Spiritual Climate Newsletter APRIL 2007 ~ part 1 IT’S a MATTER of KNOWLEDGE, NOT PERCEPTION by Rev. David Strickler




By Rev. David Strickler

Ashes sometimes drift on the wind and carried afar, by movements of air and then perhaps dissolved into the watery confines of the oceans or seas. Residue our bodies cast adrift into the biosphere of this planet that we call earth. The energies created by the principles emanated by our consciousness also move through a three fold process of disintegrating, equilibrating, and integrating; the basic modulation in these aspects of the principles that exist within our consciousness is that which enables us a tertiary ‘layered’ form of macrocosmic scripting of ourselves via this trinity of Spirit, Soul and Astral envelope which contributes fully to the functional bio-aspect aperture you express and identify through called your physical body.

Elaborating on any of the systems becoming or manifestation, produced within consciousness can be at best, just a starting point toward the apprehension of knowledge which can only be adduced through a philosophy that properly dispels the inadequacy of empiricism and the philosophers that supported the idiotlogy that states what the senses grasp are the only thing that can be known. I would have to start the conversation pointing out that the essence of Genesis (ALEPH Bereshyt) was profoundly induced and brought into vibration of 7 (days) principles, that which can be heard produced from the sounds of sounds known as the voice of creation; thus vibrated (from sound) formed into light. Now please take into consideration that this is even before ANY physical manifestation comes into being.

Each of the Seven principles are expressed in the classic book called the KYBALION It was supposedly written by the three initiates, one of whom is considered to be Dr. Paul Foster Case one of the greatest practical Kabbalists of the past 50 or so years. Within his writing is contained much knowledge pointing towards truth which in turn acts as veils of the main principles behind which we find the principles of consciousness. One of the other initiates is believed to be Yogi Ramacharaka (aka William Walker Atkinson), while there appears to be a consensus (yet inconclusive) that the third person contributing to the book was a woman by the name of Mabel Collins (1851 – 1927) a gifted Theosophist and occult writer who was black listed by the Theosophical Society according to some accounts.  In some circles it is stated that the real author’s names were never used for the publication of the book because the principles and the philosophies that the book that presents cannot be credited to any person.

There’s a wealth of knowledge to be explored, discovered and applied that one is to distill in practical daily use toward the discovery of that sentient nonphysical principle that consciousness uses as a latticework or a loom to bring from the subtle and into greater ranges of densification until the formation of the physical senses originate from non-physical principles. The five physical senses then stand in relation of their proximity and incomplete comprehension to form and begin creating a picture of the world around you. Part of the nature of your senses is only to give their relation point to the external world thus rendering a perspective of your relationship that your physical senses have in proportion to the external world. It is within these physical senses we find the lessons of the Allegory of Platonic Cave; that the shadows we watch ‘come to life’ and dance on the wall of the senses are nothing more than that-faithful reproductions based on the limitations of our remarkable physical senses of the external world and yet incomplete, the apple is not red it only appears to be red based on the vibrational range they are capable of reproducing. Amusing at times, to see how many people are as yet deluded by the illusion created by the senses, yet some use the very same habit of delusion in their interpretation of sacred text. It gets even less amusing when unskilled interpreters operating in their ‘Disney Mode’ interpret hermetically sealed ideations, principles and knowledge with little or no regard to anything but the use of their improperly used imagination and then sometimes justifying their behavior by saying their infantilism is generating money to substantiate the use of their fantasy is a reality.

Time and time again we watch the reappearance of components of the knowledge and principles intentionally confined into symbols by the hermeticists and held with in small groups of selected people who were chosen for their ability to hold onto, convey appropriately with lucid accuracy the nature of the major principles of consciousness and the agency’s (laws) resulting from these principles out of which arise the natural polarization of conditions within the physical mundane world called everyday life. The last large volume of work that the hermeticists produced whereby they sealed knowledge into symbolic content was during the period of time prior to and upwards a bit from 2 BCE during the compilation of the components of what is commonly referred to as the ‘old testament’, wherein the content of the origins of creation were preserved in the sacred language of Hebrew wherein each letter represents a principle and unit of measurement and contains no vowels, unlike our synthetic linear language called English whose letters represent nothing at all. It is not surprising in the least to watch the attempts of untrained, unskilled yet highly imaginative people vainly interpret alchemical and or spiritual writings into misleading and misrepresented disinformation, much like the arrogance of presenting human induced global warming – the idiocy of which Lucifer must be laughing his ass off at human gullibility divorced from knowledge!

Fascinating at times to watch the prance, parade and dance of the human ego. A good percentage of people are suckered into the apparitions of their senses and accept their senses as the only thing that can be known and support their erroneous irrationality by the writings of lunatics such as Hobbes, Kant and Thomas Malthus to name only a few. There must be some great overwhelming sensation to succumb to such wailing and gnashing of teeth offered by the Sophists who use small pieces of this knowledge and agencies and laws to create conditions in which they can extract cash to parasitically live their lives. How? Create a gospel by writing a book, never mind that the knowledge inside the book was truncated and pieced together to fit what is pleasing to the eye of the creative artist who is painting a picture which is nothing more than an abortion of the original tenets of fractured knowledge from which the structure of the book was drawn; as long as people ‘buy it’ that seems to be all that matters in an age where consumerism and making money along with the worship of the dollar, certainty and sensation is the modern religion of the day.

Next stage is quite simple: getting some metaphysicians jump on the bandwagon by providing them with an audience and a stage financed by the brothels that are simply gaining profit while experimenting on social engineering by mood creating solace in the in the mental atmosphere by giving out mother’s milk to unsuspecting overworked adults thereby adding insult to injury by laughing at the true spiritual consciousness that resides within all human beings. Sophistry arises once again to the forefront.

Such a simplification is usually released at the behest of a larger group of behavioral engineers that are seeking to provide distraction via some illusory form of higher hope while filling their pockets with whatever national currency is held by the nation that the so called book of secrets is being sold in; belief structures can create the perception of a reality, but that perception of reality may bear no resemblance to the real reality it is supposed to represent and therein lies the danger. For the sake of brevity in this article please read this statement once or twice: there is no law of attraction. Once again, there is no law of attraction.

About now I should hear the gripe that the law of attraction is found in print (therefore it’s gospel) from many sources; I am aware of that, I am aware to cite one example, it is referenced in the Kybalion, where it calls attention to the law of attraction. I think is brought into the writing about ten times: you are correct it is right there in print and it is an occult BLIND. I’m going to say to you that the language that the three initiates operated within during that day and time was restricted by the knowledge and their ability to express that knowledge within the language of their milieu. One might also include the science of their time if one can refer to a genuine science, not science working at the behest of marketing which makes it nothing more than junk science. That aside, the authors used this BLIND employing the word attraction, blinds are a common occurrence in spiritual and alchemical essays and that is done intentionally. This intentionality is there to prevent those who would use the power that hidden knowledge can put into the hands of psychologically damaged people. Locking up the knowledge by hermetically sealing it with a ‘blind’ prevents perversion of its use. IF used at just its coded face value it will generate negative karma (law of compensation) if it is used as is, in other words, just the use of the word attraction leads to effects of misapplication and those responsible for generating its misuse will incur negative karma in this life or in their next.

Seven basic principles consciousness uses toward the ends manifestation and of those seven principles are as follows:


From the seven principles are generated laws which are agencies that enable the universe to produce a reflection in many aspects towards a physical representation that resembles some range of activity that the originating principle intends to bring about, some recognition of the consciousness that it represents.

The so called artificial law of attraction doesn’t exist as a law, but as an effect within the physical mundane world. That’s right, I said an effect and I am not talking about the principle of effect—if there is one, provided that ‘effect’ is not a blind being used within the principle of Cause, that being stated and not within the scope of this current article or argument for consideration. So what is being proclaimed as a law of attraction is BULLCRAP from the position of my tradition because attraction is an effect streaming from the principle of polarity using the law of desire. I would agree that there is a law of desire and that there is an effect known as Attraction that emerges as a condition in relationship to the law of desire. The question may arise as to why I am making such a deal about this and it is quite simple.

There are those who are blatantly bastardizing information while masquerading this information as knowledge when in fact it is not knowledge, it is only information and speculation from the realm of fancy circular reasoning and profiting from it at the same time. Problems are created by this type of irrational speculation in that it creates a form of the ‘emperor’s new clothes’ behavior being expressed verbally by a few people in pockets of mainstream idiocy which results in the parlance of “you attracted, it is your fault” another way of rationalizing the blame the victim lunacy which is being passed around quite actively by people from different tiers of life and seemingly more active from those within higher financial echelons to support their illegal and/or morally, ethically bestial behavior to justify and protect their cash flows. What a load of crap. Anyone who believes in the ‘blame the victim theory’ is a mentally disturbed person; they are insane-money does not justify or guarantee a person’s saneness.

Accountability I hear being shouted from some quarters; true I would say but what determines accountability? My first question to those who support the lunacy of blame the victim idiotologies is: should I hold your lack of sanity accountable for such flights of delusion which creates deviants who further tragedies such as Jerry Miller who served 25 years behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit, the 200 person exonerated by post conviction DNA testing by the Innocence Project? Where is the shout for accountability of those and the system that sentenced him? Isn’t the shout for accountability more than just a convenient conclusion for lynch mob mentality? It is complete lunacy to create a Tower of Babel that gives credibility to Idiotologies suggesting such things that the murder of innocent children or that the students at Virginia Tech ‘attracted’ themselves to the situation, that is beastialization from my view and you are in need of serious psychological intervention to believe such rubbish.

For Christ sake, some of you better find the light switch in your heads.

That is one of the reasons why there are ‘blinds’ put within written and oral traditions of spirituality and process, in this way, those who know and who have the keys to interpret correctly can distinguish genuine spiritual articulation from that of the jackasses who are making money by selling disinformation and profiteering from the Sophistry of their lunacy inside the temple. It’s as bad as the Nut Cases who are still waiting for the Second Coming of the Great One who are being guided by some slime bag preacher backed by a Hedge Fund convincing them that the Second Coming hasn’t occurred, when the fact of the matter is that the Second Coming has been happening since the appearance of the Great Rabbi known by the mainstream as Jesus.

Alongside Truth, not falsehood, it is a matter of knowledge, not perception.

Gratia vobis et pax a Deo Patre nostro et Domino Iesu Christo

( Grace be unto you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus )

Rev. David Strickler, Ph.D.

Qabalistic Minister


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