Time and Our Relationship with It

by Glen Ford

“Being does not require time or space to exist.” — Rev. Dr. David Strickler

In spiritual reality, we learn ‘time is an illusion’ and that our personality’s relationship with time is purely subjective.  All around and within us we are immersed in a concept of time and space, and by consensus we are enculturated into the experience of the concept of time.   A day as a natural period of time is what the earth takes to make one complete revolution around its axis.  A year as a natural period of time is what the earth takes to orbit our sun, 365.2425 days.  The Fact that we round this off to 365 days means that in approximately 728 years summer would happen in December in the northern atmosphere.  We can’t have the seasons marching through the year so we are forced to add a day every four years, an artificial fudge factor to maintain the illusion.

The month also is a natural period of time, that the moon takes to make one complete orbit of the earth with respect to the fixed stars.  It is 27.32 days.  That would work out to Roughly 13. 36 months per year.  Who decided on 12 months for year and what their motivation is not within the current scope of this article.

Practical Relationships with Time

Now emerges the Gregorian calendar, also called the Western calendar and the Christian calendar, it is internationally the most widely used civil calendar; an artificial, synthetic adaptation of earlier such calendars by the Catholic Church and accepted now by most of the world as consensus opinion.  It is named for Pope Gregory XIII, who introduced it in October, 1582.  The church had their reasons that can be discovered by researching the Gregorian calendar.  It is maintained today by most of the world so that our interactions with other people politically, socially and for business can run smoothly.

Then somebody had the bright idea of clocks (Hours and minutes and seconds. Oh my)!  Twenty-four hours in the day seems rather arbitrary, why not 20?  And then minutes… why 60 why not 100 and the same for seconds…go metric.  That would make sense in a world who’s counting is in base ten.  Earlier cultures used base 12 for counting.  Hence 12 hour days and 12 hour night.

There is no need to cast this all away and reinvent the wheel so to speak; the system works pretty well in the physical world.  What is relative to the purpose here is to recognize these things are artificial constructions conceived and implemented by other people.  Just like we build relationships with people, places and things in our space, it is beneficial build a relationship with time.  What does time mean personally?  How does time alter the perception of space and events?  Time flies when engaged in enjoyable activities and drags when doing drudgery.  Reverend Strickler encourages everyone to establish relationships with both time and space and to use these mechanisms of the mundane world to keep the body, our vehicle, alive.  He also advocates becoming aware of and developing a personal relationship with time spiritually.

Esoteric Relationships with Time

Pay attention to the cycles of the moon, the rising and setting of the sun.  Take note of how they affect us.  One exercise that he has recommended is to carry a timer, many watches have them built in or you could carry a little electronic one and set it for an hour and reset it every hour through the day.  When it goes off just take note of what you have been doing for that hour and reflect on the who, what, why, when, where, and purpose of doing that activity.

The point is to act, have experiences, learn from them and grow.  This is not an efficiency study for productivity, although that could be an added benefit. What it is about is to measure the time spent on different activities.  Are the things being done reactive or proactive?  Is it the ego or the soul being promoted?  Is time being consumed by simple sensory gratification, intellectual learning, or spiritual growth.  These aren’t the only options but rather a place to start.

“We never really know until we act” or in other words, nothing can be known until there is action, observations made and measurements taken.  This is not to say that pleasure is necessarily a bad thing nor that spiritual growth is the only good thing.  All things in moderation, balance and proportion and that requires metrics, measurements.  Then armed with that information decisions can be made about how best to pursue our desires.  What is good use of time, how can it be used more wisely.

So much of the time we can get frustrated, overwhelmed and feel like; “hey what’s the point.”  Well, the point is to have experiences for the self to grow in knowledge of what really is.  To do that we must grow in awareness of what is happening in our consciousness inside and out.  Try the timer thing.  It is a good exercise and will increase awareness.  It will not always be good stuff that comes to light, but once there is awareness adjustments can be made.  Take note of what you do in the mundane world.  Take note of what you do in the spiritual world.  Realize that they are both threads in the tapestry of life, not mutually exclusive.  Then you can begin to self- consciously participate in how your experiences are weaving into awareness and perhaps, just perhaps, to participate in the conscious weaving of your events.

Remember too, that the vehicles (our bodies) we use in this lifetime are finite in time, barely a blip on the scope in the larger scheme of things yet so intense within the levels of self-consciousness.  Tomorrow is not guaranteed to any-body:  Tick Tock, Tick Tock – time, though synthetic, waits for no one.  Through these musings I am beginning to agree with Aristotle who stated, “Contemplation is the highest form of activity.”   One day I may wake up from the space-time dream only to  find that I am a being that just finished contemplating the process of birth-to-death of this current life called “Glen Ford.”

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