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Christmas, Really? Just Another Christmas, Is It?

Christmas already, really?  Just another Christmas, is it?  Is it already Christmas?  It has been a few years come and gone since the last full edition of the Spiritual Climate Newsletter was published in the Christmas edition of December 2016.  I had thought of writing an article of a synopsis, an effort to boil down a handful of events and experiences coming from both the mass mind and perhaps a few from myself that some could relate to, analogous in similarity and/or contrast occurring in other’s daily lives.  Where that thought went, I am not sure, although my best guess is it disappeared somewhere in the black hole of my brain injury.  At least I can type, that is, whenever the nonessential tremor hasn’t reared its blathering head in my left hand.

Maybe what I am attempting to convey is I just couldn’t settle on an approach for ‘just another Christmas article’ with this return edition of the Spiritual Climate Newsletter after an unexpected 3 years hiatus.  I am saying to myself, ‘untimely return, unexpected hiatus’ David?  Yeah, here I go talking to myself again.  But talking to oneself out loud, can be of healthy use, it can work, primarily if a person hasn’t heard their own thought process spoken aloud, much like a person listening to the sound of their voice on a recording and being slightly startled, inevitably saying, ‘Is that what I sound like?’

Speaking your mentation aloud to yourself in the privacy of oneself affords a realization of how one’s thoughts do not sound, nor make sense, in any way like what you think they mean as you listen to them in your head.  Actually, it is a good exercise, for a person might discover what other people actually hear what we say versus how we think we sound like, in the unchallenged arena and peanut gallery of our own heads.  Sometimes it is a good checkpoint to get a fair ‘hearing’ of what other people may be hearing unbeknownst to ourselves BEFORE one might expose their ass out in front of the gods and everyone else without the privacy of clothing.

What I have found myself wanting to talk about is death.  Death, for the most part of the symbolism of Christmas, doesn’t seem to belong to the season unless one is dealing with the spirit of what is yet to come, in Charles Dickens’s loud novella painting the life of a bitter man named Ebenezer Scrooge, in A Christmas Carol.”  Scrooge begins to find it easy to cast aside the bitterness and scorn he held toward life as the result of deep hurt.  It is a fair commentary; the nature of human psychology is unable to let go of feelings or beliefs, that one necromanced to place distance between the dour response to some of our past when events, effortlessly unfolding ruling out certainty, when in fact situations are not responding in going our way, the way we wanted it to go.

Death plays importance in every Christmas season.  If death is nothing more than a transient moment removing the shadow of what we this IS, a shadow diminishing by the growing light of new and longer days, as the solstice directly expresses, even if the expression of Christmas portends the death of people, places, and things in the experience of our human environment.  Yes, even if someone dies in our personal world.

It struck me as rather odd my father passed this month, December 9th, to be accurate.  Especially after I had finished coming to terms with the shocking surprise of Adam Crosthwaite’s death.  So, endings have come to find a place in my world, as I am sure it does in other people’s world in different places around the globe only varied by the months, weeks, and days instead of December.

This December of 2019 brought an ending in my personal world; my dad was released from his pain and bondage in his physical form, his shell.  It came as an unexpected event and occurrence in my life, as well as in the presence of my brother and sister’s life.  Being who I am, believing what I believe, and knowing what I know and knowing the difference between what belief is and knowing, at times, feel my dad’s presence at times.  For example, as I wrote this article, he was looking over my shoulder as I typed on my keyboard at my desk,  while I was occasionally glancing at the picture of him and my mother taken in 1959 in Killeen, Texas while he was stationed at U.S. military station Fort Hood.  I talk ‘with him,’ expressing to him the sense of relief I have of his release from this world, his pain, and his difficulties.  I know he is coming into the knowledge of answers as to the many people, places, and things he pursued and experienced in this lifetime.  Hopefully, albeit from a bit of a selfish point of view on my part, his coming to understand a part of my life that was naturally veiled to him in our relationship and catch glimpses of what I do day in and day out.

Maybe he finally received a Christmas present he was sincerely looking for: truths and the freedoms some truths can, every so often bestow into a personal understanding of love, life, and the freedom to experience those, which our Nation affords us.  I realize I left the word pain out of the last sentence.  I had an understanding of dad’s suffering because of the continual pain I undergo post-stroke from neurological damage.  I could have an understanding of his pain as we shared many points of laughter about our physical situations.  To digress, I also left out the word pain because it is a given if a person is living in this world.  This world has plenty of pain maintained by the power craven control freaks in any and at any given period in human history.  It never seems to end.

I learned many things from my dad, many unbeknownst to him, and some he knew were stimulated by him.  My dad was a convert to Catholicism, from which I learned the discipline and work to sustain faith by the discovery of knowledge and actions of agape.  I read and reread his catechism material that was used in his conversion to Catholicism, even though he and mom afforded me an education and discipline of a Catholic School.  He enjoyed the freedom of religious choice, a faith that didn’t seek to impose or force its beliefs and rules, on others, only as an offering of choice, not by the control of ‘Caesar’s laws.’

My dad loved this country and expressed to me his fear of it being turned into a dictatorship with the help of the Russians and their Communist ideologies, with the aid of money, seeking to turn us against our government.  These were warnings we (i.e., myself and such as dear friend Greg D.) learned in Catholic school, as well as the difference between the evils of communism and some of the grace which can be bestowed by proper use of some necessary socialism to shore up the general welfare needs of our citizens, as well as making sure the elite didn’t use the power of socialism to their sole benefit.

Needless to say, he didn’t like, (quote) “The Deceiver in the White House and his continual lies.”  He expressed to me he couldn’t understand why some people can’t see how our nation is in danger as well as our Constitution and freedoms.  Liars angered him to no end and said they were in league with the Devil’s agenda.  Dad honored facts and truthfulness, not the use of unchecked imagination being used today.  He always sought the source of information; who, what, when, where, and why.  He served to protect our nation and Constitution in peacetime.

In many respects, as I thought through his death, I really do not find it odd he took leave of his earthen life 15 days before Christmas.  In fact, in writing this, I just recalled how he could surprise me on Christmas, and the look on his face when he pulled one over on me at Christmas along with the joy shining from his face as he watched me come into some type of realization of something hidden from me, whether it was a Christmas present or the discovery of a hidden truth.  One major surprise at Christmas was the acoustic guitar he and mom got for me.

I am sure my brother and sister are gaining their own insights relative to their experiences with dad.  I still believe, and at times know, unexpected occurrences can happen for a veiled reason.  There can be moments when it’s clear as to what the underlying reasons are and, at other times, not as discernible or noticeable.  It was difficult for me not to be able to be present for his funeral.  I know dad realized my health wouldn’t permit me to go back East for his funeral unless I wanted to follow him.  Maybe that is part of a gift I receive this Christmas, because, for at least once, I know he knows for certainty, without any doubt, he now has a more thorough comprehension of the physical challenges I am facing day today.  Hell, to my somewhat surprise, even my brother realized that I may not have been able to get back for dad’s funeral.

Dad was taking leave of his physical body before the onset of the Winter Solstice, and it leaves for me a view about the death of winter and the increasing length of daylight and the formation of light, and this not just by happenstance.  It is almost an omen of a more considerable change that dad’s passing aligns near the date the birth of the Great Rabbi is celebrated, note I say celebrated.

The Great Rabbi’s birth was an omen (or a prophesy if one prefers) of an unasked-for change about to manifest throughout a threshold where humanity’s inability to foreshadow outcomes of its marriage to the convenience in being ‘at effect.’  Remaining ‘at effect’ is a predictable redundancy in the Capitalist marketplace of the flesh, a cyclicity of gravitational inertia upholding a ceaseless cycle of death and rebirth of souls within the Terra Firma of Earth, which is nothing more than the universe we live and move and have our physical experience within.  What sometimes remains unseen is how the Great Rabbi’s birth permanently shatters the hope and dreams of many human control freaks, it puts them on notice.  For that matter, it also puts the materialistic certainty freaks on notice who identify themselves entirely as only a fleshy animal they awake ‘within’ each morning.

Can you imagine the sick, dangerous, exaggerated forms of behavior that could result from the type of shock smacking the living daylights out of the synthetic certainty needed by control freaks to laud whatever power-hungry control they would seek over lives that refused to pay attention to their bait and the hand up their butt moving their lips?  Of course, you can just look around, look at the continuation of the economic sociopath sickness of neoliberal Margaret Thatcher,  who sought to impose on the world her motto, “TINA” (there is No Alternative,) the massive load of crap that it is.  There are always alternatives that exist that could promote the betterment and welfare of humanity instead of the insidious cancer of Protestant exceptionalism currently wielded by the power control freaks in the world.

These power control freaks are found in many layers of humanity, even showing up as an oligarchy of Rome, the Pharisees, and the Sadducees during the time of the Great Rabbi, continually spreading their lies, corruption, and bestiality in their cults of personality always trying to force people to conform not out of choice but by their rule of power and the elaborate forms of entertainment their organizations used to obtain more power for their leaders’ use to force, impose, and coerce compliance to the rules of a god they created in the image and likeness of their Egos.  And it had to be done as a drama of bombastic, religious entertainment, to influence the masses they must sacrifice their needs for the good of a warmongering god or nation.  Never mind facts or even scientific measurements that exposed the power control freaks avarice and lusting greed for money they are willing to whore (shill is too polite) for, to deny a ‘certainty of no pain’ for those refusing compliance to the promotion of fear.

Currently, the mass mind’s need for certainty calls forth anyone from the marketplace of the flesh to entertain with lies, corruption, and destruction of order and truthfulness, to draw attention away from any of the echoes of the Great Rabbi upholding a decency of truths, ethics, and morals enabling people to cast aside the chains of enslavement, required by power control freaks who cheat to win to maintain power to abuse people.  They rationalize their ends justify their means.  This simply means the power control freaks will help you feel good about you losing.  But you lose.

Yes, the birth of the Great Rabbi unconsciously threatened the ongoing redundancy of forced enslavement, needed by those craven power control freaks insisting they are suffering the wounds from the slings and arrows of their fake victimhood, even if you begin to realize you are choking on their lies.  You must be forced to swallow the indecent blaspheme as they portray their contrived ‘righteous holiness’ at any cost rationalizing they were unjustly thrown out of heaven since they refused to support God’s creation of Man; to bow, serve and love God’s creation named Man.  They refused even though Man was created by The Most Highest.

The jealousy of some angels was borne of conservatism, an unwillingness for their Heaven to change, to keep things as it were before Man was created into existence.  This is the rigid conservatism that caused some angels to be cast out of Heaven by Archangel Michael.  And they fell to earth tumbling down Mount Hermon, where they simmered in their conflated, and overwhelming stink of their self-righteousness, while detesting the liberal Love of God.  It continues to be the source of stench and decay in this world that earnestly seeks to become a Theocracy; to joyously overthrow the Representative Republic of the United States of America in the name of their dictatorial, warmongering god.

The anger of the cast out angels created a veil of darkness separating them from the Voice of God, they were not able to distinguish the legion of their own thoughts from the Voice of God and hence have continued to serve the stink of their egoic self-righteousness as their new god.  They vowed to put an end to mankind’s freedom by coercing humanity with the power of their conservatism to recreate things as it once was, and thus separate Man as they were separated from the joyous freedom, and liberal power of love flowing from God Most High in Heaven, El Elyon, who is Lord over the Light and Lord over the Darkness.

Mankind’s liberation from this legion of ‘holy white collar from above’ descent of corruption, lies and moral degradation of the conservative angels along with their twisted voices of egotism, was put on notice Christmas day; in which the celebration of the birth of a cosmic event, the Great Rabbi, forms the light of freedom, liberation, and a setting of correction into a primeval deviation that has plagued humanity, and the redundancy of the material universes since the unfoldment of space and time.

In the cunning like a snake sections of humanity, the ethically and morally degenerate personalities such as ring leaders named Vladimir Putin, Semion Mogilevich, his yes man known as Donald Trump, China’s Xi Jinping, the evil of Kim Jong-un, the Russian Money that has purchased the power craven Moscow Mitch McConnell and his court jester of lies Lindsey Graham, and we need not forget religious leader spiritual jack-offs such as Paula White or Franklin Graham and many of their similar ilk too numerous to cite here, all feed on one thing in common—hurt people, maintained ignorance such promoting a degenerate interpretation and making a mockery of the Book of Revelation with an unnecessary nightmare of fear derived by eisegesis and bastardization of this sacred writ; to maintain self-elevation of prominence in the market place of profit and consumption.  It’s where the power control freaks create the darkness of their brand of cancer, seeking to eat away the knowledge of truth, freedom, and liberty contained in the pure Soul of Man.

The creation of their darkness in an attempt to off-balance the formation and fulgence of an Eternal Light, represented by this day of celebration in respect of the Great Rabbi’s birth.  They will continue to fight for their market share of control so they may create the world into their own image and likeness of enforced slavery and slave labor, born out of their Fear of being rendered irrelevant.

Let the dead of this world, bury this world and themselves in it, let them have it and keep it.

Let those who are reborn in the waters of Light that Yah liberates, take care of the tasks they set out as souls, and release from the confines of this damaged dimension instead of yearning the escapism of a Rapture or end of the world and leaving garbage for the next generation to pick up.

Because “…of that day and hour knoweth no one, not even the angels of heaven, neither the Son, but the Father only.”  Matthew 23:36

Let those with ears hear.  Remember, the Apostle Simon, nicknamed “Peter,” the “Rock.”  Simon (in Hebrew, Simeon) means “hearing.”  (Matthew 16:18).  (Etym. Greek bar ionas, from Aramaic bar yonah, son of Jonah; Hebrew yonah, dove.)  Then what we have is the name, Simon Peter derived from Simeon Bar-Yonah, in other words, HEARING THE DOVE.

Leave the confines of the created darkness of fallen angels who refuse to accept an ongoing act of love, ceaselessly changing the face of what is known, in the emerging Genesis of Creation, stirred by the presence of a Most Transcendent High God, who created in an act of Love and Volition, an image and likeness of Himself reflecting into the formation of light, to the rejection of the created darkness,

             And He called it Man.

And for the Love of Christ, MAN BETTER WAKE THE HELL UP.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year for All.  — Rev. David Strickler

Copyright © 2019 by Institute of Spiritual Climate LLC, All Rights Reserved.


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Adam Crosthwaite: In Memoriam

People, Places & Things:  Social / Spiritual Commentaries


Winter 2019

by Rev. Dr. David Strickler, Tuesday, December 3, 2019.  Last Updated AZ time 1:28 AM; 12-04-2019

Adam Crosthwaite was born on December 17th, 1979.  Adam wouldn’t be introduced to me by Christine Ford, the Executive Editor of Spiritual Climate Newsletter, until the spring of the year 2002.  Christine was, at that time, teaching children with autism.  She told me she met an interesting young man who she selected to be an aid for her in her large classroom of children with autism.  Christine also mentioned Adam was also seeking some assistance in his quest for understanding about himself, his life, and his notion of spirituality. 

It seemed the possibility of providence had stepped in for me, because I was seeking help in moving from one apartment to another within the same apartment complex.  So, I asked Christine to arrange a meeting with Adam.  If he chose to assist in my move, it would give me some time to evaluate the fabric of his character and the degree of intent in Adam’s seeking.  That is the beginning of a part of the relationship that Adam Crosthwaite and I began, at that juncture of our individual inflection points in life.

With painful reflection, I have retrospectively thought long and hard for the past couple of years about authoring this article about Adam Crosthwaite.  As the primary instigator behind the Spiritual Climate Newsletter, I belayed its production into the public after Adam Crosthwaite’s death, his untimely passing, and transition into the next phase of his life, unburdened by the gravity of a physical body.  Adam was such an integral and contributing aspect of our lives with his intellect, expressive emotions, sharp wit, and contagious laugh.  His passing was a unexpected shock, caving way to a heaviness of contemplation in our hearts. 

The Spiritual Climate Newsletter of Social Commentaries is usually published quarterly with contributions from each member of the Spiritual Climate Temple in Arizona.  I temporarily halted its publication because Adam’s passing was an unexpected event leaving a profound demarcation in our lives. 

Adam’s death, left those of us in the Temple, deeply circumspect and demanding of us, some form of closure inside ourselves, in the participation of his life, spiritual unfoldment, and his progress and failures, his joys and sorrows.  His life showed signs of spiritual light emerging from the friction of his soul within the conflict of flesh in his human experience.  He continued his sojourn within the dark energy that many, if not all of humanity, travel through, whether aware or asleep at the wheels of self-consciousness.

Adam Crosthwaite was kind, generous to a fault, a man with a quick mind using its curiosity toward understanding the process of his life and its intertwining within earth’s oceans of souls in the less seen metaphysical level.  He was capable of generous, sensitive, and intelligible dialogue about his travels in life experience with an unabashed sense of humility in his quest for knowledge and understanding of the intimate encounter within the dress of his personality and the Life Power ItSelf. 

Adam had a natural skill in using his mind in objective analysis.  He could clearly define and speak of various aspects inside himself that we each embrace of what we cite as our ‘self.’  He could concomitantly see effects generated by choices colored with his behaviors.  His self-description included clear explications of emotional aspects of feelings affecting his overall sensibility, about the interaction of himself, and how his choice of actions might likely affect others and himself in his environment.  Adam developed his ability to see where he was ‘at-effect’ with the consequences of his orderly or disorderliness including his behavioral traits inherited in his personality. 

Adam was also growing in skillful witnessing of the harrowing awareness derived from evaluating his filters.  This opened his eyes to whatever bias, bigotry, and/or learned prejudices he found toward himself and others.  Adam shared his insights freely amidst those who provided him a safe haven of acceptance while sharing a dialogue of diversity.  He explained how this insight led him to the ability to recognize the freedom of choosing, either dominion over himself or default to selecting the receipt of slavery to the senses.

Adam celebrated personal achievements and acceptance of shortcomings, from proper reckoning of comprehension he honed and expanded within himself.  He became better and better in utilizing his spiritual tools in uncovering a wiser use of his talents on this hospital ship for souls known as Earth.  He learned the use retrospect tempered by the severe fires of self-honesty, even the recognition of having the occasion of banging his head upside a wall and the eventual acceptance of the need to strengthen a personality weakness through proper use of self-derision.

It was the honest encounter of himself through ‘other-selves’ that he prized to eagerly discover any emission of light into the dark sea of energy humanity finds itself swimming.  In my private conversations with Adam, he came to see darkness as a creation borne by humankind’s hiding from the transparency of truths about themselves and humanity’s spiritual delusion about the source and origin of Will.  He sometimes voiced a struggle with the knowledge that our light is derived from the earnest subordination of carnality in the material flesh unto the Spirit residing in Humanity.

Adam also sought to wake himself from the dreadful sleep of the senses emerging from senseless drive of materialism and the illusion of  separation from spirit generated by overzealous, selfish, trance created by capitalism and its tentacles of consumerism; producing the rot of Zombies being fed off of by the sadistic traits of soulless banshees such as Trump and his support group of “Evangullible” sociopaths who disdain the higher purpose of humanity’s light with contempt.

Adam also had a heart that would attempt to give more than it was capable of flowing.  And he suffered the downside of the human experience replete with its depressions, attempts which fell short in producing change within his life in which he sometimes experienced as a powerlessness.

When he spoke about his two children, Adam would reveal his big heart and the pain he underwent in giving his children up for adoption.  He sought better environment for the welfare of his children, in order to protect them from the heated clash often imposed by egocentric men and women in positions of power.  Adam witnessed firsthand, how these in the upper echelon in corporate governance create unfair circumstances for working parents.  He watched the upper echelons executing their sociopathic narcissism of heartless, cruel capitalism, avalanching on hard-working parents trying to best raise their families, free from the discord and ilk used by elite socialism and their corporate henchmen to control their lives.

Adam’s objective to protect his children, in placing their needs above his need to have his children in his life, toward the possibilities of better starts and clearer pathways for their lives, proved to be one of his better chess moves and ultimate success against the vile ethical depravity and political evils created by members of humanity in the USA and elsewhere seeking to make life unfair for everybody but themselves.

Adam died in a coma while inside a hospitals intensive care unit after somehow, somewhere, coming into contact with an infectious agent and highly dangerous bacteria resulting in pneumonia turning into sepsis and then multi-organ failure.  Adam took leave of his physical body on July 17, 2017.  Adam leaves behind a daughter and a son in the care of adoptive parents.  There is also a long line of numerous friends, family members, coworkers, and readers who followed his articles in Spiritual Climate Newsletter, many whose lives’ have been touched by an inimitable fashion of humanness unique to Adam’s expression.

This page of tribute is not done lightly by us here at SPIRITUAL CLIMATE NEWSLETTER.  In speaking for all of us here at the Institute Of Spiritual Climate and its Temple: I speak for all of us here who have had the privilege to know of Adam.  He traveled alongside us, with the shared experiences along the Path of Return.

We will retain our memory of his life among us, the presence of his spirit, the ardor of his quest, his joy of dialogue, his gentle friendship, and his laughter in our lives. 

So, for now, we continue our spiritual travel to the ‘Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning,’ and await his greetings, when it comes our time.

Rev. Dr. David Strickler; Advising Director, Institute Of Spiritual Climate.

Adam Crosthwaite, born December 17, 1979; died July  17, 2017.

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Copyright © 2019 by Rev. W. David Strickler, All Rights Reserved

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Lightning Struck Late at Night

by Rev. David Strickler

Lightning Flash Back…

It may not have been an unusual Sunday, either in the morning or afternoon for that unparticular day:  I don’t recall much about August 22, 2004 sifting back through layers of memory.  That day, that month and that part of the year does indeed have some type of unfamiliar vibe lurking behind the appearances of its chronological settings.  In fact, I don’t recall much about the daylight settings other than the fact that at that time period of my life it was a normal workday for me.  Most of my recall seems to surround around the darkness.  That would make sense because the lightning struck me at night.

I am not referring to lightning in the ordinary sense of the word.  I am referring to a metaphorical sense of lightning striking.  Sitting here writing this, I’m still struggling to find any sense of what had occurred during the afternoon on that Sunday.  All that day, even to this day, seems to have been obliterated or buried from any sensible recollection.  But I do vividly remember lying in bed, having retired for the night, staring into the darkness at the window curtains in front of my bed.

Uneasy Restlessness…

It seemed almost as if it were any other night, except for my usual routine of reviewing the day’s events in backward sequence.  Not surprising, details appear to be missing from my recollection of that day into night.  That is until the memory of a squirming, agitation yanking my body out of bed to go into the bathroom, turn the lights on and look at myself in the bathroom mirror, for no conceivable reason whatsoever.  Then, reviewing that motion, that whole process again of looking at myself,  but thinking, “Why do I have the bathroom light on?” Why am I staring at myself in the mirror?  Shaking my head, I turned the lights off and headed back to bed.

However, going back to bed, It didn’t stop there, the uneasy restlessness continued with finding myself monitoring my body fidgeting around in bed and I couldn’t quite seem to get comfortable.  This was a sense of uneasiness ‘from out of nowhere’ with no apparent cause I could pinpoint.  My legs were so restless. Before I knew it I was once more up again turning the lights on over the bathroom wall mirror just staring at myself all the while wondering what the hell was going on?  Now there was some sort of inaudible humming sound with tiny electrical sparks that felt like ants crawling up my legs.

All I could think of was, here comes another night of difficulties in getting to sleep but that rapidly turned into a pause producing a growing concern.  I began wondering if something was wrong.  What was I picking up on?  My attention was immediately cast to any family or friends.  Maybe I’m picking up on a strong signal of distress from someone, I thought to myself.  No sooner had I invoked the thought process above, when right under my nose, my body was getting up out of bed.  Yes, I did state that correctly; my awareness was of actually lying there, watching my body getting up out of bed.

Here I was again for the umpteenth time, turning on the bathroom light and eerily seeing the reflection of myself staring back at me as if to say, “Are you paying attention yet?”  It was almost as if another probable me was looking at me from the other side of the conjunction between our realities trying to get my attention.  Now ordinarily I wouldn’t consider that type of thought strange. Those of you who know me understand when I say that.  Small whirlings and vibrations felt like they were going on inside me, taking place like Jonathan Winter’s Maude Fricket might vocalize, “all over my body.”

What’s Going On?

Staring at myself or the reflection of myself in the mirror, whichever you prefer, I didn’t see anything out of place; my color didn’t look bad, my pupils weren’t overly dilated and appeared reactive nor was the room was shrinking while my body was growing, I did not see any horns or antenna coming out of the backside of my head.  It was clear to me, however, that there was something wrong.  In retrospect, I left the bathroom vanity light on and walked back to my bed and sat on the edge of the bed, with my feet on the floor, moving both knees up and down in a rapid pace with pressure placed on the front part of my foot, something most parents will tell their children to “stop doing that!”

Absorbed in assessment, discerning the nature of the moment, whatever you care to call it, is the closest approximation I can give you, because any thoughts after my body walked me back to the bed to sit down were completely absent.  Instead, I was listening, watching, pondering my next move, or rather, my body was assessing, watching, listening and subconsciously considering its next move. I can’t say that I was frightened.  It was in a heightened state of awareness, a form of hyper-vigilance familiar to me through spiritual tools and exercises; some taught to me, some I discovered then used with consistency throughout my life.  To put it another way, something was up and I wanted to know what that “up” was.

That’s Enough…

Immediately after I invoked wanting to know what was up, I shifted into a complete Observer mode, watching my body’s consciousness move into action without hesitation.  Translated that means my body was walking to the phone, picking it up and making a phone call.  Further translated:  the distress signal I was picking up on was ME.

Mentally galvanized and without any thought I found myself launching into action.  I was instantly cognizant that I wouldn’t call Dianne first,  because she lived further away from me.  I called my friend Christine who lived a few doors down.  She answered almost immediately, even though she was a bit surprised at my call, she was her usual polite self and asked me what was up.  I told her to call Wendy and Glen to tell them she was taking me to the emergency room at Paradise Valley Hospital (now the Abrazo Scottsdale Campus) to which she said with full alertness, “What?” I repeated myself, to which she responded “I will call Dianne.”  I stated no, I would call Dianne, just get the car and hurry up please.

Since Dianne lived further away, and it was likely that she was just getting ready to doze off, this meant it would take longer for her to get to me.  She answered my phone call; I told her to meet me at Paradise Valley Hospital emergency room, to which she replied, wanting to know what was wrong.  I told her I wasn’t quite sure what was wrong, but something was wrong; I didn’t break any bones, I wasn’t bleeding.  But, something was wrong, my body was nagging constantly at me.  So, I had called Christine since she lived closer. She could respond more quickly to take me to the emergency room at Paradise Valley Hospital.  Dianne told me okay and she would see me there as soon as possible.

Just as I ended the call with Dianne, Christine rang my cell and told me she was in the car waiting in the parking lot down the north-south walkway to my apartment.  Everything was feeling even stranger.  I found myself rapidly locking the door to my apartment and heading to car.  I found myself wondering if this was a false alarm was I going to the E.R. only to find out there was nothing at all going on?  But there it was again, that subtle inaudible humming vibration making me question again what was going on.  I walked fast to Christine’s car.

Christine asked how I was doing; I said I think I am okay and am having doubts about going to the emergency room.  Christine said no matter, I needed to go and check things out.  Getting into the car, we then left the apartment complex through the north gate to get on Greenway Road.  There was little traffic at this 9 p.m. ‘ish hour. Things were starting to feel even stranger as I was talking to Christine and we approached the 40th Street intersection which we had to turn left on to get to Paradise Valley Hospital on the corner of Bell Rd and 40th Street.

Lightning Struck Unexpectedly…

Approaching the light at the intersection as I was talking to Christine, I remember having a odd sense of immobilization and said, “Oh, my!”  There was a flash as if ‘lightning struck’.  ‘Bam,’ I felt myself free falling forward realizing I was about to lose consciousness.  Next, there was this boing-snap sound inside my head between both my ears.  Everything then quickly went from live to black except for the small ball of light condensing to a point.  I was looking at the blackness of space within, some apparent last thoughts as I was losing physical consciousness.  I do not know how long I was out but I did feel a hand on my chest pushing me back into the car seat.  I remember hearing, “Boss, Boss are you okay, can you hear me?”  I was opening my eyes as I was hearing this.

I think I felt the car moving rather fast.  I said, “Wow, that was a trip, I went away, so that is what it feels like to blackout?  I feeling lost somewhere between here and now.  Christine asked me to describe as best I could how I was feeling and what I was sensing when all of a sudden, wham, bam ‘lightning struck’ again.  I told her for the first time in my life I had some direct understanding of what a candle feels like.  Christine asked me what I meant, and I responded by telling her my face was melting.  It wasn’t my entire face mind you, it was the left side of my face melting and feeling as though it was going to slide off.  All I could think of was a) I now have empathy for melting wax and then the startling awareness of b) my body was in trouble and c) I was glad to have gotten in the car to go to the hospital.

With great relief in seeing the driveway of the hospital leading to the entrance of the E.R. while failing to heed Christine’s words,  I opened the door of the car while it was moving, somehow putting one foot in front of the other nearly ‘levitating’ with haste into the E.R. entrance.  Making it to the admission’s desk, I felt strange with how the admitting nurse was observing me.  I told her I had people coming behind me and I felt I was in trouble.

Admission Tickets…

The admitting room nurse was asking me some questions while I reached for my insurance cards, telling her my address and I was 45 years old, having lost consciousness in the car on the way here explaining to her this has never happened to me before.  Christine came in behind me; the nurse asked her if my face had always looked that way, she told her no, and told the nurse I had said my face started melting shortly after I regained consciousness in the car.  I couldn’t answer the admitting nurse’s question as to what day it was; she said she would be back quickly.  They took me into an adjoining room and took my blood pressure which was some ungodly rate of 230-50 something over 170 something.  They asked me if I could walk and saying yes, I nervously followed the next nurse into the E.R. room.

Health care professionals started swarming around me in a dizzying blur.  All I wanted to do was to go to sleep, but the doctor who introduced himself asked me to please keep my eyes open.  I was placed on a gurney which was followed by needles and IV bags being hung around me.  To my relief, Dianne suddenly appeared around my treatment room curtains alongside Christine.

I found solace in seeing Dianne.  Dianne could look calm in a hurricane and this is not fiction, it is fact.  Dianne and I had gone through Hurricane Andrew in August of 1992 in Naples, Florida.  She’s always been my secret sure-rock of stability where I’d temporarily lost my psychological footing.  I told her I felt strange.  She asked me if I was in any pain and as usual, she nails a novel question to me by asking if I was in any pain.  Come to think of it, I wasn’t experiencing any pain.  Wow, what a trip!  Something was incredibly wrong yet I wasn’t feeling any pain.  There wasn’t any experience of fear either.

Next came the MRI’s and CAT scans.  Between the flurry of dialogue against the curtain of non-dialogue both inside and outside my brain-space-conversation process, I knew my organism was in genuine danger and I was  content with my decision to seek out competent health care professionals.  They were working fast to ascertain what was happening inside and to my body.  After the flurry of blood work, radio diagnostics and small conversation with those around me, I was beginning to feel a huge pause, not in a threatening sense but in positive anticipation, if it can be called that; I stared at the ceiling while listening to the heart monitor waiting to discover what was wrong with my body.  Am I going to lose my organism?  But there wasn’t even a sense of “impending doom.”

Time to Know…

The attending room physician came armed with two nurses at his side asking me how I was doing; I replied that there was no pain but something was wrong.  He gave me a summary of the tests with little segue and finished by saying the indications were likely that I was suffering from an ischemic stroke and based on their investigation he said I was a candidate for Tissue Plasminogen Activator, otherwise known as TPA or PLAT.  He also stated that I was within the four hour window to be able to use the TPA that helps by dissolving the blood clot and reduces the damage done to the body from lack of oxygen.  Of course, there was then the obligatory litany of a long list of side effect citations.  I responded that I needed a minute to think about it and talk to my friends.


I Must Choose…

Geeze, damned if I do and damned if I don’t, I remember thinking.  Knowing my sensitivities to drugs it was like being handed a possible death sentence.  My hesitation did not go unnoticed in the treatment space.  The young nurse gave me five more minutes for my decision, reported to the attending physician and then came back watching the clock.  Am I running out of time, I thought; this looks serious from my horizontal point of view.  I expressed my concerns about the side effects of the TPA to the young nurse; she told me even though I couldn’t see it at the moment, the after effects of a stroke cause much damage if left untreated.  She grabbed my hand and said, “Sir, if you were my father in this bed I would plead with you to take the TPA.”

Man oh man — I could tell from the compassion and  concern in her voice that I need to pay attention because my situation was serious and could get worse.  So looking back at the Angel speaking through her, I agreed to the TPA treatment and she appeared to give a sigh of relief.  The situation suddenly moved even faster.  Clipboards appeared out of nowhere for me to sign, giving consent to the treatment and of being advised of the side effect of the treatment.  She Proceeded in giving me give the TPA treatment with the physician watching.  I could feel it moving through my blood vessels; the next thing I recall happening was tingling in my head and on the left side of my face.  My friends were watching me with a recital of ‘Oh my god!’  To their astonishment, my face was unmelting.  I was watching the doctor try to restrain a smile of thankfulness on his face.

Not Going Home…

I was feeling much better and asked when I could go home.  I was then informed I was being transferred to a facility that could monitor and further my treatment. The doctor was transferring me to Barrow Neurological Institute via St Joseph Hospital and Medical Center for Emergency Trauma treatment in downtown Phoenix, Arizona.  The doctor said I wouldn’t be airlifted because there wasn’t a helicopter available, so I would be carried by ambulance.  Things got blurry a bit into a flurry and hurry at this point.  I thanked my attending room physician and the angel that spoke to me through my attending nurse.

Suddenly, I found myself being loaded into an ambulance with the continual question of how was I doing?  I thought I heard the voices of my friends and the ambulance attendants discussing streets.  Off we went, as I watched the street lights above me with some occasional talk with my ambulance attendant. She told me that I had to be observed for a 24-hour period after this type of stroke treatment.

Out of the rear the ambulance doors I could see the streetlights go by like a string of pearls in the dark Phoenix Arizona night sky holding just a few small grayish white clouds.  For me at least it seemed to be taking a long time to get to St. Joseph’s Emergency Trauma Center.  Now for some reason I was experiencing flashbacks of St. Joseph’s Hospital in Lorain, Ohio that I used to work at in the late 1970s; I must admit I was feeling a bit of a synchronicity if nothing else, from the flood of memories of working that job.  It seemed to take a bit of getting into the hospital I do recall being amazed at the large volume of people filling the emergency room center.

Rinse & Repeat…

A male nurse showed up to ask me to repeat the whole story again of the evening by remarking “I know you already said these things time and time again, but I need to hear them directly from you.”  As an aside, even up to this point in time there was still no pain.  After I had given the intake nurse the details, Dianne and Christine arrived; how the hell they ever found me I don’t know, the hospital was huge. I still felt pretty good, as I told them, a bit strange but I felt pretty good; there was no pain, like getting struck by lightning with no pain and no burns.

Then the process started,  the whole process of CAT scans and MRIs and becoming a human pincushion, it  was another repeat segment of the prior hospital admission questions at Paradise Valley.  Leaving out the hypnotizing details of the CAT scan and an MRI visitation, next thing I knew someone was telling Dianne and Christine that I was at being admitted to ICU for further observation.  Apparently I wasn’t going home yet.

After getting me checked into ICU, which I shared a room with one other individual who didn’t appear to be conscious.  It was dark in there, although there was window; I am almost certain I recall the moonlight coming in through the window.  My nurse’s name was David, he wasn’t the only one, but he was the one who introduced himself amidst the flurry of team of nurses who were checking in on me at various points.  One thing he stated was that they were not going to let me go to sleep.  He informed me that they would be checking on me with some rate of frequency that proved unsettling for me, because all I want to do was to go to sleep.

Some hours later I was eating a cinnamon flavored paste, absolutely ungodly as far as the texture was concerned; I never had eaten Vaseline before, which was close approximation to what the stuff was, but they were preparing to do an echo-cardiogram which meant they were going to slide a tube down my throat. The only thing that caught my interest was they were going to knock me out, which meant I might get a little bit of sleep.  Whatever they used to knock me out was wonderful; looking back at that I could of used that stuff post stroke.

Stroke Ward…

It was later in that day’s evening, whatever that day was, that they were transferring me to the stroke ward at Barrow Neurological Institute which is in the same building.  My nurse Dave followed me there and informed me that they would finally let me sleep, although with frequency they would come and shine a light in my eyes and ask me questions that hopefully I could answer.  I kind of dozed off in and out, when I didn’t have the eyeball light shining on me, only to hear people visiting the patient next to me.

This really caught my attention; I heard the patient’s age was 45, that man was the same age as me at the time.  His whole left side was paralyzed and he couldn’t talk.  When the family left the room later that night I asked my nurse why I didn’t end up paralyzed like so-and-so; he told me it was because I got treatment in time.  I don’t know the man’s name, but my blessings of healing went out to him and his family; that was burned into my memory just like my biological sleep clock was burned into a new time zone.

I met the team of doctors that morning who were getting ready to let me go home.  They were talking about some sort of blood tests to be done on a yearly basis and just at that moment my personal physician called me to see how I was doing; we chatted for a few seconds and I asked the one of the male doctors if they would repeat what they had just said to my physician who was on the phone with me.  They said that would be no problem at all; they talked for about 5 to 10 minutes I think.  I got my release papers and instructions and had to see my personal physician within the next couple of days.  I was happy to get out of there alive.


So yes, I made it home and it is here I will truncate the story.  It was a few weeks later that what I would call bruising started to show up in my neurological system and physical body.  The first striking event: I couldn’t tell which direction sound was coming from!  The pain was setting into the left side of my body.  I couldn’t see in the depth of three dimensionality that I could before,  everything had the appearance of being more flat.  I could feel light hitting my skin for example from headlights; I could not take the lights in the store, and I was suddenly possessed by the will to walk.  I forced myself to walk every day around the parking lot.  The strangest thing of all was I couldn’t stand or walk on a slanted surface without falling over.

Looking back, I think I was becoming frightened at the possible prospect of not being able to walk.  The pain was getting to be excruciating on the left side of my body and the pain in my head, the constant headaches, just wouldn’t go away.  Of course my physician set me up with a regimen of medications to assist me with the spasticity I was experiencing with my body, but the stroke was beginning to leave its mark in my life and within my organism.  All of a sudden I couldn’t remember things; I could no longer do simple math & most distressingly, the photographic (eidetic) recall that I had was nowhere to be found and I felt lost in a series of details.  I have a memory of sitting in front of my speech therapist who was astonished that I actually knew I use to be able to add/subtract, calculus which was familiar was gone (to this day) never mind the tears rolling down my face in having those awarenesses.

While attempting to vacuum the carpet by myself one day, I came into this dark realization of the lack of energy in my vehicle, my physical body, and the immense fatigue it was experiencing:  I couldn’t breathe after vacuuming 2 foot section off carpet.  I had even noticed many cognitive functions had changed and left water running in the bathroom while setting a towel on fire on the kitchen stove to name a few too many things I’ve done post-stroke.  To make a long story short, I talked with my physician and requested some rehab. I also requested a neuropsychiatric evaluation, which may help some of you who are familiar with my tweets to understand why I have questioned the cognitive capability of people out there are in various professions.  The neuropsych test is painless and it is a fascinating discovery of identifying limitations.

For Whom It May Concern…

So yes, lightning struck me, in the form of an acute stroke, irrevocably changing my life and my relationship with the organism of my body that I operate through, in tandem with my brain and its remarkable capabilities.  I am putting this story down since it was only a few weeks ago that it was the anniversary of this event in my lifestream. Why am I writing this?  To hopefully give anyone the wherewithal to get their ass to the emergency room if something is going on that you don’t understand, whether with your physical self or your mental self.

There are parts of this story I have left out for the sake of brevity, but I have hopefully included enough of the necessary details to give rational people a chance to realize that in order to exercise a window needed to reduce paralysis in this type of medical event that strikes like lightning out of nowhere, they should act by going to the Emergency Room.  This helps themselves with their body more instead of playing macho man or macho woman russian roulette in experiencing an unknown threatening circumstance.

This was an expensive trip that, thankfully, I could take on because of the fine health insurance at my disposal.  I have a great many thanks to the people who study diligently in their fields who were able to specifically assist me in my moment of medical crisis.  Strokes are confusing and still are to this day but I do know something for sure; strokes affect not only the patient, the stroke also affects everybody who is connected to the patient:  the lightning strikes everyone to some degree.

Strokes change people, and I am thankful that I had a group of loving support around me to assist me in this part of the journey of my life with this medical event.  Even the people who were in rehab with me in occupational, speech and physical therapy I still remember and feel inspired by their drive to move forward.  A moment of special thanks to my Stroke Rehab Team of Therapists below:

Left to Right: My Speech therapist, Occupational therapist, then Me, and then my Physical therapist
2005 October 14. Left to Right: My Speech therapist, Occupational therapist, then Me, and then my Physical therapist

11 Years Later…

I would like to take a few moments to address the invisible injuries that can easily happen with head injuries.  With any head injury there is an increasing possibility for brain injury and the INVISIBLE problems resulting from it may not be entirely visible to anybody.  I look completely normal to people who merely look at me, but my personality has changed, my ability to do things have changed, the stroke has rendered me disabled.  ‘My Brain Hurts’ is a normal event for me now — more on that in a minute.  Hell, it took me six years to be able to play guitar again viewed right here or here .  I tire easily and frequently, I lose focus after 10 minutes, my sleep schedule has been turned into a backwards, afternoon shift of not being able to fall asleep until 5 AM.  To top it off, it took another 11 years for them to find the location of the stroke inside my brain.  The final kicker?  The pièce de résistance is?  Get this, I caught wind through the grapevine that a small few thought I was faking it, because “You look fine!”

What I’m trying to say is brain injury is not something to take to lightly; anyone who is had a family member affected with a brain injury, whether it be a severe crack on the head, a stroke or various other ways that head traumas can produce a brain injury, don’t expect the person to respond the same as prior to the injury: they may not even be close to what you recall as “normal” for them anymore. Please, don’t think that all they gotta do is go out there and do it; don’t push them to do things like they did before, because that’s just not going to work.  They have been irrevocably changed for this lifetime and need support and understanding as they adjust to a new life.

Cristabelle Braden has produced some excellent videos to easily help those who do not understand the invisible injuries that can happen from head injuries.  Braden speaks a truth known to those of us with brain injury when she states, “The experience of a brain injured person is very different.” I am posting links to her wonderful videos, within this paragraph, for those who would like to gain a better understanding this type of injury affecting 1.75 million of us annually.  Braden covers in her short videos such as “I forgot…” – The Frustration of Forgetting after Brain Injury! or thinking + auditory overload topic dealing with cognitive fatigue “Thinking Makes Me Tired!” or her most important video “You Look Fine!” – The Real-Life Struggle of an Invisible Injury – TBI Awareness.  

So, seek medical advice, seek psychological and psychiatric advice about TBI and post traumatic stress disorder therapy such as EMDR therapy.  Learn about what’s happening to either yourself or the person whom you love who has brain injury.  Why?  Because they are forever changed and it is very unlikely that they will ever be the same person that they were before the event, so be flexible and don’t place expectations on them; instead place the expectations on yourself to learn about what’s going on.  It’s not the same as working through a cold; it’s more like running into a wall that you can’t see every five or ten minutes and no matter where you look you can’t seem to find it.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading global cause of death, accounting for 17.3 million deaths per year, a number that is expected to grow to more than 23.6 million by 2030. 1  Stroke 2 is a leading cause of serious long-term disability.  You can help by learning how to identify a possible stroke.  Whether it is you or a loved one, whatever the relationship, be informed and ready to make adjustments in your life because a new chapter is about to start.  When this type of lightning strikes it, will affect you and those around you, ever altering not only the victim of the trauma, but the relationships and interactions with in all aspects of life.

Someone once asked me what it was like to live in the world after a Stroke. “Simple,” I told them, “Take a mirror without a frame.  Now drop it on the floor in front of you and then use those fragments to negotiate the world and any number of your thoughts.”  He looked at me wryly and said, “Boy, I am glad you told me you don’t drive anymore.”

 ~ Rev. David Strickler

Copyright © 2016 by Institute of Spiritual Climate LLC



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you know you want to do it:

Prayer is Not Asking for Something

by Rev. David Strickler

last updated July 28, 2016

Early one afternoon during my ‘give the eyes a computer break,’ I listened to a conversation in which two people were discussing prayer, somewhere a week or more  back.  Their discussion centered around one or both stating that prayer was asking for something.  My reaction surprised me, although it was not out of place in a world, empty and devoid of genuine understanding in a world where, words are constructed and defined from the building blocks of meaningless language as English, especially prayer.

Anyway, I was struck at the myopic understanding of the concept and how a truer meaning of the concept was being destroyed by the dance of personality-egos attempting to communicate with each other on such a profound topic.

Prayer is not asking for something, far from it; although prayer can be used to ask for ‘something’.  If the standard definition of prayer is not ‘asking for something’ then what is prayer and more importantly, what is the meaning of prayer and/or what is prayer used towards?  Is prayer a tool?

Almost without fail, when I talk or speak about prayer, a memory of movie from 1971 almost portrays a resemblance of prayer:  Fiddler on the Roof.  Almost certainly, if you watch the movie, you will likely get an idea of what one side of prayer might look and sound like.

To Whom or with what am I having a Dialogue?

Many people believe that they are talking/praying to no-one or that they are just having a conversation with themselves.  If a person’s illusion of separateness is allowed to go on unchallenged, an illusion of isolation is created as a subconscious response to the [erroneous] premise, observation and/or hypothesis.  A subjective experience a person is praying to no-one, or at the very least, just talking to themselves.  Here is where our mental constructs may make us or break us.  At the very least, we may come to know limitations we are experiencing due to mental constructs or coping with whatever limitations we as a soul may be experiencing of our body’s unawakened nervous system to the invisible.

With the devolution of mankind 1 2 came loss of greater interior capabilities, a stunting or retreat of greater abilities within the physical human perceptual organism.  Prior to this shift, an ability to access to higher abilities temporarily free humanity from the delusion of duality, provided the method of access was taught.

Some oral traditions appear to point a finger in a direction that access to higher functions (i.e., in oral traditions, the higher interior hearing function, Wernicke’s area) corresponding areas of the neuropathways in human brain that were ‘stripped down’ (gone dormant) to a basic model.  This latter is part of a greater model that I teach.  Some of the loss of ability to communicate directly to Spirit designated above, came, I hypothesis, as a result of mankind’s development and advancement of necessary tools to assist physical civilization; our technology has become of sorts, a Tower of Babel.  This contributes to the illusion of separateness and the fear in individuals established by a conflated illusion of personal autonomy rejecting interdependence of human beings — inability to hear the speaking of Higher Spirit.

With the increasing of awareness of our personal self, provided by the sentence and acceptance of the illusion of separateness provided by generic humanities subconsciousness response to the ‘fall’, our awareness and attention to our greater self as soul emerging from purpose in the primal-will-to-good within the realm of Higher Spirit, generic humanity 3 lost ‘sight’ and the ability to speak in a valid communication inside of a Reality that became diminished after what some refer to as the ‘primeval deviation’.  Or what the simple level of interpretation of Christianity refers to as ‘Adam and Eve lost the ability speak directly with God’.

So, if you are a person who has untied part of the illusion that you are just your body, then perhaps the power of prayer is releasing you as Soul from its flesh confusion.  Perhaps for some it may be to just invoke the hidden, latent and unused possibilities of your personality that prayer may release within your organism and mind.  This could provide a beginning platform to enable awareness of you as a Soul using a biological electro-chemical body for experience in this material world.

Then again, perhaps you should start with the statement I give to everyone that we did not give birth to ‘ourselves’ whether that be body or soul.  How can we remember anything prior to our birth when the elementary aspects of memory are not incorporated into the initial burst of energy the promotes the development of the fetus? It is interesting to note that memory does not develop in the human fetus until about approximately 30 weeks:  this is thirty weeks AFTER the Soul orders a human body at the production line and then 9 months later takes possession of the human body at the infant’s  first breath.

What is Prayer?

Pure and simply speaking, Prayer is a Dialogue, a dialogue about your favorite topic – You – the current state of your consciousness viewed through the filters of the Flesh.  Prayer is another chance to exercise self-honesty, to square off with our shortcomings and accept the negativity of our lies and rationalizations.  This is the most important Dialogue that you can establish in this lifetime other than learning how to listen to conscience and ‘other’.  This is a dialogue that if repeated, creates a flow like an opening the closed windows of a house in order to provide air circulation to relieve the stale air of confinement.  Sometimes, what is mistakenly taken to mean a dialogue, are thought conversations taking place between different areas of your brain as for example, “I am hot;” in reality you are not hot, your body is and the area of the brain that monitors temperature is relaying information via your “I-dentification.”   Remember, you are a Soul that uses a biological body as a spacesuit—it has built in feedback sensors.

Prayer is also a means to bring one’s desire nature into proper management.  Attention is brought to some perceived lacking in one’s ability whether or not that ability is physical, emotional or some other type of lacking comprehension recognized needed in order to move forward instead of feeling stuck within the temporary limitations represented by our body, emotions, intellect or mind.

Prayer can also be a means to enhance awareness of our personality when we come face to face with our own shortcomings and how the inequality those shortcomings produce an imposition on others if we are in a state of unbalance.  We may then pray that others forgive us as we overcome the shortcomings in our personalities comprehension or projected, inadequate and equivocated opinions prevent good-ness for other human beings to acquire around us or produce the response of alienation in our environment.  It is in those moments that we pray to undo something misunderstood, or to ask forgiveness for being so short sighted or selfish-centered.

Intercession and Prayer.

There can be times within anyone’s life where there are appearances of conditions that can overwhelm anyone.  This can range from a cumulative fatigue of a longstanding experience of negative conditions.  There are humorous jokes that convey this idea.  My favorite and actually asked of me one day, “When did you piss in God’s Wheaties?”  Difficulties can get more than steamed up inside the growing personality when in fact that personality is being ‘pressure tested’ by what some call their higher/greater self, or by some angel representing God.  Some people seek an intercessor to intercede for them to assist resolution with whatever the problem is so that relief can be had before some type of breaking point occurs, whether that breaking point be in the fragile physical, fragile psychological, fragile emotional, fragile intellectual or some mixture of all of the above said.

Prayer is where we pause and begin an intercession process in our personal events that appear to be emerging on our event horizon.  Take for example, some3one throws a ball toward a wall without second thought until the ball appears to boomerang into a direction out of our current position of control.  Intercession can be at times, running to get the ball whose trajectory is outside of what we anticipated.  On a larger scale, sometimes a person’s view is too limited to the boundaries of their literacy in ANYTHING.  A person can easily lose a ‘sense of direction or accomplishment’ from standing within their own limited literacy of comprehension and understanding, Here, the pause can be used to alert our organism we are operating through for greater assistance and unused latencies that reside within us so we can come to know otherwise.

Will, Choice and Prayer

This is often overlooked, the use of free will in order to choose.  As Soul our physical space suite may have certain limitations due to its function in the material plane.  As soul there are less limitations to the scientific fallacy of communication at a distance.  There is no distance to overcome, the only difficulty is in making an open willingness to choose communication with what some term our ‘Higher Self’ or what I teach as our greater self.  Soul is the connection to and part of this greater self, similarly, just as ‘you’ represent the constituents in the universe of your body.  The use of free will is the first step in transcending the whole mess of limitations inherent within the mundane world.

Our motif about Will should come under scrutiny by first realizing that we do not create free will, it is given freely for us for use, with some wisdom one might hope.  This would be the first step in aligning with the true Primal-Will-to-Good that creates and sustains any universes.  If we are undamaged, we understand the enjoyment of Good-ness, the experience of Good-ness.  If our personality is not operating in this vein or characteristic then our forms of petition in prayer might be nothing more than a festering of narcissism, fueled drunken gluttony, which can be a fair appraisal of an easily acquired symptom when running amok in a society whose god becomes consumerism, technology and Daddy-Mommy corporations.

Will and Choice is also a ‘call to action.’  Many times, we may be facing a choice, especially when there may not be an apparent answer to the prayer.  There may be additional ‘leg work’ involved as a part of the answer to a prayer.  Often this involves activating a possibility from any personal resources, that would include a public plea for assistance when to a person’s panicked view it appears there are one.  Maybe we haven’t exhausted all personal resources yet as is the case with personal disability that has genuine medical merit, maybe an attorney is needed to assist and then a phone call need be made in order to activate that possibility.  The infamous network network network ad-nauseum can come into play here.  If you didn’t get that job as a Nanny, maybe you need to ask the laqst person you interviewed with for a Nanny to see if they could possibly recommend you to another if they hear of the need.

Our lives are INEXTRICABLY linked together as an individual cell with the body of sleeping Adam (who was never awoken from the sleep).  Whether you accept this or not is immaterial, after you die you will discover the truth.  Sometimes we must act on some type of choice that we have considered the consequences of the chosen action to the best of our contemplation and consideration.  We are responsible for part of what is generated by our use of freely given use of Free-Will.

Prayer and Desire.

You will have a dialogue with whomever you believe you are having a dialogue with based on; how your personality uses the desire energy available to it.  When we find some aspects of our experience to be underwhelming, our pool of desire can be interrogated to discover if we actually wanted such an underwhelming outcome.  Maybe our limits of literacy co-created, incorporated too low of an expectation in an experience we sought for ourselves.  We can then pray to have insight, solvability and right action to adjust the pattern were put into motion.

Sometimes it is not the case and there appears to be an opposite of what we desired, continually negative.  To seek intercession for something that appears to be out of the orbit of our experience to that we may correct what might be called a negative anomaly amplified within some circuit or aspect of our personality. Perhaps a person is unable to communicate effectively with others which if understood can use free will to choose a corrected of actions with choices toward self-esteem, courses in listening, or by simply paying attention to something outside our internal universe.  In this fashion the energy of desire can be brought into further use and balance by active management of the desire energy.

Misconceptions about Prayer.

So prayer isn’t a tool of just asking for something.  Prayer is not God’s cosmic vending machine to pop out pain killers or super-happy-day uppers like Pez candies to prevent you from drowning the shallow depths of your puddle perception.  On the contrary, prayer is a tool of cultivation which may not bear any short term gratification.  It’s a cultivation to expand our ability to communicate, discuss and dialogue with greater and less dense realms of human consciousness; the living presence of Spirit.  Some people call this ‘talking with God” I call this having a conversation with The Self, the Source Self; Source Being; Source Consciousness.  While asking for something is might be a fine example of a description coming from within the ravages of the religion of consumerism, I do not consider that a description of prayer.  Such a description, if it were to be accepted, would be a debasement, a blasphemy of the integrity representing the Spirit of what true prayer WAS, IS and SHALL BE tool used for the path of return, a tool used for the Daath of Soul to reconnect into the evolution of consciousness in order to transcend the material world of time and space.

Another misconception about prayer presented is the practice of praying.  I really disregard much that is spoken about ‘how to pray’ in broadcasting circles of commercialized Christianity.  My model is simple; speak simply about your concerns or misgivings especially about yourself and your situations.  That is one tough cookie to bite into.  Why?  Many personalities refuse to square off with the facts in some feigned act of positive thinking and acting like it’s a ‘super-sparkly day.‘ Or where people speak of the agonizing frustrations in their life with themselves, or others, as if it be a true pain.  Whereas if they were truthful, they wouldn’t be trying to pull the wool over the eyes of their greater consciousness which can see through such childish complaints.  Second, speak your facts out loud if possible, by yourself, so that you can hear the sound and tone of your unspoken thoughts which usually do not get aired from you head:  hear what those thoughts sound like.  Third and finally, have respect, not for the imaginary spaghetti monster in the sky, but to the principle of the Eternal which lent you some Life power, a gift of IT’S portion of power to explore, to have respect for the true source of that which constituted the gift of your nonphysical life.

A greater misconception held by people about prayer is it’s a one-way street.  This may be true if you are only a one way person, a person who has to have things Their Way.  If your personality temperament is such, you’ll likely get the feeling of talking to a wall (representing You), getting no response, the you that gives no response to others unless it is your way.  Prayer doesn’t support these types of delusions within a conflated personality, the portion of your ego-personality that is unbending to any existence of life outside the non-material universe called time and space.  The irony is, that a relationship with our greater self as being a soul speaking with Spirit is a cultivated relationship.  Cultivated because the inborn boundaries established by our flesh, derived from the material earth plane.  bring about a false conclusion that praying is a waste of time.

What Prayer Is NOT.

Prayer is also NOT a state of consciousness that can be invoked through some digital technology.  As wonderful and useful as digital technology can be, you cannot digital-ize or text your way to this state of consciousness, on the contrary, it is developed outside the use of the digital domain and requires a part of the brain that is not attached to such digital devices.  And as I said earlier, it is not something that can be purchased off the electronic vending shelf of immediate gratification-consumerism.  Some things take repeated immersion to bring adjustment in bent areas of the human personality, whether you want to accept it or not.

Prayer is also not an ordinary activity in your consciousness even though your life is maintained by the Eternal, endlessly meditating upon and sustaining all existence of which you are a meditated part of.  Prayer is also not an escape from activity that a person might find redundant or distasteful.

We should also not pray for any specific characteristic that we think we need more of such as patience or strength.  You may find your life in situations that demand more strength than your immediate ability to produce or cope with because that is what you asked for, more strength.  Just like patience, pray for more patience and you will find yourself in situations trying your patience, the more patience you want the more turmoil you require in order to test your level of patience.

This particular state of awareness developed by dialogue of prayer can be developed, just as handwriting can assist in coming to realize a flow because of the fine motor control that is needed which establishes a form of concentration.  It can be developed, just as working with a Sacred language whose letter you are inscribing has a noun and number entwined to reflect a characteristic of consciousness and cosmic energy and means so much more than just a meaningless vowel or consonant sound attached to a letter sterile of anything called English.

The awareness I am pointing toward is more nuanced and less easily distinguished (for some) and recognized thought-banter spoken of above; it is a cultivation of a repeated and intentional (volitional act) of dipping into a flow that already exists that requires use of neural pathways that may be unused and latent in the flesh.

This Dialogue can be visualized as a conversation between you and ‘God’, but is more likely to establish a dialogue between your erroneous material construct and your Soul.  This Dialogue initiates an equilibrated flow of your consciousness between you as Soul and your incarnate illusion/ego of a separate self.  The small self is differentiated, only appearing to itself to be separate.

Prayer is at often the heart of an event in the human condition, especially when the prayer is prompted by the appearance of an event that stirs questioning, true questions.  It indeed appears some people only resort to praying in dire circumstances, almost as if an invocation emerges out of the deep dark levels of humanities instinctual nature, an instinctive response to events of joy, gratitude, or pains and sorrows.

If you have found your way with the noticeably sublime help from something greater than your perception of yourself, then perhaps you have worked your way from the P’shat, פְּשָׁטexplored the Remez, רֶמֶזpursued the inquiry of Derash, דְּרַשׁ , and have experienced a profound touch by a glimpse of the Ruach Ha Qodesh, רוּחַ הַקֹּדֶשׁ , the secret mystery embodied in Sod, סוֹד . 

Sombrero Galaxy

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you know you want to do it:

Takeover, the New Dark Age

by Rev. David Strickler

updated 5/9/2016  12:46:32 AM

The takeover of scientific progress, without illuminated understanding of the inherent worth of every human being, shackles untold billions of people in this generation and the next in slavery to the chariots of despotism and further takeover by special privilege.  Science has been harnessed by the finance sector to be used against freedom.  Protecting this freedom requires vigilance and a warning, as when Benjamin Franklin was asked, “Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?”  To which Franklin responded, “A Republic, if you can keep it.” 1

It seems not to matter who comments about it, or how often, or the lack of commentary from an over-privileged almost necessary evil of the Beltway Media Industrial Broadcasting Complex 2 whose ego’s are thin-skinned as other CEO businessmen such as whiny ass GE chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt.  They also resent any well deserved criticism and commit to willingly censoring genuine voices presenting empirical economics to the contrary or those crying ‘you are being misled’ is supplanted instead with their own brand of economic misinformation promoting intentional institutional financial illiteracy.  Why?  In order to keep people confused and for ratings; besides, perhaps they ruminate knowing answers given to them by think tanks who chose to advertise on their networks?  Perhaps they think the general public is too stupid for them to take time in explaining issues of money they deem difficult to understand?  Perhaps it cuts into their profits to give a damn?  Much-to-perhaps?-ignore is consistent broadcasting horsecrap, since there are a plethora of people who have the talent to explain such issues.

Little do broadcasters realize that they are just pawns being used by larger financial forces to achieve what corporations truly want in this nation, takeover control.  They are well paid lab-rats, profiled by behavioral engineers who understand the necessary infrastructure to get their corporate clients what they want:  to impose the deadly free enterprise agenda of totalitarian capitalism.

Sound like science fiction?  Really?  Maybe, maybe not, although this is very possible in the circles I travel.  At the very least, consider this: whether you agree with me or not is immaterial.

Why the hell bother to inform the public with information and complete facts so the public can have an understanding that the anger they feel is justified?  Is ANYONE in the the Beltway Media Industrial Broadcasting Complex informing you of the root problem of RENT SEEKING? 3  Or contribution to existing problems coming from the MIRACLE OF COMPOUND INTEREST? 4 5  Why bother when you can hand out any plausible answer dipped in the behavioral economics of either major political parties stupefying fiscal policies?  Just allow audiences to feel violated, it feeds attention to the incomplete crap presented.  Why should the public know that their anger has a basis in reality?  I think I get it—giving citizens unpoliticized answers is an entitlement!

It is easier for so called “News Agencies,” to use their takeover control from advertising revenue to deflect away from information that may contribute to increasing the public’s awareness.  Why do anything  requiring more effort such as educating the public on what is really going on?  This type of sheering off, redirecting, also allows the politicians enough headroom to employ their financial illiteracy and siphon off money from labor, industry and the public domain to pay bankers.  That’s right, profit off the American public’s trust, at the behest of the financial sector.

Have you listened to the laughable & appalling glut of junk economics coming from republican-neoliberals such as Gov. Rick Synder, former Gov. Bobby Jindal or the bully no manners, Gov. Chris Christie to name only a few?  How about my ‘first to be heard here’ announcement that Sen. Ted Cruz is ‘creating more darkness?’  Ted Cruz’s ideas of ‘free enterprise’ can only be imposed at gunpoint in a police state, which only a socialist government can impose as Milton Friedman himself observed 6

In the same breath the Beltway Media Industrial Broadcasting Complex gets paid for their financial illiteracy on federal budgets, they then pay their producers to ensure support for the very same financial illiteracy on federal debt and deficits opined from any of their specially chosen guests to fit their harmful narrative.  Now just ‘add water’ and keep duplicating the process of circular repeating via their ‘on-air’ broadcasting hypnotism.  An ongoing narrative engineered to sound rational, sensible and logical and importantly, consumably spiced with synthetic certainty.  The finest sensory entrapment with just enough calculation to ensure subliminal saturation threshold doesn’t invoke the rejection response of a forced-fed human nervous system; just enough so as not to provoke aggravation from this takeover.  Although, the current anger in the electorate might be the threshold having been breached:  the public is angry for having been violated.

The flawed shortcomings of broadcasters’ knowledge of American economic history, whether on cable (throw a dart and you’ll hit one, e.g., Joe Scarborough on MSNBC) or radio (e.g., Charlie Sykes, WTMJ) and their laissez faire attitude of not updating their education, are used as a powerful takeover tool tactfully by the networks to shower the authority of ‘corporate daddy & mommy’ over their ‘star personalities’, and are likely chastised when not towing the totalitarian corporate economic policy message and associated agenda agenda by reminding them that ‘our ratings are the source of your paycheck’  so tow the line and mischaracterize the scope and content of the news and read what we pay you to read.’

This is a great tool for preventing, intentionally, the full informing of American citizens on what they need to know.  People know something is wrong, but answers as to who is culpable, where the problem lies and who is responsible is ignored (censored) by the message being blasted for ratings due to the paradigm of corporate socialism (free enterprise) and inherent profit interest.  All else be damned and never mind the middle class ‘we are not here to educate our audiences let them eat cake.  Results?  Slowly chipping away at what the United States represents as a nation under the false pretense of freedom and ‘American exceptionalism’ and wall-street profit motive.

This opens up a playground for business individuals with executive parasitic skills to assist wall-street’s draining of the economy.  Take, for example,  one of the executive corporate siphons at CBS, CEO Les Moonves, was quoted as saying: “It may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS,7 As if Mr. Moonves couldn’t stimulate some deep investigative reporting in his news division?  Pardon me, how terrible of me to forget-he’s an American, so it’s more about the money derived from his profit centers.  Moonves’ comments are likely typical amidst the parasitic business community of executive CEOs and news executives 8 and he is likely not the only CEO or executives in broadcasting using takeover control to prevent relevant information that serves the public interest to reach citizens of this nation.

Siphons like Moonves would better serve the United States if someone just hauled off and kicked him and others like him, in the ass—repeatedly, metaphorically speaking, for wanting the use of resources in the United States at no cost or taxes and never mind giving a fuller rendition of the facts.  That might be more merciful than living under the penalty of a curse levied by the living and breathing Spirit of our Nation.  Why such a strong metaphor you might ask?  The Beltway Corporate Media, suavely and with great ingenuity became the de facto lobby group for Donald Trump.  How so?  They wanted the results of higher ratings and in exchange for consideration Trump received nearly $2 billion in free media exposure over the past year 9  The media enjoyed the ratings and the push of wallstreet (Trump) closer into the White House to further drain the economy.

Why, you may ask are they cursed?  Because they and other political or non political personages in the Democratic and Republican parties are beginning to suffer under a curse, no joke-haven’t you noticed the deserved circus happening in republican party primaries?  A curse from where?  A curse from Truth.  It is my sincere view that the Beltway Media Industrial Broadcasting Complex is a part of a national threat to the economic security of the United States.  They takeover the narrative to ensure to their brand edited truths to talk in brand pre-canned scenarios.  But they are not alone as an institutional center generating profit from the clear and present danger of obfuscation.

This takeover includes both political parties, Democrats (with the exception of anti-neoliberalism of Bernie Sanders campaign) and Republicans do not want you to understand ANYTHING about the root causes of  economic inequality or hand they had in it, but here again, why bother revealing either parties’ culpability?  Unless you demand Beltway Media Industrial Broadcasting Complex speak outside their enormous financial illiteracy concerning how federal budgets are managed and also demand for interviews of people who are literate in their field of discipline, who can explain what hasn’t been permitted explanation outside of orthodox glossolalia.  There are  people outside the networks’ usual guest lists who can provide counter-narratives to their upheld false premises.  It can’t happen without your complaints, it won’t happen.

I’ll prove it to you right now.  Example, Donald Trump has received enormous free coverage for months.  Where is the coverage given when there are genuine explanations of coverage in economy from those who are not financially illiterate, such as Dr. Michael Hudson, Dr. Stephanie Kelton or Prof. Steve Keen or Prof. Bill Mitchell or another, how about Mike Norman?  Oh come on, not even Marshall Auerback?  Any of Joseph M. Firestone and his incredible, salient articles?  Sigh, they even say no to Warren Mosler?  Have you heard any of their correct opposing empirically-founded explanations inside our Beltway Media Industrial Broadcasting Complex?  Yup.  NO Such coverage. You’d think it was virtually non existent.  Is such coverage likely to be found on The Young Turks?  Nope!  Hell, you won’t even find them interviewed on RealTime with Bill Maher who is outside the Beltway Media Complex.  Makes one wonder what kind of junk economics, if any, is promoted on The Young Turk and by whom.

But I get it, it’s heresy to complain about corporatism of the Beltway Media Complex’s entitlements.  NeoFeudal corporate takeover of religion replace by the worship of business marketing!  All fall on your hands and knees to worship the Beltway Media Broadcasting Industrial Complex, the orthodoxy and sacred cow of engineered & edited ‘factruths.’ 10 Well hear this oh those in the self-righteous piety of Beltway, I can only say this—Kiss My Ass.

For now though, let’s resume….

If you go outside the Beltway Media Industrial Broadcasting Complex, you’ll find some factual information; check out The Real News Network where you might discover answers and more answers, it beats the crap-o-nomics from the invalid doomsday view from the impaired economic gatekeepers called the ‘Chicago School’ who control the economic information inside the Beltway Media Industrial Broadcasting Complex.  Hell, a city called Rimini, Italy gave some of the true econ stars even some of whom predicted the great crash, Rimini citizens hosted them in an economics concert and that you didn’t even hear about here in the United States; Beltway Media executives CENSORED it in the name of brand management.

The takeover of preventing people from knowing why a problem exists in economics, appears to be a cyclical template of unresolved physical, emotional and intellectual conditions emerging from the race mind of humanity, specifically from within business leaders in the United States and abroad.  This cycle keeps repeating itself as forgotten lessons of economic history, under newer memes to fit the style of ignorance of the day such as the clingy metalmaniacs having a serious gold standard hangover stoked by CNBC and Peter Schiff who doesn’t even have a background in economics.

Another aspect of the takeover template is its use as a scourge against our freedom inside the current money-lenders and their political worker bees. 11  The development of the template design is coagulated from demand data in marketing along with a good dose of sculpting from with modern behavioral science 12 started with a burgeoning desire executing an act of necromancy, invoking the personality of market bestiality, market narcissism and market sadism out of the collective memory of types of leaders from the Dark Ages.  It appears to be their wish to takeover the bastion of freedom known as the United States while pillaging it with privatization and reducing it into a failed Roman State under the guise of social conservatism whose adherents of political glossolalia fail to see that the true culprit of problems is free-market capitalism.

Modern day prophet and English ceremonial magician, William G. Gray (1913-1992) 13, who wrote “The Tree of Evil,” 14 was one of the many who foretold the upcoming crisis in the world.  This is an excellent book that explores understanding the nature of evil in the world today 15 and a worthy read.

In chapter 7 of William G. Gray’s book, Evil Old and New, he cites from a different angle of human discernment as to how the takeover of freedom would take place.  The terminology I use from my theological and qabalistic exegesis of the Hebrew word  חשך (choshek) 16 is rendered in my use of the phrase, ‘the creation of darkness.’  How William G. Gray explained what would come to be is what I have called here and elsewhere in my body of work, ‘the creation of darkness.’  This ‘creation of darkness’ is generated by the hand of financial, political and misguided religious ignorance (mainly evangelical) in individuals in the United States private sector and some in the government feeding on misinformed citizens.

To this day, William G. Gray’s written explanations of evil can assist one to comprehend why there is evil, what its nature is and how people will re-employ it to assist in a re-enslavement of human beings into a dark age; a dark age that reinvigorates the nightmare of feudal control.  This reemergence of Feudalism has been taking place over the past 30 or more years.  This mass event is a rebuttal from those who hate the phrase, “all men are created equal” that Henry Clay in 1842 called the “great fundamental principle.” William G. Gray was and still is correct.  Mystics can and do see through the chimera of opines and humans that ‘create darkness’ and have been reporting, pointing and shouting out the bonds of delusion for humanity to avoid.

Cognitive and Behavioral Science is a knife that can cut both ways,  depending on the ‘who’ in science and what the personality of the ‘who’ is infatuated with; what they think they might have uncovered.  In damaged and/or underdeveloped personalities resultant from environmental and hereditary characteristics, an encoded expression rises within the incarnate storage of the race mind.  This ‘race mind’ rises from a permutation of constants and shifting variables within the collective memory of humanity which still represent a dynamic apparatus and recompilation of unburnt karma from the history of delusion found in feudalism.

In humanity’s family, our nations had escaped this damage of human history not too long ago.  The reappearance persistent of this vampiric 17 18 and unchecked impulse originating from the ‘lizard brain’ unmasks business leaders who seek to overcome the chagrin  of their lost control of governance due to the pulling back the curtains of revealing genuine conspiracies (think: marketing) to bilk the public.  Sometimes things brought to light in public does wonders for social orders.

Today’s modern society can produce a plethora of mantras providing cover from bullshit detection and this one particular CON hides under the guise of Austerity using the misleading  term called a ‘balanced federal budget’ or the ‘Federal Debt’ or the ‘Federal Budget Deficits.’  Oh, and let’s not forget the Con of the term ‘Surplus’ that came from the economic cult of Robert Rubin, or the latest CON job on commercials pleaded to not let Puerto Rico go bankrupt or you will suffer loss in your pensions. 19  Really? The Bond vigilantes and Robber Barons will find a way to take the pensions regardless.  Even a couple thousand years ago, the power to takeover was protected—No Debt Jubilee; many sources including those who represented the republicans and evangelicals at the time of the Great Rabbi Jesus wouldn’t have any of it, so they crucified him.

Yet, behind all of the spurious activity of the synthetic trope called the marketplace, there are basically two types of progress: spiritual growth vertically whose main feature is growth out of the bonds of delusion, and growth horizontally which is continuity of being of a series of  effects from the knowledge of good and evil, the glib sophistry embedded in the Eros of materialism.  We can speak of the vertical progress later; for now I am attenuating to the horizontal progress into devolution.

What appears to be technical evolution may be, often times, devolutionary growth into a sideways channel that we refer to in our order as ‘horizontal growth.”  This horizontal growth which enables humans to have more/do more with the use of technology that has a whole slew of toll-booths that will get less and less paying traffic.  Wages are not in fair proportion to the current price of extortion in the free enterprise of corporate socialism profits.  This enables a form of righteous business behavior that sucks the life out of its surroundings, attested to by the noted bestiality of Chicago school style neoliberal policies brought to life in Flint, Michigan and in other cities in the United States.  It is this kind of unnecessary crap-o-nomics, in my opinion, that the Beltway Media  in particular @CBNC appears to profit from consistently.

Cities such as Flint, MI and others have public infrastructure being put up for auction, to be bid upon sometimes silently and sometimes highly visible to anyone but the ignorant, paid-not-to-look, beltway broadcasters (advertising payola) being paid off by the private financial sector.  The active participants Finance Sector is laughing their asses off at political schmucks the likes of Governor Rick Snyder and others, who are grossly illiterate to the long term consequences of privatizing public holdings, and are nothing more than temporary puppets. Another example, Rep. Jason Chaffetz, the Utah Republican carrying the banner of the GOP’s merry men’s  brand of fiscal Neoliberal Junk Economic policies, he and his party represents.  Where else but in the United States of America would residents from Flint, Michigan, be forced to pay for lead-laden water from a private provider?

Current progress appears to be nothing more than leaps and bounds backward to the pre-Enlightenment period of history, except that in this instance, the power of science is being used to bullshit people while fueling the attempt of a handful of Capitalistic Oligarchs 20 with their brood of corporate henchman and Corporate Entities for the usurpation of the authority of government, the voice of YOU, the people.

Granted we do have problems with some people in government; nowhere near the problem we have with Americans backstabbing Americans for a profit.

The modern Republican party seeks to uphold its blackenstein behavior, alongside the Republican and Democratic parties seek to disassemble our nation and other modern nations with the Warcraft being launched by the Finance Sector.  Here is part of the source of anger in the middle class while scaring misinformed citizens with a ton of mischaracterized and pre-canned verbal un-reality from the Beltway Media such as, “We have to stop borrowing.”  The fact is the Federal Government doesn’t have to borrow from anyone, let alone the ilk on Wallstreet.  In another example promoted in the Beltway Media,  the “Federal government is going bankrupt/insolvent and that the debt will harm our children,” this is another falsehood with no basis in reality.

Both the Media and the political parties suffer from a sickness that resembles a dichotomy, a form of information schizophrenia becoming more pronounced, a schizoid incoherence of Neoliberal 21—Neoconservative 22 is causing  a circular-repeat of dialogue producing a profitable brain rot in both Republicans and Democrats.

Nothing could be further from the facts or truth being produced in the market today.  These organizations hire advertising to be hoisted to produce fear in the goodness of Americans.  This art of advertising lies come from the scientific findings of behaviorism and a choir of whiny verbal abuse generated by the community of American business people, a well paid for science serving to assist a many headed hydra’s corporate parasitism. We have been witnessing a resurgence of the new feudal lords wielding vast swaths of ownership in finance, insurance and real estate sector 23 beside the intellectual property from knowledge and patents to name a few, in the takeover of our country.

This was aided by misguided emotional tantrums of individuals residing in power, such as the late Justice Antonin Scalia and some of the twisted, perverted jurisprudence from Justice Samuel Alito giving way to Citizens United and the weakening blow to the Voter’s Rights Act awhile ago.  Just look at footage of what happened in the Arizona Presidential Preference election (primaries), 60 polling place for one county reduced from 200+ OR 1 polling place for every 21,000 people.  Thank You, oh bloviate irrational conservative wonders in SCOTUS who helped to do this.  What jackasses.

So scientific progress, for whom and what?  This appears to be a massive use of scientific mind, especially in behavioral sciences, to gain control of the instinctual nature of free people.  Since it is not talked about it would appear to be a covert operation.  Nevertheless, its design is to betray you and create the conditions necessary so that you give consent for corporate borgs (which are inherently a socialism hive) to determine your choices and your worth.  Seems like only the monied interests 24 are making progress.

But this kind of progress requires a fear induced by a form of mesmerism achievable only by today’s attention harnessed by a technology of visualization, in order to secure a consensus agreement called the fantasia of scarcity.  This is devolutionary in its intentional design, to remove your freedom through fear.  I don’t call that progress, I call it totalitarian capitalism and it hates that you still have power.

Thankfully we still have dental health–there might still be some true progress to hold onto, at least our mouths can be cleaned and shiver less imagining the oral hygiene of the Dark Ages.  Here is a jocular thought, maybe purgatory is, in a sense, God washing out the shortcomings in the mouths of souls who haven’t gained dominion over their own personalities, instead of trying to gain control of others.

We have plenty of problems; yet the only scarcity we truly have is having someone with the balls to present what is going on by shine a light on the silent thieves in the night. The only thing horrifying is the rapid shift of capitalism into takeover totalitarian capitalism along with the backstabbing, lies, avarice and greed in our American Business system with its used car salesman tonality, seeking to shortchange or even circumvent the evolutionary progress of the family of humanity while at the same time auctioning off our nation.

But wait-!  There’s sure to be more takeover lurking within the halls built by the avarice and greed of people under the moniker of capitalism!  Why? Because in this plane humanity is bound by the dichotomy of the knowledge of Good and Evil: the more good rising gives rise to an emergence of more evil-homeostasis.  It also point to the need for equilibration, except on a conscious level through regulations: any behavior without brakes requires acts of the self conscious use of  STOP.  Without that you will continue to welcome the new and improved sadism of the emerging Dark Ages.  Without removing the blinders of ideology and admission to error,  more rancor will arise.

Hey Democrats! Get off your ASSES and VOTE because it is not just the financial illiteracy of the Beltway Media—it is also the financial illiteracy of your politicans taking advantage of your incomplete understanding of how our Money and Budgets actualy function!
Rev. Dr. David Strickler

Copyright © 2016 by Institute of Spiritual Climate LLC



  1. ATTRIBUTION:  The response is attributed to BENJAMIN FRANKLIN—at the close of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, when queried as he left Independence Hall on the final day of deliberation—in the notes of Dr. James McHenry, one of Maryland’s delegates to the Convention. More here:  “A Republic, if you can keep it.”
  2. As stated elsewhere in my writings, the fine art of Black Magic advertising practices in the print and broadcasting industry; ABC, CBS, NBC, COMCAST, CNBC, MSNBC, CNN, PBS, et al. to name a few while leaving out FOX since it isn’t a news agency, its a Neoliberal Republican Politburo.
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  24. the highly visible and annoying anti-American economics from the group known as Peter G. Peterson Foundation, which has the ability to spend untold millions of in advertising (political payola) to purchase talking heads and commercial fear on all major networks such as @ABC, @CNN, @CNBC, @MSNBC, @NBC, @CBS, @PBS and @COMCAST to misinform citizens with their untrue economics propaganda disguised as factual political information through mass misinformation in order to have the reign to damage our Nation by promoting their brand of fear through their untrue twisted economics on for instance, the national debt. You can sample the Peterson Foundation lying through their Foundation’s Teeth here in “Disappearing Act‘. In terms of standards established in our economic history and and without the junk science what they promote is a contrivance of pure BullShit. Because it is the Private Debt that is a threat to our way of life, NOT THE FEDERAL DEBT” debt-to-gdp-public-private
you know you want to do it: