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Sunday, October 08, 2006

“Education used to defend ignorance is no longer education;

it becomes nothing more than a class in persuasion of Wall Street advertising”

. . .Rev. David Strickler

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Welcome Friends, Students, and Readers of Spiritual Climate!

Welcome to the Equinox of Autumn and the October 2006 Edition of The Institute of Spiritual Climate’s Social Commentary Newsletter. Though we at Spiritual Climate have observed silence for a few months, as explained in Dr. Strickler’s article, we are back in full swing with thought provoking, insightful commentaries to make you stop, think and question. Hopefully you will join us on this never ending journey of discovery via the joyful process of agape as you surrender to the experience of allowing creaky, weathered doors to be kicked open and dusty veils to be pulled back from shuttered windows creating an aperture for the light of Truth to filter in and shine into the nooks and crannies of your stagnant, moldy old ways of looking at this mixed up world of ours! Perhaps brings up a picture of a haunted house, hhmmm? Ah yes, ‘tis the season, my friends. Be ever watchful!

In this month’s Edition, Dr. Strickler, in his unique style, weaves a message of heartfelt knowledge relating his process of stroke-recovery and past memories to challenge us all to recognize our personal worth and relevance to making change in today’s society in : “I am BACK, a BRIEF OBSERVATION, a SYNOPSIS”.

Wendy Ford compares the Sophists of our time to the bullies of remembered schoolyard days and challenges us all to stand up for that which is rightfully ours in: HEY! GIVE THAT BACK!”

Christine Ford shares her views on expropriation and the Hell that is being created within our society as we ignorantly acquiesce to the bureaucratic Sophists who are having a hey-day not only with our time and money, but with our Souls and Spirits as well in “NETWORK REDUX”.

Adam Crosthwaite shares his pain and joy of growth as he questions himself right out in the open for everyone to see, AND relate to, in: QUESTIONING EVERYTHING, ESPECIALLY YOURSELF!

May this Edition of the Spiritual Climate Newsletter haunt your waking time as well as your dreams, may it speak to you in phrases and in whisperings until you acknowledge and understand the Truth of the extreme severity of the dilemma that our great country faces, and begin to awaken to and take action to prevent the ever growing threat to your own personal Freedom.

Welcome to the OCTOBER Edition 2006 of the SPIRITUAL CLIMATE NEWSLETTER.


Christine Ford



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