Spiritual Climate Newsletter OCTOBER 2007 ~ part 2 ~ THE CHOICE IS YOURS: Part 2 , by Christine Ford


The Choice Is Yours: Part 2

By Christine Ford

While cleaning out old files from my struggling, wheezing computer, I was “sorting the wheat from the chaff” in determining what to save to download onto our new Spiritual Climate computer. (Thanks again, Patty!) I found the beginning of an article from way back in March 2004 that never came to be finished, and was amazed at the appropriateness it held in light of that which I am experiencing right now. Interesting, how ideas pop in and begin to heat up, are put on the back burner to simmer for a while, then start boiling enough to catch our attention and end up being an enhanced version of what was originally begun, isn’t it? This article was prompted by my contemplation of the words “shallow and fragile” in relation to the seeking of “knowledge” as used by Dr. Strickler in the Interview he gave to Spiritual Climate regarding healing in “A Short Interview with Dr. David Strickler November 29, 2003”, published January 31st, 2004 (please note, this interview is unpublished on the blog as of yet). I found myself pondering those words and how they interplay in my path and in the journey of those around me. Dr. Strickler’s words which prompted this article are as follows:

“Simplicity unaided by knowledge renders an individual fragile.

People who are imbedded in the shallowness of their perception have pronation and vivid acumen towards simplistic answers. But simple answers don’t take us out of the platonic cave of shadows.

One must admit that there is a problem and that they are powerless over that problem due to the current level of knowledge they are able to exercise.”

I have come to the conclusion that the SHALLOWNESS and FRAGILITY of faith, love, understanding, communication, reasoning, dialogue, sincerity, and honesty that exist in this world have indeed created a society of lemmings rushing to the sea who DO, in fact, ceaselessly “ask, seek and knock”, as was also discussed in Dr. Strickler’s interview. The question is, however, the methods the masses employ as they “ask, seek and knock”, the danger and SHALLOWNESS of the “information only” answers with which they are pacified and placated instead of the pursuit of genuine KNOWLEDGE and the resulting FRAGILITY of that which is held in regard to be Spiritual by our society.

The shallowness and fragility of that which the generic metaphysical community presents as Spiritual certainly does lead their “consumers” to questions (asking) and a search (seeking), and a frenzy of running from place to place throwing away money and time on the latest fad technique in hopes of obtaining enlightenment (knocking). Generic metaphysics, in all its trappings and feel good techniques, masquerading as true Spirituality has created a body of horrifically shallow and fragile consumers for their products, just as the trend has gone in numerous areas of our twisted societal economy, engineered by the cunning analysts who view us all as “consumers” and nothing more. The shallowness and fragility of that which society at large and the metaphysical community specifically are asking, seeking and knocking in hopes of discovering, however, is a sad commentary that runs rampant, in an ever spiraling avalanche of confusion, depression and instant gratification of sensation. Their blissfully optimistic “Let Go and Let God” attitude, coupled now with the revelation of the so-called “”Secret” for all to know is just plain a blasphemy of Spirituality.

The way I am feeling right now, this could easily turn into a rant that could go for pages, but somehow, that isn’t what needs to be written. This goes far deeper than merely spouting off about what we have become and pointing out to you, the reader, that which you most likely are already aware of if you are honest with yourself, even if you are unable to admit it consciously or speak the words aloud. No, this discovery carries with it an intense sadness and sorrow that I cannot shake, a knowing that the masses are totally missing the mark, that they are living out the greatest of sins that could ever be committed. The gulf of disconnectedness from the Soul and Spirit which we were intended by the One Creator to explore within this negative plane of existence has grown in direct proportion to the insanity of our consumer driven mentality, being continually embellished upon and gleefully taken advantage of by those dangling the plastic carrot of “Spiritual Truth”.

The beauty and agape of participating in the ongoing Genesis that we have been granted by the One to create, discover and grow within has been bastardized and sacrificed. What was meant to be the exuberant, dynamic experience of LIFE has become an empty experience of living DEATH, a shallow, fragile shell of an existence, the Platonic cave of shadows as referred to in Dr. Strickler’s interview. We don’t need to be concerned about going to Hell after we die. We are living Hell each and every day through the illusions, lies and fantasies we create right here on Earth by misappropriating the power of choice and use of Free Will given to us so lovingly by The One God. As Dr. Strickler has pointed out, over and over, the answers are within the simple formula: ask, seek and knock.

But ask for WHAT? Seek WHAT? Knock for WHAT?

One of the most difficult challenges I have faced in my years as a student, and, if I am going to be perfectly honest, in my years before having even met Dr. Strickler, is developing the fine art of asking. Be it asking for help, for advice, for money, for assistance… Be it asking a question or for further clarification of a statement… Be it asking for love, or a touch, or that my needs be met… Be it asking someone for guidance or just to have a little bit of patience with me please… Be it asking if I can help someone in need… Be it asking for the time and space to be MYSELF! I think you get the picture.

Though this has changed considerably over the past five years, I still find myself confused and frustrated with my inability to verbalize a question or a need, in other words, to ASK. My pattern, which is changing, has been to just hope and pray that someone will read my mind and fulfill my needs. Then I have merely accepted, often begrudgingly but silently, that which came to me, whether it was what I wanted or not, and been outwardly thankful for whatever it was. Oh my God! Sounds sickeningly passive-aggressive, doesn’t it!? Know what? It’s even worse than that. It is a total denial and misuse of the power of Choice and use of Free Will that was given to me, as was given to us all, by The Creator.

What do you ask for? How do you ask? Do you ask or question at all? Or do you simply surrender your right to ask and allow yourself to be tossed about by the whims and wiles of the illusions of the masses, never having those questions that burn within you answered? Do you get so caught up in the daily minute to minute grind that you don’t even allow those questions to surface, or, perhaps, are you afraid of what those questions might be and the answers and work (GREAT WORK) they might bring?

As the Ancient Mystery Schools so succinctly query, WHAT DO YOU WANT? This is such a seemingly simple question, yet such a difficult one to answer. Only after years of being a serious student of a Spiritual Teacher am I finally beginning to formulate my answer to that, and even THAT is constantly changing and reforming, and that answer remains between me and The One.

You have to start somewhere though! Just consider for a moment the question, WHAT DO YOU WANT? Do you have an answer? Take some time to search your heart and mind, and when you find an answer, ASK FOR IT! GO FOR IT! MAKE IT SO! Have the balls to go beyond your fears and seeming limitations and put it into words, into action, into reality. At least you then are exercising the power of choice and taking some volitional steps to take your want out of your head and heart and put it into your waking conscious life. That is your right and your privilege as a human consciousness. Experience the freedom of taking the matter into your hands and voicing! ASK!

And next we SEEK! Personally, this one has seemingly (she says ever so cautiously, waiting for the Big Shoe to kick her in the ass) been the easiest for me! I have always been a seeker, haunting bookstores and attending lectures, listening to tapes and looking for information, but it has not been until very recently that I realized what I was a seeker OF! To seek is to search for, similar in a sense to asking, but more of a nonverbal quest, a journey! With seeking comes the discovery of answers through growth of the awareness of paradox, the dialogue about that paradox, the beauty of agape, and most importantly, the acquisition of KNOWLEDGE, not information peddling, through the Spiritual discovery process.

The journey of discovery of Who and What I truly Am, the Enlightenment, the Illumination, The Truth, The Beauty and The Love, all this and more lies at the far distant but ever growing closer end of my journey and is an infinitely unfolding process of discernment and sorting. Seeking is the process of moving from day to day and living life fully within the moment; it is hard work and tears, as well as times of sheer joy and laughter, but I do know what I am seeking. I am seeking Myself, and I can now state that freely and openly, and though it may sound exceedingly narcissistic to some, I really don’t care! I have come to know through my exposing and exploring my “Martyrdom Poor Me Complex” that I can help no one until I have become true to Who and What I Am and have been constantly attempting, though not always perfectly, to surrender my misconstrued ideas of personal will to the Will of the One, in other words, to put my personality and ego in its place!

That, my dear friends, is a lifetime after lifetime process which is by no means complete! I sincerely thank Dr. Strickler and Dianne for all that they have given and conveyed which has at least allowed me to be cognizant of what it is I seek within this lifetime! Now I ask a question of you, and I ask you to ponder for a moment.

What is it you seek? How do you seek it? Do you seek it at all? Or have you squandered your right to the attainment of that for which you were destined to the shallow and fragile insanity of the daily rat race? Are you going to be the gnarly old rat seeking only the generic metaphysical moldy old hunk of cheese when it is your birthright to be feasting upon the most succulent delicacies of the Elixir of Life in true Spiritual seeking? The choice, my friend, is yours, and, I remind you, so is the Karma.

Finally, this brings us to KNOCK, associated once more with asking! I’ve learned from experience, and am learning more clearly every day, that when you knock, you better damn well be ready to ASK when that door is opened! No mincing of words, stuttering, or DUH moments! You get to the point of knocking, and you better damn well be ready to open up your mouth!

OH MY GOD! While writing this I just had this gigantic AH-HA as to the realization of how crucial the skill of asking is: it not only precedes but is the foundation and fuel for the seeking and the knocking. I can just see Dr. Strickler laughing his ass off as he reads this part, because I just clicked into the fact that this has been an underlying current of my whole process since I arrived here in Phoenix five years ago on May 18, 2002, indeed, since I began this journey under Dr. Strickler’s guidance in February, 1992! Is this my gift of insight this year resulting from the energies of the Holy Season of Sirius? Well, Dr. Strickler, it may not make it any easier for me to actually voice those questions, I may still stutter and stammer looking for the appropriate words, but at last I’ve finally apprehended the SPIRIT of ASKING! It just never ceases to amaze me, the way in which knowing unfolds, opens and sometimes comes up and smacks you out of seeming nowhere in those moments when you are looking the other way! You all just witnessed an unedited glimmer of the joy of agape! Thank you Dr. Strickler!

Remember, you must SEEK the door assiduously, and be sure you have a question ready to ASK when it opens! But again, you must get up the gumption to KNOCK or your asking and seeking has been in vain!

Why did you knock? What were you hoping to find? Did you knock at all? Or did you pass by the door without even noticing that it was open a bit, that there was a dazzling light shining on the other side seeping through the cracks, and that the REAL YOU was on the other side, waiting for YOURSELF? Did you by pass the possibility of the exploration and opening to the reality of life and the ongoing creation of Genesis and choose instead the door of the masses of humanity who remain in the shallow and fragile existence of a living Hell? Again, the choice is yours.

I have lived my entire life, until quite recently, piously suffering under the self proclaimed illusion that I wanted to make the world a better place, to save the suffering masses, to help create world peace! I have taught handicapped kids for over 30 years now as a part of that “reality” that I created, and though I have seen some kids grow, I surely haven’t made the mark I set out to on the world! Geeze, I sounded like a fucking contestant for the Ms America Pageant! GET REAL!

I have finally come to know that the only person I can help is myself and everything I do is for ME! The only way I can hope to have even the smallest hand in aiding the “world” situation is to keep asking, seeking and knocking as I move along the path of Truth and Knowledge which I have chosen and then applying those truths and principles to my world. By growing in light and living those truths and principles to the best of my ability at any given moment, perhaps I may act as a catalyst for the growth of those I come into contact with. They may or may not choose to accept that which I have grown to be as I continue my process of “becoming”, and they may or may not choose to grow as well. That CHOICE belongs to each person, as does the freedom to exercise their God given use of Free Will to ask, seek and knock, in their quest for the knowledge that is their birth right.

ASK, SEEK and KNOCK! WHAT DO YOU WANT? Do you want the shallow, fragile life of information gathering, the illusion of the shadows dancing on the wall in Plato’s Cave created by those whose goal is to peddle a product and consider you nothing more than a consumer? Do you want the profoundly deep, powerfully strong life of knowledge, the truth and reality of that which only a Spiritual Teacher can reveal, whose goal is to guide you through the rough as well as smooth waters as you move closer to becoming Who and What you truly are? WHAT DO YOU WANT?

. . .May you choose wisely. . .

Christine Ford



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Spiritual Climate Newsletter JULY 2007 ~ part 2 ~ WITNESS TO SUZIE’S MIRACLE, Part II by Christine Ford



Published November 13, 2003

by Christine Ford

In the past Edition of Spiritual Climate, October 28, 2003, Wendy’s beautiful presentation (Witness to a Miracle) of the healing we were witness to on Tuesday, October 14 is so detailed and complete, so similar to what I perceived that I will not repeat the aspects that we had in common with our perception of the event. Also, to be quite honest, it has taken me this long to process my experience and to be able to commit it to words. Even now, words fall short of expressing the event, but it is time to at least make an attempt to share the spirit of it with you.

Suzie lived in pain, both emotionally and physically, for over 25 years from a life threatening event encountered earlier in her life. This particular night of class out of left field she asked Dr. Strickler for help. Suzie had searched for many years in the endeavor of healing her ongoing debilitating health process, through various practices and modalities in both traditional and non-traditional healing disciplines. Even with all the assistance she acquired through her years of searching and applying solutions to little avail, she needed more than what she had brought into her life till this point in time. Dr. Strickler was there for her, and responded that he would do what was held within Will for her. I have heard many times where there is a need there is a fulfillment, but now I was watching those words come to life right in front of me in living color.

I was conscious of everyone in the room, but most specifically, the powerful presence emanating from Dr. Strickler, filling and altering the entire environment. Please bear in mind that I have been his student and known him for over 12 years, and at the onset of this healing, I could see, hear and feel that this was going to be different from anything that I had been a part of before. Although as a group we had done healings which were powerful and we had experienced astounding results, this was very different from the moment Dr. Strickler spoke to Suzie his words, “Come here and sit by me.”

The room shifted to an almost other worldly feel, the lights dimmed to a soft glow as if an invisible dimmer switch had been activated. There was a profound stillness, a holiness, and a feeling of separation and insulation from the outside world; as if a dome had been placed over the entire structure and we were encased in a sealed vault, almost like a sacred chamber in which an event of importance was going to take place. Intense energy was permeating the air, in a different way than I had ever experienced. It was palpable, liquid, like a heavy, thick blanket had been dropped over us, encasing us, protecting us, sheltering us and moving us to a place far away from the “normal” world. I am able to say without doubt that I have never felt as safe and secure as I did at that moment at the beginning of the healing. All this happened instantaneously as Dr. Strickler spoke his words of consent to Suzie’s petition.

As Suzie sat down in front of him, I watched with tempered amazement as the face of my Mentor of 12 years began to shift and change, perhaps in this day and age, “morph” would be a fitting word. Dr. Strickler closed his eyes, took several deep breaths, and moved into what I can only conjecture to be a deep, deep state of higher cognition. As he stood there before me, I saw all the Healers, Shamans, Medicine Men, Priests, and Holy Men that he had been in his numerous incarnations flash through him, like one of those flip books we used to make when we were kids. Face after face appeared, each one melting into the next, changing, shifting, all with the same quality of profound love and strength, each in its own way a part of Who and What Dr. Strickler is, was and always will be.

As I stared transfixed by his face, I noticed an immense shimmering of Light begin to surround him, much like the glow of a halo used to depict Angels in paintings. This Light consumed his entire body, beginning at the top of his head and moving down until, indeed, he became the radiance. I cannot yet, and perhaps never will, be able to describe the color. Luminescent is about the best I can come up with, like liquid “Mother-of-Pearl” or shimmering muted rainbows. This energy had a humming vibration to it that started off like a train in the distance and became increasingly louder as the intensity of the color increased and filled the room, like a funnel cloud passing over head during a storm back home.

Then Dr. Strickler began to move his hands over, above and around Suzie, working within her non physical energy field in the area that he had taught me to recognize as the point of contact between the Soul and its lower vehicle. He rarely made actual physical contact with her, although, when he did touch her, it was always with her nodded consent. Though I recognized the Chakra points he was communicating with, I quickly became absorbed not so much with what his hands were doing, but with the energy and power that was flowing from them — I could feel it from where I sat eight feet away. The Hebrew symbol for the letter Yod is the open hand; Yod is the letter from which all the other letters were created. Yod represents the Intelligence of Will, and indeed, this was pure, Divine Primal Will to Good that flowed through Dr. Strickler’s hands from above, shaping and molding, opening and closing, impressing and creating that which Suzie apparently needed for healing within all levels of her Being.

I melded into the energy pouring from his hands and became one with it, as if there were no boundaries, no time, no space, only infinite, limitless Light. The feeling was incredible, and there really is nothing I can compare it to. It was at this point that I began to realize that this healing was not just for Suzie, but would affect all of us present. As I sit writing this, I am consciously aware that the alteration from that night is still engaging within me, and will always present me with new awareness of the transformation that is weaving into my life.

Finally, there was the SOUND. Dr. Strickler almost inaudibly murmured a series of syllables… prayers, incantations, Divine Names perhaps, not meant for those of us present to hear clearly nor understand. It was as if he were calling upon some Higher portion of his Being to assist in the healing. Then as Dr. Strickler began to move his hands over Suzie, he intoned what I suppose HAD to be a note that is of this plane, though I honestly think it would be impossible to reproduce. It reverberated and echoed through the room, circling and spiraling, swelling and subsiding, rising and falling as if it had a life of its own. I do not know how many times he actually vocalized it, I just know it was there, soothing and encompassing those of us present with its Infinite Love and Compassion. Indeed, it seemed as though the very Creator of the Universe was speaking and moving through him, that Dr. Strickler had indeed become an articulation of The Word made Flesh.

Quite honestly, I do not have much aware recollection from this point on, until the healing was over. I do remember hearing a loud, audible pop when Dr. Strickler removed something about six inches behind the base of Suzie’s neck, but other than that, my impressions remain somewhat non specific. Rather than trying to hold on to all that was transpiring and analyze it, I chose to let myself move into it and become one with the event. The experience and memory written above is what I was blessed with to bring back and am able to voice to you.

In reading over what I have written, I have tried to put myself in the place of those of you reading this, as I have read accounts of such happenings myself over the years, and have marveled at those who have had such experiences, and have marveled more at those who clearly convey this type of event. I know now that mere syllables are foolish, inadequate, when it comes to expressing the Presence of the Divine.

I have known Dr. Strickler as my Spiritual Mentor for some time now, that is an undeniable fact; but the quality of Power, the intensity of the Love and Light that was manifest through him on the evening of October 14 goes far beyond that of a Spiritual Teacher. I know that I was in the presence of an aspect of the Divine; It was there – a Living Presence of the Divine. I also know my life has changed by that witnessing, that I am renewed, made stronger, revitalized, more whole and complete. I know that I am looking at the World in a different way. I will never see my Mentor in quite the same way that I did before. I find myself asking the question once more of just Who and What Dr. Strickler REALLY is, not in a fearful, doubting way, but with beauty, awe, admiration and gratitude that somehow my life has been blessed with the presence of his knowledge, Light and Love!

May you awaken to the knowing of the Presence of the Divine in your Life; may you surrender to the Holiness of Love that exists in the simple and in the complex, as well as the most magnificent of experiences.

May you too be witness to those miracles

that opening to Love can ordain.

Christine Ford


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Spiritual Climate Newsletter JULY 2007 ~ part 6 {Final} ~ SOMETIMES ONE NEED ONLY ASK by Christine Ford



Originally Published December 15, 2003

By Christine Ford

A most interesting interplay exists between a Spiritual Teacher and a Student, an alive, ever-shifting balance of possibilities and expansion, of questions and answers, of growth and change, not only on the part of the Student, but for the Teacher as well. Yes, a Student approaches a Teacher with the ultimate of awe and respect, but even THAT expands and changes along the way, in degrees and nuances that cannot be expressed, but only experienced as the bounds and parameters of the mentoring process take on shapes and forms never imagined. What I am struggling to make clear simply is that the relationship between a Spiritual Teacher and Student is not a static, defined, rigid construct like a land mass, but rather a shifting, churning, eternally moving entity like the ocean in a storm; an infinite process of unfoldment, discovery and growth. This became crystal clear to me on the evening of November 18, 2003.

Thirteen years ago I was injured at school by a student while attempting to keep him from hurting himself. The damage done was quite extensive, and I was labeled permanently disabled. The injury involved damage to my spine, which has created a thirteen-year struggle of visits to doctors of all kinds, several courses of physical therapy, daily medication, and the ever-looming possibility of surgery. The injury changed my life in ways too extensive to go into.

I was left feeling abused and violated by “the system”, for the child who innocently caused this damage to me should NOT have been in my classroom, and I had spent from August until February when the accident occurred documenting and sending his behaviors daily to the administration center. Their answer was that there was no where else for him, that he did not fit into ANY category, and that I had the experience and patience to deal with him. My reply was that with 12 other appropriately placed mentally handicapped students and only one assistant; it was just a matter of time before someone would be injured by his extreme behaviors. My classroom was not equipped to deal with a student so involved, in terms of physical layout (no “secured seclusion”, i.e. time out room) or just plain manpower! We were doing the child NO service other than keeping him from harming himself, at the expense of taking valuable educational time away from the other 12 kids.

My helpless pleas fell on deaf ears, making me feel abandoned and at the mercy of circumstances until finally I was hurt. Was it a self-fulfilling prophecy? I have asked myself that question time and time again; my anger towards “the system” which I so strongly felt should have and could have prevented this grew as I waved my frustration and resentment for thirteen years like a banner, allowing it to fester, poison, and color every aspect of my being. I was blissfully unaware of the power I had inadvertently given it, unconscious of the precious time and energy I had denigrated, until Dr. Strickler offered me the mirror to see the situation for what it really was that evening of November 18, 2003.

How many times have I heard him speak of the patterns upon which we build our lives? How many chances has he given me to uncover the underlying psychology, the poor me, martyr syndrome, the helpless victim of circumstance view that I limit myself with? Yes, I have actually seen it in other areas, but I have allowed this one GIGANTIC all-encompassing pattern to hold me hostage my entire life. And for the past thirteen years I have functioned oblivious to the fact that I was a victim NOT of the circumstance, but rather a victim, indeed a prisoner, of my own beliefs, anger, rage, feelings of helplessness and inadequacy.

On the evening of November 18, 2003, my physical body was most positively healed of injuries sustained back in 2000, and that healing was initiated and directed by Dr. Strickler, of that I have no doubt. There are the accounts of Wendy and Suzy to support that, though I have nearly no memory of the actual experience at all. All I remember is hearing his voice, feeling safe and secure, and being told at different points to open or close my eyes; it was like I wasn’t even there. There are facts that I can share though… the ease with which I move, the immediate comments from people at work who want to know what doctor I went to because they see such change, the levelness of my shoulders, which had been drastically uneven since the injury, the returning of feeling in my arms and hands, and most significantly, upon a trip to the doctor, a report stating that my height is 5’ 6 ½”, an increase of 1½ inches over the 5’ 5” that I had measured previously.

Of the physical healing, there is visible proof, and of course for that I am most grateful. But the healing of Spirit, the understanding of psychology, the forgiving of myself to myself that has been triggered by the realization of what REALLY occurred on so many levels is where the true healing lies for me. The miracle of Revelation is what happened that night, and with it, the freeing of a part of me that I have allowed to be held in bondage for lifetimes. There is constantly growing insight and motion towards health on all levels, mentally, physically, emotionally, and Spiritually, that was started that night.

Once, about 8 years ago, I did ask Dr. Strickler if there was anything he could do to help heal my injury. He told me at that time that it was mine to deal with, Karma was involved, and there was nothing he could do. NOW I can admit that with that answer I felt, IN THE STATE OF MIND I WAS FUNCTIONING IN AT THAT TIME, abandoned, helpless, and rejected, and I never broached the subject with him again, never spoke with him about “physical” healing again, until he healed Suzy that night. Even after that, with all that I have learned and grown into, I had to be prompted to ASK. My stubborn resentment at being “turned down” had trapped me in an area of my mind that didn’t allow me to ASK Dr. Strickler to help me with this particular problem that had so encompassed and imprisoned every area of my life. And simply by asking again, at the right place and in the right time, I was healed and set free.

Quite interestingly enough, the day after I wrote this article to this point, I was literally knocked on my ass by a student at school. I ended up with a severely bruised tailbone, and am now am undergoing a round of physical therapy, and I’m REALLY hurting! As I have been taught, I have questioned the “why” of it all. Did I intentionally do something to bring this injury to myself? Is there a part of me that WANTS to be hurt, injured, so that I can hide behind it and not be an active participant in life? Do I feel that I need for people to feel sorry for me, or do I just feel a need to be punished for something I don’t even know I’ve done? Is there a reason I won’t allow myself to be whole and healthy? Is there a Force out there that doesn’t WANT me to be healthy?

Believe me, all those questions and more I have asked, and though I do not have the answers, there is one thing that I do know as sure as I’m sitting here. This will NOT be a thirteen-year healing process. I will NOT give it control over my life. I think more than anything, it is a challenge, a throwing down of the gauntlet, so to speak. I have very quickly been given a chance to stand up and take action, to handle the situation differently, to show just how sure I am that the past thirteen years of pain and suffering were brought upon me by MYSELF, AND that they WILL NOT be revisited! I am able to overcome and heal; I am worthy of having a strong, healthy body. I suppose we will see how this one unravels as time goes by.

Now back to my opening, about the ever-changing relationship of a student and teacher. Time for a confession. Over the years of mentoring, I have not especially looked upon Dr. Strickler as a “healer”. Oh my God! One of those “you can’t see the forest for the trees” deals! Without a doubt, he is a most talented teacher and mentor, a genius of a man who can amazingly lecture unprepared for hours and always deliver ever expanding interpretations with a new twist. He has the patience of a Saint, the gentleness of a loving father, when it comes to explaining and RE-explaining concepts and constructs that are elementary to him. He watches in silence as we make similar mistakes over and over, never interfering, but helping us learn and gain from those errors when we realize they have been made, and forgiving us each time for being so stupid!

All this and more I saw in Dr. Strickler from the beginning, but what I did not see is that from the moment I sat down across the table from him for that first reading, my “healing” began. He is a Healer in the purest, most complete sense of the word; not only of the physical, but of the Spiritual, emotional, mental, and intellectual areas as well. And the most beautiful part of all is that he does it through love and compassion, and all you have to do is ASK.

What a Revelation! What a gift of healing to receive at this very sacred season. I humbly thank the Lord of Life for opening this realization to me. And as ever, always, my gratitude goes to Dr. Strickler for his strength, wisdom and seeming eternal patience.

May The One bless you with the ability to acknowledge

the areas in which you are sabotaging your destiny,

and the courage to take action to change . . .

Christine Ford



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Spiritual Climate Newsletter APRIL 2007 ~ part 4 THE 1st CORINTHIANS MYSTERY by Christine Ford




The 1st Corinthians Mystery

By Christine Ford

Times change, people change. Faces move in and out of our lives just as surely as the sun rises each day in the East, and sets in the West. Our jobs change, our age changes, hairstyles, weight, opinions, understandings, seasons, moods and weather, name it, it changes! None of it is fixed, indeed I have come to know that the only constant in this sometimes desolate plane of existence IS change. In my naiveté, (which still sneaks up from the basement where I profess it is tethered every once in a while and bitch-slaps me) however, I figured the quotations from the Bible that I had memorized as a child would remain the same. Come on, I’m not THAT old, not in this physical present lifetime anyway!

While doing what I had conjectured would be no-brainer research for my April article for the Spiritual Climate Newsletter, I had quite an awakening! I came into stark confrontation with the vast array of interpretations of the Bible and found that even as we “know” it, in its incredible hodge-podge form of English misinterpretation, the words of the Bible are subject to change. Thus continues the alteration of the meaning of the already mis-stated text by transfiguring the words even within our modern day renditions. And I’m just talking about the simple current English stuff, not translations from Ancient tongues that Dr. Strickler so often refers to!

I have listened intently over the years to Dr. Strickler’s increasingly enlightening discourses on the Bible as we know it, as it has been misinterpreted, words misrepresented and ill-translated to suit the mode of the political times as it was passed down through the centuries. A small example was given publicly in Dr. Strickler’s January article in the Spiritual Climate Newsletter when he briefly examined Genesis 1:1, “In the Beginning. . .” Just simply look at the obvious! There are multiple English translations of each word written in those ancient tongues, the permutations and combinations become mind boggling! To become more complex, add insult to injury by the bastardized translations and re-translations of the original written text from the sacred tongues of Aramaic and Hebrew into Greek, Latin, German, and finally English, with a undoubtedly a few other random languages thrown in there for good measure. It’s not too much of a stretch to wonder if there is ANY similarity at all to that which was expressed genuinely “In the Beginning” and that which some ignore-antly take literally as THE WORD OF GOD! Dr. Strickler’s apologetic that Hebrew is a living language is well taken. Hebrew is a sacred tongue of principle and intelligence, a language in which thoughts, concepts and vibrations are conveyed with the utterance of a single letter. This is unlike our English ABC’s in which each letter represents a sound or two, or may be combined with other letters to make a new sound, but has no actual meaning ascribed to the symbol itself.

For example, WHAT is a “B” in the English language? It is a symbol that represents a sound, that when coupled with other letters creates printed words that we can string together making sentences and thoughts to be read either silently or orally. Letters create a printed version of that which we speak and think. That is not anyone’s definition of it but my own, but I know you get the drift. Pretty straightforward stuff, a “letter” in English represents a sound. I could, on the other hand, site VOLUMES on what the “Bayth” or “Beth” symbolizes in Hebrew, from principles, to color, to tonality, to numerical values, to planetary correspondences, to intelligence just to name a few, as well as representing the letter “B” in the English language. Take a leap herewith me! Come on! Is it not completely and perfectly obvious that the Bible as we know it was more, so much more than the weak, prosaic babble of text that has been printed, bound and presented to us to swallow whole as “The Word”? Of course that is fact, but that is just a side venture into one of the enlightening areas that we have been exploring in classes lately, a “teaser” if you will, designed to perhaps illicit a question or two from our varied readers out there. Back, however, to my modern day dilemma of “The 1st Corinthians Mystery”!

As the old joke begins, “There I was, minding my own business”, inspired by the triad of words so often linked in class by Dr. Strickler, “Beauty, Truth and Love”. As I mulled the relationship of these words, turning them over in my mind, a barrage of memories assaulted me from my childhood. Biblical passages that I had diligently committed to memory to earn my prized white Bible with the gold edged pages and the little plastic framed picture of the Angel hovering over the kids crossing the bridge with the wind whipping and the darkness enveloping them whirled through my mind! Many snippets spun around in my head, but the phrase that took front row pushing out all others was “And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.” Hmmm, “faith, hope and charity, these three”, THREE, like the three I was pondering, beauty, truth and love! Must be on to something here! With my curiosity piqued, I followed the thread!

Since I couldn’t remember where in the Bible that came from, I started my Net search! After finding a whole bunch of Bible sites, I reached the stage of “Enter phrases or words” for search. Upon entering “Faith, Hope and Charity” my results kept coming back that there were no results, but I got lots of hits on Faith and Hope! 1st Corinthians 13:13 to be exact! Feeling somewhat like Alice in Wonderland, I went for the Faith and Hope pill, and was totally astounded to find that in the majority of the Bibles, the wording was “Faith, Hope and LOVE” not “Faith, Hope and CHARITY” as I remembered it. I kept searching until I did find one that used the words as I had been taught, and was satisfied that I hadn’t fallen down the rabbit hole after all! This discovery, however, struck a chord somewhere way deep inside me.

My initial reaction was that of Thumos, quaking, anger, of having to prove that my memory served me correctly, because the most Bibles I referred to did NOT present the passage as I had memorized it some 48 years ago. The discrepancy was not that of a minor nature either, it was the altering of a key word repeatedly throughout the entire passage that totally changed the fabric of that which was conveyed. Having been so blatantly lead to this discovery by the research for my article was like a big old red flag waving that my Soul and Spirit were speaking directly to me about SOMETHING that needed my attention and exploration. I quickly chose to get over my anger and do something productive with that energy!

Interestingly, I have found time and time again that that’s how agape and Spiritual progress works. Events don’t just happen randomly and without purpose, there’s a discovery to be made around every corner and in each exchange you have within your environment. The secret is to become discerning enough to ferret these hints out, and then wise enough to persistently follow the thread to the pot of gold (or shit!) at the end of that thread. Many times you are then lead to yet another thread, and another, and another, ad infinitum, and on you go, asking, seeking and knocking! Exhilarating? YES! Intriguing? YES! Exciting? YES! Occasionally, a pain in the ass? YES! THAT TOO! But never dull or boring!

The writing of this article served as an opening of awareness for me to perhaps THE core belief, indoctrinated into me as a child that has molded and shaped my actions and reactions, responses and choices that I have made from the time of memorizing that quote. In innocence, as a child, I took those words as “Gospel” (all puns totally intended) truth, right up through the present moment when I recognized that pot of SHIT for what it was, simply because I had accepted the statement in blind faith because “The Bible Tells Me So”. Are you ready for me to expose myself right out here naked and in print in front of you? Here it goes!

Here is what I have discovered thus far on my agape hunt! The reason I was lead down this path of exploration by the screaming and nudging of my Soul and Spirit, the reason for my initial very strong response of anger to the switching of the words lies in the definitions of Charity versus Love. There was a marked influence indoctrinated into my belief structure as a child by the statement “The greatest of these is CHARITY”. This had a major impact on my patterns, the choices I made and the direction that I followed from that point forward in my life.

Okay, so what, you say. Sounds real simple, big deal. It IS simple, and yet, it is profoundly complex! This illustrates exactly how those suggestions you unconsciously and unwittingly give to your subconscious duplicate and replicate, whether those suggestions are the truth or not! This is the mechanism by which patterns of whole lifetimes are put into motion. If never questioned and allowed to multiply unchecked, the created chaos and misunderstood repercussions replicate until the monster gets so enormous it just swallows you up and there is no “you” left, no destiny to be reached. You become monster food to be eaten and pooped out, only to start all over again next time, unless you open to and welcome the intervention of the whisperings and shouts of those unseen cheerleaders, Soul and Spirit and follow that thread to the discovery!

A composite definition of Charity is “provision of help or relief given to the poor, something given to help the needy, generosity and helpfulness especially toward the needy or suffering; aid given to those in need, lenient judgment of others.” Charity is defined as giving, giving, giving, and then giving even more to the wretched masses, the poor, the needy, the suffering, those less fortunate or less blessed than oneself, even to the point self sacrifice and suffering. In the definitions I found there was no hint of charity being reciprocal in nature, it was just an eternal outpouring of energy and aid given without question to anyone found “needy”. Let’s face it, in this world there certainly are an abundance of those in need, whether that need be emotional, physical, intellectual, instinctual or spiritual. The Bible told me at the tender, impressionable age of 10 or so that the GREATEST of these was charity and I memorized and repeated the chant. So did my Subconscious mind.

As the wheels turned, I could literally SEE my life progress and unfold in front of my eyes, how I became an enabler, a caregiver, a pushover, a teacher of those kids who were needy and suffering. The ultimate mom who gave up her life for her family, a peacemaker and bleeding heart taker in of stray dogs and stray human beings to the degree that I had no time, energy, love or strength to give back to myself. I merely existed for the sole (Soul, NOT!) purpose of sacrifice. The exquisite martyr, I functioned isolated in my loneliness and sorrow, awaiting the golden time when I would reap my reward after I shuffled off this Mortal Coil, for I had lived The Word, The greatest of these is charity. Man! Major slap in the face to find out some 50 years later that the GREATEST of these has changed and is now Love, and I’ve based my whole pattern of my life on a mistruth, huh? Sucks to be me! No WONDER the initial reaction of my Ego was to be genuinely pissed off!

Love, on the other hand, is defined as “strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties, affection based on admiration, benevolence, or common interests, warm attachment, enthusiasm, or devotion.” Can you feel the flow moving back and forth as you read those words? I can, especially in stark contrast to the definition of charity. Love is a two way street, a compromise, an ebb and flow, a giving and taking, not a drain or infinite feed line from you to another that saps you of your vitality. Love is revitalizing and replenishing, it springs from a deep well that is ever nourished and sustained by the Soul and Spirit, and it is okay for you to receive back, not just give until there is nothing left to squeeze out. Even within the impersonal form of unconditional love of the Spirit and Soul there is a warmth and a quality of livingness that envelopes you like wings, taking you to a place where you KNOW you are incredible for the simple fact the you were created in the likeness and image of The One.

How different might my journey have been had I committed to memory as a child “The greatest of these is love” rather than “The greatest of these is charity”? Perhaps my entire sojourn was forged on the discovery of this hidden gem, waiting for this precious pivotal point of understanding and comprehension as the veil was lifted. Where lie the other keys to the path that I blazed with truncated messages passed on to my subconscious as I sought to become what I am growing to today? What vast webs of half-truths and blatant lies did I feed to my developing psyche before beginning to embrace the truth my Spirit and Soul speak along my trek towards enlightenment?

The questions abound, and the answers elude me as of the closing of this article. These are areas to be explored within my journey and myself. You have your journey and explorations as well. It is my fervent hope that by sharing my discovery, you too will be encouraged to delve into the depths of that which replicated and multiplied to make you what you are today, and the inconsistencies and lies upon which much of it was based. By the way, the NEXT most predominant quote I remembered, other than the 23rd Psalm, was “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth.” I don’t think I even want to go there!

May you be granted the strength and the honesty to explore the foundations of the half-truths you are living and open to the full Beauty, Truth and Love of that which you are in Spirit and Soul.

Praise be YHVH,

Christine Ford




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Spiritual Climate Newsletter JANUARY 2007 PART 4 ~ THE CHOICE IS YOURS: SO IS THE KARMA by Christine Ford


The Choice is Yours:

So Is the Karma

By Christine Ford

Welcome to the year 2007; another year gone by! I heard someone say the other day, “Funny, time flies even when you aren’t having fun!” Interesting sentiment and expresses in part the multitude of comments I heard over and over during the 2006 holiday season regarding the incredible blur of the passage of time from Samhain (Halloween) to the heralding of the New Year on January 1, 2007. People of a cross section of all walks of life, areas of the world and even ages, children included, voiced loud and clear that there was just something “different” about the vibration of the holiday season, an intangible variable which made it seem almost hologram-like, a waking dream, even a “Non-Christmas” as some bluntly put it. Though they were following past holiday routines and rituals, coming and going, buying and spending, giving, and sometimes even receiving, the predominant murmur was that none of it seemed real. There was an emptiness and a hollow feeling of discontent where the usual holiday “spirit”, however one defines that, always was before.

Upon returning to the routine now that the season is over while attempting to settle into 2007, I find people still cocking their heads with a puzzled, confused expression on their faces, much like a dog does when he is trying to figure something out that is just beyond his awareness, and saying, “This was the oddest holiday season ever. Did YOU notice? What do you think happened?” In their words, they can’t believe that it even took place; it is almost as if everyone was drugged or in some kind of half asleep walking trance, watching the experience on a screen rather than living and participating in it.

Due to my intense training over the years by Dr. Strickler to hear the words and discern the actions of the world around me with attention to detail as the Lord of Life speaks through the fabric of everyday encounters and words of my fellow travelers, this message being broadcast from all sides was a screaming pattern I couldn’t ignore! The commonality, the all pervasiveness of the expression of similar feelings from such a cross section of the populace kept haunting my thoughts and has lead me down some avenues of consideration.

My first reflection was attached to my personal level of existence. The holiday season and actual day of Christmas this year was dramatically different for me, as it was the first Christmas I have ever spent away from blood related family, be it Mom, Dad and sisters or husband and children. Being with my Spiritual family in Phoenix for that holy time put the beauty and wonder of Christmas, the spirit and experience itself in a whole different arena, one that I cannot begin to share but will ever cherish. With it came the feeling of suspension of time, a positive expression of detachment and a most significant “other-worldly” feeling, but that was an individual occurrence and not an explanation for the all pervasive disconnectedness being expressed by the masses. My questioning had to continue.

Was humanity responding to a gradual occurrence of the speeding up of time on a grand cosmic level as the swirling spiral of the universe, both known and unknown, plummeted us into the “end of times” as predicted by the Mayans with the dramatic ending of their calendar in 2012? Had the fast paced life style we have deviously been indoctrinated into by the productivity chant and relentless demands of the work place finally reached intolerable proportions and caused the mass mind to snap, taking the illusion of time to a whole new warp speed, similar to that which one experiences when they are severely deprived of sleep and a point is reached where automatic pilot just sets in and though the body keeps going, there is little conscious awareness or participation in that which is happening? Could our senses have become so numbed and isolated by the microwave instant gratification expectations produced by the advancement of modern technology that in comparison to the glitz, color, action and sound of a video game, computer enhanced virtual reality, or banal, impersonal meanderings of an online chat room the face to face experience of real time friends and family sharing an experience of love together, without all the bells and whistles, had paled to the point of not even registering on the skewed Richter Scale of our senses that we have allowed to control us by the gluttony and engorgement of constant input of information and artificial stimulation? Might the sensations be the result of a physical phenomenon exacerbated by the increase in solar flare activity, Earth’s movement through the Photon Belt, the predicted Pole shift, Global Warming, or a combination of any and all of these?

Oh yes! I concluded that all of the above explanations were part of the weave of the tapestry that intertwined to cause the mass illusion of an oddly strange holiday season never quite experienced before. The Mayan predictions have been around for some time, and do bear validity and correspondence in our tradition as well as some others. The frantic life style we are forced to lead most certainly is pushing people to the brink of insanity and detachment just for the sake of self preservation, making time a precious commodity; there was a TIME I can remember when there was TIME for everything, but that TIME has passed. I have no doubt at all that the rampaging march of modern technology is developing a whole new breed of so called human beings who will end up with a variety of devices implanted into their bodies to enhance superficial information gathering and external exchange which they will define as communication, totally lacking the human element of true interaction and dialogue, while becoming more deeply enmeshed in the virtual world of impersonality and machines. And finally, our physical vehicles must be influenced by the physical impressions made upon our Mother Earth as we spin around on this third rock from the Sun!

All of these are contributors to the feeling of the past season, but I was not satisfied nor could I stop searching for more. My heart and mind kept hammering me with the nagging question, “Is That All There Is?” and the answer kept coming back “No you Dimwit! Can’t be! Keep asking, seeking and knocking!” After much meditation and contemplation, a final thought just plain slammed into my awareness with an impact that could not be discounted and seemed to me to complete the picture on many levels. I wrestled with putting it in print, as my usual writings tend to stick with the facts and not venture into the arena of “perhaps”, but this came through with such clarity and firmness that I must include it. Disclaimer! This may have sprouted from a seed planted at some time by Dr. Strickler; though I cannot pinpoint nor remember his having spoken the words verbally, I also do not feel I can take “credit” for having originated it, but here it goes!

PERHAPS a subtle, yet powerful quality of the vibration of Yeheshua (Jesus, Christ Consciousness) never before available to this level of physical manifestation was rained upon the masses this holy season, spilling down in a relentless torrent from The One, flooding the entire plane and every level of consciousness with a blinding flash of the experience of contact with Soul. Much as Adam is still sleeping and has never been awakened, perhaps the ring of the alarm clock of humanity was sounded this holiday season, as it is each year on Christmas day at first light, with an added intensity and demand from the sounder of that alert, Shaddai El Chai, The Living and Almighty God, to shake up the masses and get this show on the road, with the admonishment of “For God’s sake, for YOUR sake, Wake the fuck up before it’s too late!”

Perhaps all levels of consciousness were given a brief glimpse of the enormity, timelessness and infinity of the Soul, whether they were on a conscious Spiritual Path or not. A vibration of such purity and intensity would register and resonate within their consciousness and sphere of sensation. All of the manifest universe would by Law be unable to deny a response, thus creating a mass altered state experience dependent upon the capacity of individuals to understand and internalize that vibration. Just how that dynamic outpouring and inrush of Divine beauty and truth would be perceived, retrieved and translated into their actual understanding and waking awareness could be the touchstone for the feelings of disconnectedness, emptiness and waking sleep state, almost as if being placed in a state of suspended animation. The issuing of such a vibration by the Lord of Life would have an impact that would continue to influence and, yes, confuse and overwhelm people long after the initial event, causing them to question and wonder what the Hell…or Heaven…had happened.

As I mentally replayed the comments I had heard during the season, a chord of knowing was struck within me as to the similarity of the descriptions being relayed by those around me and specific impressions that I have had over the years; this never before experienced feeling people were so desperately and inadequately attempting to describe and seeking an explanation for has become an occurrence which has become both familiar and even anticipated and desired by me as I have walked the Path. I must admit that in the beginning of my journey I was totally thrown into a panic of fluctuating wildly between fearing that I was losing my mind, questioning whether I had been secretly drugged, or wondering if I was actually dying and this detachment was the beginning of the loss of the physical sensation of having a body, but the overlay of my past experiences had a commonality with that which was being expressed to me through my verbal encounters with the questions being asked about the “strangeness” of the season. It is somewhat amusing now as I look back on those frantic moments and the accompanying tears, panic, confusion and hysterical phone calls to David and Dianne for reassurance and reality checks from their point of wisdom and understanding, with sincere gratitude for their patience and gentle guidance through those new experiences!

Over the years I have grown to welcome these moments of seeming disorientation sometimes accompanied by overwhelming sorrow and emptiness. I have come to know that I will experience the same feeling again and again with varying nuances as I continue to move forward gaining more conscious contact with Soul, emerging from each “dipping” (to steal a term from David) brighter, stronger, and with an increased conscious awareness of Who I Am. There is a distinct and undeniable commonality between that which has been expressed by those around me this holiday season and the experiences I have over the years come to treasure and hunger for, which I have come to know are beautiful moments of true contact and communication with Soul.

In summation (to high-jack another word from David) it is my occult opinion that this holiday season we were all blessed with a rare rending of the veil that separates our mundane physical existence from knowing the True Beauty of that which we eternally are, Soul in manifestation, a physical being having a Spiritual experience. Granted a glimpse of Soul awareness, each and every consciousness in physical manifestation shared the common experience of being touched by the enormity of grace and compassion held within the communication with Soul, and to borrow from the quote we used to open our December Edition of SCN:

“Even in the darkest dark of the Human Soul,

It was there the Word burned brightest

And for a moment, I was blinded.”

. . . Archangel Gabriel

(Christopher Walken, Prophecy 3)

For a moment we were given a glimpse of that Soul which we were, are, and forever will be, and for a moment we were blinded. In that instant we were forever inexplicably altered, for that expression of The One will continue to reverberate through the universes and our beings for all eternity.

The question I pose, my friends, is what will you do with this unique gift you have been given: Bury the flame deep within your heart and extinguish it, or allow it to blaze through in acts and deeds? Deny that it might have happened, just hit the snooze alarm, roll over and continue sleeping the unawakened sleep of Adam, or attempt to shake off those bonds of sleep and begin to open your eyes, minds and hearts? Keep bumping blindly into the same old walls of limitation you set up for yourself by following the same old patterns of denial and ignorance, or ask, seek and knock, questioning a Spiritual Teacher, yourself and your Soul for more awareness and clearer understanding, wisdom, and knowledge?

Given this beautiful expression of Soul, what are YOU going to choose to do with it? The choice is all yours, you know. That is your right by the use of Free Will you have been given. For your sake, and for the sake of awakening humanity, I implore you not to blow it by continuing in your ignore-ance and challenge you to for once actually act upon a decision and DO something.

May you allow the brilliance of Soul to shine through the stupidity of your preconceived, shallow existence and ask the questions of Truth and Beauty that lead to further Soul communication and conscious awareness.


Christine Ford



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