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About Spiritual Climate Newsletter

About Spiritual Climate.  This content updated on 12/28/2019

Welcome to the return of the Institute of Spiritual Climate Llc’s publication of Spiritual Climate bearing the name:  Spiritual Climate Newsletter.  This is our online publication of our ‘ezine’ newsletter is a brainstorm of Rev. W. David Strickler’s born off a series of lectures that began in 1986 and continued on up to and through 2019, totaling approximately 43,000 hours of talks and lectures to date given by Rev. Dr. W. David Strickler.  Rev. David is a master teacher priest of an ancient mystical order known as the Khonsu Order Priests of Thoth.

 For those of you new to our People, Places and Things Spiritual-Social Commentarieswe are not Journalists, we are not economists,  nor are bloggers per se.  We are not medical doctors, nor lawyers, nor psychologists.  We are from many walks of life:  some teachers, some medical occupations, or disabled, as is Rev. Strickler.

But, what we can say about ourselves is:  we are closed group of Mystics headed by Rev. Strickler, choosing to share our observations of ‘daily life’ of ourselves and our fellow human beings,  along with our personal experiences of those said observations.  We also feel obliged to truthfulness and facts to the current best of our abilities.  This is how we have built ourselves, this is what we demand of our imperfect selves.

No one among our contributors, so far, has a high paying contract salary of lobbyists or religious influencers of megachurches, which prevents them from discussing facts or derived truths that interfere with some organizations product or commercial agenda, as does happen here in a profit-advertising censored America, and it’s bought and paid for politburo such as FOX News.

We are MYSTICS. Since we are using the word “Mystic,” you can be sure we have no commercial marketing program of illumination or liberation for you to purchase; otherwise, we wouldn’t use the well abused, misunderstood, and scapegoated word – Mystic.  Some people have an obtuse, fearful response from their own wrapped-too-tight personality about the concept “Mystic,” mistakenly thinking Mystics live off the fruit produced by the uterus of humanity’s unchecked imagination while we smoke positive-thinking motivational quotes.  Or that we believe our farts have a sweet, rose-scented smell:  nothing could be further from the Truth.  Mystics deal in facts, sometimes facts unseen or hidden.

To digress about this child theme called Spiritual Climate,  as described by Rev. Strickler, was to provide a few long time and some recent students, a means to participate in the public dialogue by conveying their experiences and observations of the world around them along with their frank opinions.  We are all here to contribute our views, as are all spiritual participants on the path of return, is here to participate in the healing and atonement of the mind of Man, primarily where it has been engaged by its owner in a false and/or erroneous measurement of perception.

All on the path of atonement integrate an ever-increasing discernment of their inner world and the exterior world around themselves while providing a healthy outlet voice to their witness of the world through the window of their HEH ח (Hebrew meaning: window).  It appears one of the many functions of the digital medium’s presence in this age is one means to share views, plus estimating other views inside the local and national community.

One of the ideas of Rev. Strickler’s core tenants in his teaching is of proportionality to prevent truncation in thinking before speaking and, when alone, openly talk about what you are thinking to hear more clearly what you are saying versus what you think you are saying.  There are many instances when it is optimal to listen to the thoughts in your head out-loud before they are used in public or personal relations.

More often than not, words we look to in our head take on a different proportionality, context, and intonation when they are uttered.  Hearing those spoken words could provide perhaps an insight into the difference between what we think we think and furthering a clarity of comprehension in how we present our thoughts.

 Furthermore, in Rev. Strickler’s words, “God gave us a mouth to enable us a better rendering better or more precise words from our thoughts to ourselves in an out-loud fashion, to hear the thoughts inside ‘our head’ out loud and sort out genuine worth, or unintended stupidity, or silliness, giving our self the possibility of adjusting meaning before we miss the mark and find ourselves creating a misunderstanding before exposing the uncovered ass of our words in public in front of God and everyone.

 Rev. Strickler arrived in Phoenix in 1999  followed by a migration of a  small group of followers who choose to relocate to enable their participation in the challenging growth the ‘path’ demands and to have an environment within which members are afforded a sharpening of awareness through interaction with those of similar mind while undergoing of Rev. Strickler’s speaking, and revelations of inner teachings, which fosters an indescribable ‘have to be there’ experience of the dynamism and impact of his speaking not captured on tapes.

There is a depth of a textured Presence projected through Rev. Strickler by what we call the Power of Spirit.  The quality of his speaking can be said to be nothing less than astonishing and many times, magnetic.  We do not think he has ever taught the same topic the same way twice.  Rev. Strickler continues, even after his body’s cerebellar stroke in 2004, in scheduling talks to further growth of truths and discoveries of knowledge.  This affords individuals a sharpening growth of discernment into illumination in the further process of personal discovery.

The publication of the Spiritual Climate Newsletter began in the year 2002 late spring, two years before Rev. Strickler’s body endured the acute, disabling stroke in 2004 late August.  Some articles were at first presented on now defunct MSN Spaces Live until the year 2007 and subsequently published on A2 Hosting using WordPress.

As in due course of human experience, the unexpected flurry of activity occurring inside the lives of those participating in the publication of the newsletter led to temporarily halting the release of the Spiritual Climate Newsletter.  In December 2014, in a gathering of original contributors, seven years after the last published edition of Spiritual Climate Newsletter, a decision was made to release the newsletter back into public circulation on its own domain name and a target for the quarterly publication of social commentaries.

All of the original contributors, Christine J. Ford, Adam Crosthwaite (deceased in 2017), Wendy Ford, Rev. David Strickler, Roger Clark, and now in 2015, including Glen Ford, will be once again contributing to the publication newsletters ‘people, places and things, social/spiritual commentaries.  As always, the Spiritual Climate Newsletter is a collection of original writings from any aspect of life, including ponderings, questions, and opines on economic and political issues affecting the bread and butter issues of the many versus the elite socialism of the few.

Spiritual Climate Newsletter’s authors have no intention of presenting themselves as Saviors or the final words of truths in matters.  We are human beings watching humanity’s fear being played on by a group of people who are legends in their own creative imaginations. Sometimes these people playing on humanities fear are referred to (and sometimes directly by themselves) as an ‘Illuminati’ or some such massive crap sandwich, who are likely anything more than a group of fat, deluded parasites looking for hosts upon which to feast.

The usual source of these vampiric tentacles emerges from the financial sector, political sciences, and corporate sectors.  Their tools are misinformation, disinformation, deflection, redirection and sometimes downright Lies (i.e., politicians of the dark personality characteristics of greedy power brokers employing ‘white collared criminals’ of the win-at-any-cost even if you cheat, family-valued corrupt Republicans or the corporate cronies who want to control the planning of a social order and materialism it intends to uphold being the creatures of bestiality that they are.

So, at least for now, we offer you nothing to buy, at least as of yet, and we hope that people find something here to read that stimulates thought, provokes contemplation and contributes to an impetus of finding out who, what, when, where or why creating some of the unnecessary conditions in life.  Or perhaps, revealing undercurrents unseen by the public on how positive thinking will not provide solutions or salvation from the constricting nightmare generated by the long tentacles of the 7 deadly sins in unrestricted capitalism.

Whether you’re in the basement of enslavement by your own ego or mismanaged desires or whether you have found some freedom in being able to realize that you are not your body, your mind, your emotions or your personality, Spiritual Climate Newsletter hopes to offer a kernel of something (whether you like us or not) to use seeking for yourself liberation from the catastrophe called materialism, and it’s communism of henchman called corporatism.

We hope you find some breathing space and possibly a smile of recognition, acknowledgment, or perhaps some consternation that assists breaking the hypnotism marginalizing your bondage by well-tuned black magicians with their market mantra slogans of incomplete ideas.  Their aims seek only to persuade you in giving up your pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness, instead of only evil in this word—personal ignorance.

— finis —

Christine Ford, Editor; Spiritual Climate Newsletter,  January 15, 2019

Copyright © 2006—2019 by Institute of Spiritual Climate LLC, All Rights Reserved.


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