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Adam Crosthwaite: In Memoriam

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Winter 2019

by Rev. Dr. David Strickler, Tuesday, December 3, 2019.  Last Updated AZ time 1:28 AM; 12-04-2019

Adam Crosthwaite was born on December 17th, 1979.  Adam wouldn’t be introduced to me by Christine Ford, the Executive Editor of Spiritual Climate Newsletter, until the spring of the year 2002.  Christine was, at that time, teaching children with autism.  She told me she met an interesting young man who she selected to be an aid for her in her large classroom of children with autism.  Christine also mentioned Adam was also seeking some assistance in his quest for understanding about himself, his life, and his notion of spirituality. 

It seemed the possibility of providence had stepped in for me, because I was seeking help in moving from one apartment to another within the same apartment complex.  So, I asked Christine to arrange a meeting with Adam.  If he chose to assist in my move, it would give me some time to evaluate the fabric of his character and the degree of intent in Adam’s seeking.  That is the beginning of a part of the relationship that Adam Crosthwaite and I began, at that juncture of our individual inflection points in life.

With painful reflection, I have retrospectively thought long and hard for the past couple of years about authoring this article about Adam Crosthwaite.  As the primary instigator behind the Spiritual Climate Newsletter, I belayed its production into the public after Adam Crosthwaite’s death, his untimely passing, and transition into the next phase of his life, unburdened by the gravity of a physical body.  Adam was such an integral and contributing aspect of our lives with his intellect, expressive emotions, sharp wit, and contagious laugh.  His passing was a unexpected shock, caving way to a heaviness of contemplation in our hearts. 

The Spiritual Climate Newsletter of Social Commentaries is usually published quarterly with contributions from each member of the Spiritual Climate Temple in Arizona.  I temporarily halted its publication because Adam’s passing was an unexpected event leaving a profound demarcation in our lives. 

Adam’s death, left those of us in the Temple, deeply circumspect and demanding of us, some form of closure inside ourselves, in the participation of his life, spiritual unfoldment, and his progress and failures, his joys and sorrows.  His life showed signs of spiritual light emerging from the friction of his soul within the conflict of flesh in his human experience.  He continued his sojourn within the dark energy that many, if not all of humanity, travel through, whether aware or asleep at the wheels of self-consciousness.

Adam Crosthwaite was kind, generous to a fault, a man with a quick mind using its curiosity toward understanding the process of his life and its intertwining within earth’s oceans of souls in the less seen metaphysical level.  He was capable of generous, sensitive, and intelligible dialogue about his travels in life experience with an unabashed sense of humility in his quest for knowledge and understanding of the intimate encounter within the dress of his personality and the Life Power ItSelf. 

Adam had a natural skill in using his mind in objective analysis.  He could clearly define and speak of various aspects inside himself that we each embrace of what we cite as our ‘self.’  He could concomitantly see effects generated by choices colored with his behaviors.  His self-description included clear explications of emotional aspects of feelings affecting his overall sensibility, about the interaction of himself, and how his choice of actions might likely affect others and himself in his environment.  Adam developed his ability to see where he was ‘at-effect’ with the consequences of his orderly or disorderliness including his behavioral traits inherited in his personality. 

Adam was also growing in skillful witnessing of the harrowing awareness derived from evaluating his filters.  This opened his eyes to whatever bias, bigotry, and/or learned prejudices he found toward himself and others.  Adam shared his insights freely amidst those who provided him a safe haven of acceptance while sharing a dialogue of diversity.  He explained how this insight led him to the ability to recognize the freedom of choosing, either dominion over himself or default to selecting the receipt of slavery to the senses.

Adam celebrated personal achievements and acceptance of shortcomings, from proper reckoning of comprehension he honed and expanded within himself.  He became better and better in utilizing his spiritual tools in uncovering a wiser use of his talents on this hospital ship for souls known as Earth.  He learned the use retrospect tempered by the severe fires of self-honesty, even the recognition of having the occasion of banging his head upside a wall and the eventual acceptance of the need to strengthen a personality weakness through proper use of self-derision.

It was the honest encounter of himself through ‘other-selves’ that he prized to eagerly discover any emission of light into the dark sea of energy humanity finds itself swimming.  In my private conversations with Adam, he came to see darkness as a creation borne by humankind’s hiding from the transparency of truths about themselves and humanity’s spiritual delusion about the source and origin of Will.  He sometimes voiced a struggle with the knowledge that our light is derived from the earnest subordination of carnality in the material flesh unto the Spirit residing in Humanity.

Adam also sought to wake himself from the dreadful sleep of the senses emerging from senseless drive of materialism and the illusion of  separation from spirit generated by overzealous, selfish, trance created by capitalism and its tentacles of consumerism; producing the rot of Zombies being fed off of by the sadistic traits of soulless banshees such as Trump and his support group of “Evangullible” sociopaths who disdain the higher purpose of humanity’s light with contempt.

Adam also had a heart that would attempt to give more than it was capable of flowing.  And he suffered the downside of the human experience replete with its depressions, attempts which fell short in producing change within his life in which he sometimes experienced as a powerlessness.

When he spoke about his two children, Adam would reveal his big heart and the pain he underwent in giving his children up for adoption.  He sought better environment for the welfare of his children, in order to protect them from the heated clash often imposed by egocentric men and women in positions of power.  Adam witnessed firsthand, how these in the upper echelon in corporate governance create unfair circumstances for working parents.  He watched the upper echelons executing their sociopathic narcissism of heartless, cruel capitalism, avalanching on hard-working parents trying to best raise their families, free from the discord and ilk used by elite socialism and their corporate henchmen to control their lives.

Adam’s objective to protect his children, in placing their needs above his need to have his children in his life, toward the possibilities of better starts and clearer pathways for their lives, proved to be one of his better chess moves and ultimate success against the vile ethical depravity and political evils created by members of humanity in the USA and elsewhere seeking to make life unfair for everybody but themselves.

Adam died in a coma while inside a hospitals intensive care unit after somehow, somewhere, coming into contact with an infectious agent and highly dangerous bacteria resulting in pneumonia turning into sepsis and then multi-organ failure.  Adam took leave of his physical body on July 17, 2017.  Adam leaves behind a daughter and a son in the care of adoptive parents.  There is also a long line of numerous friends, family members, coworkers, and readers who followed his articles in Spiritual Climate Newsletter, many whose lives’ have been touched by an inimitable fashion of humanness unique to Adam’s expression.

This page of tribute is not done lightly by us here at SPIRITUAL CLIMATE NEWSLETTER.  In speaking for all of us here at the Institute Of Spiritual Climate and its Temple: I speak for all of us here who have had the privilege to know of Adam.  He traveled alongside us, with the shared experiences along the Path of Return.

We will retain our memory of his life among us, the presence of his spirit, the ardor of his quest, his joy of dialogue, his gentle friendship, and his laughter in our lives. 

So, for now, we continue our spiritual travel to the ‘Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning,’ and await his greetings, when it comes our time.

Rev. Dr. David Strickler; Advising Director, Institute Of Spiritual Climate.

Adam Crosthwaite, born December 17, 1979; died July  17, 2017.

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THE EDITORS @SpiritusClimate

Copyright © 2019 by Rev. W. David Strickler, All Rights Reserved

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Winter – 2016 SPIRITUAL CLIMATE NEWSLETTER – Editors’ Intro

Winter 2016


Editors’ Intro

Updated on Thursday, 12-22-2016

Winter is a magnificence and solitude that soothes the soul. The Winter Solstice inspires, no matter what the climate; arctic or tropical, desert or rain forest. The stillness and somberness, with the anticipation of the coming Light, fills the air and blankets the world in a hush of splendor.  As if a pause has been proclaimed from on High, a split second cease and desist transcends the insane hustle-bustle of our normal mundane activity as a profound quiet falls over the small whirling planet we call Earth.  If the choice is consciously made in the winter to be receptive to the influence and down pouring of this sacred vibration we are filled with reverence, awe and inspiration once again, if only for a brief moment.

This miracle of winter solstice is manifest throughout all races and religions, often touching the non-believer as deeply as the believer, when acknowledged, accepted, and allowed to enter.  This transition from the desolation of darkness in the longest night of the year in winter, to the dawning of a bright new day, as the radiance of the Sun breaks and we move once more forward into the light is the phenomenon of renewal and promise of life after life.  This signifies the journey of the Eternal One as It expresses through the densely limited fabric of our manifest physical existence to be perceived through our senses. This primal power of the cycles of the Sun, of death and rebirth, darkness and light, has been experienced by mankind since the Ancients walked upon terra firma.

This power is embedded within the many cycles of the universe that surrounds us as well as that vast spiritual universe within us.  We live in a densely physical dimension which is constantly vibrating with the dynamic equilibration of darkness and light, death and rebirth.  On a personal purely physical level, your heart beats, contracts, and then relaxes to move the blood through your body. You breathe in air, only to then do the reverse and exhale.  We put food and drink in these meat puppets we souls use called bodies, and then excrete what is not useful to us.  People come and go in our lives.  We are happy, and then we are sad.  For every up there is a down, and so goes the whole process of mundane existence.

Consider for a moment, however, that instant of transition, the tipping point where the dark suddenly shifts to light, the millisecond between life and death. There is a holy reverence to be gained by contemplating that deepest point of darkness just before it shifts into light.  Much can be gleaned from the stillness and emptiness of the rich, profound blackness. With sensory stimulation at a minimum, the perfect moment is presented to examine what has been, what is, and what is to be.  Reflection upon how we got to this point and what may be done to alter the course of possible outcomes is best contemplated in the solitude of this darkest time; so that when the Sun rises again, we will awaken with previously unrealized morsels of knowledge that can only be discovered when we allow ourselves to enter into the darkness, allow the darkness to enter into us and surrender to its inspiration of  wisdom and strength.

Throughout history the patterns of darkness and light can be traced on a broader spectrum as civilizations grow, prosper, reach their pinnacle of power and then fade away or die out suddenly.  The cycles seem to repeat without question; the ebb and flow of new discoveries and modern regimes replacing the outmoded dinosaurs that stick with the old rather than welcoming the new.  Times change, and if societies do not keep pace with spiritual evolution, their constituents are doomed to devolution and perhaps extinction.  To some it would seem that the United States of America has, in the blink of an eye, found itself and all that it represents teetering upon this very precipice of doom.

We are a nation divided; those who chose and support Trump, those who supported a different choice, whether it be Hillary or a third party candidate.  With the majority of the popular vote going to Hillary, one can only perceive a glimmer of hope for humanity in knowing that more than half of the voters of the United States are not morally depraved, insane nor led by hallucinations generated by consumerism of baited-market driven lies.  We are not grieving over Hillary’s loss, the election is over:  we are grieving at our nation’s ignorance in choosing to be led by a narcissistic personality President Elect Trump, who is a Putin business puppet with a cabinet of degenerate plutocrats and a congress ready to privatize the USA into austerity, while looting our public riches, handing our democracy over to Russia something inferred by Nikita Khrushchev, in his Speech given in Yugoslavia, August 24, 1963, “I once said, ‘We will bury you,’ and I got into trouble with it. Of course we will not bury you with a shovel. Your own working class will bury you.”  The fact remains, however, that on January 20, 2017, Trump will become the President of the United States of America, and we, as a nation, will enter into a deeply profound darkness that accompanies the Winter Solstice prior to Christmas.

What is this darkness that threatens to overtake the United States of America?  Plain and simple, the Dominionists in the Christian sect are seeking to turn the United States into a Theocratic nation 1, thus depriving anyone to worship in the religion of their choice and depriving those who choose Not to worship in any form of religion or spiritual belief; adopting instead a Dominionist consensus of state-sponsored Christianity.  By favoring their dominion to create law to favor their religious ideology, your dominion is trumped by their desire to win at all cost in gaining Authoritarian political power thus regulating your freedom of religious expression and secular life.

Then, there is the upcoming Trump administration’s deal which has created the first State sponsored U.S.A. Politburo Bureau in striking a deal with Sinclair Broadcasting Corporation. Sinclair Broadcasting Corporation will likely create sensible sounding propaganda from half facts, incorporated into its political media ‘entertainment’ then executed into market sizzle in order to behaviorally seize the mob mentality of the Trump supporters in order to contract the US economy.  Sinclair Broadcasting Corporation will then saute supporters internal dialogues to follow Trump, their Anti-Christ savior. This will support the voice inside the republican mob-mentality heads, seeking to drown out any facts challenging and questioning tactics of bait-n-switch or outright lies of Trump and his plutocratic administration.

Congress appears, so far to be missing in action.  Whereas, the new invocation to  the congressional god Mammon, who is deeply caressed and worshiped by austerity republicans, the whited sepulchers 2 will seize any opportunities to enslave the American citizens with  a blend of corporate communism 3, disguised as finance capitalism, to slowly replace the U.S. Constitution, modified by inserting pieces of the Confederate Constitution.  Under-informed citizens bound by their current hallucinations of President-Elect Trump will be suckered in through this act of GOP ‘marketing’ (brain washing under the rubric of American Exceptionalism) of the mob mentality to suit their needs, similar to the manner in which the Trump administration capitalizes on the fear, anger and insufficient literacy of the middle class Joe (labor) who has been disconsidered and intentionally shunned for so long.

Will we, the people in this winter of 2016, silently succumb to the hallucination created and nourished by the Republican E-van-gullible Christian Dominionists and Putin groomed Authoritarian Trump allowing them to create more darkness as they usher in crushing eugenic austerity at the expense of the middle class and poor?  Privatized economies are the creators of real economic contraction all the while violating,  plundering and transferring the riches and freedom of the Public Domain into private sector hands.  This privatization setts economic entropy into motion by transferring public money  from  anything up to and including Education, Social Security and Medicare creating instead, a complex ‘Rube Goldberg type toll booth economy of confusion for citizens while fattening the wallets of whiny-ass business persons, who will in all likelihood continue to whine.  Can we stand by and condone the hijacking of the under informed citizens of our nation?  The fact of the matter is that, just as the Death Cult of Isis hijacked the religion of Islam, the eisegesis 4 of Dominionists have hijacked Christianity seeded by the Great Rabbi, Jesus — a Jew.

During this winter, We, the citizens of the United States are faced with a choice, to either allow disturbed individuals to create darkness or form light of equality for all instead of the few (the fearful business baby souls); this may be perhaps the most crucial and profound decision we have yet to encounter.  We can choose not listen to the darkness and just ignore it; to pretend Trump does not exist and keep on going assuming there is nothing we can do about it.  Or we can listen, feel, immerse ourselves in and see this darkness so we better understand who and what the enemies are created by insecure, powerful business men and business women who are the fools supporting life, liberty and the pursuit of property; creating a series of consequences so complex and ambiguous that the forgotten Americans who are hallucinating for lack of water, truly cannot see what is at stake.  Much food for thought this winter.

And NO, a strong word to you hallucinating E-van-gullibles who despise reasoning and treat imagination as faith, while creating phantasmagoric darkness from profuse use of imagination rendering end of the world fantasies making God and Jesus a Jack in the box!  Even if you create the environs for world ending scenarios, it is NOT the end of the world.

Those of us who are students of  Rev. Dr. Strickler have been reminded with increasing frequency of his citations of Matthew 24:36 “But of that day and hour knoweth no one, not even the angels of heaven, neither the Son, but the Father only.”  Apparently many Christians do not know how to read.  This Biblical reference has an especially urgent message for those of us being called to speak the Truth; the time for action is now.

So, the United States of America needs your support, your wisdom, your voice and your power.  Harness and direct your anger, disappointment and  dismay generated by the seemingly improbable and absolutely unthinkable soon to be Presidency of a dangerously ego-maniacal personality disordered, celebrity business man named Trump.  Direct that energy!  Channel it into a positive force of resistance in order to increase light back to this great country of ours.  Let your voice be heard, take action, challenge the darkness whenever and where ever you encounter it.  Do not allow yourself to fall back to sleep, for the nightmare that you will find there stoked by indifference could mean the end of democracy and Dictator Trump could well be our last President!

The United States of America needs exactly what you have to say!  Find like minded individuals and stand up against the insanity.  Join groups, sign petitions, start petitions, write to your Congressmen,  seek out the news, the REAL News, not the fake news that is being Trump-eted and take action. Only then will we be able to maintain our poise, balance and equilibrium and employ our resources and power to present a united force strong enough to take this country back into the light.

May God Bless the people of America with the conscience, intelligence and strength to make the dawning of light break once again over this great nation of ours.  This winter, may we find and harness our inner strength to unite together and save our country from impending disaster.

Picture courtesy of our friend, composer Scott Haskins at www.scotthaskin.com                         Picture provided by Rev. Strickler’s friend/composer/musician:  Scott Haskin

So, for 2017, this may be great prescience to invigorate a new crispness of a foreboding expression, which appears to have been originated as a Latin proverb attributed to Praemonitusforewarned is forearmed.”  Forwarned and forearmed about what?  The warnings issued by the waxing and waning moon of Christmas.  What warnings, you might then ask?  We couldn’t put it more succintly than the recent commentary on Twitter From Rev. Strickler’s twitter page, from independent scholar Dan Kervick 5,

“Brilliant super-moon in some strange configuration or whatnot.  This is the dawning of the Age of Jackass.

Thank you Dan Kervick.  We couldn’t have said it better.

The Institute of Spiritual Climate LLC, warmly welcomes you to the climate of the 2016 Winter Solstice, the dawning of Christmas Day and the forthcoming New Year of 2017.  This Introduction will be the only commentary that Spiritual Climate Newsletter has for now, as we have given our contributors the time off to journey inward during the winter and do their own self examination of darkness and the dawning of light this most critical year.  We invite you to relax, put your feet up, pour yourself a chilled glass of bubbly, or a hot rum and cider, perhaps a strong mug of coffee with Bailey’s; whatever your choice of holiday cheer you associate with the Season.  Join us as we explore the latest happenings as we ponder the deep darkness of the Solstice and the emerging light of the rebirth on this whirling, crazy planet we call Earth.  Hold on to your hats and buckle your seat belts!  The upcoming ride (and upcoming year) may get a little bumpy!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us here at Spiritual Climate Newsletter

THE EDITORS @SpiritusClimate

Google+  Institute of Spiritual Climate LLC

Copyright © 2016 by Institute of Spiritual Climate LLC



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  2. “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which outwardly appear beautiful, but inwardly are full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness.” Matthew 23:27, American Standard Version (ASV)
  3. “… small handful of billionaires and elites sucking off and parasiting off the rest of the country and just soaking it for all its worth and looking for all its worth.”  Ratigan, Dylan. “The Dylan Ratigan Show: The Cost of ‘Corporate Communism.’” Msnbc.com, October 8, 2009. http://www.nbcnews.com/id/33224880/ns/msnbc-the_dylan_ratigan_show/t/ratigan-cost-corporate-communism/.
  4. “In eisegesis, we read stuff into Scripture. For instance, the idea of the United States as a “Christian Nation” is the creation of egos who gloat over being powerful. It has no basis in history or fact, but more important, it has no basis in the Bible. Thus it arises from eisegesis. Yet some leading US politicians and pastors interpret the Bible through this notion.”    Longman, Robert. “What Are Exegesis, Eisegesis, and Hermeneutics?” Religion. Accessed December 23, 2016. http://www.spirithome.com/bible_exegesis.html.
  5. Dan Kervick. Twitter handle @DanMKervick at 9:04pm on December 16, 2016: “Brilliant super-moon in some strange configuration or what-not. This is the dawning of the Age of Jackass.”
you know you want to do it:

SPIRITUAL CLIMATE NEWSLETTER – Editors Intro – October 2016

Institute of Spiritual Climate LLC

Is Proud to Present Its Social & Spiritual Commentaries:


Editors’ Intro

Updated on Sunday, 10-23-2016

Welcome to the Editors’ introduction to Spiritual Climate Newsletter, October 2016.  Can’t you just feel the change in the air?  Autumn, Fall, the Autumnal Equinox.  That time of year when we take a deep breath of slightly cooler air, watch as the days grow shorter and nights grow longer, and begin to anticipate the approaching holiday season in all its glory; from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Year’s!  Those lucky enough to live in an area where the trees put on their amazing display of vibrant colors brace for a treat!

Takes one back to the days of burning leaves, bonfires and family gatherings replete with clambakes, hot dogs and s’mores.  Ah, the good old days!  Memory is quite an astounding faculty!  With just a few words, one can be transported to a different place and time, and reinvent the details to better suit the fabric of the personality.  To most, our memories are thought to be an accurate picture of what happened in the past, but as anyone who has had the advantage of having therapy knows, our memories are often fabrications of what we, as a younger version of ourselves, perceived the situation to be; that which we created with our then limited understanding of the event and continued to carry on into adulthood as a reality.  Quite a feat; quite a talent!  Absolutely lethal, however, when manipulated by charlatans seeking to gain power.

The longing for nostalgia, the “good old days.”  For some, that is merely five years ago; for others it may be fifty!  It seems to be a universal trait we all share to varying degrees as we muse about times past, using the memories tinged by what we truly think happened, to smile and recall what was.  Trump appears to have mesmerized an entire segment of the population of the United States and manipulated them to believe that they need to move back in to a time when America was great, playing upon the very real personality trait of nostalgia and the comfort of the memory of the past.  Remember?  No Federal Debt cliff or economic ‘Grand Bargain’ stupidity created by the insufficiently literate Erskine Bowles, et. al.  No Trade deals.  Good union pay scales.

But of course the overpaid, mono-syllabic, economically ignorant bought and paid for Faux Conservative & Liberal Political Media ABC, CBS, CNN, CSPAN, FOX, MSNBC, NBC and not to forget the economic faerie dust from the dolts on CNBC, has another outcome intended for American citizens — more Neoliberal policy agendas which support plutocrats, lowers wages, slows GDP growth with no counter-voices who know better on the corporate lobby news boutiques from above.  This outcome is being assisted by monetary ignoramus billionaire? Donald Trump and to a much smaller extent from Hillary Clinton, by helping to support Budget and Public Debt fear mongering echo chamber agenda.

How is the intended outcome by the Political Media 1 being accomplished?  Why with the built in continual, echo-chambered drone of serious economic ignorant Neoliberal policies that have decimated the middle class in this nation from upward redistribution.  Haven’t you noticed the well-deserved, substantial ire and anger against the Political Media in response to the forgery of economic opine on Networks?  This anger and ire from a portion of the populace is what feeds some of the Trump phenomena 2 and part of the Hillary-Hatred Derangement Syndrome. 3

By censoring any rational, economic heterodox counter-dialogue, the Political Media reinforces their shove-it-down-the-throats-of-Americans to their agenda to dismantle the public sector and drain the public’s money.  The front part of this powerful lobby can be heard in various opines, but Peter G. Peterson Foundation’s (PGPF) Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget (CRFB) wins the booby prize.  CRFB’s President Maya MacGuineas is a fine contribution to toxic information and a wasteland of profound fiscal irresponsibility of resistance to facts, who shrewdly cherry picks economic facts to support CRFB’s insanely irrational call for balanced budgets because the national debt with ANY deficit spending is going to starve you, your children and kill jobs for your children’s children; it’s psycho econo-babble 4.  Note how well the marketing hypnotism works in the last presidential debate as misinformed journalist Chris Wallace promptly invoked the ‘Grand Bargain’ on Social Security and National Debt!  Look at the incredible, superb efficacy of post-hypnotic suggestion plays out plainly and visibly as a testament to the prowess of hypnotism marketing of CRFB’s commercial induction-that’s great power and influence.

Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget (CRFB) is an economically bigoted, biased and insufficiently literate, bipartisan public policy organization filled with economic incompetents who want to pocket and drain your Social Security and ANY of your money with your earned, paid for benefits outsource it to salivating Wallstreet handlers in a NAFTA-like policy that trumps out government protecting your benefits in favor of financial sector losing you money.

CRFB is a pseudo think-tank based in Washington, D.C.  By preying on the fact of our insufficiently informed citizenry, CRFB talks a one-sided federal balance sheet paranoia designed to assist the Private Financial Sector (with Rants-alot-Trump’s help and as Progressive’s rightfully fear Hillary might help) in stealing the power of the federal monetary system of the USA in a can’t see it coming type coup d’etat.  This would effectively hand over USA monetary sovereignty to the financial sector bankers by getting people to believe in a fiction called Balanced Budget nonsense or National Debt apocalypse — THERE ISN’T ONE.  Then what is going on?


So, plain and simply put, the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget and everyone who supports this economic den of thieves are LYING to American public to get what they want.  Why?  Because they want your money and will stop at almost nothing to get it.  They use the Political Media to promote their ALEC-like lobby and its austerity legislation agenda against the American people on ABC, CBS, CNN, CSPAN, FOX, MSNBC, NBC and not to forget the economic faerie dust from the dolts on CNBC has another outcome intended for American citizens — more Neoliberal policy to to further the reach of the private Financial Sector’s tentacles by playing on the American public’s lack of full knowledge on how our money system actually works simultaneously pulling a bait-n-switch 6 7

Private Sector billionaire ‘Rants-Alot-Trump’ professes he will “Make America Great Again.”  Though I am not sure exactly when he deems the cutoff point to be as to when the United States of America became “not great,” from rhetoric bounced around and indications from the Republican Party, an educated guess might be that it somehow, in his own Trumpian logic, correlates to when President Obama took office.  After all, we know that that point in history is when Civil Unrest became rampant, right?  And let’s praise Trump for his wisdom in finally ending the birther theory that Hillary started as well, enlightened, wise man that he is.  You know what is genuinely frightening?  That Trump supporters would read these words and not even catch a glimpse of the sarcasm that is implied in them.  They would agree and pronounce Barabbas-Trump as the Savior!  And so it goes, The Gospel According to Trump.

But Trump paints such a picture of the evils of what America has become at the hands of a Black President, the depths to which we, as a nation, have sunk, and by playing upon the emotions of the nostalgia of whatever it is he vaguely sees as the good old days, a picture that is unique to each individual, that he has created a mass hysteria of desire to return to some nebulous time unique to each one’s imagination. . .but it works, because it carries such emotional impact!  How naïve and gullible are we, as a nation?

Inevitably, we will know come November 8, 2016.  Whether Trump carries us into a coup d’etat into the hands of the financial private sector, becoming a second Hitler by means of taking over the Supreme Court or Hillary is the victor, at the very least bringing experience and common sense, the decision is in our hands.  We the people hold the power, as has always been the foundation upon which the Untied States of America has be based.  And the choice is ours, along with the implications of what might be with a Trump victory; this may be our last stand to make this choice.  The future of our country hangs in the balance.  Make your choice and voice count!

Follow the path with Dr. Strickler as he puts into print his life altering journey in his medical event in suffering an acute stroke and the repercussions of the aftermath in his sensitive recounting in his article, Lightning Struck Late at Night.”

Join Wendy Ford as she permits her Ego to speak in a revealing commentary on two of her previous articles, discovering the power of her exploration of Self  in My Dearest Idiot, This Is your Ego.”

Explore the characteristics of character with Glen Ford expressing the intricacies of the make up of what we do and why in his article Thoughts on Character.”

Encounter experiences of obstacles and the importance of overcoming them as you travel with Adam Crosthwaite in his article Caution, Gate Opens Inward.”

Expand your understanding of the power of Social Media and the impact it can have on lives locally as well as globally with Christine Ford’s Great Power is a Great Responsibility.”

As always, get cozy and comfy with a tall or short glass of your favorite beverage and join us once more.  It is with hope that our great country continues to be as great as we are right now that we, the staff  of Spiritual Climate, invite you take a break from your busy day to travel with us through the meanderings, ponderings and realities as seen from the minds of mystics with our commentaries about what is happening on this crazy, never boring, spinning sphere called Earth!

Welcome to our Autumn 2016 Edition of The Spiritual Climate Newsletter.

in the Spirit of Love & Transcendence,

THE EDITORS @SpiritusClimate

Google+  Institute of Spiritual Climate LLC

Copyright © 2016 by Institute of Spiritual Climate LLC



  1. O’Donnell, Lawrence. The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell. “Political Media Loses Its Mind over Clinton.” News Media. MSNBC, September 12, 2016. Editors Note: Lawrence O’Donnell’s wording, ‘Political Media’ is a concise, powerful naming of the Conservative-Liberal Beltway Media. Thankfully your voice is on mainstream Lawrence!
  2. Remnick, David. “Behind the Trump Phenomenon.” Magazine. The New Yorker, March 14, 2016.
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    Most if not all of the surrogate co-chairs, represent a blight and malignancy of cancerous ignorance, such as Mitch Daniels, or they sound like wannabe economists who do not understand accounting identity, sectoral balance identity or balance of payments in macro government budget accounting which put simply translates as government is nowhere near anything like a household checking account.  Brilliant economists like Stephanie Kelton, Michael HudsonBill MitchellSteve Keen or Dean Baker counter against the dubious farce of presentations the CRFB’s broadcasts daily on Peter G. Peterson Foundation’s (PGPF) commercial minions ABC, CBS, CNN, CSPAN, FOX, MSNBC, NBC and not to forget the economic faerie dust from the dolts on CNBC; these economists provide a counter-voice of reason based on economic history and flawless math.

    Putting it another way, the CRFB and it’s co-chairs are nothing more than paid sycophants, farcical minions of PGPF and an insult to American Economics.  For example, contrary to what you are told, Social Security Is NOT a main driver of the Country’s long-term budget problem, not according to Dean Baker 8Baker, Dean. Contrary to What AP Tells You, Social Security Is NOT a Main Driver of the Country’s Long-Term Budget Problem.” Economic. CEPR, September 27, 2016. http://cepr.net/blogs/beat-the-press/contrary-to-what-ap-tells-you-social-security-is-not-a-main-driver-of-the-country-s-long-term-budget-problem.

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    “Here’s something we need to understand – there is a Wall Street Wing of the Democratic party, and one of its most eager representatives is Erskine Bowles. According to Bill Black, noted economist and blogger at Naked Capitalism, Bowles along with Alan Simpson is allied with Republican Wall Street billionaire Pete Peterson who has pledged a billion dollars in the effort to privatize Social Security called “The Third Way”.

    Black writes, “The Third Way represents the Wall Street wing of the Democratic Party and has pushed successfully for the worst domestic failures of the Obama administration, including continuing the Bush administration policy of granting the elite banksters whose frauds drove the crisis de facto immunity from criminal prosecution. … Third Way is also useful to Wall Street’s pursuit of other major priorities, including austerity and gaining access to tens of billions of dollars in freebie profits from beginning to privatize social security. Third Way’s specialty is spreading the faux “moral panic” that the safety net is the great threat to America.”

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Caution, Gates Open Inward

By Adam Crosthwaite

Preparing for Passage to Higher Levels of Awareness

People spend their time in a world full of gates, boundaries  and barriers of many different types.  These barriers, regardless of their form being both nonphysical as well as physical, exist as a form of protection.  Sometimes these are negative barriers created by misunderstandings in the minds of people who have stumbled along the life path.  Others are perhaps temporary stop gaps to buy time to work out solutions to complex issues that have become more permanent.  Whatever the case may be, there are a lot of these obstacles and they can be cumbersome to negotiate around at times.  That is why it nice to find out there are doorways and gateways to allow for passage between and amongst these divided zones.

Sure, a way past an obstacle can be nice and very welcome, especially in a moment of frustration or panic when timing (an especially challenging variable in my personal sphere of influence) is of the essence and the need to be able to bypass any unnecessary obstacle to maintain a course is of utmost importance.  However fool’s gold can be just that and reaching out for that shiny rock on the bottom of a river can cost more than time or energy.  An awfully tempting short cut can leave a person in dire straits with little or no help to come along for some time. Taking the wrong pathway into situations one is unprepared for or unaware of can create a lot of chaos in a world already dependent on being regulated and contain at many different levels, which is why most gates have a regulatory function built into how they operate.

Gates in the physical world can be a pain to deal with at times.  The nice thing about these gates is they usually come with instructions and warnings on them.  There are those gates in the non-physical sense such as mental and emotional levels that come with little to no warning or even acknowledgment of their existence without training and even still it can be worse to negotiate than the Maze of the Minotaur.

Caution: Gate Opens Inward

One of my favorite warnings is: CAUTION: GATE OPENS INWARD.  This warning always makes me smile, not just because the thought of some jerk in a rush running headlong into an iron gate and getting his head rung seems to be funny to me on a bad day,  but also because it makes me pause for a moment.  Few things in the world grab the full attention of my thoughts, not my random unconscious reactions from the reptilian or mammalian brain centers, but my actual human thoughts.  It is the external notification of an inward opening and the levels of caution necessary in such an event.  In other words, here is a reminder in the physical world communicating to me through the visual fabric of manifestation that I need remain vigilant in my internal explorations and development.  There are several barriers that have become unregulated and need to be repaired as well as protected.  What good is the security measures that have been set up when in passing through a gate something unwelcome or detrimental is let in and what’s worse what if it goes unnoticed?

This is a scenario I have come face to face with on more than one occasion, and it is never easy to explain or fix.  The reflection of how these portals, doorways, gates or whatever name people may come up with for these check points may be operate on different levels of understanding and knowledge is also worth considering.  Generally speaking people grow up and spend much of their early years developing awareness of surroundings including people.  Who is safe to talk to, who can be trusted to take me home or give a hug to?  Where is the safest place to be when something is happening?  Who should be avoided to stay out of trouble?  These are all examples of the many different aspects of safety regulation that most people start out with learning and build from there.


Sadly much of this understanding stops expanding at a certain age and fear is enacted as a safety net.  People become unsure of others in an unhealthy way and start to shun and push away others who are deemed different for reasons other than genuine safety and protection.  Eventfully a level of ignorance becomes the social norm amongst different pockets of a population and people stop maintaining any semblance of vigilance as long as they have their close knit circle and any outsiders that may look or sound or think differently are far away and pose no seeable threat.  People stop paying attention to or following up on major changes in the world and stop continuing to learn and grow until they become stagnate and bored, just as I was pointing out in my last article with help from The Boss, Rev. Strickler, when I found myself in such a place.

When people are in this state of mind, there is no one awake at the gate standing guard.  It is at these times that anything can happen.  Any security professional from patrol to gate guard to information technology can tell you that there is no such thing as a one hundred percent secure environment.  There are always exploitable points with in any system and where ever you have a human being you have a chance for an exploitable advantage if you know how manipulate.  Just as major corporations and the special interest groups or individuals behind the faces of big name companies have spent time and resources learning and practicing to slip through the cracks of awareness; one day people are looking at each other asking, “How did we get to this point where things are so out of control?”

The different mystical traditions from around the world and through the ages are full of these check points and gates that regulate who and what may pass in and out of an area at any time.  If only people were as self-aware and consider choices and actions just as much as a simple warning on a gate or door, taking the time to make sure no one gets smacked in the face with an unknown variable. It can be as simple as finding a shut off notice from the power company because the choice to save ten dollars on a new digital whatever while it was on sale seemed like a good idea, when in fact it would have been wiser to have waited two days and pay the ten extra dollars because the electricity payment could bounce and payday is tomorrow; spending extra money can wait.

I can recall having these seemingly ridiculous scenarios pop up just like this one in my early twenties as I would attempt to play the game of Beat the Bank, a term and discussion that came up much with Rev. Strickler in the past.  It was his words, “Beat the Bank” that eventually helped my mind to refocus from the mindset of a kid running to the comic book store with his allowance to that of a grown up with a paycheck and bills to pay.  A juvenile mentality that I find at play still from time to time as I work on regulating and restructuring my own pathways and gates to maintain and protect necessary areas with in my mind.

Warning: This Is Going To Hurt

Now I have to question myself, why am I being warned so eminently by the Universe literally giving me a sign that saying: “CAUTION YOU MAY GET HIT BY SOMETHING HERE.”  I have been working for a long time to overcome my own negative barriers and establish proper boundaries, to learn to regulate what and whom I allow access to in my life, both coming and going.  In this time I have been aided and taught by what can only be described as the most patient and compassionate human being ever known, Rev. David Strickler, without whom I never would have realized what was happening let alone what to do about it.

Someday I will be standing in front of a gate that I need to pass and I know I will be completely alone in this task.  I know this because I have been through situations and discussions and many warnings in preparation for this.  My goal is to be aware enough and to be ready to pass the gate, overcoming my past shortcomings, and to be accepted by the Higher Self into those levels that would allow me to better regulate in order to not only be better prepared, but to aid those along the way who still keep running headlong into variables of iron and chaos.

Wishing you the awareness to see and understand the sign upon the gate, and the good fortune for it not to read: WARNING – THIS IS GOING TO HURT.


Adam Crosthwaite

Copyright © 2016 by Institute of Spiritual Climate LLC


— the End of October 2016 Spiritual Climate Newsletter —

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Get Up!  Get Up!

By Adam Crosthwaite

A single moment, just like a flash, is all it takes to change a world.  Even a world as small as one corner of a person’s life that is in the process of challenging itself to get up, or a universe teaming with life sprawled out over light years, this process may appear to follow a universal formula for sudden awareness.  One might even say it was so obvious that some ancient culture from centuries before had been writing about such events in a pictorial script on walls and tablets.

There are different ways to bring about changes within any space.  In the ongoing explorations of the mysteries of Qabalah, as I continue to be taught by Rev. David Strickler, the primary focus is on the personal space thus far. In working with mental and emotional energies using the principles of spiritual alchemy changes within one’s own personal sphere of influence become possible and spiritual growth may occur.  This is mostly a process of cleaning up and clearing out energies and habits.  In this clearing of the way not only is there a change in perceptions and attitudes but the receptivity to higher consciousness is opened up and honed.  Years of practice, study and application helped guide initiates as they continually seek out the lessons and advice of the Masters, such as Rev. Strickler, who have walked the path and aid those along the way.

Finding the Will to Get Up!

Along the path there are many challenges, some which appear to throw one to the ground, brought on by an number of factors many from outside our own personal circle but most, and the more devious, are those from within our own circle; each of us with our own personal, emotional and mental baggage or rather “spiritual disorders”.  Part of the challenge can be to get up, having been thrown to the ground.  These challenges can stay with a person until resolved for whatever the reason.  Along the path I have encountered many of these challenges, some without knowing what they were, but each one just as capable of throwing me off my path, or down to the ground on my path, as the next.

Recently my world has been changed by a clearing of my own perception.  I had been struggling with some personal problems that managed to manifest into physical health issues, mostly weight gain.  Strangely,  I had no idea that this was happening.  Actually I knew something was wrong, I just had no idea that it was at affect with something from deep within my past.  This whole time I was looking at my present mindset and thinking that I was just being lazy or momentarily careless about my own well-being.  You see, a long time ago I learned that I was good enough at certain things in school and some other areas where work was hard, I could slack off without getting noticed.  What started out as a kid thinking he was gaming the system turned into a man who didn’t expect to be challenged as much as he was later on in life.  I found myself in a struggle to get up off the mat of Life.

The alchemical mixture of sloppy behavior and unethical mindset has been in place and hiding, waiting for the perfect setting to spill over and try to infect other areas of my mental and emotional laboratory that I have been working on cleaning and building for twelve years as student of Rev. Strickler’s.  After a few years of slippery situations and seemingly chaotic events it takes a slap in the face in the form of a doctor’s diagnosis and a few months later a sucker punch from an employer with a pink slip drive home the message, “YOU HAVE A PROBLEM!”

There is much more to my challenge than I am letting be known, but I am sure the details would just drone on and not serve the writing very well; not all disclosure is for public consumption.  Those who have been a part of my journey know as they have been there, for those who don’t just imagine temporally losing a loved one and a few years later losing one that you spent a good portion of your adult life trying to find.

I was brought down to the level of self-pity and doubt, feeling pinned down to the ground.  I was just trying not to panic while in panic mode for days.  I couldn’t make sense of things for a day or two until I crashed out and didn’t do anything for a day.  It wasn’t until I started to move that things started to clear up and make since.  Suddenly I knew what to do, I needed to get up off the ground.  I woke up one day and I started with just cleaning my space a little.  It started with clearing out an area to work with.  Then I counseled a few memberships on line then updated my resume and started to apply for work.  In a flash, my world once again had changed.  I could hear a voice from somewhere telling me to get up and move, to get up and get going.  At times it sounds like my mentor Rev. Strickler, just as if I was sitting with him and he was speaking to me directly, other times it is a voice similar to my own but bigger and clearer than the whispering voice I am used to.

The irony of this experience is that I was convinced that I didn’t make the changes necessary to change my situation quick enough to break out of the rut I was in mentally and physically once I was aware of them.  It was a month after the first awareness of how far reaching my problem was which was six months after finally accepting the doctor’s diagnosis.  The final blow from work hit.  Even in the process of making changes, more fallout from events can continue to disrupt things, from the simplest most mundane aspects to the larger more threatening situations that may irrevocably affect your life.  It all depends on the size and scope of the events involved.

Now I am working a new job, one that took only two days to find and get after choosing to move; it is the exact opposite of the one I had.  I went from a comfortable air conditioned building to walking around all night locking up buildings in the beginning of the monsoon season in Phoenix, Arizona.  I get all the fresh air and exercise I can handle!  No more sitting around the office for hours on end watching monitors or reading.  Now I have to eat right to keep in decent shape, so no more fast food short cuts every night or pizza delivery late night at work.  In a flash my lifestyle was changed.

For all the study and practice over the last twelve years as an initiate in the art of Qabalah, I still needed a little help to get up off the ground and push me in the right direction, to get me under way even though I was ready all along.  It is very easy to become wrapped up in illusions when your guard is down.  That is why it’s important to have some type of emotional and mental conditioning. There are aspects of the alchemical process in the Q tradition of Qabalah that aid and teach in these manners, but one never truly understands them until they have undergone the experience of having to rely on them when faced with a challenge.

I can remember many times in the middle of a fight and looking to the sidelines and seeing my teacher yelling at me to ‘Get Up!’  I finally became aware, engaged in the situation fully to make changes.  In the past Rev. Strickler has used the image of the mentor standing by and watching his student from the sidelines as they train and fight in the ring.  With the patience of a true master, Rev. Strickler has used image as a metaphor to explain to me how he watched over and waited for his student to engage the process and make the changes that have been worked for so long.  There will be times when it feels as if there is nothing more to do, that no matter, what nothing will get better.  That is a dangerous time to be down and unwilling to find the ability to get up and keep moving.  Even more so when you are up against yourself and all your spiritual disorders, also referred to as the shadow self, the darker part of the inner person created from within.

The shadow self is smooth and can use any number of exploitable vulnerabilities just like a computer virus as a type of sabotage against the efforts of the self attempting to find expression of the true or higher in the physical world.  Few things in life are as scary as the realization that you have been under the influence of a shadow.

All the preparation and training in the world is useless to a person who is unable to function when under pressure.  Knowing there is a problem can help, but will not do much to effect the situation for the better.  It is through the engagement of Will that allows for changes to occur in the world.  No matter how big or small a change or world, no movement means there can be no engagement of the energies present.

No matter how dark or overwhelming the situation may seem if you listen closely enough, you may hear someone silently cheering for you.  Even if you don’t see any one, there is always a voice saying, “Get up!  Get up, Now!”


Adam Crosthwaite

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