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Gates Open Inward. picture credit & copyright: Moreen Blackthorne

Caution, Gates Open Inward

By Adam Crosthwaite

Preparing for Passage to Higher Levels of Awareness

People spend their time in a world full of gates, boundaries  and barriers of many different types.  These barriers, regardless of their form being both nonphysical as well as physical, exist as a form of protection.  Sometimes these are negative barriers created by misunderstandings in the minds of people who have stumbled along the life path.  Others are perhaps temporary stop gaps to buy time to work out solutions to complex issues that have become more permanent.  Whatever the case may be, there are a lot of these obstacles and they can be cumbersome to negotiate around at times.  That is why it nice to find out there are doorways and gateways to allow for passage between and amongst these divided zones.

Sure, a way past an obstacle can be nice and very welcome, especially in a moment of frustration or panic when timing (an especially challenging variable in my personal sphere of influence) is of the essence and the need to be able to bypass any unnecessary obstacle to maintain a course is of utmost importance.  However fool’s gold can be just that and reaching out for that shiny rock on the bottom of a river can cost more than time or energy.  An awfully tempting short cut can leave a person in dire straits with little or no help to come along for some time. Taking the wrong pathway into situations one is unprepared for or unaware of can create a lot of chaos in a world already dependent on being regulated and contain at many different levels, which is why most gates have a regulatory function built into how they operate.

Gates in the physical world can be a pain to deal with at times.  The nice thing about these gates is they usually come with instructions and warnings on them.  There are those gates in the non-physical sense such as mental and emotional levels that come with little to no warning or even acknowledgment of their existence without training and even still it can be worse to negotiate than the Maze of the Minotaur.

Caution: Gate Opens Inward

One of my favorite warnings is: CAUTION: GATE OPENS INWARD.  This warning always makes me smile, not just because the thought of some jerk in a rush running headlong into an iron gate and getting his head rung seems to be funny to me on a bad day,  but also because it makes me pause for a moment.  Few things in the world grab the full attention of my thoughts, not my random unconscious reactions from the reptilian or mammalian brain centers, but my actual human thoughts.  It is the external notification of an inward opening and the levels of caution necessary in such an event.  In other words, here is a reminder in the physical world communicating to me through the visual fabric of manifestation that I need remain vigilant in my internal explorations and development.  There are several barriers that have become unregulated and need to be repaired as well as protected.  What good is the security measures that have been set up when in passing through a gate something unwelcome or detrimental is let in and what’s worse what if it goes unnoticed?

This is a scenario I have come face to face with on more than one occasion, and it is never easy to explain or fix.  The reflection of how these portals, doorways, gates or whatever name people may come up with for these check points may be operate on different levels of understanding and knowledge is also worth considering.  Generally speaking people grow up and spend much of their early years developing awareness of surroundings including people.  Who is safe to talk to, who can be trusted to take me home or give a hug to?  Where is the safest place to be when something is happening?  Who should be avoided to stay out of trouble?  These are all examples of the many different aspects of safety regulation that most people start out with learning and build from there.


Sadly much of this understanding stops expanding at a certain age and fear is enacted as a safety net.  People become unsure of others in an unhealthy way and start to shun and push away others who are deemed different for reasons other than genuine safety and protection.  Eventfully a level of ignorance becomes the social norm amongst different pockets of a population and people stop maintaining any semblance of vigilance as long as they have their close knit circle and any outsiders that may look or sound or think differently are far away and pose no seeable threat.  People stop paying attention to or following up on major changes in the world and stop continuing to learn and grow until they become stagnate and bored, just as I was pointing out in my last article with help from The Boss, Rev. Strickler, when I found myself in such a place.

When people are in this state of mind, there is no one awake at the gate standing guard.  It is at these times that anything can happen.  Any security professional from patrol to gate guard to information technology can tell you that there is no such thing as a one hundred percent secure environment.  There are always exploitable points with in any system and where ever you have a human being you have a chance for an exploitable advantage if you know how manipulate.  Just as major corporations and the special interest groups or individuals behind the faces of big name companies have spent time and resources learning and practicing to slip through the cracks of awareness; one day people are looking at each other asking, “How did we get to this point where things are so out of control?”

The different mystical traditions from around the world and through the ages are full of these check points and gates that regulate who and what may pass in and out of an area at any time.  If only people were as self-aware and consider choices and actions just as much as a simple warning on a gate or door, taking the time to make sure no one gets smacked in the face with an unknown variable. It can be as simple as finding a shut off notice from the power company because the choice to save ten dollars on a new digital whatever while it was on sale seemed like a good idea, when in fact it would have been wiser to have waited two days and pay the ten extra dollars because the electricity payment could bounce and payday is tomorrow; spending extra money can wait.

I can recall having these seemingly ridiculous scenarios pop up just like this one in my early twenties as I would attempt to play the game of Beat the Bank, a term and discussion that came up much with Rev. Strickler in the past.  It was his words, “Beat the Bank” that eventually helped my mind to refocus from the mindset of a kid running to the comic book store with his allowance to that of a grown up with a paycheck and bills to pay.  A juvenile mentality that I find at play still from time to time as I work on regulating and restructuring my own pathways and gates to maintain and protect necessary areas with in my mind.

Warning: This Is Going To Hurt

Now I have to question myself, why am I being warned so eminently by the Universe literally giving me a sign that saying: “CAUTION YOU MAY GET HIT BY SOMETHING HERE.”  I have been working for a long time to overcome my own negative barriers and establish proper boundaries, to learn to regulate what and whom I allow access to in my life, both coming and going.  In this time I have been aided and taught by what can only be described as the most patient and compassionate human being ever known, Rev. David Strickler, without whom I never would have realized what was happening let alone what to do about it.

Someday I will be standing in front of a gate that I need to pass and I know I will be completely alone in this task.  I know this because I have been through situations and discussions and many warnings in preparation for this.  My goal is to be aware enough and to be ready to pass the gate, overcoming my past shortcomings, and to be accepted by the Higher Self into those levels that would allow me to better regulate in order to not only be better prepared, but to aid those along the way who still keep running headlong into variables of iron and chaos.

Wishing you the awareness to see and understand the sign upon the gate, and the good fortune for it not to read: WARNING – THIS IS GOING TO HURT.


Adam Crosthwaite

Copyright © 2016 by Institute of Spiritual Climate LLC


— the End of October 2016 Spiritual Climate Newsletter —

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