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Gone Too Soon: Adam Crosthwaite
Gone Too Soon: Adam Crosthwaite

Gone Too Soon: Adam Crosthwaite

Adam Crosthwaite was gone too soon:  on July 17, 2017 the Spiritual Climate family lost its youngest member.  Adam quickly succumbed to multi system organ failure brought on by sepsis from bacterial pneumonia.  Although he had been placed in a medically induced coma his vital signs indicated he absolutely knew when each of us spoke to him in that cold, stark white, sterile cubicle in ICU encouraging him to fight.

Sadly, recovery was not in the plan.  He transitioned quietly very shortly after we each had an opportunity to speak with him.  While we miss him deeply, we do know that he is continuing on the next phase of his journey and studies unencumbered by this physical plane, free of the narcosis of the physical senses and free from the demands of the false ego and limitations imposed by his physical birth sign (personality).  He has disembarked from the seemingly never ending cruise of this spiritual hospital ship called Earth.

Even though Adam is gone, we have each received little signs that he is still around, though on the “other side.”  He occasionally drops in with a gentle reminder of his presence; a song, a phrase of a movie or TV show, a flicker of lights, a passing shadow in the periphery, someone in the grocery who is a red headed bearded giant.

It seemed to be too soon for Adam’s physical death.  It was truly a shock to all of us and has taken longer than expected to come to some semblance of acceptance and regain footing.  It is still difficult to believe he is gone.  His laugh still echoes in the ether and I still expect to see him sitting in his chair at our table on class night.  Holiday meals are still made with way too much volume of food as we would always send most of the leftovers home with him.

Each of us had our own unique relationship with Adam and we each have been working through his loss in our own ways.  Adjusting to the absence since his transition has been difficult.

Adam had such a big, generous heart and genuinely cared for and loved his spiritual family.  He would drop everything if help was needed no matter the time or weather.  He could envelope you in a gentle bear hug that would shut the world out and let you know everything was going to be okay.

Adam was a fellow student and seeker.  Being the youngest member of our circle by thirty years he brought many different perspectives and taught us much about how a younger generation thinks and reflects.  He also spoke of how the educational system has changed over the years and what the younger folks’ value and care about and why.  Yet because of his life experiences the gentle giant was wise beyond his years.

Adam could be goofy as all get out, never missing an opportunity to play a joke yet he was quick to laugh at himself.  The knack of being able to laugh at oneself appears gone in our society today.  His story telling ability was legend in our circle; he could keep us entertained with his tales and stories, most based on true experiences and have us laughing until the tears ran and our sides ached.

Adam was one of the most genuinely honest people I have ever met.  He had an uncanny knack of being able to size up a situation and call “bullshit” faster than most.  It was fascinating to watch his growth as a Student of Dr Strickler as Adam made adjustments and changes.  He was open about sharing his struggles.  His successes and failures were freely shared in the safety of our circle where there was love, trust, understanding and acceptance along with the brutal honesty required when one is genuinely seeking to grow into one’s true humanhood.  Adam spoke of the growth that provided him relief and change he could see and feel through the help of Dr. Strickler’s teachings and support.  From what I could see during his time in our group, his change was profoundly remarkable, and then Adam was gone!

I learned much from him; many of his struggles were similar to mine and I could see parts of me clearly reflected in him.  Being able to see those parts reflected helped me to identify some major areas and issues that were impeding my progress and growth.  Even though Adam was gone too soon, memories of those reflections are still use as signposts as I move along the path and continue to learn and grow.  Adam probably had no idea how much help this was and still is to me and just how much he meant to me.  I deeply regret never having told him that.

You are still missed, my friend.  Wendy Ford.

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