Spiritual Climate Newsletter AUGUST 2004 Part 1 WHAT THE HELL DO WE THINK WE ARE DOING?  by Christine Ford

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Monday, August 02, 2004



“ Ignorance:  the root and the stem of every evil. ”

. . . Plato . . .




by Christine Ford


Last Thursday I was at a day long training to learn the ins and outs of using an assistive technology device for one of my students.  The mother of the child was also there, and I commented that it was great that she could get off work to attend.  Her reply to me was that she was a “stay at home Mom”.   Though it took a couple days to register, I realized that she is the first Mom I have run into in years who is home taking care of the family rather than spending eight hours each day at work and then frantically trying to make up for lost time in the evenings and on weekends.  This realization brought with it a combination of anger and rage that I have rarely experienced. 


I was one of those stay at home moms for 13 years while my kids were growing up, only going back to work when my youngest went to full day kindergarten.  Every mother I knew in every house up and down the block was “at home” too.  Sure we ate lots of hot dogs, hamburgers and mac and cheese, and MAYBE went out to eat in a “sit down” restaurant once a month!  Visits to McDonald’s were a rare treat rather than an every other day occurrence, we drove old cars, shopped using coupons and searching for sales, and went to the park or the library (free) for recreation!  And you know what?  We never felt cheated or bored.  Our lives were filled with the wonder of watching our kids grow and learn, helping them understand the often times puzzling world that expanded around them, building character, independence and a sense of responsibility in our children that could never be taken away from them. 


The role of stay at home mom was revered and appreciated; we were valued for the nurturing and stability we provided and our children were the shining rewards of our labors.  Sounds idyllic, yes, but when I compare the climate of the world that my children must raise their children in to what I experienced back in the 70’s and early 80’s as a young mother, I can only shake my head in sorrow, indeed, terror,  at the change, the complexity, the demands and expectations placed by today’s stockholders, financiers, and businesses upon people in the name of productivity and financial growth NOT for the welfare of “the people”, but for expansion and increase of the portfolios of the elite holding the invisible reins of control over us all.  Sound somewhat negative and pissed off???  You bet your ass I am and you should be too.         


When did “working moms” become the norm in our society?  When did a “stay at home Mom” become so rare that it takes one by surprise?  More importantly than WHEN, I ask you HOW and WHY?  Back when we raised our now adult kids, back in the 70’s, Moms just didn’t work as a rule.  Oh!  I stand corrected!  We sure did work, but our jobs were in the home, making sure that needs were provided for, kids were educated, disciplined, and supervised, clothes were clean, meals were balanced and on the table, and that there was a sense of unity, security, support and warmth within the place that we called “HOME”.  


How are all those needs being met today?  Why the dramatic change in twenty years?  Who is overseeing the development, education, experiences and providing role models for those little ones coming into the world, the very future of our existence, the children growing up right now?  Who’s “minding the store?”  IS ANYONE HOME??????  I think not, and it is my opinion that out of the coerced economic necessity of both parents having to be employed just to make ends meet, the foundation of our society’s existence, the FAMILY, has been undermined and caricaturized to the point of collapse. 


We no longer have the power, time nor luxury to manage our children, homes and activities, but have gradually, without even being aware of it, surrendered our very lives and that most dear to us to the control of mass marketing hypnosis and governmental-consumer mind fuck which have turned us into slaves who must work ceaselessly to produce more and more in less and less time, in order to barely exist from paycheck to paycheck.  WHAT HAPPENS TO THE CHILDREN?  WHAT HAPPENS TO THE FAMILY?  WHAT BECOMES OUR PRIORITY WHEN IT IS A DAY TO DAY STRUGGLE MERELY TO SURVIVE?  We have been gradually sold out and sacrificed in the most negative, brutal sense of the word and we didn’t even see it coming! Isn’t it about time to WAKE UP?


There are historical FACTS that back this up, and logical reasons to answer the WHY? and HOW? questions I posed earlier.  An extremely explicit explanation can be found in This is the Fight of Our Lives, a Keynote Speech delivered by Bill Moyers at the Inequality Matters Forum at New York University on June 3, 2004.  The link to the entire speech, which it would behoove you (to borrow with permission a Dr. Strickler term) to afford yourself the opportunity to actually read with and open mind and heart, is:


I quote a small section of it here:


You just can’t make this stuff up. You have to hear it to believe it. This may be the first class war in history where the victims will die laughing.

    But what they are doing to middle class and working Americans – and to the workings of American democracy – is no laughing matter. Go online and read the transcripts of Enron traders in the energy crisis four years ago, discussing how they were manipulating the California power market in telephone calls in which they gloat about ripping off "those poor grandmothers." Read how they talk about political contributions to politicians like "Kenny Boy" Lay’s best friend George W. Bush. Go on line and read how Citigroup has been fined $70 Million for abuses in loans to low-income, high risk borrowers – the largest penalty ever imposed by the Federal Reserve. A few clicks later, you can find the story of how a subsidiary of the corporate computer giant NEC has been fined over $20 million after pleading guilty to corruption in a federal plan to bring Internet access to poor schools and libraries. And this, the story says, is just one piece of a nationwide scheme to rip off the government and the poor.

    Let’s face the reality: If ripping off the public trust; if distributing tax breaks to the wealthy at the expense of the poor; if driving the country into deficits deliberately to starve social benefits; if requiring states to balance their budgets on the backs of the poor; if squeezing the wages of workers until the labor force resembles a nation of serfs – if this isn’t class war, what is?

    It’s un-American. It’s unpatriotic. And it’s wrong.”


I am aware that this has the tones of sounding like a Dr. Strickler rant, and having been his student for 13 years now, I KNOW I’ve had great training and admittedly, proudly, I acknowledge that there is a lot of his influence and unique skill at opening my eyes to WHAT IS in these words.  Thank the Lord of the Universe for THAT!  For the very first time, however, after the gazillion lectures he has brilliantly delivered on this topic and the prognostications he has made over the years that I have watched unfold before my very eyes, I have a glimmer of understanding, of knowing, and I am grabbing onto this agape and claiming it as mine, along with the anger and outrage I am feeling with this revelation! I am furious and indeed feeling extremely violated by the abuse so blatantly perpetrated by the agencies and leaders from all disciplines supposedly in place to uphold and ensure the rights inherent in our freedom and the glaringly ignorant herd mentality that allows this to be swallowed without question by all of us!


Dr. Strickler, I know I am only experiencing a minuscule taste of the frustration and anguish you must have dealt with over all these years; it feels like it I am being eaten alive by it.  I want to scream it, shout it, demand that people HEAR it, that they open their eyes and ears to what must ultimately, if unchecked, lead to the downfall and destruction of us all!  I cannot even begin to imagine the torture and anxiety you must have endured over the years you have been teaching, speaking these Truths, only to meet with the rare instance of someone having a faint perception of what you are voicing and That which is being expressed through you.   Dr. Strickler, I publicly apologize to you for listening without HEARING thus unknowingly adding to your pain!


Dianna, my Mentor and Teacher as well as friend, I thank you for your patience and guidance, and am eternally grateful that you saw SOME glimmer of hope for intelligent life within me as I sat smiling and nodding my head like one of those inane bobble-head dogs in the back window of a car for the past thirteen years. For your determination, strength and perseverance to express the Principles that you know to be Truth, for your sacrifice and loyalty demonstrated by the selfless act of living that Truth and bringing your light into this dismal plane with no regard to personal comfort or desires, for that and so much more that I am just beginning to have the tiniest speck of seeing, I honor, respect, revere and thank you.  You have been as much a part of my process to this point as Dr. Strickler has been, and though I know it’s a small step in comparison to where you have been and what you are, I publicly acknowledge and apologize to you as well.


And to those of you out there reading this who are enslaved and entombed to a quasi-existence by the Sounds of Silence. . . “People talking without speaking, people hearing without listening, people writing songs that voices never shared, no one dared, disturb the Sounds of Silence. “Fools” said I, “you do not know, silence like a cancer grows, hear my words that I might teach you, take my arms that I might reach you.” but my words like silent rain drops fell, and echoed in the wells of SILENCE.”. . .  I implore you to awaken to the crisis that we face before your pod is sealed shut as in The Matrix and you have no memory of the Principles that this country was built upon let alone the sanctity and beauty of REAL LIFE given to us by God.


May The Divine within you reach down with a Holy two by four and smack you up the side of your head while shouting in your ear, WAKE UP FOOL. 



Christine Ford




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Christine Ford

Born and grew up in the Cleveland, Ohio area. Lived in Naples, Florida twenty years, and currently residing in Surprise, Arizona. Professional Life: Forty plus years of teaching Special Needs students of all ages and exceptionalities, in Public as well as Private school settings. Most recently striving not to become too jaded by the multitudinous aspects of documentation and testing. Personal Life: Married forty years to High School Sweetheart, successfully raised three now adult, thankfully independent children. Proud Grandma of one brilliant teenaged Granddaughter who prefers reading actual books to Nooks and/or tablets! Spiritual Life: A reformed generic metaphysical dabbler; became a life-long student of Rev. Dr. David Strickler and Qabalah while in Naples after he granted my petition, Florida, some 23 years ago, and have not stopped growing since. Initially during class sessions in Naples, then lessons via phone calls, emails and summer visits, and for the past thirteen years once again face to face, Dr. Strickler has opened numerous doors for me with the insights, truth, and wisdom that flow from him. A student who is humbled, inspired, and continuously challenged to grow in awareness and light by participating in his ongoing, ever expanding summations.