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Sunday, April 30, 2006


Evil cannot be conquered in the world,

 it can only be resisted within one’s self.

… Master Po


Dear Readers, Students and Friends,


Welcome to the second edition of the SPIRITUAL CLIMATE NEWSLETTER in 2006, which is Resurrecting before the Month of May.  As stated elsewhere, our readers suggestions have been enacted so that these editions are wholly supported by donations in whatever amount.




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(Special Congratulations to Christine Ford, Editor of Spiritual Climate Newsletter who is the FIRST recipient of the LORNA JEAN KING AWARD for Christine’s outstanding work in Autism and with Autistic children, this past April 8th, 2006.  There are pictures from the award’s banquet toward the end of ‘a trip around the block’ in the photo slideshow above. *mentors note editted into this blog from Dr. Rev. David Strickler*)


Special thanks to Pat Johnson for the photo used in this month’s Spiritual Climate Newsletter.  It can be seen in the version delivered by email to all those subscribing, due to limitations it can’t be included on the Blog site.


Great news!  You can now read SPRITUAL CLIMATE NEWSLETTER on the net on MSN SPACES.  Just click SPIRITUAL CLIMATE NEWSLETTER ABOVE and the link will take you there, or go from this link and bookmark it into your favorites; it will save there or just use this link http://spaces.msn.com/alcyonemagi/ .  Pay attention to ‘The Trip Around The Block” Photographs, enjoy the, more to come, complete with Dr. Strickler favorite musical artist JONN SERRIE with links on the site, you will want to have your volume up to hear the music on the site.  Yes “the Boss” is known as AlcyoneMagi ® in a few circles of chat rooms on MSN, especially the Political Chat room for Adults.


In this current edition:


Wendy finds herself in an observant pattern of watching an individual through bursts of EMERGENCE as she comes through the fortnight of the Holiness of Easter, sharing some cherished personal experiences.


Adam finds himself NAVIGATING A SEA OF INVISIBLE HANDS.  He isn’t talking about the irrational Adam Smith’s exposition of terrorism economics revealed in Smith’s premise called the Wealth of the Nations.  He is talking about the HEALTH of our Nation, or rather, lack of regard for Mental Health here in the U.S.A.


This month I share some rather ‘you said what?’ in my article, YOUTH-ANASIA: AMERICANS SUCKING UP OUT OF FEAR inspired by a morning television news report show.


Speaking of resurrecting, Dr. Strickler has once again penned some fine points of prophesy and distinction in his article entitled, ARROGANCE AND VANITY.  Hold on to your seats.


We would all like to take a moment to extend our love, light and wishes of safety for you, your friends and families this joyous time of resurrection from the phantasms of winter contemplation.


And so, without further adieu, we welcome you to the APRIL 2006 Edition of the Spiritual Climate Newsletter.  Pull up your favorite beverage and welcome to some fresh air!  Hmm, SPRING is finally in the air!   


Christine Ford

Editor, Spiritual Climate Newsletter


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