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Sunday, November 19, 2006


“Nothing in all the world is more dangerous

than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

…Martin Luther King Jr.


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Welcome Friends, Students, and Readers of Spiritual Climate!

Where has all the time gone? What a whirlwind of a month! People in this area of the country are already putting up Christmas decorations, yes the cactus, homes and shopping stores are being dressed in lights in preparation for the holiday season that is upon us. It is sometimes hard to believe that it is November, did Kronos (father time) put some Teflon on the current movement of time over the past eleven months? Must be what Dr. Strickler means by his humorous chant, “History is the asshole of time, investigating our own crap can pay off immensely.”

Fasten your seat belts, get ready for Dr. Strickler’s article in this edition, with the revelatory and provocative message exposing the men behind the curtain in his article: “A TRUE AND INVISIBLE ORDER – THE TRUE ILLUMINATI ?”.

Wendy Ford takes the bully-pulpit by drawing your attention to what is going on in the current health care legislation fiasco in: “LEGISLATED GENOCIDE”

Christine Ford shares her experience teaching in the world of AUTISM and the gifts she has acquired from the mentors in her life journey with her article entitled: “LORNA JEAN KING: a TRIBUTE – THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD”.

Adam Crosthwaite shares the adrenaline of his true moments of parenthood that sometimes face other parents in this twisting world: “A TEACHER’S BLESSING

And last but not least a warm welcome back to Goldfern, who makes his annual return to the newsletter with his article “AMUSED OR BEMUSED”, sharing his thoughts and experiences collected on his journey along the path of return.

May this Edition of the Spiritual Climate Newsletter inspire you to attain that true human potential that resides within us all and bring you to the acknowledgment and understanding of Truth as it orchestrates within the Dance of Life that pushes you toward ever greater personal freedom.

Welcome to the NOVEMBER 2006 EDITION


Hmmmm, I smell pumpkin pie!


Christine Ford

Editor, Spiritual Climate Newsletter




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