Echoes & Reflections

by Adam Crosthwaite

The month of March has always been a major point of reflection for me because in my short lived history in this lifetime, it has been a month of great change. While traveling the path of return to the true self I have found the view to change, slowly at times and rapidly at others.  There are moments when it may seem that nothing at all has changed.  Sometimes I hear echoes from a long time ago of one of my first teachers when I was a kid attending martial arts classes in a small school in Denver, Colorado who taught me to remember where I was at before the present.  There are times when I stop and reflect on the past to see where I was and where I am.   Some of the darkest, hardest and even the most beautiful moments of my life have taken place during this time of year.  All of these moments have been life changing both the painful and the empowering; it has always been a time to contemplate the echoes and reflections of March and take note of what has been and how things have changed.

A year ago I would get out of work just as the sun was rising, and head home traveling mostly on the freeway, passing neighborhoods and businesses, crossing over from one side of downtown the other side of downtown.  The contrast between neighborhoods never ceased to amaze me.  As the sun started to rise behind me each morning I would watch as the oncoming buildings stood tall and shiny in the sunlight.  They would remind me of the same buildings I saw as a child growing up in the city within walking distance from the warehouse district and Capitol Hill area of Denver, Colorado.  As similar as this view was to me, I knew things were very different.  This was a different time and place all together.  As I crossed over from the well-kept, well to do neighborhoods and into the smoggy, rundown side of the city down by the rail road tracks, I began to feel half relieved to be getting home and half ill realizing that this was home.

Every day was the same until I finally reached several of my goals that required me to be more frugal than I had been.  A year ago I moved out of that area and ended up closer to work and in a quieter, cleaner and less violent neighborhood.  I moved to the other side of the tracks literally.

Now the sun rises to my side; we ride home together instead of me trying to race against the light so I don’t have to look upon the world around me and remember the way home across the other side of the tracks, to that world of the working poor who once were the back bone and support of the economy that built those shining tall buildings that now cast long shadows over them in the morning light. I had dug my way out of a similar situation, reminding me of how I could never completely forget how it felt to live in a neighborhood with barely breathable air, gunshots at all hours of the night and the feeling of dread when the flashing lights of emergency response units from the police or fire department light up you bedroom at night.

Once again another day begins and the sun rises in the desert revealing one abandoned block after another in a neighborhood that was vibrant and once sprang to life as an oasis serving travelers who have come for reprieve from everyday life, a luxury saved only for few people these days.  The train tracks no longer serve as the demarcation point running through downtown separating the down trodden and would be middle class.

The boarded up store fronts and bulldozed lots spread further across different neighborhoods.  On one block there may be a park that runs up to a gated community with a high school across the street, while just down a block from there sits a shuttered corner store that serves as a warm place for the homeless to get out of the wind to try and sleep a few hours before being awakened by the kids on their way to school.  Gradually the neighborhoods start to look the same, abandoned and boarded up.

Even with help after working for a long time to get out of financial difficulties I understand just how much work it takes to stay financially above water in today’s economy.  As I look around and pay attention to the world as it changes around me, I wonder just how different other people are in their personal struggles.  Although these struggles take on different qualities based on each personal perspective, they are similar at their core.  Everyone seems to be having a bad day.

In the Alchemical practices that I have been guided through by Rev. Strickler, I have been brought to face off with the many aspects of myself in preparation to achieve higher levels of knowledge and growth.  Awareness of the self, as well as awareness of things out side of one’s own personal circle of self has been the main focus of much of my learning and understanding as a student.  Looking out at the edge of my own circle of influence I noticed things have become much worse than most people would have believed.  The biggest problem of all is a lacking of awareness in the world.  People remain stuck in their own corner facing outward in fear but not understanding what it is they are seeing.

It’s as if some sinister force has clouded the minds of the masses, like a group of dark magicians casting digital enchantments across great distances to ensnare the masses by tapping deep pools of fear.  The more people I speak to about this the clearer it becomes that most of them are simply accepting the spoon fed misinformation and false guidance from sources that have been long known as shady and even down right unethical.  This is one of the apertures through which those of us walking the path of return know we we can become entangled within and get in our own way of making progress.  In my outward view of the world, the sequestration of the masses through fear has taken hold and shows few signs of letting go any time soon.

So what is there for anyone to do when faced with the realization that there is  definitely something wrong with the world and there seems to be very little any one can do about it?  There are days when I look at the outer world around me and feel that same twinge of dread in realizing how wrong I was in my life before learning there is a way out of the darkness that I created with my own misuse of will, which I was allowed access to at various parts of my life.  That was before I heard the voice of the man I would come to know as Master Teacher, Rev. David Strickler aka The Boss.  Over the years my lessons and training seemed to be more like a round of celestial chess at times, like a round of hide and seek with no light at all.  There are days when I wonder how many other people out there have been able to hear that same voice cutting through the darkness in some form that is able to reach them and hold them in place long enough to pay attention.

Fortunately a voice from the past calls out to those who are looking for a way out of the artificial darkness cast upon the masses of people struggling to keep their families and homes safe and secure.  More and more voices are sounding out in the darkness and with each new voice comes a new point of reflection for the light to weave its way through the blackness,  gradually lighting the way for those along the path of return.  It can be hard at times to see and to hear.  Ironically, finding the dimmest of lights amongst the darkest of spaces is not always hindered by the darkness, but rather aided by contrast of shadows against one another.

There was an old saying I heard when I was young, I do not remember where I first heard it or who said it.  It was a well-known saying I would hear over and over again in several different versions, but the message remained the same.  I heard it almost everywhere off and on for years, until one day during a class The Boss walked over, picked up a candle and said, “Do not sit there and curse the darkness.  Light a candle. ” as he lit the candle in his hand.  At that moment I felt the connection across time and space, or at least my own limited perception of it.  In reflection upon that moment, I understood the higher self can and will use any person, place or thing to reach any one, anywhere, any time and as many times as it takes.

Surely the light is reaching into those spaces that need healing and growth for all and balance will be restored with time.  For those who have yet to find this source, there are reflections of it everywhere. The darkness does not carry silence; if one cannot see what the eye is straining to see then perhaps it time to learn to see with the ears and then watch to see what may manifest in the shadows.

May your darkest moments be filled with the echoing of guiding voices speaking loud enough to help you pay attention to where once were to where you may find yourself in the light.


Adam Crosthwaite

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 from the Desk of Spiritual Climate’s Editor:  December 2015

updated 1/8/2016  2:41:09 AM

Oh the wonders of winter here in Arizona!  Why the jubilation?  We actually have cold water from the tap this time of the year.  Hell, outside night temperatures will even get below 32-37° F with afternoon temps of 47-60°F roller coasting slightly higher up till Spring!  And the tap water is drinkable and thus far, safe, unlike certain other states who have had a corporate constitution shoved down their throats along with its poisoning – Not Funny at all.

As the energies of the season unfold, with the diminishing of the light as we descend into darkest, longest night of the year, not only one’s instinctual areas, but one’s highest levels of consciousness respond to the pause, to this suspension of light and deepening darkness.  Occultly, the significance of the season is one of introspection and moving inward to the discovery of new personal awareness that grows from the seeds revealed in silence; then the Sun begins its ascent, bringing back longer hours of daylight, to nurture the new found sprouts of awareness.  With the beauty and stillness of the season, we welcome you to our December 2015 edition of the Spiritual Climate Newsletter.

Since our previous edition was published in October, we have witnessed many noteworthy news events, including the disturbing attack on Paris, the poisoning of innocent citizens, as well as continued unnecessary deaths of the mentally ill at the hands of police here in the United States, complimented by the bizarre phenomenon of the rise of Neoliberal Donald Trump in the American political scene.  It appears as if the Beltway Media Outlets of misinformation known as COMCAST, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNBC, CNN, MSNBC & FOX, et al., have once again successfully engineered consumer sentiment against government and helping to assist the downward spiral of enslaving citizens, while feasting on upward ratings spirals.

The above network gatekeepers of propaganda and marketing falsehoods, at the behest of their respective executives generate blasphemous quagmires to extend their appetite of control fostering an incomplete presentation of facts, while slithering towards being a more visible threat to the Economic Security of the citizens of the United States swaying to and fro out in the wide open.  Case in point: the greatest threat to the citizens of the USA comes from the Shadow Banking system of the Financial Sector, not from the government confiscating second amendment gun rights.

CNBC still continues to paint Government as useless as their moderators whine about being slaves to the Federal Reserve, which translated means:  They want to sow distrust of any ‘business’ government does so they can decide how to own the Fed Reserve under their terms of a Totalitarian Capitalist ‘Monism’ inspired by the Thatcherization process.  So the question:  will Andrew Lack’s leadership reduce voices of economic disinformation by allowing voices in the Economic Heterodoxy, where Chartalism “insists on a historically grounded and socially embedded analysis of money”1 to empower citizens whether or not solutions are conservative or liberal?  How about also enabling views that clear distortion and completely unnecessary fear mongering of our Fiat currency? How about private sector institutions come clean and clearly state that they want to create credit instead of using our perfectly fine Sovereign currency which is Fiat to promote greater growth and stability than the instability of Gold-Standard which puts a limited resource to be controlled by the hands of a few in the private sector?

We should stop any attempt at public power grabs generated by the CEO’s of the above named and those unnamed corporations which paves a way for the finance sector business collectivists to overthrow United States government’s public power in oversight required to prevent a homogeneous giant, privately driven industry where CEO’s  enhance economic marketing agendas reduces genuine substance of issues of political discussion into a prima facie of political glossolalia?

Oh, and no news of yet as to whether Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh or Bill O’Reilly have taken any psychological screenings to determine the depth and breadth their totalitarian capitalist corporate neoliberal agendas from their respective entertainment pathos.  These people are in an argument somewhat like trying to defend one space after a period in a sentence while stating there is no historical support for two spaces after a period in a sentence although albeit a benign parallel.  Some of us have brain injury with its related visual disturbances and we need two spaces, or at least a space and a half after a sentence to help prevent neurological jumbling.  So why don’t you just go and em-quad yourselves.

Meanwhile across the pond…

The series of attacks on Paris November 13, 2015, marked the most powerful display of terrorism since the bombing of the Twin Towers here in the United States September 11, 2001.  The Death Cults of ISIL, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant claimed responsibility for the deaths of 139 people.  Ironically, the scheduled 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference was successfully held from November 13 through December 12 2015.  On December 12, 2015, the participating 195 countries agreed, by consensus, to the final global pact, the Paris Agreement, to reduce emissions as part of the method for reducing greenhouse gas.  Terrorism and concern for the environment in the same locality; polarity.  To add more recent data to the headache of our earth’s climate change a new core pulled from Siberia reveals a 2.8-million-year history of warming and cooling !

Back here in the United States, a little known event happened right under the noses of the people and was given next to no national recognition or press time.  Thankfully, The Real News Network on December 17, 2015 reported with Award-winning journalist Curt Guyette provided some jaw dropping ‘who dunnit’ and then followed by The Rachel Maddow Show in alerting our Nation to the Capitalist Terrorism inflicted by Governor Rick Snyder’s unique dictatorship on U.S. children and adults of Flint, Michigan by causing Lead Poisoning in the entire water system of Flint, Michigan by changing the source of water to the city from the Detroit water supply to the Flint River.  Any adult parent would have been charged with child endangerment for such actions.  According to Rep. Mo Brooks stance on the second amendment, which, using his logic citizens of Flint, Michigan should arm themselves to depose capitalist dictator Gov. Rick Snyder.

Thankfully Ms. Maddow followed up with a series of comments implicating Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder and the emergency manager law, stating “Michigan made a decision with Rick Snyder a few years ago to do something very, very radical to the way we govern ourselves as Americans, something that nobody else has done,” Maddow said about the emergency manager law.2  Serious Update: Rachel Maddow posts:  How to help Flint, Michigan.

Donald Trump has made this a most astonishing Republican Presidential Campaign. Seeing his popularity and following, it makes one wonder if we have in fact lost our collective minds, but yet, he makes some statements that ring true, as shocking and un-American as they may sound when voiced.  Donald Trump has the Bozone Beltway Media eating out of his hand and Trump has proven there is no freedom of the press—only the freedom of the press seeking ratings profit. 

In our view it appears Trump and the entourage of entourage of economic illiteracy promoted by Cruz, Rubio and Christie, other than showing a lack of comprehension from historical and empirical economic knowledge of how Money actually works on a federal level,  anyone inane economic hack seeking to destroy the United States of America’s economic growth need only to Balance the Federal Budgets.  Broadcasters continue to create fear and tension by preying on the extraordinary amount of economic illiteracy in our Nation, part of what is spoken by Beltway Media.  It hits a basic core of humans distrusting anything where money is reported (whether the report be entirely factual or not) to being mishandled to tilt the playing field requiring anyone not wealthy to hold on for dear life.  Broadcasters are being paid (many not all) to hammer this inequality to demonize the government (public) to enhance the false halo of the private sector in having open arms for citizens to be protected and cared for while censoring the real news of what is happening.  Just listen to UMKC’s Prof. Michael Hudson’s, a titan amidst world economists, in his  interview on The Real News Network entitled:  The Top Three Economic Stories of 2015. Prof. Michael Hudson  ‘breaks down how the increasing wealth gap, suppression of wages, and IMF rule changes are creating a battle between the classes.’  Where is truth that economic Michael Hudson’s are being given voice in the Beltway Media?

This type of cognitive ping pong ball is what can be seen in politico shows such as With Due Respect on MSNBC. Perhaps this is Andrew Lack’s first display of producing economic neoliberal bullcrap, outside of BloomBerg TV, hiding under the guise of MSNBC’s/NBC’s definition of conservatism which is as with other beltway media pushers, taking politi-fact and trimming it with a pair of scissors to fit their imaginary conservatism or liberalism to stream feed to viewers as our writers have viewed with the airing of neoliberal opines from John Heilemann and Marc Halperin?  They should take care not to become viewed as what Paul Babiak and Robert Hare would call, “Snakes in Suites” or degenerating into just another GOP talking points show.  Let’s face it, the private sector is the source progenitor of unemployment.

If you have ever been a student of Dr. Strickler, you would know his standard practice all of his students must employ and exercise:  stating aloud the words that are rattling around in our heads; to literally talk out loud to ourselves so we can hear and ‘see’ how outlandish… or sensible… or lacking in discernment those thoughts sound when voiced.  That Trump through his materialist Egoic quality can reach as far into the fearful hearts and minds of those in the USA who feel neglected, taken advantage of and persecuted is a major indicator of just how far we, as a country, have slipped into the abyss of being controlled by big business.  What a confusing state of affairs!  Closest thing to true Americanism is being voiced from  Democratic candidate for President Bernie Sanders,  whose plan to bring the USA back into the present century with with his Family and Medical Insurance Leave Act that would cost only $1.61 a week(?) marks a truly  Family Values Agenda for American workers.

The spirit of capitalism is NOT founded on the lunacy of the Protestant work ethic which serves to create Americans into being a slave living to work, this lacks a fundamental principle of Agape in genuine spiritual principles, and should create serious doubt that God’s central theme of redemption is profit oriented protestant slave-work ethic.  We need to get back to sanity where we work to live, love and enjoy; where reaping a harvest of benefits from our efforts contribute to growing our Nation—not a corporation.

Spiritual relationality requires interrelationships of people engaging the the power of the Soul’s purpose toward integration, understanding and growth atoning from any philosophy of Business Bestiality (Hobbesianism), which stymies spiritual growth from the false righteousness generated by erroneous interpretation to if it makes a profit then it is righteous-motive.  Otherwise we are likely to see the continual reincarnation of blood-sucking workhouses of John Locke, disguised as multinational corporations designed to enrich few capitalist oligarchs.  Spirit cares not about Profit and there is no bargaining with Truth-whether you are right or wrong, wealthy or poor.  Only the captain of business, the Devil, requires bargaining with…

So, we welcome you to share in some of our thoughts, awakenings, and ponderings as we walk, skip, run, trudge, sometimes joyfully, sometimes painfully, along our own Paths of Return, ever seeking the wisdom and knowledge of the Light.

In This Winter 2015 Edition of Spiritual Climate Newsletter:

Dr. Strickler ….. is still running late …. To be announced

Wendy Ford points out the difference between compassion and the rote act of “giving” in her article entitled “True Compassion Is an Aspect of Unconditional Love”.

Adam Crosthwaite recalls memories of superheroes, myths and legends, and makes a connection to his own process of growth in “Remembering the Light”.

Glen Ford shares his insight as he grows in awareness of how to take control of his own reality in his article “The Production Company-The subconscious Recorder”.

Christine Ford uncovers the symbolism of the roots of a personal bias that grew into her perception of reality in “Roses Abound”.

And so in closing, we here at SCN invite you to take the time to pause for a moment in the rush of reality, take a deep breath, grab a warm cup of your favorite beverage and snuggle up with the December 2015 Edition of the Spiritual Climate Newsletter.

It is our hope to inspire and invigorate you as you open to the beauty of the New Year, with all the blessings and challenges that the Lord of Life gives freely to all as we share the beauty and truth, as well as the ugliness and lies of the deepening darkness and then rise of light on this whirling sphere known as Earth, from our location in the land of the free and the home of the brave (though not necessarily sane) the United States of America.

We wish for you to be graced with an awesome awareness of the beauty of profound discovery during this sacred season, whether it be an inspiring, life-changing blast that takes root instantly and changes your perception in a single flash of insight, or a whisper of a prompting that will grow over the years.

the Editor, Spiritual Climate Newsletter

“First star to the left, then straight on till morning … Engage!”

Rev. David in search of Picard
Rev. Strickler in search of Picard & ‘Q’.

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2016 Christmas-NewYear

  1. Tcherneva, Pavlena R., (2008). Chartalism and the tax-driven approach to Money, page 69; Arestis, Philip & Sawyer, Malcom (Ed.), A Handbook of Alternative Monetary Economics,  ISBN-10: 1848441193, Northampton, MA:  Edward Elgar Publishing.[]
  2. and reported by Aljazeera here Who’s Responsible for Poisoning Flint’s Water supply?[]
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Remembering the Light

by Adam Crosthwaite

“…for it is the doom of men that they forget.”1

When I was younger I would get lost in the world of science fiction.  Through movies, novels and my favorite comic books; even the toys I played with as a child had come from the same stories I had read about.  Just like the old tales of knights and dragons, ancient gods of the great mythologies, and other heroes who committed acts of valor in the name good, I would look to the stories of heroes for inspiration and guidance as I was taught to by my grade school teachers.  As I grew older I played less and read more.  The characters became more mystical as I moved toward more classical fairytale style of books rather than science fiction.  Comic books remained, but volumes of Grimm’s Fairy Tales and other classic stories with their historical references had been added.  Over time I realized a recurring theme among all the stories both old and new.  I also saw as I was growing in understanding of the world around me that the same was happening in real life as well.  Where is the light?

The art of storytelling has been an effective means of teaching for countless traditions over the ages.  Unfortunately, this art is easily manipulated and even corrupted to serve the ideologies of any subversive group leading by ways of ignorance and intolerance in order to feed into fear as a means to their own ends.  The effects of this practice become more apparent as the darker time of the year approaches and you can watch as people everywhere begin to seek out external comforts in an effort to cope with the encroaching darkness and cold of winter on an instinctual level.

This can be seen as people respond to the colder longer nights and shorter days by seeking comfort from some mysterious fear that seems to be closing in but never really arrives.  I remember this topic of discussion with Rev. Strickler around this time of year since I first started out as one of his students.  Every year I could recognize this response being around other people most of the time, but this year has been very different.  I have been mostly alone; with my schedule and new living space I can go most weeks without contact with more than the six people I see at work, not accounting for cashiers or passing neighbors.  This has made it much simpler for me to focus on my personal circle rather than trying to do so while drowning out distractions.  That is until I found myself seeking the comfort and insulation from the darkness I had spent years learning and working toward understanding.  I was subverted away from my path by the distraction of that ever lurking distraction waiting in the darkest corner of the mind, fear.  What the fear is of is not the main question, forgetting that it will never go away, that it will be present in one form or another; there is the danger.

While as a student Qabalah I know good and well what is happening and should never have been tripped up so quietly, but what alchemical lesson is complete without the administration of a litmus test?  As it turns out I found that my basic elements (emotional centers) are still a little too acidic or hot (overly sensitive). Bad puns aside I was sidelined by an emotional response left over from a major event in my past that I had not reviewed in my alchemical process since its passing.  It took longer than I thought but after finding myself stuck, unaware of the darkness, I was surrounding myself by choosing to ignore the past; I realized that it was in forgetting that I slipped and failed.  As a light was reflected from a seemingly distant point, the way was pointed for me to hear as I sat talking with Rev. Strickler one evening during one of my much anticipated visits to spend time talking with him and the rest of the group.

As I started to review my path after my last visit to the Temple, Rev. Strickler’s home where I look forward to meeting with him and everyone else when I can, I was not completely clear on what I was missing in my examination of the situation.  I knew where some mistakes had been made, but I was not clear on how I had become entangled in this Gordian knot.  Then one day I heard what was at the time the most ridiculous statement I had heard in a long time.  A person at my work was attempting to break an awkward silence with a generic statement about the weather.  Living in Arizona, this is not a subject that one talks about unless necessary.

It was getting cold outside as winter had arrived for most of the Northern Hemisphere with snow storms and freezing rains, but we had just broken out of the 90 degree range and were enjoying our 80 degree days as the rest of North America was icing over at the time.  This person who walks by and looks out the window at midnight at the pitch black sky with no clouds in sight and says, “Man it sure looks cold out there.”  My first response was to bite my tongue while thinking to myself, “What the hell did I just hear?  It’s a freaking desert, how the hell does a desert look cold?  Ever?”  After my internal response quieted down I started to think about what a cold night would look like.

I remembered the snow frosted rooftops of my old neighborhood where I grew up in Denver.  I could recall the watching the first snow as a blanket of silence that fell down on everything, masking the city white almost every night.  Even the smell of the neighborhood changed; first from the dingy oily smog to a crisp neutral scent, followed moments later by the warmth of fresh pine slowly burning in fireplaces.  Then suddenly it hit me, THE LIGHT!  In the snow there was no such thing as darkness, not as long as there was even just a speck of light no matter how dim.  Every snow coated surface reflected that same light sharing it, borrowing from the previous source, passing it on the next and so on, so that every source of light was magnified leaving no shadow save for those cast up to the sky, only to be drowned out by the moon and stars.  Each point of light reflected outward as it was touched by the light before it, expressing the same light in a different angle of perception, just as each person is a point of light cast from the source sharing that same light with others, each reflecting to the best of their ability.

Where was the light?  It was always there, all around.  I had failed to maintain that piece of the reflection that was my angle of perception in the tapestry of the Great Work.  The profound feeling of loss was the loss of time, time that could have been used in growing through knowledge and expanding awareness.  I was looking for an exterior solution to a problem I had set into motion within an interior arena set up for this very purpose.  Within my alchemical laboratory I had simply stopped looking with the light I was given use of and totally ignored an important aspect of my undeveloped self until it became enough of a problem to cause discomfort.  To add insult to injury, I created a process to amplify the effects by a misuse of negative energy in form of saying no to engaging with the light of the alchemical process and working on bettering myself.

The best example of this process I can use is an addict.  In most cases of addiction, there are tendencies to avoid pain; in some forms there are tendencies to engage in pain either similar to or another more destructive form that can cause harm.  Either way the person is running from an experience no matter how much damage they may cause in the process.  They will eventually look to whatever vice they chose as their escape as if it were a light switch that makes the dark disappear, only the light never shines, so the intensity of the vice is increased until a major event forces a change, or worse, death.  While this is an extreme example of how this can unfold, it also is the clearest one for the moment.

The scary part is that anyone could easily fall into this pattern, not so much the addiction model, but a very close version of it.  Couple that with the tendency for outside influences by those with less altruistic motives to attempt interference for their own ends; the world could appear rather frightening at times.  It is because of this I understand the proclivity toward the stories of heroes that stood up against dark forces.  They always seemed to be endowed with a gift or ability seemingly inhuman or impossible for so called normal people to achieve.  They didn’t need to find the light; they had teachers who showed them how work with the light they had been given to reflect for others who may be receptive, forwarding the light on, illuminating the darkness by exposing the unknown thus making way for knowledge and growth.

There are countless stories out there about heroes and victories over the darkness, whatever form it may take.  From great space battles to superhuman abilities, new stories are written every day but not just to entertain. If you look, the same process is in motion in every story being told; to overcome the darkness one does not look outward for an external source of salvation.  The source of the salvation will make its self known when the hero (student/reflective vessel) is ready.  The Timeless Wisdom of the Ancients is ever unfolding in as many forms as there are angles of perception from those capable of being as receptive as the heroes of yesterday, today and tomorrow.  If it is a story of inspiration that is needed to get things started, I know of a good one with a little reindeer with low self-esteem and bright shiny nose.

Whether you find inspiration in the form of a story or a dialog with a teacher, remember to shine so the light you are given use of in this world can show another the way home in the dark.

May the inner light of the true Self, borrowed from the Source, be reflected not just in memory, but along the path you find yourself traveling.


Adam Crosthwaite

2016 Christmas-NewYear

  1. Merlin from the Movie: Excalibur (1981) Orion Pictures[]
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Photo above: Super Blood Moon 2015 Eclipse Sequence
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Institute of Spiritual Climate LLC

Is Proud to Present Its Social & Spiritual Commentaries:


 from the Desk of Spiritual Climate’s Editor:  September 2015

Last updated 11/04/2015 4:17:09 PM

Having just passed the point of Solar Equilibrium, the Autumnal Equinox, the perfect balance of day and night, followed closely by the magnificent Lunar Eclipse of the Blood Red Moon, we bid you a warm welcome to our September 2015 Edition of The Spiritual Climate Newsletter.

With so many exciting happenings within the span of a few days: Pope Francis’ visit to Washington D.C., arriving on September 22, 2015, the Autumnal Equinox on September 23, 2015, Speaker of the House John Boehner’s resignation on September 25, 2015, all this followed by front row seats for the people in the U.S.A. to have the best view of the Total Lunar Eclipse on the night of September 27, 2015; the past few days have been filled with change, anticipation and awe!

While the Bozone Beltway Media continues to display their blistering dementia arguing about Hillary’s email, instead of reporting on the issues and details about fiscal/monetary economic, social and labor, to name a few that the presidential candidates are expounding on, replaced with the usual ‘stuck on repeat’ major media outlets become more stupid or lazy than Chris Matthews, Joe Scarborough, Bill O’Reilly or Scott Pelley with their crony, network supported neoliberal-capitalist-misinformation-agenda1 they and their colleagues on COMCAST, FOX, CNN, CNBC, ABC, CBS, NPR, NBC, et al, reverberate in chorus while vigorously defending their delusions. These talking heads keep spewing a continual cacophony of antiquated Austrian Economic “fool’s gold” that is bunk, invalid, utterly dated from the period of cavemen and at best, sounding off their pure economic & monetary illiteracy2 & analysis on Federal Budgets, Federal Deficits and Federal Debt3 fear mongering and continue to refuse to Debunk ANY of the common myths about the Federal budget they regurgitate.4

Not to be outdone, CNN News exemplifies Bozone Beltway Media posture by being either too CHEAP, STUPID or Corporately BIGOTED to hire an Economic Historian for comments, possibly trumped (no pun intended) by the shrill-panting in the business network of CNBC who appear completely comfortable in blatantly allowing its programming and moderators to support Fraudulent Conveyance in the dismantling of Sovereign Democracies by the hand of skilled financial engineers such as Bond Vigilantes at launching full-scale Financial Warfare — a coup d’etat producing a THEFT of democracy in GREECE5, headed by Germany’s Sociopath Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble leading the business troops of the Euro-zone vehemently chanting, ‘Sign Zeee Papers,’ followed by a whiny-ass business retort in two part harmony from Joe Kernen and the amoral dementia of Michelle Caruso-Cabrera chanting, ‘To HELL with Democracy, sell your brain to the Mussolini’s of business and Where’s my 10% yield? (raised shaking fists) Damn you FED,” finishing with the shouts of fury from millions in the NRA’s borg-mind sounding like the voice of Denis Leary screaming, “WE NEED MORE GUNS.” 

What follows in the background of any of the above mentioned Beltway Media Fear Mongering Broadcasting is the unheard howling of SATAN successfully deceiving audiences, speaking through the above Beltway Media profit centers and then sucking the body, freedom and soul of the people in his broadcasting deception nightmare’s invitation into the chains of corporate bigotry, disinformation and misinformation slavery.

Back on this side of the big pond, 38% of American Workforce is Still Jobless  in the United States.  And in the meantime, we here in Arizona, not what you would call a poor state by any means, win the race to the bottom in education with Gov. Doug Ducey leadership with support from clueless, monetary illiterate, and bigoted major business leaders.  What does that say about supporting the growth and ground for success in all children’s future, at least in Arizona?  That about sums up the past quarter, doesn’t it?

(…long Sigh…) With so many news-worthy topics of interest to explore, it begs the question, where does one begin?

This is the Third Quarterly Edition in our successful, resurrected series of social comments and commentaries, musing and bemusing, and points of interest and concern. Sharing our thoughts in printed form, our contributors ponder the beauty and ugliness, joy and pain, wisdom and folly of humanity, hoping to strike, as Rev. Strickler expresses in his teachings, that exquisite note of proportionality, that equilibrium between the light and dark, mirth and sadness, to nurture a spark of thought that perhaps will grow into an awareness, discovery and then a knowing within our readers.

In This 2015 Autumn Edition of Spiritual Climate Newsletter:

We find Wendy Ford in her article “I Lie Daily”, as she explores the subject of the way we lie in so many ways, sometimes without conscious awareness, in multiple situations or intentionally contrived…

While Glen Ford discovers and exposes bits and pieces of the prior Glen in his article “Recognition”

And share a bit of travel with Adam Crosthwaite in “Self-Subterfuge”, as he navigates through the twists and turns of fooling oneself in order to achieve a goal…

While back here (not exclusively) in Arizona, please consider the direction we are heading by exchanging information for knowledge in Christine Ford’s “Prelude to Stupidity”.

Finally, “Innovation”, by Rev. W. David Strickler, brings insight into the bastardization of the meaning of the word, or an answer to our suspicion that since his stroke in 2004, Dr. Strickler actually relaxes by watching the American Automotive reality series (this is no Bull!) called: Overhaulin’6  featuring Chip Foose, Chris Jacob et al, and it does explain the song he muses with: Gasoline7 !

So pull up a comfy chair, pour yourself a frosty cold or steamy hot beverage of your choice, and join us as we take a small journey this autumn season through some ever changing mysteries to be explored on this spinning sphere we call Earth, from our location in land of the free and the home of the brave (though not necessarily ~sane~), the USA.

may continued health and joy of discovery and wonderment be yours

– the Editor, Spiritual Climate Newsletter

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  2. Ezra Pound, 1885-1972, Poet, Critic, Intellectual; “In our time, the curse is monetary illiteracy, just as inability to read plain print was the curse of earlier centuries.”[]
  3. Quote: “The national debt is the equity that supports the entire global credit structure. So, when you talk about messing with the national debt in that way, you are talking about potentially under mining the support for the entire global credit structure. (Also) The public has been badly misinformed. We do not have a debt crisis, and our deficit is not a national disgrace. We are not at the mercy of the Chinese, and we’re in no danger of becoming Greece. That’s because the U.S. government is not like a household, or a private business, or a municipality, or a country in the Eurozone. Those entities are all users of currency; the U.S. government is an issuer of currency. It can never run out of its own money or face the kinds of problems we face when our books don’t balance.” end quote 2013 STEPHANIE KELTON, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Economics at the University of Missouri-Kansas City some of her writings here: NEW ECONOMIC PERPECTIVES[]
  4. Quote… “Our challenge is not whether we can “afford” to make the payments we have promised to seniors, veterans, the disabled, government contractors, healthcare providers, bondholders, etc. (today, tomorrow and into the indefinite future) but whether we will be a productive enough nation to allow the government to make good on those promises without causing an inflation problem. That is the debate we should be having.” end quote, Stephanie Kelton, 2013, How to Talk About Debt and Deficits: Don’t Think of an Elephant* .[]
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Super Blood Moon Eclipse Sequence by © Mike Taylor – Taylor Photography

(Overcoming Dopamine Dependency and Facing Yourself)
by Adam Crosthwaite

As an initiate of the esoteric in Qabalah under Rev. Strickler I have seen, learned and experienced enough in the moments with him or in those moments engaged along the path with work’s he has shown or included me in to change a hundred lifetimes. All these experiences and now years of learning and growing yet, at times, I must question if there has been any progress at all. In keeping with the teaching and traditions of the esoteric masters I work to understand by dialog yet at the end of the week, month or year I find myself taking stock of what was missed and what was gained. As those who fail to learn through understanding of dialog must undergo the pain of learning through experience the laboratory of everyday life as always provides the materials for the student, myself, to undergo yet another experiment. In other words, here we go again.

There are moments when experiences along the Spiritual Path become surreal. There are times when I find myself questioning if I am even on a Spiritual Path let alone heading in the right direction. Even in a seemingly perfect situation with no obvious distractions or obstacles a person can find themselves struggling with a self-made quagmire while remaining completely unaware of the dire circumstances and impending catastrophe approaching. This could look a lot like a scary movie when the audience is trying to tell the characters not to open the cellar door or hide under the bed because that’s where the monsters are waiting for them. Everyone knows what is going to happen, even the other characters may know what is coming, but true to script the next victim willingly walks into that trap as if it was meant to be. When Rev. Strickler talks about the Spirit and Soul trying to communicate with the personality and ego I see it looking something like this. Few things are as frustrating as witnessing someone yelling at an unaware character on a screen who is about to walk into a bad situation that can be avoided if not for want of a clear sense of hearing in a real life situation.

The effect is much like what we are seeing with the current digital generation as more people every day become befuddled by the numerous forms from which they can receive their digital dose of dopamine. The constant interruption of personal interactions, conversations and even driving not only frustrate and confuse the senses as well as others, it lends an opening for outside interferences. These interferences can become dangerous on many levels. Also when another person attempts to make contact to share or voice concern or even just to offer assistance, the message becomes distorted or dismissed. In my case I believed that others were just over-reacting to something that I could control. I told myself that they were panicking and I had things under control that I could turn my circumstance around at any time and with minimal effort. That’s right, the classic mantra of the addict. “I don’t have a problem. Everything is under control. I can change whenever I want to.”

To further the frustration I could hear the voices of reason in my own circumstance coming from those around me that I trust and care about warning me yet I stayed true to the script that I had written out as if preordained to become the next victim of circumstance. At one point I could hear my own voice with in me screaming and pounding on the hollow walls of my mind to change the trajectory. I was aware of my circumstance and even how to reverse it. I had the time, space, resources and knowledge to achieve this. I had worked under great frustration and determination for years to get to the point I was at and I had only a few steps to make a goal that was I set out for over ten years ago. I even had great assistance from outside of my own abilities that made the path much more smother than it could have been yet I still missed the mark. I took a moment to rest for a breath and turned it into much more than just that allowing those aspects of the personality I had worked on to emerge in true form and fashion just as they did in the past.

Any behavioral distraction to avoid an interaction between a person and the emotive forces that are present at all times, whether they are aware of it or not, will do the trick in order to either postpone or all together ignore the messages sent out as a warning or worse a distress call for a much bigger more pressing issue. Whatever the form of the distraction, be it food, sex, drugs, entertainment, the ambiguous acceptance of total strangers from some social network or any other form of self-subterfuge; they are all a means to mask a fact that something is being avoided. No matter how big or small the issue is, the squaring off with and facing of one’s personal self in relation to the issue must take place. No amount of dopamine can ever take that away.

The famous and often misquoted line from the poem Marmion by Sir Walter Scott 1 comes to mind as a haunting reminder of just how complicated this world can become when one seeks to undermine the truth for themselves. “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.” A person can become so entangled I their own illusion that they become deaf and blind to the signs and warnings all around them. Even when the voice of reason is screaming inside their own mind to get up and move in the right direction they can remain in that state of numbness and apathy like a fish that becomes frozen in ice because it failed to move to warmer water as the freezing winter moved in. Yet as odd as a picture that makes in one’s mind (a fish frozen in a lake) because fish always move on, one can just as easily find themselves in that very same paradoxical position even though it is against the nature of a person to stand still in a state of ignorance. So much can be missed all for the sake of distraction from pain no matter how small or great.

And so, back to the cleaning and untangling of webs as I stand with in the garden of my own circle of influence reaching out choosing life over death once again. I begin the next stage of my climb up the spiraling path of return seeking out truths and facing the challenges set forth by my own ignorance. The great web of biological circuitry (nervous system) I have been given to operate through in this world still remains handy as a working laboratory for me to work on my own Alchemical process of change and Spiritual Evolution. Regardless of how much aid is offered or what others may say to help or point out things, it is the work and attention along with being receptive, not just hearing but understanding, the messages from sources both externally and internally that lend themselves to guidance along the path.

With the aid, guidance and compassion of my teacher, Rev. Strickler and the ancient lineage of esoteric teachers proceeding from an unbroken line of hidden meaning (Sod:  pronounced sewd or sood –meaning “hidden”) from the emerging application of knowledge (like D’rash (pronounced deh-rahsh) of Ancient Masters and Master Teachers, from all the texts and lectures I have afforded me, I find myself gradually making my way along the Spiritual Path. Even when I find myself selfish enough to not keep this in mind for weeks, even months at a time I eventually find myself dependent upon that same guidance and Timeless Wisdom passed on from those who have traveled the path before me. This I am reminded of as I continue to transmute the portion of tangled web from my own forging into a genuine tapestry of creation so it may be added as part of the Great Work.

I will return to my laboratory and pick back up my work and continue my process. I will maintain the vigilant presence in the moment as well as watchfulness for the next challenge, as it will come across my path if it is not already here now, as it most likely has always been. I will even continue to put down my experiences this digital pen and share what I have learned through the trial of experience; not for some kind of self-deprecating expose of a student missing the mark of the esoteric order as taught by a Master Teacher such as I have found in Rev. Strickler, but as traveler along the Spiritual Path seeking to find clarity in setting out into the physical world the very thoughts and words that were once echoed to me from sources unseen.

You never can tell where challenges will come from. There may be clues and hints along the way, but take into account it is an infinite universe both out there and inside your own circle of influence. When the universe is kind enough to aid by tapping you on the shoulder, be it by a friend, a mentor or even a stranger, it would be foolish to maintain the status-quo and not take a pause to listen and take the time to appreciate the assistance. Then make a choice and act upon it, otherwise what is the point?

The Spiritual Path can be very daunting and challenging in many ways as I have been warned and also experienced firsthand. The challenges can be modified in any number of ways many of which are up to the traveler himself. May you find the footing and the grace to maintain the path and not slip into frozen waters or entangling webs.

Adam Crosthwaite


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