Halloween from Dudley's Diary in 2007
Halloween from Dudley’s Diary in 2007

By Rev. W. David Strickler

Last updated 10/23/2015 11:14:06 PM

During the early years of my adolescence, I had a job as a gas jockey, which was a great change from delivering newspapers for the Lorain Journal on a route located near my home. It just happened that my uncle Gary (dad’s brother) was running what was then known as SOHIO, which was an outlet for Standard Oil Gasoline and Atlas products. What made it particularly great was that my cousin Michael, who was working his way through college, also worked for my uncle Gary.  My uncle’s first gas station, the one I worked at, was located at the corner Ohio State Rd. 254 and Clinton Avenue just a few blocks west of State Route 57 in the beautiful state of Ohio. This was approximately 6 miles south from where I lived just a hair over 5/10 mi. south of the Lake Erie. It was really great to have some extra spending money for lunches at high school before I started teaching music and guitar in the cities of Lorain and Elyria, Ohio at age 16, to supplement my income. Occasionally when working for my uncle’s service station, I might ride my bike to get to work, and a few times rode my bike home from work.  I never realized how long 6 miles was until those nights.

It was also a time when Electronics were starting to float into the guitar scene, and my touch point in using those electronics started with the BIG MUFF foot pedal that provided fuzz, or the Thomas Organ CRYBABY WAH WAH pedal. Strangely, in looking back, I actually do recall that I did not consider those items to be innovation either, after all, those are just electronic toys.

Snapon 9/16 GM HEI_a
Snapon 9/16 GM HEI wrench
Snapon 9/16 GM HEI_b
Snapon 9/16 GM HEI wrench, approx 16″

My first conscious realization of innovation came during the summers working at my uncle’s gas station when the SNAPON TOOLS Sales truck would pull into the lot. To make a long story short, I found it completely fascinating that tools were specially engineered to accommodate certain situations, such as, adjusting the timining on a GM V8 with HEI distributor by the firewall. Those of you familiar with the circa 1980-ish GM HEI systems, will understand the meaning of hal-lay-lou-jeeyah upon seeing a distributor wrench by SNAPON TOOLS and we thought whoever designed this tool should be canonized.

Bear in mind that we (my peer group) had a computer science lab to learn what we then called computer languages and programming, which I didn’t even look at as innovation. So when I placed my hand on that distributor wrench that was, ironically, what I considered to be innovation. My experience and conception of innovation was derived from the all-important bedrock forces of an ANY economy called the machine tool sector.1

Taking into consideration there are many different types of innovation too numerous for citation in a short article, those of you who have the ability to search Google or Google Scholar can discover the many different aspects and characteristics of which might play in the process of some of the positive innovation and the products created. In this article, I wish to draw attention to my concern with how the term innovation is employed and the results that are produced versus what results are said to occur, and whether the sales pitch for the innovation are factual or just synthetic, logical outcome with little if any basis in complex usage; simply put a hedged sales pitch.

Americans can take back some freedom in this area of ‘lip service to innovation’, a bedtime story designed to make Americans ‘feel comfortable and secure in their blanky’; I consider that horse-crap. I say its high time to take a step back and look at how hyperbolic the use of the term innovation has become, maybe it’s time we should question the use of the word when and how it is deployed.

Innovation 2 is one of the few terms whereby recently, the immediate physical reaction in my brain upon hearing the word may result in a fit of epileptic seizures or stomach convulsions producing projectile vomiting hurled in the direction to the source of its pronunciation. Innovation is truly one of a handful of terms, of late, that my physical body responds with such an immediate, recognizable, visceral internal clenching of wanting to just “beat the hell out of” whomever/whatever organization is using the word in such a lecherous modus operandi for selling behavioral control and persuasion guaranteed to be granted by the shock and awe of its disingenuous, strategic, behavioral wangle to foster an almost guaranteed results of producing a consensus agreement to exploitation. Part of the reason for this for this ‘put on alert’ status generated by my instinctual mind, is the bastardly, hyper-promiscuous use of the word innovation by those denizens of the Satanic underworld in politics, business marketing, advertising and product development to create forced consumption.

One only need Revisit the outcry generated from the resulting innovation of ‘financial instruments’ alongside the relaxed legal environment of the Global financial meltdown of 2007 thru 2008. That should be revealing enough, with the provision you are not just listening to the barkers seeking-ratings on beltway news-entertainment, whose innovations of delivering ‘content’ selected for hyperventilation and ratings redirects audience’s attention from the narrowness of their slice of facts and the source of those facts, and will assist you to the experience of chagrin I am suggesting in the abusive use of the word INNOVATION. The justification of creating centers of profits using innovation comes from an increased rationalization of innovating accounting interpretation. During this period of control fraud 3 there appears to be an increase of incentive for what I call this kind of extortion under the guise of innovation, subsequently creating an invisible reverse funnel that is siphoning over 90% of all new income upwards to the 1% of Americans and is the basis for all the GOP’s Neoliberal economic agenda since — just listen to business people such as Donald Trump or a severely empirically challenged and likely delusional Carly Fiorina, et al.

Look at the unleashing of the debauchery inside the financial sector with its innovating instruments designed for the gaggle of economic sociopaths 4 whose drooling with dripping olfactory frenzy to snort short-term profit inside the financial sector intentionally stoked by the 1999 repeal of Glass-Steagall Act.

Another relevant period in world history that lends a description to the hyperventilation of greed, avarice and lustful salivation from the stuffed-pockets of the financial sector is that of Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus, otherwise known as Caligula.

So, Innovation is in service to whom or what?

Prior to the 2008 financial debacle, during the administration of George W. Bush, I recall seeing, reading, and hearing numerous consultants being called into the political/education/entrepreneur public and private machines to develop in-service campaigns to assist crafting fantasies for that administration’s penchant for cutting taxes in the upper tax brackets, while shifting more of the tax burden onto the middle class tax brackets and poor. I am almost certain you can envision celebrations in marketing, advertising and political machines for successfully enabling the elite and their lobbying consultants hearing the giant sucking sound of money being funneled upwards, extracting unearned money from the public sector and from pension funds and 401(k)s, with higher costs for basic subsistence, services and products transferred the middle class, while creating wealth the old fashioned way—stealing it from the public domain through privatization.

The next step was to train (brainwash) the Sadducees and Pharisees (Governors, politicans, et al) and program these sycophants to use the word innovation as a Mantra. This word is not something to be taken lightly,  when seeing the term Mantra consider that its root ‘Man’ means: to think. Mantra should not be confused as a superficial idea underlying prayers, formulas of worship or ‘mystic’ symbolism. Mantra falls under the umbrella of SHABDA (Śhábda is the Sanskrit word for “speech sound”), which governs sound and is the basis of MANTRA-VIDYA which is knowledge and training in the science of controlling forces by articulated sounds. Mantra is POWER which lends itself impartially to ANY use. People can be killed, injured or exploited by use of Mantras, just look at the frenzy when the use of a mantra such as ‘Gay-Marriage’ or Taxes is vocalized.

‘Vehadiksha’ is a term I was taught by my mentor at an earlier point in life during my sojourn into mysticism in the early 80’s, which can be used at this juncture for an analogy. I am not sure of its etymology (a similarity shared by the word: ‘egregor’); if you know of its origin you can email me. The point is, this is a term used to describe the effect of mantra at a point in an initiation process where power of the ‘Guru’ is used in a transference point to ‘charge’, create a flow (e.g., creating a magnet) within the participant causing them to ‘swoon’, sway, be moved physically and emotionally; this is not just metaphorical, speaking from experience. The problem with Mantra is that there is nothing necessarily sacred or prayerful about it when seen in the light of modern day Black Magic (Advertising, Beltway Media, Political Speech) and the effect of persuasion produced by our modern day version of Guru’s (Corporations, Think Tanks, Advertising firms, Politicians) and the wares produced for sale and consumption to keep citizens ignorant for a profit.

The ‘Vehadiksha’ in this analogy is the swoon produced by Mantra’s (terms) such as  Google Nexus6P, Apple I6, HTC One, ‘Nationwide is on My Side’, or ‘Conservative’ and ‘Liberal’. This is synthetic, artificially induced hypnotism created by a non-entity (corporation) in order to produce an aggregate response in a collective section of consciousness is purely phantasmagorical BUT it is an effect generating an induced form of sensation. To further the distractions and redirection of attention used in this age of Black Magic, you find yourself ‘thinking’ or maybe better put, ‘mentation’ about what they offer as it vibrates through your nervous system.

A person might now understand the observable glint in the eyes of those state Governors use of the Mantra ‘innovation’ after some explanation from the think tank consultants (gurus) as to how the term innovation was to be used: turning the volume up in the auditory centers of the picture making faculty in order to redirect constituents from smelling the silent stench of rotting fish of many policy transactions were about to produce. All the while the new found persuasion power would enable Governors to feel mighty as if they were prevailing even while being played like a puppet by lobbied market forces requiring returned favors for re-election assistance. Having command in the using the mantra of innovation gave governors prophylactic protection in preventing their mainstream constituencies from objecting to the bait and switch being pulled on them all the while Governors created hypnotic results filling their constituents with imaginary positive results by proclaiming “innovation.”

Innovation can be a curse and growing Parasite on its Host, especially when placed into the hands of lobbied major interests whose agenda seeks to expropriate anything held by those who work by the sweat of their brow. It becomes carnivorous once the word is intentionally used to mislead any questioning attention away from any criticisms or meager viewpoints seeking clarification as to its applied use. There is no balanced equation when the word is used in such a fashion I have just described. There is no longer ‘yours and mine’, there is only “yours becomes mine” because I have persuaded you — that, convincing you to agree to a bad bill of goods or consensual theft, is supposedly true innovation. Whatever happened to using the word extortion, instead? This is an ongoing problem with using the ‘always positive, sunny, and light’ crap being used redirect attention from actualities.

From where I sit, this still is an orchestrated, highly accomplished, successful campaign rooted in the private sector whose intention to erode trust of public officials with actions and policies favoring the constituency of the .1% residing in zip code 10021. This is part of the underlying reason for the misplaced distrust of public officials, instead of placing that distrust squarely on the purchased political power whether through lobbyists, self-serving Corporate Beltway-Media or the Billionaire Boys Club.

Prior to information being spread more rapidly, let’s say for a reference point pre-2000, innovation seemed to have more substance dealing with actual tangible realities. ‘Kicking the tires’ provided an opportunity to engage a product instead of the limited amount of information that could be put into a paper catalog of pictures and words; the product had to be seen and touched in brick and mortar stores (for the most part) in order for the innovation to be readily cognizable, sized up and decided upon. In other words, any innovation had more characteristics of genuine merit than just a lot of ‘hot air’ to produce site-unseen reactive sales tendered on the internet.

The field of medicine was and still is truly a period of innovation, but that innovation was and is based on empirical findings leading the way to a new view of being able to assist in the realities of healing. In the political domain, the selling of certainty was used to replace empirical evidence in order to forge ahead with some form of motion (rightly or wrongly) into the future until the evidence could be gathered.

Even education was relatively holding its own up until the 1980s, where, with the strong influence from Ronald Reagan’s Neoliberalism5 he mimicked from Prime Minister of the UK Margaret Thatcher, Reagan paved the way for Republican’s Neoliberal ‘privatize everything’ agenda:  launching the salespeople for innovation (charter schools) came along and wanted to disregard ANY empirical evidence in public education in order to make a profit, one source framing some of the dynamic of this conversation can be found here: Neoliberalizing Educational Reform: America’s Quest for Profitable Market-Colonies and the Undoing of Public Good  by Keith M. Sturges.

Additional corporate innovation influence involved in creating the current pitch of chaos in education can be seen in subtracting from the education of teachers in courses (i.e., methodologies), while successfully gaining an upper hand in wrongfully convincing the parents of students that teachers were ill equipped to provide effective education of their children. In the name of innovation, there came an increase in children being educated machine to human instead of human to human, and teachers were and are scapegoated as part of a serious ‘Romulan ploy or Klingon conspiracy’ (think: Communists and then recklessly stamp that onto the teachers unions) designed to not care about the outcomes of children’s performance, after all, the Bozone Beltway Media pundits cited in our INTRO are not trained educators, they are paid by advertisers to say anything over the air waves that strikes like an imagination unchecked by the powers of reasoning.  Talk about serving up a crock of privatized CRAP.

It seems more likely to me some of the lack of performance in students is due to the pop psychology from the seminal work of Dr. Spock in the cascade of negative behaviors shared in a perfect storm of economic poppycock from Milton Friedman who was gaining further power of censorship for the economic gatekeepers named the Chicago Boys. In all likelihood, the spirit of Jean Piaget6 is resurrecting from his grave to give a well-deserved ass kicking to the stupidity of the likes of Neoliberal Margaret Thatcher and her leading worshiper, court jester Neoliberal Ronald Reagan.

Have genuine forces of innovation been relentlessly pounded into a form of hallucinatory advertisement created just to generate a sale of a new curriculum, new item, new methodology (not) or however it’s repackaged, a sale that is filled with remorse and regret and perhaps a slight bit of embarrassment for being suckered into a stressful moment? Perhaps, author Barbara Ehrenreich will be hailed as a prophet another decade down the road for her seminal work entitled “Bright-Sided: How Positive Thinking Is Undermining America.” Maybe the overuse of the Mantra, ‘if it makes a profit nothing else matters’ is raising its monstrous head to see?

Innovation can be a dangerous form of cancer introduced to create a market, to support the parasitic lifestyle of its innovators, especially in the hands of innovators whose reliance on lobbyists creates larger funnels that siphon the productive power of labor’s wages and middle class gains into the hands of corporate socialists7 often and corporate communists8 which may lead to another series of Dark Ages.

Until then, I suggest retaining attention in being wary where the term innovation is being hurled from before starting to swoon over the images created FOR YOU by the innovators.  I start with a premise that innovation is a series of words engineered to make something sound good in order to achieve some type of force feeding frenzy or dictatorial outcome wanted by somebodies/someone who either wants my money, my freedom or my soul to agree with any rhetoric that creates a plausible picture in the mind in order to deflect attention away from pertinent facts that may water down the response wanted from citizens. Deregulated from using of good questions and reason, “innovation” could be hazardous to your long term outcomes of your finances, health and quality of life for both you and your family and our Nation.

After all, you may end up using a Q-tip to wipe your butt instead of toilet paper.   Now that’s innovation.

q tips

Wishing wonderful Holidays to all of our readers, our fans and all of humanity.

Rev. W. David Strickler

Copyright © 2015 by W. David Strickler



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you know you want to do it:

Who the Hell put Teflon on Time? Part 2 of 2

by Rev. David Strickler

(SCN Editors Note: updated draft Oct 14, 2015. Whew! 🙄 )

There is an amazing event taking place that is affecting the manifest universe on a multitude of levels unbeknownst to the masses of humanity, that scientifically as well as spiritually explains the erratic behaviors that are increasingly being exhibited, the unrest, the feeling that time is slipping away like a runaway mine car, causing people to shake their heads and question their sanity.  The ‘unseen’ factors fall into a complex domain, but are summed up into one huge sphere called the SUN.  The Sun is THE axis of time within the confines of our solar system and especially the Earth. Yes, the Sun. What’s the matter, cat got your tongue?  Perhaps you think you are an individual whose life isn’t dependent on such considerations, since you suffer under the personal delusion that you exist independently of nature:  Boo!

In the framework of my understanding, within esoteric knowledge passed from teacher to student, some of which isn’t for public consumption but part of what I may elucidate upon deals with the consciousness of the Sun.  The Sun is a massive factor of timekeeping in our Solar System.  Changes occurring from the electromagnetic patterns of output from the Sun can, in fact, alter the perceptual faculties of our brain and nervous system by influencing our hormonal productions.  Included in this are the unperceived events of bending or speeding up, as well as compression or decompression of time, causing changes in of what is known as psychological time.  The Sun is the master timekeeper and clock within the container of our Solar System that supervises and regulates the flow of time and space that is closest to awareness in our event horizon, while also initiating an exchange of electromagnetic forces within the dance of Earth’s magnetosphere and visual model here on YouTube.

As inhabitants of this physical dimension within one frequency of this time and place, we are experiencing what has been termed Solar Max 24 , projected somewhere between 2013 and 2015, based upon my research. This event is the hottest solar cycle on record and one that presents the usual magnetic reversal of the Sun’s poles .  I suspect many people would not conjecture that the Sun’s heliospheric current sheet would have any impact on planetary, personal or animal behavior.  Reproductive cycles of human beings are regulated by the 28 day cycle of the Sun, the warp of the neutral sheet in the Sun might affect longer term cycles of fertility and infertility of species, as well as the catastrophic cycles on earth, as the ancients could see and measure.  It is no strange wonder that current Human beings are so dependent on stereoscopic seeing.


image: Sun’s heliospheric current sheet

Where on the mainstream media are the scientists interviewed and explaining, exploring and investigating this major activity that is affecting the Earth and the interactions of its peoples increasingly each and every day?  They are obviously trapped in the Bozone1 Layer of the Beltway Media.  Where is Beltway Media’s coverage as we find ourselves halfway through Solar Max 24 projected somewhere between 2013 and 2015?  How does the SUN influence all of us as we move and interact and why is it so critical to an understanding of what is going on and where we are going? Let’s digress for a moment and begin with Bees and the Sun.


Bees are important in this modern day and in this article due to the influence of the Sun on their reproductive determinism and parts of their animal behavior; this much I may reveal about the meaning of bee symbology in esoteric occult/spiritual tradition; ‘Bees are messengers of the gods.’  The question might be asked, “Why?”  This may be answered in studying the sociological structure of the Bee colony and the resemblance to our instinctual/limbic system behavior in relation to our business-corporate systems and the stench of business ‘Caveat Emptor’ pheromones they exude.

Within the confines of currently discovered history, which is usually a day short and a dollar late, as depicted on Egyptian wall art, Egyptians had the first known artificial beehives around 2500 BCE. There are also many references to and misunderstandings of Bees and how they are used in symbolism, whether within Christianity or writings of the spiritual/occult/hermetically sealed meaning and significance of what the symbolism of Bees interprets. This article is not for arguments of the historical facts or challenges against the creative interpretations, nor for discovery of the symbolic use of Bees (e.g. Mary Magdalene, in Hebrew: מרים המגדלית). Science, however, is in the midst of policy challenges 2 as a natural outcropping of commercial programming/entertainment industry venues. Science develops a narrative for their own profit-making similar to the modern day news-‘personalities’ spewing the ‘Science of their Stupidity in Economics’ cited in Part 1 earlier.

It appears news organizations hate persons, places or things that challenge their slimy-corporate interest viewpoints, preferring instead, the misrepresentation of scientific findings, especially in economics that dispute the cash flows their narratives produce or interfere with their attempt at market influence. COMCAST-NBC, ABC, CBS, CNBC, CNN, et al, news organizations including the salacious and fallacious FOX News et. al., more often than not, make that type of Giant-Sucking Sounds to hoist money from the type of hate and misrepresentation created by half-cocked public pronouncements mischaracterizing substantive findings, as in the example of how the process of Federal Debt-Deficit actually work spoken of in Part 1 of this article. This type of biased media misrepresentation, which must be ubiquitous in media, takes place also in regards to BEES as inferred in this PDF by Angela Jean Cho in “Silence of the Bees”: A Study of Scientific Representation in Media, Spring 2010 3


Another area where behavior of animals might become affected by forms of disorientation and that deals with my next topic which, in my hypothesis, is affecting both Bees and humanity: the geomagnetic North Pole is moving toward Siberia.

Consider visiting these sites to gain a basic understanding of what the impact of the geomagnetic shift might be. This geomagnetic pole shift has been in discussion for many years and is still in the process of being cited online. In The Sleuth Journal’s Earths North Magnetic Pole Moving to Siberia  , they continue a discussion that appears silent in coverage of this topic in the Bozone4 Beltway Media But has been in discussion for many years inside many articles about Earth’s Inconstant Magnetic Field (2003) citing the investigations of Gary A Glatzmaier of Los Alamos Laboratories and Paul H. Roberts of University of California-Los Angeles 5 whose research produced the supercomputer model simulation of the earth’s magnetic reversal. To gain insight into the dynamics that sustain the Earth’s magnetic field and geomagnetic reversals, a must see is the NOVA Documentary named MAGNETIC STORM.6

3x4 earth mag fields gif

Inserted from: , ‘When North Goes South’.

Some Scientists also claim that, in their view, there will be little effect when the poles break down before a reversal and move in ‘splotches’ of north and south poles around the globe; I have come across other scientists offering a plausible view of citing the rise of skin cancers.  There is also the issue of the magnetic field of Earth fading prior to pole flips addressed here Frogs Levitate in a Strong Enough Magnetic Field and Earth’s Magnetic Field is Fading, by John Roach in 2004 of September, who also cites Gary Glatzmaier, with further news here by Ellie Zolfagharifard article in published on 22 June 2015.

Science is having problems drawing partial-truth conclusions based on incomplete understanding or evidence being used, because science is still uncovering its ignorance and I salute Dr. Michio Kaku for any of his statements that have resembled the above in public broadcasts about discoveries in science!  To go further than he did, I think some Science and its scientists  can be perverted; pay for services to get small pieces of research that can be used to promote whatever materialistic behavior that capitalist-manipulated scientific consensual egos find out; then pronounce the great pain residing in their collective emotional-unforgiving consciousness about religion (recall: Hitler’s Scientists).  The source of problems in this world are created by damaged human beings, whether that damage is ignorance, organic, psychological, or some combination of the above, practicing its own unique form of murdering humanity or its ‘I thinks thou dost protest to much’ attitudes toward religion.

As I have stated elsewhere, some of science and its current imbalanced consensual ego is fully puzzled and enamored, hypnotized by time and space, of which they have yet to liberate the finite mind from. Yet the very same hypnotism is manipulated by the employers who feed and hire scientists with private sector funds of the Neo-Feudal Plutocracy of the Billionaire Boys Club, seeking a perverted influence of the long term outcomes of science outside of the necessary academic disciplines through short term profit making.  So yes, I continue questioning where the orthodoxy in science, economics and politics has lost its way and whom at times display a rather bigoted and narrow behavior of consensus.

Thankfully, some of the better consensual Egos in the scientific community are responding appropriately during these times to shout out the current public health crisis arising from the “Teflon on Time” American’s are experiencing: critical sleep deprivation and also sleep disorders permeate the landscape of working America, as cited in National Geographic’s “Sleepless in America” . This won’t be cured by the social engineer taskmasters since part of Business behavior is the result of a lack of sleep producing a toxic brain (e.g., think autointoxication” no bowel or urinary movements) which may be the foundation for spurious amorality of business persons.  Can we expect behavior originating from unchecked greed and the love of money to allow for proper sleep? Can they temporarily suspend the obsessive-compulsive business behavior of profit extracting, regardless of ethics or facts involved to push unrealistic employee productivity?

In the wisdom handed down through the 6000 year tradition, of which I am of the few remaining giving voice to in the order I am of, the Sun is always recognized, without question, as the major influence of physical life and its evolution, how organisms are determined and dependent upon rhythms, modulations and outpourings of the Sun.  Consider the accurate summation of characteristics and personality traits conveyed by thousands of years observation of astrological fluxes, (i.e., Sun, Moon, ascendant positions within the natal chart). Astrology provides a plethora of information with regards to foundations of personality characteristics and temperaments that lays out a fair description of the Sun sign involved. The reproductive cycles of men, women and other animal species (i.e., Bees) are dominated by the cycle of the Sun, which corresponds to the 28 day period of rotation of the Sun as seen from the Earth.

If you wish to investigate some of these concepts further, I would recommend looking into the writings of W. Ross Adey, M.D., known for the “Adey Window” and his serious contributions examining the relationship in electromagnetic field interactions with biological systems. Within the footnote is a sampling of some of his work, along with link to the chapter in Springer Series in Brain Dynamics volume 2, 1989, pp 26 through 42: Cell Membranes, Electromagnetic Fields, and Intercellular Communication7

Sun Neutral Sheet

Another concept to gain some understanding and familiarity with is the inclination of the heliosphere’s ‘neutral sheet’ and solar wind speeds to large decreases of cosmic ray intensity at the Earth: The Inclination of the Heliospheric Neutral Sheet and Cosmic Ray Intensity at the Earth, by Takao Saito & Derek B. Swinson8.

There is a relationship that exists in the coupling of the electromagnetic fields of the Sun, Earth, and the Van Allen belts modifying the Sun’s radiation 9 worth looking into as to how these may be continually affecting our brains and nervous systems.  Although proof toward this concept may be inconclusive, between the three sources given for consideration, I see a potential linkage with the relationship of the Sun from the knowledge I have been awakened into within my oral tradition.  In other words, it appears as though science is finally catching up with the teachings I was immersed into in terms of the interrelationship of the Sun and the Earth, including the Sun’s influence through the mediums of the less than physical astral, etheric regions and then though the physical (mineral, vegetable, animal, man) organisms.  I don’t want to belabor this more than to point a finger in directions that I hear, touch and see in my mind as a hierarchical interrelationship of influences from electromagnetic energy initiated by of the brightest shadow shining in our sky called the Sun, as plasma/solar wind/bow shock pressures the Van Allen Belts creating an interior magnetic symphony inside and surrounding the various layers of the Earth, thus available to being picked up by the electro-chemical nervous systems of mineral, vegetable and animal.

The scientific orthodox of today is lacking in its understanding and skill in its ability, for example, of correct timing of sunspots; the Mayans astronomical and mathematical understanding of the Sun was much better than today’s incomplete scientific ability to project sunspot timing. Each decade has brought new discoveries of knowledge, one scientific funeral at a time that breaks new grounds of understanding in our dynamic relationship within the Solar System between us and the Sun. NASA continues to discover new things about the interrelationship between the Sun and the Earth, such as NASA Discovers New Radiation Belt Around Earth.

Many things, too numerous to cite in such a short space, in looking at the available information NASA has put forward within public context of missions of satellites gathering data about the Sun (i.e., The Solar & Heliospheric Observatory – SOHO ) never known or deduced before along with the new launch of NOAA’s DSCOVER traveling to the neutral gravity point between the Earth and Sun (approx. 1,000,000 miles from Earth) to monitor the Sun and ‘weather on Earth’.  We likely stand to gain further comprehension, understanding about climate change and new depths of knowledge about the electromagnetic/electrical hierarchical interrelationship giving birth to a whole new paradigm of energy and its usage.


Will there be a further revelation of the intricate complexities and hidden systems that exist between the Sun and the Earth (such as flux transfer events) in correlation to our weather?  Likely, yet this begetting insight that may finally open up further comprehensions related to causation in our problems of climate change, aside to from the ‘consensus’ of what mankind is contributing, may have little impact on the type of rational policies required to actually bring about change.  Humanity will be misled once again because of the inertia invested into political leaders by the cheap-ass den of thieves who call themselves the US Chamber of Commerce and its cohorts of white collar crime.  I do believe in climate change, but we are at the infancy of realizing small portions of causality which, when found out, might likely make our impatient generation as a laughing stock.

I also believe that humanity contributes to climate change, and its slow and arduous progress towards clean air, resources of clean water, to provide humanity with the sustainability through time. Correlation is not causation and the apprehension of the causation appears to not be understood or revealing itself at this time.  There is not a clear line of contribution to climate change by mankind’s governments’ stash of Secret Weapon technologies, ongoing development that FOIA will actually reveal, which no one has proof that isn’t happening or contributing to our climate problems (i.e., DARPA10 ).

Bottom line: it is highly clear to me we need clean air and massive solutions for clean drinking water, let alone solutions for water pollution. However, I still see CO2 as an epiphenomena due to the consensual Ego of science inside the scientific orthodoxy’s incomplete knowledge and illusion that disregards the influence and effect of our Sun. This gives some type of usurped consent to the financial sector engineering the demise of humanity through short term profit extraction, while manipulating the consensual Egos within various disciplines in the Orthodoxy of the Scientific, Political and Psychological leaders in the communication structures inside nation of the world.

Take for example, the likelihood that President Barack Obama’s political glossolalia called TPP, other than being anathema to a representative republic and allowing Congress to skip their chores, may turn out to be the biggest lie his administration; that the lying sacks of disingenuous shit on the US Chamber of Commerce successfully suckered him into it, comparative to the administration and financial sector suckering of President Bill Clinton’s harmful Balanced Budget and signing away the last of Glass-Steagall11

Being put into place by the financial forces that manipulate the salaries and funding in all areas, Science may be the new mask of authority that will refuse to be questioned at some point while still lacking a cohesive understanding of humanity and the nature of human consciousness.  Their behavior is bought off through this type of market manipulation targeting their peculiar Achilles heel of their consensual Ego.  Human beings in science inside these types of models would likely miserably fail the humanity they claim to stand by.

Sometimes I feel that, what the Hell, let the bestial financial forces inherit this Earth.  Many, at least in my view of humanity, are/will be transcending into another dimension far better than the nut house found in this primeval deviation, since technically the Aquarian Age cannot take place ON Earth and yes, this is a cryptic and intentionally metaphorical statement.

But I also see many souls in humanity that will be used as the fodder of those who refuse to accept the Great Rabbi Yeheshuah’s (Jesus Christ) enunciation, as he drew from his deep cognizant, cosmic and personal relationship with the Torah, when he exclaimed in Matthew 26:11 to his apostles and disciples, the synopsis of the Torah passage, “The poor you will always have with you, but you will not always have me.”12

Humanity as we know it is quietly slipping away into the future; there remains a fair amount of uncertainty as to which probabilities the whole or parts of humanity will find themselves. Part of humanity can end up on one of the Earth probabilities and the other part of humanity on another Earth probability, quite divorced from its prior environment.  The parasitic financial Eugenics practiced by the one branch of the Business Illuminati, an abuse of a term misapplied to these bloodsucking vampire squid, coating themselves in Teflon while they continue to deploy packages of financial euthanasia through their modern form of unseen financial warfare. By distributed through channels of marketing and consumerism intended to force a culling, so they can suck up all the remaining cash streams, all under the guise of Capitalism while practicing the policies of British Rentier Free-Trade13 that our Founding Fathers fought against.  These types utilize the news/media centers of influence who are crafty at conjuring an image of their inferior views of this world that many people accept due to fear; a horrendous mental construct borne in the Beastly likeness, evil and conflated view of themselves.

The Teflon (do not stick to your views that say something is wrong) you feel is real, more realistic than the banana peel put there for you to prevent you from having a grip on what is going on in this Nation or the world.  These perverted, swollen and sterile individuals will continue to steal and privatize the pavement and want you and everyone who disagrees with them to go to Hell, get off their planet, while they masturbate with their entitlement program in this age of money derived by Rentier Capitalism, whether found in carried interest, capital gains, death tax or elsewhere…They will even use behavioral tactics to purchase scientists whose hypothesis can be twisted by Ego manipulation to fit their money grabbing agendas because they suffer from fear of uncertainty.

So we are in a transition and the Teflon that time appears currently coated with will keep sanity slip siding away14, unless you have the proper knowledge to assist you through what is true and what is false in this time period of intentional misinformation, disinformation and disorientation, as the corrupt nature of all Institutions is challenged by the Public.  Just look at Greece, the grand social experiment of ripping people off in order to undermine nation sovereignty. So never mind the teflon coating Germany received on their war debt and the their resulting debt forgiveness in 1947. Why would they deprive Greece of any Teflon on their debts?

If nothing more, watch your back, and get off your ass and VOTE, never mind the limited options provided.

~ Finis, Rev. W. David Strickler

Copyright © 2015 by W. David Strickler

  1. BOZONE LAYER: a substance surrounding stupid people which short circuits epiphanies from illuminating the mind, that chases away the shadow creation of the senses and actually enhances sensory narcosis; a contrived opinion accepted as fact instead of fiction.  This substance is ingested and turns minds to mud while creating an inebriated state of perception, which is used with precision by people in business, government and industries to induce and produce the mass phenomena known as the Emperor’s New Clothes.  The Bozone Layer, unfortunately, shows little signs of breaking down in the near future, which contributes to the melt down of rationality, ushering further the new ice age of frozen people who have lost their Soul, pushing current humanity towards various levels of Extinction.[]
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you know you want to do it:

Who the Hell put Teflon on Time? — pt 1of 2

by Reverend David Strickler

Greetings and welcome back to Spiritual Climate Newsletter.

It is mid point of time in the current decade here in a profit-censored United States of America and the behavior resulting from monetary illiteracy is being intentionally promoted and sustained by corporations and commercial agendas creating a miasma of engineered confusion, fear and loss of time. So, who the Hell put teflon on time?

In some ways, it has been a long hiatus with many new experiences through my organism’s survival of a stroke and the various coping strategies that I use in dealing with the resulting effects of brain injury. Sometimes, dealing with the ongoing brain injury involved is as if I am living in the end of the story “2001: A Space Odyssey”; various stages of looking back and seeing oneself as one was, although in my version I also include the now and the future being generated out of the event horizon of this now.

Herein this article is my first written commentary in seven years, with the new publication of Spiritual Climate Newsletter in 2015, I am attempting to cover a few topics and weave them together. My hope is, that by interweaving the components of this article (e.g., time/politics, time/relationships, time/money, time/world, time/humanity), that somewhere nearing the end of this article in Part 2, it will be a satisfying reader’s experience of understanding where these topics are going. This Part 1 article will either be dashingly successful on one side of the scale OR smashingly missing the mark (failure) or somewhere in between, initiating this window view I am pointing toward.

This being said, and taking into consideration some of the neural/cognitive train wreck I still experience, which, on a practical level is probably a kindred experience encountered by most if not all who are aware they have had a stroke, whose life is sometimes experienced as a state of non-stick Teflon of not being able to grasp things from point A to point B, let alone remember what I ate for breakfast or lunch up to forgetting whatever reason why I am dealing with conditions at hand. Of late, I would swear that humanity’s behavior resembles a stroke after going around galactic center (Sagittarius A*: pronounced “Sagittarius A-star”, standard abbreviation Sgr A*), somewhat of a bending, compression, slippage, decompression of time in our experience: nothing sticks to it and everything keeps sliding faster and faster – watch out for that black hole!

It begs a question, and this has nothing to do with a bear or rabbit: are you aware of what does and doesn’t stick to you?

Is it possible that clever human forces have put Teflon on internal parts you formerly used to protect yourself from ‘forces’ seeking access to your desires, while disarming your rejection defenses which protect you from being ‘used?’ Is it also possible for these clever human forces to reach out with their tentacles and get their narrative to stick to you, in order to draw your attention away, to veil, parts of a larger set of facts that they benefit from you not hearing or seeing, perhaps to gain some form of policy, rule or law written to legally extort, extract and profit from you? Could these clever human forces be preventing your recognition of their attempt at gerrymandered, emotional-persuasion to control what they want to stick to you, so you rally in support of an artificially designed consensus of giving away your earned benefits, your property, your freedom and even more of your time?

Do you have the awareness that some of the source for your agitation, anger, and frustration could be a result the wearing down of the personal Teflon formerly used by you to protect the sensitivity of your awareness that either smells the bull-crap or sees/hears that something is intentionally being left out, so that you intentionally/unintentionally give up monitoring your usual range of discernment (bait n switch)? If so, are you then to be held responsible for the consequences of getting stuck on narratives that exploit your inability to change circumstances, by allowing those who have written the narrative, whether they be ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council), your Boss, the Corporation you are employed by, to exploit your sense of normalcy and balance, while inhibiting your ability to seek higher expectations and better outcomes?

Stick around! There are two parts to this commentary exploring a bit of this and more, with this first part being published in this first 2015 opening edition of SPIRITUAL CLIMATE NEWSLETTER, Winter/Spring Edition, and then Part 2 of this commentary being published in the next edition.

Seven years ago in December 2014, some difficult decisions had to be made and the publication of SPIRITUAL CLIMATE NEWSLETTER was temporarily paused. Many simple and complex issues involving the authors and contributors of this newsletter in their professional and personal lives came to the forefront. Contributing to this were health issues, family issues, moving issues, but most specifically, the unseen ratcheting up of productivity requirements of those of us contributing authors of this newsletter in their employment, both before and after the wondrous financial crisis brought about by unchecked white-collar incentivized fraud happening (and still is) in the investment banking system of Wall Street. So, what appeared and felt to be genuine limitations of time, we had a ‘hard time’ sticking to any form of publishing schedule of SPIRITUAL CLIMATE NEWSLETTER.

Certainly, many readers can relate to the squeezing demands being imposed upon time happening away from work, if any time can be found at all. Increasing demands of further output in the workplace contribute to restricting time spent with family, children and relationships, all without any healthy recourse. It appears to be a common malady that middle class Americans are being squeezed into changes that they didn’t VOTE for (bait-n-switch arguments from the  Science of the Economic Stupid used by i.e., Gov. Scott Walker and Gov. Chris Christie), or insane rulings such as money-equals-speech, the censoring of unions and the ‘middle class’ being forced to give up more time, more money, more of limited resources and earnings at the behest of the Rentier Millionaire/Billionaire Boys Club,  using their weaves to demand that we Submit to their dictates to control  our time through demanding ever increasing profits under the dogma of shareholder value and innovation. Even the time for Labor-Unions has been censored as Labor is denied a voice in this Nation as compared to allowing the voice of Corporatism sounded through its arrogant child named – CONGRESS, Inc. and proudly held up by those in the SCOTUS Majority decision called Citizens United, both of whom suck on the Financial Sector.


As if we came into this life to do business; business is not Metaphysics. It is my opinion that those in the SCOTUS Majority decision who decided to ass-kiss Citizens United, and support the purely obtuse, foul-smelling, objectionable bull-crap named “money-equals-speech” psychosis are deeply disturbed individuals who should seriously undergo neuropsychiatric evaluation. If they won’t resign their bench in quiet, they should be impeached as quickly as possible. I would even let them have their retirement, provided proof of they are not financially ‘kept’, as in an old cliché ‘a kept woman.’

America has become a highly profitable, unethical cottage industry for CEO’s and Corporations, leveraging the insanity of an extreme version of the Protestant work ethic (or the Puritan work ethic) that American’s have been brainwashed by and supplanting it with a usurped version of ‘American Exceptionalism’ (i.e., “live to work” instead of “work to live”) without questioning its dubious parentage. This ploy is destroying the fabric of genuine dialogue, while stressing the normal working families, whether couples, singles, or families with one or both parents working to maintain a roof over the heads of their children, food to eat, and money for privatized utilities. What happens if your child gets sick? Do you get fired, demoted or given a hard time? The strain on personal precious resources of time and space, with increasing demands of a 14+ hour work day are intentionally imposed to keep adults suggestible (through lack of sleep) to a pseudo-authority transplanted from mom and dad into a ‘Corporate mommy and daddy-hood’ enunciation of austerity.

Before going further, I feel I must make an important point! If you think I have anything against work or creating widgets, you will likely need to consider ~snorting copious amounts of Exlax~; you are completely incorrect in your interpretation of that which I have thus far presented and could be lacking in a fuller comprehension of American economic history, or perhaps you are living under some disingenuous rock of reason in your imagination. Why is this an important point to draw attention to this at this juncture? If, in the personal one- room movie theater of your mind you are arguing a view that stealing time from overworked adults is healthy for a Nation and its people, then your personal delusions, be they generated by emotional, money or a variety of belief systems will prevent you from hearing some of the following topics and facts this commentary is going to present. The likelihood though, is that you do relate to some aspect of that which I have cited thus far, so it is not your contrived perception or workability of available time, it is instead likely, a derived Reality that many are experiencing to some degree or another and God has nothing to do with it.

In many families there are two working adults, each averaging a 68-hour work week per working adult to earn a living wage 1. Are we then to expect these adults have adequate time for responsibilities and time to understand political positions, insurance in any shape of its forms, the endless retirement explanations, taxes, the damn remote or accompanying electronic devices, Oh! and their city is being bankrupted and their earned pensions are in process of disappearing due to malicious, ignorant thievery of people like Gov. Chris Christie or Gov. Rick Snyder, Argh! How do you make this damn Android phone work and the now-classic ‘what the hell is wrong with my computer’? Well, (smiling) I said only naming a few common daily occurrences. Oh wait! I almost forgot (I do not have children), having a relationship with their children and understanding why their children’s education consists of only test taking and participating in their children’s school activities? What if your child is sick, or developmentally impaired? What if YOU are ill from the flu? Just reflect for a moment…When was the last time you had a full weekend off or were able to celebrate Christmas or some other holiday without having some aspect of work demanding your attention or time, due to a turn-around shift?

With this intended confusion invading our space, not to mention the plethora of microwave broadcasting through the air and radio waves along with any and all electronic transmission communication signals bombarding our nervous systems and brains, that if we could actually experience visually, we wouldn’t be able to see beyond two feet in front of our faces due to exhaustion. What I am hearing more frequently from people in various sectors I am in communication with, is: 1) “I have no time,” along with 2) “Is someone/something out of their cotton picking minds?” and 3) see number 1. My answer is “Hell yes, and this is what happens when the beasts in the financial sector, seeking to extract profit from the public and private sectors, set the rules for an economy AND their bought politicians who are making policy in the aforesaid sector’s name and bottom line.” It is all engineered! But we don’t have the time and/or make the time to even give it some checkpoint questions in our awareness.

I would argue that this is what happens when financial institutions are given a regulatory oversight into a Nation-State through capitalists turned into oligarchic plutocrats who buy and promote political office holders who are lacking knowledge of economic history replaced by the surfeit of the Black-Scholes gaming theory and then place them within said institutions. This promotes a Confederate (States’ Rights) psychopathy to undermine growth of this Nation, our families within this Nation and our resources in the Nation by re-creating the infamous ‘plantation effect’ in which employers claim their worker’s time as their own property under the guise of global competition, while convincing gullible and/or fragile Americans that they must compete (Trans-Pacific Partnership 2, NAFTA, et al) with workers in China or wherever else in the world – say WTF? The only problem with our institutions are the people running of those institution and selling access to power and selling the power itself because of paid for behavior determined by corporate owned LOBBYISTS.

This is a plausible social engineering feat, even one that a dinosaur of a computer code writer like me would have had the ability to set up a flow chart at age 16. Aspects of this plausibility have been constructed by the forces of greed since that period of my age, to influence the majority of citizens who both do and do not vote. This ongoing engineering is enforced by a sublimation process exerted by the ceaseless hypnotic drumming of 24/7 info-entertainment news paradigm. The mainstream (beltway) media, such as FOX Entertainment-News (we have the best ratings, never mind our intentional lies), providing short-hand version of condensed mental constructs of perceptions that are intentionally to be taken as a perception of reality, which seems real enough to agree with, thereby capitalizing on producing a predictable range of responses to dwindling, limited resources of attention and time the a struggling middle class has available, whereby to exploit those responses and  their trust.

Just add digital coax connection so the rinse-and-repeat action of the description above fosters an implied agreement of consensus that the Beast operatives in the financial and political Corporation-State want as a likely response and outcome to further increase additional burdens to be carried by the Middle Class. Next move is to insure a broad range of reduction in facts of what is truly going on. Then, include further editing of any information resembling truthful information necessary in order to prevent making informed decisions on anything pertinent affecting individual lives up to and including Voting. This is the neutering of good public policy and the election of office holders who would ordinarily construct healthy public policy in the monetary and fiscal areas to benefit ALL citizens, not just the single sided balance sheet mantras that has quadrupled the myopic .01 percent’s share of the country’s wealth in half a century.

But, the biggest gain of all not being spoken of, if anywhere, to my current awareness, is that the Beastly Wall Street Investment Bankers are seeking to intentionally usurp control of the Monetary System, through the purchase of politicians to barker for the required changes to governmental policies, in order to gradually hand over the power of the government and the all too often misunderstood Federal Reserve by completely privatizing it away from all public control or regulation. Next would be to redirect said Monetarily Sovereign government’s exclusive unlimited power to create its sovereign currency and allow the Beasts of Wall Street Banks to take over that function. Wait till you see that form of austerity that Rep. Paul Ryan, in his learned economic ignorance, can’t even image with his anti-American System of Economic philosophy: a shiny new form of modern slavery that the makes the Money Handlers drool for and have sought the power to have, dating back (in recent history) to the murder of Abraham Lincoln, all because of the Greenback and debt free money the Greenback represents, for which, if fully implemented (Lincoln’s Greenback) would have put the bankers in their proper place, just like ICELAND recently had the balls to do; bankers become servants to government and its citizens instead of managing or taking over such as like the happenings here in the U.S.A and preventing a bankers view of world dominance. This Confederate-Constitution Viagra, is likely permeating, at least in my opinion, the nocturnal wet confederate dreams likely occurring in the legal minds of Justice Alito, Justice Scalia and Justice Roberts.

The Middle Class job makers (rich people do not create jobs, they only create capital gains) should have dominant consideration and control in this Nation due to the fact that consumer spending creates income, income creates sales and sales create jobs. Instead, workers experience ratcheting of pay downward or the intentional keeping wages stagnant for over thirty years, while hearing the Wall Street generated explanation stating the blame for said stagnant wages is because middle class adults are suffering from being ‘lazy’, that productivity needs to be increased, or that the middle class is too dependent on government assistance: pick-your-style-of-propaganda narrative. I’d rather be dependent on the power of government; otherwise I would be under the thumb of some type of power wielding an opening of an epigenetic form of Corporate Fascism which redirects attention away from their hypocrisy of Corporate America begging for Government handouts. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, as in the Wizard of Oz!

So the natural focus of the middle class narrows due to pressure in providing basic necessities for themselves and their children, while the ever-increasing demands of time being placed upon them, little time is left for taking into account of any details of they are actually trying to negotiate through or figure out, whether it be how to pay the bills or how to vote in an upcoming election.  They’d have to be a Svengali to realize how much they are being screwed by the Rentier Neoliberal economics that the Hobbesian Bestiality  of the Republicans (mostly, i.e., Sen. Rand Paul, Sen Ted Cruz, Sen. Tom Cotton et al) and some stupid Democrats (fewer) are force feeding the middle class.

What little news manufactured through sleight of hand editing to supposedly assist the “99%” is experienced as a constant pounding into their heads via mainstream media that the Federal Government is Evil and has been on an ongoing orgy of spending, which data shows to be patently false 3. The truth of the matter is that “No Government has wasted money on the scale that the Private Financial Sector has done, in this crisis and the consequences of the crisis.” 4

Yet, the question remains: evil compared to what? An unforgiving set of Wall Street Beast Bankers who want the concept of a debt jubilee erased from the history of the consciousness of citizens, so that it doesn’t matter what rational voice arises from the Public to shout out that mathematics shows debts can never be repaid; that the purveyors of the loans don’t want you to realize the grand pyramid scheme they have developed for the future incarceration of humanity? 5.  With the propaganda that the Hobbesian Beasts are promoting from their refined Black Magic of Advertising to cover up their trail of corruption and legalized extortion of our citizens that privatization yields, coupled with the lethal effectiveness of blindsiding developed by our paid for saintly scientists in behavioral psychology. If for one moment you think Government is useless or evil, then the Beastly Bankers have succeeded in manipulating the fears and desires of your mind.

These Beastly Business Boys want you to Submit, be compliant and complacent, as they willfully infuse the demands of their greedy, cancerous, lust-after-money Souls whose pustulation infects and leeches off the majority of working class families or individuals. They not only want the U.S. Government to give them the power to regulate everyone, but also they themselves want to privatize the public holdings, public jobs, and anything workers have produced, including pension funds, while convincing you with a dance of semantic-prestidigitation to buy ‘the sizzle of their steak’ right there in your distracted, busy mind that is seeking relief, as they physically put a stake right through the heart of your freedom and then refuse, reject, and charge interest for your desires, growth, and liberation.

People need to get a proper grip, an accurate perspective through genuine sources that can demonstrate why what the Beastly Finance & Political Boys say is NOT SO in regards to the National Debt and Deficits; the actual U.S. Monetary system does NOT operate in the way it is mischaracterized and misrepresented by political and contract-paid-to-censor-talking-Barkers in corporate news profit centers such as CNBC, MSNBC, CNN, ABC or NBC or CBS (FOX NEWS is not a News organization (imo) so I will not use them as example). I will criticize CNBC, CNN and MSNBC, since I believe the latter two can be held to higher standards of news broadcast, while CNBC is owned chattel of the investment banks.

FOX NEWS Bill O'Reilly, et al
I have Best Ratings, Never Mind the Lies

For example, there are people who are paid on contractual terms such as Chris Matthews (who has produced high quality of work in historical political writings-opines) or ‘I am a respectable Republican’ Joe Scarborough (who more often than not comes across as “I am god therefore do not even attempt to disagree with me”) of MSNBC, either of whom can be depended upon to constantly mischaracterize and misinform their public, on the nature of how Federal Debt and Deficits function, not unlike smart ass schoolboys who really don’t know what they are talking about NOR will their network, producers or sponsors correct them by providing a counterpoint to the Science of Stupid, Economic Nonsense (i.e., Federal Deficits, Balanced Budget & Federal Debt) they spew. This says what about their Producers (CNN, MSNBC, or NBC, et al) or so called news network agency and the agenda of all sponsors whom they Barker for?

Some lucid people can see through the chimera of their angered responses when guests attempt to talk outside or challenge their “paid for” boundary. Even though I respect Matthews’ political history, he becomes an Archie Bunker of the Science of Stupid Economic Nonsense when it comes to ‘Federal Balanced Budget’/Debt and Deficits like a crackpot who is full of shit. This is then reinforced in the early morning hours with Joe Scarborough, who may be a decent human being and respectable Republican with some political opine, but he too, becomes a crackpot while narrating his producers’(?) NBCs’(?) Science of Stupid Economic Nonsense about how ‘Federal Balanced Budgets’ are needed and how money in the Federal Budget works with debts and deficits, which is entirely full of shit because it is pure falsehood. He gets paid to misrepresent/mischaracterize the actual functioning of US Monetary system and how our money actually works providing a one-sided balance sheet lingo serving the paymasters who employ him. The Moderators on CNN are hardly worth mentioning other than that they are just as bought and paid for to spew complete nonsense about how Federal Deficits & Federal Debt actually function and how ‘Federal Balanced Budgets’ are needed (NOT). Both (News) institutions use advertising payola as incentive for their talking-heads to promote think tanks supporting the censoring economic facts and processes that disagree with the larger corporate economic business agenda of undermining the Nation. And they penalized Brian Williams? What hypocrisy and a joke.

It must be nice to be paid to misinform people; Hell, I know, only the ratings matter. But hey, they are perfect examples of the big chief egos paid to beat on their chest by the Billionaire Peterson Foundation, Koch-brothers, et al. You can depend on the mainstream media to lock you out of what is truly going on, for example, like the advertising/monetizing campaign CNN hosted by giving ISIS way too much time, visibility, and profiting from their audience’s fear.

It must be nice to be paid to misinform people; Hell, I know, only the ratings matter. But hey, they are perfect examples of the big chief egos paid to beat on their chest by the Billionaire Peterson Foundation, Koch-brothers, et al. You can depend on the mainstream media to lock you out of what is truly going on, for example, like the advertising/monetizing campaign CNN hosted by giving ISIS way too much time, visibility, and profiting from their audience’s fear.

Genuine answers of how Money actually works coming from rational Economists whom actually advise the Federal Reserve Board (e.g., Dr. Stephanie Kelton 6 ) are intentionally censored out of mainstream media discussions. You wouldn’t even know there are those who can easily and effectively debunk the mainstream economic sales pitch of said news organizations who intentionally censor it from being heard on a regular basis. Here are a few of the economic rock stars from my book for you to explore: Professor Michael Hudson, Dr. William K. Black, and Professor Steve Keen.  And here is one clear example for you, of an uncensored economist speaking to Senators for a few short minutes. You tell me if Professor Mark Blyth’s explanation here (video) sounds close or resembles what you hear coming from MSNBC’s Chris Matthews or Joe Scarborough, or any on the Wall Street-banker-owned CNBC or CNN news cited above.

Thank God for The Real News Network (TRNN) and to their contributors. Without TRNN there would be little if any video source for Americans to gain insight from salient (some cited above) economists and the lucid economists who present sensible, reasoned unedited thought content based on Reality for the American people while silently calling out the mainstream media obfuscation.

We here in the USA need to get a better grip on what is happening to our time and space, we need more time to understand who we are voting for and why. This could be easily accomplished with a National week-long Voter’s Holiday, but instead we get the money-equals-speech psychosis from the Supreme Court of the United States. Teflon or not, time needs to be freed in order to expose the fallacies occurring in the workplace, business practices, and the incentivized fraud. Time needs to be freed in order for us to negotiate our way through this intentional mess. Once the findings are expanded into common awareness and then knowledge, we will be able to see some of the trimmed facts become untrimmed, and heal into further truths that are presently being cleverly excluded from the mainstream media outlets and all the aficionados being paid for by the Billionaire Boys Club, hopefully before the point of no return comes.

The Billionaires have harnessed the black-magic behavioral power of advertising in the 24/7 entertainment news sector to utilize the powerful techniques and advertising’s ability to brainwash and manipulate viewer’s time and space; harnessing any possibility of a viewer’s focus of attention/perception while purchasing a Nation, with the full unknowing compliance of a citizenry lacking insight into the facts and truths of the American System of Economics history, in order to realize why they are being forced to SUBMIT to the demands of the Business Beasts on Wall Street. This is one place where a voice for Labor is essential in equilibrating All constituents voices regarding healthy legislative process to assist a balanced ordering of legislative outcomes pertinent to all, not exclusively to the voice of Corporate Class.

Until then, watch out for the Teflon cleverly being manufactured to coat your time and space unnoticeably moving you to slip away from your families due to living to work. If we are unsuccessful in ‘Getting a grip’ on the demands of this modern life being imposed upon us through lack of awareness on our part, we stand the chance of losing access to the volitional consciousness that enables us to remove the Teflon on time and determine what we want, not what the Beasts want.

Stand up and pursue your life with liberation, freedom and happiness, but VOTE before you are silenced; before SCOTUS’s psychosis of money-equals-speech along with your right to Vote is erased from your use by Mutant Republicans who are promoting our Nation to slide into privatized Corporate oblivion. Remember what our Founders did: “Whole point of American Revolution was to overthrow the Corporate State the British had imposed. 7

Moneyed interests can buy almost any behavior they want in American workers to produce the results they seek whether the effects damage the future of those workers or to damage the Nation those workers are being protected by; Federal powers seek to protect its citizens from enemies both foreign and domestic. Unions are just one of many scapegoats used to redirect your emotional attention in order that imbalanced Corporatism can undermine your liberty. Essentially, we are angry because innately, unconsciously we know we are being bullshitted about how money is being mishandled and thus increasing the expansion of inequality  whether it be income, political inclusion or resources. This is a war to rollback our Republic to a NeoFeudal-bank-rulership version of history: Slavery (see: Michael Hudson, The Insiders Economic Dictionary) and unless we take back control of our time, the problems of inequality are just a beginning.

Gain some understanding so maybe you can prevent your children from slipping on the well-placed Teflon into modern slavery. Remember, Life is Fair, but there are some people who seek to make it unfair for anyone around them.

In Part Two of this commentary we will uncover an even more unseen and unlikely source contributing heavily to the behavioral disturbances.

~ part 1 of 2, Finis

Copyright © 2015 by Rev. W. David Strickler

Brain Injury Awareness Month

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Spiritual Climate Newsletter DECEMBER 2007 ~ part 1 ~ THE ABSENCE OF CHRISTMAS



By Rev. David Strickler

Crisp and cold ‘twas the evening of the traditional tour of surrounding neighborhoods Christmas light display. I walked outside to meet Goldfern who was graciously piloting the vehicle and chauffeuring all embarking on our seasonal exploration of lighting designs. It really makes for an evening to see the creativity of those who celebrate the Christmas season here in the Southwest where there is no snow with temperatures to remind one of their snowy origins from back east in northern Ohio, at least in my particular history. Without the least warning, an absence had emerged within the horizontal plane.

Horizontal events are activities of response that occur in this 3 dimensional world, what used to be named the mundane world as opposed to the coexisting least recognized vertical plane of consciousness which has at its essence causal properties of Soul, Spirit or Higher functions of beingness within consciousness. Horizontal events as such are not Spiritual events, but are more the shadows that are formed by the physical senses that are a more or less accurate of a response and/or reaction toward the presence of the vertical nature (causal) of consciousness initiated by its realm of Spirit. This Causal is not to be confused with the phenomena of cause and effect within the mundane physical world.

The Solar plexus chakra, which in the human nervous system is reflected in the region known as the abdominal brain or as some prefer to call it, the living instinctual mind, is where ‘gut reactions’ seem to swallow the attention that our heads are able to focus and thereby blot out any reasoning or higher thought functions of the brain temporarily. This is the arena within that part of the function of our personality and human ego uses to assume protective custody of our physical bodies by it remarkable power of attention limitation. This is a rough description of the arena of Horizontal consciousness. In some circles we see this area of consciousness well exposed by fixations of sexual activity, as an example, in politics where political commentary seems to predominate at times in primarily dialog about genital issues: looks, sexual preference, fidelity and the rest of the useless rot of diatribe by shallow people.

It is a luxury for me, to have someone drive, since I can’t drive for long periods of time due to the limitations created by the ongoing presence of visual and auditory disturbance from my stroke. I relish being able to sit in the car, converse with friends, laugh and without failure always move inward into a process of contemplation which ignites my level of discernment to my surrounding environment for receptivity and analysis. My ongoing summation of this year’s contemplative perusal always shows in the ghost of Christmas present and this year is by no means an exception, other than I am going to share a part of it with you this holiday, wherein in most years I do not.

Absence is the closest word to describe this season of articulation emerging from the horizontal plane of human consciousness, barren and void of some kind of indescribable quality usually present within human consciousness as it expresses itself on the physical plane. To put it simply, something is missing and it is being made so blaringly evident by the paradoxical description of the overwhelming ‘presence’ and lack; absence. One fair way to describe this absence is in using the Platonic cave as a model to lend it substance for the possibility of understanding. The unenlightened horizontal person’s mind is locked in the cave of Plato, watching the shadows being cast on the walls of the cave and mistaking the shadows for reality instead of a perception which points toward that which casts the shadows.

But here I must diverge in order to show events that promulgate this adherence to creating mass chaos in order to give you some means to apprehend what this absence is or is not and that brings us to 83-161 A.D. of Ptolemaic theory and Claudius Ptolemy’s intentional or unintentional hoax. Ptolemy got caught in those perceptions and mistook them for reality and used linear mathematics and flawed approach with statistical analysis to convince himself and others as to prove that the Sun revolved around the earth. This demonstration of the incompetence of the statistical method employed for mapping observations of the orbits, by Ptolemy and later Copernicus is still showing up redressed as incomplete, simplistic modern global warming theories and you can tell that I derive my view by those scientists in the tens of thousands of dissenting against the anthropogenic Co2 theory and that consensus is not science. 

The Oregon Petition is one such gathering of dissent; Signed by more than 19,000 professional persons including 2,660 physicists, geophysicists, climatologists, meteorologists, oceanographers and environmental scientists, and 5,017 scientists from other disciplines, includes, inter alia, the statement; “Not only has the global warming hypothesis failed the experimental test; it is theoretically flawed as well”. The Peer Reviewed research paper provided in the next link is entitled:  Environmental Effects of Increased Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide This is a “review of the research literature concerning the environmental consequences of increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide leads to the conclusion that increases during the 20th Century have produced no deleterious effects upon global weather, climate, or temperature. Increased carbon dioxide has, however, markedly increased plant growth rates. Predictions of harmful climatic effects due to future increases in minor greenhouse gases like CO2 are in error and do not conform to current experimental knowledge.” (re: ). Here is a video presentation of: Dr. Noah Robinson, Ph.D. Chemistry, California Institute of Technology, Professor, Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine on The Global Warming Myth.

In the words of Georg W. Kreutzberg, the former Director of the Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology in Martinsried, Germany, “Preventing scientific misconduct is the responsibility of all scientists.” This admonition should be branded onto Economic Speculative Theorists by Economic Scientists as well. Complex systems described by a linear mathematics in a non-linear universe usually retain the vesture of my skeptical inquiries and include a caveat that science is not peer review (Albert Einstein being a case in point, re: Physical Review, 1936), alongside the caution that science is not ‘statistics’.

“Mother Nature simply operates at a level of complexity that is, at this point, beyond the mastery of mere mortals (such as scientists) and the tools available to us. As my high-school physics teacher admonished us in those we-shall-conquer-the-world-with-a-slide-rule days, “Begin all of your scientific pronouncements with ‘At our present level of ignorance, we think we know . . .’ Good advice for the IPCC, and all of us.” ~ John R Christy is Professor and Director of the Earth System Science Center at the University of Alabama, Huntsville, US. He has contributed to all four major IPCC assessments, including acting as a Lead Author in 2001 and a Contributing Author in 2007.

The aroma of human ignorance in history as it repeats itself through the gambling institutions and betting matrices used by current Hedge Funds and Private Equity Firms to affirm the existence of almost anything – as long as the Black-Scholes Derivative formula for which Robert Merton and Myron C. Scholes won the Nobel Prize for economics, in 1997, confirms any form of phantasmagoric financial manifestation that could produce cash from large scale ‘betting’. This ‘Las Vegas Casino Style’ appears to have emerged from the work of Robert Merton, PH.D. In 1973 Merton published a paper, “The Theory of Rational Options Pricing,” in the Bell Journal of Economics and Management can adroitly snatch any cash flow and produce double digit short term yields.  Has science, as in other fields, succumbed to ‘newspeak’ by allowing themselves to be funded by nothing more than modern day bookies disguised as investment gamblers called Hedge Funds and Private Equity firms?

It would be amiss to not mention prior individuals which consummately cultivated the current field of mathematical finance wherein a interwoven dance of gaming theory, information theory and statistical probability theory (think—Ptolemy, Copernicus, anthropogenic Co2 is the sole cause of global warming) with the help of such earlier bastions of human dialog as Bertrand Russell, Norbert Wiener, and John von Neumann and other such applied lunacy being allowed to damage and terrorize the lives of the citizens of this nation as well as the health of our great nation and the world as is seen in the well engineered subprime loan crisis.  My bet is the the CDP (carbon disclosure project) is the great Hedge Fund/Private Equity Firm hiring quantz to create ‘virtual machinery’ and ‘virtual jobs’ to foster agreement reality through a coordinating secretariat for institutional investors with a combined $41 trillion of assets under management. Therein is your clue for the direct interwoven dance of gaming theory, information theory and statistical probability theory.  The amount of assets under management will cause affirmation some form of certainty toward anthropogenic Co2 as being the sole cause of global warming, never mind the science.  Absence of sanity.  My bet is that 41 Trillion dollars controls what type of policy is gambled on and engineered into public consent-whether or not it is true. 

Please pay very close attention to my next statement: not all Hedge Funds or Private Equity Firms nor the people who work or own them are Economic Terrorists or are corrupt; what I am pointing toward is the existence within this Republic of corrupt individuals from all walks of life in such area as Religious, Political or Business who don’t give a second thought creating damage through unscrupulous profiteering and the expropriation of the citizens of this great nation. That being stated, I find it hard to accept Alan Greenspan’s denial that he couldn’t see the subprime loan debacle coming, when the fact of the matter that any self respecting economist functioning on the evidence of economic history (such as Dr. Michael Hudson) instead of Wall Street supported ‘Walt Disney-ish’ Speculative Theory of Economics as taught by the good-old-boys unit at the University of Chicago school of Economic (non) thought. By the way, where was any evidence of oversight and participation with insight toward regulatory effort from any responsible politician’s years before this Highly Visible collapse occurred?

‘The notion that the economy could regulate itself Hamilton called a ‘wild speculative paradox.”— The Cycles of American History, Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., Houghton Mifflin Company, 1986, p. 220-221.

It is revealing to hear such lunacy as the ‘market can regulate itself’ when according to economists who use the evidence prevailing in economic history know that to be false. It appears as though flights of fancy are still the functional norm and explication from some of the mouths of politicians, could this be a political form of Oxycotin? In my opinion and view, the subprime loan debacle and the philosophical cancer it represents spreading world wide is a financially engineered act of economic terrorism by bad apples whose behavior is predictable when they get support of their fantasy in being unregulated. These videos: Hedge Funds – Paul Solman, Voice of America on Hedge Funds and Adam Hewison on SEC Rule Change should give you the basic operational understanding of how Hedge Funds and Private Equity Firms work in the market place. I would also recommend reading Bill Fleckenstein’s Contrarian Chronicles.

This brings me to the great absence of sanity in our current human experience largely in part, in my view, due to the absence of genuine connectivity to human reality between people and the spiritual principles that are removed from a blocked view when such connectivity is brought into the realm of human action. Truth is not subjective—human beings may be subjective in their perception and cognition of a truth. Truth is absolute and human subjectivity is absolutely prone to misperception.

Human connectivity is coming at odds (no pun intended) with mathematical matrices designed to quantify all human activity and interaction as a monetary value. No matter how trite this flawed ideology is it remains a force to be reckoned with as a splinter or a muscle spasm making its presence known in the form of intense pain to justify the monetary goals of whatever individual or form of corporatism and institution has as its objective.

The absence of sanity is the presence I spoke of in the opening of my commentary I see in part is making itself known in the world of our human experience and conditions. Our senses as human beings recognize this absence somewhat like a huge wall blocking the source of light that creates the shadows on the Platonic cave wall of our senses.

From a Spiritual standpoint there is now shining a light from the vertical column of our consciousness coming directly from its source and this light is so brilliant that it cannot be seen with our ordinary senses, just as the universal principle of gravity cannot be “seen” directly by the senses. This spiritual light is so bright it renders any landscape within the human internal experience absent of any shadows or images and in the unenlightened individual the senses will create an affect (shadow) to the best of its ability; the summation of an ongoing growing sensation of something missing, something absent, something very wrong. What is wrong is the absence of true human encounter, touch, and dialogue in a one on one physical experience being replaced instead by synthetic forms of virtual reality and communication.

The irony is that the same technology being subjected to human perversion under the guise of “innovation”, “connectivity” and the likes of “social networks” can also, if properly used, give us some greater range of freedom, speed, and expedite concerns thus bringing people together to the ever present underlying realization that the world is okay, but there are some human beings who are down right criminal in their gluttony for gain no matter what that gain may be: power, money, and control to name a few.

Let me cite a few examples of factual human stories and experiences that have taken notice of the absence of sanity in human connectivity in this world. There are many to cite, but I will only give a few that have truly made this a rekindling of Christmas in my world view.

I am deeply moved by the courage displayed by a former KBR-Halliburton employee Jamie Leigh Jones for her appearance and testimony to the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on the Judiciary about her heinous experiences while employed by an American Corporation overseas in Iraq. Her testimony was held on Wednesday, December 19, 2007, 10:15 AM at 2141 Rayburn House Office Building to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security Hearing on: Enforcement of Federal Criminal Law to Protect Americans Working for U.S. Contractors in Iraq.

In lieu of her experience she founded The Jamie Leigh Foundation whichis a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping United States citizens and legal residents who are victims of sexual harassment, rape and sexual abuse while working abroad for federal contractors, corporations, or government entities.” She appears to have incredible support from her family as she continues to recover. Her organization is said to provide a safe area for other women to come forward who have suffered similar experiences. Here at Spiritual Climate Newsletter, our continued prayers for your healing as well as those whose unnamed voices you represent, for ongoing healing, recovery and resolution go out to you.

In a different area, where the ‘out of media coverage, out of mind behavior rationalization’ bears some comment is the continual recovery process of mass disaster of mega proportions-the leftover devastation of lives from hurricane Katrina, yet it appears strongly some politicians have directed their attention and energies to the ‘Big Dig’ going on in Washington D.C. with the massive Capitol Visitors Center project whose price tag is coming in, at least so far, at about $600 million dollars. There is quite enough room for some well deserved cynical irony about this and I would be amiss in my duty as a citizen of this great Republic not to point it out.

Getting back to Katrina, my opinion and comment is likely of little difference to actor Brad Pitt, but I would like to publicly give him a ‘hat’s off’ for his ongoing activism in the participation of helping to rebuild the lives of those who suffered incredible damage and trauma from Katrina. Watching Charlie Rose having A Conversation with Brad Pitt, I listened and watched intently as Brad Pitt shared his views and some of what his Make It Right foundation is doing and pursuing. My comment is that Brad Pitt as an actor first caught my attention in the movie: Meet Joe Black, where he played alongside the incredible Anthony Hopkins. Brad Pitt as a genuine human being first caught my attention in the above interview with Charlie Rose. Not to at all imply here that a comment from me would mean anything to Brad Pitt, but I do have to say Thank-you Brad Pitt for adding to my personal experience of Christmas in your bearing forth of genuine humanity and that expression of the true human spirit that resides with us all.

What does any or all of this have to do with Qabalah? Plenty, because true qabalists are scientists who work in being receptive to truth and the reality of invisible non physical principles that emanate from the not-thing-ness of consciousness which determine the fabric and nature of creation much like physical scientists who work to seek the understanding of the invisible universal principles such as gravity that determine how elliptical orbits come about in the mundane world. This is part of the great discovery astronomer Johannes Kepler accomplished to rid the world of the errors of Ptolemy and Copernicus’s use of statistical methodology for mapping observations of orbits; Kepler was and still is correct to this day; Qabalists seek to further understand the invisible footprint of the principles consciousness that is behind the veil of the visible material universe. These principles are the font through which the aperture of the material universe renders itself manifest. These principles can be used and applied in a physical universe during our temporal sojourn in a vehicle of flesh and bones.

It may be our gift of learning that saves us from ignorance if we can ever learn to imbue ourselves with due diligence, for it is from our flaws and limitations that we have the opportunity to discover gems of truth and pearls of Wisdom and Understanding and continue to grow even when we discard the use of the physical body that we use to explore the earth which is nothing more than the microcosmic finite physical universe and the macrocosmic non physical universe emanating from the soundless sound produced by a No-Thing-Ness which brought forth Light.

Christmas is only a pagan holiday to those whose discernment is lacking in the skill to see beyond the veil of the materialist view of the physical universe. Christmas is not a worship of the physical Sun, it is the reverence that is held to the Eternal Principle of the Life Power that is veiled behind the Sun that is worshiped, not the libelous slander presented by those who wish to justify whatever image they have created their god in their own image and likeness based on whatever feeling or venue of hermeneutics being used at their disposal.

Take heed from the great One, Jesus who admonished his disciples in the parable of the “Ten Maidens” and their lamps. Jesus (YHSVH) described “five who were foolish and five who were wise.” All ten had lamps, but the wise had plenty of oil to make their lamps do what they were created for, while the unwise ones had nearly-empty lamps that did almost nothing to overcome their personal darkness that they found within the world.

This is found in Matthew 25:1-13 (King James Version) The Parable Of The Ten Maidens King James Version (KJV) Public Domain

Matthew 25:1. Then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened unto ten virgins, which took their lamps, and went forth to meet the bridegroom. 2. And five of them were wise, and five were foolish. 3. They that were foolish took their lamps, and took no oil with them: 4. But the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps. 5. While the bridegroom tarried, they all slumbered and slept. 6. And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him. 7. Then all those virgins arose, and trimmed their lamps. 8. And the foolish said unto the wise, Give us of your oil; for our lamps are gone out. 9. But the wise answered, saying, Not so; lest there be not enough for us and you: but go ye rather to them that sell, and buy for yourselves. 10. And while they went to buy, the bridegroom came; and they that were ready went in with him to the marriage: and the door was shut. 11. Afterward came also the other virgins, saying, Lord, Lord, open to us. 12. But he answered and said, Verily I say unto you, I know you not. 13. Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh. ~ end quote ~

Let me share with you a small view through the eyes of this Qabalist. If one were to strip all systems from the human body except the physical nervous system and then invert it, upright it, one would then see the Unadorned Christmas Tree. Further, if one had eye to see this tree animated by the invisible non physical principle of the Life Power via the agency of consciousness, one would witness a spectacular twinkling of lights that would be similar to an adorned Christmas tree but would make the adorned tree pale by contrast to the Living Principle of Life manifesting through the human tree in terms of light and sound. Those who have eyes and ears take hint!

I wish to thank Goldfern for driving me around in the surrounding area to see some of the homes of the wonderful people who creatively decorated their ‘trees’, their home, their BETH (hebrew: bayt, house). I was blessed that night to share this gift of life with those friends who were able to attend as I was gifted to bear witness to the dance of the Life Power behind the physical house of those who live in this world and to see an incredible non physical light that Lights all Worlds.

May you find within your tree the living gift that is lit with the Light of Wisdom and Understanding,

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all

Rev. David Strickler, Ph.D.

Qabalistic Minister


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