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Christmas, Really? Just Another Christmas, Is It?
Christmas, Really? Just Another Christmas, Is It?

Christmas, Really? Just Another Christmas, Is It?

Christmas already, really?  Just another Christmas, is it?  Is it already Christmas?  It has been a few years come and gone since the last full edition of the Spiritual Climate Newsletter was published in the Christmas edition of December 2016.  I had thought of writing an article of a synopsis, an effort to boil down a handful of events and experiences coming from both the mass mind and perhaps a few from myself that some could relate to, analogous in similarity and/or contrast occurring in other’s daily lives.  Where that thought went, I am not sure, although my best guess is it disappeared somewhere in the black hole of my brain injury.  At least I can type, that is, whenever the nonessential tremor hasn’t reared its blathering head in my left hand.

Maybe what I am attempting to convey is I just couldn’t settle on an approach for ‘just another Christmas article’ with this return edition of the Spiritual Climate Newsletter after an unexpected 3 years hiatus.  I am saying to myself, ‘untimely return, unexpected hiatus’ David?  Yeah, here I go talking to myself again.  But talking to oneself out loud, can be of healthy use, it can work, primarily if a person hasn’t heard their own thought process spoken aloud, much like a person listening to the sound of their voice on a recording and being slightly startled, inevitably saying, ‘Is that what I sound like?’

Speaking your mentation aloud to yourself in the privacy of oneself affords a realization of how one’s thoughts do not sound, nor make sense, in any way like what you think they mean as you listen to them in your head.  Actually, it is a good exercise, for a person might discover what other people actually hear what we say versus how we think we sound like, in the unchallenged arena and peanut gallery of our own heads.  Sometimes it is a good checkpoint to get a fair ‘hearing’ of what other people may be hearing unbeknownst to ourselves BEFORE one might expose their ass out in front of the gods and everyone else without the privacy of clothing.

What I have found myself wanting to talk about is death.  Death, for the most part of the symbolism of Christmas, doesn’t seem to belong to the season unless one is dealing with the spirit of what is yet to come, in Charles Dickens’s loud novella painting the life of a bitter man named Ebenezer Scrooge, in A Christmas Carol.”  Scrooge begins to find it easy to cast aside the bitterness and scorn he held toward life as the result of deep hurt.  It is a fair commentary; the nature of human psychology is unable to let go of feelings or beliefs, that one necromanced to place distance between the dour response to some of our past when events, effortlessly unfolding ruling out certainty, when in fact situations are not responding in going our way, the way we wanted it to go.

Death plays importance in every Christmas season.  If death is nothing more than a transient moment removing the shadow of what we this IS, a shadow diminishing by the growing light of new and longer days, as the solstice directly expresses, even if the expression of Christmas portends the death of people, places, and things in the experience of our human environment.  Yes, even if someone dies in our personal world.

It struck me as rather odd my father passed this month, December 9th, to be accurate.  Especially after I had finished coming to terms with the shocking surprise of Adam Crosthwaite’s death.  So, endings have come to find a place in my world, as I am sure it does in other people’s world in different places around the globe only varied by the months, weeks, and days instead of December.

This December of 2019 brought an ending in my personal world; my dad was released from his pain and bondage in his physical form, his shell.  It came as an unexpected event and occurrence in my life, as well as in the presence of my brother and sister’s life.  Being who I am, believing what I believe, and knowing what I know and knowing the difference between what belief is and knowing, at times, feel my dad’s presence at times.  For example, as I wrote this article, he was looking over my shoulder as I typed on my keyboard at my desk,  while I was occasionally glancing at the picture of him and my mother taken in 1959 in Killeen, Texas while he was stationed at U.S. military station Fort Hood.  I talk ‘with him,’ expressing to him the sense of relief I have of his release from this world, his pain, and his difficulties.  I know he is coming into the knowledge of answers as to the many people, places, and things he pursued and experienced in this lifetime.  Hopefully, albeit from a bit of a selfish point of view on my part, his coming to understand a part of my life that was naturally veiled to him in our relationship and catch glimpses of what I do day in and day out.

Maybe he finally received a Christmas present he was sincerely looking for: truths and the freedoms some truths can, every so often bestow into a personal understanding of love, life, and the freedom to experience those, which our Nation affords us.  I realize I left the word pain out of the last sentence.  I had an understanding of dad’s suffering because of the continual pain I undergo post-stroke from neurological damage.  I could have an understanding of his pain as we shared many points of laughter about our physical situations.  To digress, I also left out the word pain because it is a given if a person is living in this world.  This world has plenty of pain maintained by the power craven control freaks in any and at any given period in human history.  It never seems to end.

I learned many things from my dad, many unbeknownst to him, and some he knew were stimulated by him.  My dad was a convert to Catholicism, from which I learned the discipline and work to sustain faith by the discovery of knowledge and actions of agape.  I read and reread his catechism material that was used in his conversion to Catholicism, even though he and mom afforded me an education and discipline of a Catholic School.  He enjoyed the freedom of religious choice, a faith that didn’t seek to impose or force its beliefs and rules, on others, only as an offering of choice, not by the control of ‘Caesar’s laws.’

My dad loved this country and expressed to me his fear of it being turned into a dictatorship with the help of the Russians and their Communist ideologies, with the aid of money, seeking to turn us against our government.  These were warnings we (i.e., myself and such as dear friend Greg D.) learned in Catholic school, as well as the difference between the evils of communism and some of the grace which can be bestowed by proper use of some necessary socialism to shore up the general welfare needs of our citizens, as well as making sure the elite didn’t use the power of socialism to their sole benefit.

Needless to say, he didn’t like, (quote) “The Deceiver in the White House and his continual lies.”  He expressed to me he couldn’t understand why some people can’t see how our nation is in danger as well as our Constitution and freedoms.  Liars angered him to no end and said they were in league with the Devil’s agenda.  Dad honored facts and truthfulness, not the use of unchecked imagination being used today.  He always sought the source of information; who, what, when, where, and why.  He served to protect our nation and Constitution in peacetime.

In many respects, as I thought through his death, I really do not find it odd he took leave of his earthen life 15 days before Christmas.  In fact, in writing this, I just recalled how he could surprise me on Christmas, and the look on his face when he pulled one over on me at Christmas along with the joy shining from his face as he watched me come into some type of realization of something hidden from me, whether it was a Christmas present or the discovery of a hidden truth.  One major surprise at Christmas was the acoustic guitar he and mom got for me.

I am sure my brother and sister are gaining their own insights relative to their experiences with dad.  I still believe, and at times know, unexpected occurrences can happen for a veiled reason.  There can be moments when it’s clear as to what the underlying reasons are and, at other times, not as discernible or noticeable.  It was difficult for me not to be able to be present for his funeral.  I know dad realized my health wouldn’t permit me to go back East for his funeral unless I wanted to follow him.  Maybe that is part of a gift I receive this Christmas, because, for at least once, I know he knows for certainty, without any doubt, he now has a more thorough comprehension of the physical challenges I am facing day today.  Hell, to my somewhat surprise, even my brother realized that I may not have been able to get back for dad’s funeral.

Dad was taking leave of his physical body before the onset of the Winter Solstice, and it leaves for me a view about the death of winter and the increasing length of daylight and the formation of light, and this not just by happenstance.  It is almost an omen of a more considerable change that dad’s passing aligns near the date the birth of the Great Rabbi is celebrated, note I say celebrated.

The Great Rabbi’s birth was an omen (or a prophesy if one prefers) of an unasked-for change about to manifest throughout a threshold where humanity’s inability to foreshadow outcomes of its marriage to the convenience in being ‘at effect.’  Remaining ‘at effect’ is a predictable redundancy in the Capitalist marketplace of the flesh, a cyclicity of gravitational inertia upholding a ceaseless cycle of death and rebirth of souls within the Terra Firma of Earth, which is nothing more than the universe we live and move and have our physical experience within.  What sometimes remains unseen is how the Great Rabbi’s birth permanently shatters the hope and dreams of many human control freaks, it puts them on notice.  For that matter, it also puts the materialistic certainty freaks on notice who identify themselves entirely as only a fleshy animal they awake ‘within’ each morning.

Can you imagine the sick, dangerous, exaggerated forms of behavior that could result from the type of shock smacking the living daylights out of the synthetic certainty needed by control freaks to laud whatever power-hungry control they would seek over lives that refused to pay attention to their bait and the hand up their butt moving their lips?  Of course, you can just look around, look at the continuation of the economic sociopath sickness of neoliberal Margaret Thatcher,  who sought to impose on the world her motto, “TINA” (there is No Alternative,) the massive load of crap that it is.  There are always alternatives that exist that could promote the betterment and welfare of humanity instead of the insidious cancer of Protestant exceptionalism currently wielded by the power control freaks in the world.

These power control freaks are found in many layers of humanity, even showing up as an oligarchy of Rome, the Pharisees, and the Sadducees during the time of the Great Rabbi, continually spreading their lies, corruption, and bestiality in their cults of personality always trying to force people to conform not out of choice but by their rule of power and the elaborate forms of entertainment their organizations used to obtain more power for their leaders’ use to force, impose, and coerce compliance to the rules of a god they created in the image and likeness of their Egos.  And it had to be done as a drama of bombastic, religious entertainment, to influence the masses they must sacrifice their needs for the good of a warmongering god or nation.  Never mind facts or even scientific measurements that exposed the power control freaks avarice and lusting greed for money they are willing to whore (shill is too polite) for, to deny a ‘certainty of no pain’ for those refusing compliance to the promotion of fear.

Currently, the mass mind’s need for certainty calls forth anyone from the marketplace of the flesh to entertain with lies, corruption, and destruction of order and truthfulness, to draw attention away from any of the echoes of the Great Rabbi upholding a decency of truths, ethics, and morals enabling people to cast aside the chains of enslavement, required by power control freaks who cheat to win to maintain power to abuse people.  They rationalize their ends justify their means.  This simply means the power control freaks will help you feel good about you losing.  But you lose.

Yes, the birth of the Great Rabbi unconsciously threatened the ongoing redundancy of forced enslavement, needed by those craven power control freaks insisting they are suffering the wounds from the slings and arrows of their fake victimhood, even if you begin to realize you are choking on their lies.  You must be forced to swallow the indecent blaspheme as they portray their contrived ‘righteous holiness’ at any cost rationalizing they were unjustly thrown out of heaven since they refused to support God’s creation of Man; to bow, serve and love God’s creation named Man.  They refused even though Man was created by The Most Highest.

The jealousy of some angels was borne of conservatism, an unwillingness for their Heaven to change, to keep things as it were before Man was created into existence.  This is the rigid conservatism that caused some angels to be cast out of Heaven by Archangel Michael.  And they fell to earth tumbling down Mount Hermon, where they simmered in their conflated, and overwhelming stink of their self-righteousness, while detesting the liberal Love of God.  It continues to be the source of stench and decay in this world that earnestly seeks to become a Theocracy; to joyously overthrow the Representative Republic of the United States of America in the name of their dictatorial, warmongering god.

The anger of the cast out angels created a veil of darkness separating them from the Voice of God, they were not able to distinguish the legion of their own thoughts from the Voice of God and hence have continued to serve the stink of their egoic self-righteousness as their new god.  They vowed to put an end to mankind’s freedom by coercing humanity with the power of their conservatism to recreate things as it once was, and thus separate Man as they were separated from the joyous freedom, and liberal power of love flowing from God Most High in Heaven, El Elyon, who is Lord over the Light and Lord over the Darkness.

Mankind’s liberation from this legion of ‘holy white collar from above’ descent of corruption, lies and moral degradation of the conservative angels along with their twisted voices of egotism, was put on notice Christmas day; in which the celebration of the birth of a cosmic event, the Great Rabbi, forms the light of freedom, liberation, and a setting of correction into a primeval deviation that has plagued humanity, and the redundancy of the material universes since the unfoldment of space and time.

In the cunning like a snake sections of humanity, the ethically and morally degenerate personalities such as ring leaders named Vladimir Putin, Semion Mogilevich, his yes man known as Donald Trump, China’s Xi Jinping, the evil of Kim Jong-un, the Russian Money that has purchased the power craven Moscow Mitch McConnell and his court jester of lies Lindsey Graham, and we need not forget religious leader spiritual jack-offs such as Paula White or Franklin Graham and many of their similar ilk too numerous to cite here, all feed on one thing in common—hurt people, maintained ignorance such promoting a degenerate interpretation and making a mockery of the Book of Revelation with an unnecessary nightmare of fear derived by eisegesis and bastardization of this sacred writ; to maintain self-elevation of prominence in the market place of profit and consumption.  It’s where the power control freaks create the darkness of their brand of cancer, seeking to eat away the knowledge of truth, freedom, and liberty contained in the pure Soul of Man.

The creation of their darkness in an attempt to off-balance the formation and fulgence of an Eternal Light, represented by this day of celebration in respect of the Great Rabbi’s birth.  They will continue to fight for their market share of control so they may create the world into their own image and likeness of enforced slavery and slave labor, born out of their Fear of being rendered irrelevant.

Let the dead of this world, bury this world and themselves in it, let them have it and keep it.

Let those who are reborn in the waters of Light that Yah liberates, take care of the tasks they set out as souls, and release from the confines of this damaged dimension instead of yearning the escapism of a Rapture or end of the world and leaving garbage for the next generation to pick up.

Because “…of that day and hour knoweth no one, not even the angels of heaven, neither the Son, but the Father only.”  Matthew 23:36

Let those with ears hear.  Remember, the Apostle Simon, nicknamed “Peter,” the “Rock.”  Simon (in Hebrew, Simeon) means “hearing.”  (Matthew 16:18).  (Etym. Greek bar ionas, from Aramaic bar yonah, son of Jonah; Hebrew yonah, dove.)  Then what we have is the name, Simon Peter derived from Simeon Bar-Yonah, in other words, HEARING THE DOVE.

Leave the confines of the created darkness of fallen angels who refuse to accept an ongoing act of love, ceaselessly changing the face of what is known, in the emerging Genesis of Creation, stirred by the presence of a Most Transcendent High God, who created in an act of Love and Volition, an image and likeness of Himself reflecting into the formation of light, to the rejection of the created darkness,

             And He called it Man.

And for the Love of Christ, MAN BETTER WAKE THE HELL UP.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year for All.  — Rev. David Strickler

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