Spiritual Climate Newsletter FEBRUARY 2007 ~ part 1 RAINBOW


( In Fond and Loving Memory of the late Patricia Strickler:  

Born January 1936, Died February 28, 1978 ) 


words & music by david strickler


Look for the rainbow

Find all the answers waiting for your dreams

Look toward the rainbow

Feel the love that blooms the earth in spring


Dew drops petal roses, passionate diamonds of rings

Soon we’ll come to know, of love and the answers it brings.


Look toward the rainbow

See a promise live inside your dreams

Look toward the rainbow

Feel the joy that moves the earth to spring


Alone in the garden, touched by a life that I knew

Past all vacant, timeless, love that’s been lost into ruin


Look toward the rainbow

Learn what secret hides within all things

Look for the rainbow

Find the answers waiting for your dreams

Look toward the rainbow

Breathe the life that stirs inside your dreams

That life is Real-

We break our shell and find that we have wings

Look for the rainbow

Look for the rainbow

Look for the rainbow

© all words & music copyrighted

In February 1980 by william david strickler


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Spiritual Climate Newsletter JANUARY 2007 Part 1 ~ IN THE BEGINNING by Rev. David Strickler, Ph.D.


In the Beginning?

By Rev. David Strickler, Ph.D.

This being the first edition of Spiritual Climate Newsletter that has been published in January of any year, I would like to take a moment and wish the Best of Love and Life, complete with Understanding within oneself, to all for the movement forward as the sojourn of our consciousness takes place through the rendering of time and space. I would also like to extend my prayers of safety and compassion to all parents and their young women and men who are in the Armed Forces of the United States of America: Benedicat vos omnipotens Deus, Pater, et Filius, et Spiritus Sanctus! (May almighty God bless you, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit).

Everyone, at least from the responses I glean from readers who write in, may be a bit disappointed at the brevity for my column this month, but fear not, I will be back with my regular commentaries during the next edition. For now, I would only like to provide some food for thought, perhaps just some questions and some links, for it is not as important to what we know; the quality of the questions that we pose are far more substantive and crucial to disintegrate whatever sophistry may be demanding a claim to our perception and attention. I can give you an example of this in an article written by Jim Jubak in his journal on MSN: State of the Nation? Broke in where Jubak poses and reveals some questions never asked and breaks the silence on the honesty of economic revelations made in this Nation. Hats off to you, Mr. Jubak for having the courage to step out and speak up and put it in print along with Bill Fleckenstein who also publishes economic articles that pose different questions in order to point a finger in a direction that needs serious rational consideration: A Guide to Fleckisms will give you a taste of his extraordinary expository writing.

To those in the Christian community who are unaware of their escapism and delusional rant about the end of the world, I pray for you. Your dangerous hypocrisy and insanity wears colors brighter than neon when I hear some of you praying for the end of the world and in the same breath sputtering something about Pro Life/Anti Abortion all in one breath; you are insane! What about the 22.5 million or so American young women who have died in back alley abortion procedures since 1973, brought to my attention by an acquaintance of mine named Kuber? Either some of you need psychiatric intervention or you need to be seriously slapped awake. There are rational members within the Christian community rising up to dissolve the sophistry of your eisegetic fantasias: Terry Gross writes in his article, A Political Warning Shot: ‘American Theocracy’ , or Gary Leupp in his article, "Fighting for the Work of the Lord" Everybody’s Talkin’ About Christian Fascism and to be fair, one must include the contribution of the Dominionists to the psycho-religious Tower of Babel in articles such as Chronicles of the Beast, Beware the Dominionists and in Chris Hedges book, American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America who was interviewed on Talk of the Nation, just click the LISTEN icon below the title. I can’t talk about Dark Christianity – Dark Islam – Dark Anything without pointing out how some PEOPLE abuse any institution to suite their ‘privatized’ agenda. It’s the irrational PEOPLE – stupid – and how they wield their use of non reason, not the institutions or what is represented therein!

Speaking of Abuse, take a look at the abuse in this current administration pointed out in the House Hearing on Climate Change Research, January 30, 2007. (Real Player Link: rtsp://video.c-span.org/15days/e013007_climate.rm?mode=compact ). “Allegations of Political Interference With the Work of Government Climate Change Scientists” on Tuesday, January 30, at 10:00 a.m., in Room 2157, Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, DC.  If you copy and paste the above “rtsp:// . . .” link into your browser you can watch the Oversight Meeting on RealPlayer, good usually for only about 15 days. You can read some excerpts here: Investigation Documents Political Interference with Climate Science Communication , Climate Science Watch testimony at House Oversight Hearing. There will also be a hearing in the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation entitled Climate Change Research and Scientific Integrity, Wednesday, February 7, 2007 at 10:00 AM. You can find the latest details at Climate Science Watch.

What does this have to do with Qabalah? Plenty, starting off with the letters in the opening of Genesis:  ב ר א ש י ת (Bereshyt). I will only give you a hint here in these, the first Six Letters in the opening sentence of Genesis 1:1 – Bereshyt Barah Elohim et Ha Shamaim Vay et Ha Eretz – signify something Far deeper than the limited meaning of our conditioned colloquial translations, “In the Beginning”. The first sequence of letter Word/Utterance/Vibration ‘contains’ so much more than the flimsy, prostituted presentation uttered by people who use English in a massively disturbed fashion in translating an ancient Sacred Tongue. A closer approximation in the translation would be: Life and consciousness arising from WITHIN the principle of containment in cosmic energy (Hebrew letter Beth, a house, box, container), it does not come from outside the manifest universe – not from the without!

Look at the Life that springs from within you, its source is WITHIN. We are contained within creation; therefore, it is a Knowable and Understandable Universe, much to the chagrin of Aristotle and Kant.

January is the beginning of our ‘modern calendar’, which is an abortion within itself, signifying the beginning of our new year. What do you want to bring about this year? Peace, Prosperity and Understanding? Or are you just a sheep of the terrorism of Sophistry? Where to start? WITHIN YOURSELF – Lazarus! COME FORTH!

May you rise and awake from that portion of the dream of Adam that you represent

Rev. David Strickler, Ph.D

Qabalistic Minister


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Spiritual Climate Newsletter DECEMBER 2006 Part 1: The SPIRIT, SOUND and LIGHT of CHRISTMAS by Rev. David Strickler, Ph.D.



The Spirit, Sound

and Light of Christmas

By Rev. David Strickler, Ph.D.

Christmas continues to be a fascinating season for me eliciting emotions of awe and splendor for most of the season, most likely built in part by my early childhood memories. Where I lived in Lorain, Ohio, was filled with tons of snow, wind and a wonderland that twinkled in the daylight sun. I remember looking out the window of our modest new home that my parents were thrilled to be able to buy on the east side of town on Michigan Avenue, just about 200 yards from the railroad tracks that carried the locomotives that my mother’s father, used to walk me across the street to watch, even in the cold weather, to count the number of train cars; he taught me the secret of knowing how many cabooses there were on the end of the train.

There were times I would look out the front window in amazement begging my late mother to allow me to go outside to shovel the driveway for my dad before he came home so he could ‘safely’ make it up the driveway. It would help to understand that during the period when I was born in Lorain, from 1959 to 1970, the area would receive tremendous amounts of snow. I can remember being out front watching the city snow plows finally make it down the side streets we lived off Kansas Avenue and as the plow passed by it would push 3-5 feet of snow in front of the driveway that I had helped my mother clear for dad. Mom and I used to look at each other and just pout, go down to the end of the driveway and clear what the plow had deposited. Tossing the snow to the side created a small mountain of snow shaped liked a cone. It usually was a community effort after the plows had come through; nearly everyone in the neighborhood came outside to clear the end of their driveway. Most of the parents had their children helping them and everyone had two piles of snow shaped like Indian teepees on either side of their driveway.

Once the driveways were clear, the neighborhood children and I would create a burrow to hide in to protect ourselves from the onslaught of: the neighborhood SNOWBALL FIGHT. No one ever knew who threw the first snow ball, but the next thing you knew there were snowballs and their accompanying sound effects from the kids who threw them flying everywhere and I mean from everywhere. This would go on for quite some time until of course some of the parents, sticking their heads out the front door would demand that their children come into the house IMMEDIATELY. I never really knew how long these snowball fights had occurred because I had no sense of time. My mother rarely called me in as soon as the other kids on the block, so I stayed inside the burrow I dug out, cocooned by the pile of snow from the sometimes wind, or snow flurries, or just a sunny day with very few clouds in the sky. I would look up into the sky and appreciate the wonderful experience of winter.

Darkness would seem to fall so early as I remember, but that was even better because there were some of my friends whose families had put lights upon their homes. When it got dark outside, the home would become lit up with those large tear dropped shaped Christmas Bulbs. I would stare in fascination at the arrangement of lights and sequence that some people used. Some used all of one color, like red, some used blue, some used yellow or green, and some used combinations or sets of combinations on their homes and shrubbery that they grew in front of their homes. I particularly liked the homes that would use blocks of one color let’s say for the windows, red, then outlining their homes with solid blue and using green lighting for the hedges or shrubs in front of or along the side of their homes. Boy, did those homes decorated in lights look pretty, especially at night when the darkness had fallen. You couldn’t see the lights very well in the day if they were lit, but the darkness gave the lights the ability to display their beauty and warmth.

So the necessity and allure of darkness, not in an evil sense, but in a sense of relations be came one of my first recognitions in regards to varying degrees of light and contrast in order to produce differentiation: and somehow in my mind, darkness was the key, black, just like the pupils in the middle of the colored part of all my friends eyes, black, dark, where in I could see something as a child that I couldn’t describe, but would now refer to you as the flickering flame or light of the Soul. I have to this day found the eyes of people, especially the pupils, as one of the most fascinating features of human beings through which we can connect with the Soul.

The second experience that permeates my childhood memories is SOUND. Looking up from the opening of the burrow of snow for example, I would concentrate on listening to the wind, or the sounds of the snow made by other people walking on it, or of the cars going by as the tires squished their way through the snow left over on the streets. Sometimes though, there was no apparent sound, it was quiet and I would learn to reference this sound as Silence. I became aware that silence was the backdrop or wall that all sound sprang from, so I would continually practice listening for the silence, because in some way that brought to life all the sounds that stirred, giving me a greater ability to be able to recognize sounds created in my environs and the rich manifold texture of those sounds in relationship to what made the sound.

But all in all, the most important thing about Christmas for me has been, since all those years, that wonderful quiet that would come as a result of the blanket of snow dampening the blaring sounds created by the machinery, people or fury of nature during the winter period of time; even the inside of the house seemed more peaceful, cover in snow, insulating it from the usual clamor of life produced during season with no snow. It was the foundation of what I have come to recognize today as Peace.

So we live in a world of light and dark, without the darkness sometimes we might never recognize the lights shimmering from within the people or Souls around us and without Silence or absence of sound, we would never be able to recognize the source, nature, texture nor meaning of the sound presenting itself to us, in a room filled with noise one can barely make out the words of a person speaking next to you. We live in a world where contrast is necessary in order to discern the nature of a given person, place or thing. Sometimes contrast is required before we can even recognize something within ourselves that we have failed to recognize, whether that understanding of one’s self be a revelation of a trauma or a talent that has resided deep within hidden by the clamor and noise made by your continual insistence for activity around you; we become too distracted to recognize the Sound and Light created by our Being as expressed through our Soul.

It is through the adoption of bad behavior, incomplete thinking processes and unused reasoning that we can sometimes end up in a state of narcosis produced by living inside the safety of one’s imagination that goes unchecked with the proper use of reason. Winter and Christmas is the period within which we can make the extra time to embrace the Darkness and its companion Silence to prepare for the Light that gives birth deep within us every year at this time, in a manger, protected by the thicket of our personality and hidden by the ego deep within the our heart of hearts: Hark the Herald Angels Sing!

Angels are nothing more than the ANGLES of light emanating from the resources that our Spirit shines forth through its herald called the Soul. These angles of light produce sounds when experienced in the area of the brain, referenced by esoteric traditions, that symbolize the manger where the ‘nativity scene’ takes place in a complex response of neurological relationships in areas of the human brain due to the presence of undifferentiated Cosmic Sound, producing Cosmic Light within the presence of that part of our consciousness that is unsullied by our levels of consciousness living in the mundane world; the cooperation produced by these two levels of consciousness bring about effects that include our interplay within this dimension known as the physical world.

The neurological response is an attempt, in those who have prepared themselves through genuine spiritual practices under the ever watchful guidance of a spiritual steward. It is not produced in those who have no recourse to spiritual stewards who have a genuine link and tradition to the Sound of creation, it is rather, FELT and emoted through the limbic portions of the brain, sedating the reptilian portion of the individuals brain with the softness and warmth of the exoteric practices of the Holiday worship, activities and social events. The mass of humanity perceives the Presence of its Unadulterated pure essence of its Spirit, through the shadows cast on the wall of its senses, creating a feeling of loneliness which is entirely due to the overshadowing presence of its own Soul and Spirit. Those unable to interpret or have discourse with this presence directly perceive it as an isolation; indeed is the isolation felt when overshadowed by the overwhelming emptiness that resides in the presence of one’s own Soul and Spirit.

The emptiness can be interpreted by individuals as per the make up of their psyche, but all in all it corresponds to Dark and Silent, those immutable qualities that Soul and Spirit use with us to enable contrast. What is the contrast for you might ask? The process of engaging positive change in order that the Soul and Spirit might have a better reflection of the image of itself within the container of the physical world, so that it may engage the world by taking the work of Genesis in hand that it selected to do: to put it in mundane terms, to leave the world a little better place than it was before it took part in the activities of this world. In other words, it’s nor really ‘all about me’ to coin one of the infantile catch phrases being used to seduce and coerce people into mal forms of behavior that lead one away from true freedom.

Humanity, over the centuries has allowed themselves to be chained to a Scapegoat. This Scapegoat has been proselytized by some damaged members of humanity and given a name called God; these arrogant fools have taken the image and likeness of God and turned it into the grotesquery represented by the figure on Tarot key 15, thus slandering and libeling the image, name and what the truly transcendent God represents. We see this happening all over the globe where pathological leaders, from any walk of life: religion, science, marketing and politics for example, in their creation of preemptive strikes or terrorism under the guise and banner of some foul mouthing the will of God which I doubt they have the slightest or faintest idea of what that is, but it suits their AGENDAS to exercise control through fear and subservience.

The cause of this behavior is never seriously debated in a historical context other than the Bad Theology, Coercive Political policies, Junk Science and the Profiteers that these instruments support. This bestialization of humanity occurs whenever the search and quest for increasing knowledge is replaced instead by the worship of consumerism and its preoccupation with sense-experience versus uncovering what can become known through the powers of cognition. In such a time we find ourselves right now, carried forward by Obtuse Sadducees (Politicians, Religious leaders, Scientists et al) unable to stand up for truths. Instead, they have found comfort in the payola they receive to proselytize and induce mass hysteria and conformity by their adherence to Sophistry.

Christmas takes place during the astrological time period of Capricorn, which is represented by the Tarot Key 15, The Devil; and to this day we find that many have not availed themselves to the wisdom that is presented in the pictorial form, accepting half truths as the basis for their decisions and actions. Look at the cube the monstrous creation made by the man and the woman is standing on, it is a cube, but you can’t see its depths. You only see half a picture, humanity chained to the half pictures it creates within its thought forms that may one day rise up and strike terror into their hearts because they failed to monitor an over active imagination left unchecked by the proper use of reason.

One should make note of the fact that Devil spelled backwards is “Lived”; a perfect word that represents the vast collection of our actions that were performed without the least bit of forethought as to what, if any consequences would come out of those actions, whether short or long term in affect and effect. A perfect picture of humanity chaining themselves to some outward, heinous figure head, either represented by an authoritarian figure head of some institution that gives them some ridiculous explanation to the woes or state of affairs found within a group of people or nations and using that same process to take full advantage of any lack of attention breading ignorance.

Christmas is the opportunity to embrace the freedom that the Sound and Light of creation gives to each of us, which usually hides in some dark corner of our mind and or heart. That which frees us to what the Hebrew translation of the word sin means: missing the mark, close but no cigar. You get the picture. It represents the birth of that Great Light carried and encoded into the Great Rabbi YHSWH (Yeheshua) in his name, which renders itself into the meaning: YAH (the Father) Liberates.

It is this Sound and Light that we in the “Q” tradition of the Qabalah seek to bring and impart in this world so that humanity can open its wings and fly above the cockroaches of leadership now appearing on the earth, who are spreading their bastardization of what they call the Will of God while in their arrogance saying that they are using the Will of God which I doubt they understand, for who with a finite mind can understand the Infinite and Eternal aspects of the Primal Will to Good which is the flowing of the Will of God? Their use of what they Term the Will of God is nothing more than perverted in service to the self centered “It’s all about ME agenda”. Verily I say unto you, Sadducees from any religion, you walking sepulchers who claim to KNOW this WILL, You will be judged in the day of the Lord where the LIBEL and Slander suit will be prosecuted against you. You are the Liars! You are the Satanic principle that is held captive within the reptilian portion of the human brain, You are the vile murders spreading terrorism in your bastardization of the word of GOD. How dare you put words into the mouth the LORD? It is you that shall be held Libelous, Slanderous and blasphemous in the misuse of Sacred writ to the gain and satisfaction of your own personal EGO—you Brood of Vipers.

I don’t care whether you are business people, charlatan exorcists (like the Jackass we have here in Phoenix, Bob Larson), who is one dangerous individual creating consensus reality and profiting from his glossolalia charade. Father Malachi Martin, one of the greatest exorcists of our time never made millions and in my opinion you are thieving scum Mr. Larson. YOU ARE A LIAR and a fraud and you are committing the greatest of all sins, Spiritual Grand Larceny. The Lord of Life will take you down through the illuminated members of humanity who hold conversation with the Living and True God and then hold up your uneducated ignorance to the Living God for all to see; you in my opinion are a sepulcher of DENIAL. Woe be to you Bob Larson, Rabbi Yeheshua (Jesus) warns of offenses such as yours: "But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” Matthew 18:6 (New King James Version)

It is people like You who will be held accountable in the Divine scheme of things for misusing the charismatic power of the Ego HE loaned you, for you and others like you misguide people who need psychological intervention rather than the childish yet dangerous game you are playing with people’s minds and I speak from experience as an exorcist from within my Holy Order—Be Ye Rebuked in the name of the Tetragrammaton: Shem-Hamphorash you ignorant misanthrope. Karma is a bitch, and you are going to find that out, just as the current occupant in the White House is beginning to find out along with his Vice president and crew et al—-Matthew 12:34 “You brood of vipers, how can you who are evil say anything good? For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks!” The day is coming for you to know that you speak only in terms of your ignorance, stupidity and death.

Where in the hell do we come up with these people, talk about a bestialized three ring circus and it all comes from one source: SOPHISTRY turned into a game of consumerism and play acting by means of glossolalia (speech in unknown or imaginary language, simulating coherent speech, seen in some types of schizophrenia. Source: Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary), then master marketing of Charisma used toward devious ends and expropriation of profits from people. John Locke (another asshole mistakenly given credit for the creation of the Declaration of Independence by generic historians who don’t know there ass from a hole in the ground) would have loved this whirling dervish consumer playground created by Adam Smith, Jeremy Bentham, John Locke, Hobbes et all.

Your last of days are upon you and people like you. I believe the Lord of Life is about ready kick you right in the ass and show you the exit on this stage of life and right into his court of LIBEL and SLANDER. People illuminated by the Light of God will do it, those who have true conversation with the Living Lord of Life, not the fake imposters in the White House, secular fundamentalist religious groups or the psycho-criminal defiant children bred and born in the Arab Nations misusing the adolescent religion known as Islam.

Let me give you an example of how people in this nation are being taken advantage of by these black magicians: Ms. Satriani will work a full day on Christmas Eve. She happens to be one of the lucky few of emerging people that will not have to report to work on Christmas day. She has been graced with the day off, no pay of course, because it’s a great economy, remember? Ms. Satriani has two children; Angie who is 10, and Ronnie who is 8 years old. I have often wondered how she has gone to college, pursuing her higher degree two, sometimes three nights a week, while managing to spend quality time with her children who seem so endeared to have her one day to themselves on a special morning since they have no grandparents to expect over. All that while trying to figure out how to pay her bills because the Pharisees and Sadducees of this day and age have sought fit to squeeze the living daylights out of the citizens of this country for the honor and glory of the money lenders; lowering the wages to compete with some third world countries pay rates.

Then there are those also who once worked hard within the fabric of our society who now have somehow ended up pushing a grocery cart down the street or sidewalks to just keep moving, and resting when they can, IF they can. I saw such man who went down the same street I live on at least for a few days before he was whisked off to somewhere. I crossed his path one day and stopped to say hello. I watched his response to me with a nervous smile that reeked with pain and isolation.

We had coffee together at Circle K and he went on to tell me about his experience as a gainfully employed individual who made an excellent salary for quite a number of years until one day his services were no longer required. He was an educated person whose language and philosophical understanding showed proof of his knowledge. Not long ago, he had positive hopes of bouncing back quickly, but the money ran as quick as the time. He lost his home, and then his car, and for all the hard work he put into this world, he was rewarded with “You’re overqualified” and no hope at all. His retirement and his pension were essentially extorted (piratized, stolen) by the new company that rendered him unemployed. He was a hard worker from back East and how I wished that I could have been more help to him than I was able to provide or had resources for. We walked across the street and thanked me for one of the few conversations that he was able to have as I watched him turn down the opposite corner of the block. I can’t help but think some of his slammed doors are the result of the Pharisees and Sadducees of this day and time. Seems to me terrorism comes in a few different forms than what seems to be readily described or given consensus.

Too many people are being abused and thrown away in this Nation and it is about high time that the jackasses who are calling for accountability take out the plank of theft and legislated genocide in their own eyes first.

Peace creates a disruption, agitation and revolt in such people who honor only their reptilian (hedonistic) aspects of the animal part of their co nature used here in the physical world. Yet the solution to this enslavement is also contained within the veiled wisdom of the picture if one looks closely enough at it, which brings us right to the point as to what the Spirit of Christmas is; if you look closely at the chains and shackles that both the male and female are wearing you will find that both could easily slip off the shackles and chains that bind them to their propped up thoughts they elected to be bound by; in other words, freedom is just a choice and action in recognizing that they can be free.

Peace, Silence and genuine probing questions find these black magicians poking fun at those who ask them questions that have any cogent or substantive makeup, or as a last resort attempting to tar and feather the person’s integrity who posed the question through threats by misuse of law bent toward the advantage of the black magician, whether that black magician be a business person, politician, scientist, teacher, or whacko nut case creating demons for people to create genocide over, castigating another culture through whatever political-economic, sociological adamancies they can drum up in their rationalized rants: all done so that a few can have an advantage in the world they have created.

There are many enemies to Peace, found only in people who use their non-peaceful sophistry in whatever place, institution, and business or discipline whether that discipline be science, religion, society or law; wherever they are found around the world selling their brand of shackles and chains. It is time that we find these people, and directly confront their irrational philosophy and mantras by embracing that the Sound and Light of creation that resides deep within us all—by kicking them squarely in the ass and telling them to get the hell out of our towns, states and Nation.

Peace? Peace is hard work. Isn’t it obvious to you why there is little of it in the world right now? Just remember those greasing and padding their fat asses with the cash they are stealing from your hard labor, while giving some of it over to other countries to build weapons of mass destruction which were not present before this current fiasco that our Ignorant legislators gave to us over the past Christmas’s.

These guys don’t want to work hard—Peace means they will be out of business.

Aww, wouldn’t that be a shame, no more shams.

In the name of Yeheshua, Yehovasha

Merry Christmas

Rev. David Strickler

Qabalistic Minister


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By Rev. David Strickler, Ph.D.

It is sad and unfortunate, in a way, to experience the movement of a family member’s passage from this life into their next stage of life which we bereave as death here in this world. I will take a moment to send gratitude this Thanksgiving out to those people and families who are involved in defending our nation, currently and in our past. I would also like to extend my most sincere condolences of empathy for those people near to me who have lost loved ones, in particular: Jewel, for the loss of her husband; Julie, for the loss of her mother; Dawn, for loss; Kay Marie and her family for the loss of her mother Lorna Jean King, who founded the Children’s Center for Neurodevelopment Studies in Phoenix , Arizona, pioneering breakthroughs in Autism with her discovery of sensory integration techniques. Since the death of my mother when I was 18, I have a relation point for what you may be experiencing; my door is open if there might be anything I can do for any of you. I hold a bereavement ceremony for the families of all those who have gone forward beyond the physical aspect of life, once a month every month so you are in my prayers and services.

Fortunately there are periods of time that human beings have collectively made space for gatherings, contrast and just plain relaxation from the demanding routines of Life as complexity has further promulgated its presence in society. With reluctance I must admit that this secular holiday season has seized me with adroit swiftness and surprise: Thanksgiving is just around the corner, it would be fitting and proper that Americans be off the ENTIRE week of Thanksgiving as well as the Christmas week. Greenspan and Bernake can take the productivity mantra and stuff it where the sun doesn’t usually shine, unless it is in the favor of those who are making usurious leaps on the interest rates charged for commercial goods and services.

Think about it, feel it or do both; contemplate the space and time that activities occupy the vast expanse of your senses. When do you take a time out? Who the hell ever told you that you were not allowed to take time out for some quality silence with yourself? Multinational Corporations operating in America, (note I stated operating here, not American corporations) really need a referendum placed upon their excessive demands. Why you say? Because they are in service to America and in America where it is a Privilege and not a Right to do business and use the resources of the greatest Nation on Earth, let alone the resources of its Capital and bank of human experience and knowledge.

Someone ought to tell them to get the hell out of here; we just don’t need to close the border’s, we have not only an illegal-alien / immigration problem that has gone unchecked for years, we have a Corporate migration problem that is slowly but surely expropriating, abusing and siphoning off of productive powers of the American people, this Nation, through suave and obvious to some, manipulation of elected political leaders through earmarks, and just pure Corporate Hostile TAKEOVER legislation be fought over in both houses. Much of the legislative product coming out of our current political tar-pit was predicted, what is missed in the media is the obvious nature of these fiscal and monetary policies: Genocidal in short and long term effect. Bloodless Genocide, how quaint, no wonder we can’t do anything in DARFUR when we are philosophically impaired in a similar event in History right here in our own Nation going on silently, disguised by the parameters of profit and policies, not being overtly as explicit as the murder of Socrates by the Sophists. No blood, just poison: IDIOT LEGISLATION designed to slowly cut off the life supply of those who need it. By the way, for those poor political cultists who are standing around Ronald Reagan’s Tomb chanting, “Lazarus, come forth!” should seek psychiatric rehabilitation and contribute something worthwhile into the world that you desperately seek to steal from others.

It appears as though some Americans have awoken from the slumber produced by some of the noxious emission of the current day sophists that are found in every job and in every place, albeit many are still groggy from their intake of the foul odiferous conversations trying to disguise themselves as actual Dialogue and debate within accurate historical context. The American people better do something more than just the election, because the infantile Neo-Conservative movement fathered in this country by infamous and irrational Leo Strauss, need to be pushed back into their mental diapers where they belong, pounding on their high chair demanding to be fed and in most cases ignored because they are severely limited by the dominance of their reptilian portion found in the human brain, bound into bondage and servitude paying homage to their fears and hungers.

The classic example of complexity I give here is that of the emergence of Neo-Colonialism under the crafty, stylish, guise of Globalism; belched up at every opportunity like a cantor in a church, this chorus/mantra is currently being burped up as accepted banality, like after thoughts resembling nothing more than the excrement of pseudo answers continually erupting from the vociferous mouthpieces of seriously lacking cogent political leadership, evident in the world and in particular this Nation, the United States of America, which by the way George Allen, is not a representative democracy, we are a representative republic. Thankfully, there appears to be a core of conscience left in America, at least from what I can tell about the November Ballots. Clearly, a mandate was given to our representatives, both the democrats and republicans, if you are not going do the work of the people you will probably have over 200 million descending into Washington D.C. to physically remove all of you out of offices of the Whitehouse, Senate, Congress, Judicial and Pentagon. Frankly, that wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

Who and or what affected the outcome of the current election on November the 7th in the U.S.A.? My answer would be: The True Illuminati, not those purported to be the Illuminati by the mainstream deification and mythology process; not those who carry on with high trade, money and business commerce and of course mega bucks incorporated purchasing power, no not those individuals at all. Those whom I am speaking of are Those that can’t be found, looked for they cannot be seen, the true and invisible order, hidden without the trappings of extreme wealth and money used for power, I am talking about true power: the ability to move a principle of truth through the mass of humanity to get them to wake up and start taking care of some things before they are invited into permanent somatic servitude in order to disassemble what this great Nation stands for, which is not by the way, acting as if we are fighting terrorism on the terms of the terrorists by using campaigns of fear to promote hasty changes in the very foundation that constructed this great society we live in, a land flowing with at times, milk and honey. The Promised Land that ennobles the nurturing of every individual to afford the entire nation its strength to pursue Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, yes, it says happiness, NOT property.

To further answer the question in the prior paragraph, simply put, about the True Illuminati; I am not referring to those whose understanding of that term that have anything to do with Freemasonry, Aliens, Bilderbergers, UFO’s, or even secret societies or blatantly misrepresented and abused by some referred to as the ‘Secret 9’ which, to the knowledge I hold, have been misrepresented by certain publications implying some form of ‘StarGate’ conspiracy resulting from garbled communications distorted within the underdeveloped human egos picking up some of the communication from the ‘Secret 9’. I am presenting a description of the term from what I know given to me from my Oral Tradition, for this modern age and bringing it back up to the surface where it has been held captive in the passionate prison of the human imagination and anecdotal references in some of the minor works within history where the word appears in the past 50 years. Regardless, I am not referring to what is commonly thought of or spoken of as the Illuminati in mainstream or semi mainstream (semi-esoteric) media or circles of communication/entertainment.

Quite simply, the True Illuminati are human beings who occupy this dimension both in a physical body-container and non-physical body-container (such as the great Rabbi YHSVH {Jesus}, who is still alive) and they do not need microwaves or satellites to communicate with each other or with humanity. They do not need airplanes to travel to meet each other, they do not require money, businesses or governments for power, for they have use of the only power there was, is and shall be. They do not ‘channel’ dolphins, horses or pet-rocks and have no religion to speak of nor are held captive by some political system or political party and these advanced members of humanity have been here longer than the Christians or their adolescent siblings called Islam, longer than any of the pantheistic religions that reigned in cultures prior to Christianity, residing here within the earth plane ever since the Ha-Qabalah was referred to at the inception of creation in the modern day Christian synthesis of the bible which initiated approximately 2 BCE (before the common era). They were here prior to pre-dynastic Egypt much to the soon to be found chagrin of modern scholars.

These advanced members of humanity work quietly behind the scenes hidden in plain view in everyday life, some of them are street sweepers, some of them are doctors, some of them are in the high mountains surrounded by the chanting of whatever religious order is culturally present, because God is both Mono/Polytheistic and is MULTILINGUAL. They are not out signing books or being interviewed by any of the facileness of modern news commentators, they will never be found or reveal themselves. You have heard some of them speak, as thoughts emerging out of your conscience urging you to go beyond the fears created within the first two layers of your mammalian brain or you have heard them speak as inspiration that engages the best within mankind. Therefore, they will never be found nor have they anything to admit to if they are asked for they JUST KNOW, nor will they be found in the synthetic fabrications of what some refer to as groups such as Skull and Bones crap or any of the mainstream mythology that has been created, as an ephemeral projection by imitation of the presence of the True Illuminati in this world and its history over the past epochs and millennia of influencing humanity toward greater perfection and greater freedom to find the truth, some of which was hermetically sealed into the Kabbalah (yes K in this instance not Q) generated from the Jewish tradition during their captivity in Babylon.

These True Illuminati carry the banner of the LOGOS and its sound emanates from the PEH within them to aid the world toward greater freedom through increasing education though acquiring knowledge, raising intelligence and opening the Heart to Right Action by recognizing the Truth that speaks through the doorway of the true human heart: those actions which give form and definition to that true human (spiritual) potential that resides within us all. The communication of the Illuminati is received within the Unitary Principle of our human consciousness and can be worked upon within (as inspiration for example) through and in the discovery of principles that shape and operate the physical world found by proper use of reason: pure principles provoking inspiration that leads to the practical discovery, application and usefulness both in the production of things and in the production of awakening the minds and hearts into knowing the beauty that truly resides outside the darkened outcast areas within the human psyche that is used at times for rationalizing the destructive behavior of the animal part that shares coexistence with human consciousness.

The True Illuminati don’t need televisions, silicon technology or mechanical apparatuses for that matter, so who are you trying to fool? They are hard to find and recognize because they have neither fame nor notoriety. You think that they need money and political prestige for power? Maybe apes in suits do (not intended to offend the ape kingdom) but human consciousness does not need those tinker toys. Nor do they need space ships to appear as though they have descended from the heights of some future form of humanity that is returning to the past in order to prevent future catastrophes created by the licentious and morally depraved brethren within the current lot of ADAM (Hebrew: translation: bag of blood, generic humanity<plural>) called human beings. Here is where I would share consensus with Dr. Gerry Lower’s statement that “The "second coming" is when you religious people stop talking about Christ and start thinking like Him, instead of thinking like the despotic Roman Emperor, Constantine.” The fact of the matter is that the Second Coming is in process since the crucifixion and resurrection, nothing to wait for at all!

The True Illuminati do not need religion, therefore do not distort religion or use religion as a scapegoat in order to rationalize abhorrent, murderous behavior to force people into some pre renaissance witch’s brew designed to put nations into some form of cookie cutter type Nationalism, where I have stated before and I will state again: Religion used to vindicate insanity is no longer religion. They recognize the need for religion to be used as the initial starting point toward the discovery of the truth of WHAT IS, as the scaffolding that enables a person to draw the latent potential of the pure Soul and Spirit into fruitful emergence into this dismal plane of borrowed light, the discovery which takes us into the true image and likeness of that which created us, however one defines that. These Illuminati also recognize that it must be discovered, because God never intended to step in and whisper in someone’s ear because of the FREEDOM given in the use of God’s WILL—-that right there is where humanity get’s into trouble, the free use of that WILL in whatever capacity that we have to use it and engaged it.

Why is that a problem? Because that Unfathomable WILL emanates from the heart of the ‘universe’ wherein the immanence Truth resides and sits quietly hidden all the while profusely pumping and radiating LOVE, whose primary message and function is to reveal that that WILL is nothing more than the WILL to GOOD, and when mishandled or misused, we suffer the consequences for how we use the power that was given to use to use when created in the image and likeness of the creator.

Too may people often mistake the scaffolding for the finished revelation, in other words, too many people mistake religion as a final result, religion is only the scaffolding upon which we are able to convert our ignorant portion of selfhood into a reasoned faith and most importantly a life filled with light, abundance and stamina to get through the lowest level of creation that isn’t finished yet, the physical. Proselytization is an Interior event sponsored by the initially frightening communication that occurs from within the level of our Soul to the flickering consciousness that we here represent: we can only proselytize the container, the bag of blood that we currently are swimming in part-time! I say fear because of the reptilian part of the brain that senses keenly through its millions of years of background as instinct becomes alarmed first at the contact that part of use that is SOUL and in some cases especially in this society, its shadow is only first recognized within the cave of the reptilian portion of our mind and is interpreted as something harmful—ergo the existence of the devil.

Humanity is at a threshold where it will determine how to use the philosophies, sciences, commerce and religions that enable Self-Discovery and the principles, agencies and conditions inherent within ‘the crown of creation’ known as humanity in Qabalah, for their use in the physical plane to be a part of the Genesis process, which at the macro level of on going Creation involves three basic activities of ONE Energy: integrative, disintegrative and equilibrative. It is my view that humanity is waking up to the possible and probable evolution of itself and this will pose a challenge because humanity at its current stages of devolution is a very mixed lot ranging from older souls to the warring adolescent souls in some of the religions, political and secular functions of its inhabitants and a boat load of baby souls who still haven’t attained the discernment to function outside of their fundamental derivation of how their senses create and sensate the world around them (the sun revolves around the earth types).

So the Challenges are great and that will require leadership to come forth in humanity to stand both individually and collectively. Will the True Illuminati come forth and lead? Not likely, that would be far too Egoic, besides, the last time a great one was sent humanity thought they murdered him off by crucifying him. Likely they will strongly inspire and open up more light to pour down into the world for all of humanity to stand together and tell its childish leaders to get off the stage and get a life, while kicking corporation off the face of the earth that expropriate Nations and contribute to the genocidal determinations of their extreme gluttony for large bottom profit lines at the expense of the elderly, sick and psychologically/physically maimed people in this world. Likely they will continue behind the scenes, preferring to remain a mystery and yet be the fertile ground that legends such as the immortals, the master’s of wisdom, or whatever any other name in any culture refers to them as be they Buddha’s, Founding Fathers, or Ancient Ones.

Let us give thanks for their intervention into this plane over the centuries and for their genuine benevolence of non interference and policy of non-domination instead of slavery. Let us give thanks for those members of humanity that have heard the call from these agents of GOD and tried with their best abilities, to shatter the shackles of ignorance that bind current members of all humanity in this world in the further participation of Sophistry; that my friends is the only evil in this world. This evil is man made, it can be defeated, not through war, but through a process of enlightenment that sets the world to shine with the reality of the gift of our Beingness by bringing to the surface in this world what we genuinely are. There are no races, there is only ONE humanity.

We do not need to pray, we need to get off our asses and do something about this world to leave it a little better place than when we first came here. That is why it appears as though God is not answering prayers, for behold, we are ‘created in the image and likeness of THAT WHICH WAS, IS AND SHALL EVER BE’ – we were already given everything within that we need, to pull from. Prayer does little for any situation where God has ALREADY placed within you the capability and skills to master any situation, unless of course you are praying to God to shake you AWAKE.

We have much to be thankful for, and for Christs sake, we better get off our ass and slap silly those members of humanity who wish to steal it from us and our children’s children no matter WHO or WHAT organizations they are: corrupt trade and commerce, corrupt business leaders, corrupt politicians, corrupted people from any walk of life that worship at the altar of SOPHISTRY.

May your Thanksgiving be blessed with Genuine HUman ness,

Rev. David Strickler

Qabalist Minister


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Spiritual Climate Newsletter OCTOBER 2006 Part 1: I AM BACK, A BRIEF OBSERVATION, A SYNOPSIS by Rev. David Strickler, Ph.D.


 I am Back, a Brief Observation, a Synopsis

 Rev. David Strickler, Ph.D.

Landscapes can change quickly sometimes within a short period of time. One day you go out at your usual time only to find the cascading envelope arising from the absence of light leading to the quizzical response of how the evening is arriving at earlier time. I have found this to be true after my sabbatical by honoring the tradition that I speak of and from by remaining silent during the major holiday of its observation relevant to this physical solar system. It was the downward spiral that descends from above to below, vertical, that urged me to remain silent for this particular observance more so than I usually do from the end of July till the end of the first week of September, which is why you, the readers’ of Spiritual Climate Newsletter have not received any editions this year.

Due to the Spiritual energy and the intelligence is inherent within the grace I receive during the period of my holy season (sabbatical); I halted the production of the newsletter due to what some call the overshadowing presence of Spirit, or to render it by a far more accurate Hebrew word in its formula of consonants, the Shekinah. Rest, digestion and the situational occurrences that gravitate and burst into the compression during this period of time, which even captured the attention of my students in Qabalah, verified the whispering voice of that Shekinah that spoke and said in the voiceless Voice, “Pause”, the Hebrew mother letter MEM, as represented by the tarot Arcanum XII. Without foundation of silence there isn’t anything that can be heard. Without the silence there is no space to utilize the process of reason to weed the fertile garden of imagination that could be used as a rough starting point toward the discovery of a principle hidden by the misshapen shadows created in the realm of the senses. Imagination is a powerful agent of narcosis if left unchecked by the use of reason, the necessary growth fluid that lights humility which is nothing more than the acknowledgement of the truth, even though Truth can never be enunciated at all in its ultimate form, only glimpsed in relative position to the moment of experience.

Over the last few months I have taken refuge into the past barrage bearing memories coming to surface during my neurological ‘rewiring’. Take for example, my hometown memory of Lorain’s Historic Lighthouse or the Ohio Theater, in Lorain, Ohio on Broadway Avenue just across the famous Bascule Bridge. It is a place that used to exist in the early part of my childhood that I have memories of because this is where my brother and I would go to see the summer movies. It is this theater where he and I first saw The Batman (the 1943 version) and quite a few other summer movies, many of which I cannot remember. I think it was the first time I truly began to recognize that my brother was actually not going to go away, not that I ever wanted him to, but that he seemed to come out of nowhere in my mind and into the presence of my life. There are many blank spots present until my recollection of his being about 4 or 5 and yet when we look back at our pictures that my mother took of us, he was there right by side, as he has been intermittently throughout the years whether in music or healing.

Our lives took very divergent paths in some ways and yet some ways they are similar. I do not think he was with me when Peter Frampton was at the Ohio Theater back in the 1970’s. Wish we could have shared some time together at the PALACE THEATER ( Lorain Palace Theater Org, Lorain Palace Theater Pictures , Directory of Historic Theaters, Cinemas and Opera Houses in OHIO ) , in Lorain where some of my other musical friends used to perform. One in particular was Paul Fayrewether (who if you are reading this Paul, greetings, I haven’t spoken with you since the AGORA days) whom I had shared many musical conversations with since he evolved from his earlier gig originally called “The Book of Strawberry”, nor was my brother with me on the musical journey that my cousin Michael took me on at the Lorain Community College Commons with a group called Molkie Cole who were hitting the road about the same time as FAYREWETHER

Part of this memory recital seems to be nothing more than a vain attempt to override the feeling that I have had for the first time ever in my life, one that I had never considered or even knew that I had: the feeling of being irrelevant. Checking with my trusted friend who is clothed with wisdom, Dianne, I expressed to her my new found experience and she oddly looked at me and said, “Oh really? You have never felt that way in your life?” I replied “No!”

It was never a consideration or even the faintest idea that produced an effect within my subconsciousness because I look at all life as relevant. If that part of my larger Self known as the boundaries of Spirit and Soul had no use for my being here, I would never be here. I have always felt purpose for my life, whether it be from a menial task to the writing of any of these social commentaries to the privilege of teaching and transmitting the principles, knowledge and currents of Being proceeding from the principles of consciousness in the teachings of Qabalah.

Dianne, in her usual inimitable fashion asked me the once and famous question that holds gold rating in any path of discernment, “Where is this feeling of being irrelevant coming from?” she asked. I know where it is coming from, or I wouldn’t be a Qabalist worth my salt employing the essence of the word “qibel”, meaning to receive. It is coming from the unconscious explication and shouts from the collective individuals who are beginning to feel that they have been disenfranchised in favor of corporate profits.

Sheer pressure from this current phase of my cognitive and physical recovery process has also prompted me to pause and ascertain just “where the hell I am” at this stage in what some refer to as the “game of life”; a statement with glib overtones that denunciates a reverence of life and one that reverberates with a tonal quality of that of a person feigning the tone of an ignoramus and I detest such nonsensical attitudes with vehemence and disdain. I have also come to notice that my level of anger has arisen out of the ashes, albeit in new quality, better directed and aimed with far more precision than I have handled previously. Where would this world be without healthy anger; the anger that enables the proper questions to be asked of salesmen posing as politicians and drawing funds away from those people who would excel using the almost lost art of statesmanship; statesmanship provides for the long term haul and benefit of the citizens.

Now with that being stated, I will attempt in my ordinary fashion to make a brief observation and a synoptic social commentary about the conditions appearing within the world today and some of the people who are prancing around like arrogant fools pronouncing their ignominious cacophony and using the shrewd school of sophistry to convince the world that the sky is falling, that wonderful school that murdered both Socrates and Rabbi YHSVH—the SOPHISTS.

Read this statement over and over again a few times: Religion used to vindicate insanity is no longer religion. What is it then you ask? Simple, nothing more than a political agenda being used by human beings who are insane to justify and rationalize their actions and behavior in order to over compensate for their inability to have proper institutions of government that create fair fiscal and monetary policies to enable the growth of their people. In instances where this does not fit, as with many mental illnesses in this world, then it is still under the capitulation of an aggressive political philosophy that is seeking to either use Hegemony or thwart it.

So what is happening in the economic landscape and who are the landscaping agencies that are selling off America? I refer you to a man who if you read his interviews contained within the links in his name you might consider to be a prophet once you read his interviews; pay close attention to the dates of the interview. This man is Dr. Michael Hudson, University of Missouri-Kansas City Economics Department, author of the book Super Imperialism ( Entire Book on PDF link) and esteemed professor of Economics who was blackballed by the Reagan administration. His background with institutional cash flows, along with his profound experience in Economic History has stated,What we are dealing with here is Junk Science in the service of political ideology. . . It is basically an attempt to demonize public control of the monetary system. This prejudice has been sponsored by the financial sector hoping to elbow governments out of the picture. The empirical evidence is just the opposite, which helps explain why the free-enterprise monetarists have excluded economic history from the academic curriculum. . . The Fed’s policy of lowering interest rates is a precondition for reviving popular hopes for a Bubble and suckering voters to approve Social Security privatization.”

What about the healthy anger that provides the necessary force that can galvanize one into thoughtful and conscientious action against deceit and utter apathy upon which contempt to the principles that engage the foundations of society that enable mankind’s evolutionary spiral upwards, instead of the horizontal devolutionary direction that has been taken since the grand court jester Aristotle was chosen to lead the neo-feudal jackass ideologies promulgated by the likes of Peter Feaver and Felix Rohatyn with the aid of George Schultz in privatizing the infrastructures already paid for by the public in this country in order to expropriate more funds from the citizens and to transfer their ownership to foreign nationals? Without healthy anger these people are in the process of usurping the rights and privileges of the citizens of this country without many of the citizens even becoming aware of the process.

Without healthy anger and directing its process some Americans have become nothing more than doormats, submissive to the rancor of politicians who lead the gullible to believe they are statesmen waving their air of authoritarianism and fear sloganism to the cowering submissive crop of people they have cultivated as a cash crop of Religious Value while wrapping themselves up in the flag our Nation. This Nation doesn’t belong to any political party, whether they be Republicans, Democrats, or Independents, it belongs to the citizens. This sentiment was echoed by a group of Veterans known as VET PAC who are running for positions in Congress, “We didn’t fight strongly enough against the lies and innuendo in 2004,” Vietnam veteran Dick Klass told Murtha supporters Thursday, many of them veterans themselves. “Karl Rove’s clone army is out there spreading lies [but] we’re not going to take it anymore.” Read the full text

The solution is a simple one word answer. . .

VOTE. . .


The failure of education is blatantly apparent with those who have eyes to see is in the current use of Sophistry to prostitute the process of education by the Consumptive addicts borne out of the reductionism of Aristotelian (non) thought, whose  Ptolemaic product was and is fraudulent to this day; hijacked into modern warfare by the hoax of Information Theory  (mid 1950’s) which has gradually replaced people trained as true Educators into the current prostitutes who pass certification skills and degrees masquerading as knowledge.  

It was the Sophists that induced Athens of Pericles to destroy itself in the Peloponnesian war; thus, the current Sophists posing in our Federal, State and local agencies and Departments (including Education) are being led by carrots on a string by some business pimps ( e.g., Abramoff lobbyists) who are transforming modern education into a moat of whore-ship to serve information, consumption and immediate gratification determined by K STREET, instead of the discovery of new KNOWLEDGE that can protect this nation from its genuine enemies instead of those who purvey fear as an instrument to lose this great Republic or as stated by Bruce Fein who was interviewed in this article: A Conservative Concerned About Presidential Lawlessness.

The latest sophistry meddling in education appears thus far to be coming out of the Department of Education from Secretary Margaret Spelling, who spoke at the National Press Club on September 26, 2006 luncheon speaking about the rather undynamics (my word) of the “No Child Left Behind” policy. From her comments I wouldn’t take her as a true educator, more of a proselytizer of short term gains to create further anemic conditions within education. I have to wonder about the quality or lack thereof of her quantitative assessment which at first glance seems closer to hitting the bulls-eye of entropy in education while being adorned in the fluff of her questionably genuine enthusiasm to enable greater availability of higher education to our citizens. The zeal that I question is this, is Secretary Margaret Spelling paving a sophist argument to devolute the processes in Education that would be the equivalent to what Bruce Fein states in this quote “We are more likely to lose democracy on the installment plan like the Roman Republic as chronicled by Gibbon than by a military-industrial coup."?

This new movement  in education resembles a disassembling of education fueled in its reptilian guise of short term profiteering using competition, money and the mechanics of economic terrorism of Adam Smith, instead of the American System of Economic Principles that are the bedrock foundation of this Great Nation. What is really required is the removal of axiomatic thinking or presumptions and getting to the genuine problems inherent within the construction of policies which do nothing more than band aid the growing crisis in education; to do otherwise will allow the continued gutting, disintegration and further creation of weakness in the greatest resource we have:  our Citizens. There are long term consequences with determinable effects that come about from major policy changes or changes in mandates, foreign or domestic—just look at the lack of argument about the HMO Mandate in being the root of our current crisis in health care, which I might point out, few, if any are bothering to highlight as a necessary dialogue.

The blind acceptance of this type of sophistry (wall street slogansim) will destroy the U.S.A. unless a classically based form of education with a science driven economy is reincarnated to increase our present accumulation of knowledge and thus maintain our leadership in this world; lest we be destroyed by the terrorism of modern neo-Kantian Sophistry, be it in the political arena, business arena, religious arena, medical arena, communications arena, journalists or rather entertaining talking heads, you name it. There are people walking around with sucker pasted on their foreheads who will drink the Kool-Aid labeled ‘competitive education’ based on the needs of our consumptive society, along with those who will sell it to any willing buyers:  Bullshit and Money are the candy convincing many Educational Administrators (not true Educators) to become Professional Pimps in education to enable to leave their pile of history by defaming true education in this country as they turn the minds of our young people into corporate whores sold at the center of town like a slave to the highest bidder. 

The Course that modern education is currently churning will turn our universities into nothing more than vaudeville strip clubs with graduate-parrots who lack critical discernment, critical thinking and peer review thus divesting the U.S.A. of creating leaders who are expending the energy toward pioneering new KNOWLEDGE through the discovery of principles, replaced instead by a shareholder-value philosophy that serves to satiate only the immediate gratification of profits instead of long term benefits to the citizenry of this great Nation and our progeny. 

So by now you may be asking, “What the hell does this have to do with Qabalah or anything of a Spiritual Nature?” Plenty I say if you have but ears to see and eyes to hear with.

One of the many aims of Qabalah, rightly understood, is to lead the mind, conjoined by self consciousness, by a system of practices, to ever increasing clearer apprehensions of spiritual truth as fast as consciousness becomes fitted to realize them and the container adapts to be able to cognize the principles veiled by the representations created by the apparitions of the senses. It is here that we can come to a fuller comprehension of a truer understanding by that act known as necromancy and the meaning of that act and word enumerated as necromancy in its full to partial reality conveys and engages: a glimpse into the reality unveiled by piercing acts of attention that are generated during an act of cognition thus enabling an apprehension in the discovery of a universal (non) physical principle. The comprehension of this principle is a crucial catalyst that gives awakening of understanding emergence of coalescent physical manifestation and how that principle is the catalyst of the resulting growth.

Our Spiritual growth does not leave the physical world out of the equation because the paradox of the physical world is part of the spiritual equation that we incarnated here to come to understand. Spiritual principles do not give way to insane and corrupt behavior; rather, it stabilizes and nurtures the growth of the Soul giving birth to its expression in the last of its tests, being able to handle the realm of the physical. The true end of our personal world takes place when we come to find that our senses are not able to fully report what ‘this world actually is’, that the apple only appears to be red, the object known as the apple is NOT RED. It is part of our spiritual duty to recognize what is truly happening within our environs and create solutions that are genuine, not imaginary ones which only “sound good”.

Enemies we have, that is true, for we live not in a perfect world. Proper education is our key to recovering the unstable processes within this world. Otherwise it produces the very terrorism we now see spreading like a cancer and it metastasizes in forms other than bombs, whether it be legislation ‘products’, intelligence ‘products’, or education ‘products’.  In the new Religion of Consumerism and its current Sophistry, this rose by any other name would smell like Horseshit on a hot humid day. Education used to justify ignorance is no longer education.

It Takes Courage to Live. We must use that courage to Laugh at the Sophists who are trying to fill and sell your soul with fear, it is the Lord of the Universe, El Elyon, that will Judge those who LIBEL and SLANDER the use of His Ineffable Name and His Son’s in the arrogance and vanity of human beings acting with perdition in the misuse of their human ego, ignominious policies and blasphemous VOX POX.

YOU ARE RELEVANT. This is not a new War, all one need do is to examine the record of history to understand the nature of this war; it is the battle between sophistry and truth, not good and evil as has been suggested by our ignorant brethren in this Nation, some of who are arrogant enough to believe that they are God and can determine that which is evil, along with the end of the world. Guess they don’t take the great Rabbi Yeheshua (Jesus) seriously, for it is he who said, NO ONE knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, BUT ONLY THE FATHER.” Matthew 24:36. I say that some people still don’t know how to read. Just goes to show you what education under the guise of information theory has produced, leaders who lack necessary conscience to read accurately, quote precisely and ACT PROPERLY, with Behavior principled in Wisdom.


(Peace and Goodness)

Rev. David Strickler

Qabalistic Minister


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