Spiritual Climate Newsletter JANUARY 2007 Part 1 ~ IN THE BEGINNING by Rev. David Strickler, Ph.D.


In the Beginning?

By Rev. David Strickler, Ph.D.

This being the first edition of Spiritual Climate Newsletter that has been published in January of any year, I would like to take a moment and wish the Best of Love and Life, complete with Understanding within oneself, to all for the movement forward as the sojourn of our consciousness takes place through the rendering of time and space. I would also like to extend my prayers of safety and compassion to all parents and their young women and men who are in the Armed Forces of the United States of America: Benedicat vos omnipotens Deus, Pater, et Filius, et Spiritus Sanctus! (May almighty God bless you, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit).

Everyone, at least from the responses I glean from readers who write in, may be a bit disappointed at the brevity for my column this month, but fear not, I will be back with my regular commentaries during the next edition. For now, I would only like to provide some food for thought, perhaps just some questions and some links, for it is not as important to what we know; the quality of the questions that we pose are far more substantive and crucial to disintegrate whatever sophistry may be demanding a claim to our perception and attention. I can give you an example of this in an article written by Jim Jubak in his journal on MSN: State of the Nation? Broke in where Jubak poses and reveals some questions never asked and breaks the silence on the honesty of economic revelations made in this Nation. Hats off to you, Mr. Jubak for having the courage to step out and speak up and put it in print along with Bill Fleckenstein who also publishes economic articles that pose different questions in order to point a finger in a direction that needs serious rational consideration: A Guide to Fleckisms will give you a taste of his extraordinary expository writing.

To those in the Christian community who are unaware of their escapism and delusional rant about the end of the world, I pray for you. Your dangerous hypocrisy and insanity wears colors brighter than neon when I hear some of you praying for the end of the world and in the same breath sputtering something about Pro Life/Anti Abortion all in one breath; you are insane! What about the 22.5 million or so American young women who have died in back alley abortion procedures since 1973, brought to my attention by an acquaintance of mine named Kuber? Either some of you need psychiatric intervention or you need to be seriously slapped awake. There are rational members within the Christian community rising up to dissolve the sophistry of your eisegetic fantasias: Terry Gross writes in his article, A Political Warning Shot: ‘American Theocracy’ , or Gary Leupp in his article, "Fighting for the Work of the Lord" Everybody’s Talkin’ About Christian Fascism and to be fair, one must include the contribution of the Dominionists to the psycho-religious Tower of Babel in articles such as Chronicles of the Beast, Beware the Dominionists and in Chris Hedges book, American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America who was interviewed on Talk of the Nation, just click the LISTEN icon below the title. I can’t talk about Dark Christianity – Dark Islam – Dark Anything without pointing out how some PEOPLE abuse any institution to suite their ‘privatized’ agenda. It’s the irrational PEOPLE – stupid – and how they wield their use of non reason, not the institutions or what is represented therein!

Speaking of Abuse, take a look at the abuse in this current administration pointed out in the House Hearing on Climate Change Research, January 30, 2007. (Real Player Link: rtsp://video.c-span.org/15days/e013007_climate.rm?mode=compact ). “Allegations of Political Interference With the Work of Government Climate Change Scientists” on Tuesday, January 30, at 10:00 a.m., in Room 2157, Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, DC.  If you copy and paste the above “rtsp:// . . .” link into your browser you can watch the Oversight Meeting on RealPlayer, good usually for only about 15 days. You can read some excerpts here: Investigation Documents Political Interference with Climate Science Communication , Climate Science Watch testimony at House Oversight Hearing. There will also be a hearing in the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation entitled Climate Change Research and Scientific Integrity, Wednesday, February 7, 2007 at 10:00 AM. You can find the latest details at Climate Science Watch.

What does this have to do with Qabalah? Plenty, starting off with the letters in the opening of Genesis:  ב ר א ש י ת (Bereshyt). I will only give you a hint here in these, the first Six Letters in the opening sentence of Genesis 1:1 – Bereshyt Barah Elohim et Ha Shamaim Vay et Ha Eretz – signify something Far deeper than the limited meaning of our conditioned colloquial translations, “In the Beginning”. The first sequence of letter Word/Utterance/Vibration ‘contains’ so much more than the flimsy, prostituted presentation uttered by people who use English in a massively disturbed fashion in translating an ancient Sacred Tongue. A closer approximation in the translation would be: Life and consciousness arising from WITHIN the principle of containment in cosmic energy (Hebrew letter Beth, a house, box, container), it does not come from outside the manifest universe – not from the without!

Look at the Life that springs from within you, its source is WITHIN. We are contained within creation; therefore, it is a Knowable and Understandable Universe, much to the chagrin of Aristotle and Kant.

January is the beginning of our ‘modern calendar’, which is an abortion within itself, signifying the beginning of our new year. What do you want to bring about this year? Peace, Prosperity and Understanding? Or are you just a sheep of the terrorism of Sophistry? Where to start? WITHIN YOURSELF – Lazarus! COME FORTH!

May you rise and awake from that portion of the dream of Adam that you represent

Rev. David Strickler, Ph.D

Qabalistic Minister


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