Spiritual Climate Newsletter AUGUST 2004 Part 3 Ever Waiting By Rev. David Strickler

Ever Waiting

By Rev. David Strickler, Ph.D.


It was a dark, cold night.  The moon light shimmered like glistening diamonds upon the ripples on the surface of the pond that was being gently caressed by the opaque breeze.  Clouds that resembled cotton candy in the night sky forced the moon to play peek a boo with the surface of the earth, glowing like embers from the cold light reflected off the face of the lunar watcher.  I have been here before in the sanctuary at times when life just seemed to lend an overbearing weight of unceasing and relentless dichotomy that echoed through my body as strain elicited for too long an extended time. 


The roses in the garden along the stone walkway quietly slept through the evening delightfully shrouded in peace that one only finds in the setting of Holy Ground.  The Archway of the stone entrance shaped in oval to announce the entrance into the temple, ever watchful as to who passes through its solid, protective walls designed to shield the priest from the anomalies spun from the activities of mundane life.  One can only hear the steps of the body as it approaches the large doors guarding the entrance to the passageway that leads to the inner chamber of the Temple.  Arriving only to see the empty room lit only by the flicker of candle flame and taking one place to imbibe the silence wherein the Voice of the Hidden ONE can be heard.


It always knows when you arrive.  It always knows why you have journeyed to sit with IT.  It waits in the roaring silence that insulates you from the ordinary distractions that attract the senses to frivolity.  It waits for you to swim in ITS depths to be refreshed in the Waters of Life it so freely provides as nourishment to the unquenched thirst that pangs in your Soul.  Those pangs that we sometimes often misinterpret as they emerge in the desire nature of our body only as echoes transformed into something routine and familiar.  Yet, here in the inner sanctum of the Temple—we can easily see the misguided shapes they have taken as we have mis associated their origins.


Time to make a choice or is it just time to select another effect?  Time to examine the effects one has generated within the condensation of their personality or to just run away from the Truth that the Silence can open from within the Heart of Hearts communicating to your heart?  What are you here to do?  Why?  Does there have to be a reason for everything?  Who or what determines that reason and what latitude do you REALLY have with what you call your own determination, or is it better put to say your USE of that which enables to determine a path or course in life?  Does reason have anything to do with anything or is it just an illusion cast into shape and form by a mind that has yet to understand the foundation of Reason that emits from the depth of the One Love and Power of Life Itself?  If not Reason that appeals to your senses, is it then the Sound emerging from the heart of your consciousness that is trying to get your attention since you have finally provided the silent backdrop upon which is it’s sounding board; free from the distractions garbled from your mind that utilizes thought as a primary source of communication?


Too many questions You say?  I am right here speaking with you Right Now.  Always in the now and within the silence that is the foundation enabling the recognition of your manifest self uttered through your personality.  I AM never far from you.  The distance you perceive is nothing more than the illusion cackling from the ephemeral aspects of your sense and perception.  I AM always here with you.  The valley you traverse to be in the Presence of the Speaking Self was created by YOU in the scurry and flurry of attempting to satisfy your senses by engaging them in effects.  It is nothing more than a fool’s articulation endeavoring to explain the Eternal in finite experiences.  What ‘words’ do you really understand?  How can you understand any words that are not heard with the Original Sound of creation that pulsates within your heart reflected in the body as sentience?  The eternal Silence is that by which I establish communication within and around you.  Not through desire that is distorted by the flesh and obfuscated by the misunderstandings of your mind.  Keep still, if you can, if you have the dominion over your body, mind and emotions to enter into the source of the temple itself.


I whisper and NOT shout over or through your enmeshment with the crackling unfinished aspects you partake in creation.  Always near and never far.  It is you who have created the gulf of desolation and despair by being overly fixated on the outer. 


I sit waiting without time for your return.  Often I say “Hi” through the clouds visibly chanting the form of the wind or through the dropping of the leaf from the tree that you pause by to acquire the thought emancipated from your reverie.  Echoing the soundless sound of My Voice as the leaf feels the cushion of air to break its fall to the earth, I sometimes capture your attention through the simplest of events.  I smile as you stand in awe like a child absorbed by the movement of the leaf.  Other times I say “Hi” in the melodic speaking of the bird that sees your approach to your car getting ready for your return home.


The candle flame burning brightly on your kitchen table is none other than I looking back watching you intently as you relax from the day’s duress.  The singular flame burning steadily, mimicking the soft flame of the WORD that is hidden in your heart from your awareness  or direct seeing  by the denials held up by your mind to prevent you from acquiring the realization that you have turned down the wrong road and are experiencing not what I had intended to give you, only to shoulder the blame and despair as you cry out into the night.


Stop for a moment to feel and think these words.  Some of the pictures you create in your imagination have successfully protected the egoic pride that is evoked to prevent the UNREALISITIC visions of shame and contempt from others that you see as a result in your being truthful with your Heart of Hearts. They are nothing more than a continual running from that which shall set you free.


Come home.  Sit.  Turn the radio and TV off and be with me awhile.  I never intended that you be a slave to creation, or a slave to the rantings of others.


I am Here, ever present in the temple of your body that houses the mouth of your soul:  your Heart.


Come and share the extraordinary atonement within the Universe that I have created as a backdrop that you may perceive Me in the slightest of all movements from the stars blanketing the night sky into the fish swimming in the aquarium of your home. 


My eyes are in many places, yet you hide from the WORD that burns brightly in the darkest corner of your Heart.


There I am, Ever waiting no matter what your prodigal attitude or demeanor may display.


Ever Waiting.


Blessings of the Life Power

Rev. David Strickler, Ph.D.






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