Spiritual Climate Newsletter JULY 2007 ~ part 5 ~ A REASON FOR THANKSGIVING, Part V by Wendy Ford



Christine’s Healing Session: November 18, 2003

Published December 15, 2003

By Wendy Ford

Four had gathered for Meditation Night on Tuesday, November 18, 2003. We were making our tea during a break and chatting around the kitchen counter. Dr. Strickler had been idly stirring his brewing cup of Earl Grey while we waited for more water to boil in the microwave. The pleasant friendly sound of the clinking of the spoon against the mug and drone of the microwave combined with chit chat filled the kitchen. Then the microwave beeped and stopped, and there was a sudden profound silence. Dr. Strickler studied his tea swirling in his mug and quietly asked, “Christine, what do you want?” She looked at him for a few moments. “What do I want?” “Yeah. What do you want?” Silence. Dr. Strickler continued, “You see, one of the Ancient Principles is to seek, ask and knock. What do you want, Christine?” They had made eye contact by this time and the atmosphere had started to thicken. Knowing Christine as I do, I could sense the sudden shift in her as the question started forming in her mind. In a voice so quiet it was barely above a whisper, and with an inflection of puzzlement Christine asked, “You mean to be healed?” He raised an eyebrow and remained silent but their eye contact remained unbroken. I saw an entire wordless conversation occur between Dr. Strickler and Christine in that contact. Time seemed to stand still and there was silence except for a barely audible very deep hum that had started to permeate the room. Then in a clear yet quiet voice Christine replied, “I want to be healed.” “Be more specific.” “I want to be physically healed and have a body that can move again.” Dr. Strickler was quiet. Their eye contact was still unbroken even though he had brought his mug to his mouth and was sipping on the sweetened tea within. He put the mug quietly back on the counter, broke the eye contact, walked back into the living room and sat in his chair. The three of us silently followed and took our places on the couches and chairs. The atmosphere by this time had become thick and golden, like a thin honey. The temperature in the room had begun to rise. The deep hum had become almost tangible. Dr. Strickler again made eye contact with Christine. “Are you sure?” “Yes.” “Come. Sit by me.”

Christine took a deep breath and crossed the room to sit on the ottoman in front of Dr. Strickler. A huge wave of emotion washed through me as the enormity of what was about to happen hit me. She and I made eye contact and we had both become quite teary eyed. We both know the struggles with pain and functional restrictions she has gone through over the past fifteen years. Christine has been dealing with the effects of a severe musculoskeletal injury sustained when she was restraining an out of control student (the goal being to prevent harm to the student which would have resulted from his self injurious behavior). She suffered a fracture to her second cervical vertebra, severe neck, upper back and shoulder muscle damage, and damage to her 5th, 6th, and 7th cervical vertebrae as well as a severe lumbar strain. What is remarkable is that Christine was so pumped up with the adrenaline produced by the event that she didn’t even know she had been injured until she realized she needed both hands to put her key in her car door and needed to lift her leg into the car. She drove herself to the urgent care center and threw the entire place into a tizzy when the X-Ray showed the fracture. (A fracture of the second vertebra is often instantly fatal.) Even after years of treatments and medications she still struggles with pain and functional limitations. The prospect of a healing was just stunning. For reasons that I cannot go into here, this was the first time in her 13 years with Dr. Strickler that this had become possible. So, this was indeed a “big deal”.

As suddenly as the wave of emotions had overcome Christine and me they were gone. They had just disappeared. It was as if they had been neutralized. Later, when questioned about this, Dr. Strickler said he had isolated our emotions and personalities to prevent interference with the process of his work.

Once settled on the ottoman, Dr. Strickler softly smiled at Christine and with a twinkle in his eye asked, “Are you ready?” “Yes.” “Here we go.” He closed his eyes. He placed his hands above to top of Christine’s head and intoned a series of words that were different than any he had used for Suzie. Nonetheless, those words went straight to the very core of my being. He allowed himself to be filled with a higher self and “he” was “gone” from this world. What worked through his physical vehicle cannot be put into words: The Holy Spirit? God? Whatever “it” was and energy working this night, was quite different from what I experienced and saw when witnessing Suzie’s healings. Consciously, I actually remember very little of what transpired during the rest of the evening. I would speculate that it is probably because Christine and I are so close and have been the closest of friends for almost twenty-nine years. I do know without a doubt the event is forever etched in my subconsiousness and spirit. Whatever happened has changed me, too.

I watched. At one point near the beginning, I think, I felt a warmth start in my heart area and just expand until a ball of this warmth surrounded my entire body. I felt such a profound Love there, a contact with true, unconditional Love that could only come from the Source of All. I felt surrounded by the Love of the invisible beings suddenly in attendance (Angels? Heavenly Hosts?) I do remember Dr. Strickler working with opening, adjusting and closing Christine’s chakra areas; opening adjusting and closing of other body centers that I recognized. He worked with the many components of her various energy layers and levels. He was in constant motion. Again, he was the master spiritual sculptor at work. He worked with but the rarest of physical contact; hands molding invisible forms and turning to spin an invisible something; fingers pulling, drawing and tugging at unseen lines; eyes constantly evaluating and assessing the progress and results; soft breaths being blown into invisible recesses and receptacles. His lips moved with words not meant for the conscious mind and in such soft whispers that the ear only heard the articulation of the tongue as it softly hit his palate in the formation of the “t’s” and “s’s”. Occasionally Dr. Strickler would ask Christine if something was hot or cold, a direction (up, down, left, right, forward, back), dark or light, or if it was easy or hard to breathe, or to tell him when she could “feel” his hand(s) even though he was not physically touching her.

At several points Dr. Strickler had Christine open her eyes and make eye contact with him. I could see a wavy, shimmery line connect between the two then he would move on and her eyes would close again. I watched in awe as the impression of Christine’s weight on the ottoman shrank slightly. It was if her physical weight had been lessened and she was not sinking down as deeply into the cushion. At the same time she grew taller sitting right in front of me. Her shoulders straightened and leveled (one shoulder is usually lower than the other), her lumbar curve became more pronounced (her lower back is usually flattened), the back of her head drew upward tilting her chin down slightly and straightening her cervical spine and upper back and there came over her face the most beatific of expressions. The circles under her eyes disappeared; the lines at the creases of her nose and mouth softened, her face actually became thinner.

Dr. Strickler eventually asked Christine to stand up and slowly walk. She effortlessly stood up from the ottoman and walked toward where he stood on the other side of the room. Step by step I watched as first her limp dissipated, her lumbar curve in the low back normalized, her upper back and neck curves normalized and her posture was perfect. (In anatomy we learn that there should be natural postural curves and that with “perfect” posture one should be able to drop a plum line from the ear lobe and it should fall through the shoulder, hip and just in front of the ankle bone. Rarely does one ever see this as we all have abnormalities accrued over a lifetime of poor habits.) Dr. Strickler continued to make minor adjustments and fine tune while having Christine walk and stand.

When Dr. Strickler was apparently satisfied with the results initially attained, he had Christine sit back on the ottoman, said a prayer of blessing and concluded the session. With that the room instantly became cooler (at some point in the evening the air conditioner in the house had actually cycled on even though it was in the 50’s outside), the atmosphere became less dense, and the light became brighter. He intently looked at each of us in turn for a long moment apparently assessing our reactions and the effects this event had had on us. He gave us his quiet smile and asked, “Everyone OK?” How does one respond? I had just witnessed what few will ever have the honor to witness. I had been in and felt the presence of the Divine. I had heard the words of the Divine. I had seen the workings of the Divine. I had witnessed the physical transformation of a beloved friend. I will never be the same as changes were being made in all who were there. Was I “OK”? Just two little letters: “O” and “K”. Considering what had just happened, all I could do was nod my head and say, “Yeah, I’m OK.”

It’s been a week and a half since that wondrous evening. Christine is different. One objective physical example: As Christine and I were getting Thanksgiving dinner on the table we came face to face in each other’s way. We had to stop to keep from bumping into each other. I was stunned. “Oh my God! I can look you in eye now! I can’t remember being able to do that!” Christine just laughed and said she had been measured at the doctor’s office just this week. She measured five foot six and one half inches tall. Two years ago the doctor measured her at five foot five. She also commented that she can now turn her head better enabling easier merging into busy highway traffic and that the numbness which had become familiar in her arms and hands has diminished. I think she looks ten years younger and she feels she is in less pain. She also commented that each one of the autistic children she works with everyday in her classroom were looking at her strangely during that first week “after”. None ever verbally asked, but she thinks each was silently noting and acknowledging that Miss Christine was somehow different. Although Dr. Strickler has stated it will take much more work with Christine to further the healing that was initiated that night, it is obvious to all who know her that profound changes have already manifested.

May Truth and Light penetrate to your core

to expose the Real You.

Wendy Ford ________________________________

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Spiritual Climate Newsletter APRIL 2007 ~ part 3 TRUTH: PRINCIPLE OF POLARITY, FICTION: LAW OF ATTRACTION by Wendy Ford



Truth: Principle of Polarity. Fiction: Law of Attraction

By Wendy Ford

So the secret is out, eh? The Law of Attraction is the key to it all. The key to unbridled success and riches. But there is a flaw in this. One major, gigantic flaw: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS THE LAW OF ATTRACTION. Nope. Nowhere. No how – yet where you do find it in print it is an obvious ‘Occult BLIND’ when its use is found in writing from a genuine Hermeticist, Occultist or Spiritual Orator. Dr. Strickler opened class recently stating this and the floodgates were opened. The amount of energy that was pumping through him from Above was astounding. Those of us in the room at the time fortunately recognized the movement of the energy and were able to withstand it. Our ears were ringing and the paint practically blistered off the walls from the heat and intensity of the message being conveyed. Made us wonder if Rev. Strickler had some “Hell fire and brimstone” background! The Above is not amused with this falsity and misinterpretation/misrepresentation. The Above is not entertained by the creation of Law in Its name. Talk about libel and slander.

How can anyone in physical manifestation who has been created in the image and likeness of and by the ONE be so egotistical as to presume to know the Mind of the One? To come up with a Law in its name is playing with the ultimate of Karmic fire in my opinion. Yes, people have referred to the Law of Attraction for many years. But it has been inaccurately interpreted and extrapolated from. As Dr. Strickler quite intensely put it, “This Law of Attraction” concept has the potential to generate a belief system that will turn into the ugliest thing imaginable.”

It has the potential to proliferate the mindset of BLAME THE VICTIM. This has the ominous possibility being adopted by our society and changing the faces of politics, healthcare, insurance and the like. It carries the prospect of pervading every layer and segment of our society like a cancer. It could have the power to destroy lives for generations to come if it is not stopped. People need to be made aware of the Truth and individuals who are brave enough and strong enough to speak up need to prepare themselves to do battle.

In an interview on Larry King Live several weeks ago he asked his guest if the child who was murdered in Florida attracted that to herself. The answer was, “Yes.” Dr. Strickler almost threw the television through the wall. WHAT? WHAT? HOW? What happened was that the Principle of Polarity was in action. The higher vibration (the adult who is physically larger and stronger) will always overpower a lower vibration (the young girl). The adult’s negative polarity of desire to do harm overpowered the child’s positive polarity of youthful innocence. It had NOTHING to with an innocent child attracting a murderer to her!

Insurance companies and lawyers might be able to take this concept of the Law of Attraction and run with it. The idea would be, “Well, the client attracted the illness or accident or incident. It is the victim’s fault the illness or accident or incident happened because they ATTRACTED it.” The question would follow of why should the insurance company pay or the perpetrator of an injustice be punished if everything is brought on by the individual? The individual (victim) is now being put in the totally impossible position of being responsible for every single little thing that happens to them. Logically this of course makes no sense.

Politicians might be able to incorporate the concept of the Law of Attraction into legislation and public funding. If the Law of Attraction works it must be that the single mother who is on welfare because her husband died in a car accident and she is unable to make ends meet ATTRACTED that situation to herself. Likewise she should be able to extricate herself from that situation by ATTRACTING the solution and should not need public assistance. Nor should the innocent child born with mental retardation qualify for any publicly funded program because it is, after all, the child’s fault and they should be able to ATTRACT something better. All of the victims of the horrific hurricanes that swept away our Gulf Coast almost two years ago ATTRACTED that to themselves? They should likewise just be able to ATTRACT funding and housing now? Should we shut down all of the public assistance, food banks, soup kitchens and shelters because all of the homeless on our streets should be able to ATTRACT housing, shelter, employment, and food to themselves?

Should we have no need for as many doctors or the healthcare system because folks should just be able to ATTRACT good health for their entire lifetime? Should our elderly be able to ATTRACT adequate housing and health? There would be no sudden infant deaths or stillbirths or birth defects because all parents would be able to ATTRACT perfect and brilliant children. Fantastic! Hooray! Then no one would ever die because they would be able to ATTRACT health and immortality.

Oh, and about the weather. I will ATTRACT only sunny days with temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees, nice cool evenings because I like to snuggle under the covers, rain only at night and on the days when I don’t have to go anywhere, no snow on the streets or sidewalks, just the lawns and oh, yes an occasional thunder and lightening storm because I like to watch them. What? Weather can’t be ATTRACTED? Why not? If there is the Law of Attraction I should be able to do that. The Law of Attraction says I can. By merely putting my mind to it anything can be ATTRACTED.

Just think about it people, it makes no sense that an individual ATTRACTS everything. It just makes no sense. Then an individual should be able to attract only the good stuff because, after all who in their right mind would want to attract the ugly, painful and icky stuff to themselves, right?

In truth, it is the PRINCIPLE OF POLARITY that has been so misinterpreted. Because it is in manifestation all energy is polarized. It is either positive or negative. Like a magnet this energy is not Good (positive) and Bad (negative). There is no “good” end or “bad” end to a magnet is there? No. Each end of the magnet is a different expression of the same energy. Likewise energy is either negative or positive. Putting positive energy to negative USE or negative energy to negative USE is a different story. An individual does have the choice in how an energy is used by having the choice of where to focus attention.

It is in the focusing of attention that a field of focus or field of energy is formed, then, once a field of attention has been formed from the pulling of units of consciousness together into a focused arena that collection begins to whirl. It is the whirling that generates a gravitational field. It is this gravitational field’s POLARITY that will appear to ATTRACT like fields of gravities toward it. So to say that attraction occurs is correct in this sense of the word. The attraction is the EFFECT of the generation of a gravitational field of collective units of attention and thus has a positive AND negative pole, but the attraction is not a Law only an effect.

The Seven Hermetic Principles are the foundation of Creation. There are seven and only seven. Everything else is just an effect generated by any one of the seven Principles in action. Granted the effects are consistent, reproducible and measurable, but Effects are not Laws. To those who have not been trained these effects have been interpreted as Laws because of their consistency and predictability but the effects are only reflections generated by reality and picked up by the senses. By the very definition of manifestation they are only imperfect reflections imperfectly transmitted to the brain.

Remember the red apple? Our senses tell us the apple is red. But in truth the apple is everything except red. The red is the wavelength of color reflected by the object and picked up by our vision. There is no way for our senses to transmit to us the true nature of the color of the object. By consensus we have all agreed to call it a red apple.

Since there is NO Law of Attraction it would behoove folks to think very carefully about the recent mushrooming and presentation of this idea. It is a very enticing concept. That by having the right attitude and thinking the right thoughts good things can come your way. Of course we would like wonderful things to come our way! Having a positive attitude is a place to start the focusing of attention on something but too many folks are going to stop there.

It is going to be very dangerous for folks to truly believe, “If I think positive thoughts I will be happy and the world will be mine. It is all up to me.” They will not go on to take the necessary actions required over a period of years to develop and hone the skills required that will lead to the ability to more accurately and completely focus attention. Rude awakenings are going to come crashing down on many when the concept of the Law of Attraction is turned around on them. Fine. If all these wonderful things don’t come to pass then it’s your own fault.

It is going to be too easy for blame the victim mentality (no require thought or discernment need in blame the victim) to get an even stronger foothold than it has now. Remember the years of battling it has taken for rape victims to finally be regarded as victims of the crime and not the ones who “asked for it”? This idea of the Law of Attraction has the potential for causing immeasurable harm. Be very careful about blindly accepting this concept. Please. Do some of your own research and thinking.

May the Lord of Life provide you with the ability to think this through, the bravery to speak up and the strength to stand up for your insights. The phrase “if it seems too good to be true, it is too good to be true” absolutely applies to this nonexistent Law of Attraction. The Principle of Polarity on the other hand is one of the Seven Hermetic Principles and is Truth. Maybe the people who have enough naiveté who believe attraction is a law should study the Principle of CAUSE and EFFECT.

Pax Vobiscum,

Wendy Ford



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Spiritual Climate Newsletter JANUARY 2007 PART 3 ~ TECHNOLOGY: ARE YOU ITS MASTER OR SLAVE?  by Wendy Ford


 Technology: Are you its Master or Slave?

By Wendy Ford

Instead of using technology to augment and enhance their discovery of knowledge, not just accumulating facts, folks today are becoming enslaved by that very technology.

Before reading on you might want to try an experiment with this simple exercise: Turn off the phones, every one of them, the computer, the Blackberry, the TV, the stereo (sorry, I-Pod) and dim the lights. Put the dog or cat in the bedroom. Find a timer, sit down in a comfortable chair, set the timer for 10 minutes, OK 5 will do as I heard the groan and thoughts of “I don’t have 10 minutes”. If need be the bathroom is an excellent refuge and people will be less likely to bother you there. Close your eyes and just “be”.

How did you do? Did you start to feel agitated and restless? Did you have to jiggle your legs, think about all the things you should/could be doing instead of “wasting” 5 minutes? Did you even make it the 5 minutes? If you can’t sit alone with just yourself for 5 minutes you might be addicted to technology. You might be so enslaved by your senses that you can’t go for 5 minutes without being bombarded by sensations generated by your environment.

You Might Be a Slave to Technology If:

You can’t sit alone with yourself for 5 minutes in a quiet room. Being able to allow yourself to sink into and immerse yourself in the flow that is the very essence of the meditation of the Lord of Life, the Source that results in the manifestation of the Universe is so simple. Yet so few are able to quiet their actions and thoughts for even 5 minutes so enslaved are they to the input of the physical senses.

You haven’t had a meaningful conversation or dialogue with anyone including your spouse or family members that you can immediately bring to mind. Meaningful means more than how was your day (date, trip, concert, meeting, new car, night out dancing and drinking, you fill in the blank), or how are you (please answer in less than twenty words because I don’t really want to know and am only asking out of politeness or convention). Meaningful conversation means dialoging and discussing ideas, concepts, beliefs, feelings (yes those really scary, scary things that even you avoid to have self dialogue about), viewpoints, and opinions. It is the honest and genuine exchange of thoughts with another, the kind of conversation that you can come away from with a different perspective on an idea or concept that just might cause you to pause and reflect and actually change your mind about something.

You have no clue as to why you believe any of the things you do or how you came to believe them. Just take one belief or opinion. Upon what evidence and from what knowledge has that belief or opinion been formed? Which philosophical branch does it fall under, Platonic or Aristotelian/Sophistry? What historical evidence is there to support that belief or opinion? What is the opposite view? If are unaware of an opposing view then the equation upon which you have based your belief is unbalanced.

When was the last time you felt your physician or surgeon really listened to what you had to say? People skills or what we used to call a “bedside manner” aren’t taught in medical school with any import. Sometimes physicians get so engrossed in test results that they don’t really listen or see what the patient is telling them. A past episode of the television show House dealt with a patient who presented with symptoms and went through test after test after test with a multitude of treatments that were of no success. Finally one of the physicians looked at the blood sample under the microscope and instantly saw that a parasite was the culprit. But none of the mechanized tests had picked it up. The comment was something like, “If anyone had actually looked at this sample instead of using the computers we would have had the right answer a lot sooner.” Fortunately in my world of Home Health technology is pretty hard to take into a client’s home. My best tools still reside in my hands, head and heart.

You can’t remember what it’s like to watch the clouds move across the sky shifting shapes and taking on resemblances to animals or faces. Haven’t you recently even just stood quietly in the back yard or on your patio and just looked UP?

You take your Blackberry into the bathroom so you don’t waste any time.

You can talk on your cell phone, chat on line in 2 or more rooms and check your e-mail, grab a sandwich and soda, and watch a program on TV all at the same time.

You can’t make change for a purchase in your head. You can’t compute a 15% or 20% tip in your head. It has been proven that being able to do calculations in your head keeps your mind limber and active and just might help slow the effects of senility and Alzheimer’s disease.

You don’t carry any money or coins in your pockets. You have separation anxiety if you inadvertently leave your debit card at home.

You can’t read a clock with a dial on it and have no idea what to do with a rotary phone.

You didn’t realize you could boil water on a stove in a pan of water and you can’t use a manual can opener.

You don’t own any stationary. You know, the pretty paper that is used to write notes by hand on with a pen and then actually drop in the post box.

Your child can use a remote control device before he can get a spoon to his mouth.

There is rarely a conversation about anything while driving since each occupant of the vehicle is plugged into his or her I-Pod, Game Boy, cell phone or portable DVD player.

You don’t own any hardcover books and have never fallen asleep snuggled deeply into the bed pillows with the lights on while reading a book. Have you never been reading four or five books at the same time with a book going in every room? Instead you might be more familiar with the experience of nodding off and planting your face in your keyboard.

You have never had a library card, have no idea what the Dewey Decimal Point System is, don’t know what “the stacks” are and have no instant recall of the smell of the library.

You think a saucepan and wooden spoon have merely the function of being used to cook.

How many of you remember the delight and fascination with and the myriad of uses for a wooden spoon and a saucepan? Those 2 items could occupy us from the time we were old enough to hold the spoon up to puberty when other things started to take precedence. Initially it was just a delight to be able to hold the darn spoon and learn the many ways to manipulate it. It could be a great noisemaker on the high chair and as dexterity and ingenuity developed it could be used to shove anything onto the floor and provided endless glee and hours of pure delight training our family members to pick things up. Later we discovered we could shove disliked food items onto the floor and if we were very careful we could time it just right so that the family dog could catch the item without our parent noticing.

As we grew older and could sit unsupported on the kitchen floor Mom added the saucepan to the spoon and it wasn’t long before we connected banging on the highchair to banging on the pot. What a delightful sound as it clanged often causing the family dog to seek refuge out of earshot. Then we discovered the pot could be turned right side up and you could put things in it. Then take them out. Then put them back in. The pot could be a helmet and the spoon a sword as the knight went off to save the damsel in distress. The spoon could be a magic wand that stirred the potions in the pot. Or the spoon could bang a fine imagined tune to a unique rhythm on the pot. The spoon could be a microphone and the pot a fine hat as tiny voices exercised their power of music. Later as ambulation became possible the pot could be used to carry dirt from one pile to another in the yard, the spoon could dig the hole that we swore one day we could get deep enough to reach China.

All that activity from a simple saucepot and a wooden spoon. We didn’t need any high tech gizmos or gadgets. Sometimes I wonder if all the fancy bells and whistles aren’t more for the amusement of the parent than the child. Granted studies have shown that the introduction of bright colors is advantageous to the intellectual stimulation. I am not aware of any studies that have shown that learning to use a computer by the age of 3 has any particular long term benefit to the overall intellectual, emotional or psychological development of a child. More importantly has been shown the longer lasting positive effects of a young child being regularly read to and engaged in verbal communication and interaction.

NPR radio host Diane Rehm had a guest on her segment, The Diane Rehm Show, right after the New Year talking about the power of unstructured play and how critical it is to a child’s development. I only caught about 5 minutes of the show and didn’t catch her guest’s name. In further searching I did find an article about Dr. David Elkind that leads me to believe perhaps he was her guest that day. In any event Dr. David Elkind’s powerful article is well worth reading, The Power of Play, He states that we are robbing our children of the development of critical interpersonal skills by pushing them earlier and earlier into structured programs from preschool to after school intramural activities, dance lessons, music lessons, martial arts training, and the like. That the loss of unstructured play might actually have the effect of a disservice to our children rather than the benefit or advantage so hoped for with the best of intentions of parents and teachers.

Our educational system is now fully Information Theory based rather than being based in the format of the Classical Model. In the early 1950’s the Information Theory became popular and was introduced as the be all and end all for an educational system. It has since been disproved but somehow the Sophists have managed to ensnare our public education system and continue to ignore evidence to the contrary.

Our society has become so immersed and obsessed with the accumulation of bits of information and facts that many mistakenly consider this to be Knowledge. No longer does public education teach facets and aspects of critical thinking, debate, dialogue and true exploration that will lead to the discovery of principles and Knowledge. Knowing how to navigate through the Internet and run and manage operational systems can be useful when used as skills with which to use the tools to gather information and facts but if there has been no training in how to interpret, analyze and discern the import or meaning of the data there can be no true knowledge gained or discovered.

In her article, What is Classical Education Susan Wise Bauer writes, “A classical education is more than simply a pattern of learning, though. Classical education is language-focused; learning is accomplished through words, written and spoken, rather than through images (pictures, videos, and television).” “A classical education…has two important aspects. It is language-focused. And it follows a specific three-part pattern: the mind must be first supplied with facts and images, then given the logical tools for organization of facts, and finally equipped to express conclusions.”

The growing popularity of homed-based education programs gives hope that many parents are recognizing the increasing inadequacy of Public Education. Many home schooling programs are using the Classical Model and there are great resources on the Internet regarding the setting up of a home-based education program.

If our Public Education system were to revert back to the Classical Model that would mean people would actually become educated, become knowledgeable and be able to think. That would enable them to not become slaves to the technology and information but rather be able to actually become users of that information and technology in meaningful ways. They would be able to discuss, analyze, discern dialogue and ask questions. That would threaten the sophistry-based worlds of business and politics. The last thing they want is for the average Joe Citizen to be able to think, be able to ask probative questions and to want to have rationale and reasons for decisions. Wouldn’t it be awful if people were able to see through the illusions and actually see the lies and deceptions? Wouldn’t it just rock their world if people were to say, “Now wait a minute, just what is going on here and what are you up to? Can you explain the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How of this? And I am not going to stop asking or go away until I get an honest answer.” The last Autumn’s election results indicate that more and more people are starting become more aware and to question.

Please do not misunderstand. There is nothing wrong with having technology available for our use. It is technological advances in all areas that enable us to do many of the things we do every day and indeed our very survival is dependent upon it. It is a vital and integral part of our society, but having a society enslaved by technology is to be able to control that society. Keep the masses entertained and amused and they won’t notice what is really going on behind the curtain.

So, how are you doing? Are you a bit bothered and disconcerted? Are you starting to look at the ways you use or are used by technology? Do you have a different view of our Public Education system? Are you wondering how the effects of technology are affecting your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews? Good. Keep exploring and looking and examining and questioning.

May the Lord of Life provide the glass cleaner and elbow grease to enable you to see more clearly what is going on around you and breathe the air into your lungs with which to give voice to your questions and objections.


Wendy Ford


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Spiritual Climate Newsletter DECEMBER 2006 Part 3: THE GIFT of FRIENDSHIP by Wendy Ford


The Gift of Friendship

by Wendy Ford

Addendum to my Novermber article: Congress DID pass the Budget Reconciliation Act package that included the extension of the Medicare exceptions process for out patient rehabilitation services. To any who acted in response to my November 2006 article “Legislated Genocide?” Thank You.

Christmas comes at the same time every year, yet somehow it is always a surprise as to how fast it is “here” every year. For me, the approach of the Holy Season usually has a distinctive feel or quality to it. The carols on the radio and in the stores, the lights going up on the homes and businesses have always generated warm and fuzzy nostalgic remembrances of past Christmases and times spent with family and friends. This year has somehow been very different with an almost neutral quality to it for me. Usually I have had a sense of the need to give to others whether it was through emotional, physical or monetary gifting, that somehow unless I have given of myself to another that I haven’t really been a part of it. Great joy was always gleaned from coming up with an idea and great excitement generated in the planning and execution of a plan then watching or hearing of the reaction when the plan came together.

Each year there has been some meaningful gesture that is my “ah-hah” or highlight point of the season. Whether it was anonymously paying for a family’s dinner while dining out, leaving a 100 percent tip for a waitperson, watching the faces of loved ones as they opened the gifts chosen or made for them, adopting an angel off the mall tree or spending extra time with one of my elderly and alone patients listening to them share holiday memories, there has always been some observable action or tangible and physical form of giving involved. There was always a moment where my heart was filled to bursting with love and joy that proclaimed to me “that is what the season is all about”. This year I had been waiting for the moment to come but not even an inkling of an idea for anything was manifesting in my field of awareness.

This year my lessons came not in the form of giving, but in learning better how to receive. It has always been easier for me to be on the giving end of the equation, but this year a huge lesson was laid in front of me quite loudly and clearly. Learning to accept help graciously when it is lovingly and unconditionally offered is a key component in the balancing of the equation.

On Thursday, December 14, 2006 an abrupt end came to my wondering about what I was supposed to “do” this year to “do my part” and in what shape or form my giving would be manifest. At about 6:20 that evening I was involved in an auto accident. Thankfully no life threatening injuries but I don’t think the insurance company has a good prognosis for my beloved car. After 911 the first call was to Dr. Strickler who called Adam who called me. “Adam, I’m in need of a knight in shining armor. Can you come help me please?” Without hesitation the reply was “Where are you? I’m on the way.”

It is seemed as if it took only an instant and there came Adam walking toward me out of the darkness into the bright circle of light under the streetlight to where I was seated on a low brick wall with my back to the accident and the crawling rush hour traffic as the firefighters were taking my vital signs and filling out paper work. I have no idea of how long it really took him because the traffic was a mess and the firefighters had had to muscle my door open to help me out of my car. My adrenaline was still pumping at maximum and any female knows the dire effects kindness from a good friend can have in a moment like that. My first words to him were “Hey, Adam. Please don’t be nice to me right now.” Later he told me he had immediately recognized the signs by the rapid reciprocal tapping of my toes on the curb, a dead give away to an EMDR technique used in moments of extreme emotional stress.

Adam made a quick call and said Christine and David were on the way. Not liking to be a bother to others I had a moment’s feeling of guilt at having caused such a fuss and inconvenience to everyone’s evening followed almost instantly by a great feeling of thankfulness for having such good friends who would drop everything in an instant for my need. Yes, that moment also caused a great acceleration in the rate of toe tapping for I was NOT going to cry. If I started I might have caused a Great Flood in the desert.

Shortly thereafter David and Christine appeared and the same admonishment was given to David for Christine already knew that just being there was enough. Later David asked Christine if I was upset or mad at him. After the explanation of how it’s a girl thing I think he better understood the working of a female mind under emotional stress.

After all the paperwork and reports were done at the scene Adam drove me to the Emergency Room where Christine, David and Dianne met us. My last words to Christine before leaving the accident scene were “Please, no one call my husband yet.” He was in San Diego and until we knew more about the extent of my injuries it was meaningless to call him and upset him. Besides, I knew that until he heard MY voice he wouldn’t really believe what anyone said anyways, even Christine.

As I walked into the Emergency Department it occurred to me that Dr. Strickler had not been in that hospital since the night of his stroke in August of 2004. I know that walking through those emergency department sliding doors had to have been so hard for him. Perhaps, in the way of things, my being in that Emergency Department served to bring to further closure some of the emotional trauma suffered by Dr. Strickler, Dianne and Christine on the that awful night. Memories of that horrible night had to have been flashing through each of their conscious and subconscious awareness’s. For the toll that it had to have taken on them to do that in order to be there physically in that waiting area to offer their presence and support to me I want to publicly state my sincere gratitude. Thank you to Dianne for being there. I know you had to have just fought your way through rush hour to get to the refuge of home and were then pulled away. I also know you were pretty tired already and I thank you for your time and presence. You have no idea how much I appreciated that and what it meant to me.

When it was clear that it was going to be one very long wait after being Triaged, it seemed pretty silly for everyone to just hang around, so Christine drove Dr. Strickler and Dianne to their homes and then came back to wait with me for the duration. I also know Dr. Strickler needed to get back to his apartment to go into his Spiritual Mode to take care of “things”. Adam made it quite clear that he wasn’t going anywhere until I was on the way home so it was useless for me to tell him to go. They each had to work the next day and it was the big Christmas pageant at Christine’s school so I already knew she had to get up extra early the next morning. Publicly: thanks to you both. Since Christine is more like a sister than a friend and we’ve known each other for over thirty-one years it was not surprising for her to be there for me. But it would have been very easy for Adam to leave. Instead he was the one that made the Sonic run at 11:30 when it occurred to Christine and me that we hadn’t eaten. Off went my knight charging out into the darkness to procure goodies for his two damsels.

Adam did go home after they discharged me at 1:15 AM after helping to bundle me into Christine’s car. Christine and I proceeded to the 24-hour grocery/pharmacy to fill my prescriptions for muscle-relaxers and a painkiller. After a short discussion I agreed that it would be a good idea for her to go in and get the medications. By this time I was cradling an ice pack between my two wrists having been diagnosed with a possible fractured left thumb that was splinted and a badly sprained right thumb and a seat belt contusion on my chest that even made three doctors grimace and say “Oh my”. By the time Christine helped me into the house and opened all my pill bottles, threw down every pillow from the upstairs and made me promise NOT to try the stairs but to sleep downstairs it was 2 AM.

It took me another hour to try to open a box of crackers to take my pills with, figure out how to fill and drink from a cup using the palm of one hand and figure out which fingers on the other hand didn’t hurt, build a nest of pillows and blankets so I could sit sleeping in a chair with my legs up. Ice packs were supported and held in place with more pillows. What an adventure. Clearly being the caregiver is much easier than being the one in need of care. Somewhere along the line my husband called having spent an extra long day working in surgery in San Diego. We chatted a bit and then he asked, “So how was your day?”

Last night Dr. Strickler held Advanced Class at my home. Being accustomed to being independent it was a real struggle to have to ask for someone to get the mail, put up a new bottle of water, put the pitcher of tea in the fridge (managed to fill it by putting a stool under the water dispenser spigot but then couldn’t move it anywhere), etc. Learning to ask for assistance is actually harder than accepting it when offered.

As each day progresses I am finding new sore spots and new bruises but I know I will be fine. Even if my thumb is broken it can be treated and will heal.

Instead of the season for giving, this has been one of receiving for me. May you have the heart and eyes to recognize and accept an opportunity for growth when offered and presented by the Lord of Life.

Blessings to all at this Holy time of year.

Wendy Ford


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Spiritual Climate Newsletter NOVEMBER 2006 Part 3: LEGISLATED GENOCIDE ? by Wendy Ford


Legislated Genocide ?

By Wendy Ford

Having been a student of Dr. Strickler’s for over thirteen years, I am just now coming to a place where I am realizing one of the major things he has been working on with me: it is no longer acceptable to just sit back and observe. My mouth must open and something be said. Action must be taken. Well, here I go.

Dr. Strickler used a phrase one night in class that stunned me and made my blood run cold: Legislated Genocide. My initial reaction was that he was just exaggerating and being a bit melodramatic with his wording, but as he went on to pose questions and make comments the realization struck me as if a physical blow had been made. My God, he is absolutely correct. Dr. Strickler was referencing legislation of programs and processes that normally promote the fabric of public welfare. He really struck a nerve and it has been vibrating deep within me ever since.

Cambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary defines Genocide as: noun 1. The deliberate killing of a whole nation or people. Thesaurus: slaughter, massacre, extermination, mass killing, ethnocide.

How does an action that we know in our very core as a Human Being to be wrong come to find its way into our legislative system?

It cannot just happen by itself. Initially an individual has to become aware of the thoughts in their head then work with the thoughts internally until they become a concept or idea. The individual then brings that concept or idea into manifestation by taking the action of spoken voice and/or writing words on paper or striking keys on a keyboard. The concept must then be discussed among many other individuals fine tuning and sharing ideas until coming to a conceptual agreement. A policy, written or unwritten, is then formulated. This policy is taken to the next step of being used with consent and knowledge to be applied as an accepted course of action. Power is wielded. To be written into policy and guidelines on the federal level takes time, perseverance and commitment to purpose, application of power. It cannot happen through the action of only one individual. For a policy to come into federal legislation requires action and consent of those who we have elected to act on our behalf.

Having entered the healthcare profession in 1973 a certain perspective has been gained as to the huge gap that exists between legislation and the effects and consequences generated by legislative acts.

Almost everyone knows of the existence of the Medicare health insurance system and the radical changes that have been in the news over the past year. Unfortunately all the hype and frenzied goings on leading up to the recent political elections have eclipsed a most important fact requiring the utmost urgency of action by the American public.

Without definitive congressional action by mid-December, the “exceptions process” for the Medicare Outpatient Therapy Cap will no longer be in effect. Come January 1, 2007 there will be a “no exceptions” $1780 cap on Occupational Therapy and a $1780 cap on Physical and Speech Therapies combined.

Medicare Part B pays 80% of allowable fees (they have their own fee schedules) with most secondary insurances picking up the 20%. However, and here’s the tricky part, since the secondary insurances pick up the 20% of the allowable fee accepted by Medicare if Medicare pays zero there is NO reimbursement by the secondary insurance company. Should some other illness or injury require skilled therapy intervention the individual would pay 100% of the costs out of pocket. Very few could even afford to entertain the idea of such costs.

Bottom line: a patient with a catastrophic illness or a degenerative disease process will only be allowed a maximum of $3560 PER CALENDAR YEAR for outpatient rehabilitative services. Period. No exceptions. Let’s use a very conservative cost for an hour of outpatient therapy to be $150. That would come to about 11 Physical/ Speech Therapy and about 11 Occupational Therapy outpatient visits available to an individual for the entire year. Not “per occurrence” but for the ENTIRE YEAR. What might some consequences be? Here are several hypothetical but very realistic and simplistic scenarios.

Most patients with an acute injury or single joint replacement do very nicely with 6 to 8 outpatient therapy visits. But what happens if an individual has a total knee replacement in January (using 6 PT visits) then needs to have the second knee replaced in March (using the last available 5-6 PT visits)? That individual has NO remaining Medicare monies for outpatient rehabilitative services available until January of the NEXT calendar year. It won’t matter what additional medical problems or injuries befall that individual.

Take for example the 65-year-old office worker who develops carpal tunnel syndrome of the hand requiring surgical intervention followed by outpatient hand therapy from an occupational therapist (using 6 visits). She has a successful recovery and returns to work but 6 months later develops the problem in the other hand. Her surgeon recommends therapy to relieve the symptoms and possibly postpone the need for surgical intervention but the patient is reluctant since surgery seems inevitable and she knows she only has 5 sessions left for the entire year. Instead of therapy, the patient and surgeon opt for surgical intervention. This time there is a complication of a wound infection delaying progress with her therapy but only having 5 visits left and not being able to afford to cover continued costs out of her pocket the office worker returns to work. She goes back to work before her hand is ready with only partial use of her hand and fingers so she is unable to fully perform her duties efficiently and without a great deal of pain. By the time her Medicare benefits kick back in the scar tissue will be permanently formed and it will be too late further rehabilitation. Because of continued pain she will be unable to continue in her office position requiring extensive keyboard use and will go on disability that will subsequently lead to early retirement with loss of full retirement benefits. She still will not be pain free and only have partial use of her hand.

One last example: On New Years Day a 66-year-old gentleman suffers a stroke while playing tennis at his winter home. It leaves him with cognitive impairments more than motor so he is able to move about fairly well using a cane, feed and dress himself. However, his motor planning and problem solving skills are impaired to the point where it is not safe to leave him alone. He only can have 6 Speech Therapy visits because Physical Therapy needed 5 visits to teach him how to use the cane, strengthen his leg and improve his balance so he can be independent with moving about his home. The first two visits of his allotted Speech Therapy monies are spent with exhaustive batteries of tests to identify his problem areas of function. Now there are 4 visits left to teach him coping strategies that need to be refined as healing takes place and the brain is trying to “rewire” and “reroute” around the injured areas. The healing process is very individualized and unpredictable and is measured in months, not days and weeks like a broken leg. These processes take time and patience to learn. It takes the Speech Therapist’s knowledge and expertise to help the patient learn and compensate for deficits. Four visits are not enough to accomplish this. Although the very real potential exists for this man to be guided through the healing process and through exercises and tasks that challenge the healing areas to learn strategies that would enable him to be independent and safe to be alone in his own home he will never be afforded that opportunity. Waiting until he has more visits available in another YEAR will be too late. Never again will his wife be able to leave him alone while she goes shopping or to play cards with her friends. They won’t be able to travel anymore because she won’t be able to let him walk into a Men’s room alone.

Not being a politician I know my brain thinks a little differently than one. But come on, folks. Would SOMEONE please explain how this is of any benefit to anyone, INCLUDING Medicare?

The Cap is already in effect but there is currently an “exceptions process” available for physicians to document the need for continued or additional services for an individual. This covers individuals who require ongoing skilled intervention to either recover from an illness or injury or who have chronic debilitating disease that benefit from ongoing therapy to retain function or slow the progress of deterioration. It also takes into account multiple things may happen to an elderly individual over the course of a year. Many folks over the age of 65 have more than one disease process going on any one of which can flare at any time.

Journals and publications are filled with studies that have shown the efficacy of rehabilitation intervention for a variety or disease processes. For example it has been shown that individuals with Parkinson’s disease are able to better retain functional ambulation and self-care skills for longer periods of time when their medications are combined with intermittent sessions of skilled Physical and Occupational Therapy intervention. Folks with arthritis are better able to mange pain and retain functional ambulation and mobility skills prolonging the time for joint replacement surgery when skilled therapy is used as part of the medical management program.

My professional organization has been very active with Congress and Medicare over the past 5 years regarding the Therapy Cap. Through much diligent lobbying by the American Physical Therapy Association, AARP, and many other healthcare organizations representing Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, and arthritis just to name a few, Congress came to recognize the potential for tragic consequences and put a moratorium on the Therapy Cap delaying it even going into effect for several years. However, the moratorium ran out and Congress did not act. The Cap went into effect. Congress was still encouraged to listen and open their eyes that there needed to be some way around this for particular individuals so the “exceptions process” was enacted. The “exceptions process” will expire at midnight 12-31-06.

With so many new faces entering the corridors of Congress and so little time left in this year, it is with utmost urgency that as many of us as possible make sure these new members of Congress are brought up to speed and made to realize the gravity of this situation. Returning members need to be reminded about this critical issue. Here are 2 links that may be of assistance.


www.apta.org search APTA’s Patient Action Center

Consequences? Potentially hundreds of thousands or millions or our elderly will be unable to access adequate rehabilitation outpatient services. They may run out of funds or perhaps more tragically delay seeking intervention for fear of using their allowable funds and not have any left “if” something happens.

The Therapy Cap was put into effect in an effort to save Medicare money and cut costs. Well, my friends its effect will be quite the opposite. In the first place, rehabilitation is NOT the biggest source of Medicare costs, but anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together can’t help but see that this is not the answer. It does raise many more questions:

What will happen when a stroke patient is not allowed to reach a functional level that would allow him to live independently again? Who will care for him? Where will he live when he can’t stay alone because he was never given the opportunity to become mobile and self-sufficient again? Who will take care of an ill spouse when the other can no longer use their walker because the arthritis has become so bad they can’t walk and they had exhausted funding for the therapy that was providing pain relief and joint mobility? Who will come in and push liquid through the old woman’s feeding tube three to four times a day now that she has to be tube fed because there were no funds to cover a Speech Therapist long enough to accomplish teaching her how to swallow without choking or for an Occupational Therapist to teach her strategies to enable her to perform many activities one handed?

Where will all the public monies come from to care for the increasing number of elderly who will require custodial care because they could not receive adequate therapies necessary to remain independent? Folks who might have been able to return to the workforce had they been afforded adequate lengths of rehabilitation or retraining following an illness or accident may be forced to take early retirement. Who will replace those tax dollars lost? Where is Medicare going to find the monies for the potential increase in the number of people applying for disability?

Where is Medicare going to find the additional monies required when more acute hospitalizations are required because of pneumonia or blood clots in the legs or bed sores caused by inactivity caused by the inability to move around safely after a fractured hip or stroke or joint replacement because no outpatient monies were available to restore independent and safe mobility skills?

This does not sound like a money saving policy to me. Does it to you?

There just might need to be an extra department within the Bureau of Statistics: the one that will be needed to keep track of the premature deaths of many of our elderly. But then again, if there are deaths, Medicare won’t have to pay any more for their care will it? Maybe at the end of the day the intended hidden agenda will have been carried out.

I am compelled to speak out, to make as many aware of this as I possibly can. Many of the frail elderly need a voice. This issue isn’t in the headlines. It is tucked very quietly out of sight and under the radar of the American Public. Those of us in the healthcare professions are acutely aware of it. Time is running out. With the many serious issues facing our leaders today this is one we can’t afford to let slide by unnoticed for there will be dire consequences for us all.

There already is a crisis in healthcare as our population ages. Maybe some feel this is one way to deal with an aging population. Maybe the ones in power and behind the scenes are acting with full knowledge and intent. Maybe they are counting on our ignorance, inaction and silence. But silence in the face of knowledge gives implied consent. Please, speak up. Now that you have knowledge, withdraw your consent.

As usual, Dr. Strickler hits the bull’s eye: Legislated Genocide.

Legislated Genocide: the ultimate result of the extent to which our society has been molded and brain washed with the philosophical underpinning and foundation of Sophistry. It certainly appears many have indeed sold their souls to the God of Economics and Opportunity. Anything to boost the immediate bottom line without a moment’s twinge of conscience about the long-term effects and consequences.

May the Lord of Life provide you with the ability to see beyond legislative rhetoric, to uncover and recognize truth and give you the courage to open your mouth and speak up for many that are unable to speak for themselves. You might even find you are speaking for your own benefit and survival.


Wendy Ford


you know you want to do it: