Spiritual Climate Newsletter SEPT 2005 part 5 Of Bridges and Souls part one By Rev. David Strickler

Of Bridges and Souls

part one

By Rev. David Strickler


What a whirlwind of a month and no pun intended.  Looks like a continuation of major vortices of energy manifesting on the event horizon from the solar flare of approximately two years ago and the past solar flare of about a month ago.  Our prayers, energy and healthful outcome is directed to our citizens in this wonderful country who were intentionally left out of the excessive profit taking policies of some of the swine business leaders and meat head politicians in our elected officials.  This recent appearance of the clowns and the religion of consumerism has taken front and center stage.  We have some real nut cases in this country and many of them hold seats of power. Too bad Katrina didn’t sweep through Washington D.C. and sweep it clean like a new broom.  Nature does have a way of uncovering those areas within our humanity that is yet best put into real action in the physical world.


God of course, had little if anything to do with the current rash of storms, in my opinion.  He/She has better operations to set into motion than to visit affliction upon the poor in this country.  The types of actions we take after an incident such as the past month does, in my view, permit Spirit and Soul to evaluate all of its individual pieces in the field of action or if you prefer event horizon, known as PEOPLE:  there is a judgment already in the process of being rendered by levels of consciousness and intelligence that are not limited by the thrashing appetite and drive for profiteering.


Nature can at times respond to the vast amount of electromagnetic input from the field of thought emission in humanity.  It is important to note here, that this is in no way an attempt to utilize the current ‘blame the victim’ ideology that is used in current financial endeavors and business (e.g. can’t get a job?  Better change your attitude).  One would have to be an ass to subscribe in such rationalizations that are used only to support the tyrannical egocentric slobbering of gluttonous robber-barons who take the money and run.  Looking at the current playing field of Hedge fund thieves there is plenty of room to steal the public blind.


Listening and watching C-Span the other night I saw one of the grandest circus ever: a group of so called compassionate conservatives literally nervous about the amount of money required to repair sections of the nation damaged by the storms and thereby taking advantage of the pain and suffering to make a point about the deficit.  It was hilarious to watch them divert attention away from the deficit they had a hand in creating to over the past years, even complaining about the 900 Billion in debt notes being held by China.  One of the solutions they proposed was even more sinister:  Sell off large portions of prime land held by the public (citizens) of this country to help pay for the storm damaged areas. 


How brilliant!  Then North Korean companies and even perhaps the Chinese government will buy these proposed land deals and even own more of the U.S.A.  I can hear them now—“the governments will not be able to buy the land” which might be true IF parameters are put on the sale of this land.  If the sale goes up to private individuals and those individual OR corporations are not 100% US citizens, then what these meat heads have proposed will open the doors to the further selling of this nation to foreign interests.  To borrow a phrase from Jeff Foxworthy—-“here’s your sign (which reads: I’m a stupid person).  It should be handed out to all who agreed with these brainless wonders and to the brainless wonders themselves who came up with a 3rd grader solution to a long term problem.  Just goes to show how nature unaided fails:  the human brain without the intervention of morals, ethics and developed capacity for reasoning sounds like a modern Corporate Borg; an ape in a business suit spitting out half chewed bananas it stole from other apes.


Storms are good; it gives us the opportunity to witness the best and worst that are within each and every one of us and reveal to us where we need to grow in our spiritual maturity and humanity.  The Spirit watches Soul closely as to whether or not we even take advantage of the opportunity to incorporate more of its real self into the physical plane.  Whether or not we attempt to burn a bridge in a moment of fear or despair can be used to evaluate how much we have grown as a SOUL (human being) in this world or whether we have chosen for the sake and ease of convenience to just avoid what may be true.


There are many ways to explore this concept.  I will be devoting some time to it in upcoming editions, so please bear in mind that this article is in no way complete.  I sometimes wonder if articles ever are complete, although they are a starting point for discovery of truths.  Anyway, let me illustrate with an example:  I have a friend whom I shall name John in this article to not reveal his identity although what I will reveal is that he is a male who is in his 50’s and that he did give me permission to relate this story in this article.  We have shared much together over the years especially through his recovery process in AA.  For my part I have enjoyed his friendship and questions, for as you know, I know that recovery programs have a place in the world of human healing as I have given talks to recovery groups and contributed my skills and talents wherever I feel they are best suited to help people in those healing areas, but I also see where they are converted into something that they are not: a Spiritual Program.


John’s Soul opened up and created a bridge between him and me.  Yes, I also helped in the building that bridge so that we could share things together.  Now the Soul does this with power and energy from areas that reflect the type of exchange that is to take place between people.  It emerges as a lightning flash between two people and I can see this at times with my aura vision.  The type of connection will depend on how from what depth of Soul or non soul areas the flash emerges from.  Deeper connections usually promote greater intensities of experiences within various ranges of either instinctual, emotional or intellection areas or any of the above combined.  John and I had a connection as he learned from me and I learned much more about how the system of recovery worked in his life.  John provided me with one of the proofs that these recovery networks are made into something that they ARE NOT-a Spiritual system.


John never called me after my stroke last year.  I looked forward to his call.  There wasn’t a week that went by that I didn’t look for a call from him.  I would spend time thinking that maybe I should have called him.  I decided against it, for I thought maybe there was something going on in his life that was preventing him from calling me.  I really could have used his support.  So I double checked with Christine whether or not she had sent out a note to everyone letting them know I had had a stroke and yes, she showed me that she had sent one to him.  So I figured that since he was out of state, maybe he hit hard financial times and couldn’t afford a phone call, but what made it strange was that he wasn’t even showing up on my messengers to chat online.


This went on for over 8 months.  I just couldn’t figure out why he wouldn’t call even after I had sent him a few personal notes.  I was getting overly concerned so I just let it go, but I did not burn the bridge of friendship that exists.  I have never burn a bridge since an experience I had in my early 20’s where I had burned one and come to find out that I was wrong and it shouldn’t have been burned.  Even when I went back to the person with whom I burned the bridge to apologize and reconnect with because my shame had revealed to me the truths about the feelings in myself that was easier to deny than to admit.  That person never spoke to me again and from that point forward I knew I would never burn a bridge again or refuse to speak or reconnect with someone again, because there is so much that we do not know, there is much we do not see outside of ourselves.  So I just figured John was going through something, I just hoped he had not ‘fallen off the wagon’.


One morning, while finding myself waking up on the couch I had left my computer on and it was making that messenger noise that it plays when a person is speaking with you on MSN or AOL instant messenger.  I got up and looking through my blurry eyes I immediately recognized the loony name—It was John!  The window read “Do you have time for an old friend?  If you do not want to speak to me I understand, but please let me make amends, I finally got my head out of my ass.  Are you OK David?”  A tear rolled down my face.  We talked on messenger and then I said hey John—I got some minutes, give me a call.   It was great to hear from him. 


I come to find out that he had friends who had had a stroke.  He had such a hard time seeing his loved ones and friends tied in a not and not the same as they once were that he didn’t think he could take hearing me on the phone or seeing me as he does once a year when he comes to phoenix.  But his shame drove him to understand that maybe, just maybe just being there in voice could have helped speed my recovery along.  Just as my shame led me to discover how I wasn’t being fair with a person in the earlier part of my life.  He is now even involved in helping people with strokes to overcome what he call his ‘denial and stupidity’ in one area of his life.  Most importantly, I am glad we are talking again, as I had missed his friendship.     


John, I know you are reading this, I am so glad you got your head out of your ass.  I do not burn my bridges.  I have spent time putting out fires that others have started on my bridges in those all too familiar moments of human fear, denial and anger/shame.  Just as I had put out the fire on the bridge you tried to burn between you and me. 


I have seen people die from bridges that were burned.  Look at how some of the business and governmental policies helped contribute to the deaths of some in the storm areas.  Christine asked me for a quote for this month’s newsletter, so the one you read above is something I wrote many years ago.  Some bridges are so deep they are intense as you drive over them, for they are constructed from deeper energies that unite Souls.  That is why I never burn my bridges, cause at the other end of that bridge is a human being who has a heart, mind and life that yearns to be fulfilled and to share some moments with other Souls that are traveling in the world of people in their spiritual journey to return home.


Special thanks to John for wanting to share his story with you and giving me permission to use it.


May all of you have the experience of opening a door that you were afraid was closed.


Rev. David Strickler, Ph.D.

Qabalistic Teacher & Minister




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