Halloween from Dudley's Diary in 2007
Halloween from Dudley’s Diary in 2007

By Rev. W. David Strickler

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During the early years of my adolescence, I had a job as a gas jockey, which was a great change from delivering newspapers for the Lorain Journal on a route located near my home. It just happened that my uncle Gary (dad’s brother) was running what was then known as SOHIO, which was an outlet for Standard Oil Gasoline and Atlas products. What made it particularly great was that my cousin Michael, who was working his way through college, also worked for my uncle Gary.  My uncle’s first gas station, the one I worked at, was located at the corner Ohio State Rd. 254 and Clinton Avenue just a few blocks west of State Route 57 in the beautiful state of Ohio. This was approximately 6 miles south from where I lived just a hair over 5/10 mi. south of the Lake Erie. It was really great to have some extra spending money for lunches at high school before I started teaching music and guitar in the cities of Lorain and Elyria, Ohio at age 16, to supplement my income. Occasionally when working for my uncle’s service station, I might ride my bike to get to work, and a few times rode my bike home from work.  I never realized how long 6 miles was until those nights.

It was also a time when Electronics were starting to float into the guitar scene, and my touch point in using those electronics started with the BIG MUFF foot pedal that provided fuzz, or the Thomas Organ CRYBABY WAH WAH pedal. Strangely, in looking back, I actually do recall that I did not consider those items to be innovation either, after all, those are just electronic toys.

Snapon 9/16 GM HEI_a
Snapon 9/16 GM HEI wrench
Snapon 9/16 GM HEI_b
Snapon 9/16 GM HEI wrench, approx 16″

My first conscious realization of innovation came during the summers working at my uncle’s gas station when the SNAPON TOOLS Sales truck would pull into the lot. To make a long story short, I found it completely fascinating that tools were specially engineered to accommodate certain situations, such as, adjusting the timining on a GM V8 with HEI distributor by the firewall. Those of you familiar with the circa 1980-ish GM HEI systems, will understand the meaning of hal-lay-lou-jeeyah upon seeing a distributor wrench by SNAPON TOOLS and we thought whoever designed this tool should be canonized.

Bear in mind that we (my peer group) had a computer science lab to learn what we then called computer languages and programming, which I didn’t even look at as innovation. So when I placed my hand on that distributor wrench that was, ironically, what I considered to be innovation. My experience and conception of innovation was derived from the all-important bedrock forces of an ANY economy called the machine tool sector.1

Taking into consideration there are many different types of innovation too numerous for citation in a short article, those of you who have the ability to search Google or Google Scholar can discover the many different aspects and characteristics of which might play in the process of some of the positive innovation and the products created. In this article, I wish to draw attention to my concern with how the term innovation is employed and the results that are produced versus what results are said to occur, and whether the sales pitch for the innovation are factual or just synthetic, logical outcome with little if any basis in complex usage; simply put a hedged sales pitch.

Americans can take back some freedom in this area of ‘lip service to innovation’, a bedtime story designed to make Americans ‘feel comfortable and secure in their blanky’; I consider that horse-crap. I say its high time to take a step back and look at how hyperbolic the use of the term innovation has become, maybe it’s time we should question the use of the word when and how it is deployed.

Innovation 2 is one of the few terms whereby recently, the immediate physical reaction in my brain upon hearing the word may result in a fit of epileptic seizures or stomach convulsions producing projectile vomiting hurled in the direction to the source of its pronunciation. Innovation is truly one of a handful of terms, of late, that my physical body responds with such an immediate, recognizable, visceral internal clenching of wanting to just “beat the hell out of” whomever/whatever organization is using the word in such a lecherous modus operandi for selling behavioral control and persuasion guaranteed to be granted by the shock and awe of its disingenuous, strategic, behavioral wangle to foster an almost guaranteed results of producing a consensus agreement to exploitation. Part of the reason for this for this ‘put on alert’ status generated by my instinctual mind, is the bastardly, hyper-promiscuous use of the word innovation by those denizens of the Satanic underworld in politics, business marketing, advertising and product development to create forced consumption.

One only need Revisit the outcry generated from the resulting innovation of ‘financial instruments’ alongside the relaxed legal environment of the Global financial meltdown of 2007 thru 2008. That should be revealing enough, with the provision you are not just listening to the barkers seeking-ratings on beltway news-entertainment, whose innovations of delivering ‘content’ selected for hyperventilation and ratings redirects audience’s attention from the narrowness of their slice of facts and the source of those facts, and will assist you to the experience of chagrin I am suggesting in the abusive use of the word INNOVATION. The justification of creating centers of profits using innovation comes from an increased rationalization of innovating accounting interpretation. During this period of control fraud 3 there appears to be an increase of incentive for what I call this kind of extortion under the guise of innovation, subsequently creating an invisible reverse funnel that is siphoning over 90% of all new income upwards to the 1% of Americans and is the basis for all the GOP’s Neoliberal economic agenda since — just listen to business people such as Donald Trump or a severely empirically challenged and likely delusional Carly Fiorina, et al.

Look at the unleashing of the debauchery inside the financial sector with its innovating instruments designed for the gaggle of economic sociopaths 4 whose drooling with dripping olfactory frenzy to snort short-term profit inside the financial sector intentionally stoked by the 1999 repeal of Glass-Steagall Act.

Another relevant period in world history that lends a description to the hyperventilation of greed, avarice and lustful salivation from the stuffed-pockets of the financial sector is that of Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus, otherwise known as Caligula.

So, Innovation is in service to whom or what?

Prior to the 2008 financial debacle, during the administration of George W. Bush, I recall seeing, reading, and hearing numerous consultants being called into the political/education/entrepreneur public and private machines to develop in-service campaigns to assist crafting fantasies for that administration’s penchant for cutting taxes in the upper tax brackets, while shifting more of the tax burden onto the middle class tax brackets and poor. I am almost certain you can envision celebrations in marketing, advertising and political machines for successfully enabling the elite and their lobbying consultants hearing the giant sucking sound of money being funneled upwards, extracting unearned money from the public sector and from pension funds and 401(k)s, with higher costs for basic subsistence, services and products transferred the middle class, while creating wealth the old fashioned way—stealing it from the public domain through privatization.

The next step was to train (brainwash) the Sadducees and Pharisees (Governors, politicans, et al) and program these sycophants to use the word innovation as a Mantra. This word is not something to be taken lightly,  when seeing the term Mantra consider that its root ‘Man’ means: to think. Mantra should not be confused as a superficial idea underlying prayers, formulas of worship or ‘mystic’ symbolism. Mantra falls under the umbrella of SHABDA (Śhábda is the Sanskrit word for “speech sound”), which governs sound and is the basis of MANTRA-VIDYA which is knowledge and training in the science of controlling forces by articulated sounds. Mantra is POWER which lends itself impartially to ANY use. People can be killed, injured or exploited by use of Mantras, just look at the frenzy when the use of a mantra such as ‘Gay-Marriage’ or Taxes is vocalized.

‘Vehadiksha’ is a term I was taught by my mentor at an earlier point in life during my sojourn into mysticism in the early 80’s, which can be used at this juncture for an analogy. I am not sure of its etymology (a similarity shared by the word: ‘egregor’); if you know of its origin you can email me. The point is, this is a term used to describe the effect of mantra at a point in an initiation process where power of the ‘Guru’ is used in a transference point to ‘charge’, create a flow (e.g., creating a magnet) within the participant causing them to ‘swoon’, sway, be moved physically and emotionally; this is not just metaphorical, speaking from experience. The problem with Mantra is that there is nothing necessarily sacred or prayerful about it when seen in the light of modern day Black Magic (Advertising, Beltway Media, Political Speech) and the effect of persuasion produced by our modern day version of Guru’s (Corporations, Think Tanks, Advertising firms, Politicians) and the wares produced for sale and consumption to keep citizens ignorant for a profit.

The ‘Vehadiksha’ in this analogy is the swoon produced by Mantra’s (terms) such as  Google Nexus6P, Apple I6, HTC One, ‘Nationwide is on My Side’, or ‘Conservative’ and ‘Liberal’. This is synthetic, artificially induced hypnotism created by a non-entity (corporation) in order to produce an aggregate response in a collective section of consciousness is purely phantasmagorical BUT it is an effect generating an induced form of sensation. To further the distractions and redirection of attention used in this age of Black Magic, you find yourself ‘thinking’ or maybe better put, ‘mentation’ about what they offer as it vibrates through your nervous system.

A person might now understand the observable glint in the eyes of those state Governors use of the Mantra ‘innovation’ after some explanation from the think tank consultants (gurus) as to how the term innovation was to be used: turning the volume up in the auditory centers of the picture making faculty in order to redirect constituents from smelling the silent stench of rotting fish of many policy transactions were about to produce. All the while the new found persuasion power would enable Governors to feel mighty as if they were prevailing even while being played like a puppet by lobbied market forces requiring returned favors for re-election assistance. Having command in the using the mantra of innovation gave governors prophylactic protection in preventing their mainstream constituencies from objecting to the bait and switch being pulled on them all the while Governors created hypnotic results filling their constituents with imaginary positive results by proclaiming “innovation.”

Innovation can be a curse and growing Parasite on its Host, especially when placed into the hands of lobbied major interests whose agenda seeks to expropriate anything held by those who work by the sweat of their brow. It becomes carnivorous once the word is intentionally used to mislead any questioning attention away from any criticisms or meager viewpoints seeking clarification as to its applied use. There is no balanced equation when the word is used in such a fashion I have just described. There is no longer ‘yours and mine’, there is only “yours becomes mine” because I have persuaded you — that, convincing you to agree to a bad bill of goods or consensual theft, is supposedly true innovation. Whatever happened to using the word extortion, instead? This is an ongoing problem with using the ‘always positive, sunny, and light’ crap being used redirect attention from actualities.

From where I sit, this still is an orchestrated, highly accomplished, successful campaign rooted in the private sector whose intention to erode trust of public officials with actions and policies favoring the constituency of the .1% residing in zip code 10021. This is part of the underlying reason for the misplaced distrust of public officials, instead of placing that distrust squarely on the purchased political power whether through lobbyists, self-serving Corporate Beltway-Media or the Billionaire Boys Club.

Prior to information being spread more rapidly, let’s say for a reference point pre-2000, innovation seemed to have more substance dealing with actual tangible realities. ‘Kicking the tires’ provided an opportunity to engage a product instead of the limited amount of information that could be put into a paper catalog of pictures and words; the product had to be seen and touched in brick and mortar stores (for the most part) in order for the innovation to be readily cognizable, sized up and decided upon. In other words, any innovation had more characteristics of genuine merit than just a lot of ‘hot air’ to produce site-unseen reactive sales tendered on the internet.

The field of medicine was and still is truly a period of innovation, but that innovation was and is based on empirical findings leading the way to a new view of being able to assist in the realities of healing. In the political domain, the selling of certainty was used to replace empirical evidence in order to forge ahead with some form of motion (rightly or wrongly) into the future until the evidence could be gathered.

Even education was relatively holding its own up until the 1980s, where, with the strong influence from Ronald Reagan’s Neoliberalism5 he mimicked from Prime Minister of the UK Margaret Thatcher, Reagan paved the way for Republican’s Neoliberal ‘privatize everything’ agenda:  launching the salespeople for innovation (charter schools) came along and wanted to disregard ANY empirical evidence in public education in order to make a profit, one source framing some of the dynamic of this conversation can be found here: Neoliberalizing Educational Reform: America’s Quest for Profitable Market-Colonies and the Undoing of Public Good  by Keith M. Sturges.

Additional corporate innovation influence involved in creating the current pitch of chaos in education can be seen in subtracting from the education of teachers in courses (i.e., methodologies), while successfully gaining an upper hand in wrongfully convincing the parents of students that teachers were ill equipped to provide effective education of their children. In the name of innovation, there came an increase in children being educated machine to human instead of human to human, and teachers were and are scapegoated as part of a serious ‘Romulan ploy or Klingon conspiracy’ (think: Communists and then recklessly stamp that onto the teachers unions) designed to not care about the outcomes of children’s performance, after all, the Bozone Beltway Media pundits cited in our INTRO are not trained educators, they are paid by advertisers to say anything over the air waves that strikes like an imagination unchecked by the powers of reasoning.  Talk about serving up a crock of privatized CRAP.

It seems more likely to me some of the lack of performance in students is due to the pop psychology from the seminal work of Dr. Spock in the cascade of negative behaviors shared in a perfect storm of economic poppycock from Milton Friedman who was gaining further power of censorship for the economic gatekeepers named the Chicago Boys. In all likelihood, the spirit of Jean Piaget6 is resurrecting from his grave to give a well-deserved ass kicking to the stupidity of the likes of Neoliberal Margaret Thatcher and her leading worshiper, court jester Neoliberal Ronald Reagan.

Have genuine forces of innovation been relentlessly pounded into a form of hallucinatory advertisement created just to generate a sale of a new curriculum, new item, new methodology (not) or however it’s repackaged, a sale that is filled with remorse and regret and perhaps a slight bit of embarrassment for being suckered into a stressful moment? Perhaps, author Barbara Ehrenreich will be hailed as a prophet another decade down the road for her seminal work entitled “Bright-Sided: How Positive Thinking Is Undermining America.” Maybe the overuse of the Mantra, ‘if it makes a profit nothing else matters’ is raising its monstrous head to see?

Innovation can be a dangerous form of cancer introduced to create a market, to support the parasitic lifestyle of its innovators, especially in the hands of innovators whose reliance on lobbyists creates larger funnels that siphon the productive power of labor’s wages and middle class gains into the hands of corporate socialists7 often and corporate communists8 which may lead to another series of Dark Ages.

Until then, I suggest retaining attention in being wary where the term innovation is being hurled from before starting to swoon over the images created FOR YOU by the innovators.  I start with a premise that innovation is a series of words engineered to make something sound good in order to achieve some type of force feeding frenzy or dictatorial outcome wanted by somebodies/someone who either wants my money, my freedom or my soul to agree with any rhetoric that creates a plausible picture in the mind in order to deflect attention away from pertinent facts that may water down the response wanted from citizens. Deregulated from using of good questions and reason, “innovation” could be hazardous to your long term outcomes of your finances, health and quality of life for both you and your family and our Nation.

After all, you may end up using a Q-tip to wipe your butt instead of toilet paper.   Now that’s innovation.

q tips

Wishing wonderful Holidays to all of our readers, our fans and all of humanity.

Rev. W. David Strickler

Copyright © 2015 by W. David Strickler



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