By Rev. David Strickler, Ph.D.

It is sad and unfortunate, in a way, to experience the movement of a family member’s passage from this life into their next stage of life which we bereave as death here in this world. I will take a moment to send gratitude this Thanksgiving out to those people and families who are involved in defending our nation, currently and in our past. I would also like to extend my most sincere condolences of empathy for those people near to me who have lost loved ones, in particular: Jewel, for the loss of her husband; Julie, for the loss of her mother; Dawn, for loss; Kay Marie and her family for the loss of her mother Lorna Jean King, who founded the Children’s Center for Neurodevelopment Studies in Phoenix , Arizona, pioneering breakthroughs in Autism with her discovery of sensory integration techniques. Since the death of my mother when I was 18, I have a relation point for what you may be experiencing; my door is open if there might be anything I can do for any of you. I hold a bereavement ceremony for the families of all those who have gone forward beyond the physical aspect of life, once a month every month so you are in my prayers and services.

Fortunately there are periods of time that human beings have collectively made space for gatherings, contrast and just plain relaxation from the demanding routines of Life as complexity has further promulgated its presence in society. With reluctance I must admit that this secular holiday season has seized me with adroit swiftness and surprise: Thanksgiving is just around the corner, it would be fitting and proper that Americans be off the ENTIRE week of Thanksgiving as well as the Christmas week. Greenspan and Bernake can take the productivity mantra and stuff it where the sun doesn’t usually shine, unless it is in the favor of those who are making usurious leaps on the interest rates charged for commercial goods and services.

Think about it, feel it or do both; contemplate the space and time that activities occupy the vast expanse of your senses. When do you take a time out? Who the hell ever told you that you were not allowed to take time out for some quality silence with yourself? Multinational Corporations operating in America, (note I stated operating here, not American corporations) really need a referendum placed upon their excessive demands. Why you say? Because they are in service to America and in America where it is a Privilege and not a Right to do business and use the resources of the greatest Nation on Earth, let alone the resources of its Capital and bank of human experience and knowledge.

Someone ought to tell them to get the hell out of here; we just don’t need to close the border’s, we have not only an illegal-alien / immigration problem that has gone unchecked for years, we have a Corporate migration problem that is slowly but surely expropriating, abusing and siphoning off of productive powers of the American people, this Nation, through suave and obvious to some, manipulation of elected political leaders through earmarks, and just pure Corporate Hostile TAKEOVER legislation be fought over in both houses. Much of the legislative product coming out of our current political tar-pit was predicted, what is missed in the media is the obvious nature of these fiscal and monetary policies: Genocidal in short and long term effect. Bloodless Genocide, how quaint, no wonder we can’t do anything in DARFUR when we are philosophically impaired in a similar event in History right here in our own Nation going on silently, disguised by the parameters of profit and policies, not being overtly as explicit as the murder of Socrates by the Sophists. No blood, just poison: IDIOT LEGISLATION designed to slowly cut off the life supply of those who need it. By the way, for those poor political cultists who are standing around Ronald Reagan’s Tomb chanting, “Lazarus, come forth!” should seek psychiatric rehabilitation and contribute something worthwhile into the world that you desperately seek to steal from others.

It appears as though some Americans have awoken from the slumber produced by some of the noxious emission of the current day sophists that are found in every job and in every place, albeit many are still groggy from their intake of the foul odiferous conversations trying to disguise themselves as actual Dialogue and debate within accurate historical context. The American people better do something more than just the election, because the infantile Neo-Conservative movement fathered in this country by infamous and irrational Leo Strauss, need to be pushed back into their mental diapers where they belong, pounding on their high chair demanding to be fed and in most cases ignored because they are severely limited by the dominance of their reptilian portion found in the human brain, bound into bondage and servitude paying homage to their fears and hungers.

The classic example of complexity I give here is that of the emergence of Neo-Colonialism under the crafty, stylish, guise of Globalism; belched up at every opportunity like a cantor in a church, this chorus/mantra is currently being burped up as accepted banality, like after thoughts resembling nothing more than the excrement of pseudo answers continually erupting from the vociferous mouthpieces of seriously lacking cogent political leadership, evident in the world and in particular this Nation, the United States of America, which by the way George Allen, is not a representative democracy, we are a representative republic. Thankfully, there appears to be a core of conscience left in America, at least from what I can tell about the November Ballots. Clearly, a mandate was given to our representatives, both the democrats and republicans, if you are not going do the work of the people you will probably have over 200 million descending into Washington D.C. to physically remove all of you out of offices of the Whitehouse, Senate, Congress, Judicial and Pentagon. Frankly, that wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

Who and or what affected the outcome of the current election on November the 7th in the U.S.A.? My answer would be: The True Illuminati, not those purported to be the Illuminati by the mainstream deification and mythology process; not those who carry on with high trade, money and business commerce and of course mega bucks incorporated purchasing power, no not those individuals at all. Those whom I am speaking of are Those that can’t be found, looked for they cannot be seen, the true and invisible order, hidden without the trappings of extreme wealth and money used for power, I am talking about true power: the ability to move a principle of truth through the mass of humanity to get them to wake up and start taking care of some things before they are invited into permanent somatic servitude in order to disassemble what this great Nation stands for, which is not by the way, acting as if we are fighting terrorism on the terms of the terrorists by using campaigns of fear to promote hasty changes in the very foundation that constructed this great society we live in, a land flowing with at times, milk and honey. The Promised Land that ennobles the nurturing of every individual to afford the entire nation its strength to pursue Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, yes, it says happiness, NOT property.

To further answer the question in the prior paragraph, simply put, about the True Illuminati; I am not referring to those whose understanding of that term that have anything to do with Freemasonry, Aliens, Bilderbergers, UFO’s, or even secret societies or blatantly misrepresented and abused by some referred to as the ‘Secret 9’ which, to the knowledge I hold, have been misrepresented by certain publications implying some form of ‘StarGate’ conspiracy resulting from garbled communications distorted within the underdeveloped human egos picking up some of the communication from the ‘Secret 9’. I am presenting a description of the term from what I know given to me from my Oral Tradition, for this modern age and bringing it back up to the surface where it has been held captive in the passionate prison of the human imagination and anecdotal references in some of the minor works within history where the word appears in the past 50 years. Regardless, I am not referring to what is commonly thought of or spoken of as the Illuminati in mainstream or semi mainstream (semi-esoteric) media or circles of communication/entertainment.

Quite simply, the True Illuminati are human beings who occupy this dimension both in a physical body-container and non-physical body-container (such as the great Rabbi YHSVH {Jesus}, who is still alive) and they do not need microwaves or satellites to communicate with each other or with humanity. They do not need airplanes to travel to meet each other, they do not require money, businesses or governments for power, for they have use of the only power there was, is and shall be. They do not ‘channel’ dolphins, horses or pet-rocks and have no religion to speak of nor are held captive by some political system or political party and these advanced members of humanity have been here longer than the Christians or their adolescent siblings called Islam, longer than any of the pantheistic religions that reigned in cultures prior to Christianity, residing here within the earth plane ever since the Ha-Qabalah was referred to at the inception of creation in the modern day Christian synthesis of the bible which initiated approximately 2 BCE (before the common era). They were here prior to pre-dynastic Egypt much to the soon to be found chagrin of modern scholars.

These advanced members of humanity work quietly behind the scenes hidden in plain view in everyday life, some of them are street sweepers, some of them are doctors, some of them are in the high mountains surrounded by the chanting of whatever religious order is culturally present, because God is both Mono/Polytheistic and is MULTILINGUAL. They are not out signing books or being interviewed by any of the facileness of modern news commentators, they will never be found or reveal themselves. You have heard some of them speak, as thoughts emerging out of your conscience urging you to go beyond the fears created within the first two layers of your mammalian brain or you have heard them speak as inspiration that engages the best within mankind. Therefore, they will never be found nor have they anything to admit to if they are asked for they JUST KNOW, nor will they be found in the synthetic fabrications of what some refer to as groups such as Skull and Bones crap or any of the mainstream mythology that has been created, as an ephemeral projection by imitation of the presence of the True Illuminati in this world and its history over the past epochs and millennia of influencing humanity toward greater perfection and greater freedom to find the truth, some of which was hermetically sealed into the Kabbalah (yes K in this instance not Q) generated from the Jewish tradition during their captivity in Babylon.

These True Illuminati carry the banner of the LOGOS and its sound emanates from the PEH within them to aid the world toward greater freedom through increasing education though acquiring knowledge, raising intelligence and opening the Heart to Right Action by recognizing the Truth that speaks through the doorway of the true human heart: those actions which give form and definition to that true human (spiritual) potential that resides within us all. The communication of the Illuminati is received within the Unitary Principle of our human consciousness and can be worked upon within (as inspiration for example) through and in the discovery of principles that shape and operate the physical world found by proper use of reason: pure principles provoking inspiration that leads to the practical discovery, application and usefulness both in the production of things and in the production of awakening the minds and hearts into knowing the beauty that truly resides outside the darkened outcast areas within the human psyche that is used at times for rationalizing the destructive behavior of the animal part that shares coexistence with human consciousness.

The True Illuminati don’t need televisions, silicon technology or mechanical apparatuses for that matter, so who are you trying to fool? They are hard to find and recognize because they have neither fame nor notoriety. You think that they need money and political prestige for power? Maybe apes in suits do (not intended to offend the ape kingdom) but human consciousness does not need those tinker toys. Nor do they need space ships to appear as though they have descended from the heights of some future form of humanity that is returning to the past in order to prevent future catastrophes created by the licentious and morally depraved brethren within the current lot of ADAM (Hebrew: translation: bag of blood, generic humanity<plural>) called human beings. Here is where I would share consensus with Dr. Gerry Lower’s statement that “The "second coming" is when you religious people stop talking about Christ and start thinking like Him, instead of thinking like the despotic Roman Emperor, Constantine.” The fact of the matter is that the Second Coming is in process since the crucifixion and resurrection, nothing to wait for at all!

The True Illuminati do not need religion, therefore do not distort religion or use religion as a scapegoat in order to rationalize abhorrent, murderous behavior to force people into some pre renaissance witch’s brew designed to put nations into some form of cookie cutter type Nationalism, where I have stated before and I will state again: Religion used to vindicate insanity is no longer religion. They recognize the need for religion to be used as the initial starting point toward the discovery of the truth of WHAT IS, as the scaffolding that enables a person to draw the latent potential of the pure Soul and Spirit into fruitful emergence into this dismal plane of borrowed light, the discovery which takes us into the true image and likeness of that which created us, however one defines that. These Illuminati also recognize that it must be discovered, because God never intended to step in and whisper in someone’s ear because of the FREEDOM given in the use of God’s WILL—-that right there is where humanity get’s into trouble, the free use of that WILL in whatever capacity that we have to use it and engaged it.

Why is that a problem? Because that Unfathomable WILL emanates from the heart of the ‘universe’ wherein the immanence Truth resides and sits quietly hidden all the while profusely pumping and radiating LOVE, whose primary message and function is to reveal that that WILL is nothing more than the WILL to GOOD, and when mishandled or misused, we suffer the consequences for how we use the power that was given to use to use when created in the image and likeness of the creator.

Too may people often mistake the scaffolding for the finished revelation, in other words, too many people mistake religion as a final result, religion is only the scaffolding upon which we are able to convert our ignorant portion of selfhood into a reasoned faith and most importantly a life filled with light, abundance and stamina to get through the lowest level of creation that isn’t finished yet, the physical. Proselytization is an Interior event sponsored by the initially frightening communication that occurs from within the level of our Soul to the flickering consciousness that we here represent: we can only proselytize the container, the bag of blood that we currently are swimming in part-time! I say fear because of the reptilian part of the brain that senses keenly through its millions of years of background as instinct becomes alarmed first at the contact that part of use that is SOUL and in some cases especially in this society, its shadow is only first recognized within the cave of the reptilian portion of our mind and is interpreted as something harmful—ergo the existence of the devil.

Humanity is at a threshold where it will determine how to use the philosophies, sciences, commerce and religions that enable Self-Discovery and the principles, agencies and conditions inherent within ‘the crown of creation’ known as humanity in Qabalah, for their use in the physical plane to be a part of the Genesis process, which at the macro level of on going Creation involves three basic activities of ONE Energy: integrative, disintegrative and equilibrative. It is my view that humanity is waking up to the possible and probable evolution of itself and this will pose a challenge because humanity at its current stages of devolution is a very mixed lot ranging from older souls to the warring adolescent souls in some of the religions, political and secular functions of its inhabitants and a boat load of baby souls who still haven’t attained the discernment to function outside of their fundamental derivation of how their senses create and sensate the world around them (the sun revolves around the earth types).

So the Challenges are great and that will require leadership to come forth in humanity to stand both individually and collectively. Will the True Illuminati come forth and lead? Not likely, that would be far too Egoic, besides, the last time a great one was sent humanity thought they murdered him off by crucifying him. Likely they will strongly inspire and open up more light to pour down into the world for all of humanity to stand together and tell its childish leaders to get off the stage and get a life, while kicking corporation off the face of the earth that expropriate Nations and contribute to the genocidal determinations of their extreme gluttony for large bottom profit lines at the expense of the elderly, sick and psychologically/physically maimed people in this world. Likely they will continue behind the scenes, preferring to remain a mystery and yet be the fertile ground that legends such as the immortals, the master’s of wisdom, or whatever any other name in any culture refers to them as be they Buddha’s, Founding Fathers, or Ancient Ones.

Let us give thanks for their intervention into this plane over the centuries and for their genuine benevolence of non interference and policy of non-domination instead of slavery. Let us give thanks for those members of humanity that have heard the call from these agents of GOD and tried with their best abilities, to shatter the shackles of ignorance that bind current members of all humanity in this world in the further participation of Sophistry; that my friends is the only evil in this world. This evil is man made, it can be defeated, not through war, but through a process of enlightenment that sets the world to shine with the reality of the gift of our Beingness by bringing to the surface in this world what we genuinely are. There are no races, there is only ONE humanity.

We do not need to pray, we need to get off our asses and do something about this world to leave it a little better place than when we first came here. That is why it appears as though God is not answering prayers, for behold, we are ‘created in the image and likeness of THAT WHICH WAS, IS AND SHALL EVER BE’ – we were already given everything within that we need, to pull from. Prayer does little for any situation where God has ALREADY placed within you the capability and skills to master any situation, unless of course you are praying to God to shake you AWAKE.

We have much to be thankful for, and for Christs sake, we better get off our ass and slap silly those members of humanity who wish to steal it from us and our children’s children no matter WHO or WHAT organizations they are: corrupt trade and commerce, corrupt business leaders, corrupt politicians, corrupted people from any walk of life that worship at the altar of SOPHISTRY.

May your Thanksgiving be blessed with Genuine HUman ness,

Rev. David Strickler

Qabalist Minister


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