Spiritual Climate Newsletter JULY 2007 ~ part 3 ~ WITNESS TO SUZIE’S MIRACLE, Part III by Suzie



“There is a Difference between

Changing and BEING Changed.”

Published November 13, 2003

By Suzie

Well, they say if you are open and listen with an open heart you will end up attracting to you or being attracted to what your true self really needs. I have been searching almost all my life for answers and a way to heal myself emotionally, spiritually and energetically. I really didn’t hope too much for anything on a physical healing level because all the doctors had said permanent damage had been done and subsequent autoimmune problems could only be managed. I have spent most of my adult life reading books, attending seminars, sitting in hour after hour of lectures, listening to endless hours of tapes and doing what I thought was meditating. After only two meditation evenings with Dr. Strickler I realized with utter amazement that I had NEVER TRULY MEDITATED in my whole life!! I THOUGHT I knew what mediation was. I had read about it and gone to workshops. I now recognize that I had sat in contemplation, visualized, lucid dreamed but NEVER meditated. But, that’s another story. Simply put, even before the events of October 14, 2003, after meeting Dr. Strickler my life had been totally and irrevocably changed.

Never, in my deepest self, did I ever dare to dream of anything happening like what took place in that quiet candle lit living room on the night of October 14, 2003. I came to Meditation Class looking forward to being in the presence of whatever it is that Dr. Strickler brings. I have found my Teacher in him. He speaks to a part of me that has been waiting for contact with him forever. I can’t even say what that “IT” is: a Who? A What? An It?

Listening to him that night talk about some concerns he has been wrestling with brought me into the awareness that he has a really human and vulnerable side. Yes, my brilliant, insightful, gifted Teacher has struggles, as do we all. I still can’t explain to you what happened. As I sat there listening to him a voice in my head was encouraging me to open up and speak, to ask for help. There was a feeling of safety and support in that room far beyond what the three others were providing. I had never told the complete story to anyone. Even as I started telling the story forgotten pieces surfaced.

That voice in my head kept urging, “It’s ok. Ask.” I made eye contact with Dr. Strickler. Eye contact? Oh, what “contacted” between us seemed to emanate from the very breath of life itself. So, with a deep breath of my own, I quietly but with a rock steady voice petitioned: “Is there some kind of ceremony or ritual you can do to help me heal?” Our eye contact remained unbroken by even a blink for what seemed like forever. Would he say,”No?” Then Dr. Strickler asked me to sit in front of him. I remember my body getting up and moving. Having gone through many other “healings” I thought I knew what to expect. Little did I know that all of those prayers spoken so fervently throughout my life were about to be answered. Dr. Strickler said some kind of prayer whose words my ears heard but my brain could not interpret. But my heart recognized and responded to those words. Such Love and Peace flowed into that room that I knew I was safe. Words are so inadequate to describe what was working through Dr. Strickler that night. God? The Source? The Holy Spirit? And the room was very crowded with what I will call His Heavenly Hosts or Angels or Guardians.

The air in the room seemed to thicken. As Dr. Strickler started working I could feel the energies moving. One part of me started questioning what was happening and in that instant the energy seemed to get even stronger and my questioning dissolved. Much of what I experienced cannot be expressed in words nor do I have a clear conscious memory of much of it. It took a minute or it took hours. I lost all sense of “me” in my physical body and it seemed like “I” just moved upward looking down while “I” watched but at the same time “I” was still “in there” experiencing the process. I felt a spiral of movement upward and seemed to be following an invisible force. At one point it was as if I was being born. I felt bursts of energy down my left side then up my right side over and over and over and over. Then it became a smooth, continuous current and flowed with a molten feeling to it. Something seemed to elongate in my spine. Spaces seemed to be created where things were jammed together before.

At one point I recall becoming fearful. Then from somewhere, from everywhere, came the deeply resonant, quiet “It’s OK. I’ve got you. I’m right here. It’s OK.” And it was OK. It seemed like I exploded into a million tiny shards of light and then was put back together again. At the end of the whole process I realized we had started the evening about 6:15 pm and I was walking out the door at 10:30 pm! I will never be the same.

Two weeks later, Dr. Strickler, Christine, Wendy and I gathered once again for our Tuesday Meditation Night. They were all curious. How was I? How had my weeks gone? Had I noticed “anything” different?

Different? Well, I had lost five pounds without trying! I reported on the third night after, waking myself up about 4am bawling my eyes out, having a profound feeling of Grace and release and being ALIVE. There doesn’t seem to be as much as a sense of struggle, I feel less restless. I am more content with what I have and who I am. Day by day I experience “me” differently.

Emotionally I feel more stable, on a more even keel. I felt lopsided before. I really have a decreased anxiety level although, now that I think about it, I really didn’t realize I WAS anxious and on guard all the time. I feel more comfortable with myself and letting people get closer. Before, people coming into “my space” used to really bug me and get under my skin. It was literally uncomfortable to have people near me. Feelings are starting to surface. Feelings I never knew were even under the surface. There is openness to me now. I’m not blocking things intellectually. I’m starting to find words to put on the emotions, which are surfacing. My feelings seem to be leaving my gut and centering more in my heart. There doesn’t seem to be a big a fight between the gut and the intellect.

Sensations are changing for me. Hearing is becoming clearer and there is more depth and understanding to the content of what is being said. There seems to be more of a connection with communication. Colors are brighter. It’s like there’s been a good window cleaning done on the world! There is a more clearly defined horizon in my world. I didn’t realize it, but before I don’t ever remember there really being a horizon to my world as I looked at it. Light touch and proprioception*{see below} are increasing. It’s as if I don’t have to insulate myself from the world any longer.

I have also noticed I can feel between my shoulder blades now and the pain between my shoulder blades is gone. Come to think of it, now that I really am looking at it, I haven’t had a headache or backache for the past two weeks. My gosh! My joints don’t hurt either! Pain has been so much a part of my life for so long now that now that I put a focus on it and think about it, I realize it’s gone!

My daughter has commented, “You look younger, Mom.” My husband had been out of town over this time. Upon reuniting he turned to me one night and with great love and support said, “You’ve changed.” My reply to him was, “There is a difference between changing and BEING changed.” He gently held me in his arms and whispered, “David did something to you, didn’t he?”

Oh, yeah, I guess you could say that.



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