Spiritual Climate Newsletter MAY 2006 Part 4 MEMORIAL DAY, by Rev. David Strickler, Ph.D.





By Rev. David Strickler, Ph.D.


It would be my hope that amidst the preoccupation with sports, booze and trivial celebrations on this particular holiday there are people who take into account the foundation and deeper meaning for Memorial Day.  Those of you looking for some background to communicate to your children or friends much history and links honoring the sacrifice to defend principles of humanity can be found here:  U.S. Memorial Day History and Information on U.S. War Memorials.  I use the word principles as to bring forward a comment that Franklin D. Roosevelt made to Winston Churchill and the British government before World War II as the United States of America was to embark into a genuine war:


"We Americans may have some disagreement among ourselves as to what we are fighting for, but one thing we are sure we are not fighting for is to hold the British Empire together. You can’t understand us at all unless you realize how much principles mean to us. We fought you on principle in the first place." — Franklin D. Roosevelt, "Open Letter To The People of England", published in LIFE magazine, October 12, 1942.


On this memorial day I have to pause and ponder whether the understanding of the word ‘principles’ that FDR used resonates with any greater strength, understanding and meaning or is it now just regarded as a word that holds only value in the preoccupation of doing business and making profits, instead of the principles represented within the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.  Historical record states Benjamin Franklin voiced his concerns about the duration of the SOVEREIGNTY of this Nation against the madness of Monarch’s, Feudalism or anything resembling King George III, the Land Owners or the John Locke type Financiers when a question was posed to Dr. Franklin in the following anecdote:


A lady asked Dr. Benjamin Franklin Well Doctor what have we got a republic or a monarchy — "A republic," replied the Doctor, "if you can keep it."  Anonymous, from Farrand’s Records of the Federal Convention of 1787


I have sincere doubt that the principles that were fought for, defended and built this Nation are the same ones used by the current Globalists  who are quietly using their large repository of purchasing powers in this Nation and in others around the world toward the reemergence of slavery, Neo-Feudalism.  For a brief overview about the Globalists from a religious point of view start here: Father Malachi Martin – Interviews: April 18, 1996 Part I.  Indeed, in a day and time when we literally need to Send-A-Brick – Secure our Borders! to our representatives in order to get a point across, I believe there are plenty of Americans who will defend the Principles upon which this Nation was built, before it is sold to the Globalists manipulating, suavely and with great ingenuity, some our representatives and politicians in power, like well kept Sadducees of the Globalists during the time of Rabbi YHSHWH (Jesus).


Memorial Day, for me this year is a strange holiday in some respects because it partakes of memory and boy has my memory undergone some resorting and changes since the stroke I experienced in my body little over 20 months ago.  I can’t remember much of what I was like in terms of my personality characteristics and behavior when I look into the past of my memory to find a relation point for what I am sometimes feeling and experiencing in this new now.  I do remember many of the events and occurrences that happened in my life stream that is called David Strickler, but I cannot ‘feel’ what he was like I cannot seem to summon up anything.  I can recall what appear to be other people’s responses and feelings they displayed, but not my own in those situations.  This is about the best way I can describe it as I watch people pause to my presence or behavior in this current now at points of conversation.  Maybe this is just part of the reassembling process.  It is a strange feeling though let me say that.


This Memorial Day I will remember my mother’s parents who came over from Europe before their countries were consumed by war.  I will also remember my dad’s parents because my grandfather on my dad’s side served in the U.S. Navy.  This will explain the picture I used for this months Spiritual Climate newsletter, an ore freighter on one of the great lakes, which I imagine to be Lake Erie.  My mom’s parents both worked in the steel industry:  I can remember grandpa, when I was but a child, showing me his little notebooks that he used to keep track of how many bars he rolled in the mills as he used his machinist skills he brought over from Europe.  I remember my grandpa on my dad’s side, who served in the NAVY, taking me down to Captain Nick’s marina when the Naval vessels came into port in Lorain Ohio. He took me through the ship, it was huge.  I understand why he enjoyed being down at the marina and how proud he was of one of his boats, the mahogany ChrisCraft speed boat. I will take the time to honor my grandparents, from my dad and mom’s side, all of whom have passed away.


I will also take time to remember my late mother, Patricia who died at age 42, who passed on February 28, 1978 for the gifts of empathy, compassion and listening that she gave to me.  I will also remember my dad who lives in Florida from whom I gained my penchant for discovering the truth and living the principle of honesty to the best of my ability.


This Memorial Day also represents a fond recollection of having ‘recovered’ my brother and sharing time and communication with him and his son in this life.  I also miss not being able to see my sister and her husband and family, as I recall my niece Chelsea whom I once held in my arms as a baby who is now grown and going to college.  It is good I had a chance to meet my nephew and niece when my sister and I had some time when I went back to visit my dad when he lived in Ohio some years ago.


Memorial Day also represents the musical group INTRINSIC FACTOR which was composed of the musicians, Tom Maruschak (bass guitar and sound engineer extraordinaire), Dottie Thompson (background vocals) and myself (main vocals and guitar).  I recall the gigs and still cherish the relationships with these two great musicians and skills that I gained from that profound musical experience in my life as a guitarist and writer from the interpersonal relationships with these special people and other professionals I encountered such as Dave Glen, Rick Wagner and my jazz teacher, guitarist John Simsic or other great guitarist’s such as Ron Zehel (link:  RON ZEHEL GUITAR CENTER).


I also have thanks to give to those who fought for me and my becoming in the Oral Tradition, my mentor and teachers, all without whom, I would not be where I am today with my ability to teach and convey the spiritual principles that I have come to hold regard and live by to the best of my ability.  It is from this tradition that I draw the vast unseen support of those who have gone before me and who took the time to teach me principles, their analysis and expression  of the mysteries that come from consciousness being the source of physical nature.


To Dianne Krall, whom I admire and hold in friendship and respect, for her help and tireless support, from whom I learned much in how to communicate and connect with people and more than I could give here in such a short summary and for my ‘crew’ who have hovered and supported me through my healing crisis since my stroke, thank-you. 


For all other people too numerous to include in this short article, who are either alive or who have passed on whose lives I am touched by and learned from.


We are at a cross roads where I believe we will have to choose between having Freedom and not having Freedom.  It is my sincere wish and hope, that we continue to honor the Freedom that the great spiritual leaders brought into this world along with its political impact; that we hold onto those principles that FDR so tenaciously fought for even against those business leaders in this country who sought to bring to an end to this nation.


In close, I am posting lyrics from a song I finished just last year in July of 2005, called ONCE MORE, to which I dedicated in fond memory of my cousin Doris who helped me get through my mother’s death.  Doris was murdered in Florida when she was 35, in front of her two year old daughter, back in the early mid 1990’s.  Doris came with me in 1979 when I first went into the recording studio with Tom Maruschak (bass), Gary Chopchinski (drums), Dottie Thompson (back up vocals), in Lorain, Ohio to watch us record the first song I had written, Lonely Lady and the rough cuts of my second song entitled Bright Morning.  My cousin Michael had also come to witness the birth of my first songs, even offered the use of his reel-to-reel TDK when the studios reel-to-reel broke down.



By David Strickler

ONCE MORE, All words and music © 2003 by David Strickler,

Reproduction prohibited without consent in writing


Maybe we could chat for awhile about all the things we’ve done

Before the shadows cast along the bay

Draping my life up in the sweetness of your sound

Your voice became the sunlight of my day

And if I knew where you were going to

You know I’d like to be with you

Once More


Maybe we could chat for awhile beneath the setting sun

The stars announce the night has come to stay

I shared your life that wrapped us through that walking town

With starlight from your eyes to light my way

And if I knew what we were growing to

I’d change my life to be with you

Once More


Staring at the water’s edge I see you start to frown

Your hopes and dreams had somewhere washed away

Clouds of darkness stirring winds and wicked spells

Within your heart all doubt was making waves

The rushing tide about to swallow you

And drown the life that harbored you

Once More


Maybe we can chat for awhile about all the things we done

Before we say our good byes today

Maybe I can tell you about all the things we would have done

Instead of placing flowers on your grave

And if I knew where you were going to

I’d want the chance to shelter you

Once More


And if I knew where you were going to

I’d take your hand and walk with you

Once More …

Once More …

Once More …

Once More.


Here we are at another Memorial Day.  It is my fervent hope for your life that you uncover the source immanence, its principle and the understanding of how it freely brought about the vast expanse we witness within the physical fabric of life from its non-physical articulation.  We can track the true nature of Freedom back toward this source referred in Ha-Qabala as represented by the symbol of ALEPH, freely expressing within the confines of what is known by the Hebrew letter YOD.


May you remember the power of Life and the ways in which it has touched you,

Rev. David Strickler, Ph.D.

Qabalistic Teacher & Minister



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