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Spiritual Climate Newsletter JANUARY 2007 NEW YEARS EDITION ~ INTRODUCTION



The Institute of Spiritual Climate

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Wednesday, January 31st, 2007

“Intelligent people know others. 

Enlightened people know themselves. 

You can conquer others with power,

But it takes true strength to conquer yourself.”

– Lao Tzu, the ‘Tao’


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Welcome Friends, Students, and Readers of Spiritual Climate!

Can it really be the end of the first month of the New Year already?  

Here is the First New Year’s Edition we have ever published, hot off the presses!

Dr.  Rev. Strickler delves into questions with his brief introduction to the New Year at Spiritual Climate with his article: “IN THE BEGINNING?”

Adam Crosthwaite ponders his experience of the opening in this New Year with his question provoking article entitled: “THE UNHEARD VOICES

Wendy Ford presents a shining light on a growing question of seductive behavior with her New Year offering of: “TECHNOLOGY: ARE YOU ITS MASTER OR SLAVE?”

Christine Ford parses the perception of time and emptiness in her New Year article entitled: “THE CHOICE IS YOURS: SO IS THE KARMA.”

The Staff of Spiritual Climate invites you to the wonders of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness to all who seek.


Best of Love and Life to You and your Family 

Christine Ford


About the Photo above:

The Sombrero Galaxy (M104) The disk displays dark dust lanes, where many young and bright stars reside. The Hubble telescope also shows that the glowing central bulge of stars harbors nearly 2,000 globular clusters of stars, 10 times as many as orbit our Milky Way galaxy! …HubbleSite NewsCenter.


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Spiritual Climate Newsletter JANUARY 2007 Part 1 ~ IN THE BEGINNING by Rev. David Strickler, Ph.D.


In the Beginning?

By Rev. David Strickler, Ph.D.

This being the first edition of Spiritual Climate Newsletter that has been published in January of any year, I would like to take a moment and wish the Best of Love and Life, complete with Understanding within oneself, to all for the movement forward as the sojourn of our consciousness takes place through the rendering of time and space. I would also like to extend my prayers of safety and compassion to all parents and their young women and men who are in the Armed Forces of the United States of America: Benedicat vos omnipotens Deus, Pater, et Filius, et Spiritus Sanctus! (May almighty God bless you, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit).

Everyone, at least from the responses I glean from readers who write in, may be a bit disappointed at the brevity for my column this month, but fear not, I will be back with my regular commentaries during the next edition. For now, I would only like to provide some food for thought, perhaps just some questions and some links, for it is not as important to what we know; the quality of the questions that we pose are far more substantive and crucial to disintegrate whatever sophistry may be demanding a claim to our perception and attention. I can give you an example of this in an article written by Jim Jubak in his journal on MSN: State of the Nation? Broke in where Jubak poses and reveals some questions never asked and breaks the silence on the honesty of economic revelations made in this Nation. Hats off to you, Mr. Jubak for having the courage to step out and speak up and put it in print along with Bill Fleckenstein who also publishes economic articles that pose different questions in order to point a finger in a direction that needs serious rational consideration: A Guide to Fleckisms will give you a taste of his extraordinary expository writing.

To those in the Christian community who are unaware of their escapism and delusional rant about the end of the world, I pray for you. Your dangerous hypocrisy and insanity wears colors brighter than neon when I hear some of you praying for the end of the world and in the same breath sputtering something about Pro Life/Anti Abortion all in one breath; you are insane! What about the 22.5 million or so American young women who have died in back alley abortion procedures since 1973, brought to my attention by an acquaintance of mine named Kuber? Either some of you need psychiatric intervention or you need to be seriously slapped awake. There are rational members within the Christian community rising up to dissolve the sophistry of your eisegetic fantasias: Terry Gross writes in his article, A Political Warning Shot: ‘American Theocracy’ , or Gary Leupp in his article, "Fighting for the Work of the Lord" Everybody’s Talkin’ About Christian Fascism and to be fair, one must include the contribution of the Dominionists to the psycho-religious Tower of Babel in articles such as Chronicles of the Beast, Beware the Dominionists and in Chris Hedges book, American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America who was interviewed on Talk of the Nation, just click the LISTEN icon below the title. I can’t talk about Dark Christianity – Dark Islam – Dark Anything without pointing out how some PEOPLE abuse any institution to suite their ‘privatized’ agenda. It’s the irrational PEOPLE – stupid – and how they wield their use of non reason, not the institutions or what is represented therein!

Speaking of Abuse, take a look at the abuse in this current administration pointed out in the House Hearing on Climate Change Research, January 30, 2007. (Real Player Link: rtsp://video.c-span.org/15days/e013007_climate.rm?mode=compact ). “Allegations of Political Interference With the Work of Government Climate Change Scientists” on Tuesday, January 30, at 10:00 a.m., in Room 2157, Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, DC.  If you copy and paste the above “rtsp:// . . .” link into your browser you can watch the Oversight Meeting on RealPlayer, good usually for only about 15 days. You can read some excerpts here: Investigation Documents Political Interference with Climate Science Communication , Climate Science Watch testimony at House Oversight Hearing. There will also be a hearing in the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation entitled Climate Change Research and Scientific Integrity, Wednesday, February 7, 2007 at 10:00 AM. You can find the latest details at Climate Science Watch.

What does this have to do with Qabalah? Plenty, starting off with the letters in the opening of Genesis:  ב ר א ש י ת (Bereshyt). I will only give you a hint here in these, the first Six Letters in the opening sentence of Genesis 1:1 – Bereshyt Barah Elohim et Ha Shamaim Vay et Ha Eretz – signify something Far deeper than the limited meaning of our conditioned colloquial translations, “In the Beginning”. The first sequence of letter Word/Utterance/Vibration ‘contains’ so much more than the flimsy, prostituted presentation uttered by people who use English in a massively disturbed fashion in translating an ancient Sacred Tongue. A closer approximation in the translation would be: Life and consciousness arising from WITHIN the principle of containment in cosmic energy (Hebrew letter Beth, a house, box, container), it does not come from outside the manifest universe – not from the without!

Look at the Life that springs from within you, its source is WITHIN. We are contained within creation; therefore, it is a Knowable and Understandable Universe, much to the chagrin of Aristotle and Kant.

January is the beginning of our ‘modern calendar’, which is an abortion within itself, signifying the beginning of our new year. What do you want to bring about this year? Peace, Prosperity and Understanding? Or are you just a sheep of the terrorism of Sophistry? Where to start? WITHIN YOURSELF – Lazarus! COME FORTH!

May you rise and awake from that portion of the dream of Adam that you represent

Rev. David Strickler, Ph.D

Qabalistic Minister


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Spiritual Climate Newsletter JANUARY 2007 PART 2 ~ THE UNHEARD VOICES by Adam Crosthwaite


 The Unheard Voices

By Adam Crosthwaite

The adverse effects of poor policy practices in this country are at an all time high. The tax payers of this country are beginning to stir and the politicians are finding reasons to squirm. New faces and new voices with new tactics are in the initial stages of effecting major changes in those policies, however there are many voices that are not heard; millions of faces and voices that have no say because they are too busy fighting too survive the fall out from the politically correct white collar genocide in this country that has been perfected over the past five decades. Due to sophist attitudes and the favorite argument of victim precipitation by those who quietly pull the strings from behind the scenes to manipulate policy in this world many voices have been stifled.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been tripped up by the system that was in place to save them from falling between the cracks. Children who see little to nothing of their parents because they both work two jobs in order to keep a roof over their heads and clothes on their child’s back. The parents, single parents mostly women, seem to be most affected, who are full time students as well as full time employed who are slipping through the cracks just as quickly as their non-parent counter parts. Most of these parents have been working since early teenage years and paying taxes.

In Denver there is a mom who has worked for the biggest telecommunications company in the U.S. for over thirty five years. After decades of service and sacrificing time with her family to travel across the country for weeks at a time she will not have the option of retiring with full benefits for another decade. She is fifty seven years of age this year and has little if any hope to enjoy a retirement in this life. She has spent the last three years undergoing surgeries and traveling as far as Ohio to the Mayo Clinic for treatments for an ailment. Her doctor finally decided to remove her tail bone as a last ditch effort to save her life. The doctor wants to put her in the hospital again in three weeks because she keeps losing weight even while she eats relatively healthy meals. Unfortunately she may not be able to visit her doctor much longer on account of the fact that in order to keep her benefits she will need to return to work before the end of January.

State benefits are out of the question because her husband makes enough money to keep them just barely above poverty level and that is enough to keep them from being eligible for benefits. Benefits that have been paid for are due to run out, there is little hope to maintain the mortgage that had been paid along with all the household bills for nearly thirty years. This is a family that has been paying taxes for over forty years, yet there remains an out of pocket cost of five thousand dollars that is being paid by the long term disability purchased over the thirty plus years of service which is due to run out in a matter of days.

About twenty five miles across town, a single mother with two boys has to fight to spend one weekend with her children because the city she works for can not keep enough people on the payroll to maintain snow plow shifts. Instead of spending time with her sons during the Holiday season last month she was out on the roads for twelve hours at a time clearing snow and ice so the others in her community could get home safely to their loved ones. She was home with her children on the weekend for the first time in almost a month.

In another city approximately 999 miles away there is young boy thirteen years old who sits in middle of a classroom hiding his head under his jacket, falling deeper into depression by the minute. A year ago he was in a fight with another boy at school. The other kid was hurt. The student who was hurt is still in the same school and attending regular classes. The boy who sits in a “self-contained class room” for Emotionally Disabled, ED for short, students was sent to this classroom in another school after a year of completing every program the district could throw at him. I was informed by his teacher that he had completed over four different programs in one year. This child has proven himself capable of not only complying and adhering to the rules of the district, but has surpassed them for over a year. All he wants is to get back into his regular school and attend class in order to complete his education. He cannot attend general education class in the school he was transferred to due to policies adopted by the district which were a by-product of the State policies as influenced by the federal program NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND!

This young man is one of millions of kids in this country slipping through the cracks every day. Those who preach to them about the great evils of gangs and street life are setting the stage for the streets to become the only apparent option for a decent life. After all, the family members who joined the gangs do stand by their word, though they may have other motives regarding the welfare of the community, they still do as they say and will never turn their backs on the members of their gang.

Jobs continue to disappear by the thousands and the demands on the service workers who remain continue to increase. As for the few production jobs that exist in the United States, many of those workers are either training people for their position to be out sourced to foreign countries or they are at the mercy of increased productivity demands in order for their employer to remain competitive with manufacturing in other countries. In 2006 domestic automobile manufactures lost over one thousand dollars per vehicle sold in the United States and are projecting further losses and deletion of jobs before the hopeful turnaround estimated to take place in two to three years, of course that is assuming things don’t terribly worsen before than.

Children in this world every day see the future they were promised melted into a pool of sludge in the flames set by the hands of those who promised them that future. By the time they grow up to be old enough to work full time and even vote the world they live in will have no place for these practices. Instead they will learn to fight with their hands and weapons in order to maintain their positions of stability.

This country has seen a glimmer of light in the midterm elections last November, as well as with the opening of the 110th congress this year with the new Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. There are some big changes on the way. This change is as equally overdue as it is needed. It was during the opening ceremonies for the new Congress that the gauntlet was thrown down when Pelosi decided to make history a second time in one day. After she was sworn in and the gavel was passed to her by her predecessor to the position of Speaker of the House, she called the attention of the world to the children. Every child on the chamber floor was called to the front to remind each man and woman about to be sworn into office that they are accountable for the future of the children. And each and every legislator in that chamber had to stand there and look those children in the face as they swore to uphold the principles of liberty that are in place to ensure that very future. Judging from some of the expressions in the room that day I’m not too sure how many of those people understood the importance of that moment. While the Constitution stands to ensure the rites of freedom, it is a privilege to be part of the system that protects and upholds those freedoms. In the days to come we will see just how impactual that moment of TRUTH was on the chamber floor that day.

The good news is that the voices of sound judgment are being heard in the committees that followed the State of the Union Address and first 100 hours of the 110th Congress. Voices demanding accountability from peers echo from both sides of the aisle are directed at everyone, not just a form of mud slinging.

Policies are being rewritten in this country and help is on the horizon, but I pray that in the haste to save the future our law makers do not miss the mark by forgetting the mistakes of their predecessors as well as those who remain in office shed their fears of the past and make the right decisions to save the future of this country.

It is in the humility of the moment when truth is honored and self preservation takes a backseat to accountability. It has been written that without humility there is no honor. It is the humility of honoring the truth regardless of the sacrifice that may be demanded in return that true honor and real strength are forged. However humbling ones self to the truth of a situation does not equate to acceptance of the situation. The State of this Union has been suffering long enough, it is time to honor that truth and let it be known that it will not be tolerated by those who pay for the mistakes of the privileged. There is no privilege without consequence and there is no reason for a nation to be turned inside out over such matters. There is a way for a peaceful and quick resolution to this situation that America is faced with.

There has to be accountability in this world, and for that the voices must be heard, the voices that have yet to be discovered. The voice of the child that slowly slips further away from a world that desperately needs his input has got to be heard even if only through the talent of the art work he pours his emotion into every day, the voices of children that can’t be heard by mommy and daddy because they are out working two or even three jobs just keep a roof over their heads.

Each of these voices is as precious as the tears that go unseen by those who give reason for their existence. These are the voices that are the missing colors in the mosaic of freedom. They are the foundation for the landscape of peace, for every day they go unheard a seed goes unplanted. How can there be any hope when the sun never shines on the young?

May the future be bright and clear for our country as the mistakes of the past are corrected by the courage and honesty of those who step forth to lead.


Adam Crosthwaite


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Spiritual Climate Newsletter JANUARY 2007 PART 3 ~ TECHNOLOGY: ARE YOU ITS MASTER OR SLAVE?  by Wendy Ford


 Technology: Are you its Master or Slave?

By Wendy Ford

Instead of using technology to augment and enhance their discovery of knowledge, not just accumulating facts, folks today are becoming enslaved by that very technology.

Before reading on you might want to try an experiment with this simple exercise: Turn off the phones, every one of them, the computer, the Blackberry, the TV, the stereo (sorry, I-Pod) and dim the lights. Put the dog or cat in the bedroom. Find a timer, sit down in a comfortable chair, set the timer for 10 minutes, OK 5 will do as I heard the groan and thoughts of “I don’t have 10 minutes”. If need be the bathroom is an excellent refuge and people will be less likely to bother you there. Close your eyes and just “be”.

How did you do? Did you start to feel agitated and restless? Did you have to jiggle your legs, think about all the things you should/could be doing instead of “wasting” 5 minutes? Did you even make it the 5 minutes? If you can’t sit alone with just yourself for 5 minutes you might be addicted to technology. You might be so enslaved by your senses that you can’t go for 5 minutes without being bombarded by sensations generated by your environment.

You Might Be a Slave to Technology If:

You can’t sit alone with yourself for 5 minutes in a quiet room. Being able to allow yourself to sink into and immerse yourself in the flow that is the very essence of the meditation of the Lord of Life, the Source that results in the manifestation of the Universe is so simple. Yet so few are able to quiet their actions and thoughts for even 5 minutes so enslaved are they to the input of the physical senses.

You haven’t had a meaningful conversation or dialogue with anyone including your spouse or family members that you can immediately bring to mind. Meaningful means more than how was your day (date, trip, concert, meeting, new car, night out dancing and drinking, you fill in the blank), or how are you (please answer in less than twenty words because I don’t really want to know and am only asking out of politeness or convention). Meaningful conversation means dialoging and discussing ideas, concepts, beliefs, feelings (yes those really scary, scary things that even you avoid to have self dialogue about), viewpoints, and opinions. It is the honest and genuine exchange of thoughts with another, the kind of conversation that you can come away from with a different perspective on an idea or concept that just might cause you to pause and reflect and actually change your mind about something.

You have no clue as to why you believe any of the things you do or how you came to believe them. Just take one belief or opinion. Upon what evidence and from what knowledge has that belief or opinion been formed? Which philosophical branch does it fall under, Platonic or Aristotelian/Sophistry? What historical evidence is there to support that belief or opinion? What is the opposite view? If are unaware of an opposing view then the equation upon which you have based your belief is unbalanced.

When was the last time you felt your physician or surgeon really listened to what you had to say? People skills or what we used to call a “bedside manner” aren’t taught in medical school with any import. Sometimes physicians get so engrossed in test results that they don’t really listen or see what the patient is telling them. A past episode of the television show House dealt with a patient who presented with symptoms and went through test after test after test with a multitude of treatments that were of no success. Finally one of the physicians looked at the blood sample under the microscope and instantly saw that a parasite was the culprit. But none of the mechanized tests had picked it up. The comment was something like, “If anyone had actually looked at this sample instead of using the computers we would have had the right answer a lot sooner.” Fortunately in my world of Home Health technology is pretty hard to take into a client’s home. My best tools still reside in my hands, head and heart.

You can’t remember what it’s like to watch the clouds move across the sky shifting shapes and taking on resemblances to animals or faces. Haven’t you recently even just stood quietly in the back yard or on your patio and just looked UP?

You take your Blackberry into the bathroom so you don’t waste any time.

You can talk on your cell phone, chat on line in 2 or more rooms and check your e-mail, grab a sandwich and soda, and watch a program on TV all at the same time.

You can’t make change for a purchase in your head. You can’t compute a 15% or 20% tip in your head. It has been proven that being able to do calculations in your head keeps your mind limber and active and just might help slow the effects of senility and Alzheimer’s disease.

You don’t carry any money or coins in your pockets. You have separation anxiety if you inadvertently leave your debit card at home.

You can’t read a clock with a dial on it and have no idea what to do with a rotary phone.

You didn’t realize you could boil water on a stove in a pan of water and you can’t use a manual can opener.

You don’t own any stationary. You know, the pretty paper that is used to write notes by hand on with a pen and then actually drop in the post box.

Your child can use a remote control device before he can get a spoon to his mouth.

There is rarely a conversation about anything while driving since each occupant of the vehicle is plugged into his or her I-Pod, Game Boy, cell phone or portable DVD player.

You don’t own any hardcover books and have never fallen asleep snuggled deeply into the bed pillows with the lights on while reading a book. Have you never been reading four or five books at the same time with a book going in every room? Instead you might be more familiar with the experience of nodding off and planting your face in your keyboard.

You have never had a library card, have no idea what the Dewey Decimal Point System is, don’t know what “the stacks” are and have no instant recall of the smell of the library.

You think a saucepan and wooden spoon have merely the function of being used to cook.

How many of you remember the delight and fascination with and the myriad of uses for a wooden spoon and a saucepan? Those 2 items could occupy us from the time we were old enough to hold the spoon up to puberty when other things started to take precedence. Initially it was just a delight to be able to hold the darn spoon and learn the many ways to manipulate it. It could be a great noisemaker on the high chair and as dexterity and ingenuity developed it could be used to shove anything onto the floor and provided endless glee and hours of pure delight training our family members to pick things up. Later we discovered we could shove disliked food items onto the floor and if we were very careful we could time it just right so that the family dog could catch the item without our parent noticing.

As we grew older and could sit unsupported on the kitchen floor Mom added the saucepan to the spoon and it wasn’t long before we connected banging on the highchair to banging on the pot. What a delightful sound as it clanged often causing the family dog to seek refuge out of earshot. Then we discovered the pot could be turned right side up and you could put things in it. Then take them out. Then put them back in. The pot could be a helmet and the spoon a sword as the knight went off to save the damsel in distress. The spoon could be a magic wand that stirred the potions in the pot. Or the spoon could bang a fine imagined tune to a unique rhythm on the pot. The spoon could be a microphone and the pot a fine hat as tiny voices exercised their power of music. Later as ambulation became possible the pot could be used to carry dirt from one pile to another in the yard, the spoon could dig the hole that we swore one day we could get deep enough to reach China.

All that activity from a simple saucepot and a wooden spoon. We didn’t need any high tech gizmos or gadgets. Sometimes I wonder if all the fancy bells and whistles aren’t more for the amusement of the parent than the child. Granted studies have shown that the introduction of bright colors is advantageous to the intellectual stimulation. I am not aware of any studies that have shown that learning to use a computer by the age of 3 has any particular long term benefit to the overall intellectual, emotional or psychological development of a child. More importantly has been shown the longer lasting positive effects of a young child being regularly read to and engaged in verbal communication and interaction.

NPR radio host Diane Rehm had a guest on her segment, The Diane Rehm Show, right after the New Year talking about the power of unstructured play and how critical it is to a child’s development. I only caught about 5 minutes of the show and didn’t catch her guest’s name. In further searching I did find an article about Dr. David Elkind that leads me to believe perhaps he was her guest that day. In any event Dr. David Elkind’s powerful article is well worth reading, The Power of Play, He states that we are robbing our children of the development of critical interpersonal skills by pushing them earlier and earlier into structured programs from preschool to after school intramural activities, dance lessons, music lessons, martial arts training, and the like. That the loss of unstructured play might actually have the effect of a disservice to our children rather than the benefit or advantage so hoped for with the best of intentions of parents and teachers.

Our educational system is now fully Information Theory based rather than being based in the format of the Classical Model. In the early 1950’s the Information Theory became popular and was introduced as the be all and end all for an educational system. It has since been disproved but somehow the Sophists have managed to ensnare our public education system and continue to ignore evidence to the contrary.

Our society has become so immersed and obsessed with the accumulation of bits of information and facts that many mistakenly consider this to be Knowledge. No longer does public education teach facets and aspects of critical thinking, debate, dialogue and true exploration that will lead to the discovery of principles and Knowledge. Knowing how to navigate through the Internet and run and manage operational systems can be useful when used as skills with which to use the tools to gather information and facts but if there has been no training in how to interpret, analyze and discern the import or meaning of the data there can be no true knowledge gained or discovered.

In her article, What is Classical Education Susan Wise Bauer writes, “A classical education is more than simply a pattern of learning, though. Classical education is language-focused; learning is accomplished through words, written and spoken, rather than through images (pictures, videos, and television).” “A classical education…has two important aspects. It is language-focused. And it follows a specific three-part pattern: the mind must be first supplied with facts and images, then given the logical tools for organization of facts, and finally equipped to express conclusions.”

The growing popularity of homed-based education programs gives hope that many parents are recognizing the increasing inadequacy of Public Education. Many home schooling programs are using the Classical Model and there are great resources on the Internet regarding the setting up of a home-based education program.

If our Public Education system were to revert back to the Classical Model that would mean people would actually become educated, become knowledgeable and be able to think. That would enable them to not become slaves to the technology and information but rather be able to actually become users of that information and technology in meaningful ways. They would be able to discuss, analyze, discern dialogue and ask questions. That would threaten the sophistry-based worlds of business and politics. The last thing they want is for the average Joe Citizen to be able to think, be able to ask probative questions and to want to have rationale and reasons for decisions. Wouldn’t it be awful if people were able to see through the illusions and actually see the lies and deceptions? Wouldn’t it just rock their world if people were to say, “Now wait a minute, just what is going on here and what are you up to? Can you explain the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How of this? And I am not going to stop asking or go away until I get an honest answer.” The last Autumn’s election results indicate that more and more people are starting become more aware and to question.

Please do not misunderstand. There is nothing wrong with having technology available for our use. It is technological advances in all areas that enable us to do many of the things we do every day and indeed our very survival is dependent upon it. It is a vital and integral part of our society, but having a society enslaved by technology is to be able to control that society. Keep the masses entertained and amused and they won’t notice what is really going on behind the curtain.

So, how are you doing? Are you a bit bothered and disconcerted? Are you starting to look at the ways you use or are used by technology? Do you have a different view of our Public Education system? Are you wondering how the effects of technology are affecting your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews? Good. Keep exploring and looking and examining and questioning.

May the Lord of Life provide the glass cleaner and elbow grease to enable you to see more clearly what is going on around you and breathe the air into your lungs with which to give voice to your questions and objections.


Wendy Ford


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Spiritual Climate Newsletter JANUARY 2007 PART 4 ~ THE CHOICE IS YOURS: SO IS THE KARMA by Christine Ford


The Choice is Yours:

So Is the Karma

By Christine Ford

Welcome to the year 2007; another year gone by! I heard someone say the other day, “Funny, time flies even when you aren’t having fun!” Interesting sentiment and expresses in part the multitude of comments I heard over and over during the 2006 holiday season regarding the incredible blur of the passage of time from Samhain (Halloween) to the heralding of the New Year on January 1, 2007. People of a cross section of all walks of life, areas of the world and even ages, children included, voiced loud and clear that there was just something “different” about the vibration of the holiday season, an intangible variable which made it seem almost hologram-like, a waking dream, even a “Non-Christmas” as some bluntly put it. Though they were following past holiday routines and rituals, coming and going, buying and spending, giving, and sometimes even receiving, the predominant murmur was that none of it seemed real. There was an emptiness and a hollow feeling of discontent where the usual holiday “spirit”, however one defines that, always was before.

Upon returning to the routine now that the season is over while attempting to settle into 2007, I find people still cocking their heads with a puzzled, confused expression on their faces, much like a dog does when he is trying to figure something out that is just beyond his awareness, and saying, “This was the oddest holiday season ever. Did YOU notice? What do you think happened?” In their words, they can’t believe that it even took place; it is almost as if everyone was drugged or in some kind of half asleep walking trance, watching the experience on a screen rather than living and participating in it.

Due to my intense training over the years by Dr. Strickler to hear the words and discern the actions of the world around me with attention to detail as the Lord of Life speaks through the fabric of everyday encounters and words of my fellow travelers, this message being broadcast from all sides was a screaming pattern I couldn’t ignore! The commonality, the all pervasiveness of the expression of similar feelings from such a cross section of the populace kept haunting my thoughts and has lead me down some avenues of consideration.

My first reflection was attached to my personal level of existence. The holiday season and actual day of Christmas this year was dramatically different for me, as it was the first Christmas I have ever spent away from blood related family, be it Mom, Dad and sisters or husband and children. Being with my Spiritual family in Phoenix for that holy time put the beauty and wonder of Christmas, the spirit and experience itself in a whole different arena, one that I cannot begin to share but will ever cherish. With it came the feeling of suspension of time, a positive expression of detachment and a most significant “other-worldly” feeling, but that was an individual occurrence and not an explanation for the all pervasive disconnectedness being expressed by the masses. My questioning had to continue.

Was humanity responding to a gradual occurrence of the speeding up of time on a grand cosmic level as the swirling spiral of the universe, both known and unknown, plummeted us into the “end of times” as predicted by the Mayans with the dramatic ending of their calendar in 2012? Had the fast paced life style we have deviously been indoctrinated into by the productivity chant and relentless demands of the work place finally reached intolerable proportions and caused the mass mind to snap, taking the illusion of time to a whole new warp speed, similar to that which one experiences when they are severely deprived of sleep and a point is reached where automatic pilot just sets in and though the body keeps going, there is little conscious awareness or participation in that which is happening? Could our senses have become so numbed and isolated by the microwave instant gratification expectations produced by the advancement of modern technology that in comparison to the glitz, color, action and sound of a video game, computer enhanced virtual reality, or banal, impersonal meanderings of an online chat room the face to face experience of real time friends and family sharing an experience of love together, without all the bells and whistles, had paled to the point of not even registering on the skewed Richter Scale of our senses that we have allowed to control us by the gluttony and engorgement of constant input of information and artificial stimulation? Might the sensations be the result of a physical phenomenon exacerbated by the increase in solar flare activity, Earth’s movement through the Photon Belt, the predicted Pole shift, Global Warming, or a combination of any and all of these?

Oh yes! I concluded that all of the above explanations were part of the weave of the tapestry that intertwined to cause the mass illusion of an oddly strange holiday season never quite experienced before. The Mayan predictions have been around for some time, and do bear validity and correspondence in our tradition as well as some others. The frantic life style we are forced to lead most certainly is pushing people to the brink of insanity and detachment just for the sake of self preservation, making time a precious commodity; there was a TIME I can remember when there was TIME for everything, but that TIME has passed. I have no doubt at all that the rampaging march of modern technology is developing a whole new breed of so called human beings who will end up with a variety of devices implanted into their bodies to enhance superficial information gathering and external exchange which they will define as communication, totally lacking the human element of true interaction and dialogue, while becoming more deeply enmeshed in the virtual world of impersonality and machines. And finally, our physical vehicles must be influenced by the physical impressions made upon our Mother Earth as we spin around on this third rock from the Sun!

All of these are contributors to the feeling of the past season, but I was not satisfied nor could I stop searching for more. My heart and mind kept hammering me with the nagging question, “Is That All There Is?” and the answer kept coming back “No you Dimwit! Can’t be! Keep asking, seeking and knocking!” After much meditation and contemplation, a final thought just plain slammed into my awareness with an impact that could not be discounted and seemed to me to complete the picture on many levels. I wrestled with putting it in print, as my usual writings tend to stick with the facts and not venture into the arena of “perhaps”, but this came through with such clarity and firmness that I must include it. Disclaimer! This may have sprouted from a seed planted at some time by Dr. Strickler; though I cannot pinpoint nor remember his having spoken the words verbally, I also do not feel I can take “credit” for having originated it, but here it goes!

PERHAPS a subtle, yet powerful quality of the vibration of Yeheshua (Jesus, Christ Consciousness) never before available to this level of physical manifestation was rained upon the masses this holy season, spilling down in a relentless torrent from The One, flooding the entire plane and every level of consciousness with a blinding flash of the experience of contact with Soul. Much as Adam is still sleeping and has never been awakened, perhaps the ring of the alarm clock of humanity was sounded this holiday season, as it is each year on Christmas day at first light, with an added intensity and demand from the sounder of that alert, Shaddai El Chai, The Living and Almighty God, to shake up the masses and get this show on the road, with the admonishment of “For God’s sake, for YOUR sake, Wake the fuck up before it’s too late!”

Perhaps all levels of consciousness were given a brief glimpse of the enormity, timelessness and infinity of the Soul, whether they were on a conscious Spiritual Path or not. A vibration of such purity and intensity would register and resonate within their consciousness and sphere of sensation. All of the manifest universe would by Law be unable to deny a response, thus creating a mass altered state experience dependent upon the capacity of individuals to understand and internalize that vibration. Just how that dynamic outpouring and inrush of Divine beauty and truth would be perceived, retrieved and translated into their actual understanding and waking awareness could be the touchstone for the feelings of disconnectedness, emptiness and waking sleep state, almost as if being placed in a state of suspended animation. The issuing of such a vibration by the Lord of Life would have an impact that would continue to influence and, yes, confuse and overwhelm people long after the initial event, causing them to question and wonder what the Hell…or Heaven…had happened.

As I mentally replayed the comments I had heard during the season, a chord of knowing was struck within me as to the similarity of the descriptions being relayed by those around me and specific impressions that I have had over the years; this never before experienced feeling people were so desperately and inadequately attempting to describe and seeking an explanation for has become an occurrence which has become both familiar and even anticipated and desired by me as I have walked the Path. I must admit that in the beginning of my journey I was totally thrown into a panic of fluctuating wildly between fearing that I was losing my mind, questioning whether I had been secretly drugged, or wondering if I was actually dying and this detachment was the beginning of the loss of the physical sensation of having a body, but the overlay of my past experiences had a commonality with that which was being expressed to me through my verbal encounters with the questions being asked about the “strangeness” of the season. It is somewhat amusing now as I look back on those frantic moments and the accompanying tears, panic, confusion and hysterical phone calls to David and Dianne for reassurance and reality checks from their point of wisdom and understanding, with sincere gratitude for their patience and gentle guidance through those new experiences!

Over the years I have grown to welcome these moments of seeming disorientation sometimes accompanied by overwhelming sorrow and emptiness. I have come to know that I will experience the same feeling again and again with varying nuances as I continue to move forward gaining more conscious contact with Soul, emerging from each “dipping” (to steal a term from David) brighter, stronger, and with an increased conscious awareness of Who I Am. There is a distinct and undeniable commonality between that which has been expressed by those around me this holiday season and the experiences I have over the years come to treasure and hunger for, which I have come to know are beautiful moments of true contact and communication with Soul.

In summation (to high-jack another word from David) it is my occult opinion that this holiday season we were all blessed with a rare rending of the veil that separates our mundane physical existence from knowing the True Beauty of that which we eternally are, Soul in manifestation, a physical being having a Spiritual experience. Granted a glimpse of Soul awareness, each and every consciousness in physical manifestation shared the common experience of being touched by the enormity of grace and compassion held within the communication with Soul, and to borrow from the quote we used to open our December Edition of SCN:

“Even in the darkest dark of the Human Soul,

It was there the Word burned brightest

And for a moment, I was blinded.”

. . . Archangel Gabriel

(Christopher Walken, Prophecy 3)

For a moment we were given a glimpse of that Soul which we were, are, and forever will be, and for a moment we were blinded. In that instant we were forever inexplicably altered, for that expression of The One will continue to reverberate through the universes and our beings for all eternity.

The question I pose, my friends, is what will you do with this unique gift you have been given: Bury the flame deep within your heart and extinguish it, or allow it to blaze through in acts and deeds? Deny that it might have happened, just hit the snooze alarm, roll over and continue sleeping the unawakened sleep of Adam, or attempt to shake off those bonds of sleep and begin to open your eyes, minds and hearts? Keep bumping blindly into the same old walls of limitation you set up for yourself by following the same old patterns of denial and ignorance, or ask, seek and knock, questioning a Spiritual Teacher, yourself and your Soul for more awareness and clearer understanding, wisdom, and knowledge?

Given this beautiful expression of Soul, what are YOU going to choose to do with it? The choice is all yours, you know. That is your right by the use of Free Will you have been given. For your sake, and for the sake of awakening humanity, I implore you not to blow it by continuing in your ignore-ance and challenge you to for once actually act upon a decision and DO something.

May you allow the brilliance of Soul to shine through the stupidity of your preconceived, shallow existence and ask the questions of Truth and Beauty that lead to further Soul communication and conscious awareness.


Christine Ford



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