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Spiritual Climate Newsletter SEPT 2005 Opening part 1

The Institute of Spiritual Climate

Is proud to present

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Thursday, September 29, 2005


 “A bridge created by love always remains,

like a lightning flash it comes out of hiding

to remind us that it was never gone:

these bridges can never be burned,

they are fashioned out of the pure fire,

beauty and essence of Love.”

… Rev. David Strickler, Ph.D.


Dear Readers, Students and Friends,

As the month of September comes to a close, with the Autumnal Equinox and the dawning of some days in Phoenix when very early in the morning it is actually cooler when you step out your door than inside, it is with renewed vigor and spirit that we, the staff of the Spiritual Climate Newsletter greet you with our September Edition.  Do you notice that as the days grow shorter and the darkness of evening falls earlier, time seems to take on a quality of stillness and repose quite different from the blazing scorch of the summer sun?  It seems easier to breathe, to reflect and to just make it through the day, at least here in Phoenix.  What a welcomed change!


Dr. Strickler continues to DJ on www.crankitupradio.net on Friday 6p.m. to 9p.m. EST.  He has quite a following, when you tune in, pop in some requests for him.  He is having a great time with this endeavor.


Dr. Strickler has expressed excitement about the recent news of September 15th that he is a new Uncle to Churchill Arthur Coates.  His sister Barbara is in great health and so is the new little one, along with his father, Curt, his older sister Chelsea, and brother Chancellor.


On an entirely different topic, we have done away with the subscriptions for Spiritual Climate Newsletter based upon reader’s suggestions.  There seems to be a consensus for the sole option of making a donation at the leisure and ability of our readers.  When you make a donation using the link below, it will be a one time charge to your debit or credit card, so we have done away with the recurring monthly subscription.  The option is yours to donate.  We appreciate all the support we get, both monetary and prayers.  Dr. Strickler would like to thank Gregg Ford for his gracious donation. 


The donation links will be contained in all of our Newsletters from this Edition forward, and many thanks to the readers for providing the input for the donation link.  As you know, these donations are used to provide support for Dr. Strickler’s out reach into the community and helps us get his words out to the world at large.  




And so, without further adieu, we welcome you to the September 2005 Edition of the Spiritual Climate Newsletter.  


Christine Ford




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