Spiritual Climate Newsletter AUGUST 2004 Part 1 WHAT THE HELL DO WE THINK WE ARE DOING?  by Christine Ford

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Monday, August 02, 2004



“ Ignorance:  the root and the stem of every evil. ”

. . . Plato . . .




by Christine Ford


Last Thursday I was at a day long training to learn the ins and outs of using an assistive technology device for one of my students.  The mother of the child was also there, and I commented that it was great that she could get off work to attend.  Her reply to me was that she was a “stay at home Mom”.   Though it took a couple days to register, I realized that she is the first Mom I have run into in years who is home taking care of the family rather than spending eight hours each day at work and then frantically trying to make up for lost time in the evenings and on weekends.  This realization brought with it a combination of anger and rage that I have rarely experienced. 


I was one of those stay at home moms for 13 years while my kids were growing up, only going back to work when my youngest went to full day kindergarten.  Every mother I knew in every house up and down the block was “at home” too.  Sure we ate lots of hot dogs, hamburgers and mac and cheese, and MAYBE went out to eat in a “sit down” restaurant once a month!  Visits to McDonald’s were a rare treat rather than an every other day occurrence, we drove old cars, shopped using coupons and searching for sales, and went to the park or the library (free) for recreation!  And you know what?  We never felt cheated or bored.  Our lives were filled with the wonder of watching our kids grow and learn, helping them understand the often times puzzling world that expanded around them, building character, independence and a sense of responsibility in our children that could never be taken away from them. 


The role of stay at home mom was revered and appreciated; we were valued for the nurturing and stability we provided and our children were the shining rewards of our labors.  Sounds idyllic, yes, but when I compare the climate of the world that my children must raise their children in to what I experienced back in the 70’s and early 80’s as a young mother, I can only shake my head in sorrow, indeed, terror,  at the change, the complexity, the demands and expectations placed by today’s stockholders, financiers, and businesses upon people in the name of productivity and financial growth NOT for the welfare of “the people”, but for expansion and increase of the portfolios of the elite holding the invisible reins of control over us all.  Sound somewhat negative and pissed off???  You bet your ass I am and you should be too.         


When did “working moms” become the norm in our society?  When did a “stay at home Mom” become so rare that it takes one by surprise?  More importantly than WHEN, I ask you HOW and WHY?  Back when we raised our now adult kids, back in the 70’s, Moms just didn’t work as a rule.  Oh!  I stand corrected!  We sure did work, but our jobs were in the home, making sure that needs were provided for, kids were educated, disciplined, and supervised, clothes were clean, meals were balanced and on the table, and that there was a sense of unity, security, support and warmth within the place that we called “HOME”.  


How are all those needs being met today?  Why the dramatic change in twenty years?  Who is overseeing the development, education, experiences and providing role models for those little ones coming into the world, the very future of our existence, the children growing up right now?  Who’s “minding the store?”  IS ANYONE HOME??????  I think not, and it is my opinion that out of the coerced economic necessity of both parents having to be employed just to make ends meet, the foundation of our society’s existence, the FAMILY, has been undermined and caricaturized to the point of collapse. 


We no longer have the power, time nor luxury to manage our children, homes and activities, but have gradually, without even being aware of it, surrendered our very lives and that most dear to us to the control of mass marketing hypnosis and governmental-consumer mind fuck which have turned us into slaves who must work ceaselessly to produce more and more in less and less time, in order to barely exist from paycheck to paycheck.  WHAT HAPPENS TO THE CHILDREN?  WHAT HAPPENS TO THE FAMILY?  WHAT BECOMES OUR PRIORITY WHEN IT IS A DAY TO DAY STRUGGLE MERELY TO SURVIVE?  We have been gradually sold out and sacrificed in the most negative, brutal sense of the word and we didn’t even see it coming! Isn’t it about time to WAKE UP?


There are historical FACTS that back this up, and logical reasons to answer the WHY? and HOW? questions I posed earlier.  An extremely explicit explanation can be found in This is the Fight of Our Lives, a Keynote Speech delivered by Bill Moyers at the Inequality Matters Forum at New York University on June 3, 2004.  The link to the entire speech, which it would behoove you (to borrow with permission a Dr. Strickler term) to afford yourself the opportunity to actually read with and open mind and heart, is:


I quote a small section of it here:


You just can’t make this stuff up. You have to hear it to believe it. This may be the first class war in history where the victims will die laughing.

    But what they are doing to middle class and working Americans – and to the workings of American democracy – is no laughing matter. Go online and read the transcripts of Enron traders in the energy crisis four years ago, discussing how they were manipulating the California power market in telephone calls in which they gloat about ripping off "those poor grandmothers." Read how they talk about political contributions to politicians like "Kenny Boy" Lay’s best friend George W. Bush. Go on line and read how Citigroup has been fined $70 Million for abuses in loans to low-income, high risk borrowers – the largest penalty ever imposed by the Federal Reserve. A few clicks later, you can find the story of how a subsidiary of the corporate computer giant NEC has been fined over $20 million after pleading guilty to corruption in a federal plan to bring Internet access to poor schools and libraries. And this, the story says, is just one piece of a nationwide scheme to rip off the government and the poor.

    Let’s face the reality: If ripping off the public trust; if distributing tax breaks to the wealthy at the expense of the poor; if driving the country into deficits deliberately to starve social benefits; if requiring states to balance their budgets on the backs of the poor; if squeezing the wages of workers until the labor force resembles a nation of serfs – if this isn’t class war, what is?

    It’s un-American. It’s unpatriotic. And it’s wrong.”


I am aware that this has the tones of sounding like a Dr. Strickler rant, and having been his student for 13 years now, I KNOW I’ve had great training and admittedly, proudly, I acknowledge that there is a lot of his influence and unique skill at opening my eyes to WHAT IS in these words.  Thank the Lord of the Universe for THAT!  For the very first time, however, after the gazillion lectures he has brilliantly delivered on this topic and the prognostications he has made over the years that I have watched unfold before my very eyes, I have a glimmer of understanding, of knowing, and I am grabbing onto this agape and claiming it as mine, along with the anger and outrage I am feeling with this revelation! I am furious and indeed feeling extremely violated by the abuse so blatantly perpetrated by the agencies and leaders from all disciplines supposedly in place to uphold and ensure the rights inherent in our freedom and the glaringly ignorant herd mentality that allows this to be swallowed without question by all of us!


Dr. Strickler, I know I am only experiencing a minuscule taste of the frustration and anguish you must have dealt with over all these years; it feels like it I am being eaten alive by it.  I want to scream it, shout it, demand that people HEAR it, that they open their eyes and ears to what must ultimately, if unchecked, lead to the downfall and destruction of us all!  I cannot even begin to imagine the torture and anxiety you must have endured over the years you have been teaching, speaking these Truths, only to meet with the rare instance of someone having a faint perception of what you are voicing and That which is being expressed through you.   Dr. Strickler, I publicly apologize to you for listening without HEARING thus unknowingly adding to your pain!


Dianna, my Mentor and Teacher as well as friend, I thank you for your patience and guidance, and am eternally grateful that you saw SOME glimmer of hope for intelligent life within me as I sat smiling and nodding my head like one of those inane bobble-head dogs in the back window of a car for the past thirteen years. For your determination, strength and perseverance to express the Principles that you know to be Truth, for your sacrifice and loyalty demonstrated by the selfless act of living that Truth and bringing your light into this dismal plane with no regard to personal comfort or desires, for that and so much more that I am just beginning to have the tiniest speck of seeing, I honor, respect, revere and thank you.  You have been as much a part of my process to this point as Dr. Strickler has been, and though I know it’s a small step in comparison to where you have been and what you are, I publicly acknowledge and apologize to you as well.


And to those of you out there reading this who are enslaved and entombed to a quasi-existence by the Sounds of Silence. . . “People talking without speaking, people hearing without listening, people writing songs that voices never shared, no one dared, disturb the Sounds of Silence. “Fools” said I, “you do not know, silence like a cancer grows, hear my words that I might teach you, take my arms that I might reach you.” but my words like silent rain drops fell, and echoed in the wells of SILENCE.”. . .  I implore you to awaken to the crisis that we face before your pod is sealed shut as in The Matrix and you have no memory of the Principles that this country was built upon let alone the sanctity and beauty of REAL LIFE given to us by God.


May The Divine within you reach down with a Holy two by four and smack you up the side of your head while shouting in your ear, WAKE UP FOOL. 



Christine Ford




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Spiritual Climate Newsletter AUGUST 2004 Part 2 You Don’t Need A Magician To Make People Invisible by Wendy Ford

You Don’t Need A Magician To Make People Invisible

By Wendy Ford

Please bear with me a moment.  I have to get something off my chest and just vent.  Where in the heck do some people get off and come from that they treat their elders with such disdain and lack of respect and dignity!  How can they stand by and do nothing when an elder is in distress?  How can they patronize with such disrespect and disdain?  How can they just flippantly dismiss the value or even the very existence of another human being?  What triggered this?  A telephone conversation with a client’s family member, that’s what.  But more on this in a bit.  An explanation is in order first.

The perspective from which this piece is written is one that has been developed over a long period of time and from personal observations and experiences.  It is a perspective spoken from with a certain amount of expertise.  My area of interest and practice is the elderly, in particular the frail elderly. Those women and men who are living in assisted living facilities and nursing homes and some who are able to be in their own homes, for now.  Having worked in the health care profession for over thirty years (yes, over thirty years which makes me not too far from being considered an elder myself in the eyes of many) affords a broad and deep base from which to speak.  The easy thing to write about would be all the thousands of wonderful, loving families and individuals encountered over the years who have given of their time, their hearts, their money, their energy, their homes, for some their careers, their health and, ultimately more than a few have been seen to have even given their own lives in the care of an elderly parent or family member.  To all of those selfless and generous individuals goes my deepest gratitude, respect and admiration.  Without them the professional towel might have been tossed in a long time ago.  They keep up my spirits and fill my heart.  They are my foundation.  They make it worth slogging and wading through all the ever-changing Medicare rules, regulations, documentation and payment guidelines.  They more than make up for the ones who cause so much frustration and heartache; for those families and individuals who treat their elders so shamefully, with disregard for them as people or even worse (in my opinion) refuse to acknowledge their very existence. 

It isn’t necessary to go into the details of the specific telephone conversation that triggered the opening questions. You’ll pick up the gist of it.  A phrase I find being muttered more often than should be necessary is, “Shoot the family and keep the patient.”  This is often preceded by a telephone conversation or encounter with the family or “responsible party” of a potential client.  Hackles raise and teeth clench when receiving a response that goes something like this:  “Oh, mother (aunt, uncle grandfather, whatever) is 90 years old and forgetful, has arthritis and a bad heart.  She won’t ever walk very far again.  What makes you think you can do anything?  What’s the purpose? (Left unspoken is, “Why bother and waste your time?”)”  Oh, I don’t know, I thought preparing her for the next walk-a-thon might be a great idea and a grand goal!  How about relieving her pain by working her arthritic joints and strengthening her legs so she can get up out of a chair with her walker on the first try?  How about enabling her to get to the bathroom with minimal assistance so she doesn’t have to always go in the diaper she’s in?  How about making her less dependent (note I did word independent was not used) on the help of the caregivers so she has some sense of self-worth and dignity?  How about seeing the smile on her face when I walk in and the hug she gives me?  And did you know she thinks you’re the best daughter in the whole world and can’t stop talking about how proud she is of you?  How she lights up talking about her grandchildren even though she’s never even met most of them?  She even understands you have your own life so you really can’t get in much (even though you live 5 miles away and only come once a month and then it’s just to bring supplies and sign paperwork because the facility requires it in order for her to keep living there?).”  THAT’s the response that must be swallowed to keep from spilling out at times.

 Oh, don’t be mistaken.  It is NOT being said that the elderly being viewed by the youth as “has-beens” or “old hat” is anything new.  There’s always been the generation gap.  And each new generation is, in the eyes of their elders, well on the way of going to hell in a hand basket because their language is so sinful and their music is that of the very devil and they have no respect for the previous generations.  But over the last thirty years I do notice that the value of our elders seems to be being diminished in the eyes of many (including government programs and resources).  What’s worth  exploring is WHY this is occurring with seemingly increasing intensity and volume at the very time that the elderly population is the fastest growing segment of our population.

It must be confessed, there are clear memories of eyes being mentally rolled as a teenager (never have even dreamed of really doing it) at some unsolicited bit of sage advice thrust upon me by well-meaning parents or teachers or grandparents.  So too, exist vivid recollections of having that same advice bite me in the butt or ring in my ears at a later time (perhaps years later) as the truth of what they were saying or warning against came to light.  This usually took place as I was trying to pull myself out of some hole I had dug and fallen into or the wall that my face was flush up against because advice had not been taken or predictions or warnings heeded.  It was only at those critical times that understanding dawned:  the advice had come from knowledge gained through experiences.  That only my best interest was at heart and they had been trying to prevent me from having to learn or go through the same experience(s), or whatever it was, and learn the hard way.  It was only then that the true value of what had been freely given became apparent.  

There also exists the clear memory when, as a new graduate, the ink on my Physical Therapy license was not yet dry.  A therapist who had been around for ten years was, in my fresh young eyes, over the hill.  How could anyone who had been in the field that long possibly be up to date on the most current research and techniques?  A therapist who had been in practice for twenty years?  A relic.  How could someone that old even hope to be up to date and useful and knowledgeable in a field where research and data was shedding new light almost daily and that was changing faster than the books and articles could be printed?  So, armed with the latest information and techniques (learned on fellow therapy students, in a class laboratory setting with all the latest equipment, having had three whole months of clinical internship in which to put my skills into practice) I walked into my first real job as a full time staff therapist.  I was ready.  I was prepared.  I was a therapist.  Yep. I was ready.  Bring it on.  Yep.  I was ready.  Yeah, right. 

Fortunately for me, that mentality lasted less than a week.  A therapist who would come to be a sort of mentor patiently provided guidance through the first experiences of handling an independent patient load without the back up of a clinical instructor.  She provided introduction to the complex and real workings of the medical field.  A friendly and sympathetic ear was available to listen, a kindly voice ready with advice when asked, and a soft but strong shoulder was there to catch the tears as the struggling ensued to get the ideals of the world of academia to mesh with the complex and often harsh realities of the real world.  It was sort of like taking the training wheels off the new two-wheel bike and riding down the sidewalk with all of the bumps and cracks and tree roots and people coming from the other direction and the neighbor’s dog chasing at your heels and hitting a sudden downhill slope and having your foot slide right off one of the pedals as you hurtle headlong into who knows what instead of on the nice smooth asphalt of the wide and empty driveway.  The basics are the same but it’s the fine details no one ever told you about that will trip you up!  Her insight and experience were invaluable.  The value of the knowledge and experiences of one who had gone before came to be appreciated and cherished.

That’s an interesting phrase:  “the value of the knowledge and experiences of one who had gone before.”  That is what is being perceived as being lost regarding our elderly by many in our current society; the value of the elderly.  Why is that so?  Why is the value being diminished or lost?  What could be the consequences?

In times past in our society, and indeed still today in many cultures, the elderly were revered, honored and cherished.  The elders used to be sought out for their advice and wisdom.  Their stories were listened to and lessons learned from their experiences.  Just where did our oral traditions come from?  Where did our family histories come from?  Where did our sense of family and connectedness come from?  What held families together?  The elders.  If elders are not to be valued, who will pass down the family histories, stories, legends, and traditions?  What will hold families together?  What will connect us with our past?  What will the effect of no past be on the future?  They say history is written so that lessons can be learned by future generations.  If there is no history written or valued then what becomes of the future?  If history is to be constantly rewritten so that it is always currently politically correct what becomes of the truth of what really happened (no matter how shameful or embarrassing or how big the mistake)?  If the lessons learned by our elders are to have no value and are to be ignored, what will happen to future generations?

Extended care facilities, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, group homes are springing up faster in our nation than ever before.  Granted the elderly population is growing, but why the warehouse mentality?

Warehouse mentality?  Yes. You are already familiar with it. Want the best price for a new DVD player?  You can find a really good bargain if you go to a warehouse where they have bought in bulk and offer reduced the prices from the Mom and Pop appliance store that used to be around the corner when you were growing up.  Want lower food prices?  Go to the warehouse club and get lower prices than from the family market that your Mom used to take you to on Saturday mornings.

That same thinking is showing up in the way our society is treating its frail elderly.  If you put all of the frail old ones in one place, in one building or group of buildings then it will be more convenient and more cost effective to care for them.  The average person doesn’t have to think about them or deal with them on a daily basis.  The average person really never has to be confronted by their needs and problems.  The average person has no idea that there even is a portion of our society called the “Frail Elderly” because the frail elderly are being neatly tucked away out of the conscious awareness of most.  Society has managed to make them invisible.  And it didn’t take any magic to accomplish this extraordinary feat either! 

Please be assured, this is NOT being critical of the increasing tendency for the retired to gather in their own communities with their own entertainment and recreational facilities.  Nor is it being discounted that it is much more cost effective to give quality care to a group of individuals in one setting than to try to deliver quality care to individuals one by one who are spread out geographically throughout a community.  No.  What is of great concern is the growing invisibility of our frail elderly. 

Part of the answer to the question of why this warehouse mentality has begun to flourish lies in the fact that most households in our society depend on all members working out side the home.  The stay at home Moms and Dads are not as prevalent as in past generations.  There is no one to stay with a failing elderly parent or family member twenty-four hours, seven days a week, three hundred sixty-five days a year for five, ten even fifteen years.  Part of the answer also lies in the fact that people are living longer, well into their 80’s and 90’s.  As they live longer their children are approaching their 60’s and 70’s!  More and more or us approaching retirement will be spending those years caring for aging, ailing family members.  And, as the economic demands continue to squeeze resources made available to the elderly, more and more of us will be actually having to work past and through our retirement years in order to make ends meet and survive.  Then who stays home takes care of Mom or Dad?

OK.  The warehousing mentality and concept can be explained.  Sort of.  But once an elderly person is institutionalized they become isolated from society.  Neighbors no longer just stop by because they don’t drive anymore and can’t get across town to visit.  If the elderly person has retired and moved from the Midwest or East to Florida or Arizona to enjoy their retirement, chances are there is no local family or that any family is scattered across the nation.  Being isolated from society makes them more or less invisible.  Invisibility leads to a loss of connectedness.  If there is no grandchild sitting on the floor by your knee who is going to listen to your stories, or even care if you have any stories to share?  What would make you even want to share your stories if there is no one asking, no one listening?  Without a sense of belonging, without a sense of worth and value, without a feeling of connectedness why would an elder want to even continue to live?  Depression is a major problem among the elderly and frail elderly, evidently with good reason.        

From personal experience I can assure you the stories are many and of great value.  They can make you laugh until the tears flow, they can tug at your heart until the tears flow.  You can get some mighty fine recipes from how to handle pie dough when its humid to how best to stretch a pot of soup and tips about how to get spots out and get items clean without using a lot of chemicals.  You can learn about how things used to be, how and what people cared about, what made them happy or sad, what challenges they had to overcome.  A city girl might learn just how a grain silo works, that a cow needs to be pregnant before it gives milk, (Who knew?  Aren’t dairy cows just that?  Cows that are bred to give milk?) or that probably the hardest thing to be is a farmer who is at the mercy of the elements and still somehow makes a living.  You can learn about life.  You can learn about what it takes to make it through tough times.  You can learn about heart, and grit and bravery and stubbornness.  You can learn about what makes a person survive and thrive.

If people can’t listen, if people can’t take the time to ask, if people can’t or don’t care, what does that say about them?  Maybe it’s because our society is so accustomed to everything moving fast with instant this, and that.  Time schedules to keep, productivity numbers to be met.  On a personal note, countless hours have been spent off time logs and payroll records (don’t interfere with the productivity of the day, please) because I refused to rush or brush off one of my clients who wanted to tell a story or share a new picture or just needed a friendly chat.  It was just my personal gift to me to spend the extra time with them.

Maybe people have forgotten how, or just don’t want to be bothered, to take the extra time an elder often needs to process thoughts and ideas.  Many people simply do not understand and are ignorant and unaware of the extra time elders may need for mental processing.  For example, people often mistake the extra time or repetition of something an elder might need because of poor hearing to be the result of confusion and dementia.  Time is simply not taken to listen to what the elder is saying or asking.

Maybe unconsciously people are afraid of their own mortality and death.  For the frail elderly are certainly close to their time of transformation.  Maybe people are afraid of getting old, afraid of their own aging process.  For youth is not as eternal as hope.  Maybe people are consciously or unconsciously afraid of the changes that old age can bring physically and mentally.  It has been scientifically proven that even people afflicted with dementia can remain mentally active if stimulation is provided, but without continued stimulation even a normal brain’s mental functions will gradually deteriorate (regardless of the age of the physical vehicle).  The physical changes are many as the physical vehicle deteriorates.  Eyesight and hearing fail, arthritis can freeze and twist once supple joints, beautiful heads of hair turn white and become thin or nonexistent.

Thanks to Wall Street and marketing, our society has become obsessed with youth and youthful appearances.  The natural changes that accompany aging are not welcomed and are no longer an acceptable option in the marketing-created, manufactured, disposable, microwave society of today.  If it’s old, throw it out.  If it’s broken or damaged, throw it out.  Replace it with a new or younger one.  Indeed many marriages have fallen victim to that concept!  Has this trickled over into our concept about aging?  Are our elders falling victim to this disposable society?  It is chilling that this should even be a possibility, that this question should even need to be asked.

Magicians evidently are not the only ones capable of making things disappear.  Our society seems well on the way to making entire portions of itself invisible.  Many of us in the healthcare field have taken note of the changes our society has made and is making regarding its attitude toward its elderly and frail elderly populations.  Maybe this piece will cause you to examine how you view our elderly.  Perhaps this piece will inspire someone to volunteer in a facility just to talk and spend time with some of our elders.  Maybe this will nudge someone to call or visit their own elder (I called my own Mom and Dad in the middle of writing this piece).  Maybe this will provide a stimulus for thought as to just where our society is headed in regards to the treatment of and attitudes toward our elders.  Is the current direction and trend to be continued?  Or does it need to be halted and changed?  If no one speaks for those without voices of their own, who will ever hear them?  If no one directs attention to their existence will anyone ever see them?  Just because the elderly and frail elderly are often silent and invisible, it does not mean they don’t exist.  When you reach your time of advanced years, who will make you invisible?  To put a twist on a phrase: For there, with the grace of God, go I.

May the Light of Truth shine to open your eyes, your ears, your mind, your heart.

Wendy Ford



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Spiritual Climate Newsletter AUGUST 2004 Part 3 Ever Waiting By Rev. David Strickler

Ever Waiting

By Rev. David Strickler, Ph.D.


It was a dark, cold night.  The moon light shimmered like glistening diamonds upon the ripples on the surface of the pond that was being gently caressed by the opaque breeze.  Clouds that resembled cotton candy in the night sky forced the moon to play peek a boo with the surface of the earth, glowing like embers from the cold light reflected off the face of the lunar watcher.  I have been here before in the sanctuary at times when life just seemed to lend an overbearing weight of unceasing and relentless dichotomy that echoed through my body as strain elicited for too long an extended time. 


The roses in the garden along the stone walkway quietly slept through the evening delightfully shrouded in peace that one only finds in the setting of Holy Ground.  The Archway of the stone entrance shaped in oval to announce the entrance into the temple, ever watchful as to who passes through its solid, protective walls designed to shield the priest from the anomalies spun from the activities of mundane life.  One can only hear the steps of the body as it approaches the large doors guarding the entrance to the passageway that leads to the inner chamber of the Temple.  Arriving only to see the empty room lit only by the flicker of candle flame and taking one place to imbibe the silence wherein the Voice of the Hidden ONE can be heard.


It always knows when you arrive.  It always knows why you have journeyed to sit with IT.  It waits in the roaring silence that insulates you from the ordinary distractions that attract the senses to frivolity.  It waits for you to swim in ITS depths to be refreshed in the Waters of Life it so freely provides as nourishment to the unquenched thirst that pangs in your Soul.  Those pangs that we sometimes often misinterpret as they emerge in the desire nature of our body only as echoes transformed into something routine and familiar.  Yet, here in the inner sanctum of the Temple—we can easily see the misguided shapes they have taken as we have mis associated their origins.


Time to make a choice or is it just time to select another effect?  Time to examine the effects one has generated within the condensation of their personality or to just run away from the Truth that the Silence can open from within the Heart of Hearts communicating to your heart?  What are you here to do?  Why?  Does there have to be a reason for everything?  Who or what determines that reason and what latitude do you REALLY have with what you call your own determination, or is it better put to say your USE of that which enables to determine a path or course in life?  Does reason have anything to do with anything or is it just an illusion cast into shape and form by a mind that has yet to understand the foundation of Reason that emits from the depth of the One Love and Power of Life Itself?  If not Reason that appeals to your senses, is it then the Sound emerging from the heart of your consciousness that is trying to get your attention since you have finally provided the silent backdrop upon which is it’s sounding board; free from the distractions garbled from your mind that utilizes thought as a primary source of communication?


Too many questions You say?  I am right here speaking with you Right Now.  Always in the now and within the silence that is the foundation enabling the recognition of your manifest self uttered through your personality.  I AM never far from you.  The distance you perceive is nothing more than the illusion cackling from the ephemeral aspects of your sense and perception.  I AM always here with you.  The valley you traverse to be in the Presence of the Speaking Self was created by YOU in the scurry and flurry of attempting to satisfy your senses by engaging them in effects.  It is nothing more than a fool’s articulation endeavoring to explain the Eternal in finite experiences.  What ‘words’ do you really understand?  How can you understand any words that are not heard with the Original Sound of creation that pulsates within your heart reflected in the body as sentience?  The eternal Silence is that by which I establish communication within and around you.  Not through desire that is distorted by the flesh and obfuscated by the misunderstandings of your mind.  Keep still, if you can, if you have the dominion over your body, mind and emotions to enter into the source of the temple itself.


I whisper and NOT shout over or through your enmeshment with the crackling unfinished aspects you partake in creation.  Always near and never far.  It is you who have created the gulf of desolation and despair by being overly fixated on the outer. 


I sit waiting without time for your return.  Often I say “Hi” through the clouds visibly chanting the form of the wind or through the dropping of the leaf from the tree that you pause by to acquire the thought emancipated from your reverie.  Echoing the soundless sound of My Voice as the leaf feels the cushion of air to break its fall to the earth, I sometimes capture your attention through the simplest of events.  I smile as you stand in awe like a child absorbed by the movement of the leaf.  Other times I say “Hi” in the melodic speaking of the bird that sees your approach to your car getting ready for your return home.


The candle flame burning brightly on your kitchen table is none other than I looking back watching you intently as you relax from the day’s duress.  The singular flame burning steadily, mimicking the soft flame of the WORD that is hidden in your heart from your awareness  or direct seeing  by the denials held up by your mind to prevent you from acquiring the realization that you have turned down the wrong road and are experiencing not what I had intended to give you, only to shoulder the blame and despair as you cry out into the night.


Stop for a moment to feel and think these words.  Some of the pictures you create in your imagination have successfully protected the egoic pride that is evoked to prevent the UNREALISITIC visions of shame and contempt from others that you see as a result in your being truthful with your Heart of Hearts. They are nothing more than a continual running from that which shall set you free.


Come home.  Sit.  Turn the radio and TV off and be with me awhile.  I never intended that you be a slave to creation, or a slave to the rantings of others.


I am Here, ever present in the temple of your body that houses the mouth of your soul:  your Heart.


Come and share the extraordinary atonement within the Universe that I have created as a backdrop that you may perceive Me in the slightest of all movements from the stars blanketing the night sky into the fish swimming in the aquarium of your home. 


My eyes are in many places, yet you hide from the WORD that burns brightly in the darkest corner of your Heart.


There I am, Ever waiting no matter what your prodigal attitude or demeanor may display.


Ever Waiting.


Blessings of the Life Power

Rev. David Strickler, Ph.D.






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Spiritual Climate Newsletter Oct 2005 Part 1 LANGUAGE of LOVE by Adam Crosthwaite

The Institute of Spiritual Climate

Is proud to present

the newsletter



Thursday, October 27, 2005


"To really understand dolphins, one must study them on their own terms.

For them, the sea is a realm whose vast spaces are defined acoustically.

Cetaceans communicate over hundreds of miles,

making theirs a truly global society.

Surrounded by this universal conductor of communication,

marine mammals develop unusually strong bonds to one another."
— Jean-Michel Cousteau



Dear Readers, Students and Friends,


As the month of October comes to a close, with the Hallows Eve approaching, I am strangely brought to a prediction made almost 11½ years ago during an ongoing class that Dr. Strickler had conducted in Naples, Florida shortly after he was interviewed by and Anthropologist Michael F. Brown, Ph.D. of Williams College.  What I have in my notes from that period of time is the prediction of “an unprecedented amount of storms in the Florida/South East corner of our nation”.  Dr. Strickler continued on by stating “…that there would be at least 22 tropical storms and a major one would bore through Naples, Florida which would be a signal for further trepidation along the eastern coast”.  In fact a student from Massachusetts wrote to Dr. Strickler expressing a similar content about the 22 storms:  thank-you Roger. 


He also issued the warning that these would be a signal resulting from major cosmological events a few years prior to the hurricanes that would affect the earth such as solar flares, followed by earthquakes and further calamities yet to become upon the event horizon on the west coast as accelerated volcanic activity increases, but it would not be the end of the world.  Just humanity reaping karma sown by leaders of deception from all countries who would become exposed for who and what they represented:  the father of lies and deception—Satan, the untamed human ego—that portion of the human personality that thrives on the arrogant behavior of self righteous individuals who worship Money and the people it can buy.


He was Right.  We have known him to be about ten years ahead in his predictions, from looking at what he has given us over the years.  This is a point of interest that I find captivating and thought provoking to be shared with you in this edition.


On a lighter note Dr. Strickler continues to DJ on CRANKITUPRADIO at www.crankitupradio.net with his new schedule Friday’s 6p.m. to 9p.m. EST.  He has quite a following, when you tune in, pop in some requests for him.  He is having a great time with this endeavor.


Speaking of new friends, we are including a photo of Dr. Strickler with three of his four therapists from Health South Rehab in Scottsdale, Arizona who were a critical team with the furthering of his body’s physical and cognitive recovery.  In the above photo from left to right:  Jennifer, Speech Pathologist, Terri, Occupational Therapist, and Carla, Physical Therapist.


And to the left is Ginger who was the nurse for the group of four to five individuals that Dr. Strickler was a part during the daily program of his Rehabilitation schedule.  All of us here at Spiritual Climate Newsletter would like to thank all of the therapists involved  for their skills, care and help given to our Spiritual Teacher who is an important contributor within the spiritual and secular community.  We do know that the Boss can be trying at times and we were surprised to find that the opposite was in fact true. Wendy, Adam and myself found out from spending the day with him as he went through the daily rehab activities that the Boss was unusually easy to handle for the most part.  He has even regained the ability to drive again.  I was fortunate enough to meet some of the people in Dr. Strickler’s rehab group that had come to recovery from brain injuries resulting from traumatic accidents, aneurysms and strokes.  One thing I was shocked to find from listening to their stories was, as David had stated many articles ago, many of these injured people have experienced exile or being ‘cast aside’ from their friends and even some family members to the point of not speaking or just plain ignoring their plight of recovery, let alone the reality of their traumatic injury.  Apparently what Dr. Strickler termed the “Walking Sick’ continue growing in numbers with their shallow, egocentric behavior, and ‘throw away attitude’ that this society glaringly seems to be creating in increasing numbers.


And so, without further adieu, we welcome you to the October 2005 Edition of the Spiritual Climate Newsletter.  Pull up your favorite beverage and welcome to some fresh air!   


Christine Ford

Editor, Spiritual Climate Newsletter





By Adam Crosthwaite


There are two definitions of insanity.  The first is that perception is reality.  Second, repeating an action over and over with the same result while expecting a different outcome.    Every one of us has at one time or another exhibited this behavior at various points in our lives.  It seems more evident during the voting season especially during presidential elections that people are expecting to see different results as they repeat mistakes.  Voting habits aside every day people make judgments based on false perceptions and habitual actions which are far too often detrimental to personal growth both to themselves and others. The journey I have had the honor of taking due to the choice I made to evolve spiritually with the guidance of Dr. Rev. David Strickler addresses both of these traits.  This journey is found on the path tread by the Qabalist.


I entered the initial stages of my growth a year and a half ago.  It started with a kick to my perception that I never expected.  I was no longer a big fish in a small pond.  A whole new world opened up to me as I grew in my abilities brought forth out of potential and exercised in the “real world”.  I have turned my life in directions I never expected to and have grown from each experience. It is almost as if Qabala is the ‘Spiritual Miracle Grow’ I was looking for. 


In a recent discussion with Dr. Rev. Strickler I was taken back to a day when I believed I was saved.  That wonderful euphoric feeling of being born again into the Christian faith made me feel clean and fresh.  I’ll admit it was one hell of a high!  Unfortunately that is all I managed to accomplish as I later would discover that all I did was experience the opening of a space to allow mental freedom.  If I had true spiritual guidance at this juncture I would have had quite a different experience than merely strutting around like a pompous Sadducee.  If I truly was on the right path I would have discerned the pay off my ego was granted when I said, “Look at me, I am going to heaven and all I had to do was say I believed in someone else’s ideals.” What a crock of de-Nile!  Any one who has made any real spiritual progress will tell you that you have to work for every bit and earn every ounce of growth.  There are no snappy phrases like “Sold out for the Lord!” or “Acquire the Fire!”  There is only you, yourself, and your “I AM”.  The road is unpredictable and the obstacles are the aspects of life that have gone unattended to due to avoidance and arrogance.


This process is part of the Spiritual Alchemy a person goes through as they realize their boundaries, both negative and positive, and then learn to transmute those would be barriers for use.  The primary focus of Rev. Strickler’s teachings is the principles of consciousness veiled by the sacred letters of the Hebrew language.  What makes Hebrew a sacred language is that the word has become flesh.  In it are the principles to bring forth an evolution in consciousness.  In other words, it is more than just a bunch of glyphs strung together to form syllables.  It is alive and carries with it the powers of formation and creation, to borrow a phrase or two from Rev. Strickler.  This sacred language is life, a gift bestowed to the crown of creation, handed down to the children of the Son.  It is truly a language of love.        


I have always had a hard time and have taken issue with the feel good ideals of main stream Christian philosophy and leadership whose guidance utterly fails to address the core of what is needed in modern day spiritual transformation.  The feel good consumerist approach to religion is nothing more than mood creation.  Damn, rolling around naked with a couple cheerleaders in a tub full of lime jell-o may feel good but no one ever experienced any growth in a spiritual manner by doing what feels good.  And as for being in the spiritual mood goes, who has the right to dictate mood alteration as spiritual growth?


Speaking purely from the stand point of sensory perception, the mood I have experienced in a “Holy Roller” church is just like being stoned and very similar in nature to the dependency issues connected with chemical mood alteration.  I know this from personal experience, not that I ever did both at the same time but I did smoke a joint or two with fellow church goers once.


Returning to my commentary about Spiritual Miracle Grow, I have found many points to be thankful for in my experiences with Rev. Strickler’s teachings in Qabala. I have undergone a profound change in areas of my physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual life with the dynamic relationship between David and myself.  Many long time friends have been telling me they did not know how to react to me because of their experience of how I express and act within my life.  Instead of taking people’s heads off I accept the challenge of friction with intemperate personalities especially when the friction collides with some of my own issues coming forth within the effect of interpersonal encounter.  I have slowly come to know more of myself through accepting this challenge instead of throwing a tantrum and possibly getting hurt.


Rev. Strickler has a unique way of blending all aspects of religion, philosophy, history, psychology, and brings them all to life with real world events occurring in today’s society.  I have learned to look at religion through clearer eyes and with each day these eyes become clearer and more focused thanks to the training I have undergone to exercise discernment as well as training my ego and personality to work for me and with me as well as not against me.  He uses examples from his life that enable me to forge a connection of relevance within my own.  It is hard at times to see him as a student.  He would say that he himself is still a student and as he reaches a new level of awareness he may have a smoother transition than we would in a new level but he is still adjusting and learning just as we do. 


This brings me to a statement that many seem to be asking themselves in this modern time:  Where is the true spiritual experience today?  I hear people boasting about the church that they BELONG TO.  I never hear them talk about experiences they have with their church, only that they are “saved”.  Does that mean we are saved from the idiocy of their irrational behavior and lies?  Boy, are they in for a surprise!  It is a rare and exciting thing to hear a person talk about discovering boundaries in their life that they never knew about before.  It is beyond me how any person who has never learned about themselves believes they are having a spiritual experience.  Look at the back biting and back stabbing amidst the rivalries of 2,300 denominations of Christianity.  The same can be said in the metaphysical community as well.  Everywhere you go you can see the worship of ego.  It is indeed a rare treat to find a true spiritual tradition as I have found in the words, actions and teachings of Dr. Strickler’s Ministry amongst the makeshift temples standing as representatives of the Tower of Babel in the world today. 


As we learn to discern below the surface of appearances there is a deep and mysterious meaning behind THE WORD as we study each principle of consciousness.  I have come to identify with each symbol of the Hebrew alphabet as a living breathing conscious point of intelligence.  Some people would write me off as a nut case for thinking that way.  To those people I would say, “Go back to your mistranslated ideals and worship your ego that you have created as the god that you are a slave.  I am busy deepening my communication with The Source, not pretending to be something I am not!” For too long I wasted my energy fighting with people in a battle of egocentric misperception.  I chose life and so I seek to communicate with the living breathing language that has been and always will be the vibration of truth in a world built on half truths and misperception.


I have been told I came a long way in a short time.  I have also been told the hard part is just beginning.  With that in mind I look to the task of my life here in this manifestation as a time to learn and grow as much as possible in this process of becoming.  I have had my share of set backs, yet I know that it is all part of the Great Work which all of us have a part in. 


David Strickler is known by many titles.  I as well as others have acknowledged him as a Teacher, Mentor, Reverend, and even as a Spiritual Master.  He is the one responsible for his piece of the Great Work and no one else can teach this like him.  I have personally known him at many points along the path as my Friend and have looked to him for guidance and at times assurance of myself.  Reverend or Doctor makes no difference to those who have been blessed to know him as Teacher.  He has acquired this distinction as a true Qabalist through trials and lessons that would destroy most untempered individuals.


For the record: No, this is not the Madonna club for egocentric display.  No true Qabalist would ever boast as loudly as a self righteous fool.  It was the Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger as he stepped in to the position of Pope who said, “We are moving toward a dictatorship of relativism which does not recognize anything as for certain and which has as its highest goal one’s own ego and one’s own desires.”  The world needs a change and repeating the mistakes of the past, which are recorded in the Bible so many people have taken for granted, will no longer be acceptable excuses to those who know better.  The Tower of Babel will fall once again.  The misperceptions of the many will be corrected by the few.  As Dr. Strickler might say, “It would behoove you to check this out!” 


Obvious differences aside, the biggest difference between my life before and after my initial lessons with a spiritual path is that I have an increased sense of personal identity outside of class.  I no longer find myself asking for easy solutions and bargaining with my own ego with statements of “If you get me out of this one…”  I know regardless of what the future holds for me or the others I have shared time with on this journey the way has been made apparent.  The course of right action will always be followed so long as I hold true to the art of this sacred tradition.  I no longer require the use of the mood altering cheerleading sessions I once was drawn to for sense of purpose.  In fact I find myself turning away from such events for I can sense both the physical and nonphysical erroneous façade of the charismatic wanna be’s spiritual movements. 


It has been difficult to identify with this so called “modern” world.  The increase in awareness I have experienced with the Ministry David Strickler brings to us has in a way pointed out an obvious situation we find our world in today.  There has not been any significant evolution in mankind for quite a long time.  In fact the devolution has taken hold strengthened by the repeated actions and misperceptions of the spiritually challenged individuals parading around with feel good slogans.  “Think happy thoughts and you can fly!” 


I have grown from an ignorant and self deluded child into a young person learning to become an adult.  I have overcome and found healing for those components of my person in need of evolution.  I have learned to continue growing even after class is out.  I pass through this unaided world aiding my self in the balancing act of the Great Work.  I can now after all this time stand up with certainty and know I have a true spiritual life and will continue so with the art and practice handed down through the centuries of tradition in the Ministry Dr. Strickler lives, carries, and transmits.  Dr. Strickler’s Ministry has always been for me the living language of love. Nature unaided fails.  Remember the dinosaurs.  


The physical world can be a jungle, being human is taming the jungle.  May you find the grace necessary to tame your inner jungle as you clean up your own backyard.


Adam Crosthwaite



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Spiritual Climate Newsletter Oct 2005 Part 2 Dr. Strickler’s Unique Ministry by Wendy Ford AND The Soul & Spirit of Truth by Christine Ford

Dr. Strickler’s Unique Ministry

By Wendy Ford


Someone asked me a few weeks ago “What church do you go to?  What religion are you?”  A vague answer of something along the line of not attending church in a building or belonging to any formal religious organization and not being religious but considering myself to be spiritual was my given response.  Over the next several weeks it occurred to me my response was at best incomplete.  Dr. Strickler’s unique ministry has enabled me to change, grow and learn to the extent that the quality of my life is profoundly different from twelve years ago.  In many respects, my life really only began to be truly lived and experienced after meeting Dr. Strickler and coming into the light of his ministry just over twelve years ago.


So, what is it about Dr. Strickler’s ministry that is so special and unique?  Humbly, an attempt will be made to put some of it into words.


When embarking on an extended hike it is wise to make detailed preparations.  The proper tools must be assembled and participation in a physical conditioning program is highly recommended.  Learning to use and operate the tools would be critical and could mean the difference between an enjoyable successful hike and disaster.  The tools might include a compass, a map, a flashlight and batteries, waterproof matches, appropriate shoes or boots to maneuver about the terrain, a first aid kit and in this modern day and age maybe even a cell phone or GPS unit.  Certainly sleeping bags and tents would be needed if the plan was to sleep out doors and unless one were a purist and was counting on fishing, hunting and gathering food along the way adequate provisions and water would be needed.


Embarking along a path to explore ones spiritual environment also requires preparation and conditioning.  Just as on a physical hike, learning the use and application of certain tools in combination with psychological, emotional, intellectual and physical conditioning is needed.


That is precisely what Dr. Strickler’s unique ministry is all about.  He explores the power of The Word.  He is leading us in the exploration of the deepest hidden mysteries about the truths of consciousness.  Why?  So that each of us will be able to bring out of latency the abilities God seeded deep within each of our hearts and that lie in potential.  By learning to bring these abilities into conscious awareness we are each going through the transformational processes of bringing into manifestation the hidden potential to become more closely the true human being of the Life Power’s creation.  Dr. Strickler’s extraordinary ministry is about discovering and learning to be in contact with the potentialities that our Spirits and Souls ascribe to.  


Unlike a physical hike, embarking along a spiritual journey doesn’t require the mastery of each and every tool and maximum conditioning prior to taking the first step.  The only qualifications Dr. Strickler has are for an individual to ask to embark on the path and have a genuine commitment to wanting to learn and grow.  Dr. Strickler’s ministry is about giving/teaching the fundamental tools and teaching the rudimentary use of those tools.  With each step of the journey Dr. Strickler’s teachings are constantly refining the use of the tools and expanding the knowledge of application of those tools.  Along the way he adds a tool here and there enlarging the scope of our skills and knowledge.  Over the years tools have been patiently added to our toolboxes.


What are some of those tools?  A few of them include the Tarot, the lessons of Builders of the Adytum (B.O.T.A.), the Holy Bible, meditation, oral teachings from the Western Mystery School, teachings from philosophers of the ages, economic history, current events, political histories and events, Qabala, energy work, healing techniques, professional psychological counseling using EMDR, learning how to ask complete and accurate questions, dialogue. 


The key is in learning to be able to exercise our individual power of choice, to engage our use of free will to pick up a tool and put it to use.  To put into action the lessons learned.  To reach a point where we are consciously blending the spiritual life with the every day mundane aspects of life until they mesh so tightly and seamlessly there is no longer a separation.  This is an active transformational process that can take a lifetime or more to accomplish and can only be initiated in the presence of and by a True Spiritual Teacher.  It is not a passive process of sitting in a pew one hour a week like a sponge expecting to soak in the answers or being miraculously engulfed by “the change”.


When hiking through a dense forest it is not always easy to see the way.  When your face is planted squarely against the trunk of the tree in front of you it is not always evident there might another way to continue through the forest other than the current option chosen of attempting to go forward by pushing your way through the tree to get to the other side.  It might be required that you stop, reassess, take a step or two back, reevaluate the situation and then formulate a new option or two. 


Being on a spiritual path can be similar.  It is so easy to get lost in the maze of perceptions, misperceptions, illusions, erroneous opinions and beliefs founded upon misinterpretation that truth often goes undiscovered.  Sometimes a malformation of belief or opinion is not recognized.  Why?  The accuracy of our interpretation is only as good the clarity of our cognition guiding perception.  A very tiny, cracked or distorted lens or mirror will only give us a distorted picture (perception) upon which to base our interpretations.


Take the example of looking through the peephole in a door to see what is on the other side.  Looking through the small hole doesn’t give a very accurate picture of what it’s really like on the other side does it?  When looking through a frosted, beveled glass door into a room we might perceive with our eyes two figures locked in an intimate embrace.  Isn’t that nice?  Two lovers.  Replace the frosted, beveled glass with clear, smooth glass and we see a man being embraced by his very large dog in an enthusiastic greeting.  Two very different interpretations yet each based upon a perception received or “seen” through different lenses. 


Dr. Strickler’s teachings and ministry are giving us the tools and methods by which the lens can become clear, expanded and whole.  Only then are we able to discern what is truly being reflected or seen.  We are learning to find the defects in the lenses that have lead to our misperceptions and prejudices.  At times we may even uncover the root causes of those defects.  We are learning to hone our skills of discernment and interpretation of perception.


In other words we are learning to find those areas within ourselves where our opinions and beliefs have been formed and erected upon the unstable foundation of misinterpretation and misperception.  Dr. Strickler is teaching us to uncover, identify and acknowledge the existence of these areas that have been created entirely subconsciously and that have been nourished with the excrement of our erroneous beliefs and opinions.  In so doing we are automatically being sensitized to be able to recognize and identify statements and actions made by others that are formed from the same source:  the excrement of erroneous beliefs and opinions.


Dr. Strickler’s ministry has enabled me to start the discovery of seeing glimpses of the bigger picture of Spirit embracing and operating through Soul here on the physical plane to initiate and complete growth.  I am so much more than just a physical body.  My physical body is merely the vehicle through which this particularization of soul is being expressed in physical manifestation at this point in time.  This has not been an easy concept for me to grasp and I still struggle for greater clarity of awareness and further expansion of understanding and knowing.  Bit by bit I am getting glimpses of the bigger picture.  Day by day I strive to “walk the talk” and through my actions, reactions and words incorporate the concepts of Dr. Strickler’s teachings into my everyday life.  That it is possible in these times to live the Word.


Does this mean I walk around with a beatific smile on my face saying “God Bless you” to everyone I see or that I am no longer affected by the craziness that seems to be expanding daily about me or that I have somehow perfected all my flaws and discovered all of my darker areas?  To quote Robin Williams in his explanation of the history of golf, “Fuck no!”  But Dr. Strickler has given me flags to aim for along the way that give me hope.  


Has Dr. Strickler’s ministry had an effect on my life?  Oh, yeah.  Boundaries have been expanded in areas never before recognized.   I didn’t even know some of the boundaries existed never mind that they could be expanded or dismantled.  As a matter of fact I hadn’t even known many were largely of own construction.  After three years of being in Dr. Strickler’s presence several times a week I am becoming more Me.  Discovering who I am has not been an easy nor pain free process but it is certainly worth it.  There is a quality in my life impossible to put into words.  It is a “something” that enables me to choose to keep moving along this spiritual path every day, a “something” that is becoming my center and core.  A “something” that beckons me to want to know more about myself, more about the stuff called manifestation and the rules and laws that govern it and my place and role in the larger scope of Creation. 


Dr. Strickler’s unique ministry has brought me to this point in my life and I look forward to the discoveries yet to be found and knowledge yet to be grasped, the adventures to be experienced.  Even discovering those darker areas and getting to know myself better is anticipated.  For I know Dr. Strickler can point out the general direction, gently tap me on the shoulder to redirect me or offer a steadying hand when I stumble or trip over myself.  He can give hints through a look, a question or a gentle nudge.  He can also give the proverbial swift kick in the butt when needed. 


My fervent wish is that everyone could experience what it’s like to be in the presence of a True Spiritual Teacher and to experience one of the representatives of the Word in flesh.


Wendy Ford



The Soul & Spirit of Truth

By Christine Ford


Over the past year plus, since Dr. Strickler’s physical vehicle experienced the trial of having a stroke, there have been changes we have all noted in him.  A very obvious slowing down with an increased ability to understand and relate to the limitations we have all been dealing with our entire lives has been a predominant change.  He has always tolerated and teased us about our speed, as we have teased him about his and coined the term, “The Speed of David”, which is synonymous with “faster than lightning or swifter than the wind“.  He didn’t, however, have much of a relation point for our apparent “slowness” nor empathy for it pre-stroke, but now he just smiles as he makes comments about experiences he is having in regards to this mundane plane and we say in unison “Welcome to OUR world, Boss”.  Quite an interesting side effect of the still-being-recovered- from trauma produced by the event of August 22, 2004.   


Dr. Strickler has been experiencing an ever increasing emergence of the knowing that his body truly DID suffer a life threatening event, especially over the past two months.  Perhaps a great deal of his expanding awareness can be attributed to the incredible improvements brought together during his Therapies at Health South.  Dr. Strickler was afforded the opportunity to be in a group of patients whose bodies had suffered similar trauma, and was able to see firsthand the results of what might have been, had he not been so in tune with his physical vehicle and gotten to the hospital so quickly, well within the window to receive the TPA treatment.  With the okay to drive again, Dr. Strickler appears to be stronger and more centered in many respects, if that is possible, than he was before. 


Along with accommodations to the changes in his physical vehicle and understanding of the speed at which most people in the world move and process, Dr. Strickler has also spent much time over the past year in deep meditation, contemplation and discussion of just what direction his Service to humanity is being moved into by the Power of the One.  For many years the idea of a “church”, a ministry, has surfaced and been spoken of as a probability to be explored, though the time was not right.  The physical necessity of Dr. Strickler’s holding down full time employment while establishing a ministry, which is a full time endeavor in and of itself, was an obstacle. 


Those of us who are students of Dr. Strickler did not have the monetary means to fully support him financially during the beginning phases of the establishment of a ministry, nor would he have expected that.  Now that Dr. Strickler has been approved for Social Security Disability, which from all sources I have spoken to is a miracle in and of itself considering the difficulties people have securing this type of assistance from the government, it is almost as if the Powers that Be are waving a great big banner saying “Go For It, Here’s your sign!”  It is within this Edition of the Spiritual Climate Newsletter that we are announcing Dr. Strickler’s decision to move into the establishment of a formal Ministry in the tradition which he has studied, lived, and dedicated his life and energy.


There are so many questions that I have been asked over the years about what I study, what “religion” it is, what books can be read to explain it, what do I “believe”?  These have been extremely difficult questions for me to give an answer to, because what comes through Dr. Strickler is unique, unlike any religion, philosophy or doctrine that you will find in a book, church or ministry anywhere.  I am exceedingly overjoyed that he has announced his decision to finally call it what it is, a Spiritual MINISTRY.  Now, the question remains, what in the world IS this “Ministry” all about?  What makes it unique?  How does it “work”?  And the always eternal question of our consumerist, me-oriented society, “What’s in it for me?”  I suppose the best way to answer that might be to describe what my experience has been in terms of my thirteen year association with David, for even though it was not “named”, a Ministry is what he has held from the moment he began to teach over twenty years ago.


My entire life has been a seeking, searching for the answer to the questions of Who am I, what am I here for?  Always there was a little voice nagging away, demanding answers, sometimes whispering, sometimes screaming, “There’s got to be more than this incessant day to day struggle to get by; more than waking up, going to work, coming home, going to bed and getting up again.  Where is it, how do I find it, what practice or technique might there be to bring me closer to actually living the purpose that my Soul and Spirit are holding in potential for me?”


The answer to my quest and seeking began to grow when I met Dr. Strickler and became part of what I now know is his Ministry.  Notice I said BEGAN to grow, for one of the premises of such a ministry is that there is ALWAYS growth; when you reach the top of the “level” at which you are working, you become a Master of that level, while at the same time becoming an Initiate to the level above you;  ever growing, infinitely expanding, always more to know, to hear, to see, to discover and understand, and most importantly, to put into use in your comings and goings each and every day. 


Though we “study”, learn, and have classes, the Oral Qabalistic Tradition, which is one of the many traditions Dr. Strickler weaves into his discourses, is not an intellectualization, a mere spitting back of terms and definitions which is so often the sad result of education today.  Instead it is a dynamic dialogue, a living interactive exchange of energy and knowledge, a spiraling and expanding of consciousness as Dr. Strickler plants the seeds of the understanding of the Power of The Word, using Hebrew, the Sacred Tongue God used for Creation, as a vehicle of expression for study.  Qabala is derived from the Hebrew word “qibel”, meaning to be receptive to, or to receive. That is precisely what Dr. Strickler’s Ministry is, a reception, a receiving of Knowledge and Truth as it is disseminated through the words that are spoken through him by The One.    


Participating with us in the interchange of harnessing and exploring the Laws and Principles which were, are, and always will be the foundation upon which the Limitless Light of the Universe was formed, Dr. Strickler serves as a catalyst for Spiritual growth, empowerment and understanding.  Through him flows the wisdom, energy and eminence to aid in increasing our awareness of what more there is that lies beyond our mundane perceptions, more than the mere physical existence most are so embedded in.  


Through his word and touch, through the voice, presence and guidance of a True Spiritual Teacher, healing and grace comes in the growing capacity to actually experience brief glimpses of direct communication with that which we truly are, Soul and Spirit expressing through the limitations and manifestation of a physical vehicle.  As we weave the Laws and Principles he opens to us into our daily experiences, we begin to establish contact with the portion of us that is the REAL part, the Soul and Spirit longing to express through and into this plane. 


The experience is exciting, invigorating, joyous and creative, though there is work and often times tears and pain as we come face to face and gradually put to death the Asshole portions of our Ego and Personality that we have created, patterned, fed, kept alive, and sometimes desperately attempted to hold on to.  Tears and pain does sound somewhat paradoxical to the definition most carry of “Spiritual Growth“, I know, but True Spiritual Growth, versus the La-De-Da crap which is touted by the generic metaphysical circles, is just that, paradoxical!  Spiritual Growth carries with it exquisite Spiritual Growing pains that far surpass anything EVER experienced by the physical body. 


In this imperfect plane in which we live, based on negativity and an error that started it all, we are not meant to be “happy” all of the time.  Are we entitled to share moments of happiness?  YES!  Experience profound and overwhelming insights of agape and joy?  ABSOLUTELY!  Reflect upon heart expanding epiphanies of awareness, love and peace?  YOU BETCHA.  Be blessed by glorious Ah-has, when you feel so empowered and elevated that you wonder if you will ever touch down again?  YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!  Those moments of Knowing, of contact with Soul and Spirit, are True Spiritual agape and splendor of a beauty so rare and unique that goes beyond words and description. 


To reach those pinnacles of experience, however, is where the anguish, work, blood, sweat and tears come can sometimes make their appearance.  And is it worth it?  Here’s the magical answer for the “What’s in it for me?” crowd. How can you measure or give value to hearing the clear voice of your Soul as it speaks to you?  How can you convey the overwhelming joy and sorrow that combines to touch you so deeply that you are forever transformed when your Spirit whispers, nudges, intimates Its presence, and you sense It, feel It, hear It, communicate with It, if only for a split second?  How can you describe the longing and yearning for return to The Source that you carry with you forever once you have, if only even for the briefest of moments, touched into those layers of consciousness that go so far beyond what we experience in our daily lives, yet are that which was intended for us to Know, to Do and to Be? 


Yes, it is worth every moment of what some may term as pain and anguish. Truth by its very nature does bring with it pain that must be faced, met, and worked through.  It is rare to be in alignment with the Truth, though the pain and suffering resulting from exposure and non acceptance of Truth is not CAUSED by the Truth itself, but rather by the  response to being in a chosen state of denial and delusion of separation from the Truth.  Through the teachings and words given to us by Dr. Strickler we learn to be more closely in alignment with Truth by discerning and making knowledge based choices, by exercising our freedom of “A or not A”, by detecting patterns and nuances, subtle flows and sometimes NOT so subtle flows, that guide us and are interwoven into every aspect of our lives.  Dr. Strickler’s words and his Ministry grant us the freedom to live and experience this mundane plane from a different perspective, from an Angle of Light, Truth, Freedom and Love versus an Angle of fear, deception, repetition of erroneous patterns and lies.


I have spent my years since meeting Dr. Strickler in a state of continuous awe, gratitude and wonder that such a Spiritual Mentor is available to me.  The fervent prayers of a terrified little girl were answered some 30 years later in the form of a Master and Ministry of a magnitude and strength that I am just now beginning to recognize as my awareness increases and more is revealed to me. I have watched people come and go from his presence and seemingly not even be aware of that which they have come into contact with.  I have questioned WHY this is so, and the best answer I have been able to reach is an extremely simple one.  Those who do not see just are not ready to see, those who do not hear are just not ready to hear. Irregardless of their perception or NON perception, everyone who comes into Dr. Strickler’s his presence is touched and irrevocably changed.  They may have no awareness of this, they may have no apprehension or understanding, but they go away with a gift which is theirs to use. 


There is a passage from the “Book of Tokens” by Paul Foster Case in reference to the Hebrew letter Vav, which is the Tarot Key assigned to The Hierophant, The Inner Teacher.  The meaning of Vav is a nail or a hook, that upon which something is hung, or a means by which it is affixed, nailed into place.  The Intelligence of Vav is The Triumphant and Eternal Intelligence, which flows from The One.  I quote a selection from that passage below:


I am the Revealer of all mysteries.

None other is the Teacher of any man.

          These words that thou readest,

          Or that, perchance, are read to thee – – –

          Whose words are they but mine?

I have brought thee before me for instruction,

And whether thou receivest it willingly or unwillingly,

Know that because thou hast this day heard or read these words,

Thou art henceforth consciously united to me.


          Today thou mayest reject me.

Today thou mayest receive these words with scorn.

          Yet it shall be that my Voice

          Shall go with thee henceforth forever.

When thou sleepest it shall instruct thee,

And even when thou art busiest with the affairs of daily life,

It shall ring suddenly in thine inner ear.


Forever art thou bound to me,

          And in a day,

          Or a month,

          Or a year,

          Or a lifetime,

          Or a hundred lifetimes,

Thou shalt know this, even as I know it;

And when thou hast reached this goal,

          What shall be a day,

          Or a month,

          Or a year,

          Or a lifetime,

          Or a hundred lifetimes?

Time ceaseth for those who come to me.


The quest will be forgotten

When thou hast reached the Goal.


Spiritual Growth is a Goal of choice, of action.  The Path is one of receptivity and surrender to Truth and Change.  The Love, Compassion, Beauty and Joy that come along this Path immeasurably exceed the temporal “happiness” that most are seeking in the hurried, instant gratification based society in which we live.    The Ministry which Dr. Strickler brings through that which is voiced through him is that of Spiritual Growth, Agape, Truth, and Freedom.   


And where does he find these Truths, Laws and Principles that he teaches, if not in a book or specific religious doctrine, I hear you asking.  Part of it he has carried from as early as he can remember, part is from years of study, personal transformation and tradition passed on to him by a True Spiritual Mentor.  Part of it comes as a combination of disciplines he has chosen to explore over his course of growth.  Another factor is his never ending discovery of Himself through proper utilization of psychological counseling as a tool for understanding and growth, and yet another part comes from his unquenchable desire to Know the Truth, live the Truth, and be guided each and every day in every decision and motion by The Power of The One.  And, most importantly, he has devoted his life to becoming that which he is, a Speaker of The Word, a Bearer of The Logos into this plane, so that others may hear and see, be touched and grow, experience the Beauty and Truth of Soul and Spirit in action.  Through Dr. Strickler the Revelatory Power and Triumphant Eternal Intelligence of the Spirit of the Voice, the Hierophant and the Vibration of The One is brought into manifestation, into livingness, and that is what makes him a true Spiritual Teacher, and his unique Ministry one of the Soul and Spirit of Truth. 


I have had the privilege to witness first hand the ongoing production of the fruit of the Tree of Life known to us as Dr. Strickler.  I encourage each of you to contact him with your spiritual questions and seek the guidance of a True Spiritual Master while he still walks among us. 


May your Soul and Spirit move you to engage in the dynamic dialogue provided by the words spoken through Dr. Strickler’s Ministry.


Christine Ford

Editor, Spiritual Climate Newsletter



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