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Christine’s Healing Session: November 18, 2003

Published December 15, 2003

By Wendy Ford

Four had gathered for Meditation Night on Tuesday, November 18, 2003. We were making our tea during a break and chatting around the kitchen counter. Dr. Strickler had been idly stirring his brewing cup of Earl Grey while we waited for more water to boil in the microwave. The pleasant friendly sound of the clinking of the spoon against the mug and drone of the microwave combined with chit chat filled the kitchen. Then the microwave beeped and stopped, and there was a sudden profound silence. Dr. Strickler studied his tea swirling in his mug and quietly asked, “Christine, what do you want?” She looked at him for a few moments. “What do I want?” “Yeah. What do you want?” Silence. Dr. Strickler continued, “You see, one of the Ancient Principles is to seek, ask and knock. What do you want, Christine?” They had made eye contact by this time and the atmosphere had started to thicken. Knowing Christine as I do, I could sense the sudden shift in her as the question started forming in her mind. In a voice so quiet it was barely above a whisper, and with an inflection of puzzlement Christine asked, “You mean to be healed?” He raised an eyebrow and remained silent but their eye contact remained unbroken. I saw an entire wordless conversation occur between Dr. Strickler and Christine in that contact. Time seemed to stand still and there was silence except for a barely audible very deep hum that had started to permeate the room. Then in a clear yet quiet voice Christine replied, “I want to be healed.” “Be more specific.” “I want to be physically healed and have a body that can move again.” Dr. Strickler was quiet. Their eye contact was still unbroken even though he had brought his mug to his mouth and was sipping on the sweetened tea within. He put the mug quietly back on the counter, broke the eye contact, walked back into the living room and sat in his chair. The three of us silently followed and took our places on the couches and chairs. The atmosphere by this time had become thick and golden, like a thin honey. The temperature in the room had begun to rise. The deep hum had become almost tangible. Dr. Strickler again made eye contact with Christine. “Are you sure?” “Yes.” “Come. Sit by me.”

Christine took a deep breath and crossed the room to sit on the ottoman in front of Dr. Strickler. A huge wave of emotion washed through me as the enormity of what was about to happen hit me. She and I made eye contact and we had both become quite teary eyed. We both know the struggles with pain and functional restrictions she has gone through over the past fifteen years. Christine has been dealing with the effects of a severe musculoskeletal injury sustained when she was restraining an out of control student (the goal being to prevent harm to the student which would have resulted from his self injurious behavior). She suffered a fracture to her second cervical vertebra, severe neck, upper back and shoulder muscle damage, and damage to her 5th, 6th, and 7th cervical vertebrae as well as a severe lumbar strain. What is remarkable is that Christine was so pumped up with the adrenaline produced by the event that she didn’t even know she had been injured until she realized she needed both hands to put her key in her car door and needed to lift her leg into the car. She drove herself to the urgent care center and threw the entire place into a tizzy when the X-Ray showed the fracture. (A fracture of the second vertebra is often instantly fatal.) Even after years of treatments and medications she still struggles with pain and functional limitations. The prospect of a healing was just stunning. For reasons that I cannot go into here, this was the first time in her 13 years with Dr. Strickler that this had become possible. So, this was indeed a “big deal”.

As suddenly as the wave of emotions had overcome Christine and me they were gone. They had just disappeared. It was as if they had been neutralized. Later, when questioned about this, Dr. Strickler said he had isolated our emotions and personalities to prevent interference with the process of his work.

Once settled on the ottoman, Dr. Strickler softly smiled at Christine and with a twinkle in his eye asked, “Are you ready?” “Yes.” “Here we go.” He closed his eyes. He placed his hands above to top of Christine’s head and intoned a series of words that were different than any he had used for Suzie. Nonetheless, those words went straight to the very core of my being. He allowed himself to be filled with a higher self and “he” was “gone” from this world. What worked through his physical vehicle cannot be put into words: The Holy Spirit? God? Whatever “it” was and energy working this night, was quite different from what I experienced and saw when witnessing Suzie’s healings. Consciously, I actually remember very little of what transpired during the rest of the evening. I would speculate that it is probably because Christine and I are so close and have been the closest of friends for almost twenty-nine years. I do know without a doubt the event is forever etched in my subconsiousness and spirit. Whatever happened has changed me, too.

I watched. At one point near the beginning, I think, I felt a warmth start in my heart area and just expand until a ball of this warmth surrounded my entire body. I felt such a profound Love there, a contact with true, unconditional Love that could only come from the Source of All. I felt surrounded by the Love of the invisible beings suddenly in attendance (Angels? Heavenly Hosts?) I do remember Dr. Strickler working with opening, adjusting and closing Christine’s chakra areas; opening adjusting and closing of other body centers that I recognized. He worked with the many components of her various energy layers and levels. He was in constant motion. Again, he was the master spiritual sculptor at work. He worked with but the rarest of physical contact; hands molding invisible forms and turning to spin an invisible something; fingers pulling, drawing and tugging at unseen lines; eyes constantly evaluating and assessing the progress and results; soft breaths being blown into invisible recesses and receptacles. His lips moved with words not meant for the conscious mind and in such soft whispers that the ear only heard the articulation of the tongue as it softly hit his palate in the formation of the “t’s” and “s’s”. Occasionally Dr. Strickler would ask Christine if something was hot or cold, a direction (up, down, left, right, forward, back), dark or light, or if it was easy or hard to breathe, or to tell him when she could “feel” his hand(s) even though he was not physically touching her.

At several points Dr. Strickler had Christine open her eyes and make eye contact with him. I could see a wavy, shimmery line connect between the two then he would move on and her eyes would close again. I watched in awe as the impression of Christine’s weight on the ottoman shrank slightly. It was if her physical weight had been lessened and she was not sinking down as deeply into the cushion. At the same time she grew taller sitting right in front of me. Her shoulders straightened and leveled (one shoulder is usually lower than the other), her lumbar curve became more pronounced (her lower back is usually flattened), the back of her head drew upward tilting her chin down slightly and straightening her cervical spine and upper back and there came over her face the most beatific of expressions. The circles under her eyes disappeared; the lines at the creases of her nose and mouth softened, her face actually became thinner.

Dr. Strickler eventually asked Christine to stand up and slowly walk. She effortlessly stood up from the ottoman and walked toward where he stood on the other side of the room. Step by step I watched as first her limp dissipated, her lumbar curve in the low back normalized, her upper back and neck curves normalized and her posture was perfect. (In anatomy we learn that there should be natural postural curves and that with “perfect” posture one should be able to drop a plum line from the ear lobe and it should fall through the shoulder, hip and just in front of the ankle bone. Rarely does one ever see this as we all have abnormalities accrued over a lifetime of poor habits.) Dr. Strickler continued to make minor adjustments and fine tune while having Christine walk and stand.

When Dr. Strickler was apparently satisfied with the results initially attained, he had Christine sit back on the ottoman, said a prayer of blessing and concluded the session. With that the room instantly became cooler (at some point in the evening the air conditioner in the house had actually cycled on even though it was in the 50’s outside), the atmosphere became less dense, and the light became brighter. He intently looked at each of us in turn for a long moment apparently assessing our reactions and the effects this event had had on us. He gave us his quiet smile and asked, “Everyone OK?” How does one respond? I had just witnessed what few will ever have the honor to witness. I had been in and felt the presence of the Divine. I had heard the words of the Divine. I had seen the workings of the Divine. I had witnessed the physical transformation of a beloved friend. I will never be the same as changes were being made in all who were there. Was I “OK”? Just two little letters: “O” and “K”. Considering what had just happened, all I could do was nod my head and say, “Yeah, I’m OK.”

It’s been a week and a half since that wondrous evening. Christine is different. One objective physical example: As Christine and I were getting Thanksgiving dinner on the table we came face to face in each other’s way. We had to stop to keep from bumping into each other. I was stunned. “Oh my God! I can look you in eye now! I can’t remember being able to do that!” Christine just laughed and said she had been measured at the doctor’s office just this week. She measured five foot six and one half inches tall. Two years ago the doctor measured her at five foot five. She also commented that she can now turn her head better enabling easier merging into busy highway traffic and that the numbness which had become familiar in her arms and hands has diminished. I think she looks ten years younger and she feels she is in less pain. She also commented that each one of the autistic children she works with everyday in her classroom were looking at her strangely during that first week “after”. None ever verbally asked, but she thinks each was silently noting and acknowledging that Miss Christine was somehow different. Although Dr. Strickler has stated it will take much more work with Christine to further the healing that was initiated that night, it is obvious to all who know her that profound changes have already manifested.

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