Spiritual Climate Newsletter MARCH 2006 part 4 BACK INTO TIME by Rev. David Strickler, Ph.D



Back into Time

By Rev. David Strickler, Ph.D


Yes, I hear what you are saying, “Where the hell has been my monthly edition of Spiritual Climate Newsletter,”  to which a reply of sitting amidst a plethora and plexus of complicated jury-rigging and unstable events preventing the publication of the newsletter to go out for a January and February edition.


Ever had your computer just go up in a puff of smoke?  I unwittingly spent literally tons of hours moving what I could salvage from my old hard drive.  Enormous numbers of research links and backups from my old computer have completely been rendered useless.  This is not Katrina by any stretch of the imagination, but for those who have had the great pleasure of having to reload everything from their computer and then have to reformat again only to find the formatting wasn’t accurate and produced glitches in windows operation, thus having to reformat and reload all the programs again . . . surely a few of you can relate to such profound joy and fun:  almost as erotic as watching paint dry.


For people reading this that are not technically inclined, try this:  go to the dentist and find time for all the repairs your teeth may need and do yoga in the dentist chair while he is drilling in your mouth.  This new computer is nice, but boy it was a bastard to get up and running, it took over 8 reformats to get to the point where I could get into Administrator settings in safe mode.  Technology is wonderful, when it works, but it is still the biggest unpaid second job that I have that I agreed to participate with Microsoft to inflict upon me—this modern milieu ushering a new age and form of masochism invented with a tenacious,  irreverent ego designed and conferred by ourselves.


Additionally, Spiritual Climate was not published due to my state of confusion derived from my new found ability to perceive time, a feature emerging as a surprise through the texture of my outward and inward senses; creating a course of perplexations and newness in a narrow corridor with top notes of contortions in a sensory maze not unlike a fun-house at an amusement park.  What an uncanny awareness and discovery, time and some of the crap that the senses produce and distort:  I have been without a sense of time.


Put simply, I haven’t been able to negotiate the keyboard or write up until this last week of March.  People who have stroke related disabilities and challenges will recognize and relate with what I am stating.  I proffer my most sincere apologies for the empty space in your usual (hopefully rabid) consumption of this delectable spiritual morsel that we publish.  So, while I have the capability to type and write reasonably cogently, let me welcome you with the first edition in the year 2006 edition of the Spiritual Climate Newsletter.  Wendy, Christine and Adam have two editions worth of articles, so the possibility exists that you may get one or two more additional editions this year. 


Somewhere, somehow during the course of the holidays I entered back into time and that is a fair way to describe what has occurred within the awareness of this physical recovery process my body suffered from the assault of the stroke.  One description to convey this experience would be to picture oneself after having arrived at a party, there comes a moment when you look at a clock and recoil from the stunning feeling that 6 hours have gone by and it is 1 am in the morning and the chains of your job start to clang shrill sounds and demands as a reminder of your responsibilities to an employer that morning in about five hours. 


The winter season has somehow mysteriously vaporized in the light of the spring equinox so has my inability to perceive time.  It’s about ‘time’ the centers of the brain that provide the illusion of time by the utilization of discerning movement, a contrast to the luxury that space provides.   This perception apparently requires an enormous amount of energy to ignite the measuring faculty that enables time perception.   This puts an intriguing light on upcoming events for met at least, since I have been known to play in parallel and multiple states of time in existence and continue to this day.  Now some of you are probably saying, this confirms it, he really is bonkers. 


Perhaps an example can help to allude to what I mean:  picture your hands playing a piano, each finger striking a key at a different moment in time.  Now visualize a violin player sounding notes alongside with your playing of the piano.  Stop and observe what is happening, all of the notes are struck in different times of the space they are vibrating in all creating the illusion of being ‘sounded’ in the now but at different moments in time and even perhaps different types of space, multiple and parallel time experiences, all appearing to sound like ‘now’ due to how the senses perceive themselves in relation to the surrounding world.  This in part comes about from the peculiar training of linearity that our senses establish largely from their inaccuracy to produce what is really going on, creating instead, a sense of relation and representation of what is transpiring in the world about us.


Much of our linearity is borne out of the incomplete and erroneous view that our linear mathematics ability of measurement, the form of mathematics that our civilization uses.  Our civilization has made great strides on the ‘straight line’ type measurements produced out the flaws of Newtonian calculus (e.g., entropy), but strides are not evolutionary.  The next great evolution to occur within humanity will come about when our mathematics has the precise ability to speak and measure in spiral language. 


That being said I will digress here into the past and ‘resurrect’ (no pun intended) a commentary that I had started some time ago and splice it into this period of time passage since it has been sitting on the new hard drive on this computer.  Ready or not here I go…its March, 2006 and already we have passed Valentine’s Day and rapidly transiting toward the awesome ambience of Easter!  It seems that only three months ago I was wrapped up in the spirit of the Christmas holiday as Adam chauffeured me through the side streets of the Northern Phoenix area we reside in to take in the display of the holiday lights and decorations people shared and showed off on their homes in the community.  What a spectacular display of ingenuity and colorful Christmas spirit that playfully danced as syncopated lights resembling twinkling snowflakes cascading to the surface of Earth. 


This was a quiet Christmas for me spent by myself, well needed and deserved, spending time with the voice of voices and the quiet center that is heard and felt everywhere and nowhere at the same time.  I spent time walking around the apartment complex, listening to the sounds of celebrations and the children laughing, playing and just having so much fun, with the holiday. The city streets were quiet, the traffic being almost nonexistent.  A smile took to my face while enjoying the emptiness and soundless miles of pavement.  Most of “the crew” had traveled to be with their families.  Everyone seemed to be worried about me spending Christmas by myself of which I had no concern, for I am familiar with the roaring silence that always appears like the warmth of a long lost friend during the holiday seasons.


Christmas brought for me this year the gift and perception of time along with its cognition.  This awareness of time came as an amusing revelation to me, almost like the recognition of a novelty or scene acted out in a small theater production engaged in humor.  I had come full circle to realize the assault upon my body and brain with the embolic stroke, which occurred in late August of 2004, had placed me in a suspended form of animation.  I don’t know how else to describe this, as I look back I begin to recollect nascent and nebulous spatial quality of the awareness of the events that occupied my  body re-coursing itself through life during the storm of that experience.  Somewhere during the month of December my brain was finally able to regain a sense, concept and evaluation of time:  all of a sudden it seemed as though my days were longer and more activity could be had.  Unsettling as this experience was it was further agonized by a joyful question emerging within the cognition of my Christmas present:  “Where the hell have I been?”


I still keep rebounding with that question as my day’s progress.  This demarcation was a pronounced annunciation of the healing taking place within the body that I use here within the earthly plane, reminding me of the marvelous capacities of the seamless robe of Adonai is able to accomplish.  What an awe-inspiring organism to have that one’s disposal, the human body and our ability to use it in exploring the wonders and beauty of creation.  What an incredible space suit this bag of blood (Adam, qabalistically) is in it innate configuration to register consciousness by its electric synapses.  Have time again Was almost like getting a promotion out of the limbo or wherever I have been over the past year and a half during this course of the healing taking place within my body.


Fast forward to ‘now’ in the midst of a solar eclipse showing fully in Africa I find myself looking at colored grass, no not to smoke, but to put in basket.  Those of you who know have found me to lack regard for mowing lawns, so it is not the clippings from the tractor bag either, but this bright colorful shreds of grass used to fill baskets at Easter.  We have gone from the winter months transferring the color of the lights onto an Ostarian festival of eggs being hunted in the grass.


Resurrection is not restricted to a physical body.  I would say resurrection is a reflection of the inherent dance of consciousness measured by time showing itself through the transformation of life and its apertures blooming into ever increasing cycle of manifestation within the event horizon of our perception.  Hopefully we have a cognitional noetic emergence of this dance of life expressed by the interwoven aspects of the Elohim conjugating our increasing expansion into the true spiritual heritage that is our inheritance as we labor within the earthen aspects precipitated by our Souls. 


What is that heritage?  Part of it is expressed as Freedom from the tyranny of those who seek to dominate our lives with their erroneous interpretations of false humility and egocentricity, those arrogant individuals and groups that claim to know the WILL of the FATHER and blaspheme their imaginations to coerce the world into what they think should be so their insecurities and stupidities can feel safe.  Some of them are the greatest liars to ever walk the earth and can be found in ANY religion, political or secular gathering. 


Isn’t it time we resurrect integrity, honesty and truths into a healthier regard?  I overheard the religious Ronco-ites have a new infomercial:  a twin seated bomb with seat belts and speaker system playing the musical theme from Dr. Strangelove for the descent.  Let’s hope there is no market, but I wouldn’t take bets on that.  Part of the problem in this world is there are too many jackasses bending over to kiss their own Ego’s ass and sometimes in this country appears to pay well. 


Why not become the country that leads the way to show other countries how to secure their own nations by our example, at the same time maintain the Freedoms and Bill of Rights that we have, instead of succumbing to fear and selling out to the financiers and corporate feudalists.  Maybe this Easter it is time to resurrect.  I see many tombs about all in the shape of an ass, with something resembling a head stuck up between their narcissistic cheeks.  The great sucking sound may not be the power of spirit, it may be the after effect of in rushing air after the great popping sound from removing the head from one’s ass, that sound Ross Perot once spoke of in his speech.


Maybe its time to take back our time and space by resurrecting who and what we truly are—spiritual beings having a human experience.  Maybe its time to resurrect the light of truth and show what true freedom can accomplish. 


That would be too simple now, wouldn’t it.


But then again the admonition to Lazarus was simple, John11:43,44 (KJV), “And when he thus had spoken, he cried with a loud voice, Lazarus, come forth.  And he that was dead came forth, bound hand and foot with graveclothes: and his face was bound about with a napkin.”


Sometimes we are called back into time, only to find that we were dead having nightmares and are awakening.  It is my hope that we who are dead come forth, before our future generations are lost in the ignorant slogans of globalism being created by the truly satanic mythos of the human ego/personalities of the sophists of our time.


Rise and Awake

Rev. David Strickler, Ph.D.

Qabalistic Teacher & Minister

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Spiritual Climate Newsletter DECEMBER 2005 Part 5 Abandonment: Part II Held Hostage by Fear and Value By Rev. David Strickler, Ph.D.

Abandonment: Part II

Held Hostage by Fear and Value

By David Strickler, Ph.D.


Bear with me a bit here in this article, I promise you a close worth the reading of this. 


To all the Christians, Jews, Muslims, Evangelicals, Rapturist’s (translated: escapists, which mean monomaniacal self-centered, narcistic, eschatological infantile objectivists) et al, religions (this includes consumerism) that are killing each other over ‘dirt’ real estate, terrorism etc—you all need to just go to hell.  God’s Libel and Slander suit is going to be a dilly and you will find out what equal opportunity truly means.  There is enough to do down here without allowing yourselves to be used by economic polices that make you the laughing stock of the financiers and money parasites.  Some of you have abandoned your regard for moral, principles and the sacred in place of the fools’ gold of ‘spiritual values’—you brood of vipers and hypocrites.


Now that that is cleared up, let me sincerely thank all those who have contributed prayers, thoughts of healing, a loving voice, a hand to hold my body steady, or your voice in friendship and love through my healing process whether it was a phone call or in person.  I am so fortunate to have come through this stroke with the people and help that I have had who offered their time and presence graciously and UNCONDITIONALY.  It has renewed a part of my hope in humanity. 


Rev. Nutting, I have this to say to you Bill—thank-you for taking the time to video tape the concert as my brother Craig and I shared the stage along with his band this past August 2005 in Florida.  I just watched the tape, Thank-You for your generous gift of time and your continued friendship through the years.  I Love you Craig, I am proud to call you my brother.  I love you to sis, I have always been blessed to have your loving concern and support, Barbara.  For the many who have not been mentioned here, just know I Love you.


There is a vast reservoir of emptiness that can be drawn at this time of year from the limpid waters that lie far below the ground-spring of consciousness.  Deep from within that well is that which springs forth as the ground of somethingness.  ET HA-SHAMAYIM VE ET HA-ARETZ”, or roughly translated as Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth.  Now what the old testament often refers to as Earth, is not the planet Earth, but the World created below the Ha-Shamayim (heaven), the Second Creation (Ha-Aretz), the manifest Universe (the Earth) created in the image and likeness of the REFLECTION of the creator who/what is veiled by the AIN SUPH AUR (the Limitless Light).  It is this Light that I refer to as the “First Light” many of my students hear me direct their attention toward in the ceremonial ritual I have them observe called “the first light on Christmas Morning”, which Adam wrote about last December 2004.  I will cover in a future edition why this separation of heaven and earth, first and second creations, explains the reason as to why God does not seem to directly intervene here in the earth as we know it.


Investigating these two creations is where the serious spiritual seeker can find knowledge of the gates within to gain comprehension of what is truly meant by the Only Light that there is in existence of which the SUN is but merely a veil to the larger Spiritual Reality that proves to be a stumbling block to those who have not attempted to grasp its meaning and significance beyond the inaccurate shadows generated in their physical senses chained to the rock of materialism.  It is here where many stayed chained until they Abandon what they value.  Yes you heard me correctly, abandon their values.  Go ahead, look up the word value in a few source dictionaries, you will find that the word Value has hijacked areas of our life and reduced principles and morals to a mere word that conveys economic measurement.  This will make further sense if we replace the word REGARD to be used in place of Values.  I have included a few definitions to save you some chasing: 




1.   relative worth, merit, or importance: the value of a college education; the value of a queen in chess.

2.   monetary or material worth, as in commerce or trade: This piece of land has greatly increased in value.

3.   the worth of something in terms of the amount of other things for which it can be exchanged or in terms of some medium of exchange.

4.   equivalent worth or return in money, material, services, etc.: to give value for value received.

5.   estimated or assigned worth; valuation: a painting with a current value of $500,000.

6.   denomination, as of a monetary issue or a postage stamp.

7.   Math.

      a. magnitude; quantity; number represented by a figure, symbol, or the like: the value of an angle; the value of x; the value of a sum.

      b. a point in the range of a function; a point in the range corresponding to a given point in the domain of a function: The value of x 2 at 2 is 4.

8.   import or meaning; force; significance: the value of a word.

9.   liking or affection; favorable regard.

10. values, Sociol. the ideals, customs, institutions, etc., of a society toward which the people of the group have an affective regard. These values may be positive, as cleanliness, freedom, or education, or negative, as cruelty, crime, or blasphemy.

11. Ethics. any object or quality desirable as a means or as an end in itself.

12. Fine Arts.

      a. degree of lightness or darkness in a color.

      b. the relation of light and shade in a painting, drawing, or the like.

13. Music. the relative length or duration of a tone signified by a note.

14. values, Mining. the marketable portions of an orebody.

15. Phonet.

      a. quality.

      b. the phonetic equivalent of a letter, as the sound of a in hat, sang, etc.


16. to calculate or reckon the monetary value of; give a specified material or financial value to; assess; appraise: to value their assets.

17. to consider with respect to worth, excellence, usefulness, or importance.



1.   to look upon or think of with a particular feeling: to regard a person with favor.

2.   to have or show respect or concern for.

3.   to think highly of; esteem.

4.   to take into account; consider.

5.   to look at; observe: She regarded him with amusement.

6.   to relate to; concern: The news does not regard the explosion.

7.   to see, look at, or conceive of in a particular way; judge (usually fol. by as): I regard every assignment as a challenge. They regarded his behavior as childish.


8.   to pay attention.

9.   to look or gaze.


11. reference; relation: to err with regard to facts.

12. an aspect, point, or particular: quite satisfactory in this regard.

13. thought; attention; concern.

14. look; gaze.

15. respect, esteem, or deference: a high regard for scholarship.

16. kindly feeling; liking.


(sources:  Random House Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary, Webster’s New World Dictionary, American Heritage Dictionary)


What do you REGARD as important in your life?  Material values?  To hell with family values, how can you measure the value of the family by economic standards or as something meriting monetary value.  Doesn’t it make more sense to gain understanding and find what you REGARD as important in terms of your relations with your family?  Again, honesty is not a value in this country, if it were the whole Nation would collapse out of trauma; what do you regard as honest behavior in your personal life as well as business?  Do you regard human life as important?  Do you regard being the best you can be important?  A new spiritual reality within your consciousness will dawn when you separate the wheat from the chaff by what you have allowed to be hijacked by the term value?  


Stupidity is a cash crop in this country.  It is hypocrisy to speak of spiritual values or moral values or ethical values.  It makes much more sense to de hypnotize yourself from the calculated hijacking of the word values into whatever form of brainwashing you have allowed yourself to receive thus becoming nothing more than a serf representing a whore of consumerism and the business apes whose patriotism stops at the bottom line of their portfolio’s and then raise their hand to salute whatever flag the business may be bowing down to in order to create profits for themselves.


Do you regard knowledge as important or information?  Do you regard truth as important or does that make your business dealing or personal dealings to cumbersome? 


Which finally brings me to my Christmas article—what do you regard as Christmas?  Or is Christmas just some type of exercise in whatever value you can bleed out of the merchandise that is made from the Chinese prison labor camps sold at Walmart.  Do you know that those people work over 18 hours a day 7 days a week?  Do you Regard that as important facts?  Doesn’t that put a different view on the theory of globalization?  Some pseudo responses are—Walmart produces jobs.  Then you Value money over your Regard for human life and freedom, those objects were produced under slavery.


If we abandon our overuse of value and replace it with an understanding of what to regard, we can erase some of the intentionally muddy lines of conflict within our reasoning process because we sort things rationally;  we use the closet for a closet instead of the living room for a closet. 


Then the emptiness we feel inside can be a space for true fulfillment because we will regard that emptiness with importance instead of ascribing to it ‘no value’.  Relatively simple, eh?.  It isn’t as complicated as some accountant’s misuse of a financial Derivative formula to mislead major shareholders at the whims of the hoax of Information Theory dispensed by corporate CIO’s, but then again, that deals with value and having no regard for honesty like Kenneth Lay, Enron , World com et al. This can lead to some complexities.  Remember what I stated some issues ago, that not dealing with the complexities can come back and bite you in your simplistic ass.  Yet many insights, if covered up by denial or abandonment, can open up a new world in which you find out what you truly regard as important.  We can use the distinction of these words in our minds to gain insight about ourselves and begin the process of the natural reorganization that quite naturally follows with the understanding of how we have allowed the word value to be hijacked.  The value of human life is replaced by the Regard of human life.   This usage presents quite a different perspective on the subject.


My view is that it is blasphemous, heretical, bigoted, Malthusian and downright animalistic to look upon the world strictly from the confines of value measured based language referring solely to the pecuniary enumeration or worth of anything spiritual.  Jesus cleared the temple of the Money Changers with a rope he corded into knots as he angrily scoured the temple from the blight of VALUE.  How can one even say spiritual values unless one has no Regard for the sacred or spiritual?  


This time of the year can be a precarious time for many people who do not know what to abandon.   How we use the Life that is given to us is important.  We should teach each other to not abandon hope especially where we have reached the limits of what our faith can truly sustain. We need to feed hope with knowledge and where knowledge is not available, or evidence of love to sustain the motivation and movement of ones life, we must use hope in a truthful fashion to carry the weight of our pain until we are graced by the Life Power’s revelation of direction and  knowledge unto us.  We need to learn what to regard.


If we abandon the pseudo use of the word value we are then in a position to regard and behold the beauty and emptiness that is an inherent signature of Christmas itself, in a fascinatingly new Light    a real Light, a Limitless Light, not fire or derived light that the senses create.  It is this time of the year that I hold in deep regard instead of value, where I grip the safety net of hope to shed its light on how fortunate I continue to be in my recovery since the “beer I had with death”.  I remain ever hopeful that my attempts to point a finger at the moon at the darkest hour of the Christmas night and move my hand through the sea of flashing stars twinkling as dew drops on the petal of a rose struck by a beam of light against the thick dark seeming emptiness yet strange clarity of the night sky will invoke some regard for those who read this as to the sacredness of this particular holiday event. 


There is almost a sense of holy responsibility for the written word at this time of year that beckons a demanding requirement of buoyancy, it is almost as if the Word itself emerges from deep within the dancing light which was founded upon the inexpressible darkness and languish of the emptiness.  There appears to be something within our consciousness that holds Who and What we are in greater regard than we do ourselves or than we may be capable of; a herald sent forth from that which gave birth and life to our very non physical existence.  I think this goes far beyond the agency of conscience, although conscience can be its agency, even lack of conscience. 


This herald harkens us to abandon our meaningless ways that hold value only to those shallow individuals who define their world by money, power and materialism.  I hold it high in regard to be burned in the fire and touch of true Love than to be drowned in a sea of values that proffer prostitution by sensual gratification and fear.  We need to abandon being held hostage to fear and so called values and reinstate what we regard as important in our lives. I ever remain hopeful that my words will hold enough of anybody’s attention so that they may capture a glimpse of the flaming brilliance of Life dancing as Light. 


As we continue our search for genuine fulfillment in the vast corners of the human heart where very few journey to even look, we will find a doorway called Hope, where we may then watch the fire of Love dance within the space of emptiness and come to understand that without the emptiness, we may never find or embrace that Love which burns and shines brightly—flaming in that darkest corner of the human heart where very few summon the necessary courage to even venture.


Merry Christmas,

Rev. David Strickler, Ph.D.

Qabalistic Teacher & Minister

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Spiritual Climate Newsletter SEPT 2005 part 5 Of Bridges and Souls part one By Rev. David Strickler

Of Bridges and Souls

part one

By Rev. David Strickler


What a whirlwind of a month and no pun intended.  Looks like a continuation of major vortices of energy manifesting on the event horizon from the solar flare of approximately two years ago and the past solar flare of about a month ago.  Our prayers, energy and healthful outcome is directed to our citizens in this wonderful country who were intentionally left out of the excessive profit taking policies of some of the swine business leaders and meat head politicians in our elected officials.  This recent appearance of the clowns and the religion of consumerism has taken front and center stage.  We have some real nut cases in this country and many of them hold seats of power. Too bad Katrina didn’t sweep through Washington D.C. and sweep it clean like a new broom.  Nature does have a way of uncovering those areas within our humanity that is yet best put into real action in the physical world.


God of course, had little if anything to do with the current rash of storms, in my opinion.  He/She has better operations to set into motion than to visit affliction upon the poor in this country.  The types of actions we take after an incident such as the past month does, in my view, permit Spirit and Soul to evaluate all of its individual pieces in the field of action or if you prefer event horizon, known as PEOPLE:  there is a judgment already in the process of being rendered by levels of consciousness and intelligence that are not limited by the thrashing appetite and drive for profiteering.


Nature can at times respond to the vast amount of electromagnetic input from the field of thought emission in humanity.  It is important to note here, that this is in no way an attempt to utilize the current ‘blame the victim’ ideology that is used in current financial endeavors and business (e.g. can’t get a job?  Better change your attitude).  One would have to be an ass to subscribe in such rationalizations that are used only to support the tyrannical egocentric slobbering of gluttonous robber-barons who take the money and run.  Looking at the current playing field of Hedge fund thieves there is plenty of room to steal the public blind.


Listening and watching C-Span the other night I saw one of the grandest circus ever: a group of so called compassionate conservatives literally nervous about the amount of money required to repair sections of the nation damaged by the storms and thereby taking advantage of the pain and suffering to make a point about the deficit.  It was hilarious to watch them divert attention away from the deficit they had a hand in creating to over the past years, even complaining about the 900 Billion in debt notes being held by China.  One of the solutions they proposed was even more sinister:  Sell off large portions of prime land held by the public (citizens) of this country to help pay for the storm damaged areas. 


How brilliant!  Then North Korean companies and even perhaps the Chinese government will buy these proposed land deals and even own more of the U.S.A.  I can hear them now—“the governments will not be able to buy the land” which might be true IF parameters are put on the sale of this land.  If the sale goes up to private individuals and those individual OR corporations are not 100% US citizens, then what these meat heads have proposed will open the doors to the further selling of this nation to foreign interests.  To borrow a phrase from Jeff Foxworthy—-“here’s your sign (which reads: I’m a stupid person).  It should be handed out to all who agreed with these brainless wonders and to the brainless wonders themselves who came up with a 3rd grader solution to a long term problem.  Just goes to show how nature unaided fails:  the human brain without the intervention of morals, ethics and developed capacity for reasoning sounds like a modern Corporate Borg; an ape in a business suit spitting out half chewed bananas it stole from other apes.


Storms are good; it gives us the opportunity to witness the best and worst that are within each and every one of us and reveal to us where we need to grow in our spiritual maturity and humanity.  The Spirit watches Soul closely as to whether or not we even take advantage of the opportunity to incorporate more of its real self into the physical plane.  Whether or not we attempt to burn a bridge in a moment of fear or despair can be used to evaluate how much we have grown as a SOUL (human being) in this world or whether we have chosen for the sake and ease of convenience to just avoid what may be true.


There are many ways to explore this concept.  I will be devoting some time to it in upcoming editions, so please bear in mind that this article is in no way complete.  I sometimes wonder if articles ever are complete, although they are a starting point for discovery of truths.  Anyway, let me illustrate with an example:  I have a friend whom I shall name John in this article to not reveal his identity although what I will reveal is that he is a male who is in his 50’s and that he did give me permission to relate this story in this article.  We have shared much together over the years especially through his recovery process in AA.  For my part I have enjoyed his friendship and questions, for as you know, I know that recovery programs have a place in the world of human healing as I have given talks to recovery groups and contributed my skills and talents wherever I feel they are best suited to help people in those healing areas, but I also see where they are converted into something that they are not: a Spiritual Program.


John’s Soul opened up and created a bridge between him and me.  Yes, I also helped in the building that bridge so that we could share things together.  Now the Soul does this with power and energy from areas that reflect the type of exchange that is to take place between people.  It emerges as a lightning flash between two people and I can see this at times with my aura vision.  The type of connection will depend on how from what depth of Soul or non soul areas the flash emerges from.  Deeper connections usually promote greater intensities of experiences within various ranges of either instinctual, emotional or intellection areas or any of the above combined.  John and I had a connection as he learned from me and I learned much more about how the system of recovery worked in his life.  John provided me with one of the proofs that these recovery networks are made into something that they ARE NOT-a Spiritual system.


John never called me after my stroke last year.  I looked forward to his call.  There wasn’t a week that went by that I didn’t look for a call from him.  I would spend time thinking that maybe I should have called him.  I decided against it, for I thought maybe there was something going on in his life that was preventing him from calling me.  I really could have used his support.  So I double checked with Christine whether or not she had sent out a note to everyone letting them know I had had a stroke and yes, she showed me that she had sent one to him.  So I figured that since he was out of state, maybe he hit hard financial times and couldn’t afford a phone call, but what made it strange was that he wasn’t even showing up on my messengers to chat online.


This went on for over 8 months.  I just couldn’t figure out why he wouldn’t call even after I had sent him a few personal notes.  I was getting overly concerned so I just let it go, but I did not burn the bridge of friendship that exists.  I have never burn a bridge since an experience I had in my early 20’s where I had burned one and come to find out that I was wrong and it shouldn’t have been burned.  Even when I went back to the person with whom I burned the bridge to apologize and reconnect with because my shame had revealed to me the truths about the feelings in myself that was easier to deny than to admit.  That person never spoke to me again and from that point forward I knew I would never burn a bridge again or refuse to speak or reconnect with someone again, because there is so much that we do not know, there is much we do not see outside of ourselves.  So I just figured John was going through something, I just hoped he had not ‘fallen off the wagon’.


One morning, while finding myself waking up on the couch I had left my computer on and it was making that messenger noise that it plays when a person is speaking with you on MSN or AOL instant messenger.  I got up and looking through my blurry eyes I immediately recognized the loony name—It was John!  The window read “Do you have time for an old friend?  If you do not want to speak to me I understand, but please let me make amends, I finally got my head out of my ass.  Are you OK David?”  A tear rolled down my face.  We talked on messenger and then I said hey John—I got some minutes, give me a call.   It was great to hear from him. 


I come to find out that he had friends who had had a stroke.  He had such a hard time seeing his loved ones and friends tied in a not and not the same as they once were that he didn’t think he could take hearing me on the phone or seeing me as he does once a year when he comes to phoenix.  But his shame drove him to understand that maybe, just maybe just being there in voice could have helped speed my recovery along.  Just as my shame led me to discover how I wasn’t being fair with a person in the earlier part of my life.  He is now even involved in helping people with strokes to overcome what he call his ‘denial and stupidity’ in one area of his life.  Most importantly, I am glad we are talking again, as I had missed his friendship.     


John, I know you are reading this, I am so glad you got your head out of your ass.  I do not burn my bridges.  I have spent time putting out fires that others have started on my bridges in those all too familiar moments of human fear, denial and anger/shame.  Just as I had put out the fire on the bridge you tried to burn between you and me. 


I have seen people die from bridges that were burned.  Look at how some of the business and governmental policies helped contribute to the deaths of some in the storm areas.  Christine asked me for a quote for this month’s newsletter, so the one you read above is something I wrote many years ago.  Some bridges are so deep they are intense as you drive over them, for they are constructed from deeper energies that unite Souls.  That is why I never burn my bridges, cause at the other end of that bridge is a human being who has a heart, mind and life that yearns to be fulfilled and to share some moments with other Souls that are traveling in the world of people in their spiritual journey to return home.


Special thanks to John for wanting to share his story with you and giving me permission to use it.


May all of you have the experience of opening a door that you were afraid was closed.


Rev. David Strickler, Ph.D.

Qabalistic Teacher & Minister




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Spiritual Climate Newsletter AUGUST 2004 Part 3 Ever Waiting By Rev. David Strickler

Ever Waiting

By Rev. David Strickler, Ph.D.


It was a dark, cold night.  The moon light shimmered like glistening diamonds upon the ripples on the surface of the pond that was being gently caressed by the opaque breeze.  Clouds that resembled cotton candy in the night sky forced the moon to play peek a boo with the surface of the earth, glowing like embers from the cold light reflected off the face of the lunar watcher.  I have been here before in the sanctuary at times when life just seemed to lend an overbearing weight of unceasing and relentless dichotomy that echoed through my body as strain elicited for too long an extended time. 


The roses in the garden along the stone walkway quietly slept through the evening delightfully shrouded in peace that one only finds in the setting of Holy Ground.  The Archway of the stone entrance shaped in oval to announce the entrance into the temple, ever watchful as to who passes through its solid, protective walls designed to shield the priest from the anomalies spun from the activities of mundane life.  One can only hear the steps of the body as it approaches the large doors guarding the entrance to the passageway that leads to the inner chamber of the Temple.  Arriving only to see the empty room lit only by the flicker of candle flame and taking one place to imbibe the silence wherein the Voice of the Hidden ONE can be heard.


It always knows when you arrive.  It always knows why you have journeyed to sit with IT.  It waits in the roaring silence that insulates you from the ordinary distractions that attract the senses to frivolity.  It waits for you to swim in ITS depths to be refreshed in the Waters of Life it so freely provides as nourishment to the unquenched thirst that pangs in your Soul.  Those pangs that we sometimes often misinterpret as they emerge in the desire nature of our body only as echoes transformed into something routine and familiar.  Yet, here in the inner sanctum of the Temple—we can easily see the misguided shapes they have taken as we have mis associated their origins.


Time to make a choice or is it just time to select another effect?  Time to examine the effects one has generated within the condensation of their personality or to just run away from the Truth that the Silence can open from within the Heart of Hearts communicating to your heart?  What are you here to do?  Why?  Does there have to be a reason for everything?  Who or what determines that reason and what latitude do you REALLY have with what you call your own determination, or is it better put to say your USE of that which enables to determine a path or course in life?  Does reason have anything to do with anything or is it just an illusion cast into shape and form by a mind that has yet to understand the foundation of Reason that emits from the depth of the One Love and Power of Life Itself?  If not Reason that appeals to your senses, is it then the Sound emerging from the heart of your consciousness that is trying to get your attention since you have finally provided the silent backdrop upon which is it’s sounding board; free from the distractions garbled from your mind that utilizes thought as a primary source of communication?


Too many questions You say?  I am right here speaking with you Right Now.  Always in the now and within the silence that is the foundation enabling the recognition of your manifest self uttered through your personality.  I AM never far from you.  The distance you perceive is nothing more than the illusion cackling from the ephemeral aspects of your sense and perception.  I AM always here with you.  The valley you traverse to be in the Presence of the Speaking Self was created by YOU in the scurry and flurry of attempting to satisfy your senses by engaging them in effects.  It is nothing more than a fool’s articulation endeavoring to explain the Eternal in finite experiences.  What ‘words’ do you really understand?  How can you understand any words that are not heard with the Original Sound of creation that pulsates within your heart reflected in the body as sentience?  The eternal Silence is that by which I establish communication within and around you.  Not through desire that is distorted by the flesh and obfuscated by the misunderstandings of your mind.  Keep still, if you can, if you have the dominion over your body, mind and emotions to enter into the source of the temple itself.


I whisper and NOT shout over or through your enmeshment with the crackling unfinished aspects you partake in creation.  Always near and never far.  It is you who have created the gulf of desolation and despair by being overly fixated on the outer. 


I sit waiting without time for your return.  Often I say “Hi” through the clouds visibly chanting the form of the wind or through the dropping of the leaf from the tree that you pause by to acquire the thought emancipated from your reverie.  Echoing the soundless sound of My Voice as the leaf feels the cushion of air to break its fall to the earth, I sometimes capture your attention through the simplest of events.  I smile as you stand in awe like a child absorbed by the movement of the leaf.  Other times I say “Hi” in the melodic speaking of the bird that sees your approach to your car getting ready for your return home.


The candle flame burning brightly on your kitchen table is none other than I looking back watching you intently as you relax from the day’s duress.  The singular flame burning steadily, mimicking the soft flame of the WORD that is hidden in your heart from your awareness  or direct seeing  by the denials held up by your mind to prevent you from acquiring the realization that you have turned down the wrong road and are experiencing not what I had intended to give you, only to shoulder the blame and despair as you cry out into the night.


Stop for a moment to feel and think these words.  Some of the pictures you create in your imagination have successfully protected the egoic pride that is evoked to prevent the UNREALISITIC visions of shame and contempt from others that you see as a result in your being truthful with your Heart of Hearts. They are nothing more than a continual running from that which shall set you free.


Come home.  Sit.  Turn the radio and TV off and be with me awhile.  I never intended that you be a slave to creation, or a slave to the rantings of others.


I am Here, ever present in the temple of your body that houses the mouth of your soul:  your Heart.


Come and share the extraordinary atonement within the Universe that I have created as a backdrop that you may perceive Me in the slightest of all movements from the stars blanketing the night sky into the fish swimming in the aquarium of your home. 


My eyes are in many places, yet you hide from the WORD that burns brightly in the darkest corner of your Heart.


There I am, Ever waiting no matter what your prodigal attitude or demeanor may display.


Ever Waiting.


Blessings of the Life Power

Rev. David Strickler, Ph.D.






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Spiritual Climate Newsletter Oct 2005 Part 3 Of Bridges and Souls part 2: The Thirteenth Month after Meeting an Old Friend by Rev. David Strickler

Of Bridges and Souls

part 2:

The Thirteenth Month

After Meeting an Old Friend

By Rev. David Strickler, Ph.D.


A little over thirteen months ago I was called back into the world from the land of the dead and traversed the valley of the shadow of death to once again walk among men, humanity.  The trauma that my physical body suffered, particularly in my brain, opened a new space within which the down pouring of consciousness from Spirit and Soul could enter into these waters of creation and begin again anew and refreshed in order for the principle of Love and Unity to be brought into stir within the animal/chemical clothes that I wear as Spirit/Soul in the material plane.


The Source of Life and Light Itself propelled the beam of my consciousness back into the dark world and space of the empty physical body that lied still for many hours hopefully awaiting the dawn and resurgence of First Light shining from the seat of my Beingness as I followed the course of the river that appeared to be emptying into the rising, morning Sun.  Walking, or apparently moving, with the odd sensation of a line down the center of my Spirit with a sensation of emptiness in one half of an energy that I perceived as myself.  I could literally feel energy and a surge from an invisible something that urged me to return.  As I approached the Sun it became a huge doorway.  The emanation from behind me I remember as a loving assurance.  Moving closer through the surface of the Sun I began to hear the voices of those who were familiar, human voices.


The strangest experience I have had yet was in recalling people, places and things as I was passing through the Sun.  Brilliant beings were sparsely outlined and detectable as human shapes but recognizable by their eyes and lips on their faces.  Sound began resonating as if Souls were talking to me urging me back and giving me quiet assurance but with distinct emotional energy that had a rather human quality.  In a few of the beings I could feel their deep remorse and pain that broadcasted uncertainty as to whether or not I was going to come back.  I could hear them pleading, please don’t leave, please come back.  There were two voices I recall in particular, both moving toward me both crying and then one of them touched me telling me I couldn’t leave yet because we had not yet come to know each other.  The sensation of half emptiness disappeared as this Soul touched me yet I could still feel an invisible line down the center of what now seemed to be the energy and light of my consciousness filling a shell, a form that resembled my physical body.


To experience the process of transformation brought about by the energy of what we call Death is an event that leaves one changed in many degrees and permanently branded by a transformation process that continues forward to be worked with on the physical plane months or years after it lights through the aperture of expression know as our physical body on the event horizon in the mundane world.  I have met the angel of death before, but this time, I think we sat down and he toasted me with some champagne together; in other words, I befriended that which walks hand in hand or perhaps better put, that which enables one foot to follow after the other foot.  Some would say that we just sat down and had a beer together.  The problem is I hate beer, ergo my reference to champagne, metaphorically speaking at that, because I don’t drink.  If you supplant the Waters of Life in place of the word champagne, you will understand my allusion.


This was the third meeting that I had with death.  The first meeting was before I became a teenager living in Ohio.  I miss living nearby Lake Erie, anyway, I had gone swimming with some friends at a place formerly known as Century Park.  There were some girls that were going to be there so a couple of guys I had known who lived nearby the park asked me down because apparently a girl had asked if I was going to be there.  It was a typical summer day for that period of time back in the late sixties, muggy, cotton candied shaped clouds in the sky and hot.  The water was appealing, especially the girls in the water of the lake in wet swimsuits.


The day was going along great, I was having a good time and was working on overcoming my shyness with girls, which I must admit still lingers a bit to this day.  I was swimming out further between the pilings that were placed as a break wall to protect the beach when the next thing I knew I was pulled under, sucked under water as if a vacuum cleaner had grabbed my feet.  I remember the sense of physical struggle as my air supply dwindled under the water, the utter panic, fear and terror filled me as I no longer had control of where my body was going and my lack of ability to overcome the sheer force of what was pulling me further deeper and under the water. Then everything went calm and there was no struggle anymore and a light appeared inside me and surrounded me and it was very peaceful.  No struggle, just peace and this huge whirling sound I began to hear like copter blades cutting through the air above me.


Next I was jarred back into my plight as two hands firmly grabbed my arms under my shoulders and human voices starting to come through the thick blanket of the water and then POP I was above the surface hearing, “We got him” being shouted along as I gasped for air.  Thank god for my friends being there that day.  They were a bit surprised as I swam to move my body and to feel the luxury of its presence, probably instinctive on my body’s part to burn off the adrenaline that had been immersed through its veins.  The girl never did show up and I dislike going to the beach to this day, not being very fond of water in which I can’t see the bottom of such as a pool.


My life was never the same after that.  It never is the same after we have the honor of meeting the angel of death.  Change takes place and the type of change and transformation seems to depend on the nature of the Soul working through the lens and fabric of the ego/personality in this mundane world.  I have seen help required in all cases in the resultant trauma induced by this encounter.  Even in this last encounter with my old friend, Death, I am only now able to realize that I had a major physically life threatening experience that could have resulted in the extinguishing of the flame of life within my physical body.  This post awareness is due largely to the fact that the lens that the brain uses to remain anchored and focused in this world was shattered by the stroke that affected the frontal lobes and occipital lobes thus drastically impairing what is known as the executive functions of my brain and nervous system, kind of like looking at oneself in the pieces of a broken mirror.  I will be returning to my psychologist who is trained in EMDR to help the intellectual, emotional and physical body circuits that enable the expression of my consciousness to reverberate in the world of the flesh to finish processing this experience that I may move forward with my life.


Death represents many faces of movement, transformation and MOTION.  I have sometimes referred to it as the shadow cast by the presence of the Life Power that enables the contrast to render the appearance of motion representing the activity of the Life Power within a fixed point that never moves, or as some would refer to as the unmoved mover.  Our consciousness is nothing more than an extension of  activity that RELFECTS the ever presence of this Source.  How accurately we can reflect this depends on the skill and agility of the responses we grow into the fabric of ego and personality emerging through the raw, seemingly blind forces of Nature which comprises the densest portion of the energy known qabalistically as Natash.  This includes the fabric of all the lower worlds of nature that we use to weave our physical body out of the loom and principles of our consciousness.


Let me take you through a few more of the veils of the senses upon which the shadows are created from the Source.  In other words, let’s probe a bit deeper into the meaning and some of the messages carried by my old friend, Death.  As I have stated elsewhere, it is said that there are four ways to perceive the scriptures:  The first is literally, the second is allegorically, the third is philosophically and the fourth and most difficult to master is mystically.  Let’s stretch our cognitive ability here for a bit so bear with me for a few paragraphs as we explore some of the rich depth of Life articulated some of the numbers representing the idea of death.


Let us call upon the pictorial book of the Hebrew letters known as the Tarot in order to provide an initial condensed, yet short hand compilation of meaning much like the scientific equations such as E=MC2 from which we derive the ability to harness the power within the atom; yet without proper education we may pass over it as a meaningless equation with no significant link to its practical implications in the physical world.  The pictorial designs of the Tarot which accurately render such a proper compilation are those unveiled by the great modern Qabalist Paul Foster Case.


Upon looking at The Hebrew letter נ Nun (pronounced noon), its interpretation as a verb meaning to sprout, to grow; an emergence forth of the grain of wheat that falls unto the ground and dies; the inherent power of the seed when cultivated by the intervention of the Spirit of human consciousness and the intelligence of volition that is lent unto us by the Life Power ItSelf.   It is this inherent power of Life Itself when we look at the space that is created within itself to produce fit forms of its expression on the non physical plane.  This gradually precipitates into forms we can perceive into the physical event horizon; it is this activity which presents itself as the possibility of procreation given to us and rendered sacred as expressed by what is veiled within the familiar G_d name  uttered and intoned as  א ל ה י מ  Elohim,  which translates into a name of G_d that expresses itself as the conjoined Male and Female aspects of G_d.  We as people express our arrogance if we or our parents say that we are autonomous and have an independent life.  Deeper attention into the illusion by using the power of reason reveals otherwise: that our perception of a separate life belies to the fact that neither we, nor our parents gave birth to us physically OR spiritually as a consciousness, let alone an individual self consciousness. 


We have borrowed the illusion of our ‘sense of self’, that we have our own life because there is nothing other than One Life and One Self that is the source of our borrowed sense of self that is rendered as a perception of me, myself and I’ness.  Let us remember what part of our consciousness is fueled by the Divine Intelligence represented the Hebrew letter Nun, whose value represents 50 units to convey the principal of the Imaginative Intelligence and the locomotion, movement that is thus created by its ever presence.  Remember Jason and Argonauts and the 50 oars that rowed the ship?  Fifty is a sacred number to BINAH in qabala which represents the feminine aspect of G_d and the seat of what is called the highest aspect of our Spirit/Soul that is closest to the Divine, the Neshamah.


It should pose some interesting aspects for those of you who recognize this as the first letter of the spelling of the name Noah and the eight principals represented by the individuals in Noah’s arc that brought a new humanity into being after the flood.  These were not eight singular people as is misperceived by those who are content with such childish renderings of a sacred tongue that is capable of great depth.  My spelling for the word arc was also an intentional choice to point a finger in an accurate direction for those who have eyes and ears to apprehend some of the reality that I am directing their attention toward.  Life arc’d across and within the rough waters of the divine mother as the child experiences within the waters of the womb as the mother walks toward the birth of the new child coming to know itself within this current lot of humanity. Look at the phenomena of how the nerve synapse arc between branches of nerves through a fluidic, watery media.  It is not much different in the watery levels of Spirit and Soul.



Noah’s name is qabalistically enumerated into 58 units which reckoned by the value yielded in composite sum of the letters of Noah’s name נ ח (to sprout and grown within the fence or enclosure, a field of operations wherein natures energies are refined and brought to bear upon itself by the power and source of Life itself) in Hebrew which is a Nun נ and a Cheth ח.  It is here that we can gain insight into some of the mystery to be revealed about this current crop of humanity which emerged after the metaphorical ‘flood’ and also gain some comprehension of what the future of this seed of humanity may achieve as it travels through a transmutation and a transition within the enclosed area (Cheth) of its Soul, cultivating what it has sown.  Some call it reaping.  Some refer to it as the grim reaper.  The Adepts of ageless wisdom have cloaked the realities and truths of the Hebrew letter Nun, within the pictorial rendering of the Sun rising articulated in the Tarot Key 13, the key entitled DEATH.  Thirteen is the number that represents UNITY (Achad) and LOVE (Ahavah) in Qabala.  Funny how Noah’s name reduces to the number thirteen, eh?


Perhaps part of what is meant in the allegorical and metaphorical rendering of the story of Noah could be this:  the reformation of humanity was instituted by a principle of Unity and Love that imbued the waters of creation which were reflecting the true Constitution of the image and likeness of mankind that was held within fire of the Father of all formation and creation.  Notice how I use the word Image so as to point toward the Cause and Reason that initiated the formation of an Image that the Divine held within its Mind: the Consciousness which formed the Spirit and Soul of mankind.  This vibration of the sound Noah in essence was the bones and foundation for the current structure of humanity harkening to the ongoing process of transformation that the Life Power uses as it fires humanity in the unfinished aspects weaving humanity into the fabric of nature in the mundane plane:  we are as yet an unfinished product.  Yet Nature unaided fails, so we must ask Nature unaided by what or whom?  Perhaps nature unaided by an Adam that is asleep living the dream of the creation that we all share outside the non physical Garden of Eden.


Some is this type of unveiling is beyond the scope of comprehension for many in the current readership, although, for some of the readership it is within their scope of comprehension, so these hints are afforded for those who have eyes to hear with and ears to see with to expand the process of discovery to pierce the ordinary veil of appearances in order to capture a glimpse of what is concealed behind the veils of perception whose senses slander when unaided by the faculties of reason and discernment. It is included herein to provide a segue way and some foundation for my use of the word ‘thirteenth’ to invoke genuine aspects of love and unity as the primary foundation in what I have shared with you in this current writing.


In other words, don’t let surface sensation or just casual appearances deceive you or be the source of your error in what leads you astray.  Sometimes what is not said is just as crucial for a composite picture.  Look no further than to the current malignancies within the political and religious systems of the U.S.A. can make one ponder what sort of glossolalia created within the human personality is being  heard and accepted by some as the ‘voice of god’ as Adam sleeps through the intoxicating dream of his subconscious (eve) creation. 


Such dubious parentage of gods created into the image and likeness of people’s own personal egos should be held to tough questions as should any re-incarnation of the Emperor’s clothes spun by the Walking Sick of this world who are still suffering from brain damage and licentious intoxication to money and immediate gratification that rivals sexual appetites.  Will people be harnessed and enslaved by the reptilian limbic system of their brain continuing to allow themselves to be bought and paid for in the Whoreship of Modern throw away convenience?


Perhaps part of our answer lies in the path represented by my old friend death; that of the philosophical death that is undergone through the acquisition of knowledge instead of satiating the sense with only the shadows that information can represent.  There are plenty of moments of physical death available to us all, yet, to wait for those to bring about necessary change may show our stupid and lazy sides which succumb to inconvenience.  Spiritual evolution occurs through awakening the faculty of reason and Knowledge not through the physical evolution of the species.  That is like thinking aerobic exercise will unfold the spiritual process of enlightenment in your body.  Your will have a stronger body, that’s all, but there will not be any spiritual awakening.  Death can initiate the process though if harnessed and understood for what it truly is and I have been blessed in that regard.


There is much I cannot remember initially from after my stroke last year.  I recall much confusion in my environment because I initially looked and responded so normal that the Doctors at the finest stroke clinic in Phoenix were going to let me go back to work.  I doubt that had they known I had been trained to compensate in cases of emergency and aftershock with the conscious skills to divert energies to enable my physical survival until I reached safety that they would have altered their decision; I was functioning on pure emergency energy circuits until I got onto Holy Ground, which I do have in my humble apartment due to the Spiritual work I do in this world in my living space as I minister to Souls in this world.


Having crossed over the bridge of light once again and returned back into the physical world I still look to hear that physical voice that called me back on this side.  It appears as though my work is unfinished, incomplete.  There are many people I have not seen since my stroke.  My heart looks forward to hearing the sound of their life touch my soul and ministry. With God’s grace I hope to hear these soon along with the many new voices I have yet to meet, while I still have time allotted for my sojourn on this earth.  For those of you who helped bring me back to life, thank-you.  It brings a new insight to what hallows eve means.


May you find the White Rose within your Heart of hearts,


Rev. David Strickler, Ph.D.

Qabalistic Teacher & Minister






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