Spiritual Climate Newsletter JULY 2007 ~ part 1 ~ WITNESS TO SUZIE’S MIRACLE, Part I by Wendy Ford



Published October 28, 2003

By Wendy Ford

In having witnessed the birth of our grand niece “up close and personal” in 2000 I thought I knew what it must be like to witness to a miracle. I was mistaken.

It started out like any other Tuesday. Go to work and look forward to the Tuesday Night Potpourri/Meditation Class with Dr. David Strickler. Spending an evening with Dr. Strickler is always predictably unpredictable and I was looking forward to another experience.

But something was different right from the beginning of that evening. Christine, myself and one other were present. Dr Strickler was in an unusually pensive mood and discussion centered around the uncertainty of what the future may hold for us personally and globally and how we might best prepare for the unknown. Dr. Strickler shared a very human side of himself that few are ever privileged to see.

As the evening progressed a member of our group (I’ll call her Suzie) spoke up and started to share a very personal, horrible, life-altering experience from her youth. The experience had very nearly ended her life. Evidently Will had her survival in mind. Suzie physically survived but was left emotionally, spiritually and energetically shattered. Doctors told her she had permanent nerve damage. Suzie has been searching her entire adult life for an answer to “why” and for a way to heal. She has been blessed with a wonderful husband and two beautiful daughters and just recently has become a grandmother for the first time. But Suzie has been in constant emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical pain for most of her life. Suzie petitioned Dr. Strickler for a ceremony or service for healing. Dr. Strickler was quiet and their gazes remained locked for what seemed forever.

Then there was a perceptible alteration in the room. The air seemed to thicken but yet remain soft. The room became washed in a deep golden haze (it was dark outside and the blinds were drawn). A great feeling of safety and a love of such intensity filled the room it was almost as if the room became a gel. Very softly yet with a tone whose vibration boomed through my entire being David said, “Come. Sit here in front of me.” Suzie slowly rose, still not breaking eye contact, and crossed the room to sit on the ottoman in front of David. She laid her hands in her lap, closed her eyes and took a deep cleansing breath. David remained seated at her left side. David then spoke a prayer whose words I did not understand consciously but to which my heart responded and opened. As David proceeded to work with Suzie he spoke words not for the ears but for the heart and soul. His hands were like those of an artist or sculptor as they worked. He rarely physically touched her but never did without first letting her know where and getting her consent (mostly through almost imperceptible nods of the head as words were impossible to utter at such deep levels was he working). Being a student of Dr. Strickler’s, I recognized the chakra points and several techniques and was able to identify much of what he was doing. It wasn’t so much the “what”; it was the “how” that was truly awe-inspiring. It was obvious David had become a “messenger”, a human, physical, living conduit through which Source or God itself was working. So powerful and pure was this link that it left no doubt we were in its presence. So profound and encompassing was the flow of unconditional love that Christine and I were affected by just being in the proximity.

As David worked, I realized my breathing patterns had become matched with Suzie’s. I am accustomed to energy often moving through me as I work with my patients and am practiced at becoming a conduit for it to move through. But this is when I am working one on one with them. I had never been witness to an event of this magnitude. I was sitting on a couch about 3 feet from where they were, yet I “felt” the healing and reconnecting and repatterning taking place and “felt” the “old” patterns falling away and being disrupted. Was what I was experiencing for me, or for Suzie? I was seated where I could see Suzie’s face. As David continued to work I could see her entire face changing right in front of me. Ten years fell away along with lines and wrinkles. The corners of her mouth which were usually slightly down turned were now relaxed and a quiet ghost of a smile started to appear. I could see her eyes moving rapidly behind the closed lids that were losing a bit of their sag and crow’s feet were taking flight. The only word I can think of is “angelic” for how she started to appear. Her breathing patterns changed rapidly as the work progressed. From slow to short and rapid to deep and shuddering. At one point it was obvious Suzie was about to have a really big “breakthrough” or “release” of some kind and she was starting to fight it. David had one hand on her forehead and the other on the back of her neck. In his soothing, deep voice he quietly said, “It’s OK. I’ve got you. I’m right here. It’s OK.” That voice spoke to the deepest core of my being as well. That voice seemed to wrap itself around every cell in my body. The compassion and love of God himself was contained in those words and vibrations. Both Christine and I sat with silent tears streaming unchecked down our cheeks as he continued to work and Suzie shuddered and her own never before shed tears started to flow. (Even now as I recall the feeling I find it hard to see the computer screen through misty eyes.) David then snatched at an invisible something at the base of her neck and both David and Christine heard a “pop”. David asked me to light a special candle and he placed his clenched fist over the open flame. When his clenched fist sprung open over the dancing flame I heard a “snap” and the flame jumped and seemed to flare then returned to its normal shape. He left the candle burning for the remainder of the evening.

David quietly told Suzie to take several deep breaths, wiggle her toes, move her fingers, open her eyes slowly. He sat with her for a while softly talking her “back” and getting her to move. He had her carefully stand up and when she listed slightly he touched her in the middle of her forehead and snapped his fingers. She immediately came to center and was no longer off balance. When she made eye contact with me there was a brightness and clarity in them I had never seen before. She appeared more alive than I had ever seen her. She seemed to just glow with an inner peace previously absent. Her shoulders were more square, she held her head higher; it was as if an invisible weight had been removed and she was able to fully breathe in the very breath of life for the first time. David then left the room and took a break for a while and the three of us just sat and looked at one another being unable to speak. Suzie found her voice and quietly marveled that she could feel the bottoms of her feet for the first time in years and quizzically noted the base of her spine was cold.

David came back in and asked Suzie to stand and close her eyes. He slowly walked around her like a master sculptor inspecting his work. Then he began working her aura (that invisible (to most) bubble of energy that surrounds each of us—our own invisible cocoon). Never physically touching her, his hands moved rapidly from area to area, smoothing an invisible rough spot, pulling out an indention, chiseling off a bulge, reshaping and fine tuning and re-inspecting until he was satisfied with the result. At one point he put one of his hands at the base of her spine, the other above her head, and drew upward. She actually grew taller by about 2 inches. Her entire posture and alignment changed. It was like she had been given an invisible chiropractic adjustment where she stood. (Believe me, as a physical therapist I KNOW postural alignment.) David put his hands at his sides and slowly walked around Suzie closely evaluating the results. He would squint his eyes or cock his head slightly, nodding from time to time in silent satisfaction or perhaps moving one hand almost imperceptibly to “fine tune” something. Lastly, apparently satisfied, David began to run a Middle Pillar with Suzie still standing. Since my eyes are always closed during my own Middle Pillar exercise, I watched in awe as I witnessed the undulation of energies pouring in from “On High”. Suzie looked as if she were an empty vessel filling with the purest of pure energies. As if she had been badly dehydrated and the pure waters of creation were plumping up her moisture starved container. She just seemed to blossom right before my eyes.

Then, just as the room had altered at the beginning of the evening, it was suddenly “normal” again. But things that were different. The air seemed crisp and clean (like after a rain when all of the dust and debris has been rinsed away). And there were three women who would never, ever be the same again. One whose healing had been initiated and the two who were witness to this miracle.

Never, have I experienced anything close to this. The compassion and love with which this took place was so much more than from our human, conscious level. It felt as if there was a huge gallery of “others” sharing and supporting with a love like I have never experienced. It wasn’t creepy or scary or “other-worldly”. What flowed through Dr. Strickler that evening can only be described as a “love” so profound and permeating and pure that even as a witness one could not come away untouched and forever changed. I can truthfully say I was in the presence of God. As I try to describe what I witnessed on this extraordinary evening, words seem so inadequate.

During the evening we knew no time and had no sense of how long anything took. We DO know that we started at about 6:15pm and the next thing we knew it was 10:30! It occurred to me after everyone had gone home that being witness to an event of this import is, in itself, a life-altering personal experience. I felt that I, too, had been blessed with a healing of my own.

We thank God and Dr. David Strickler for the great honor to being permitted to witness this miracle. May each of you be as privileged at some point in your life.

Remember. We each experience little miracles in our lives every day. Keep your eyes, ears and hearts open for them. Don’t miss the obvious.

Blessings to all, and may your Light

continue to shine toward Truth,

Wendy Ford


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