Spiritual Climate Newsletter Oct 2005 Part 3 Of Bridges and Souls part 2: The Thirteenth Month after Meeting an Old Friend by Rev. David Strickler

Of Bridges and Souls

part 2:

The Thirteenth Month

After Meeting an Old Friend

By Rev. David Strickler, Ph.D.


A little over thirteen months ago I was called back into the world from the land of the dead and traversed the valley of the shadow of death to once again walk among men, humanity.  The trauma that my physical body suffered, particularly in my brain, opened a new space within which the down pouring of consciousness from Spirit and Soul could enter into these waters of creation and begin again anew and refreshed in order for the principle of Love and Unity to be brought into stir within the animal/chemical clothes that I wear as Spirit/Soul in the material plane.


The Source of Life and Light Itself propelled the beam of my consciousness back into the dark world and space of the empty physical body that lied still for many hours hopefully awaiting the dawn and resurgence of First Light shining from the seat of my Beingness as I followed the course of the river that appeared to be emptying into the rising, morning Sun.  Walking, or apparently moving, with the odd sensation of a line down the center of my Spirit with a sensation of emptiness in one half of an energy that I perceived as myself.  I could literally feel energy and a surge from an invisible something that urged me to return.  As I approached the Sun it became a huge doorway.  The emanation from behind me I remember as a loving assurance.  Moving closer through the surface of the Sun I began to hear the voices of those who were familiar, human voices.


The strangest experience I have had yet was in recalling people, places and things as I was passing through the Sun.  Brilliant beings were sparsely outlined and detectable as human shapes but recognizable by their eyes and lips on their faces.  Sound began resonating as if Souls were talking to me urging me back and giving me quiet assurance but with distinct emotional energy that had a rather human quality.  In a few of the beings I could feel their deep remorse and pain that broadcasted uncertainty as to whether or not I was going to come back.  I could hear them pleading, please don’t leave, please come back.  There were two voices I recall in particular, both moving toward me both crying and then one of them touched me telling me I couldn’t leave yet because we had not yet come to know each other.  The sensation of half emptiness disappeared as this Soul touched me yet I could still feel an invisible line down the center of what now seemed to be the energy and light of my consciousness filling a shell, a form that resembled my physical body.


To experience the process of transformation brought about by the energy of what we call Death is an event that leaves one changed in many degrees and permanently branded by a transformation process that continues forward to be worked with on the physical plane months or years after it lights through the aperture of expression know as our physical body on the event horizon in the mundane world.  I have met the angel of death before, but this time, I think we sat down and he toasted me with some champagne together; in other words, I befriended that which walks hand in hand or perhaps better put, that which enables one foot to follow after the other foot.  Some would say that we just sat down and had a beer together.  The problem is I hate beer, ergo my reference to champagne, metaphorically speaking at that, because I don’t drink.  If you supplant the Waters of Life in place of the word champagne, you will understand my allusion.


This was the third meeting that I had with death.  The first meeting was before I became a teenager living in Ohio.  I miss living nearby Lake Erie, anyway, I had gone swimming with some friends at a place formerly known as Century Park.  There were some girls that were going to be there so a couple of guys I had known who lived nearby the park asked me down because apparently a girl had asked if I was going to be there.  It was a typical summer day for that period of time back in the late sixties, muggy, cotton candied shaped clouds in the sky and hot.  The water was appealing, especially the girls in the water of the lake in wet swimsuits.


The day was going along great, I was having a good time and was working on overcoming my shyness with girls, which I must admit still lingers a bit to this day.  I was swimming out further between the pilings that were placed as a break wall to protect the beach when the next thing I knew I was pulled under, sucked under water as if a vacuum cleaner had grabbed my feet.  I remember the sense of physical struggle as my air supply dwindled under the water, the utter panic, fear and terror filled me as I no longer had control of where my body was going and my lack of ability to overcome the sheer force of what was pulling me further deeper and under the water. Then everything went calm and there was no struggle anymore and a light appeared inside me and surrounded me and it was very peaceful.  No struggle, just peace and this huge whirling sound I began to hear like copter blades cutting through the air above me.


Next I was jarred back into my plight as two hands firmly grabbed my arms under my shoulders and human voices starting to come through the thick blanket of the water and then POP I was above the surface hearing, “We got him” being shouted along as I gasped for air.  Thank god for my friends being there that day.  They were a bit surprised as I swam to move my body and to feel the luxury of its presence, probably instinctive on my body’s part to burn off the adrenaline that had been immersed through its veins.  The girl never did show up and I dislike going to the beach to this day, not being very fond of water in which I can’t see the bottom of such as a pool.


My life was never the same after that.  It never is the same after we have the honor of meeting the angel of death.  Change takes place and the type of change and transformation seems to depend on the nature of the Soul working through the lens and fabric of the ego/personality in this mundane world.  I have seen help required in all cases in the resultant trauma induced by this encounter.  Even in this last encounter with my old friend, Death, I am only now able to realize that I had a major physically life threatening experience that could have resulted in the extinguishing of the flame of life within my physical body.  This post awareness is due largely to the fact that the lens that the brain uses to remain anchored and focused in this world was shattered by the stroke that affected the frontal lobes and occipital lobes thus drastically impairing what is known as the executive functions of my brain and nervous system, kind of like looking at oneself in the pieces of a broken mirror.  I will be returning to my psychologist who is trained in EMDR to help the intellectual, emotional and physical body circuits that enable the expression of my consciousness to reverberate in the world of the flesh to finish processing this experience that I may move forward with my life.


Death represents many faces of movement, transformation and MOTION.  I have sometimes referred to it as the shadow cast by the presence of the Life Power that enables the contrast to render the appearance of motion representing the activity of the Life Power within a fixed point that never moves, or as some would refer to as the unmoved mover.  Our consciousness is nothing more than an extension of  activity that RELFECTS the ever presence of this Source.  How accurately we can reflect this depends on the skill and agility of the responses we grow into the fabric of ego and personality emerging through the raw, seemingly blind forces of Nature which comprises the densest portion of the energy known qabalistically as Natash.  This includes the fabric of all the lower worlds of nature that we use to weave our physical body out of the loom and principles of our consciousness.


Let me take you through a few more of the veils of the senses upon which the shadows are created from the Source.  In other words, let’s probe a bit deeper into the meaning and some of the messages carried by my old friend, Death.  As I have stated elsewhere, it is said that there are four ways to perceive the scriptures:  The first is literally, the second is allegorically, the third is philosophically and the fourth and most difficult to master is mystically.  Let’s stretch our cognitive ability here for a bit so bear with me for a few paragraphs as we explore some of the rich depth of Life articulated some of the numbers representing the idea of death.


Let us call upon the pictorial book of the Hebrew letters known as the Tarot in order to provide an initial condensed, yet short hand compilation of meaning much like the scientific equations such as E=MC2 from which we derive the ability to harness the power within the atom; yet without proper education we may pass over it as a meaningless equation with no significant link to its practical implications in the physical world.  The pictorial designs of the Tarot which accurately render such a proper compilation are those unveiled by the great modern Qabalist Paul Foster Case.


Upon looking at The Hebrew letter נ Nun (pronounced noon), its interpretation as a verb meaning to sprout, to grow; an emergence forth of the grain of wheat that falls unto the ground and dies; the inherent power of the seed when cultivated by the intervention of the Spirit of human consciousness and the intelligence of volition that is lent unto us by the Life Power ItSelf.   It is this inherent power of Life Itself when we look at the space that is created within itself to produce fit forms of its expression on the non physical plane.  This gradually precipitates into forms we can perceive into the physical event horizon; it is this activity which presents itself as the possibility of procreation given to us and rendered sacred as expressed by what is veiled within the familiar G_d name  uttered and intoned as  א ל ה י מ  Elohim,  which translates into a name of G_d that expresses itself as the conjoined Male and Female aspects of G_d.  We as people express our arrogance if we or our parents say that we are autonomous and have an independent life.  Deeper attention into the illusion by using the power of reason reveals otherwise: that our perception of a separate life belies to the fact that neither we, nor our parents gave birth to us physically OR spiritually as a consciousness, let alone an individual self consciousness. 


We have borrowed the illusion of our ‘sense of self’, that we have our own life because there is nothing other than One Life and One Self that is the source of our borrowed sense of self that is rendered as a perception of me, myself and I’ness.  Let us remember what part of our consciousness is fueled by the Divine Intelligence represented the Hebrew letter Nun, whose value represents 50 units to convey the principal of the Imaginative Intelligence and the locomotion, movement that is thus created by its ever presence.  Remember Jason and Argonauts and the 50 oars that rowed the ship?  Fifty is a sacred number to BINAH in qabala which represents the feminine aspect of G_d and the seat of what is called the highest aspect of our Spirit/Soul that is closest to the Divine, the Neshamah.


It should pose some interesting aspects for those of you who recognize this as the first letter of the spelling of the name Noah and the eight principals represented by the individuals in Noah’s arc that brought a new humanity into being after the flood.  These were not eight singular people as is misperceived by those who are content with such childish renderings of a sacred tongue that is capable of great depth.  My spelling for the word arc was also an intentional choice to point a finger in an accurate direction for those who have eyes and ears to apprehend some of the reality that I am directing their attention toward.  Life arc’d across and within the rough waters of the divine mother as the child experiences within the waters of the womb as the mother walks toward the birth of the new child coming to know itself within this current lot of humanity. Look at the phenomena of how the nerve synapse arc between branches of nerves through a fluidic, watery media.  It is not much different in the watery levels of Spirit and Soul.



Noah’s name is qabalistically enumerated into 58 units which reckoned by the value yielded in composite sum of the letters of Noah’s name נ ח (to sprout and grown within the fence or enclosure, a field of operations wherein natures energies are refined and brought to bear upon itself by the power and source of Life itself) in Hebrew which is a Nun נ and a Cheth ח.  It is here that we can gain insight into some of the mystery to be revealed about this current crop of humanity which emerged after the metaphorical ‘flood’ and also gain some comprehension of what the future of this seed of humanity may achieve as it travels through a transmutation and a transition within the enclosed area (Cheth) of its Soul, cultivating what it has sown.  Some call it reaping.  Some refer to it as the grim reaper.  The Adepts of ageless wisdom have cloaked the realities and truths of the Hebrew letter Nun, within the pictorial rendering of the Sun rising articulated in the Tarot Key 13, the key entitled DEATH.  Thirteen is the number that represents UNITY (Achad) and LOVE (Ahavah) in Qabala.  Funny how Noah’s name reduces to the number thirteen, eh?


Perhaps part of what is meant in the allegorical and metaphorical rendering of the story of Noah could be this:  the reformation of humanity was instituted by a principle of Unity and Love that imbued the waters of creation which were reflecting the true Constitution of the image and likeness of mankind that was held within fire of the Father of all formation and creation.  Notice how I use the word Image so as to point toward the Cause and Reason that initiated the formation of an Image that the Divine held within its Mind: the Consciousness which formed the Spirit and Soul of mankind.  This vibration of the sound Noah in essence was the bones and foundation for the current structure of humanity harkening to the ongoing process of transformation that the Life Power uses as it fires humanity in the unfinished aspects weaving humanity into the fabric of nature in the mundane plane:  we are as yet an unfinished product.  Yet Nature unaided fails, so we must ask Nature unaided by what or whom?  Perhaps nature unaided by an Adam that is asleep living the dream of the creation that we all share outside the non physical Garden of Eden.


Some is this type of unveiling is beyond the scope of comprehension for many in the current readership, although, for some of the readership it is within their scope of comprehension, so these hints are afforded for those who have eyes to hear with and ears to see with to expand the process of discovery to pierce the ordinary veil of appearances in order to capture a glimpse of what is concealed behind the veils of perception whose senses slander when unaided by the faculties of reason and discernment. It is included herein to provide a segue way and some foundation for my use of the word ‘thirteenth’ to invoke genuine aspects of love and unity as the primary foundation in what I have shared with you in this current writing.


In other words, don’t let surface sensation or just casual appearances deceive you or be the source of your error in what leads you astray.  Sometimes what is not said is just as crucial for a composite picture.  Look no further than to the current malignancies within the political and religious systems of the U.S.A. can make one ponder what sort of glossolalia created within the human personality is being  heard and accepted by some as the ‘voice of god’ as Adam sleeps through the intoxicating dream of his subconscious (eve) creation. 


Such dubious parentage of gods created into the image and likeness of people’s own personal egos should be held to tough questions as should any re-incarnation of the Emperor’s clothes spun by the Walking Sick of this world who are still suffering from brain damage and licentious intoxication to money and immediate gratification that rivals sexual appetites.  Will people be harnessed and enslaved by the reptilian limbic system of their brain continuing to allow themselves to be bought and paid for in the Whoreship of Modern throw away convenience?


Perhaps part of our answer lies in the path represented by my old friend death; that of the philosophical death that is undergone through the acquisition of knowledge instead of satiating the sense with only the shadows that information can represent.  There are plenty of moments of physical death available to us all, yet, to wait for those to bring about necessary change may show our stupid and lazy sides which succumb to inconvenience.  Spiritual evolution occurs through awakening the faculty of reason and Knowledge not through the physical evolution of the species.  That is like thinking aerobic exercise will unfold the spiritual process of enlightenment in your body.  Your will have a stronger body, that’s all, but there will not be any spiritual awakening.  Death can initiate the process though if harnessed and understood for what it truly is and I have been blessed in that regard.


There is much I cannot remember initially from after my stroke last year.  I recall much confusion in my environment because I initially looked and responded so normal that the Doctors at the finest stroke clinic in Phoenix were going to let me go back to work.  I doubt that had they known I had been trained to compensate in cases of emergency and aftershock with the conscious skills to divert energies to enable my physical survival until I reached safety that they would have altered their decision; I was functioning on pure emergency energy circuits until I got onto Holy Ground, which I do have in my humble apartment due to the Spiritual work I do in this world in my living space as I minister to Souls in this world.


Having crossed over the bridge of light once again and returned back into the physical world I still look to hear that physical voice that called me back on this side.  It appears as though my work is unfinished, incomplete.  There are many people I have not seen since my stroke.  My heart looks forward to hearing the sound of their life touch my soul and ministry. With God’s grace I hope to hear these soon along with the many new voices I have yet to meet, while I still have time allotted for my sojourn on this earth.  For those of you who helped bring me back to life, thank-you.  It brings a new insight to what hallows eve means.


May you find the White Rose within your Heart of hearts,


Rev. David Strickler, Ph.D.

Qabalistic Teacher & Minister






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