Spiritual Climate Newsletter MAY 2006 Part 1 THE BALANCE OF THOUGHT, by Adam Crosthwaite



The Balance of Thought

By Adam Crosthwaite


I have come to notice something about people as I expand my awareness in this world, people don’t know how to think!  I am starting my third year in my “internship as an adept” with Dr. Stickler and I have barely come to grips with the fact that I have a long way to go before I can claim mastery over my own thoughts!  Every time he asks me what I think I feel myself cringe.  A voice in my mind says, “What do you mean think?  He is still learning how to think”.  Then I scramble to process the information to present it in some tangible fashion.  I bite my tongue in order to with hold the very comment in my mind from vibrating out into the physical world.  I offer the response, “I can tell you what I see…” knowing full well that part of the time I mistranslate the pictures that present themselves to me. 


Since we are usually in the car during these exchanges I find myself pausing to catch a slight smile from him out of the corner my eye.  The sure sign of acknowledgement that he knows that I know that he knows that took way to long for me to respond.  Two years and my ego still has not caught on that it can’t hide behind a steering wheel.  It is at these times I feel like a gyroscope whirling across the room out of control.  Usually it helps to recall some of the revelations Dr. Strickler has used to guide me with in our past dialogs.


The revelatory process of watching may grant elucidations to a mind that understands the energies in motion within a given space.  Watching people in the world reminds me of a gyroscope at times.  I see David and Dianne holding fast to an intense center of balance like a gyroscope spinning at its maximum speed.  It stands poised and vibrating at a rate that keeps it tightly aligned on its axis.  Never stagnate always in motion the gyroscope stays on the axis and can travel along a path without losing velocity or balance.  It takes a long time to learn and master the techniques to maintain such a velocity especially in this world.   And needless to say it takes a tremendous amount of focus and balance of thought to maintain this delicate form of equilibration with the storm of horizontal pressures ravaging the physical plane of existence.  


Gyroscopes are interesting little creations.  A sphere within a sphere, one wheel in the center supported by an axel reaching from above to below; the gyroscope is the perfect metaphor for the operation of Spirit and Soul through Consciousness in the physical plane.  The initiation of motion by pulling the string is much like the exercises and tasks given to the student by a Spiritual master.  The task in this case is to make contact with the Subconscious, likened to the threading of the string into the axel, then to draw the momentum out of the core of the Subconscious into the Self-conscious.  This would be like pulling the string. The spinning of the disc attached to the axel could be seen as Self-conscious action in the field of operation created by the two spheres.  I am not the inertia of the axle’s motion that keeps the instrument in balance.  Rather it is the disc connected to the axel that supports the balance by its rotation around through the space created by the surrounding spheres. Now I SEE why Dr. Strickler uses the metaphor of the gyroscope with his students.


I see myself, at the times when I am able to step out of my fixated perception and see with out bias, as an off balanced gyro. It is at this point that my field of operation is open to the process of thinking with the application of questions.  That is the proper questioning of the internal as well as external variables in this equation of balancing thought and motion. 


I watch the alternating position of the gyro with its slight tilt on the axis it struggles to keep speed.  Slowly it starts to osculate from one side to the other as it searches for balance. Many times we find ourselves searching for a balance in our lives as we move from one polarity of negative or positive to the other and then back again. 


At times it may seem that people bump into the barriers that exist on the periphery of our field of operation.  Although the boundaries may be non physical at times the friction of colliding energies is felt through out the conscious mind in operation at that moment.  Here we find the limitations of our knowledge as we struggle top gain the momentum we lost with that first contact with the barrier. 


Now stop scathing your head for a moment and let me explain how this is possible.  Time!  Is time not a nonphysical barrier we find ourselves colliding with on a continual basis? As the constraints of time approach dose not the twinge of panic grow into a full spasm?  It would be the equivalent of the night before the final paper, a trap I personally have been caught in far too many times to count.  The negative aspect of time, as in the lack of activity in my space before the encroaching deadline collides with the positive aspect of time, being the finished product from activity taking place. This has been a constant and frustrating barrier for me along my path for quite some time now. The consequences of this friction are easy to see, another B on my transcripts instead of an A.  Or even worse, a public record of my work which fails to reflect the true potential I could be presenting if only the positive energy of my space was applied correctly.


The lack of foresight or rather the inability to think clearly and accurately is what leads to these collisions of energy.  The art of thinking is ever growing in clarity as Dr. Strickler teaches that thoughts are nothing more than energy in motion.  This tends to shed a new light on thinking. 


In my experiences with overcoming my personal issues with the help and guidance of my mentor, David, I have found that the right questions have a way of pulling the right string so to speak.  It never seizes to amaze me how David knows what question to ask to motivate a person.  I can be sitting there in his living room talking about a personal issue I may be struggling with at the time.  Than a question is asked, “Why did you do that?” or, “What are you going to do?”  One question leading to another the tension builds like a string being wrapped around a cylinder or rather an axle.  Suddenly the answer comes poring out like a string being yanked sending thoughts out into motion spiraling into action in the physical world.        


As I catch myself in the spasm that signals the lack of balance in my space I have found that remembering that thoughts are energy in motion refocuses the picture so I can see more clearly.  Once I understand what I see the process of organizing thoughts becomes much more fluidic.  


Perhaps it would do us all well to remember that energy in motion never dies.  It never goes away.  Rather it transforms into another form of energy or is redirected.  An example of this can be seen in the verbal cortex of the human brain.  Once a child reaches the age of seven the verbal cortex starts to mature.  As a child increases in verbal acuity the brain starts pruning unused portions of the surrounding cortex.  This interaction of negative and positive energy allows the brain to balance its self out in the stages prior to puberty. 


What an amazing feat if one could reach into this Subconscious process and draw it forth into their Self-conscious field of operation for working through and within boundaries.  What if we can all balance our selves by learning to think as clearly as our Super-conscious Self?  Well that would have to be a later article seeing how the Sub-conscious is the beginning of our link into Super-consciousness, you know the two rings on the outer parts of the gyroscope that I haven’t mentioned much until now.


Not every one is as blessed to have a teacher to show them how to pull their own strings.  Not everyone is willing to admit they haven’t the faintest clue on how to think clearly without barriers.  And while some barriers may be useful and at times necessary, the mind is one place were barriers can be a hindrance.


With guidance and great patience hopefully we all someday be will be able to pull our own strings as suavely and with great ingenuity as Dr. Strickler and Dianne.  It is within us all to think in clear and balanced terms.  It is when the barriers of thought slow us down that we get in the way of our selves.


Until the seeing of thought is clear and balanced we will continue to watch the world osculate in and out of chaos.  The pendulum like motion gives the illusion of the spiraling out of control.  Take for example the Earth.  If it were to move 90 degrees on its axis to the opposite 45 degree angle it would appear to circle its self as it vacillates around to its opposite side.  The spiral motion we experience in our personal vortex of expression in this plane is also expressed in the world as things seem to change over night from bad to worse and than gradually back to the opposite end of the spectrum.  It will only change if the right questions are heard in order to facilitate an honest and balanced train of thought.  Only then will an equilibrated mind function and maintain an order of balance both in our own personal expressions and as a society.   


So what do I mean by knowing how to think? 


Tell me what it is you can see first, and then we can talk…   



Adam Crosthwaite



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