that effects not just themselves but the world in which they seek to better.  They know what is going on and have some very interesting ideas and plans for change.  Sadly, fewer graduate each year as the snares of a corrupt system lead to debt and further need for a cleaner more reformed system; a need that will go unattended with the current sate of affairs.


As the struggle over power rages on in the uppermost levels of this so called society, the effects are felt rippling through the lower tiers until it reaches the streets.  Be it with the hunger for survival or simply the need to rise by any means necessary, leading to power hungry personalities, the crime will sore and the corruption will spread further.  History once again will repeat the same formula of corruption and those that look to the system for guidance will act as the system has taught them to:  the rule of do as I say, not as I do will not apply to this generation.  Look around you, it has already begun.  It has been cycling down through layers of time for as long as there has been hunger amongst people.  


More and more people every day claim the world is soon going to end.  They are right in that statement, but only to the point of something will soon come to an end.  As they rationalize the behaviors they take part in people fail to honor the truths they attempt to bury in the foul waste produced by their apathy.  The end of silence among the suffering is coming.  There are vast numbers of human beings whom have chosen not to voice out loud the details of the life they struggle through.  The screaming will not be of those who have endured.  The screaming will be of a new victim.  For the children of the suffering will not forget and will never forgive the tears that mom shed when she could not feed her children. 


How long will people do nothing more than watch the devastation and silently consent to extermination of lower classes in this country?  I said extermination because why else would a government knowingly take such a risk with such a high number of lives?  If the information is witheld or even denied as some people have been lead to believe then what else are we to do but expect the worst of our so called leaders?  If press conferences are staged and people are arrested for speaking their minds we might as well raise a swastika above the White House and march in the streets with locked knees.  How dare ANY government redirect funds away from programs that are implemented to protect the lives and welfare of all citizens in this Nation. 


Which leads to more questions:  What the hell would someone like this be hiding up their sleeve if they are counting on the fact that everyone else will simply smile and nod as the Big Business of Government takes and then lies about it?   Are they putting something in the water supply?  Is there more than just good old fashioned food supply demands behind genetically altered foods?  Is there some kind of subliminal mind rape occurring in the mainstream media?  What the hell is it that makes people think minds are easily controlled by one group in order to fulfill the needs of the elite?  All that is required to detect a problem is to WATCH the pattern unfold through the fabric of the predigested reality that is being force fed into the minds of the general public.


IS this just some kind of half witted rambling from a 25 year old male who is angry with what he sees going on in the daily affairs of many?


Is this article a repeat of August?  Perhaps it is.  Maybe perhaps it is nothing more than a big neon sign screaming in the darkness to those who have yet to wake up.  Who dares to question those that seek to hide facts and pocket funds?  Or is that too harsh of a statement?  Will I be the next to spend the night in jail for telling my government they are wrong?  I cannot offer any quick fix solutions to this problem.  All I can do is watch and question the actions I see before me.  It is the sounding of the challenging voice that shreds the veils of deceit. 


There was a time in my life when this saved my ass and perhaps it is a starting point for those who are lost in the cesspool of backdoor politics.  I was living on the streets for a time when one night an old friend of mind suddenly appeared on a street corner in downtown Denver.  She was distraught and I could tell she was in a bad spot so I went to her.  As it turned out a group of people she ran into had stolen her pager and were planning on doing something with her.  She was scared and desperate.  With out hesitation I demanded they all cough up the pager and back down immediately.  As they circled around me I realized they had me out numbered ten to one.  No problem!  I simply shouted at the top of my voice for all the world to hear, “Leave her alone NOW!” By the time the last syllables of my statement echoed down the alley every person within a block of our location was staring waiting for the first punch to be thrown.  All I could do was grin like an idiot as they quietly returned the pager and disappeared down the street. 


I actually believed she would learn from this situation leading to wiser choices and yet she is still cornering herself as she falls prey to manipulation from internal as well as external influences.  I am astounded by the hardheaded ignorance of this person whom I considered a friend.  I have stumbled over this riddle in my mind through the years whenever I think of that night on the street corner.  As I watch this world with new eyes I stand at the bottom of the ladder looking up through the political food chain at the powers of the state and political street punks who are bullying children and families on the streets of the big bad city with the stench of their well dressed, one sided policies.  It seems likely to me that the time of playing ‘possum is over.  I have seen the egos at play as they make meat puppets of men and women.  It is time to expose those who trample the freedoms gifted to people by birth.  Those who chose the path of manipulation work best in secret, they are powerless when exposed.  It is the time for mouths to open and questions to be voiced.  The time of silent suffering is over.


What would happen if people stood up that way with witnesses in front of the world and demanded the truth?  You should have seen the looks on the faces of that group of assholes in the alley that night!  I dream of the day our so called leaders encounter such a voice.


Not a day goes by that I don’t wish there is more I can do.  I cry every time I hold my daughter as I think of those mothers and fathers that lost that connection that one fateful day.  What I have watched unfold in the course of the last months as I questioned what I was watching has lead to so many more questions.  My words offer little if any encouragement to those who have suffered.  Then again it would perhaps serve to encourage those in power to act openly and honestly as we move on to rebuild the worlds ripped apart due to the weakness of apathy.  No government should ever settle for good enough when lives are at stake.  I write in the hope of lending my voice to the light as it seeks to unveil truths that I have cloaked in the shadows of misperceptions I have entertained in my life.


For future reference: if you are truly sorry for not providing for those whom you are responsible to, and not just because you got caught off guard by a natural disaster which exposed your ugly truths, then get your hand out of the damn cookie jar.  STOP TAKING WHAT IS NOT YOURS!


May the watchers of tomorrow use the truths that emerge from the questions of today.


Adam Crosthwaite


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Spiritual Climate Newsletter SEPT 2005 part 3 “A Flag at the End, to Give You Hope”* by Christine Ford (*…Golf-Robin Williams)

“A Flag at the End, to Give You Hope”* *…Golf-Robin Williams

by Christine Ford


Lately Dr. Strickler has been on a comedy kick.  It is interesting to note that I would have thought the comedians he is enjoying had attended or had heard some of the social commentaries from his classes prior to the recording of their themes.  Whether while listening to him DJ on CRANKITUPRADIO, sitting in his living room watching Robin Williams Live on Broadway, or noting as he suavely weaves lines from stand-up comedians Robin Williams, Jeff Foxworthy, Dennis Leary or George Carlin (each of whom he gives credit to) into his discourses, I have noticed the increasing predominance of humor resonating and resounding through his words and actions.  It goes without saying that he has plenty of original material as well, but it has been most intriguing to hear many of the same political and socioeconomic comments within the monologues of these well known comedians!  An interesting phenomenon to say the least. 


Now that Dr. Strickler has started his therapies at Health South Rehab (Occupational, Physical and Speech) he’ll come home giggling about how he made the therapists laugh.  In a way he is displaying an almost childlike fascination with being able to amuse people, as though it’s a new talent he has discovered!  I have found this part of his recovery to be a real treat, especially in light of the article I wrote last month!  Although it is true that he has always had quite a unique sense of humor, there is a new, subtle quality creeping into his demeanor that is revealing and opening to me the very crucial aspects of the healing power of spontaneous laughter and genuine, though sometimes admittedly DARK, humor.  I’ve heard more laughter from Dr. Strickler over the past year than I have over the course of my knowing him.


These are lessons of incongruence that are demonstrated in the living principles represented by KEY 15 of the Tarot, ע,  Ayin, The Devil, the Renewing Intelligence.  Throughout the years Dr. Strickler has always gone to great measures to emphasize the Renewing Intelligence and what it represents in both its value and process as a principle of consciousness used to reset and refresh one’s field of awareness and at the same time dissolve one’s fixed points of hyper-attention; ALCHEMICAL DISSOLUTION. 


Dr. Strickler has not downplayed the value of comedy throughout his many hours of Spiritual Discourses and he has made himself a Master of comedy’s close cousin, sarcasm.  Through the use of incongruence, one of the points of awareness that is the basis of comedy as well as Key 15, he has utilized this technique to point out global issues such as the insanity present in  governmental dealings, the farcical posturing of leaders, the inhumanity of our so called advanced society or the dealings of “corporate swine” as they destroy whatever shreds of remnants remain of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” that our Founding Fathers decreed our Rights.  He has maintained an approach that has often yielded laughter, as well as sighs, shaking of heads, numerous “Ah-Ha’s”, and sometimes even tears as doors are kicked open and reality checks made. 


What I am experiencing now though as I listen to him speak has a different quality to it that is making me sit up and REALLY pay attention!  It has also made me pause and ponder that what we may really need to take seriously is something other than what we are told to take seriously.  To quote Jeff Foxworthy, from his comedy skit about stupid people, as well as Dr. Strickler, “There’s your sign”!  There needs to be much more laughter at the politicians and business leaders of this day along with handing them a sign to hang around their necks.  The discovery of how the Renewing Intelligence actually invokes balance within oneself and thus effectively encourages Right Action was opened to me by the process of revelation that Dr. Strickler has taught over the years, directly in his discourses and counseling sessions, as well as indirectly by presenting examples and experiences for me to encounter and discern my way through. 


One of the predominant themes of Dr. Strickler’s discourses over my years of being a student is that the Principles and Laws of the Universe presented as knowledge through him must be USED, integrated, not merely ingested, logged, and memorized as information but woven into the fabric of one’s life to become the guiding, driving force creating the link and connection through which the Voice of the Soul speaks.  Situations and circumstances of one’s life become an unfolding puzzle, a maze if you will, a mystery to explore.  The interpretation and examination, to the most miniscule detail; the rehashing and unraveling of discovering the True message hidden behind the conversations, innuendos and interactions of a personal, business or even casual nature, becomes an all encompassing exercise in discernment and discrimination, until one finally begins to see and hear the Voice of the Soul and also the Voice of The One speaking through every person and experience that one encounters. 


This is not an instant microwave process, nor does it come in one big enormous epiphany; rather it is a gradual awakening of glimpses of clear, bright flashes of light that begin to occur more and more often, and each time become just a bit brighter, clearer and closer together, like the parting of a heavy curtain letting a brief flash of light in for just a moment and then shutting again!  This is the best description I can give you as to the process I have utilized to come to the realization of the increasing power of humor and comedy that has been dawning on me over the past month. 


The movement toward the incorporation of humor that has been happening with the energy moving through Dr. Strickler recently has, I believe, a wider implication than merely getting me to take a breath and lighten up, however.  This realization has unfolded to me slowly as being not only part of his personal healing and reawakening process from the stroke his body suffered a year ago, but an incredibly powerful teaching tool being shared with and demonstrated to those of us fortunate enough to be in the presence of a Living Master.  As we have been taught, “As above, so below”, or another way of stating it, “The microcosm is a reflection of the macrocosm”.  The movements and energy which we experience here in this mundane plane are a direct reflection of that which is happening in the Inner Planes, or within the realms of Soul and Spirit.  As one moves through every day monotonous routine “life”, there is a screaming of the Soul and sometimes Spirit which is often ignored!  Even once you “hear” it and stop being “ignore-ant”, interpreting, understanding and utilizing these motions and energies is quite another story and a sometimes seemingly never ending process!   


Though I find it extremely difficult to describe, Dr. Strickler’s added use of humor has made it feel to me as if the entire Universe is sending out a call to begin looking at situations and circumstances from a lighter, though blatantly TRUTHFUL, point of observation.  There is a movement of Spirit locked behind what appears to be presented on the surface  by this seemingly subtle tuning of Dr. Strickler’s presentation and emanation that I am just beginning to apprehend, which feels somehow to be a precursor to an event of enormous Magnitude and Power, and at its center is the need and desire to perceive the humor in the most dire of situations.   


The strength and vitality concealed within this new, to me anyway, energy being brought in through Dr. Strickler is revitalizing and hopeful.  As hokey as it sounds, it is like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and knowing that someday you’re gonna reach it.  It is as though I am being reminded and made more aware that even though this dismal plane in which we live IS based on negativity, there is still laughter, love, beauty, truth and wonderful moments to be lived, as well as people to share those moments with.  It is as if I have been given a Clarion Call to reassess my direction of travel and to bring myself back into the balance and  equilibration of walking the Middle Path by incorporating some humor, laughter and gentleness into not only my writing, but my approach and attitude as well.  And this is the message that I was literally forced by Myself to share with you in this Edition of Spiritual Climate.


Laughter!  Mirth!  Humor!  DR. Strickler has often stated that Laughter resets the subconsciousness.  Although that is an entirely different article in and of itself, laughter, when applied with knowledge, wisdom and understanding, IS an extremely powerful tool of Spiritual Alchemy and enlightened growth.  And the greatest of all gifts is being able to laugh at yourself!


I have carried a coffee mug around for about 20 years that has a quote on it from Oscar Wilde.  “Life is too important to be taken seriously!“ Think about it!  Haven’t you done some stupidly hysterical laughable things in your life that embarrassed the hell out of you and you wish you had never done them?  I KNOW I have, and as Dr. Strickler puts it, “Welcome to the human race!”  Move beyond it!  Find humor in it!  Use the energy that went into the “stupidity” of it, which was most likely the best you could do at the time given your understanding and psychological state, and turn that experience into one of growth, laughter and mirth! 


And in the meantime, look for those moments of true laughter and light that come into your life each and every day.  Share a smile and a kind word, call an old friend, reassess what is truly important to yourself and, more importantly, give an opening to your Soul to embrace it, love it as you respond to this energy of laughter and humor and make it your own.  There is something extremely “big” on the horizon, and although I don’t know yet what it is, I feel that we need to cultivate this sense of laughter and lightness that Dr. Strickler has been bringing in to survive.


Admittedly, this is one of the strangest article I’ve ever written, and as I read back over it to edit, I find that the changes I try to make keep getting “axed” by something bigger than little ole’ me sitting here at this keyboard, so I guess it goes to print “as is”.  If you have any comments or questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me through the Spiritual Climate address.


May the Lord of life grant you the courage and understanding of the Renewing Intelligence of Key 15 of the Tarot, Ayin, to begin to laugh at the absurdity of the insanity of this plane.  May you grow into the expanding awareness of the “asshole moments” of your own creation as well, and develop the ability to heal and make positive change through the exercise of laughing at yourself. 


Christine Ford




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