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Spiritual Climate Newsletter is Returning Soon!

An alert to Spiritual Climate Newsletter Readers:  It has been decided, and yes we are returning to online publication very soon after a seven-year hiatus.

Spiritual Climate Newsletter, is a child-theme born off a series of lectures that began in 1986 and continued on up through 2015, with continuous knowledge lectures continued to be given by Rev. David Strickler.

This child theme (Spiritual Climate Newsletter), as described by Rev. Strickler, was to provide long time recent students a means through which to convey their experiences and observations of the world around them along with their unvarnished opinions, also, provide students with the means to integrate their ever increasing discernment of their world, while providing a healthy outlet via a commentary of their witness of the world through their HEH (window).

As Rev. Strickler teaches, it is much better to hear out loud thoughts in your head before they are used in a public setting, for many times, often than not, words we listen to in our head take on a different context and intonation when they are uttered, thus the hearing of them provides us an astonishing insight into the difference between what we think we think and then hearing what we think; or in Rev. Strickler’s words, “God gave us a mouth used to render our words from our thoughts so that we could hear them out loud and find out their worth, or stupidity, or silliness before we miss the mark and find ourselves creating a misunderstanding.”

After having arrived in Phoenix in 1999 alongside the staggered arrival of those individuals who choose to relocate in order to continue learning and listening to the knowledge lectures while invigorating their own growth processes, the publication Spiritual Climate Newsletter began in the year 2002 late spring, two years before Rev. Strickler’s body endured a Stroke with accompanied cognitive/neurological impairment.  Some of the monthy newsletters (not all) were presented on MSN Spaces live until the year 2007 where it was viewed by unique vistors from around the world and then subsequently archived on WordPress.com until further determinations were made amidst the flurry of activity occurring within the personal/professional lives of those participating in the publication of the newsletter.

In December 2014, seven years after the last published edition of Spiritual Climate Newsletter, it was decided to bring the newsletter back into public circulation on its own domain. So, all Spiritual Climate Newsletters on MSN have been re-established here on our new server, misprints, errors and all.

Of the original contributors, Christine J. Ford (editor), Adam Crosthwaite, Wendy Ford, Rev. David Strickler will be once again contributing to the newsletter.  As always, Spiritual Climate Newsletter is a collection of social-spiritual commentaries/views/opinions from any aspect of life up to and including some questions on politics and economics.

We are Human Beings, not Saviors, who are  watching humanity’s fear being played on by a group of people who are legends in their own creative imaginations who sometimes referring to themselves as ‘Illuminati’ who are nothing more than fat-deluded parasites who are tentacles of a financial sector that is lying its ass off (i.e., politicians, e.g., Gov. Scott Walker) to acheive their materialistic agenda, creatures of bestiality that they are.

Truly Illuminated beings  would not enslave humanity with debt money created by banks (except those who have a gold-standard hangover). That would be as nutty as saying God (e.g., Superconsciousness; Unmoved Mover; Nuit/Hadit; Ain, Ain Soph, Ain Soph Aur ) needs a space ship for travel, OR the Federal Government can go broke.

So, we offer you nothing to buy, at least as of yet, and we hope that you find something here to read that is thought-provoking or something that you can correlate with your life or something that reassures you that positive thinking will not provide salvation from the constricting nightmare forced on into a tired humanity, whereas , Discernment, and Right Action (purified Volitional Consciouness), along with A ^ ~A, will open the path that lies ever before you out of the sleep of mankind.

Whether you’re in the basement of enslavement by your own ego & mis-managed desires or whether you have found some freedom in being able to distinguish between yourself, your body, your mind and your personality, Spiritual Climate Newsletter hopes to offer a smidgen of something (whether you like us or not) that breaks the hypnotism of marginalization produced by well-tuned Black Magic market sloganism which by their nature, are intentionally incomplete ideas seeking only to persuade you to give up your pursuit of life, liberty and happiness, instead of your personal ignorance.

~ finis ~  Staff of Spiritual Climate, January 15, 2015

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