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Spiritual Climate Newsletter JULY 2007 ~ Introduction ~


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Friday, July 13, 2007

These are the Doors of Rev. Strickler’s Classrooms at the Aquarian Church;

Room numbers 11 and 12 in Naples, Florida


"If you tell Life what it has to be, you limit it;

But if you let Life show you what it wants to be

It will open doors you never knew existed"

~ Unknown


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Welcome to our BLAST FROM THE PAST Edition from our Archives

that are not published yet on the net.

  There are events in each of our lives that are so impactual, so totally life altering, that once experienced, the world and everything in it, indeed, the very sight, sound, and fabric of life, will never be the same.  Being present at the birth of a child, witnessing the death of a loved one, experiencing the lights come on in the mind, and heart, of a child, the strong, reassuring warmth of an embrace, the knowing in an exchanged glance;  miracles both large and small, experiences we participate in each and every day, knowingly or unknowingly, consciously or unconsciously.  We become somehow complacent with these miraculous events, busily flying through the day, AND through life, without being thankful for nor acknowledging the grace and power which Wills our lives into being, the Living Presence of the One Almighty God who breathes and sustains life and all of creation, who expresses through US as we participate in the eternal, ongoing co-creation of Genesis.  

What a sorrowful image, the ultimate example of “missing the mark”, which in Hebrew is the definition of the word SIN! To be in the presence of the miraculous each and every moment of each and every day, but to be oblivious to the Beauty and Truth of that uplifting experience!  To walk hand in hand, to walk WITHIN the Power of the One God, and to take it for granted, never seeking to understand or have the wisdom necessary to truly be at one with the Creator. 

What a sad, shallow existence we have been programmed to lead, what an incredibly isolated feeling that creates, causing us to run from one quick fix to another, constantly, hopelessly seeking that which will complete us, fulfill us.  Our lives become nothing more than an automatic response to daily events, reactions rather than actions, a confusing cacophony of knee jerk habitual responses.  We never find that which we seek, and just continue in the never ending cycle of feeling there has to be more, but we never pause long enough in our frantic search to discover just what that “more” is!

The pattern continues, sunrise to sunset, day in, day out, until perhaps we are blessed with an experience so profound and powerful that our perception is altered and we are unable to, for one single moment, deny the existence and presence of the Life Power moving through us. There is the sudden and overwhelming knowing that the miraculous is around us and within us, supporting us and guiding us, sustaining us and nurturing us, holding us and providing all that we need to live, if only we surrender to and work in accordance with Its Will.

These articles are a series related to two healings which took place within our class with Dr. Strickler and just such a life altering experience, for indeed, we were witness to and participants in the healings that were nothing short of miraculous events.  Did Dr. Strickler “perform” these miracles?  Indeed, there was no “performance” about it, nor would Dr. Strickler take credit in any way for the energy and power which flowed through him.  Did he allow himself to be used as a conduit and a knowing director of Will, indeed a co-creator of these miraculous events?  Did he open himself to the Life Sustaining Power of the One as he became a direct channel for that power to flow?  Ah, yes!  And those of us who were granted the privilege and honor of witnessing the events were healed as well, for we were given a rare, beautiful glimpse of what it truly is to be in the awesome presence of some of the Power of God.

Though voicing our experience in words falls totally short of being there, we wanted to attempt somehow to convey to you the incredible evenings of October 14, 2003 and November 18, 2003, hopefully sharing with you the awe, wonder, and inspiration we came away from the events with.  We were truly witnesses to the miraculous, not the everyday kind of miracle which we so often miss, but of magnitude and grace far beyond the scope of the mundane and usual.  We felt the readers of Spiritual Climate were entitled to being graced with whatever portion of those “miracles” we are able to pass on.

First will be presented the healing of “Suzie” on October 14, followed by the healing of Christine on November 18.  In the original Editions of Spiritual Climate Newsletter, these articles were broken down into several Editions, but we wanted to present the whole picture at once in our “Blast from the Past Edition”.  Also, Dr. Strickler has finally consented to let us publish these on our public Blog.

May you be touched by Light, beauty and power of these experiences and events we witnessed and have chosen to share with you.

The Staff of Spiritual Climate would like to welcome you to the wonders of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness available to all who seek.

Welcome to the JULY  2007 EDITION of


Regards J

Christine Ford


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Spiritual Climate Newsletter JULY 2007 ~ part 1 ~ WITNESS TO SUZIE’S MIRACLE, Part I by Wendy Ford



Published October 28, 2003

By Wendy Ford

In having witnessed the birth of our grand niece “up close and personal” in 2000 I thought I knew what it must be like to witness to a miracle. I was mistaken.

It started out like any other Tuesday. Go to work and look forward to the Tuesday Night Potpourri/Meditation Class with Dr. David Strickler. Spending an evening with Dr. Strickler is always predictably unpredictable and I was looking forward to another experience.

But something was different right from the beginning of that evening. Christine, myself and one other were present. Dr Strickler was in an unusually pensive mood and discussion centered around the uncertainty of what the future may hold for us personally and globally and how we might best prepare for the unknown. Dr. Strickler shared a very human side of himself that few are ever privileged to see.

As the evening progressed a member of our group (I’ll call her Suzie) spoke up and started to share a very personal, horrible, life-altering experience from her youth. The experience had very nearly ended her life. Evidently Will had her survival in mind. Suzie physically survived but was left emotionally, spiritually and energetically shattered. Doctors told her she had permanent nerve damage. Suzie has been searching her entire adult life for an answer to “why” and for a way to heal. She has been blessed with a wonderful husband and two beautiful daughters and just recently has become a grandmother for the first time. But Suzie has been in constant emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical pain for most of her life. Suzie petitioned Dr. Strickler for a ceremony or service for healing. Dr. Strickler was quiet and their gazes remained locked for what seemed forever.

Then there was a perceptible alteration in the room. The air seemed to thicken but yet remain soft. The room became washed in a deep golden haze (it was dark outside and the blinds were drawn). A great feeling of safety and a love of such intensity filled the room it was almost as if the room became a gel. Very softly yet with a tone whose vibration boomed through my entire being David said, “Come. Sit here in front of me.” Suzie slowly rose, still not breaking eye contact, and crossed the room to sit on the ottoman in front of David. She laid her hands in her lap, closed her eyes and took a deep cleansing breath. David remained seated at her left side. David then spoke a prayer whose words I did not understand consciously but to which my heart responded and opened. As David proceeded to work with Suzie he spoke words not for the ears but for the heart and soul. His hands were like those of an artist or sculptor as they worked. He rarely physically touched her but never did without first letting her know where and getting her consent (mostly through almost imperceptible nods of the head as words were impossible to utter at such deep levels was he working). Being a student of Dr. Strickler’s, I recognized the chakra points and several techniques and was able to identify much of what he was doing. It wasn’t so much the “what”; it was the “how” that was truly awe-inspiring. It was obvious David had become a “messenger”, a human, physical, living conduit through which Source or God itself was working. So powerful and pure was this link that it left no doubt we were in its presence. So profound and encompassing was the flow of unconditional love that Christine and I were affected by just being in the proximity.

As David worked, I realized my breathing patterns had become matched with Suzie’s. I am accustomed to energy often moving through me as I work with my patients and am practiced at becoming a conduit for it to move through. But this is when I am working one on one with them. I had never been witness to an event of this magnitude. I was sitting on a couch about 3 feet from where they were, yet I “felt” the healing and reconnecting and repatterning taking place and “felt” the “old” patterns falling away and being disrupted. Was what I was experiencing for me, or for Suzie? I was seated where I could see Suzie’s face. As David continued to work I could see her entire face changing right in front of me. Ten years fell away along with lines and wrinkles. The corners of her mouth which were usually slightly down turned were now relaxed and a quiet ghost of a smile started to appear. I could see her eyes moving rapidly behind the closed lids that were losing a bit of their sag and crow’s feet were taking flight. The only word I can think of is “angelic” for how she started to appear. Her breathing patterns changed rapidly as the work progressed. From slow to short and rapid to deep and shuddering. At one point it was obvious Suzie was about to have a really big “breakthrough” or “release” of some kind and she was starting to fight it. David had one hand on her forehead and the other on the back of her neck. In his soothing, deep voice he quietly said, “It’s OK. I’ve got you. I’m right here. It’s OK.” That voice spoke to the deepest core of my being as well. That voice seemed to wrap itself around every cell in my body. The compassion and love of God himself was contained in those words and vibrations. Both Christine and I sat with silent tears streaming unchecked down our cheeks as he continued to work and Suzie shuddered and her own never before shed tears started to flow. (Even now as I recall the feeling I find it hard to see the computer screen through misty eyes.) David then snatched at an invisible something at the base of her neck and both David and Christine heard a “pop”. David asked me to light a special candle and he placed his clenched fist over the open flame. When his clenched fist sprung open over the dancing flame I heard a “snap” and the flame jumped and seemed to flare then returned to its normal shape. He left the candle burning for the remainder of the evening.

David quietly told Suzie to take several deep breaths, wiggle her toes, move her fingers, open her eyes slowly. He sat with her for a while softly talking her “back” and getting her to move. He had her carefully stand up and when she listed slightly he touched her in the middle of her forehead and snapped his fingers. She immediately came to center and was no longer off balance. When she made eye contact with me there was a brightness and clarity in them I had never seen before. She appeared more alive than I had ever seen her. She seemed to just glow with an inner peace previously absent. Her shoulders were more square, she held her head higher; it was as if an invisible weight had been removed and she was able to fully breathe in the very breath of life for the first time. David then left the room and took a break for a while and the three of us just sat and looked at one another being unable to speak. Suzie found her voice and quietly marveled that she could feel the bottoms of her feet for the first time in years and quizzically noted the base of her spine was cold.

David came back in and asked Suzie to stand and close her eyes. He slowly walked around her like a master sculptor inspecting his work. Then he began working her aura (that invisible (to most) bubble of energy that surrounds each of us—our own invisible cocoon). Never physically touching her, his hands moved rapidly from area to area, smoothing an invisible rough spot, pulling out an indention, chiseling off a bulge, reshaping and fine tuning and re-inspecting until he was satisfied with the result. At one point he put one of his hands at the base of her spine, the other above her head, and drew upward. She actually grew taller by about 2 inches. Her entire posture and alignment changed. It was like she had been given an invisible chiropractic adjustment where she stood. (Believe me, as a physical therapist I KNOW postural alignment.) David put his hands at his sides and slowly walked around Suzie closely evaluating the results. He would squint his eyes or cock his head slightly, nodding from time to time in silent satisfaction or perhaps moving one hand almost imperceptibly to “fine tune” something. Lastly, apparently satisfied, David began to run a Middle Pillar with Suzie still standing. Since my eyes are always closed during my own Middle Pillar exercise, I watched in awe as I witnessed the undulation of energies pouring in from “On High”. Suzie looked as if she were an empty vessel filling with the purest of pure energies. As if she had been badly dehydrated and the pure waters of creation were plumping up her moisture starved container. She just seemed to blossom right before my eyes.

Then, just as the room had altered at the beginning of the evening, it was suddenly “normal” again. But things that were different. The air seemed crisp and clean (like after a rain when all of the dust and debris has been rinsed away). And there were three women who would never, ever be the same again. One whose healing had been initiated and the two who were witness to this miracle.

Never, have I experienced anything close to this. The compassion and love with which this took place was so much more than from our human, conscious level. It felt as if there was a huge gallery of “others” sharing and supporting with a love like I have never experienced. It wasn’t creepy or scary or “other-worldly”. What flowed through Dr. Strickler that evening can only be described as a “love” so profound and permeating and pure that even as a witness one could not come away untouched and forever changed. I can truthfully say I was in the presence of God. As I try to describe what I witnessed on this extraordinary evening, words seem so inadequate.

During the evening we knew no time and had no sense of how long anything took. We DO know that we started at about 6:15pm and the next thing we knew it was 10:30! It occurred to me after everyone had gone home that being witness to an event of this import is, in itself, a life-altering personal experience. I felt that I, too, had been blessed with a healing of my own.

We thank God and Dr. David Strickler for the great honor to being permitted to witness this miracle. May each of you be as privileged at some point in your life.

Remember. We each experience little miracles in our lives every day. Keep your eyes, ears and hearts open for them. Don’t miss the obvious.

Blessings to all, and may your Light

continue to shine toward Truth,

Wendy Ford


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Spiritual Climate Newsletter JULY 2007 ~ part 2 ~ WITNESS TO SUZIE’S MIRACLE, Part II by Christine Ford



Published November 13, 2003

by Christine Ford

In the past Edition of Spiritual Climate, October 28, 2003, Wendy’s beautiful presentation (Witness to a Miracle) of the healing we were witness to on Tuesday, October 14 is so detailed and complete, so similar to what I perceived that I will not repeat the aspects that we had in common with our perception of the event. Also, to be quite honest, it has taken me this long to process my experience and to be able to commit it to words. Even now, words fall short of expressing the event, but it is time to at least make an attempt to share the spirit of it with you.

Suzie lived in pain, both emotionally and physically, for over 25 years from a life threatening event encountered earlier in her life. This particular night of class out of left field she asked Dr. Strickler for help. Suzie had searched for many years in the endeavor of healing her ongoing debilitating health process, through various practices and modalities in both traditional and non-traditional healing disciplines. Even with all the assistance she acquired through her years of searching and applying solutions to little avail, she needed more than what she had brought into her life till this point in time. Dr. Strickler was there for her, and responded that he would do what was held within Will for her. I have heard many times where there is a need there is a fulfillment, but now I was watching those words come to life right in front of me in living color.

I was conscious of everyone in the room, but most specifically, the powerful presence emanating from Dr. Strickler, filling and altering the entire environment. Please bear in mind that I have been his student and known him for over 12 years, and at the onset of this healing, I could see, hear and feel that this was going to be different from anything that I had been a part of before. Although as a group we had done healings which were powerful and we had experienced astounding results, this was very different from the moment Dr. Strickler spoke to Suzie his words, “Come here and sit by me.”

The room shifted to an almost other worldly feel, the lights dimmed to a soft glow as if an invisible dimmer switch had been activated. There was a profound stillness, a holiness, and a feeling of separation and insulation from the outside world; as if a dome had been placed over the entire structure and we were encased in a sealed vault, almost like a sacred chamber in which an event of importance was going to take place. Intense energy was permeating the air, in a different way than I had ever experienced. It was palpable, liquid, like a heavy, thick blanket had been dropped over us, encasing us, protecting us, sheltering us and moving us to a place far away from the “normal” world. I am able to say without doubt that I have never felt as safe and secure as I did at that moment at the beginning of the healing. All this happened instantaneously as Dr. Strickler spoke his words of consent to Suzie’s petition.

As Suzie sat down in front of him, I watched with tempered amazement as the face of my Mentor of 12 years began to shift and change, perhaps in this day and age, “morph” would be a fitting word. Dr. Strickler closed his eyes, took several deep breaths, and moved into what I can only conjecture to be a deep, deep state of higher cognition. As he stood there before me, I saw all the Healers, Shamans, Medicine Men, Priests, and Holy Men that he had been in his numerous incarnations flash through him, like one of those flip books we used to make when we were kids. Face after face appeared, each one melting into the next, changing, shifting, all with the same quality of profound love and strength, each in its own way a part of Who and What Dr. Strickler is, was and always will be.

As I stared transfixed by his face, I noticed an immense shimmering of Light begin to surround him, much like the glow of a halo used to depict Angels in paintings. This Light consumed his entire body, beginning at the top of his head and moving down until, indeed, he became the radiance. I cannot yet, and perhaps never will, be able to describe the color. Luminescent is about the best I can come up with, like liquid “Mother-of-Pearl” or shimmering muted rainbows. This energy had a humming vibration to it that started off like a train in the distance and became increasingly louder as the intensity of the color increased and filled the room, like a funnel cloud passing over head during a storm back home.

Then Dr. Strickler began to move his hands over, above and around Suzie, working within her non physical energy field in the area that he had taught me to recognize as the point of contact between the Soul and its lower vehicle. He rarely made actual physical contact with her, although, when he did touch her, it was always with her nodded consent. Though I recognized the Chakra points he was communicating with, I quickly became absorbed not so much with what his hands were doing, but with the energy and power that was flowing from them — I could feel it from where I sat eight feet away. The Hebrew symbol for the letter Yod is the open hand; Yod is the letter from which all the other letters were created. Yod represents the Intelligence of Will, and indeed, this was pure, Divine Primal Will to Good that flowed through Dr. Strickler’s hands from above, shaping and molding, opening and closing, impressing and creating that which Suzie apparently needed for healing within all levels of her Being.

I melded into the energy pouring from his hands and became one with it, as if there were no boundaries, no time, no space, only infinite, limitless Light. The feeling was incredible, and there really is nothing I can compare it to. It was at this point that I began to realize that this healing was not just for Suzie, but would affect all of us present. As I sit writing this, I am consciously aware that the alteration from that night is still engaging within me, and will always present me with new awareness of the transformation that is weaving into my life.

Finally, there was the SOUND. Dr. Strickler almost inaudibly murmured a series of syllables… prayers, incantations, Divine Names perhaps, not meant for those of us present to hear clearly nor understand. It was as if he were calling upon some Higher portion of his Being to assist in the healing. Then as Dr. Strickler began to move his hands over Suzie, he intoned what I suppose HAD to be a note that is of this plane, though I honestly think it would be impossible to reproduce. It reverberated and echoed through the room, circling and spiraling, swelling and subsiding, rising and falling as if it had a life of its own. I do not know how many times he actually vocalized it, I just know it was there, soothing and encompassing those of us present with its Infinite Love and Compassion. Indeed, it seemed as though the very Creator of the Universe was speaking and moving through him, that Dr. Strickler had indeed become an articulation of The Word made Flesh.

Quite honestly, I do not have much aware recollection from this point on, until the healing was over. I do remember hearing a loud, audible pop when Dr. Strickler removed something about six inches behind the base of Suzie’s neck, but other than that, my impressions remain somewhat non specific. Rather than trying to hold on to all that was transpiring and analyze it, I chose to let myself move into it and become one with the event. The experience and memory written above is what I was blessed with to bring back and am able to voice to you.

In reading over what I have written, I have tried to put myself in the place of those of you reading this, as I have read accounts of such happenings myself over the years, and have marveled at those who have had such experiences, and have marveled more at those who clearly convey this type of event. I know now that mere syllables are foolish, inadequate, when it comes to expressing the Presence of the Divine.

I have known Dr. Strickler as my Spiritual Mentor for some time now, that is an undeniable fact; but the quality of Power, the intensity of the Love and Light that was manifest through him on the evening of October 14 goes far beyond that of a Spiritual Teacher. I know that I was in the presence of an aspect of the Divine; It was there – a Living Presence of the Divine. I also know my life has changed by that witnessing, that I am renewed, made stronger, revitalized, more whole and complete. I know that I am looking at the World in a different way. I will never see my Mentor in quite the same way that I did before. I find myself asking the question once more of just Who and What Dr. Strickler REALLY is, not in a fearful, doubting way, but with beauty, awe, admiration and gratitude that somehow my life has been blessed with the presence of his knowledge, Light and Love!

May you awaken to the knowing of the Presence of the Divine in your Life; may you surrender to the Holiness of Love that exists in the simple and in the complex, as well as the most magnificent of experiences.

May you too be witness to those miracles

that opening to Love can ordain.

Christine Ford


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Spiritual Climate Newsletter JULY 2007 ~ part 3 ~ WITNESS TO SUZIE’S MIRACLE, Part III by Suzie



“There is a Difference between

Changing and BEING Changed.”

Published November 13, 2003

By Suzie

Well, they say if you are open and listen with an open heart you will end up attracting to you or being attracted to what your true self really needs. I have been searching almost all my life for answers and a way to heal myself emotionally, spiritually and energetically. I really didn’t hope too much for anything on a physical healing level because all the doctors had said permanent damage had been done and subsequent autoimmune problems could only be managed. I have spent most of my adult life reading books, attending seminars, sitting in hour after hour of lectures, listening to endless hours of tapes and doing what I thought was meditating. After only two meditation evenings with Dr. Strickler I realized with utter amazement that I had NEVER TRULY MEDITATED in my whole life!! I THOUGHT I knew what mediation was. I had read about it and gone to workshops. I now recognize that I had sat in contemplation, visualized, lucid dreamed but NEVER meditated. But, that’s another story. Simply put, even before the events of October 14, 2003, after meeting Dr. Strickler my life had been totally and irrevocably changed.

Never, in my deepest self, did I ever dare to dream of anything happening like what took place in that quiet candle lit living room on the night of October 14, 2003. I came to Meditation Class looking forward to being in the presence of whatever it is that Dr. Strickler brings. I have found my Teacher in him. He speaks to a part of me that has been waiting for contact with him forever. I can’t even say what that “IT” is: a Who? A What? An It?

Listening to him that night talk about some concerns he has been wrestling with brought me into the awareness that he has a really human and vulnerable side. Yes, my brilliant, insightful, gifted Teacher has struggles, as do we all. I still can’t explain to you what happened. As I sat there listening to him a voice in my head was encouraging me to open up and speak, to ask for help. There was a feeling of safety and support in that room far beyond what the three others were providing. I had never told the complete story to anyone. Even as I started telling the story forgotten pieces surfaced.

That voice in my head kept urging, “It’s ok. Ask.” I made eye contact with Dr. Strickler. Eye contact? Oh, what “contacted” between us seemed to emanate from the very breath of life itself. So, with a deep breath of my own, I quietly but with a rock steady voice petitioned: “Is there some kind of ceremony or ritual you can do to help me heal?” Our eye contact remained unbroken by even a blink for what seemed like forever. Would he say,”No?” Then Dr. Strickler asked me to sit in front of him. I remember my body getting up and moving. Having gone through many other “healings” I thought I knew what to expect. Little did I know that all of those prayers spoken so fervently throughout my life were about to be answered. Dr. Strickler said some kind of prayer whose words my ears heard but my brain could not interpret. But my heart recognized and responded to those words. Such Love and Peace flowed into that room that I knew I was safe. Words are so inadequate to describe what was working through Dr. Strickler that night. God? The Source? The Holy Spirit? And the room was very crowded with what I will call His Heavenly Hosts or Angels or Guardians.

The air in the room seemed to thicken. As Dr. Strickler started working I could feel the energies moving. One part of me started questioning what was happening and in that instant the energy seemed to get even stronger and my questioning dissolved. Much of what I experienced cannot be expressed in words nor do I have a clear conscious memory of much of it. It took a minute or it took hours. I lost all sense of “me” in my physical body and it seemed like “I” just moved upward looking down while “I” watched but at the same time “I” was still “in there” experiencing the process. I felt a spiral of movement upward and seemed to be following an invisible force. At one point it was as if I was being born. I felt bursts of energy down my left side then up my right side over and over and over and over. Then it became a smooth, continuous current and flowed with a molten feeling to it. Something seemed to elongate in my spine. Spaces seemed to be created where things were jammed together before.

At one point I recall becoming fearful. Then from somewhere, from everywhere, came the deeply resonant, quiet “It’s OK. I’ve got you. I’m right here. It’s OK.” And it was OK. It seemed like I exploded into a million tiny shards of light and then was put back together again. At the end of the whole process I realized we had started the evening about 6:15 pm and I was walking out the door at 10:30 pm! I will never be the same.

Two weeks later, Dr. Strickler, Christine, Wendy and I gathered once again for our Tuesday Meditation Night. They were all curious. How was I? How had my weeks gone? Had I noticed “anything” different?

Different? Well, I had lost five pounds without trying! I reported on the third night after, waking myself up about 4am bawling my eyes out, having a profound feeling of Grace and release and being ALIVE. There doesn’t seem to be as much as a sense of struggle, I feel less restless. I am more content with what I have and who I am. Day by day I experience “me” differently.

Emotionally I feel more stable, on a more even keel. I felt lopsided before. I really have a decreased anxiety level although, now that I think about it, I really didn’t realize I WAS anxious and on guard all the time. I feel more comfortable with myself and letting people get closer. Before, people coming into “my space” used to really bug me and get under my skin. It was literally uncomfortable to have people near me. Feelings are starting to surface. Feelings I never knew were even under the surface. There is openness to me now. I’m not blocking things intellectually. I’m starting to find words to put on the emotions, which are surfacing. My feelings seem to be leaving my gut and centering more in my heart. There doesn’t seem to be a big a fight between the gut and the intellect.

Sensations are changing for me. Hearing is becoming clearer and there is more depth and understanding to the content of what is being said. There seems to be more of a connection with communication. Colors are brighter. It’s like there’s been a good window cleaning done on the world! There is a more clearly defined horizon in my world. I didn’t realize it, but before I don’t ever remember there really being a horizon to my world as I looked at it. Light touch and proprioception*{see below} are increasing. It’s as if I don’t have to insulate myself from the world any longer.

I have also noticed I can feel between my shoulder blades now and the pain between my shoulder blades is gone. Come to think of it, now that I really am looking at it, I haven’t had a headache or backache for the past two weeks. My gosh! My joints don’t hurt either! Pain has been so much a part of my life for so long now that now that I put a focus on it and think about it, I realize it’s gone!

My daughter has commented, “You look younger, Mom.” My husband had been out of town over this time. Upon reuniting he turned to me one night and with great love and support said, “You’ve changed.” My reply to him was, “There is a difference between changing and BEING changed.” He gently held me in his arms and whispered, “David did something to you, didn’t he?”

Oh, yeah, I guess you could say that.



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Spiritual Climate Newsletter JULY 2007 ~ part 4 ~ A REASON FOR THANKSGIVING, Part IV by Suzie



Christine’s Healing Session, November 18, 2003

Published December 15,2003

by “Suzie”

Tonight, at Meditation, David did a healing for Christine, and I witnessed something I need to put into words right away…

Christine has been ailing for a long time – yes, there was an accident she told me about, some years back, when she was in Florida. But her ailment is much more than “just” a neck injury – it’s much more than a physical disability – it’s an injury to her soul that never healed because something else was severed that day, and it did not align and connect again properly….

I met Christine my first day at work, and BOOM! We recognized each other in spirit and knew that each of us had this “dark night of the soul”-thing going on – so, yes, I know her pain.

Tonight, David said: “Christine, what do you want?” I could barely hear her answer, but I wanted to almost answer for her, wanted to yell: “Tell him already, ask him to be healed! You’ve seen it work for me!” Christine is one of the closest students of David and she could have asked for a healing many times, and maybe she did, I don’t know. Anyway, tonight she must have done it right, or maybe the time was right – and David started by having Christine sit in the middle of the room. He worked with his hands around her, sometimes saying certain words or phrases I could not understand, other times touching her gently after telling her what he was about to do and if it was okay. Christine and David seemed to become one with an energy, with a force or an entity I can only describe as pure LOVE – and with this force that seemed to emanate from or through David, his hands and voice performed a miracle. What else can you call it, when someone’s spine starts straightening, developing the proper curvature that was clearly missing before?

Christine’s whole back seemed to elongate. Her shoulders dropped to where they should be. Her neck, her head, everything began to balance out, and even though I could not see her face, I knew that the years must have just melted away from her features. As I was watching I was fully conscious – this was REAL, in front of my eyes. I was not in a trance, or a “dream state” – just relaxed and wide awake, and able to truly witness this event.

At times, when David moved his hands, I could feel a sensation of coldness – not really a draft, but more like the cold you feel looking into a deep well. Once I have felt a sensation like this, many years ago when my husband took me to a cave that had an old mine shaft – this cold had something very ancient to it, like coming from beyond space and time. And whenever I felt that coldness, David’s face would change, and for an instant he would look ancient as well….

Christine continued to be transformed, re-created by this force until David asked her to stand up and walk. She stood up, straight now and balanced, looking 20 lbs. lighter and years younger, and she could walk almost without pain. David looked at her, and the expression on his face reminded me of the Bible, where it is said that “God looked at his work and saw, that it was good”.

David asked Christine if all pain was gone, and she answered: “Almost all”, but that there was one specific spot that still hurt. So Davis assessed that and found, that something (I think he called it a “valve”) seemed to be “stuck” and needed to be opened. And when that had been accomplished, David said it was almost finished, and that he would now “re-shape her cup”. He started working on and around Christine’s head and it almost looked as if her head was melting, as if bones were softening, like wax. David created a globe of energy around and on top of Christine’s head. His hands pushed and pulled clearly on something, an essence my eyes could not see but that nevertheless was very real, very palpable. I could see David’s muscles working, exactly like they would if he were modeling some material that appeared to be putty-like, or an elastic membrane. And then it was done. Christine’s face was shining and beautiful; her posture was very relaxed and poised, and her step light and balanced. She had a “plumb line”; every thing was in place and where it should be, and her pain was gone….

I don’t know what her doctor will say (or find) at her next X-ray; I don’t know what her doctor will say when he finds every joint and vertebra back in place.

I don’t know how David does what he does. I don’t know what kind of force or energy it is he that he commands. But there is no doubt in my mind that what I witnessed was REAL, because David has healed me as well, while everyone else was watching. I do know why Christine’s face was shining and new – because a few weeks ago I sat in the same spot, in that same room. I know how it feels – it is LOVE, it is GRACE and SALVATION. And it is REAL. All you need to do is ask for it.

This year, may the “JOY OF THE SEASON” be more for all of us

than just a “HALLMARK” moment!



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