Spiritual Climate Newsletter APRIL 2007 ~ part 3 TRUTH: PRINCIPLE OF POLARITY, FICTION: LAW OF ATTRACTION by Wendy Ford



Truth: Principle of Polarity. Fiction: Law of Attraction

By Wendy Ford

So the secret is out, eh? The Law of Attraction is the key to it all. The key to unbridled success and riches. But there is a flaw in this. One major, gigantic flaw: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS THE LAW OF ATTRACTION. Nope. Nowhere. No how – yet where you do find it in print it is an obvious ‘Occult BLIND’ when its use is found in writing from a genuine Hermeticist, Occultist or Spiritual Orator. Dr. Strickler opened class recently stating this and the floodgates were opened. The amount of energy that was pumping through him from Above was astounding. Those of us in the room at the time fortunately recognized the movement of the energy and were able to withstand it. Our ears were ringing and the paint practically blistered off the walls from the heat and intensity of the message being conveyed. Made us wonder if Rev. Strickler had some “Hell fire and brimstone” background! The Above is not amused with this falsity and misinterpretation/misrepresentation. The Above is not entertained by the creation of Law in Its name. Talk about libel and slander.

How can anyone in physical manifestation who has been created in the image and likeness of and by the ONE be so egotistical as to presume to know the Mind of the One? To come up with a Law in its name is playing with the ultimate of Karmic fire in my opinion. Yes, people have referred to the Law of Attraction for many years. But it has been inaccurately interpreted and extrapolated from. As Dr. Strickler quite intensely put it, “This Law of Attraction” concept has the potential to generate a belief system that will turn into the ugliest thing imaginable.”

It has the potential to proliferate the mindset of BLAME THE VICTIM. This has the ominous possibility being adopted by our society and changing the faces of politics, healthcare, insurance and the like. It carries the prospect of pervading every layer and segment of our society like a cancer. It could have the power to destroy lives for generations to come if it is not stopped. People need to be made aware of the Truth and individuals who are brave enough and strong enough to speak up need to prepare themselves to do battle.

In an interview on Larry King Live several weeks ago he asked his guest if the child who was murdered in Florida attracted that to herself. The answer was, “Yes.” Dr. Strickler almost threw the television through the wall. WHAT? WHAT? HOW? What happened was that the Principle of Polarity was in action. The higher vibration (the adult who is physically larger and stronger) will always overpower a lower vibration (the young girl). The adult’s negative polarity of desire to do harm overpowered the child’s positive polarity of youthful innocence. It had NOTHING to with an innocent child attracting a murderer to her!

Insurance companies and lawyers might be able to take this concept of the Law of Attraction and run with it. The idea would be, “Well, the client attracted the illness or accident or incident. It is the victim’s fault the illness or accident or incident happened because they ATTRACTED it.” The question would follow of why should the insurance company pay or the perpetrator of an injustice be punished if everything is brought on by the individual? The individual (victim) is now being put in the totally impossible position of being responsible for every single little thing that happens to them. Logically this of course makes no sense.

Politicians might be able to incorporate the concept of the Law of Attraction into legislation and public funding. If the Law of Attraction works it must be that the single mother who is on welfare because her husband died in a car accident and she is unable to make ends meet ATTRACTED that situation to herself. Likewise she should be able to extricate herself from that situation by ATTRACTING the solution and should not need public assistance. Nor should the innocent child born with mental retardation qualify for any publicly funded program because it is, after all, the child’s fault and they should be able to ATTRACT something better. All of the victims of the horrific hurricanes that swept away our Gulf Coast almost two years ago ATTRACTED that to themselves? They should likewise just be able to ATTRACT funding and housing now? Should we shut down all of the public assistance, food banks, soup kitchens and shelters because all of the homeless on our streets should be able to ATTRACT housing, shelter, employment, and food to themselves?

Should we have no need for as many doctors or the healthcare system because folks should just be able to ATTRACT good health for their entire lifetime? Should our elderly be able to ATTRACT adequate housing and health? There would be no sudden infant deaths or stillbirths or birth defects because all parents would be able to ATTRACT perfect and brilliant children. Fantastic! Hooray! Then no one would ever die because they would be able to ATTRACT health and immortality.

Oh, and about the weather. I will ATTRACT only sunny days with temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees, nice cool evenings because I like to snuggle under the covers, rain only at night and on the days when I don’t have to go anywhere, no snow on the streets or sidewalks, just the lawns and oh, yes an occasional thunder and lightening storm because I like to watch them. What? Weather can’t be ATTRACTED? Why not? If there is the Law of Attraction I should be able to do that. The Law of Attraction says I can. By merely putting my mind to it anything can be ATTRACTED.

Just think about it people, it makes no sense that an individual ATTRACTS everything. It just makes no sense. Then an individual should be able to attract only the good stuff because, after all who in their right mind would want to attract the ugly, painful and icky stuff to themselves, right?

In truth, it is the PRINCIPLE OF POLARITY that has been so misinterpreted. Because it is in manifestation all energy is polarized. It is either positive or negative. Like a magnet this energy is not Good (positive) and Bad (negative). There is no “good” end or “bad” end to a magnet is there? No. Each end of the magnet is a different expression of the same energy. Likewise energy is either negative or positive. Putting positive energy to negative USE or negative energy to negative USE is a different story. An individual does have the choice in how an energy is used by having the choice of where to focus attention.

It is in the focusing of attention that a field of focus or field of energy is formed, then, once a field of attention has been formed from the pulling of units of consciousness together into a focused arena that collection begins to whirl. It is the whirling that generates a gravitational field. It is this gravitational field’s POLARITY that will appear to ATTRACT like fields of gravities toward it. So to say that attraction occurs is correct in this sense of the word. The attraction is the EFFECT of the generation of a gravitational field of collective units of attention and thus has a positive AND negative pole, but the attraction is not a Law only an effect.

The Seven Hermetic Principles are the foundation of Creation. There are seven and only seven. Everything else is just an effect generated by any one of the seven Principles in action. Granted the effects are consistent, reproducible and measurable, but Effects are not Laws. To those who have not been trained these effects have been interpreted as Laws because of their consistency and predictability but the effects are only reflections generated by reality and picked up by the senses. By the very definition of manifestation they are only imperfect reflections imperfectly transmitted to the brain.

Remember the red apple? Our senses tell us the apple is red. But in truth the apple is everything except red. The red is the wavelength of color reflected by the object and picked up by our vision. There is no way for our senses to transmit to us the true nature of the color of the object. By consensus we have all agreed to call it a red apple.

Since there is NO Law of Attraction it would behoove folks to think very carefully about the recent mushrooming and presentation of this idea. It is a very enticing concept. That by having the right attitude and thinking the right thoughts good things can come your way. Of course we would like wonderful things to come our way! Having a positive attitude is a place to start the focusing of attention on something but too many folks are going to stop there.

It is going to be very dangerous for folks to truly believe, “If I think positive thoughts I will be happy and the world will be mine. It is all up to me.” They will not go on to take the necessary actions required over a period of years to develop and hone the skills required that will lead to the ability to more accurately and completely focus attention. Rude awakenings are going to come crashing down on many when the concept of the Law of Attraction is turned around on them. Fine. If all these wonderful things don’t come to pass then it’s your own fault.

It is going to be too easy for blame the victim mentality (no require thought or discernment need in blame the victim) to get an even stronger foothold than it has now. Remember the years of battling it has taken for rape victims to finally be regarded as victims of the crime and not the ones who “asked for it”? This idea of the Law of Attraction has the potential for causing immeasurable harm. Be very careful about blindly accepting this concept. Please. Do some of your own research and thinking.

May the Lord of Life provide you with the ability to think this through, the bravery to speak up and the strength to stand up for your insights. The phrase “if it seems too good to be true, it is too good to be true” absolutely applies to this nonexistent Law of Attraction. The Principle of Polarity on the other hand is one of the Seven Hermetic Principles and is Truth. Maybe the people who have enough naiveté who believe attraction is a law should study the Principle of CAUSE and EFFECT.

Pax Vobiscum,

Wendy Ford



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