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Spiritual Climate of Christmas 2019
SCN December 2019, Editor's Intro, Christmas

Spiritual Climate Dec. 2019, Editor’s Intro, Christmas


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Christmas-New Year’s 2019

December’s Spiritual Climate is the longest night of the year, the greatest absence of physical light on the Earth, the time to look deep inside the darkness of one’s Soul and personality, a time for inward journey and reflection; this all sums up what the Winter Solstice, December 20, 2019,  signifies.  Yet on the other side comes the lengthening of daylight, as the light once again grows in intensity and the Earth is no longer subject to limitation of the Rays of that beautiful, life-sustaining Solar disk that provides us sustenance.  Cycles of Time.   So too is our great country experiencing a Solstice, a time of darkness and deprivation of Truth.  How fitting that the Impeachment of Donald Trump comes at this time of year.  And if the cycles of Nature hold true, following the darkness of Impeachment, our great nation will experience once again the growing of light and Truth.  Unfortunately, there is no guarantee of that cycle of Nature when it comes to politics, so for now we will see what human choices in Time brings.

The spiritual climate in this season of personal reflection can become overwhelming, when the whole world out there appears to be focused on material aspects of the holidays,  creating a paradox of a flurry of activity in the outer, material world, while the inner world is demanding a deeper, more introspective action be taken.  What a Spiritual reflection of our Material struggle within the government; the split in support for Impeachment: the Democrats stating the depths of truth with facts and proof, dignified searching with deep results, expressing their truth in loyalty to the Constitution, while the Republicans cower and bow before a disgusting representation of a disfigured Santa (Satan) Claus, fearing ending up on his naughty list if they act in a manner true to their Oath of Office.  The parallel is astounding.  To use that all to worn out phrase, it is time to move on.  It is time for decisions to be made, action to be taken, and truth to be known.  How this will be resolved hangs in the balance, just as our Democracy hangs in balance.  Sadly, there are no guarantees.

It is with pride, reflection and hope for right to prevail for the United States of America that the contributors of The Spiritual Climate Newsletter welcome you once again to our articles of social commentary.  We are inspired and ready to move forward, but not ready to forget the lessons of the past.   In this Edition, Wendy Ford, Glen Ford and Christine Ford share their memories of Adam Crosthwaite, as a tribute following up Dr. Strickler’s eloquent memorial.

We invite you as well, to travel along with Dr. Strickler as he explores, Christmas, Really? Just Another Christmas, Is It?

Time… It is Time for you to sit back, relax, put your feet up and grab a mug or cup of whatever it is that gives you comfort and travel the memories and commentaries of our contributors once again.  We here at The Institute of Spiritual Climate wish you and yours the brightest of holiday seasons and the most fulfilling of New Years for 2020.  We look forward to sharing our thoughts with you in upcoming Editions of The Institute of Spiritual Newsletter.

Christine J. Ford, Editor, Spiritual Climate Newsletter

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