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Friday, July 13, 2007

These are the Doors of Rev. Strickler’s Classrooms at the Aquarian Church;

Room numbers 11 and 12 in Naples, Florida


"If you tell Life what it has to be, you limit it;

But if you let Life show you what it wants to be

It will open doors you never knew existed"

~ Unknown


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Dr. Strickler asked me to extend a note of appreciation to Patty for her generous Donation of a much needed computer to the Institute of Spiritual Climate and he would also like to extend a warm thank-you for My Favorite Ezines  for counting our Newsletter in their Directory of listings and the beautiful summary they included.


Welcome to our BLAST FROM THE PAST Edition from our Archives

that are not published yet on the net.

  There are events in each of our lives that are so impactual, so totally life altering, that once experienced, the world and everything in it, indeed, the very sight, sound, and fabric of life, will never be the same.  Being present at the birth of a child, witnessing the death of a loved one, experiencing the lights come on in the mind, and heart, of a child, the strong, reassuring warmth of an embrace, the knowing in an exchanged glance;  miracles both large and small, experiences we participate in each and every day, knowingly or unknowingly, consciously or unconsciously.  We become somehow complacent with these miraculous events, busily flying through the day, AND through life, without being thankful for nor acknowledging the grace and power which Wills our lives into being, the Living Presence of the One Almighty God who breathes and sustains life and all of creation, who expresses through US as we participate in the eternal, ongoing co-creation of Genesis.  

What a sorrowful image, the ultimate example of “missing the mark”, which in Hebrew is the definition of the word SIN! To be in the presence of the miraculous each and every moment of each and every day, but to be oblivious to the Beauty and Truth of that uplifting experience!  To walk hand in hand, to walk WITHIN the Power of the One God, and to take it for granted, never seeking to understand or have the wisdom necessary to truly be at one with the Creator. 

What a sad, shallow existence we have been programmed to lead, what an incredibly isolated feeling that creates, causing us to run from one quick fix to another, constantly, hopelessly seeking that which will complete us, fulfill us.  Our lives become nothing more than an automatic response to daily events, reactions rather than actions, a confusing cacophony of knee jerk habitual responses.  We never find that which we seek, and just continue in the never ending cycle of feeling there has to be more, but we never pause long enough in our frantic search to discover just what that “more” is!

The pattern continues, sunrise to sunset, day in, day out, until perhaps we are blessed with an experience so profound and powerful that our perception is altered and we are unable to, for one single moment, deny the existence and presence of the Life Power moving through us. There is the sudden and overwhelming knowing that the miraculous is around us and within us, supporting us and guiding us, sustaining us and nurturing us, holding us and providing all that we need to live, if only we surrender to and work in accordance with Its Will.

These articles are a series related to two healings which took place within our class with Dr. Strickler and just such a life altering experience, for indeed, we were witness to and participants in the healings that were nothing short of miraculous events.  Did Dr. Strickler “perform” these miracles?  Indeed, there was no “performance” about it, nor would Dr. Strickler take credit in any way for the energy and power which flowed through him.  Did he allow himself to be used as a conduit and a knowing director of Will, indeed a co-creator of these miraculous events?  Did he open himself to the Life Sustaining Power of the One as he became a direct channel for that power to flow?  Ah, yes!  And those of us who were granted the privilege and honor of witnessing the events were healed as well, for we were given a rare, beautiful glimpse of what it truly is to be in the awesome presence of some of the Power of God.

Though voicing our experience in words falls totally short of being there, we wanted to attempt somehow to convey to you the incredible evenings of October 14, 2003 and November 18, 2003, hopefully sharing with you the awe, wonder, and inspiration we came away from the events with.  We were truly witnesses to the miraculous, not the everyday kind of miracle which we so often miss, but of magnitude and grace far beyond the scope of the mundane and usual.  We felt the readers of Spiritual Climate were entitled to being graced with whatever portion of those “miracles” we are able to pass on.

First will be presented the healing of “Suzie” on October 14, followed by the healing of Christine on November 18.  In the original Editions of Spiritual Climate Newsletter, these articles were broken down into several Editions, but we wanted to present the whole picture at once in our “Blast from the Past Edition”.  Also, Dr. Strickler has finally consented to let us publish these on our public Blog.

May you be touched by Light, beauty and power of these experiences and events we witnessed and have chosen to share with you.

The Staff of Spiritual Climate would like to welcome you to the wonders of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness available to all who seek.

Welcome to the JULY  2007 EDITION of


Regards J

Christine Ford


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