Spiritual Climate Newsletter DECEMBER 2006 Part 2: AGREEMENT REALITY by Adam Crosthwaite


Agreement Reality

by Adam Crosthwaite

Perhaps it is the change in perception I have experienced in the past year or so, but I can’t help but notice the wailing and gnashing of teeth this holiday season as people repeat the same old American holiday practice of standing in checkout lanes for hours on end. And yes I said HOLIDAY. That comment was directed at the fundamentalist crybabies that believe any other tradition that does not follow their own religious-political structure is wrong. And if anyone reading this is starting to feel uncomfortable about that statement, GOOD! Pay attention to that pulling, twisting feeling that is starting to drive you to anger. Now you have a reason to wail and gnash your teeth, and not just because you can’t get through the checkout lane quick enough to grab the last Play Station 3 on the shelf! If any one can explain why the importance of material exchange is so high during the holiday season I would gladly look them in the eye and tell them to grow up. Dollars and cents do not equate to love. Further more the narcissistic ranting of the religious zealots in this country, mainly the mainstream Christians and let’s not forget the Evangelicals, need to stop spreading their own philosophy of politically correct peripheral crap!

It was just last year we listened to all the propaganda over the whole Christmas greeting fiasco. Remember the politically correct greeting? “Happy Holidays” I believe was the so called insult that people felt so burdened by. Remember the out pouring of martyr syndrome that accompanied retailers’ efforts to not insult any one? It must have been the underdeveloped or perhaps the combination of maladjusted and underdeveloped personalities that reacted to the politically correct greetings. I can’t recall a Christmas that had been plagued by so much garbage as last year’s. Everyone wanted in on the action. It was as if the Christian community was waging war on every other religion and tradition out side of their own secular belief structure. For a while there I thought it must have been a slow month at the abortion clinics and the fundamentalists had to seek a new target to fill the hours.

In the middle of all this propagated crap no one stopped to question why this was happening. Was it a mere coincidence that this was occurring at the same time that more people had started to voice their distaste towards the war in the Middle East? People were talking about not having their loved ones home because of the ongoing shipments of U.S. solders overseas.

It was the tunnel vision of the communities that enabled this agreement or rather consensus reality to take shape and form in the guise of politically correct jargon. People were so dissatisfied with the mistrust and misuse of power witnessed by the American public in relation to the War in Iraq. The agreement came in the form of people sharing a reality and misshaping that reality due to an emotional eruption from the masses of consumers. People took their frustrations out on a public icon such as Wal-Mart.

Now why Wal-Mart? Wal-Mart, which produces no value-added whatsoever, dominates the geometry that governs the U.S. consumer society. America consumes goods that others produce, which Wal-Mart markets. As I have come to find in a recent assignment for my class in Research Design and Analysis Class Wal-Mart seems to be taking quite a few hits politically as a major player in the current economical cycle of America right now. Take all the political distrust and anger felt by the general public and give it a target such as the icon of the big smiley face. Interestingly enough the same feelings directed at the Big Box retailer was the feelings expressed by people in this country regarding the current administration which has been referred to as a regime many times in public articles and reports. People lacking the ability to honor the truth took it upon themselves to target this American icon of mistrust and adopted the agreement reality that this is the evil empire that needs to be taught a lesson. All this energy spent in the efforts to save face within their own misdirected egoic and adolescent personality, instead of admitting they were wrong to trust a group of individuals (corporate Wal-Mart; government, White House) with what ever level of trust they may have turned over.

Call it a theory if you like I am just calling things as I see them. Take a large population of people that share a fear of the unknown. Throw in a few good reasons for them to mistrust and in many cases feel oppressed, although they may remain ignorant as to the true point of origin for that oppression and mistrust, and they are going to explode in one way or another. Give them a fundamentalist point of view on life in general and you have a potential confrontation on your hands. All you need now is a repressed, genuine target. And there you have the formula for an emotional eruption due to pent-up anger and frustration being directed at the most convenient target available. It almost seems that the behaviors of the mainstream Christian fundamentalists bear an eerie resemblance to a shadow cast from the bomb blasts that are destroying towns through out the Middle Eastern countries.

This image reeks of Orwellianism as it stands as a testimony to the ugly side of the human ego as goes unchecked by discerning minds. Orwell never failed to show in writing how the ego in operation behind the scenes, as it went unchecked by discernment, would reach up and manipulate as it had been trained to by the mind it is mentored by.

Taking into consideration the fact that no one wants to be wrong and that most of the people screaming about the insult to the Christian community, being what they consider ignored, it’s no wonder the argument lasted as long as it did and retailers cringed as the holidays approached this year. The fundamentalist jerks that think they own the patent on the celebration of light birthing into the physical world known as Christians have got to stop and question themselves. As the Christians don’t hold the patent on the holiday season they don’t hold the patent on being jerks about the whole thing either. There is a plethora of fundamentalists screaming from the heights proclaiming martyrdom year round and even more so during the Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, and Holiday season.

Last year in midst of all the ranting and raving of fundamentalists arguing over who owns the month of December a child very eloquently showed me just how simple life can be. I walked out of the laundry room of my apartment complex and he was playing outside on the lawn. He may or may not have known about the grand political dance of the fundamentalist crybabies that was going on at the time. He just looked at me with an incredible light beaming through his smiling eyes and said, “Happy Kwanzaa!” I couldn’t resist smiling as I responded, “Happy Kwanzaa to you too.” That had to be one of my favorite encounters for the year. Here a little boy, couldn’t be more than nine years old, greeting me at the door and wishing me the best of the love that was gifted to the world and all that lived upon it. I confess myself ignorant at the time as to what Kwanzaa truly meant but that didn’t stop me from hearing the true message that was conveyed in that little boy’s words. All that mattered at that moment was the statement behind the statement which was uttered from the mouth of that glowing little child as he smiled the smile that only a child wishing the best of love to a total stranger could have.

As beautiful a moment as this was I felt a tug from inside me as I realized how precious the moments are when children shatter the barriers of those that build in the name of ignorance. It is the children who will build upon the foundation of this agreement in reality or chose to tear it down to construct a solid and sound foundation. How I long for the world to live in such a moment if only for a few minutes such as the shining of first light as the very best of love kisses the horizon on Christmas morning. It is the ignorance and arrogance of those choosing to play along in the agreement of a false reality that are responsible for the degradation of human life in this world. It is in the non-acceptance of this agreement reality that the change will take place and give room for truth to light the way to a solid foundation for future generations.

All through elementary school and on through high school I remember celebrating all forms of the holiday season. From Mexico to Canada, Japan, Russia, Germany, South America, the African Nations, Native American and Middle Eastern traditions were all honored by the kids I grew up with and the schools saw to it. So why are we seeing the political and religious communities fighting over ownership of a world wide celebration?

In closing this holiday message I would like to wish you the best of the love and light that gave birth to this world and all its inhabitants. In all parts of the world and to all the soldiers across the world, on both sides of the line, no matter where you read this or in any language it may be read in, I wish you the very best of the love that gave birth to you in this world. To all of the children in the world and throughout the traditions that celebrate life and love including those that celebrate each day as if it was the first and last day of the year, may the love shared by all be given and received freely as it was meant to be.

May the blessings of the life power find you in celebration this year…


Adam Crosthwaite


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