Spiritual Climate Newsletter SEPT 2005 part 4 Who or What is Your God?  To Whom or What Are You In Service?  by Wendy Ford

Who or What is Your God?

To Whom or What Are You In Service?

by Wendy Ford


“You shall have

 no other gods before me”      


The first of the Ten Commandments of The Holy Bible.


To serve God is an admirable endeavor, a worthy goal.  But in today’s society how many “gods” are there?  Over the past several months Dr. Strickler’s classes have stimulated much personal thought, introspection and observation.


Dr. Strickler has frequently referred to God’s Libel Suit:  the biggest, toughest, bad-assed libel suit of them all:  The Ultimate, Super-Sized Libel Suit of God versus Humanity for taking God’s name and using it to do Humanity’s bidding over the past several thousand years under the umbrella of any religion that ever existed. 


Having a war?  Do it in God’s name.  That will get you all the troops you need and of course grant you the right to wage the war.  Have a government you want to overthrow?  Do it in the name of God.  That will justify the move and the nation is more likely to support you.  Have an entire group of people you want to conquer and enslave?  Do it in the name of God and all is right, for the invocation of God’s name somehow magically makes almost any action acceptable and admirable. 


Have a big sports contest you want very badly to win?  Invoke the name of God.  He’ll provide you the luck and skill to win.  If you lose maybe you didn’t call his name loudly enough.  Have a big business deal on the burner?  Invoke God and surely you will land the big one.  It doesn’t matter that the other guy just got screwed.  Go to church every Sunday, vow to serve God and then go about selling false advertisements for pharmaceuticals the rest of the week.  Pray to God every morning and night for the strength and guidance to do His work, then go out and walk right by the homeless people on the corner.  Let the door go in front of the little lady using a cane because you were in too much of a rush to even notice her.  Be rude to the fast food clerk making minimum wage in the attempt to keep her family fed because in her haste to serve your need for a double espresso she dropped your change and you were delayed for several precious seconds.


Humanity has made God its scapegoat.  By invoking God for help, guidance, assistance or whatever, Humanity or an individual has the mistaken belief they are thereby removed from taking full and just responsibility for any action or inaction.  They are somehow exonerated from having to go through the processes of asking questions, self exploration, of looking deep within to find areas of untruth, biases and prejudices that are at the foundation their selfhood.  That by “putting it in God’s hands” or by “turning it to over to God” they now have nothing more to do but sit back and wait for the answer, solution or miracle to be provided.  “I prayed for God’s help and this is how it turned out.  I put it all in His hands and the result is the Will of God.”  In other words they can hold up their hands and lament,       “Don’t look at me, it must be God’s Will (fault) it turned out that way.”


The following is a conceptualized response Dr. Strickler might make.  This is a compilation of several years’ worth of classes and has been approved by Dr. Strickler in its content and concepts. “God’s Will?  Ha!  God doesn’t have one damn thing to do with it!  Humanity is like an adult who goes to its parent and says, ‘I want wa wa.’  Would the parent get the adult child a glass of water?  Not likely.  The parent would be more likely to say, ‘You have two arms, two legs, get it yourself!’  Well The Lord of Life is much more likely to say, ‘I gave you two legs, two arms, a brain, use of Mind and Consciousness and use of Free Will.  Figure it out for your own damn self.  I’ll give you access to the principles and rules but it’s up to you to apply them.’  Do you really think the Almighty One is so intimately interested in you as you exist in this physical vehicle in this physical plane that he is going to help you get the promotion at work or win a football game?  Well, isn’t that an arrogant, self-centered opinion you have of yourself?  God doesn’t care about you.  Again, God does not care about you.  Not the animal you with your flawed personality and individualized flawed ego.  No!  The Lord of Life expects the individual expressions of Humanity to use what It gave them and what It gave them access to.  Not to keep wiping our butts and noses for all eternity!  What God does care about, my dear people, is your Soul.  The big You.  The You that more and more of you are losing communication with. ”


[As a side note, it was fascinating to stumble across the old movie Oh God with John Denver and George Burns yesterday.  If you have never seen it I highly recommend it, if you have I suggest you see it again.  John Denver’s character asks God, played by George Burns, “Why aren’t you helping us?”  His reply, “I’m responsible for the big stuff, everything else I left up to you.”] 


In an earlier article Dr. Strickler referenced the fact there are over 2700 factions of Christianity in the United State alone.  That is staggering and sobering.  How did that happen?


“If you don’t believe the way I (we) do, you are wrong and will burn in Hell for all Eternity.”  “He or she or they can’t be truly Christians and true believers if they believe differently.”  They throw up their hands in horror if any even DARE to ask any probing questions.  If someone can’t take the literal words from the particular version/translation of The Bible they have decided represents the absolute truth with no room for exploration then that person or persons are wrong and there is nothing to discuss.  “Our way is the only true way.”  Evidently a group of people can form their own sect and deem it the one true way and everyone else is wrong.  Now, reread the paragraph and for “Christian” substitute Moslem, Buddhist, Jewish, Pagan, Satanist, whatever, and for “Bible” substitute the Koran, Torah, whatever.  Doesn’t it start to look as if Humanity has created gods in its own image and likeness to suit its beliefs and opinions?


Religions are not the unique holders of titles and descriptors for god.  Anything or any one can function as a false god. All it takes is for that thing, idea or person to gain enough influence or become so important an individual ceases to ask questions or explore options and instead turns over their rights and control to “it”.  Mind you this is almost NEVER on a conscious basis.  Here are just a few examples.           


Money.  In some circles and societies Money is worshiped and honored above all else.  Some people’s entire lives are based on the amassing of Money and more Money without regard to morals or ethics or law.  Nothing and no one can or will be permitted to stand in the way of bringing more Money or profits into their coffers and pockets.  It matters not who gets hurt or suffers as a result of their actions or inactions.  Their lives are consumed by service to the god called Money.  Fancy terms are used to camouflage Money:  corporate profits for stockholders, tax incentives, tax cuts, financial rewards, perks, etc. but no matter how they dress it up it is still Money.


The personal ego.  For some the only concern is for themselves:  the god of Me-Myself-and-I.  How can a situation be manipulated, controlled or contrived to best suit an individual’s personal needs or wants?  Now.  Right now.  This instant.  The faster the better and disregard any possible consequences.  Whatever opinion or belief structure they hold is not only the correct one, but also the only one and any who dares to question are stupid and can’t understand.


A Nation.  Only the needs and wants of the Nation are important.  Of course those needs and wants are determined by individuals who have anthropomorphized the nation playing to and evoking/invoking emotional responses of the citizenry.  It is “for the good of the Nation” that certain policies are put into effect.  Even more disturbing, those who dare to question or analyze too deeply run the risk of finding themselves labeled traitors.  It matters not if individual rights are eroded or usurped under the guise of “for the good of the Nation”.  It is just assumed and expected the citizenry will be loyal and pay homage to their Nation no matter what.


Power.  The more Power the better, no matter what the cost, who gets hurt or what anyone thinks.   To have Power is to control.  To have control is to have the ability to enslave.  To have the ability to enslave is the ultimate power trip no matter how it is dressed up, for to have the power to enslave is to have the ability to take away part of a person’s humanity and erode the amount of consciousness to which they have access.  The result:  a pretty much mindless group of individuals who have less and less access to areas of their consciousness with diminished ability to question and probe and challenge.  “There’s nothing more reliable than a man or woman whose loyalty can be bought for hard cash.”  From the movie The Ninth Gate.


Food and alcohol.  Hunger for the unconditional Love and sustenance from soul and spirit can erroneously be reflected and interpreted on this physical plane as physical hunger or thirst.  Physical food or drink becomes the comfort of the physical vehicle when in reality the hunger and thirst was for nourishment from the soul to enable the processes of transformation and growth to engage and unfold.  The reflection of the need was misinterpreted here in the physical plane.


Entertainment and physical sensory input.  How many individuals can sit in a room alone, in the quiet for more than twenty minutes?  Most need to have the television on, music playing, be talking on the phone, be on line in a chat room or have people around them.  Some need to have all of these activities going on at the same time!   Some can’t even sit still long enough to pick up a book and read for thirty minutes.  Others can’t be alone no matter how many distractions are going on needing to go out of their homes in search of the entertainment of sporting events, movies and the company of others.  In order to avoid being alone many grab on to meaningless relationships hoping for the numbing of the senses by intense sexual activity.


Information and technology.  In the 1950’s our educational system changed from the classical model with a broad foundation in the philosophies, critical thinking and the arts, which enabled the discovery of knowledge to an information-based model.  Today’s education model has at its root dissemination of information, not the discovery of knowledge.  One who is able to spit back dates, facts, theories and formulae is considered to be knowledgeable.  Not that science and technology don’t have their places, they absolutely do.  But shouldn’t it also be taught what processes were used to derive the information?  That would be knowledge. Knowledge: noun;(1) acquaintance with facts, truths, or principles, as from study or investigation; general erudition; (2) the fact or state of knowing; the perception of fact or truth; clear and certain mental apprehension.  How many schools still include philosophy, critical thinking and creative writing in the curricula?  Many schools are cutting the arts and music so more information can be crammed in to pass the “achievement” tests and school days in most districts are being shortened due to budgetary constraints.  Our society places more value on passing tests than on the ability to think.  Could it be that if people are taught how to be observant, think and problem solve they might actually be able to ask relevant and probing questions?  Would this pose a threat to those in power, to those running corporations, Wall Street, the politicians and policy makers?    


It looks as if some people are serving multiple gods doesn’t it?  But here is a fascinating question:  has anyone made the conscious decision to serve his or her false god(s)?  Probably not.  It has come about subconsciously with great suaveness and so insidiously that few are aware enough to ever realize it.  Without ever having looked beneath the surface for possible errors in interpretation of perceptions or discernments that form the foundations of their opinions and beliefs, that guide their reactions to experiences, or generate their actions, reactions and inactions they have subconsciously become enslaved by the false god(s) to which they give service.


For those of you who are pursuing knowledge and truth, who are making honest attempts and inroads in self-exploration in the pursuit of uncovering the areas of your misconceptions and misperceptions upon which your foundation of prejudices and biases has been erected, Kudos!  Keep moving and exploring.  Don’t give up.  I have found it is not an easy nor pain free journey, but the joy of discovery makes the bumps, bruises and discomfort of self-exposure easier to bear.  I am not the same person I was when we moved here three years ago, thank God.  It takes hard work and perseverance, lots of tissues and space to pace and talk with yourself.


The most important key of all:  The process requires being in the presence of a True Spiritual Teacher to kick you in the butt when needed, lend a shoulder for your tears, give you a hug, lend a hand when you stumble, join you in laughter at the often times revelation of the “duh” factor, to ask questions you may not have dared to even ask yourself, for the True Spiritual Teacher knows you better than you know yourself at the level of Soul.  The process requires being in the living presence of a True Spiritual Teacher to spark the awareness, to fan the processes of dissolution, to ignite the flames of transformation that enables growth.


For those of you who have not yet started on your journey may I ask why not?  Are you are so busy serving a false god(s) you have no time for self-discovery?  Do you see no need for self-growth and transformation from the animal Homo-sapiens into a true Human Being?  Or sadly, do you not even recognize the latent potential and possibility for growth and transformation?  Are you still living in the dream of Adam?


May the Lord of Life grant you the ability and desire to take an honest look at yourself, your life, your circumstances and identify what god(s) you may be truly serving.  May you be open to the voice that will guide you to have access to the principles and laws with which all is governed.  May you find the courage and desire to tap into the potential held within each of us to grow and transform, to become a true Human Being.


Wendy Ford 



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