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 From the Desk of Spiritual Climate’s Editor:  June 2015

Greetings and welcome to our second edition of the new Spiritual Climate Newsletter.

Summer is in full swing here in Phoenix and it is, of course, hotter than hot!  In fact, the cold water temperature coming out of a running faucet on the second floor of the temple, at 1am Arizona time, is 97.5° Fahrenheit.  We find ourselves constantly challenged by the physical aspects of trying to keep hydrated and make it through the Dog Days, while reminding ourselves we do, in fact, actually choose to live in a desert! Ah, that magnificent orb of the Sun, shining light and life to the Earth!

In this edition of Spiritual Climate:
Dr. Strickler explores and reveals the relevance of the consciousness of the Sun as its fluctuations and emanations relate to the cacophony of insanity that we are experiencing.

Adam Crosthwaite relates his experiences with personal growth and the challenges he continues to face, as well as those which he has overcome, while walking his Path.

Glen Ford examines his understanding of the power of thinking, genuine thinking, and the steps he is taking to engage the process and make it a living, active principle in his life.

Wendy Ford and Christine Ford delve into the complexities of deception, and the miasma created by that which we choose to accept without question or discernment.

And so, as always, we welcome you grab a frosty beverage , find a cozy spot to relax, read, enjoy, and share our journey into the joys and sorrows of the experience of life; the ventures of Mystics as we share our musings, ponderings and wonderings about the who, what, when, where and why of existence.

– Christine Ford, Editor

Copyright © 2015 by Institute of Spiritual Climate LLC


you know you want to do it:

Who the Hell put Teflon on Time? Part 2 of 2

by Rev. David Strickler

(SCN Editors Note: updated draft Oct 14, 2015. Whew! 🙄 )

There is an amazing event taking place that is affecting the manifest universe on a multitude of levels unbeknownst to the masses of humanity, that scientifically as well as spiritually explains the erratic behaviors that are increasingly being exhibited, the unrest, the feeling that time is slipping away like a runaway mine car, causing people to shake their heads and question their sanity.  The ‘unseen’ factors fall into a complex domain, but are summed up into one huge sphere called the SUN.  The Sun is THE axis of time within the confines of our solar system and especially the Earth. Yes, the Sun. What’s the matter, cat got your tongue?  Perhaps you think you are an individual whose life isn’t dependent on such considerations, since you suffer under the personal delusion that you exist independently of nature:  Boo!

In the framework of my understanding, within esoteric knowledge passed from teacher to student, some of which isn’t for public consumption but part of what I may elucidate upon deals with the consciousness of the Sun.  The Sun is a massive factor of timekeeping in our Solar System.  Changes occurring from the electromagnetic patterns of output from the Sun can, in fact, alter the perceptual faculties of our brain and nervous system by influencing our hormonal productions.  Included in this are the unperceived events of bending or speeding up, as well as compression or decompression of time, causing changes in of what is known as psychological time.  The Sun is the master timekeeper and clock within the container of our Solar System that supervises and regulates the flow of time and space that is closest to awareness in our event horizon, while also initiating an exchange of electromagnetic forces within the dance of Earth’s magnetosphere and visual model here on YouTube.

As inhabitants of this physical dimension within one frequency of this time and place, we are experiencing what has been termed Solar Max 24 , projected somewhere between 2013 and 2015, based upon my research. This event is the hottest solar cycle on record and one that presents the usual magnetic reversal of the Sun’s poles .  I suspect many people would not conjecture that the Sun’s heliospheric current sheet would have any impact on planetary, personal or animal behavior.  Reproductive cycles of human beings are regulated by the 28 day cycle of the Sun, the warp of the neutral sheet in the Sun might affect longer term cycles of fertility and infertility of species, as well as the catastrophic cycles on earth, as the ancients could see and measure.  It is no strange wonder that current Human beings are so dependent on stereoscopic seeing.


image: Sun’s heliospheric current sheet

Where on the mainstream media are the scientists interviewed and explaining, exploring and investigating this major activity that is affecting the Earth and the interactions of its peoples increasingly each and every day?  They are obviously trapped in the Bozone 1 Layer of the Beltway Media.  Where is Beltway Media’s coverage as we find ourselves halfway through Solar Max 24 projected somewhere between 2013 and 2015?  How does the SUN influence all of us as we move and interact and why is it so critical to an understanding of what is going on and where we are going? Let’s digress for a moment and begin with Bees and the Sun.


Bees are important in this modern day and in this article due to the influence of the Sun on their reproductive determinism and parts of their animal behavior; this much I may reveal about the meaning of bee symbology in esoteric occult/spiritual tradition; ‘Bees are messengers of the gods.’  The question might be asked, “Why?”  This may be answered in studying the sociological structure of the Bee colony and the resemblance to our instinctual/limbic system behavior in relation to our business-corporate systems and the stench of business ‘Caveat Emptor’ pheromones they exude.

Within the confines of currently discovered history, which is usually a day short and a dollar late, as depicted on Egyptian wall art, Egyptians had the first known artificial beehives around 2500 BCE. There are also many references to and misunderstandings of Bees and how they are used in symbolism, whether within Christianity or writings of the spiritual/occult/hermetically sealed meaning and significance of what the symbolism of Bees interprets. This article is not for arguments of the historical facts or challenges against the creative interpretations, nor for discovery of the symbolic use of Bees (e.g. Mary Magdalene, in Hebrew: מרים המגדלית). Science, however, is in the midst of policy challenges 2 as a natural outcropping of commercial programming/entertainment industry venues. Science develops a narrative for their own profit-making similar to the modern day news-‘personalities’ spewing the ‘Science of their Stupidity in Economics’ cited in Part 1 earlier.

It appears news organizations hate persons, places or things that challenge their slimy-corporate interest viewpoints, preferring instead, the misrepresentation of scientific findings, especially in economics that dispute the cash flows their narratives produce or interfere with their attempt at market influence. COMCAST-NBC, ABC, CBS, CNBC, CNN, et al, news organizations including the salacious and fallacious FOX News et. al., more often than not, make that type of Giant-Sucking Sounds to hoist money from the type of hate and misrepresentation created by half-cocked public pronouncements mischaracterizing substantive findings, as in the example of how the process of Federal Debt-Deficit actually work spoken of in Part 1 of this article. This type of biased media misrepresentation, which must be ubiquitous in media, takes place also in regards to BEES as inferred in this PDF by Angela Jean Cho in “Silence of the Bees”: A Study of Scientific Representation in Media, Spring 2010 3


Another area where behavior of animals might become affected by forms of disorientation and that deals with my next topic which, in my hypothesis, is affecting both Bees and humanity: the geomagnetic North Pole is moving toward Siberia.

Consider visiting these sites to gain a basic understanding of what the impact of the geomagnetic shift might be. This geomagnetic pole shift has been in discussion for many years and is still in the process of being cited online. In The Sleuth Journal’s Earths North Magnetic Pole Moving to Siberia  , they continue a discussion that appears silent in coverage of this topic in the Bozone 4 Beltway Media But has been in discussion for many years inside many articles about Earth’s Inconstant Magnetic Field (2003) citing the investigations of Gary A Glatzmaier of Los Alamos Laboratories and Paul H. Roberts of University of California-Los Angeles 5 whose research produced the supercomputer model simulation of the earth’s magnetic reversal. To gain insight into the dynamics that sustain the Earth’s magnetic field and geomagnetic reversals, a must see is the NOVA Documentary named MAGNETIC STORM. 6

3x4 earth mag fields gif

Inserted from:  http://www.psc.edu/science/glatzmaier.html , ‘When North Goes South’.

Some Scientists also claim that, in their view, there will be little effect when the poles break down before a reversal and move in ‘splotches’ of north and south poles around the globe; I have come across other scientists offering a plausible view of citing the rise of skin cancers.  There is also the issue of the magnetic field of Earth fading prior to pole flips addressed here Frogs Levitate in a Strong Enough Magnetic Field and Earth’s Magnetic Field is Fading, by John Roach in 2004 of September, who also cites Gary Glatzmaier, with further news here by Ellie Zolfagharifard article in Dailymail.com published on 22 June 2015.

Science is having problems drawing partial-truth conclusions based on incomplete understanding or evidence being used, because science is still uncovering its ignorance and I salute Dr. Michio Kaku for any of his statements that have resembled the above in public broadcasts about discoveries in science!  To go further than he did, I think some Science and its scientists  can be perverted; pay for services to get small pieces of research that can be used to promote whatever materialistic behavior that capitalist-manipulated scientific consensual egos find out; then pronounce the great pain residing in their collective emotional-unforgiving consciousness about religion (recall: Hitler’s Scientists).  The source of problems in this world are created by damaged human beings, whether that damage is ignorance, organic, psychological, or some combination of the above, practicing its own unique form of murdering humanity or its ‘I thinks thou dost protest to much’ attitudes toward religion.

As I have stated elsewhere, some of science and its current imbalanced consensual ego is fully puzzled and enamored, hypnotized by time and space, of which they have yet to liberate the finite mind from. Yet the very same hypnotism is manipulated by the employers who feed and hire scientists with private sector funds of the Neo-Feudal Plutocracy of the Billionaire Boys Club, seeking a perverted influence of the long term outcomes of science outside of the necessary academic disciplines through short term profit making.  So yes, I continue questioning where the orthodoxy in science, economics and politics has lost its way and whom at times display a rather bigoted and narrow behavior of consensus.

Thankfully, some of the better consensual Egos in the scientific community are responding appropriately during these times to shout out the current public health crisis arising from the “Teflon on Time” American’s are experiencing: critical sleep deprivation and also sleep disorders permeate the landscape of working America, as cited in National Geographic’s “Sleepless in America” . This won’t be cured by the social engineer taskmasters since part of Business behavior is the result of a lack of sleep producing a toxic brain (e.g., think autointoxication” no bowel or urinary movements) which may be the foundation for spurious amorality of business persons.  Can we expect behavior originating from unchecked greed and the love of money to allow for proper sleep? Can they temporarily suspend the obsessive-compulsive business behavior of profit extracting, regardless of ethics or facts involved to push unrealistic employee productivity?

In the wisdom handed down through the 6000 year tradition, of which I am of the few remaining giving voice to in the order I am of, the Sun is always recognized, without question, as the major influence of physical life and its evolution, how organisms are determined and dependent upon rhythms, modulations and outpourings of the Sun.  Consider the accurate summation of characteristics and personality traits conveyed by thousands of years observation of astrological fluxes, (i.e., Sun, Moon, ascendant positions within the natal chart). Astrology provides a plethora of information with regards to foundations of personality characteristics and temperaments that lays out a fair description of the Sun sign involved. The reproductive cycles of men, women and other animal species (i.e., Bees) are dominated by the cycle of the Sun, which corresponds to the 28 day period of rotation of the Sun as seen from the Earth.

If you wish to investigate some of these concepts further, I would recommend looking into the writings of W. Ross Adey, M.D., known for the “Adey Window” and his serious contributions examining the relationship in electromagnetic field interactions with biological systems. Within the footnote is a sampling of some of his work, along with link to the chapter in Springer Series in Brain Dynamics volume 2, 1989, pp 26 through 42: Cell Membranes, Electromagnetic Fields, and Intercellular Communication 7

Sun Neutral Sheet

Another concept to gain some understanding and familiarity with is the inclination of the heliosphere’s ‘neutral sheet’ and solar wind speeds to large decreases of cosmic ray intensity at the Earth: The Inclination of the Heliospheric Neutral Sheet and Cosmic Ray Intensity at the Earth, by Takao Saito & Derek B. Swinson 8.

There is a relationship that exists in the coupling of the electromagnetic fields of the Sun, Earth, and the Van Allen belts modifying the Sun’s radiation 9 worth looking into as to how these may be continually affecting our brains and nervous systems.  Although proof toward this concept may be inconclusive, between the three sources given for consideration, I see a potential linkage with the relationship of the Sun from the knowledge I have been awakened into within my oral tradition.  In other words, it appears as though science is finally catching up with the teachings I was immersed into in terms of the interrelationship of the Sun and the Earth, including the Sun’s influence through the mediums of the less than physical astral, etheric regions and then though the physical (mineral, vegetable, animal, man) organisms.  I don’t want to belabor this more than to point a finger in directions that I hear, touch and see in my mind as a hierarchical interrelationship of influences from electromagnetic energy initiated by of the brightest shadow shining in our sky called the Sun, as plasma/solar wind/bow shock pressures the Van Allen Belts creating an interior magnetic symphony inside and surrounding the various layers of the Earth, thus available to being picked up by the electro-chemical nervous systems of mineral, vegetable and animal.

The scientific orthodox of today is lacking in its understanding and skill in its ability, for example, of correct timing of sunspots; the Mayans astronomical and mathematical understanding of the Sun was much better than today’s incomplete scientific ability to project sunspot timing. Each decade has brought new discoveries of knowledge, one scientific funeral at a time that breaks new grounds of understanding in our dynamic relationship within the Solar System between us and the Sun. NASA continues to discover new things about the interrelationship between the Sun and the Earth, such as NASA Discovers New Radiation Belt Around Earth.

Many things, too numerous to cite in such a short space, in looking at the available information NASA has put forward within public context of missions of satellites gathering data about the Sun (i.e., The Solar & Heliospheric Observatory – SOHO ) never known or deduced before along with the new launch of NOAA’s DSCOVER traveling to the neutral gravity point between the Earth and Sun (approx. 1,000,000 miles from Earth) to monitor the Sun and ‘weather on Earth’.  We likely stand to gain further comprehension, understanding about climate change and new depths of knowledge about the electromagnetic/electrical hierarchical interrelationship giving birth to a whole new paradigm of energy and its usage.


Will there be a further revelation of the intricate complexities and hidden systems that exist between the Sun and the Earth (such as flux transfer events) in correlation to our weather?  Likely, yet this begetting insight that may finally open up further comprehensions related to causation in our problems of climate change, aside to from the ‘consensus’ of what mankind is contributing, may have little impact on the type of rational policies required to actually bring about change.  Humanity will be misled once again because of the inertia invested into political leaders by the cheap-ass den of thieves who call themselves the US Chamber of Commerce and its cohorts of white collar crime.  I do believe in climate change, but we are at the infancy of realizing small portions of causality which, when found out, might likely make our impatient generation as a laughing stock.

I also believe that humanity contributes to climate change, and its slow and arduous progress towards clean air, resources of clean water, to provide humanity with the sustainability through time. Correlation is not causation and the apprehension of the causation appears to not be understood or revealing itself at this time.  There is not a clear line of contribution to climate change by mankind’s governments’ stash of Secret Weapon technologies, ongoing development that FOIA will actually reveal, which no one has proof that isn’t happening or contributing to our climate problems (i.e., DARPA 10 ).

Bottom line: it is highly clear to me we need clean air and massive solutions for clean drinking water, let alone solutions for water pollution. However, I still see CO2 as an epiphenomena due to the consensual Ego of science inside the scientific orthodoxy’s incomplete knowledge and illusion that disregards the influence and effect of our Sun. This gives some type of usurped consent to the financial sector engineering the demise of humanity through short term profit extraction, while manipulating the consensual Egos within various disciplines in the Orthodoxy of the Scientific, Political and Psychological leaders in the communication structures inside nation of the world.

Take for example, the likelihood that President Barack Obama’s political glossolalia called TPP, other than being anathema to a representative republic and allowing Congress to skip their chores, may turn out to be the biggest lie his administration; that the lying sacks of disingenuous shit on the US Chamber of Commerce successfully suckered him into it, comparative to the administration and financial sector suckering of President Bill Clinton’s harmful Balanced Budget and signing away the last of Glass-Steagall 11

Being put into place by the financial forces that manipulate the salaries and funding in all areas, Science may be the new mask of authority that will refuse to be questioned at some point while still lacking a cohesive understanding of humanity and the nature of human consciousness.  Their behavior is bought off through this type of market manipulation targeting their peculiar Achilles heel of their consensual Ego.  Human beings in science inside these types of models would likely miserably fail the humanity they claim to stand by.

Sometimes I feel that, what the Hell, let the bestial financial forces inherit this Earth.  Many, at least in my view of humanity, are/will be transcending into another dimension far better than the nut house found in this primeval deviation, since technically the Aquarian Age cannot take place ON Earth and yes, this is a cryptic and intentionally metaphorical statement.

But I also see many souls in humanity that will be used as the fodder of those who refuse to accept the Great Rabbi Yeheshuah’s (Jesus Christ) enunciation, as he drew from his deep cognizant, cosmic and personal relationship with the Torah, when he exclaimed in Matthew 26:11 to his apostles and disciples, the synopsis of the Torah passage, “The poor you will always have with you, but you will not always have me.” 12

Humanity as we know it is quietly slipping away into the future; there remains a fair amount of uncertainty as to which probabilities the whole or parts of humanity will find themselves. Part of humanity can end up on one of the Earth probabilities and the other part of humanity on another Earth probability, quite divorced from its prior environment.  The parasitic financial Eugenics practiced by the one branch of the Business Illuminati, an abuse of a term misapplied to these bloodsucking vampire squid, coating themselves in Teflon while they continue to deploy packages of financial euthanasia through their modern form of unseen financial warfare. By distributed through channels of marketing and consumerism intended to force a culling, so they can suck up all the remaining cash streams, all under the guise of Capitalism while practicing the policies of British Rentier Free-Trade 13 that our Founding Fathers fought against.  These types utilize the news/media centers of influence who are crafty at conjuring an image of their inferior views of this world that many people accept due to fear; a horrendous mental construct borne in the Beastly likeness, evil and conflated view of themselves.

The Teflon (do not stick to your views that say something is wrong) you feel is real, more realistic than the banana peel put there for you to prevent you from having a grip on what is going on in this Nation or the world.  These perverted, swollen and sterile individuals will continue to steal and privatize the pavement and want you and everyone who disagrees with them to go to Hell, get off their planet, while they masturbate with their entitlement program in this age of money derived by Rentier Capitalism, whether found in carried interest, capital gains, death tax or elsewhere…They will even use behavioral tactics to purchase scientists whose hypothesis can be twisted by Ego manipulation to fit their money grabbing agendas because they suffer from fear of uncertainty.

So we are in a transition and the Teflon that time appears currently coated with will keep sanity slip siding away 14, unless you have the proper knowledge to assist you through what is true and what is false in this time period of intentional misinformation, disinformation and disorientation, as the corrupt nature of all Institutions is challenged by the Public.  Just look at Greece, the grand social experiment of ripping people off in order to undermine nation sovereignty. So never mind the teflon coating Germany received on their war debt and the their resulting debt forgiveness in 1947. Why would they deprive Greece of any Teflon on their debts?

If nothing more, watch your back, and get off your ass and VOTE, never mind the limited options provided.

~ Finis, Rev. W. David Strickler

Copyright © 2015 by W. David Strickler


  1. BOZONE LAYER: a substance surrounding stupid people which short circuits epiphanies from illuminating the mind, that chases away the shadow creation of the senses and actually enhances sensory narcosis; a contrived opinion accepted as fact instead of fiction.  This substance is ingested and turns minds to mud while creating an inebriated state of perception, which is used with precision by people in business, government and industries to induce and produce the mass phenomena known as the Emperor’s New Clothes.  The Bozone Layer, unfortunately, shows little signs of breaking down in the near future, which contributes to the melt down of rationality, ushering further the new ice age of frozen people who have lost their Soul, pushing current humanity towards various levels of Extinction.
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you know you want to do it:

Tangled Webs

By Christine Ford

Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practise to deceive.

Sir Walter Scott
Scottish author & novelist (1771 – 1832)

Words! Written centuries ago by a Scottish gentleman, so long ago that the word “practise”, spelled according to his culture and time, was autocorrected to “practice” the first time I typed it. Words we heard repeatedly as children, or at least I did in my Anglo-Saxon/Polish/Croatian upbringing. Words I passed on to my children and continue to repeat to my granddaughter and students. Words that were etched in my heart and mind to become a motto to live by and still remain a silently whispered mantra , albeit sometimes a challenge, to live my life in truth as I expand my horizons in an ever shifting culture that is rampant with deception and lies.

Sadly, the tangled web of deception has become a consensus reality, the accepted norm of today’s society; this deception is strangling the very essence of what we, as a Nation, stand for. The blind acceptance, the ignore-ance of deception, is a malignant cancer desecrating the principles of truth, freedom and democracy upon which the United States of America was created, hurtling us into an illusion of dismal quasi-reality that the masses unthinkingly buy into, unquestioningly react within and blindly believe in, too preoccupied or perhaps too programmed to even question.

Are people totally oblivious and unaware of this hoax, this game of smoke and mirrors that they are participating in every minute of every day in multiple facets of their lives? What has happened that has made the citizens of the great Untied States of America give up, stop questioning, cease truth seeking, and become zombie-like puppets sleepwalking through the most beautiful creation of all… LIFE? When did questioning and demanding answers to inquiries while expecting intelligent, truthful responses succumb to the blasé’ acceptance of the apathetic sham of the current state of affairs?

Do they care, are they even aware, that their vote, one of the guaranteed and protected rights in this incredible country of the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave” doesn’t really matter anymore, because the choices are rigged from the get go; that the politician with the biggest monetary support is going to win, whether most qualified and best suited for the position or not? With Citizen’s United in control, between the Koch brothers’ campaign contributions and the lobbying of Big Money, the Middle Class, Grass Roots candidate doesn’t stand a chance. We hear (words) campaign promises made that are not kept, but then we are told (words) oh my, of course, yes, the promises were, in fact, kept, and you see, this is how…when the reality is a wishy-washy, semi-sort of-kinda like bill is passed, with padding and jargon that makes it appear on the surface with a casual perusal that the will of the people has been served, when the reality is the will of the Almighty Dollar has won out once again. Have we, as a society and as humanity in general, been brainwashed into believing that this demise of light and freedom is inevitable; that there is nothing we can do to make a difference?

What direction are Public Schools, the institutions that educate and prepare our next generation to take over the reins and control of this great country, heading? Short, sarcastic, probably somewhat biased response from a 40 year plus educator: the institution of Public Schools across the United States is failing miserably, disintegrating into a mass confusion of splintered ideologies, most of which rest upon the premise of accountability being defined as an endless maze of standardized testing, creating an anxiety ridden learning environment for not only the students, who have become “score scared“ but the teachers as well, having salaries, in some cases, tied to pay for performance to the point that they are actually cheating and changing answers on the tests, AZ Republic: Diane Douglas asks AG to review test irregularities.

Unfortunately, in Arizona, we are headed down a particularly slippery slope! We are told (words) by our officials that our children and their education is a priority, yet our school system in Arizona is 47th in the Nation in spending per pupil, $3,000 per pupil below the national average. They tell us (words) that money doesn’t create better schools, but how can a gross lack of it, a decrease in what is already being spent with tragic results, possibly make a disintegrating institution better? Is it any wonder our brightest and best graduates in education are fleeing to other states to begin their teaching careers at salaries on the average $5,000 more per year?  The “Dark Money” of the Koch brothers et. al., is infiltrating and influencing not only the on the Federal level, but within State governments as well, making a mockery of the mere thought that we have any control over funding, yet we listen to arguments and lip service (words) from our elected officials, nothing gets resolved, and the slow, steady spiral into inferiority, indeed bordering on the collapse of public education, continues in this, the greatest nation in the world.

Why do we, as a society, look the other way and permit this to go on? What has happened to the initiative of discovery and expectation of superiority, the pride in being competitively at the top in education, the privileges and rights that come with being an American fought for and forged in blood by our Forefathers?

We are battered on all sides by unrest and distrust, lies and deception. In an attempt to convince us that the woes of our economy are rooted in deficit spending and wasteful handouts to slackers by programs such as Social Security, Medicare, Food Stamps and Medicaid, the Republican stronghold of Congress is threatening to cannibalize the meager income of Seniors who worked, invested and planned, putting them in dire straits with nowhere to turn for help. They would penalize the disabled who have no other means of sustenance, while padding the coffers of the top .5% by not charging them the fair share of taxes they should be paying. We are discovering that Police Departments across the country, the very institutions we were taught to trust, believe in, and turn to for protection, are seemingly with reckless abandon slaughtering young Black men. Advertisers have engineered ways to sell us goods while hiding the truth under twisted advertising campaigns to make us believe we are getting one thing, when the truth is quite the opposite, and jokes are being made about it right out in the open. See: Dilbert on technology here.

The Media blares on, shouting out semi-truths, disguised as facts, while the unquestioning public listeners wait with baited breath for the next scandal of bus drivers holding students hostage, priests molesting innocents, the impending doom of the sin of marijuana being made legal by druggies, the horrors of LGB community taking over the sacred union of marriage and the scandal of wanton women running around getting abortions! And we, as a collective society, are held captive; enthralled, mesmerized, preoccupied by the horrors being presented to us, enslaving us and leaving us ignorant to the more destructive force of the undercurrent of deception and lies, the tangled web that is being spun around us, suffocating us, while we move on with our busy, over productive, lives.

How did we, humanity, the Jewel in the Crown of Creation, allow ourselves, collectively, to become ensnared in such a tangled web of deception? Is there a way to climb out of the cave of shadows referenced by Plato, and experience the light of truth, clarity and awareness rather than the shadow world we are being coerced into believing is reality? Based upon the teachings of the Western Mystery Schools, and the renderings of Dr. Strickler that I have been privileged to experience over the past 23 years, yes, there most certainly is a way out, but it is not easy; it takes work, time, desire, sweat and tears, but reward of the freedom, liberation and truth that comes as a result of that effort is a priceless gem. And we must ask ourselves and answer truthfully the profound, searing question…

Are we the deceived, or are we the deceivers?

The simple part of the answer is that we have allowed ourselves to be programmed to accept anything we see, hear, read, or are told, as truth. We seem to think that because we see it, hear it, or read it, the material presented must be based in factual events or circumstances. Nothing can be further from the truth; anyone can say or print anything! Come on!!! Seldom does it occur to one anymore to put in a pause, to pursue a weighing of options, an exploration of A or not A, a researching into the source to determine its validity or reliability. The all-encompassing power of media and technology is beyond frightening, and with the ease of communication and blurring of lines of security and privacy, the manipulation of the truth and the power of deception has become stronger than it has ever been, creating that tangled web that we, as a collective society, have allowed to be spun out of apathy and laziness.

Becoming aware of what is, and what is not, is the faculty of discernment, and is a cornerstone for the teachings that Rev Strickler gives voice to. Discernment isn’t learned overnight, but by practice, by incessant questioning; by checking into the “whys and why nots” of an event, one can develop a keen sense of being able to smell the shit, even if it is camouflaged by gold paint and glitter and has flowers growing on top of it! Self-conscious awareness, intentional discernment, not accepting every damn thing we see, read or hear as fact, but discovering and uncovering the truth behind the words; that is the opening to the reality of the situation. So the first, simple step is pausing to ask yourself, “Is it real, or is it Memorex?” for those of us old enough to remember.

This leads very logically to the next step, making peace with and directing our Memory… enter stage left, Subconsciousness!… That loyal, forgiving part of each and every one of us that sits patiently waiting for a suggestion, for a direction, without a single original thought or idea of “her” own, counting on us (Self-consciousness) to feed “her” the truth, to give “her” the low down, so “she” can duplicate, replicate and bring into being the thoughts and words upon which our reality is built. “She” will loyally repeat and duplicate any thought or suggestion that you (Self-consciousness) give her, whether it be based in truth or not. She will weave the tangled web of lies, or the symmetrical, clear web of truth; it all depends upon what you place in the repertoire for her to work with. And it all depends upon what you, as Self Consciousness, have determined through discernment to be the fact of the matter.

As a result of this complex, yet simple, exchange, subconsciousness unquestioningly does what she was created for: habits are built; patterns are established and become rooted in our psyche, actions and reactions are constructed, reinforced and repeated, personal beliefs are created from what you, as Self-consciousness, hear, read, believe as truth, and mirror to your Subconscious, which faithfully and methodically reproduces into the web of your life. What you place there within your Subconscious, based upon how well you have honed your skill of discernment, determines whether your personal web of reality will become the tangled web of blindly accepted lies and deception that you are being fed by the government, media, advertisers and Big Money, and gobble up without a second thought, or an organized, orderly, pure web of beauty and truth based upon that which you have taken the time, effort and personal responsibility to discern as true and factual.

If you are shaking your head and saying, Wow, I just don’t have the time to deal with it all this discernment crap because of my job, my kids, my spouse, my life, my social media, I have made my point! Humanity, as we currently are programmed in this society, is so overwhelmed and enslaved by merely making it from one paycheck to another, that we (Self-conscious) have fallen into the trap (tangled web) of lying (deceiving) to ourselves (Subconsciousness) and the Matrix continues to reproduce itself in full glory! If you are saying, Shit, this seems like an awful lot of work, Bingo, you got it! It is work; it is the Great Work, undertaken by those who believe that there is hope, there is a way out of the Matrix, and that we can take back our Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, but it will not happen without intentional action of the people.

And so, in closing, I simply ask you to ponder this question once again; Are we the deceived, or are we the deceivers? May you grow in discernment, wisdom and understanding of what seeds you are planting and cultivating in your own personal Subconscious garden, so that your web becomes one of freedom and truth, not a tangled one of deceptive, self-generated enslavement.

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By Wendy Ford

Deception: The act of making someone believe something that is not true: the act of deceiving someone. An act or statement intended to make people believe something that is not true.

artifice, cheating, cozenage, craft, craftiness, crookedness,crookery, cunning, cunningness, deceitfulness, deceit,deceptiveness, dishonesty, dissembling, dissimulation, doubledealing, dupery, duplicity, fakery, foxiness, fraud, guile, guilefulness, wiliness

artlessness, forthrightness, good faith, guilelessness, ingenuousness, sincerity

Synonym Discussion of DECEPTION
DECEPTION, FRAUD, DOUBLE-DEALING, SUBTERFUGE, TRICKERY mean the acts or practices of one who deliberately deceives. DECEPTION may or may not imply blameworthiness, since it may suggest cheating or merely tactical resource <magicians are masters of deception>. FRAUD always implies guilt and often criminality in act or practice <indicted for fraud>. DOUBLE-DEALING suggests treachery or at least action contrary to a professed attitude <a go-between suspected of double-dealing>. SUBTERFUGE suggests the adoption of a stratagem or the telling of a lie in order to escape guilt or to gain an end <obtained the papers by subterfuge>. TRICKERY implies ingenious acts intended to dupe or cheat <resorted to trickery to gain their ends>. 1

Just look anywhere and deception can be found. This is an introductory cursory exploration of deception, a topic this writer continues to struggle with on a daily basis.

Advertisers use it every day to entice, lure, persuade, and convince us we really need whatever they are selling. Suddenly we need something we hadn’t known existed. Take, for example, Real Estate. It looks great on the outside. Go inside and it might still look great, or not. Have an inspection done and the truth comes out; floor joists rotting, roof leaks, wiring needs to be replaced, etc. How about used car dealerships, again notorious for using deception to lure the unsuspecting, enticing them into making purchases they may later regret.

We all deal with deception on a daily basis. Many of us consider our abode a sanctuary from the outside world; a safe haven where we are no longer bombarded from all directions with deceptive people and situations. As long as one does not turn on a television, radio or link up with the internet the illusion of sanctuary is possible, however deception even permeates here.
The ultimate deception is inescapable. While it can be ignored, one cannot turn it off, tune it out or otherwise escape it. It is the deception we ourselves have conjured up about or with ourselves.

You don’t think you practice deception or deceive yourself? You are one hundred percent honest and genuine with yourself and others one hundred percent of the time? Right there is a great example of a deception: you have deceived yourself into thinking you are the perfected human, which in itself is a deception because humans are inherently flawed.

If you do not practice deception consciously or subconsciously it means you are totally frontal and transparent in every communication and interaction at all times with others and with yourself. You have never responded “nice to meet you” when you were really thinking “what a loser”. You have never offered “I think you should wear something else” when asked “do I look OK in this”? You have never consoled a grieving friend or child with “it will be OK” when you can’t know that to be true. You have never said “that’s OK” when an inattentive person has just run into the back of your heel with their shopping cart. You have never said “it’s OK” (whatever it is) when you are actually quite ticked off at another’s or your inconsiderate action or behavior.

Human beings just aren’t that great at being transparent and truthful, especially with themselves. Oh I will do that later, when the truth is I really don’t want to do or deal with that at all. One little cookie won’t hurt anything. Who hasn’t said that at least once? I can stop this behavior (whatever it is) whenever I want to, when the truth is there is a part of me that has no intention of addressing the issue or doesn’t really care or want to stop or change a behavior.

One of the most common deceptions is “everything is fine, there is nothing wrong”. To compound the issue we often have actually convinced ourselves that there is nothing wrong in spite of evidence and facts to the contrary.
What a deception!

Learning how and when to deceive is perhaps seeded when we first learn from modern society people don’t really want to know how we are when they greet us with “how are you?” We quickly learn to just say “fine thanks and you?” even though we ourselves are guilty of not really wanting to know how they are either.

If we ever do run into that rare individual who truly does want to know how we are it can sometimes be difficult to take a step back to ask ourselves how AM I? What’s really going on? How can we proffer a genuine response when we don’t know the answers? How do we discover the answers?
It takes introspection. It takes moments of silence. It takes formulating the intent to want to know what’s really going on, how we are truly responding, what we are actually feeling.

Discovering and identifying a deception requires conscious action. One must first be willing to be open to the possibility of the existence of a deception. An intent to want to become aware of a deception in order to discover or uncover the truth in a situation/experience must be fashioned and stated. Once open to the possibility attention must be focused in that direction, bringing a conscious awareness to it. Awareness must then be brought to the senses—what is the physical vehicle’s dashboard displaying? What is the emotional response to the input of the senses?

All of this sounds like a lot of work. It is. It sounds like it takes time. It does. It takes repeated application and practice to be able to uncover a deception. It requires courage to delve into for having to admit making an error can be tough. It might bring up emotions of guilt, shame, anger or the most important emotion of all: fear. It might require a change to be made which might be uncomfortable and painful. It takes having the desire to want to know, to discover, to uncover; to want to function within and with truth instead of illusions, delusions and deceptions.

When we figure out the “what” there is still delving into the why and how. Very few of us have given ourselves the gift of psychological counseling from a PHD level psychologist or been blessed with finding our Spiritual Teacher to assist in learning how to participate in self-exploration.
Time. Work. Desire. Work. Time. Courage. Work. Time. Intent. Work. Willingness. Time. Attention. Work. Awareness. Time. Work. It is an ongoing and never ending process.

Deception. It is pervasive. It is a fact in our lives. While it will not go away in the outside mundane world it is be possible to identify through careful observation and discernment. Deception within our personal interior world is something we can discover and identify. It is possible to discover the deceptions within ourselves and take steps to shine the Light of Truth within our personal interior world. Although not easy or comfortable with time and work, through the repeated application of intent, will, desire, attention and conscious action it is possible to function in the Light and not the Darkness.

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“La Lavado Del Gato – You Bathe Like a Cat”

By Adam Crosthwaite

Attempting to Avoid the Unavoidable While Trying to Look Good

The process of revelation is both relentless and subtle as those who seek the path experience the endless unfoldment of knowledge of the true self and the shadow self as different pathways to enlightenment. Revelation may be lurking around any bend; you just need to be prepared for it.  My experience has shown me that while the draw of discovery has a sense of sweet and bitterness; it is the later of these two extremes that I have found myself in the past, and at times in present, avoiding. The harder I fought to insulate myself from the discomfort of accepting and dealing with my own issues in order to overcome and evolve, I would start experiencing an increase in friction in my life circumstances. In attempting to insulate myself, I created a situation where more pressure was needed to get through the layers I thought I had so cleverly set up. Somehow my misuse of energy was going to back fire on me.

For twelve years now I have been a student of Rev. David Strickler. With each year I find myself looking back at all the times I would see myself falling into the same pattern of avoidance. While the instances of this diminish in both frequency and duration, trace elements of operant conditioning linger, waiting to be picked up and transformed, or simply incinerated through action in the ongoing Alchemical process I have become aware of during the last twelve years with the Master Teacher.

Unfortunately the obvious is not always so clear while operating in the mundane world from a subjective view, so super consciousness finds avenues in which to pass along messages, each one encoded and sealed with layers of meaning and understanding that reveal themselves over time to the recipient. Providing that the recipient is ready and willing to receive, the message will be understood clearly; if not it may take time or even a more energetic form of communication. I have had Rev. Strickler explain how this processes works and yet from time to time I would hear from him comments such as, “I can’t believe how long it took you to get that message.” Or “It actually took someone having to say it out loud for you to get the message”.   Learning the art of self-evaluation has been an invaluable aid in helping me to get a better grasp on this form of communication.

It has been my experience that the process of self-evaluation is not an easy course to learn at first.  All the habits of avoidance tend to line themselves up in neat little rows, from the simplest and most plausible to the grandiose and obscure; once you think things have been figured and all accounted for, everything changes and the avoidance mechanisms of the past come rolling at you in full roaring glory.  It is in the moments of retrospect that I recall the frustration in my parent’s eyes as I belligerently refused to do anything they tried to set in front of me, from not going to bed or eating my vegetables, to turning in my homework on time that they watched me complete night after night for school.  It is like a child who refuses to do chores and can become aggravating at times to those who know.  Personally I can only account for the frustration I had dealt myself throughout my course in self-discovery as I find new and interesting ways to distract and confuse situations leading myself down dead end after dead end.  Yet it is in this process of self-exploration/evaluation that I realized I set the template for this course and I can reframe the same template to better serve my progress instead of sabotaging it.

One of these messages came to me a while back, about seven years ago actually, and I still keep finding myself revisiting that moment with renewed understanding. As a point of reference this very article was originally about that day and how it affected me a year later. This is about the fifth revision on the same writing since then.

I was walking around one day talking with one of my coworkers, discussing the differences between our cultures.  He is a forty five year old Puerto Rican from New York City, at time I was a twenty eight year old Scotch-Irish “kid” from Denver Colorado.  We had been talking about the differences between having a large family help raise children as was the case in his family and a small family around to raise children as in the case of my family.

He shared with me one thing that his grandmother told him when he was a little boy, “La lavado del gato – You bathe like a cat.”  He explained to me that she was telling him he would clean everything but his rear end, just like a cat.  I turned and smiled at him, “I like that!”  Never did I hear a more poignant statement regarding the personal and impersonal observations about people and their many behaviors, or at time lack thereof, witnessed day to day around the world.  Something inside of me grabbed on to this idea, knowing it was important to hold on to, not so much from the hygiene angle but from the angle of human behavior and attitudes.  After all it was the observation of a generational persona that sparked the conversation in the first place.

Although my friend was not aware of it at the time I asked him if he could repeat that and I wrote it down as quote.  At the time I was so enthralled in the greatness of my own ego that it never occurred to me the process of revelation was just starting to unfold.  Later I would come to realize that the message delivered by the inner teacher was more direct and I had missed the mark as I clumsily tripped over my shadow not paying attention to the obvious clue set out in front of me.

Generally people tend to focus on their appearance a good majority of the time.   I have watched people, myself included, worry about the little details of their appearance so not to give off the wrong impression or perhaps in order to give off the right impression about themselves; such regard for mundane details as are my side burns the right length?  Is anyone going to notice the last remaining hairs of stubble I missed while shaving?   But what about the unseen aspects of a person that go noticed by others, regardless of any physical changes which may or may not have been made?

What about the unforgiving stench that permeates through fabric of the personality with its origin somewhere in the so called hard to reach areas of the mind?  I can go through the day face to face with people getting laughs and making my best performance so believable that no one would ever think there may be much more going on under the surface.  The behavior presented for public disclosure and interaction may get me through the day, but at home in the darkest hours of the day when there are no witnesses but me, myself, and I, there is an undeniable truth that something stinks and it is not just the garbage at the front door I gracefully avoid grabbing on my way out the to the car eight hours ago.   If I walked into a room full of people and someone said, “Adam’s here, where is the air freshener?” I would definitely take a hint.  However that is not always the case when people speak up in a room full of people and someone says, “It’s getting deep in here, let me get my boots!”

People have this habit of cleaning themselves like a cat.  From nose to tail a cat will stroke and polish.  Every little piece of dirt and unclean hair is cleaned, polished and combed all nice and clean from tip to tip, save for one tiny little piece of real-estate that seems to go untouched by the cat’s preening and primping regime.  While this may be acceptable for felines I have yet to witness a human walking around in public without cleaning that most personal area and getting away with it.  I have seen people not allowed onto busses, dates cancelled, and even college students sent home for such an attempt. However, this article is not so much about physical personal hygiene as it is about the personal hygiene of the psyche.

The primping of a persona takes more effort than working on the genuine structure of a person, yet every day I watch myself and others parade around as if they were acting like little Chihuahuas pretending to be great Danes waiting for someone to give them a doggie biscuit for looking good.  What seems to be socially acceptable in this case is nothing more than a defensive mechanism set out before the rest of the world.  Ironically the trap is laid from the moment a person accepts the persona as their true identity and continues to elude the sincerity of what is and what is not their true self.  No one is going to clean up the mess left behind as a person stumbles through life making mistakes and leaving behind a wake of chaos. No one is going to come over and pick up the laundry or vacuum the floors or take out the garbage.  Mom will not come over and give junior an allowance for cleaning his room so he can have Kool-Aid money for after school.

Through the process of self-evaluation the old patterns of operant conditioning can be revealed and new forms of operation can be set in place. Active observation leads to questions and the focusing of the intent on this process aids in the opening of understanding the truth beyond the shadow of perception.

If not for the ability to question, how would one ever find a way to the truth that lies hidden with behind the dark veil of the unconscious mind? Why do things seem to not work out the way I intended? What is it that I don’t see keeping me from my goals? Why is it every time I start something, I never finish it? When did this pattern first appear? How did this become a pattern? Where did I find myself engaged in avoidance? Why is this process difficult for people to work with in the beginning?  Or as Rev. Strickler keeps bringing me back to almost every time we speak in person, “Who, What, When, Where, How?”

Finally, once the veil of the persona has been lifted and the real the person is aware of the Self, the real work can begin. The questions change from what is wrong to what can be done? When will this change? Why not now?

May the subtle relentlessness of truth be ever present in your life and may you find the answers you are not yet aware you are seeking by taking the action you have yet to take.

Blessings, Adam Crosthwaite

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