Tangled Webs

By Christine Ford

Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practise to deceive.

Sir Walter Scott
Scottish author & novelist (1771 – 1832)

Words! Written centuries ago by a Scottish gentleman, so long ago that the word “practise”, spelled according to his culture and time, was autocorrected to “practice” the first time I typed it. Words we heard repeatedly as children, or at least I did in my Anglo-Saxon/Polish/Croatian upbringing. Words I passed on to my children and continue to repeat to my granddaughter and students. Words that were etched in my heart and mind to become a motto to live by and still remain a silently whispered mantra , albeit sometimes a challenge, to live my life in truth as I expand my horizons in an ever shifting culture that is rampant with deception and lies.

Sadly, the tangled web of deception has become a consensus reality, the accepted norm of today’s society; this deception is strangling the very essence of what we, as a Nation, stand for. The blind acceptance, the ignore-ance of deception, is a malignant cancer desecrating the principles of truth, freedom and democracy upon which the United States of America was created, hurtling us into an illusion of dismal quasi-reality that the masses unthinkingly buy into, unquestioningly react within and blindly believe in, too preoccupied or perhaps too programmed to even question.

Are people totally oblivious and unaware of this hoax, this game of smoke and mirrors that they are participating in every minute of every day in multiple facets of their lives? What has happened that has made the citizens of the great Untied States of America give up, stop questioning, cease truth seeking, and become zombie-like puppets sleepwalking through the most beautiful creation of all… LIFE? When did questioning and demanding answers to inquiries while expecting intelligent, truthful responses succumb to the blasé’ acceptance of the apathetic sham of the current state of affairs?

Do they care, are they even aware, that their vote, one of the guaranteed and protected rights in this incredible country of the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave” doesn’t really matter anymore, because the choices are rigged from the get go; that the politician with the biggest monetary support is going to win, whether most qualified and best suited for the position or not? With Citizen’s United in control, between the Koch brothers’ campaign contributions and the lobbying of Big Money, the Middle Class, Grass Roots candidate doesn’t stand a chance. We hear (words) campaign promises made that are not kept, but then we are told (words) oh my, of course, yes, the promises were, in fact, kept, and you see, this is how…when the reality is a wishy-washy, semi-sort of-kinda like bill is passed, with padding and jargon that makes it appear on the surface with a casual perusal that the will of the people has been served, when the reality is the will of the Almighty Dollar has won out once again. Have we, as a society and as humanity in general, been brainwashed into believing that this demise of light and freedom is inevitable; that there is nothing we can do to make a difference?

What direction are Public Schools, the institutions that educate and prepare our next generation to take over the reins and control of this great country, heading? Short, sarcastic, probably somewhat biased response from a 40 year plus educator: the institution of Public Schools across the United States is failing miserably, disintegrating into a mass confusion of splintered ideologies, most of which rest upon the premise of accountability being defined as an endless maze of standardized testing, creating an anxiety ridden learning environment for not only the students, who have become “score scared“ but the teachers as well, having salaries, in some cases, tied to pay for performance to the point that they are actually cheating and changing answers on the tests, AZ Republic: Diane Douglas asks AG to review test irregularities.

Unfortunately, in Arizona, we are headed down a particularly slippery slope! We are told (words) by our officials that our children and their education is a priority, yet our school system in Arizona is 47th in the Nation in spending per pupil, $3,000 per pupil below the national average. They tell us (words) that money doesn’t create better schools, but how can a gross lack of it, a decrease in what is already being spent with tragic results, possibly make a disintegrating institution better? Is it any wonder our brightest and best graduates in education are fleeing to other states to begin their teaching careers at salaries on the average $5,000 more per year?  The “Dark Money” of the Koch brothers et. al., is infiltrating and influencing not only the on the Federal level, but within State governments as well, making a mockery of the mere thought that we have any control over funding, yet we listen to arguments and lip service (words) from our elected officials, nothing gets resolved, and the slow, steady spiral into inferiority, indeed bordering on the collapse of public education, continues in this, the greatest nation in the world.

Why do we, as a society, look the other way and permit this to go on? What has happened to the initiative of discovery and expectation of superiority, the pride in being competitively at the top in education, the privileges and rights that come with being an American fought for and forged in blood by our Forefathers?

We are battered on all sides by unrest and distrust, lies and deception. In an attempt to convince us that the woes of our economy are rooted in deficit spending and wasteful handouts to slackers by programs such as Social Security, Medicare, Food Stamps and Medicaid, the Republican stronghold of Congress is threatening to cannibalize the meager income of Seniors who worked, invested and planned, putting them in dire straits with nowhere to turn for help. They would penalize the disabled who have no other means of sustenance, while padding the coffers of the top .5% by not charging them the fair share of taxes they should be paying. We are discovering that Police Departments across the country, the very institutions we were taught to trust, believe in, and turn to for protection, are seemingly with reckless abandon slaughtering young Black men. Advertisers have engineered ways to sell us goods while hiding the truth under twisted advertising campaigns to make us believe we are getting one thing, when the truth is quite the opposite, and jokes are being made about it right out in the open. See: Dilbert on technology here.

The Media blares on, shouting out semi-truths, disguised as facts, while the unquestioning public listeners wait with baited breath for the next scandal of bus drivers holding students hostage, priests molesting innocents, the impending doom of the sin of marijuana being made legal by druggies, the horrors of LGB community taking over the sacred union of marriage and the scandal of wanton women running around getting abortions! And we, as a collective society, are held captive; enthralled, mesmerized, preoccupied by the horrors being presented to us, enslaving us and leaving us ignorant to the more destructive force of the undercurrent of deception and lies, the tangled web that is being spun around us, suffocating us, while we move on with our busy, over productive, lives.

How did we, humanity, the Jewel in the Crown of Creation, allow ourselves, collectively, to become ensnared in such a tangled web of deception? Is there a way to climb out of the cave of shadows referenced by Plato, and experience the light of truth, clarity and awareness rather than the shadow world we are being coerced into believing is reality? Based upon the teachings of the Western Mystery Schools, and the renderings of Dr. Strickler that I have been privileged to experience over the past 23 years, yes, there most certainly is a way out, but it is not easy; it takes work, time, desire, sweat and tears, but reward of the freedom, liberation and truth that comes as a result of that effort is a priceless gem. And we must ask ourselves and answer truthfully the profound, searing question…

Are we the deceived, or are we the deceivers?

The simple part of the answer is that we have allowed ourselves to be programmed to accept anything we see, hear, read, or are told, as truth. We seem to think that because we see it, hear it, or read it, the material presented must be based in factual events or circumstances. Nothing can be further from the truth; anyone can say or print anything! Come on!!! Seldom does it occur to one anymore to put in a pause, to pursue a weighing of options, an exploration of A or not A, a researching into the source to determine its validity or reliability. The all-encompassing power of media and technology is beyond frightening, and with the ease of communication and blurring of lines of security and privacy, the manipulation of the truth and the power of deception has become stronger than it has ever been, creating that tangled web that we, as a collective society, have allowed to be spun out of apathy and laziness.

Becoming aware of what is, and what is not, is the faculty of discernment, and is a cornerstone for the teachings that Rev Strickler gives voice to. Discernment isn’t learned overnight, but by practice, by incessant questioning; by checking into the “whys and why nots” of an event, one can develop a keen sense of being able to smell the shit, even if it is camouflaged by gold paint and glitter and has flowers growing on top of it! Self-conscious awareness, intentional discernment, not accepting every damn thing we see, read or hear as fact, but discovering and uncovering the truth behind the words; that is the opening to the reality of the situation. So the first, simple step is pausing to ask yourself, “Is it real, or is it Memorex?” for those of us old enough to remember.

This leads very logically to the next step, making peace with and directing our Memory… enter stage left, Subconsciousness!… That loyal, forgiving part of each and every one of us that sits patiently waiting for a suggestion, for a direction, without a single original thought or idea of “her” own, counting on us (Self-consciousness) to feed “her” the truth, to give “her” the low down, so “she” can duplicate, replicate and bring into being the thoughts and words upon which our reality is built. “She” will loyally repeat and duplicate any thought or suggestion that you (Self-consciousness) give her, whether it be based in truth or not. She will weave the tangled web of lies, or the symmetrical, clear web of truth; it all depends upon what you place in the repertoire for her to work with. And it all depends upon what you, as Self Consciousness, have determined through discernment to be the fact of the matter.

As a result of this complex, yet simple, exchange, subconsciousness unquestioningly does what she was created for: habits are built; patterns are established and become rooted in our psyche, actions and reactions are constructed, reinforced and repeated, personal beliefs are created from what you, as Self-consciousness, hear, read, believe as truth, and mirror to your Subconscious, which faithfully and methodically reproduces into the web of your life. What you place there within your Subconscious, based upon how well you have honed your skill of discernment, determines whether your personal web of reality will become the tangled web of blindly accepted lies and deception that you are being fed by the government, media, advertisers and Big Money, and gobble up without a second thought, or an organized, orderly, pure web of beauty and truth based upon that which you have taken the time, effort and personal responsibility to discern as true and factual.

If you are shaking your head and saying, Wow, I just don’t have the time to deal with it all this discernment crap because of my job, my kids, my spouse, my life, my social media, I have made my point! Humanity, as we currently are programmed in this society, is so overwhelmed and enslaved by merely making it from one paycheck to another, that we (Self-conscious) have fallen into the trap (tangled web) of lying (deceiving) to ourselves (Subconsciousness) and the Matrix continues to reproduce itself in full glory! If you are saying, Shit, this seems like an awful lot of work, Bingo, you got it! It is work; it is the Great Work, undertaken by those who believe that there is hope, there is a way out of the Matrix, and that we can take back our Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, but it will not happen without intentional action of the people.

And so, in closing, I simply ask you to ponder this question once again; Are we the deceived, or are we the deceivers? May you grow in discernment, wisdom and understanding of what seeds you are planting and cultivating in your own personal Subconscious garden, so that your web becomes one of freedom and truth, not a tangled one of deceptive, self-generated enslavement.

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Christine Ford

Born and grew up in the Cleveland, Ohio area. Lived in Naples, Florida twenty years, and currently residing in Surprise, Arizona. Professional Life: Forty plus years of teaching Special Needs students of all ages and exceptionalities, in Public as well as Private school settings. Most recently striving not to become too jaded by the multitudinous aspects of documentation and testing. Personal Life: Married forty years to High School Sweetheart, successfully raised three now adult, thankfully independent children. Proud Grandma of one brilliant teenaged Granddaughter who prefers reading actual books to Nooks and/or tablets! Spiritual Life: A reformed generic metaphysical dabbler; became a life-long student of Rev. Dr. David Strickler and Qabalah while in Naples after he granted my petition, Florida, some 23 years ago, and have not stopped growing since. Initially during class sessions in Naples, then lessons via phone calls, emails and summer visits, and for the past thirteen years once again face to face, Dr. Strickler has opened numerous doors for me with the insights, truth, and wisdom that flow from him. A student who is humbled, inspired, and continuously challenged to grow in awareness and light by participating in his ongoing, ever expanding summations.