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Adam Crosthwaite & Daughter

Adam Crosthwaite: In Memoriam

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Winter 2019

by Rev. Dr. David Strickler, Tuesday, December 3, 2019.  Last Updated AZ time 1:28 AM; 12-04-2019

Adam Crosthwaite was born on December 17th, 1979.  Adam wouldn’t be introduced to me by Christine Ford, the Executive Editor of Spiritual Climate Newsletter, until the spring of the year 2002.  Christine was, at that time, teaching children with autism.  She told me she met an interesting young man who she selected to be an aid for her in her large classroom of children with autism.  Christine also mentioned Adam was also seeking some assistance in his quest for understanding about himself, his life, and his notion of spirituality. 

It seemed the possibility of providence had stepped in for me, because I was seeking help in moving from one apartment to another within the same apartment complex.  So, I asked Christine to arrange a meeting with Adam.  If he chose to assist in my move, it would give me some time to evaluate the fabric of his character and the degree of intent in Adam’s seeking.  That is the beginning of a part of the relationship that Adam Crosthwaite and I began, at that juncture of our individual inflection points in life.

With painful reflection, I have retrospectively thought long and hard for the past couple of years about authoring this article about Adam Crosthwaite.  As the primary instigator behind the Spiritual Climate Newsletter, I belayed its production into the public after Adam Crosthwaite’s death, his untimely passing, and transition into the next phase of his life, unburdened by the gravity of a physical body.  Adam was such an integral and contributing aspect of our lives with his intellect, expressive emotions, sharp wit, and contagious laugh.  His passing was a unexpected shock, caving way to a heaviness of contemplation in our hearts. 

The Spiritual Climate Newsletter of Social Commentaries is usually published quarterly with contributions from each member of the Spiritual Climate Temple in Arizona.  I temporarily halted its publication because Adam’s passing was an unexpected event leaving a profound demarcation in our lives. 

Adam’s death, left those of us in the Temple, deeply circumspect and demanding of us, some form of closure inside ourselves, in the participation of his life, spiritual unfoldment, and his progress and failures, his joys and sorrows.  His life showed signs of spiritual light emerging from the friction of his soul within the conflict of flesh in his human experience.  He continued his sojourn within the dark energy that many, if not all of humanity, travel through, whether aware or asleep at the wheels of self-consciousness.

Adam Crosthwaite was kind, generous to a fault, a man with a quick mind using its curiosity toward understanding the process of his life and its intertwining within earth’s oceans of souls in the less seen metaphysical level.  He was capable of generous, sensitive, and intelligible dialogue about his travels in life experience with an unabashed sense of humility in his quest for knowledge and understanding of the intimate encounter within the dress of his personality and the Life Power ItSelf. 

Adam had a natural skill in using his mind in objective analysis.  He could clearly define and speak of various aspects inside himself that we each embrace of what we cite as our ‘self.’  He could concomitantly see effects generated by choices colored with his behaviors.  His self-description included clear explications of emotional aspects of feelings affecting his overall sensibility, about the interaction of himself, and how his choice of actions might likely affect others and himself in his environment.  Adam developed his ability to see where he was ‘at-effect’ with the consequences of his orderly or disorderliness including his behavioral traits inherited in his personality. 

Adam was also growing in skillful witnessing of the harrowing awareness derived from evaluating his filters.  This opened his eyes to whatever bias, bigotry, and/or learned prejudices he found toward himself and others.  Adam shared his insights freely amidst those who provided him a safe haven of acceptance while sharing a dialogue of diversity.  He explained how this insight led him to the ability to recognize the freedom of choosing, either dominion over himself or default to selecting the receipt of slavery to the senses.

Adam celebrated personal achievements and acceptance of shortcomings, from proper reckoning of comprehension he honed and expanded within himself.  He became better and better in utilizing his spiritual tools in uncovering a wiser use of his talents on this hospital ship for souls known as Earth.  He learned the use retrospect tempered by the severe fires of self-honesty, even the recognition of having the occasion of banging his head upside a wall and the eventual acceptance of the need to strengthen a personality weakness through proper use of self-derision.

It was the honest encounter of himself through ‘other-selves’ that he prized to eagerly discover any emission of light into the dark sea of energy humanity finds itself swimming.  In my private conversations with Adam, he came to see darkness as a creation borne by humankind’s hiding from the transparency of truths about themselves and humanity’s spiritual delusion about the source and origin of Will.  He sometimes voiced a struggle with the knowledge that our light is derived from the earnest subordination of carnality in the material flesh unto the Spirit residing in Humanity.

Adam also sought to wake himself from the dreadful sleep of the senses emerging from senseless drive of materialism and the illusion of  separation from spirit generated by overzealous, selfish, trance created by capitalism and its tentacles of consumerism; producing the rot of Zombies being fed off of by the sadistic traits of soulless banshees such as Trump and his support group of “Evangullible” sociopaths who disdain the higher purpose of humanity’s light with contempt.

Adam also had a heart that would attempt to give more than it was capable of flowing.  And he suffered the downside of the human experience replete with its depressions, attempts which fell short in producing change within his life in which he sometimes experienced as a powerlessness.

When he spoke about his two children, Adam would reveal his big heart and the pain he underwent in giving his children up for adoption.  He sought better environment for the welfare of his children, in order to protect them from the heated clash often imposed by egocentric men and women in positions of power.  Adam witnessed firsthand, how these in the upper echelon in corporate governance create unfair circumstances for working parents.  He watched the upper echelons executing their sociopathic narcissism of heartless, cruel capitalism, avalanching on hard-working parents trying to best raise their families, free from the discord and ilk used by elite socialism and their corporate henchmen to control their lives.

Adam’s objective to protect his children, in placing their needs above his need to have his children in his life, toward the possibilities of better starts and clearer pathways for their lives, proved to be one of his better chess moves and ultimate success against the vile ethical depravity and political evils created by members of humanity in the USA and elsewhere seeking to make life unfair for everybody but themselves.

Adam died in a coma while inside a hospitals intensive care unit after somehow, somewhere, coming into contact with an infectious agent and highly dangerous bacteria resulting in pneumonia turning into sepsis and then multi-organ failure.  Adam took leave of his physical body on July 17, 2017.  Adam leaves behind a daughter and a son in the care of adoptive parents.  There is also a long line of numerous friends, family members, coworkers, and readers who followed his articles in Spiritual Climate Newsletter, many whose lives’ have been touched by an inimitable fashion of humanness unique to Adam’s expression.

This page of tribute is not done lightly by us here at SPIRITUAL CLIMATE NEWSLETTER.  In speaking for all of us here at the Institute Of Spiritual Climate and its Temple: I speak for all of us here who have had the privilege to know of Adam.  He traveled alongside us, with the shared experiences along the Path of Return.

We will retain our memory of his life among us, the presence of his spirit, the ardor of his quest, his joy of dialogue, his gentle friendship, and his laughter in our lives. 

So, for now, we continue our spiritual travel to the ‘Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning,’ and await his greetings, when it comes our time.

Rev. Dr. David Strickler; Advising Director, Institute Of Spiritual Climate.

Adam Crosthwaite, born December 17, 1979; died July  17, 2017.

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