Spiritual Climate Newsletter MAY 2006 Part 3 A TOUCHY SUBJECT, by Christine Ford



A Touchy Subject

By Christine Ford


The beginning of this article might seem like a bit of déjà vu to those of you who read my article last month in the Spiritual Climate Newsletter.  I just got another nudge via that great talking box of consumerism, advertising, societal engineering and subliminal programming otherwise known as TELEVISION!  Please keep in mind Dr. Strickler has assiduously taught us that the Lord of Life speaks through the fabric of everything around us, and will use any and all people, places, things and experiences to get through the thick hide of our MISperceptions to drive home a point.  When Soul and Spirit are demanding to be heard, there are no holds barred when it comes to using any venue for communication. 


It just seems kind of incongruous in a twisted sort of absurdly paradoxical way that the very medium I have come to abhor is giving me ideas for my articles; especially considering the extremely limited to the amount of time I allow brainwashing from the Boob Tube (HA!  A reference to Wendy’s article!) to interfere with my process!  WHEW!  Consider for a moment the amount of time YOU allow your attention and focus to be bombarded by the finely tuned and engineered opinion altering media bullshit and the influence it may be having on your thought processes, growth, habits and life. . . But that’s sort of heading in a direction that would be an entire article in and of itself, so back to the point at hand!      


The fact that I have no cable hook up permits me to receive the audio portions only of two very static ridden, almost unintelligible channels, providing I position the rabbit ears just right; one touching the sliding glass door, the other resting on the doorknob of my apartment door.  I listen this way each morning to the local weather report and traffic tie-ups as I get ready for school.  It has been a blessing on several occasions when I have changed my route to school to avoid highway accidents, grabbed a Benadryl if the pollution index is astronomical, or tossed a jacket in the back of the car given the rare report of COOL weather in Phoenix! 


On the morning of May 16, however, I heard one of those quick news blurbs that made me rip the curling iron out of my hair, run into my living room naked and stand with my mouth open in front of the wavy lines flipping around on the screen. Shouting like a crazy woman at that box of delusion, I borrowed a cherished line from Dr. Strickler’s cell phone ring options, “What the Hell do you think you are doing?” 


Upon first hearing the report this one blasted me even more than “Youth-anasia”, but in hindsight, I can hear my inner voice saying to me much in the way Dr. Strickler has in past instances, “So why are you so shocked?  You have been fine-tuning your discrimination and are in the process of learning to read the writing on the wall before it’s even there, right?  So what’s the fuss, Gus?  When are you going to get over being astounded by the stupidity and blind unquestioning acceptance of the herd mentality?  Just how damn long is it gonna take you to realize that the majority of the “talking monkeys” (Credit for THAT descriptor to Christopher Walken playing the Archangel Gabriel in the Prophecy series of movies) out there are just waiting for the next sensational technological deliverer of information to come along? Come on now, you KNOW they are just drooling in anticipation of what ingenious device will come along next to occupy every waking moment of their Borg driven lives.  That way they do not have to stop and ponder what LIFE is, what their Soul and Spirit might be holding in potential for them, or what Truth there may be within this infinite plane of manifestation.”


So, as you can surmise from the impending rant looming in the offing, this one was a biggie.  Are you ready?  The news announcer was singing the praises of a new form of programming which a parent can subscribe to that runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, called BabyTV. . .  special programming for day time and night time, geared towards entertaining and educating YOUR child, replete with music, pictures and soft voices!  Just park your little one in front of the Boob Tube and you’ve got that perfect babysitter!  No joke.  I’m not kidding.  Please check it out at this link BabyTV!  I hope you are as appalled as the psychologist who was making a strong commentary and warning parents about this program being detrimental. I was and I am hoping you advise your would be parents to consider the same.


If you are a long time reader of the Spiritual Climate Newsletter, then you are familiar with my extremely strong positive bias about stay at home moms.  In my book, if you can’t make ends meet by scrimping, saving and giving up the luxuries that two incomes are a “necessity” for, PROVIDED you are not a single parent, then you’d better damn well NOT have kids.  What is the purpose of parenthood if you see your kids for an hour in the morning, an hour at night and MAYBE on the weekends?  Who the hell is raising them, nurturing them mentally and emotionally, establishing a code of morals and ethics which will mold the rest of their lives, touching them, holding them, teaching them love, self esteem and respect?  Kiddieland Daycare?  Give me a break! 


Okay, so as if that’s not enough, voila!  Enter stage left BabyTV to fill all those other moments before and after daycare!  Are you really so desperately in need of a few spare minutes that you are willing to sacrifice the rare, precious gems of “quality time” that you DO have to instead expose your child to the programming of consumerism, negating the joys of real live personal encounters and experiences?  Doesn’t something about the extreme of programming of this type for BABIES totally scare the Hell out of you?  If it doesn’t WHY doesn’t it?  To quote again, “What the Hell do you think you are doing?”  Better yet, “What the Hell do WE think WE are doing?” or are we even thinking at all?


When my kids were little, much to the chagrin of grandmas and aunts, I NEVER allowed them to “cry themselves to sleep”.  The comment I heard over and over was, “Just let her cry.  She is fed, dry, not sick, and all she wants is attention.  She JUST WANTS TO BE HELD.”  Well, excuuuuse me!  Could someone please tell me what is wrong with wanting to be held, to be comforted, to be snuggled and talked to?  Where is the extreme sin in wanting to have human contact, to be touched, especially considering the past nine months were spent in that warm, dark womb being soothed and comforted by the motion and the sounds of the Mother’s body? 


My kids are grown now, and I can assure you, I am not still rocking them to sleep at night.  I do, however, have beautiful memories that I will cherish forever of the intimate moments I spent with each of them, communicating in an expression that preceded and far surpassed the spoken language they later developed.  And I must admit that the need to “be held” is something that I still on occasion cry out for, even at the ripe old age of 57.  Touch is undeniably the sense from which all other senses spring.          



In Qabala and the Tarot, the sense of Touch is embodied in the ninth Hebrew Letter, Yod, the Hermit.  Yod is the letter, the impulse, from which all other letters of the Hebrew alphabet are formed. Yod exemplifies the mode of consciousness of the Intelligence of Will, The Primal Will to Good that permeates and sustains the very existence of all that we are within this physical plane of manifestation.  The sense of touch is the sense from which all other senses flow,   as vibrations “touch” the organs of physical sensation –  ears, nose, eyes, tongue, and skin – resulting in the creation of our perception of the physical manifestation around and within us. 


Without touch, babies fail to thrive.  Without the touch of the Sun, plants wither and die.  Without the touch of a voice, a hand to hold, a shoulder to cry on, a smile, this world becomes inhuman and even colder than it is now. We are turning the precious interactions of parents passing on their humanity and love to their children into a televised series of hypnotic mesmerization of scientifically produced color and sound. We run the increasingly evident risk of becoming dehumanized, trapped within our own little boxes of video/sound stimulation thereby losing that very essence of our being.  It is my fear that we are allowing those very qualities that make us human – the need to be touched, to be held, to be nurtured and to be loved – to be programmed out of the human psyche to accommodate some farcical coercion of certainty.


What ever happened to the HUMAN interaction between parents and kids?  When did hugs, kisses, intimate verbal exchanges, songs sung and silly made up games played between parents and kids turn into the impersonality of a TV screen singing lullabies and ABC’s?  Will the babies born in today’s world be brutalized by the incessant bombardment of technological video influence so overbearing and hypnotic that they become part machine themselves, not knowing where to even begin intimate emotional interactions, not even desiring touch or human companionship?  I truly fear that this is the future our civilization is headed towards.  Yes, I know it sounds extreme, but if I had a panic button to push, I would be POUNDING it right now.  When will enough be enough?


May you be stirred by the touch of the outpouring of your Spirit and Soul and in turn reach out and extend the touch of beauty and grace to those around you before there is no time or space left in which to make contact.


Christine Ford




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