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 from the Desk of Spiritual Climate’s Editor:  April 2016

updated on 4/17/2016

Spring Equinox has sprung vivaciously in the Northern Hemisphere and we, here at Spiritual Climate Newsletter, have taken its notice.  Between sneezes, headaches and drippy noses induced by the increase in pollen, we admire the beauty of Nature as the vegetation awakens from its Winter slumber, the hours of light increase, and the traffic of major league baseball Spring Training, augmented by a major construction traffic-overpass project here in our city of Surprise which happens to be the third largest intersection in the state of Arizona, adds to  our need to balance the positive and negative aspects of Phoenix in the Spring, and attempt to reach a state of equilibration between frustration and wonder.

Coming from that point of discernment, we bring up a topic we have spoken of before: the incomplete presentation of the news stemming from the financial illiteracy of broadcasters on federal budgets, who refuse to tell the American people what is actually happening.  We the People, continue to be subjected to the successful maneuvers by the over privileged loudmouths in the Beltway Media Broadcasting Industrial Complex, pushing its own agenda of misinformation while mischaracterizing or completely ignoring root causes in our national problematic economic reality. 1 The censoring continues by just flat out avoiding any voices providing evidence to the contrary of their brand-narrative, not even a “you are being misled” or any view of facts that present a counter-narrative other than their own propaganda.

You, the public,  are being redirected by the hands of politicians, broadcast producers and script writers to accept the economic product of a special interest think tank (e.g., Neoliberal Peter Peterson Foundation, Neoliberal Heritage Foundation, Neoliberal American Enterprise Institute, the Neoliberal CATO Institute or the US Chamber of Commerce to name a few) pumping tons of dollars into legislation to suit their economic fantasy so as to chart an engineered outcome of what they want and exactly the opposite of any relief you are seeking.  It’s called rigging the narrative.

All this is generated, of course, by advertising payola fed into the financial illiteracy of the Beltway Media Broadcasting Industrial Complex when it comes to talking Crap about federal budgets, talking heads get an A+.  Yet they are being paid enormous amounts money to harness their convincing Les Cage de Folie to deflect you from any understanding of why you sense/know something is wrong and YES there are economic problems that are being talked over.  What you get instead is a “reasonable explanation” coated in your favored political parties point of view and yet your anger recognizes the incomplete answer.

Why do this?  In order to keep people confused for who is paying them and besides, it helps their ratings, never mind the middle class.  Let’s prove the point right here and now—ABC, CBS, FOX (not a news agency) NBC, MSNBC, COMCAST, CNBC, CNN, PBS, et al, whose executives put on unlimited Donald Trump, or Cruz, but refuse to fairly interview any possible proven economic authority such as Dr. Michael Hudson or Dr. Stephanie Kelton or Prof. Steve Keen or how about Prof. Bill Mitchell or again how about Mike Norman?   Oh come on, not even Marshall Auerback?  Any of Joseph M. Firestone and his incredible, salient articles?  Sigh, they even say no to Warren Mosler?  Yup.  NO Such coverage. You’d think it was virtually non existent.  You won’t find them on The Young Turks nor on, incredibly, RealTime with Bill Maher. 2  These are economic people who can rightly explain what the source cause of economic sepsis is in our Nation and they are not given voice?

I get it, it’s a heresy! All fall on your hands and knees to worship the Beltway Media Broadcasting Industrial Complex,  hail to the ivory towers of Orthodoxy & Sacred Cows of carefully edited “factruths.” 3  Well hear this oh denizens of the pseudo piety inside the overpaid Beltway Media—Kiss Our collective Ass.

And another point, have you heard any of ’em use the word neoliberal?  Strange when you consider they toss neoconservative around very easily.  It’s revealing.  For example just listen to the JUNK economics delivered by Ted Cruz, Governor Scott Walker or Governor Chris Christie on ANY news broadcast:  pure unadulterated financial illiteracy and goes without deserved critical commentary from the Beltway Media Broadcasting Industrial Complex except occasionally from Rachel Maddow who drew some needed attention to the state budget idiocy of former Governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal and incumbent Governor of the State of Kansas Sam Brownback for their financial ignorance, i.e., “how’s that working out for you?” 4

Why bother (sarcasm) to inform the citizens in the United States?  Why should we expect “News Agencies” to deliver anything but shallow info-tainment are being paid to keep their broadcasters’ on a short leash to intentionally preventing full-disclosure of facts to inform the public of fowl play; people know something is wrong, but the information as to who is culpable, where the problem lies and who is responsible, is ignored (censored) due to their own corporate socialism of selfish interest while broadcasting executives and some talking heads are laughing all the way to the bank at the American public who are being siphoned off.

The shrewd, elite and brazen corporate parasite at CBS, CEO Les Moonves, was quoted as saying: “It may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS,” 5 As if Mr. Moonves couldn’t stimulate some deep investigative reporting in his news division?  Pardon me, how terrible of me to forget-he’s an American, so it’s about the money derived from his profit centers.  Moonves’ comments are likely typical amidst CEOs such as Roger Ailes of FOX, Brian L. Roberts of COMCAST or Andrew Lack of NBC to name a few, and he’s not the only CEO in broadcasting using takeover control to prevent relevant information that serves the public interest to reach citizens of this nation.

What is the main problem that Democrats and Republicans are not talking about?  The answer is simple, DEBT DEFLATION—why don’t you Tweet that to the Beltway Media Broadcasting Industrial Complex?  Is this due to the National Debt?  Is it due to our Deficit spending?  NO, NO and NO again!  Stop listening to that horsecrap!  Anytime ANY news broadcast brings it to you it is FALSE.  What is the problem?  PRIVATE DEBT 6 which is 17 times (approximately) larger,  than the US national debt which, if you listen to the snow job that the Peter Peterson Institute is lobbying for  American’s support are intentionally and erroneously being told, to be varwee varwee fwayd!  The Peterson Institute commercial is a crap sandwich of disinformation and belies their financial illiteracy and wants your vote.

Why is any of this important?  Because Americans are still not making enough money (wages) to keep up with the cost of things 7 and are being forced to be dependent upon using credit. 8 At some point not too far down the road, if this charade is allowed to continue, NO ONE will be able to buy anything, except a few at the soon-to-be-reincarnated coal miner company stores.  So, the Beltway Media Broadcasting Industrial Complex is where with informing you of this?

Don’t forget there is the pension problem, which has an easy solution—take the pensions out of the private sector and make them Federal/public—Nationalize the pensions.  It sure beats the alternative of millions not having pension money to spend in the economy.  The Federal government can afford to take on the cost and the money will be recirculated into the economy by those using their pensions.

Why are we here at Spiritual Climate Newsletter continuing to talk about the political economy?  Money and economy in a spiritual newsletter?  Because of how MONEY is handled, just remember the money lenders in the Temple.  Stop for a moment and think.  If money is not handled fairly in transactions or in pay-equity with fair-balanced-regulated laws, then corporate and individual greed and avarice tilts the movement of money on the table into the pockets of those in zip code 10021,  using income inequality to siphon off the masses under the abused disguise of Federal Deficits, Federal Debt or the government has to borrow from outside of itself which is False.

GimelThere is a plethora of wisdom in the Hebrew letter-number Gimel ג, pronounced gee-mel. Gimel is a sacred Hebrew letter-number, it represents the principle of the Uniting Intelligence which that connects all points of space and time while having both a negative and positive polarity, specifically, Peace and Strife.  As a noun Gimel means Camel.  A camel is the ship of the desert, which represents the comings and goings of trade, commerce and negotiations, for example, of a pecuniary society.  By allowing a balanced, fair and regulated table of  how money should be managed, to be tilted in favor of the greedy few puts the balance of the world into STRIFE not peace.

The Spiritual ramifications of permitting a world based upon engineered Strife of inequality versus a world based upon Peace to flourish are obvious, and are reflected in the struggling economic environment being forced upon  America by the misinformation being funneled through News Agencies distorting the truth in exchange for a pay off.  As long as the people listen to the lies and believe them, they will continue to grow, tilting the table in favor of Strife.

We invite you to join us and journey along the path of discovery with us in our Spring Edition of the Spiritual Climate Newsletter as…

Dr. Strickler explores and explains more thoroughly the prospects of the balance of Peace and Strife in his article titled Takeover, The New Dark Age.

Wendy Ford contemplates the welcoming of the Spring Equinox and the similarity of nurturing her Spiritual garden to that of maintaining a physical garden in Is Your Garden Ready?

Adam Crosthwaite ponders his past and how it reflects into his present circumstances and experiences in his article Echoes and Reflections.

Glen Ford examines the changes he is experiencing at his present phase of discovery as he grows in understanding of Who and What he is in Identity Versus Idensity.

Christine Ford discovers the balance inherent in looking at life from Both Sides Now.

And so, please accept our invitation to turn off the world for a while; make yourself comfy with a big mug or frosty, cool glass of your favorite hot or cold beverage,  and meander with us through the ponderings of modern day mystics as we explore the Spiritual Climate of this whirling sphere known as Earth, from our location in the Southwest in the land of the free and the home of the brave (though not necessarily sane), the United States of America.

— the Editors, Spiritual Climate Newsletter —

Copyright © 2016 by Institute of Spiritual Climate LLC



  1. As stated elsewhere in our writings, the fine art of Black Magic advertising practices in the print and broadcasting industry; ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, COMCAST, CNBC, CNN, PBS, et al. to name a few while leaving out FOX since it isn’t a news agency, its a Neoliberal Republican Politburo.
  2. Realizing, of course, neither the Young Turks nor RealTime with Bill Maher, are not the Beltway Medida Industrial complex.
  3. factruths” is a term coined and used for past 5 years by Rev. David Strickler
  4. “The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 3/3/2016 | MSNBC.” News. MSNBC, March 3, 2016. http://www.msnbc.com/transcripts/rachel-maddow-show/2016-03-03.  Although Ms. Maddow does not cite the Neoliberal Thatcherism/Reaganism privatizations as causation, nor interview any of the above stated heterodox economists to support her view.  Maybe she is doing what she can or is allergic to empirical evidence and commentary from heterodox economists who predicted the great crash? That criticism being stated, we do love Ms. Maddow, here at Spiritual Climate Newsletter.
  5. Colins, Eliza. “Les Moonves: Trump’s run is ‘damn good for CBS’ Web blog post. POLITICO. 29 February 2016. Read more: http://www.politico.com/blogs/on-media/2016/02/les-moonves-trump-cbs-220001#ixzz44YMrgpqS
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Takeover, the New Dark Age

by Rev. David Strickler

updated 5/9/2016  12:46:32 AM

The takeover of scientific progress, without illuminated understanding of the inherent worth of every human being, shackles untold billions of people in this generation and the next in slavery to the chariots of despotism and further takeover by special privilege.  Science has been harnessed by the finance sector to be used against freedom.  Protecting this freedom requires vigilance and a warning, as when Benjamin Franklin was asked, “Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?”  To which Franklin responded, “A Republic, if you can keep it.” 1

It seems not to matter who comments about it, or how often, or the lack of commentary from an over-privileged almost necessary evil of the Beltway Media Industrial Broadcasting Complex 2 whose ego’s are thin-skinned as other CEO businessmen such as whiny ass GE chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt.  They also resent any well deserved criticism and commit to willingly censoring genuine voices presenting empirical economics to the contrary or those crying ‘you are being misled’ is supplanted instead with their own brand of economic misinformation promoting intentional institutional financial illiteracy.  Why?  In order to keep people confused and for ratings; besides, perhaps they ruminate knowing answers given to them by think tanks who chose to advertise on their networks?  Perhaps they think the general public is too stupid for them to take time in explaining issues of money they deem difficult to understand?  Perhaps it cuts into their profits to give a damn?  Much-to-perhaps?-ignore is consistent broadcasting horsecrap, since there are a plethora of people who have the talent to explain such issues.

Little do broadcasters realize that they are just pawns being used by larger financial forces to achieve what corporations truly want in this nation, takeover control.  They are well paid lab-rats, profiled by behavioral engineers who understand the necessary infrastructure to get their corporate clients what they want:  to impose the deadly free enterprise agenda of totalitarian capitalism.

Sound like science fiction?  Really?  Maybe, maybe not, although this is very possible in the circles I travel.  At the very least, consider this: whether you agree with me or not is immaterial.

Why the hell bother to inform the public with information and complete facts so the public can have an understanding that the anger they feel is justified?  Is ANYONE in the the Beltway Media Industrial Broadcasting Complex informing you of the root problem of RENT SEEKING? 3  Or contribution to existing problems coming from the MIRACLE OF COMPOUND INTEREST? 4 5  Why bother when you can hand out any plausible answer dipped in the behavioral economics of either major political parties stupefying fiscal policies?  Just allow audiences to feel violated, it feeds attention to the incomplete crap presented.  Why should the public know that their anger has a basis in reality?  I think I get it—giving citizens unpoliticized answers is an entitlement!

It is easier for so called “News Agencies,” to use their takeover control from advertising revenue to deflect away from information that may contribute to increasing the public’s awareness.  Why do anything  requiring more effort such as educating the public on what is really going on?  This type of sheering off, redirecting, also allows the politicians enough headroom to employ their financial illiteracy and siphon off money from labor, industry and the public domain to pay bankers.  That’s right, profit off the American public’s trust, at the behest of the financial sector.

Have you listened to the laughable & appalling glut of junk economics coming from republican-neoliberals such as Gov. Rick Synder, former Gov. Bobby Jindal or the bully no manners, Gov. Chris Christie to name only a few?  How about my ‘first to be heard here’ announcement that Sen. Ted Cruz is ‘creating more darkness?’  Ted Cruz’s ideas of ‘free enterprise’ can only be imposed at gunpoint in a police state, which only a socialist government can impose as Milton Friedman himself observed 6

In the same breath the Beltway Media Industrial Broadcasting Complex gets paid for their financial illiteracy on federal budgets, they then pay their producers to ensure support for the very same financial illiteracy on federal debt and deficits opined from any of their specially chosen guests to fit their harmful narrative.  Now just ‘add water’ and keep duplicating the process of circular repeating via their ‘on-air’ broadcasting hypnotism.  An ongoing narrative engineered to sound rational, sensible and logical and importantly, consumably spiced with synthetic certainty.  The finest sensory entrapment with just enough calculation to ensure subliminal saturation threshold doesn’t invoke the rejection response of a forced-fed human nervous system; just enough so as not to provoke aggravation from this takeover.  Although, the current anger in the electorate might be the threshold having been breached:  the public is angry for having been violated.

The flawed shortcomings of broadcasters’ knowledge of American economic history, whether on cable (throw a dart and you’ll hit one, e.g., Joe Scarborough on MSNBC) or radio (e.g., Charlie Sykes, WTMJ) and their laissez faire attitude of not updating their education, are used as a powerful takeover tool tactfully by the networks to shower the authority of ‘corporate daddy & mommy’ over their ‘star personalities’, and are likely chastised when not towing the totalitarian corporate economic policy message and associated agenda agenda by reminding them that ‘our ratings are the source of your paycheck’  so tow the line and mischaracterize the scope and content of the news and read what we pay you to read.’

This is a great tool for preventing, intentionally, the full informing of American citizens on what they need to know.  People know something is wrong, but answers as to who is culpable, where the problem lies and who is responsible is ignored (censored) by the message being blasted for ratings due to the paradigm of corporate socialism (free enterprise) and inherent profit interest.  All else be damned and never mind the middle class ‘we are not here to educate our audiences let them eat cake.  Results?  Slowly chipping away at what the United States represents as a nation under the false pretense of freedom and ‘American exceptionalism’ and wall-street profit motive.

This opens up a playground for business individuals with executive parasitic skills to assist wall-street’s draining of the economy.  Take, for example,  one of the executive corporate siphons at CBS, CEO Les Moonves, was quoted as saying: “It may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS,7 As if Mr. Moonves couldn’t stimulate some deep investigative reporting in his news division?  Pardon me, how terrible of me to forget-he’s an American, so it’s more about the money derived from his profit centers.  Moonves’ comments are likely typical amidst the parasitic business community of executive CEOs and news executives 8 and he is likely not the only CEO or executives in broadcasting using takeover control to prevent relevant information that serves the public interest to reach citizens of this nation.

Siphons like Moonves would better serve the United States if someone just hauled off and kicked him and others like him, in the ass—repeatedly, metaphorically speaking, for wanting the use of resources in the United States at no cost or taxes and never mind giving a fuller rendition of the facts.  That might be more merciful than living under the penalty of a curse levied by the living and breathing Spirit of our Nation.  Why such a strong metaphor you might ask?  The Beltway Corporate Media, suavely and with great ingenuity became the de facto lobby group for Donald Trump.  How so?  They wanted the results of higher ratings and in exchange for consideration Trump received nearly $2 billion in free media exposure over the past year 9  The media enjoyed the ratings and the push of wallstreet (Trump) closer into the White House to further drain the economy.

Why, you may ask are they cursed?  Because they and other political or non political personages in the Democratic and Republican parties are beginning to suffer under a curse, no joke-haven’t you noticed the deserved circus happening in republican party primaries?  A curse from where?  A curse from Truth.  It is my sincere view that the Beltway Media Industrial Broadcasting Complex is a part of a national threat to the economic security of the United States.  They takeover the narrative to ensure to their brand edited truths to talk in brand pre-canned scenarios.  But they are not alone as an institutional center generating profit from the clear and present danger of obfuscation.

This takeover includes both political parties, Democrats (with the exception of anti-neoliberalism of Bernie Sanders campaign) and Republicans do not want you to understand ANYTHING about the root causes of  economic inequality or hand they had in it, but here again, why bother revealing either parties’ culpability?  Unless you demand Beltway Media Industrial Broadcasting Complex speak outside their enormous financial illiteracy concerning how federal budgets are managed and also demand for interviews of people who are literate in their field of discipline, who can explain what hasn’t been permitted explanation outside of orthodox glossolalia.  There are  people outside the networks’ usual guest lists who can provide counter-narratives to their upheld false premises.  It can’t happen without your complaints, it won’t happen.

I’ll prove it to you right now.  Example, Donald Trump has received enormous free coverage for months.  Where is the coverage given when there are genuine explanations of coverage in economy from those who are not financially illiterate, such as Dr. Michael Hudson, Dr. Stephanie Kelton or Prof. Steve Keen or Prof. Bill Mitchell or another, how about Mike Norman?  Oh come on, not even Marshall Auerback?  Any of Joseph M. Firestone and his incredible, salient articles?  Sigh, they even say no to Warren Mosler?  Have you heard any of their correct opposing empirically-founded explanations inside our Beltway Media Industrial Broadcasting Complex?  Yup.  NO Such coverage. You’d think it was virtually non existent.  Is such coverage likely to be found on The Young Turks?  Nope!  Hell, you won’t even find them interviewed on RealTime with Bill Maher who is outside the Beltway Media Complex.  Makes one wonder what kind of junk economics, if any, is promoted on The Young Turk and by whom.

But I get it, it’s heresy to complain about corporatism of the Beltway Media Complex’s entitlements.  NeoFeudal corporate takeover of religion replace by the worship of business marketing!  All fall on your hands and knees to worship the Beltway Media Broadcasting Industrial Complex, the orthodoxy and sacred cow of engineered & edited ‘factruths.’ 10 Well hear this oh those in the self-righteous piety of Beltway, I can only say this—Kiss My Ass.

For now though, let’s resume….

If you go outside the Beltway Media Industrial Broadcasting Complex, you’ll find some factual information; check out The Real News Network where you might discover answers and more answers, it beats the crap-o-nomics from the invalid doomsday view from the impaired economic gatekeepers called the ‘Chicago School’ who control the economic information inside the Beltway Media Industrial Broadcasting Complex.  Hell, a city called Rimini, Italy gave some of the true econ stars even some of whom predicted the great crash, Rimini citizens hosted them in an economics concert and that you didn’t even hear about here in the United States; Beltway Media executives CENSORED it in the name of brand management.

The takeover of preventing people from knowing why a problem exists in economics, appears to be a cyclical template of unresolved physical, emotional and intellectual conditions emerging from the race mind of humanity, specifically from within business leaders in the United States and abroad.  This cycle keeps repeating itself as forgotten lessons of economic history, under newer memes to fit the style of ignorance of the day such as the clingy metalmaniacs having a serious gold standard hangover stoked by CNBC and Peter Schiff who doesn’t even have a background in economics.

Another aspect of the takeover template is its use as a scourge against our freedom inside the current money-lenders and their political worker bees. 11  The development of the template design is coagulated from demand data in marketing along with a good dose of sculpting from with modern behavioral science 12 started with a burgeoning desire executing an act of necromancy, invoking the personality of market bestiality, market narcissism and market sadism out of the collective memory of types of leaders from the Dark Ages.  It appears to be their wish to takeover the bastion of freedom known as the United States while pillaging it with privatization and reducing it into a failed Roman State under the guise of social conservatism whose adherents of political glossolalia fail to see that the true culprit of problems is free-market capitalism.

Modern day prophet and English ceremonial magician, William G. Gray (1913-1992) 13, who wrote “The Tree of Evil,” 14 was one of the many who foretold the upcoming crisis in the world.  This is an excellent book that explores understanding the nature of evil in the world today 15 and a worthy read.

In chapter 7 of William G. Gray’s book, Evil Old and New, he cites from a different angle of human discernment as to how the takeover of freedom would take place.  The terminology I use from my theological and qabalistic exegesis of the Hebrew word  חשך (choshek) 16 is rendered in my use of the phrase, ‘the creation of darkness.’  How William G. Gray explained what would come to be is what I have called here and elsewhere in my body of work, ‘the creation of darkness.’  This ‘creation of darkness’ is generated by the hand of financial, political and misguided religious ignorance (mainly evangelical) in individuals in the United States private sector and some in the government feeding on misinformed citizens.

To this day, William G. Gray’s written explanations of evil can assist one to comprehend why there is evil, what its nature is and how people will re-employ it to assist in a re-enslavement of human beings into a dark age; a dark age that reinvigorates the nightmare of feudal control.  This reemergence of Feudalism has been taking place over the past 30 or more years.  This mass event is a rebuttal from those who hate the phrase, “all men are created equal” that Henry Clay in 1842 called the “great fundamental principle.” William G. Gray was and still is correct.  Mystics can and do see through the chimera of opines and humans that ‘create darkness’ and have been reporting, pointing and shouting out the bonds of delusion for humanity to avoid.

Cognitive and Behavioral Science is a knife that can cut both ways,  depending on the ‘who’ in science and what the personality of the ‘who’ is infatuated with; what they think they might have uncovered.  In damaged and/or underdeveloped personalities resultant from environmental and hereditary characteristics, an encoded expression rises within the incarnate storage of the race mind.  This ‘race mind’ rises from a permutation of constants and shifting variables within the collective memory of humanity which still represent a dynamic apparatus and recompilation of unburnt karma from the history of delusion found in feudalism.

In humanity’s family, our nations had escaped this damage of human history not too long ago.  The reappearance persistent of this vampiric 17 18 and unchecked impulse originating from the ‘lizard brain’ unmasks business leaders who seek to overcome the chagrin  of their lost control of governance due to the pulling back the curtains of revealing genuine conspiracies (think: marketing) to bilk the public.  Sometimes things brought to light in public does wonders for social orders.

Today’s modern society can produce a plethora of mantras providing cover from bullshit detection and this one particular CON hides under the guise of Austerity using the misleading  term called a ‘balanced federal budget’ or the ‘Federal Debt’ or the ‘Federal Budget Deficits.’  Oh, and let’s not forget the Con of the term ‘Surplus’ that came from the economic cult of Robert Rubin, or the latest CON job on commercials pleaded to not let Puerto Rico go bankrupt or you will suffer loss in your pensions. 19  Really? The Bond vigilantes and Robber Barons will find a way to take the pensions regardless.  Even a couple thousand years ago, the power to takeover was protected—No Debt Jubilee; many sources including those who represented the republicans and evangelicals at the time of the Great Rabbi Jesus wouldn’t have any of it, so they crucified him.

Yet, behind all of the spurious activity of the synthetic trope called the marketplace, there are basically two types of progress: spiritual growth vertically whose main feature is growth out of the bonds of delusion, and growth horizontally which is continuity of being of a series of  effects from the knowledge of good and evil, the glib sophistry embedded in the Eros of materialism.  We can speak of the vertical progress later; for now I am attenuating to the horizontal progress into devolution.

What appears to be technical evolution may be, often times, devolutionary growth into a sideways channel that we refer to in our order as ‘horizontal growth.”  This horizontal growth which enables humans to have more/do more with the use of technology that has a whole slew of toll-booths that will get less and less paying traffic.  Wages are not in fair proportion to the current price of extortion in the free enterprise of corporate socialism profits.  This enables a form of righteous business behavior that sucks the life out of its surroundings, attested to by the noted bestiality of Chicago school style neoliberal policies brought to life in Flint, Michigan and in other cities in the United States.  It is this kind of unnecessary crap-o-nomics, in my opinion, that the Beltway Media  in particular @CBNC appears to profit from consistently.

Cities such as Flint, MI and others have public infrastructure being put up for auction, to be bid upon sometimes silently and sometimes highly visible to anyone but the ignorant, paid-not-to-look, beltway broadcasters (advertising payola) being paid off by the private financial sector.  The active participants Finance Sector is laughing their asses off at political schmucks the likes of Governor Rick Snyder and others, who are grossly illiterate to the long term consequences of privatizing public holdings, and are nothing more than temporary puppets. Another example, Rep. Jason Chaffetz, the Utah Republican carrying the banner of the GOP’s merry men’s  brand of fiscal Neoliberal Junk Economic policies, he and his party represents.  Where else but in the United States of America would residents from Flint, Michigan, be forced to pay for lead-laden water from a private provider?

Current progress appears to be nothing more than leaps and bounds backward to the pre-Enlightenment period of history, except that in this instance, the power of science is being used to bullshit people while fueling the attempt of a handful of Capitalistic Oligarchs 20 with their brood of corporate henchman and Corporate Entities for the usurpation of the authority of government, the voice of YOU, the people.

Granted we do have problems with some people in government; nowhere near the problem we have with Americans backstabbing Americans for a profit.

The modern Republican party seeks to uphold its blackenstein behavior, alongside the Republican and Democratic parties seek to disassemble our nation and other modern nations with the Warcraft being launched by the Finance Sector.  Here is part of the source of anger in the middle class while scaring misinformed citizens with a ton of mischaracterized and pre-canned verbal un-reality from the Beltway Media such as, “We have to stop borrowing.”  The fact is the Federal Government doesn’t have to borrow from anyone, let alone the ilk on Wallstreet.  In another example promoted in the Beltway Media,  the “Federal government is going bankrupt/insolvent and that the debt will harm our children,” this is another falsehood with no basis in reality.

Both the Media and the political parties suffer from a sickness that resembles a dichotomy, a form of information schizophrenia becoming more pronounced, a schizoid incoherence of Neoliberal 21—Neoconservative 22 is causing  a circular-repeat of dialogue producing a profitable brain rot in both Republicans and Democrats.

Nothing could be further from the facts or truth being produced in the market today.  These organizations hire advertising to be hoisted to produce fear in the goodness of Americans.  This art of advertising lies come from the scientific findings of behaviorism and a choir of whiny verbal abuse generated by the community of American business people, a well paid for science serving to assist a many headed hydra’s corporate parasitism. We have been witnessing a resurgence of the new feudal lords wielding vast swaths of ownership in finance, insurance and real estate sector 23 beside the intellectual property from knowledge and patents to name a few, in the takeover of our country.

This was aided by misguided emotional tantrums of individuals residing in power, such as the late Justice Antonin Scalia and some of the twisted, perverted jurisprudence from Justice Samuel Alito giving way to Citizens United and the weakening blow to the Voter’s Rights Act awhile ago.  Just look at footage of what happened in the Arizona Presidential Preference election (primaries), 60 polling place for one county reduced from 200+ OR 1 polling place for every 21,000 people.  Thank You, oh bloviate irrational conservative wonders in SCOTUS who helped to do this.  What jackasses.

So scientific progress, for whom and what?  This appears to be a massive use of scientific mind, especially in behavioral sciences, to gain control of the instinctual nature of free people.  Since it is not talked about it would appear to be a covert operation.  Nevertheless, its design is to betray you and create the conditions necessary so that you give consent for corporate borgs (which are inherently a socialism hive) to determine your choices and your worth.  Seems like only the monied interests 24 are making progress.

But this kind of progress requires a fear induced by a form of mesmerism achievable only by today’s attention harnessed by a technology of visualization, in order to secure a consensus agreement called the fantasia of scarcity.  This is devolutionary in its intentional design, to remove your freedom through fear.  I don’t call that progress, I call it totalitarian capitalism and it hates that you still have power.

Thankfully we still have dental health–there might still be some true progress to hold onto, at least our mouths can be cleaned and shiver less imagining the oral hygiene of the Dark Ages.  Here is a jocular thought, maybe purgatory is, in a sense, God washing out the shortcomings in the mouths of souls who haven’t gained dominion over their own personalities, instead of trying to gain control of others.

We have plenty of problems; yet the only scarcity we truly have is having someone with the balls to present what is going on by shine a light on the silent thieves in the night. The only thing horrifying is the rapid shift of capitalism into takeover totalitarian capitalism along with the backstabbing, lies, avarice and greed in our American Business system with its used car salesman tonality, seeking to shortchange or even circumvent the evolutionary progress of the family of humanity while at the same time auctioning off our nation.

But wait-!  There’s sure to be more takeover lurking within the halls built by the avarice and greed of people under the moniker of capitalism!  Why? Because in this plane humanity is bound by the dichotomy of the knowledge of Good and Evil: the more good rising gives rise to an emergence of more evil-homeostasis.  It also point to the need for equilibration, except on a conscious level through regulations: any behavior without brakes requires acts of the self conscious use of  STOP.  Without that you will continue to welcome the new and improved sadism of the emerging Dark Ages.  Without removing the blinders of ideology and admission to error,  more rancor will arise.

Hey Democrats! Get off your ASSES and VOTE because it is not just the financial illiteracy of the Beltway Media—it is also the financial illiteracy of your politicans taking advantage of your incomplete understanding of how our Money and Budgets actualy function!
Rev. Dr. David Strickler

Copyright © 2016 by Institute of Spiritual Climate LLC



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you know you want to do it:

Is Your Garden Ready?

by Wendy Ford

Ahchoo!   It’s Spring in Arizona and nature’s garden is arising.  The cacti are in bloom, the wild poppies are tipping their bright yellow faces to the sun illuminating hillsides in a shimmering, yellow glow, the bougainvillea are drooping heavy with their scarlet blossoms, the birds are starting their nests.  It seems the world is waking up.  Of course the downside to a beautiful Spring in Phoenix is the myriad of pollen causing untold misery to those of us whose immune systems are challenged by all of this beauty.

As Nature changes over from Winter to Spring so does our spiritual life experience a change.  We turn our spiritual faces from the inward contemplation within the quiet inner darkness of Winter, spiritual hibernation if you will, toward our Sun, our Source.  We take the same deep breath that Nature does to begin our awakening from inward focus.

With the Spring Equinox comes the time when there is an equal amount of sunlight and darkness marking a moment of pause between the dark and light.  During that very brief moment there is a pause between Nature’s Winter and Spring.  Think of it like hands of the clock at midnight.  When midnight strikes, there is a very brief moment when there is a pause;  it is neither night nor day.  Just as Nature’s Spring is separated from the Winter in the moment following the pause so is our Spiritual Spring separated from our Spiritual Winter.

Nature’s Spring is the time when the land is warmed by the lengthening hours of sunlight thawing the frozen soils and moistening the soil with winter’s melting waters.  Even in a climate like Arizona there is a change of seasons, though less dramatic.  The warming moist soil cradles dormant seeds encouraging them to soften and to sprout.  Initially nothing seems to be happening for all the activity is taking place underground invisible to the naked eye’s perception.

Spiritually the same process occurs.  The deep internal contemplation in the darkness of our Spiritual Winter has hopefully resulted in planted seeds for growth which with the increasing light from Source will begin to sprout and grow.

As in Nature one dare not disturb these Spiritual seeds by digging or rooting about to see if anything is happening.  These seeds are meant to be left unseen and protected in the darkness.  If one has tended their garden well, there will be results.  Of course this is assuming the gardener has taken proper care of that garden by doing the work of harvesting the old plants, separating the wheat from the chafe, removing the weeds, tilling the soil and planting new seeds in the Fall.

Again Nature shows us the truth about our spiritual lives right in plain sight.  An untended garden choked with rotting vegetation from previous years of growth or has dried and withered plants that resulted from lack of the proper attention will be unproductive.  Parched earth will not be fertile and seeds sown on rotting or withered vegetation will not be able to find fertile soil.

Our spiritual gardens reflect Nature.  Our illusions and delusions can tangle and clutter blocking clear thinking, contemplation and discernment.  If there is not a clear area for the Light to shine on, then all that is “seen” are the erroneous beliefs and thought structures that left unchecked (unweeded) will continue to replicate, choking out any chance for the truth of any matter or experience to be exposed for discovery.

Our spiritual gardens are infinitely more delicate and require more maintenance than any physical garden ever planted.  While a physical garden requires physical work and sweat, the spiritual garden can be influenced by the simplest of thoughts.  All it takes is the “planting” of one erroneous conclusion and the Subconscious will take it run with it.  It will continue to be replicated and tangle and twine around anything it comes in contact with.  It is capable of tainting and choking out an otherwise pristine “crop”, correct conclusions and thought processes, and poison it.

Constant attention and awareness are required to ensure that we are planting healthy seeds by way of Self-conscious attention and intent; we must be vigilant to the communications from the Subconscious.  Through careful listening and attention our Self-conscious can discern when Subconscious has sprouted a “weed”.  We are then alerted that we somehow sent the wrong message and are able to modify it if we chose to do so.  Unfortunately, most are unaware of the status of their spiritual garden.  In fact, most folks are not awake enough or aware enough to even realize they have a spiritual garden.

Weeding our spiritual garden can be time consuming, for most of us have planted what we think is a very pretty garden only to eventually discover it is filled with weeds growing on a pile of manure in the Subconscious and not in healthy fertile soil.  Keep in mind Subconscious had absolutely nothing to do with the weeds and manure.  Subconscious only received what Self-conscious gave/told it.  The weeding process requires contemplation, the development of discernment and attention.  Most importantly it takes the ability to be brutally honest with oneself.  Once the weeding has been done the manure must be dug through with conscious intent by the hand, so to speak, of Self-consciousness; no tools will help with this process.  Finally, the exposed soil must be tilled, watered and reconditioned.

To take an honest look at one’s spiritual garden can be a daunting and intimidating experience.  What will I find?  Do I really want to find it, to know in what areas the erroneous thought processes lie and how, when, why, where they were “planted”?  Once I find out my beautiful garden is just an illusion then what?  How do I fix it?  Can I fix It?  It will take learning what tools are needed i.e. perhaps psychotherapy with a PHD level psychologist trained in EMDR, and/or learning how to contemplate and explore those interior recesses.  Do I want to fix it?  Am I willing to put in the effort to do the work it will take and spend the amount of time it will take?

A successful sprouting in the Spring can be a very satisfying and exciting experience both in Nature and in our spiritual lives.  It is all about growth, the spiritual, vertical growth that can only occur following the work of clearing out the weeds making way for new seeds to sprout and thrive.

This is a project that takes patience, repeated acts of attention and contemplation over time just as the care, maintenance and tending of a physical garden does. It also requires us to participate in the flow of the Life Power, to tune in to Its ever present presence. If you choose to participate and listen, It will be your gardening companion and provide for and assist if you let It.

Happy gardening.

Wendy Ford

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Echoes & Reflections

by Adam Crosthwaite

The month of March has always been a major point of reflection for me because in my short lived history in this lifetime, it has been a month of great change. While traveling the path of return to the true self I have found the view to change, slowly at times and rapidly at others.  There are moments when it may seem that nothing at all has changed.  Sometimes I hear echoes from a long time ago of one of my first teachers when I was a kid attending martial arts classes in a small school in Denver, Colorado who taught me to remember where I was at before the present.  There are times when I stop and reflect on the past to see where I was and where I am.   Some of the darkest, hardest and even the most beautiful moments of my life have taken place during this time of year.  All of these moments have been life changing both the painful and the empowering; it has always been a time to contemplate the echoes and reflections of March and take note of what has been and how things have changed.

A year ago I would get out of work just as the sun was rising, and head home traveling mostly on the freeway, passing neighborhoods and businesses, crossing over from one side of downtown the other side of downtown.  The contrast between neighborhoods never ceased to amaze me.  As the sun started to rise behind me each morning I would watch as the oncoming buildings stood tall and shiny in the sunlight.  They would remind me of the same buildings I saw as a child growing up in the city within walking distance from the warehouse district and Capitol Hill area of Denver, Colorado.  As similar as this view was to me, I knew things were very different.  This was a different time and place all together.  As I crossed over from the well-kept, well to do neighborhoods and into the smoggy, rundown side of the city down by the rail road tracks, I began to feel half relieved to be getting home and half ill realizing that this was home.

Every day was the same until I finally reached several of my goals that required me to be more frugal than I had been.  A year ago I moved out of that area and ended up closer to work and in a quieter, cleaner and less violent neighborhood.  I moved to the other side of the tracks literally.

Now the sun rises to my side; we ride home together instead of me trying to race against the light so I don’t have to look upon the world around me and remember the way home across the other side of the tracks, to that world of the working poor who once were the back bone and support of the economy that built those shining tall buildings that now cast long shadows over them in the morning light. I had dug my way out of a similar situation, reminding me of how I could never completely forget how it felt to live in a neighborhood with barely breathable air, gunshots at all hours of the night and the feeling of dread when the flashing lights of emergency response units from the police or fire department light up you bedroom at night.

Once again another day begins and the sun rises in the desert revealing one abandoned block after another in a neighborhood that was vibrant and once sprang to life as an oasis serving travelers who have come for reprieve from everyday life, a luxury saved only for few people these days.  The train tracks no longer serve as the demarcation point running through downtown separating the down trodden and would be middle class.

The boarded up store fronts and bulldozed lots spread further across different neighborhoods.  On one block there may be a park that runs up to a gated community with a high school across the street, while just down a block from there sits a shuttered corner store that serves as a warm place for the homeless to get out of the wind to try and sleep a few hours before being awakened by the kids on their way to school.  Gradually the neighborhoods start to look the same, abandoned and boarded up.

Even with help after working for a long time to get out of financial difficulties I understand just how much work it takes to stay financially above water in today’s economy.  As I look around and pay attention to the world as it changes around me, I wonder just how different other people are in their personal struggles.  Although these struggles take on different qualities based on each personal perspective, they are similar at their core.  Everyone seems to be having a bad day.

In the Alchemical practices that I have been guided through by Rev. Strickler, I have been brought to face off with the many aspects of myself in preparation to achieve higher levels of knowledge and growth.  Awareness of the self, as well as awareness of things out side of one’s own personal circle of self has been the main focus of much of my learning and understanding as a student.  Looking out at the edge of my own circle of influence I noticed things have become much worse than most people would have believed.  The biggest problem of all is a lacking of awareness in the world.  People remain stuck in their own corner facing outward in fear but not understanding what it is they are seeing.

It’s as if some sinister force has clouded the minds of the masses, like a group of dark magicians casting digital enchantments across great distances to ensnare the masses by tapping deep pools of fear.  The more people I speak to about this the clearer it becomes that most of them are simply accepting the spoon fed misinformation and false guidance from sources that have been long known as shady and even down right unethical.  This is one of the apertures through which those of us walking the path of return know we we can become entangled within and get in our own way of making progress.  In my outward view of the world, the sequestration of the masses through fear has taken hold and shows few signs of letting go any time soon.

So what is there for anyone to do when faced with the realization that there is  definitely something wrong with the world and there seems to be very little any one can do about it?  There are days when I look at the outer world around me and feel that same twinge of dread in realizing how wrong I was in my life before learning there is a way out of the darkness that I created with my own misuse of will, which I was allowed access to at various parts of my life.  That was before I heard the voice of the man I would come to know as Master Teacher, Rev. David Strickler aka The Boss.  Over the years my lessons and training seemed to be more like a round of celestial chess at times, like a round of hide and seek with no light at all.  There are days when I wonder how many other people out there have been able to hear that same voice cutting through the darkness in some form that is able to reach them and hold them in place long enough to pay attention.

Fortunately a voice from the past calls out to those who are looking for a way out of the artificial darkness cast upon the masses of people struggling to keep their families and homes safe and secure.  More and more voices are sounding out in the darkness and with each new voice comes a new point of reflection for the light to weave its way through the blackness,  gradually lighting the way for those along the path of return.  It can be hard at times to see and to hear.  Ironically, finding the dimmest of lights amongst the darkest of spaces is not always hindered by the darkness, but rather aided by contrast of shadows against one another.

There was an old saying I heard when I was young, I do not remember where I first heard it or who said it.  It was a well-known saying I would hear over and over again in several different versions, but the message remained the same.  I heard it almost everywhere off and on for years, until one day during a class The Boss walked over, picked up a candle and said, “Do not sit there and curse the darkness.  Light a candle. ” as he lit the candle in his hand.  At that moment I felt the connection across time and space, or at least my own limited perception of it.  In reflection upon that moment, I understood the higher self can and will use any person, place or thing to reach any one, anywhere, any time and as many times as it takes.

Surely the light is reaching into those spaces that need healing and growth for all and balance will be restored with time.  For those who have yet to find this source, there are reflections of it everywhere. The darkness does not carry silence; if one cannot see what the eye is straining to see then perhaps it time to learn to see with the ears and then watch to see what may manifest in the shadows.

May your darkest moments be filled with the echoing of guiding voices speaking loud enough to help you pay attention to where once were to where you may find yourself in the light.


Adam Crosthwaite

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Identity versus Idensity

by Glen Ford

I am a recently retired cardiovascular perfusionist.  For some 39 years I operated a heart lung machine for open heart surgery.  This equipment takes over the function of gas exchange for the lungs and the blood pumping function of the heart so the surgeons can work on the heart.  It was who I was, or more correctly, it was what I did among other things.  Now that I’m retired, I have become aware of how much I identified myself with the job.  Since I retired from perfusion I have felt a little lost.  Is that all I was?  Well that can’t be.  I am not that anymore and I’m still here.  I’m a husband, on May 22 this year I am married to Wendy for 40 years.  I think she’s going to keep me.  I am a student of Dr. Strickler.  I am a brother, by blood and by law.  I am an American, a man, an uncle, etc.  but these are not identities these are roles I play, these are the experiences I have.

Recently I took a part-time job working with a company here in Phoenix providing support to adults with developmental disabilities and their families.  The purpose of this organization is helping this population to realize maximum independence, meaningful employment, significant social relationships, and full participation in their community.

For decades families of many of these people did not have the knowledge or resources to take care of them.  There were no support programs to help them.  Consequently, many of these people were institutionalized, stuffed in boxes out of sight, neglected, forgotten, often abused, removed from society as a whole; many never came to adulthood.  As late as the 1970’s these conditions were prevalent;  as shown in this documentary done by Geraldo Rivera in the 1970’s.  I should warn you, this video is disturbing.

Things started to get better as people became more aware of what was happening.  Early attempts to get these men and women more integrated into the community were group homes. These were better, but still had their own issues.  Over the years since, the situation has continued to make gradual progress.

Today here in Arizona the Department of Development Disability (DDD) 1 provides support through the state to help families keep these young men and women at home.  The DDD provides funding for families to get the assistance they need from individual providers and organizations such as the one where I am currently employed. The DDD also has established rules  that providers must follow to be eligible for such funding. Article 9 2 provides assurance that Programs that receive funding from the state are providing for the safety and respect of the clients they serve.

In the morning Monday through Friday I drive a van and pick up as many as six members at their homes and take them to the program.  In the afternoon, I return them to their homes.  During the day I am usually off the clock.  Occasionally, as staffing requires, I will stay during the day to help the staff and work with the members.  This has been a good experience for me and I hope to increase to full time involvement.

I interact with the members, trying to help them assimilate into the community around them, pointing out what is socially acceptable in personal interactions and making corrections when needed.  As this experience progresses, my awareness increases.  Their behavior, whether good, bad or indifferent, is a reflection in varying degrees of my own.

In the occult world, likes rather than opposites, attract.  This raises the question “Why did the life power put this into my path?”  Likes attract, it is said one can neither love nor hate anything in another person that one does not first recognize in oneself.  I hear the life power saying that is how I appear.  I should practice what I preach.  Words aside, what I practice is what I preach!  Actions speak louder than words; lead by example.

In trying to work out in my head what to say, what to do, how to explain and demonstrate what is acceptable, a mirror dialog is helpful. Saying things out loud to the guy in the mirror, they often sound very different than they did as internal musings.  Sometimes I hear my own voice, sometimes it’s my mother’s voice, sometimes I hear a teacher’s voice, sometimes hear a mentor’s voice emanating from my mouth.  Sometimes it rings true; sometimes it’s a load of crap. Sometimes it’s harsh; sometimes it’s kind, sometimes it’s gentle.  This is what makes the exercise of value to me. I get to see and hear what I sound like. What I hear causes me to adjust what I say and temper how I say it based on my reaction to what I am observing.

I don’t know what the members hear, how they perceive me. Going forward I will continue to make adjustments based on their reactions in the ongoing dialog and behavioral dance.  Then perhaps we can together take another step along the path and both grow a little and each of us come into our own.

The Serenity Prayer

God grant me the serenity

To accept the things, I cannot change;

The Courage to change the things I can;

And wisdom to know the difference.

Wisdom is exercising good judgment. Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment. In order to learn, to grow, I must be willing to be wrong.  That is required. I must act in the absence of certainty; Dr. Strickler teaches I can never know until I act.  I can learn by argument or experience, both of these are active processes.  Live and learn; everything that lives moves.

All of our understanding is less-than-perfect on the physical level. As I am trying to help the members integrate into a community that they have limited understanding of, I can’t help but draw analogy to Dr. Strickler as a spiritual teacher trying to integrate me into the spiritual world of which I have such limited understanding.

That reverberates in my being.

We are alive in a material world but we are not material beings.  It was a struggle for me to come to the realization that I am not a material being.  Understanding the full ramifications of what that means is an ongoing project.  I am not a material being capable of spiritual experiences, but rather a spiritual being having experiences in the physical world. I want to believe. When Dr. Strickler has classes, or as I am drifting off to sleep at bedtime this concept is viewable tonight.  Out in the world, when I get into the thickness of things, this truth becomes harder to see and that is what we as occultists are tasked to do, see what is hidden, see beyond the dance of the physically manifest world to the truth that lies beyond.

The Emerald Tablet   instructs us:

7.  Separate thou the fire from the earth, the subtle from the gross, sweetly with    great industry.

My task as an occultist is to separate, the I-dentity (the spiritual being) from the I-density (the vehicle in the manifest world), the subtle from the gross.  It is to lay bare the truth of who I am, my connection to the source and what my being is becoming.

It is not about destination.  It is about process.  It is nowhere I am going to get to.  It is uncovering what already is.  It is laying bare the now-here.

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