Spiritual Climate Newsletter JULY 2007 ~ part 4 ~ A REASON FOR THANKSGIVING, Part IV by Suzie



Christine’s Healing Session, November 18, 2003

Published December 15,2003

by “Suzie”

Tonight, at Meditation, David did a healing for Christine, and I witnessed something I need to put into words right away…

Christine has been ailing for a long time – yes, there was an accident she told me about, some years back, when she was in Florida. But her ailment is much more than “just” a neck injury – it’s much more than a physical disability – it’s an injury to her soul that never healed because something else was severed that day, and it did not align and connect again properly….

I met Christine my first day at work, and BOOM! We recognized each other in spirit and knew that each of us had this “dark night of the soul”-thing going on – so, yes, I know her pain.

Tonight, David said: “Christine, what do you want?” I could barely hear her answer, but I wanted to almost answer for her, wanted to yell: “Tell him already, ask him to be healed! You’ve seen it work for me!” Christine is one of the closest students of David and she could have asked for a healing many times, and maybe she did, I don’t know. Anyway, tonight she must have done it right, or maybe the time was right – and David started by having Christine sit in the middle of the room. He worked with his hands around her, sometimes saying certain words or phrases I could not understand, other times touching her gently after telling her what he was about to do and if it was okay. Christine and David seemed to become one with an energy, with a force or an entity I can only describe as pure LOVE – and with this force that seemed to emanate from or through David, his hands and voice performed a miracle. What else can you call it, when someone’s spine starts straightening, developing the proper curvature that was clearly missing before?

Christine’s whole back seemed to elongate. Her shoulders dropped to where they should be. Her neck, her head, everything began to balance out, and even though I could not see her face, I knew that the years must have just melted away from her features. As I was watching I was fully conscious – this was REAL, in front of my eyes. I was not in a trance, or a “dream state” – just relaxed and wide awake, and able to truly witness this event.

At times, when David moved his hands, I could feel a sensation of coldness – not really a draft, but more like the cold you feel looking into a deep well. Once I have felt a sensation like this, many years ago when my husband took me to a cave that had an old mine shaft – this cold had something very ancient to it, like coming from beyond space and time. And whenever I felt that coldness, David’s face would change, and for an instant he would look ancient as well….

Christine continued to be transformed, re-created by this force until David asked her to stand up and walk. She stood up, straight now and balanced, looking 20 lbs. lighter and years younger, and she could walk almost without pain. David looked at her, and the expression on his face reminded me of the Bible, where it is said that “God looked at his work and saw, that it was good”.

David asked Christine if all pain was gone, and she answered: “Almost all”, but that there was one specific spot that still hurt. So Davis assessed that and found, that something (I think he called it a “valve”) seemed to be “stuck” and needed to be opened. And when that had been accomplished, David said it was almost finished, and that he would now “re-shape her cup”. He started working on and around Christine’s head and it almost looked as if her head was melting, as if bones were softening, like wax. David created a globe of energy around and on top of Christine’s head. His hands pushed and pulled clearly on something, an essence my eyes could not see but that nevertheless was very real, very palpable. I could see David’s muscles working, exactly like they would if he were modeling some material that appeared to be putty-like, or an elastic membrane. And then it was done. Christine’s face was shining and beautiful; her posture was very relaxed and poised, and her step light and balanced. She had a “plumb line”; every thing was in place and where it should be, and her pain was gone….

I don’t know what her doctor will say (or find) at her next X-ray; I don’t know what her doctor will say when he finds every joint and vertebra back in place.

I don’t know how David does what he does. I don’t know what kind of force or energy it is he that he commands. But there is no doubt in my mind that what I witnessed was REAL, because David has healed me as well, while everyone else was watching. I do know why Christine’s face was shining and new – because a few weeks ago I sat in the same spot, in that same room. I know how it feels – it is LOVE, it is GRACE and SALVATION. And it is REAL. All you need to do is ask for it.

This year, may the “JOY OF THE SEASON” be more for all of us

than just a “HALLMARK” moment!



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