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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


“Instead of attempting to Fit the Facts into your perception,

why don’t you Expand Your Knowledge to understand the Facts ?”



Dear Readers, Students, Friends and Family,


We would like to extend a very WARM welcome to the readers of SPIRITUAL CLIMATE: students, colleagues, friends and family.  The summer solstice is fast approaching, signaled by the observance of Memorial Day this past Monday.  Hopefully you had the chance to take a moment to reflect upon and honor those men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice of giving up their lives in an attempt to preserve that which our country stands for.  In the turbulent times we are facing now the upholding of those ideals upon which the Founding Fathers based the establishment of this great country are being shaken and challenged, both internally and externally, as Dr. Strickler’s prediction had indicated in 1994.  It is my heartfelt hope and prayer that the restoration and preservation of the true spirit of this country will quickly come to be, for we are in a time of crisis that threatens to usurp the rights and privileges that so many have fought and died for, and the sad paradox is that this is being done NOT by a foreign entity, but by the very system which is entrusted with the checks and balances to protect us, our own government.  Enough on that topic!  On to brighter news!


We are excited to announce that Dr. Strickler opened a third evening of classes in Glendale, Arizona, on Tuesday evenings at 7:00 PM. The series began on May 2, the Boss’ birthday! A fellow colleague of mine from The Children’s Center, Cathy, and her husband Greg have graciously opened their home to Dr. Strickler as a gathering place for Meditation and Potpourri exploration to be held every other week, at least until Dr. Strickler’s body adjusts to the additional activity of another night of teaching, with the possibility of this becoming a weekly event.  So far we have had great evenings of enlightenment, camaraderie, knowledge, meditation and sharing of experiences, ideas and questions.  We are looking forward to the expansion of the class as the word spreads and more people make the choice to take the plunge!   Thank you, Cathy and Greg, most sincerely for your graciousness and hospitality. Welcome as fellow travelers on a most fantastic voyage!


Dr. Strickler continues to heal and adapt to the new discoveries of strengths and weaknesses in the aftermath of the major stroke his body endured almost two years ago.  As a mother of three children, I find his process similar in expression to watching a baby grow and learn, discover and explore. The dynamics and power contained within his process of transformation, however, go far beyond that of a child.  I find it touching, amusing, and at times tinged with sadness as he struggles to remember what he was like prior to the stroke while attempting to integrate into the now, with his new experiences of limitations and expansions, from the observations of those of us around him.  Indeed there is a new version of Dr. Strickler arising from the ashes, much as the story of the Phoenix, as he continues to heal and grow.


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And so, finally, we invite to pull up a chair, grab that favorite COOL beverage, and come on down and join us as we explore our May 2006 Edition of THE SPIRITUAL CLIMATE NEWSLETTER, with contributions from:


Wendy Ford, as she humorously compares the seemingly treacherous territory of selecting a bra with that of seeking a Spiritual Mentor in “Bosoms, Bras, and the Spiritual Path”. 


Adam Crosthwaite, as he presents his personal tightrope walks along the path and a small portion of insight he has gained from Dr. Strickler and Dianne in “The Balance of Thought”.


Christine Ford, as I take over the rant section of the newsletter this time, with a new slant on technology and mind control vs. human touch in “A Touchy Subject”.


And finally, Dr. Strickler, as he takes us for a walk down memory lane, honoring those people who have touched his life with their Souls, in his article entitled “Memorial Day”.  


Welcome to the May 2006 Edition of The Spiritual Climate Newsletter.


Christine Ford

Editor, Spiritual Climate Newsletter



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